Written by: Dunthat
Story codes: dad/dau, drugs, Mf, sleep

Hurricane Daniel was just off shore and the wind and rain was coming down in sheets. It was seven PM and the power had been off for more than an hour. Shawn went out to the garage and checked on the generator. He had opened the garage door and window a few inches but the exhaust was still bad. Quickly he checked the fuel. He would have to add some before bed and that would last till morning. He hurried back into the house thankful to get away from the exhaust.

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: dad/dau, drugs, incest, Mf

It was shortly after midnight when Bill got home. Opening the front door of his house, he immediately smelled the alcohol. He tensed. Sensing that his 15-year-old daughter had been drinking, he headed upstairs to her room; making sure that she was safe; the alcohol could be dealt with in the morning.

Written by: Jaz1701
Story codes: drugs, feet, rape

I got the call about 5:45 am. It woke me from a sound sleep. It was the kind of call no husband ever wants to get. The kind of call that hurts you, enrages you, makes you more violent, more helpless than you ever thought possible.

"Mr. Pressman, John Pressman? This is officer Sloptvik with the NYPD Special Victims Unit. I need you to meet me at Franklin Memorial Hospital. Your wife has been raped. Her condition is serious, but stable. She's in room 327."

Written by: Jaz1701
Story codes: drugs, incest, mf, rape

The late spring of 2002 was a weird time for me. I lost my virginity, finally. I was 18, going away to college, and have never had a serious girlfriend. Shit I did not even have a date for the prom. Go ahead, say it with me, "Loo-ZER!" I am not a nerd ("No really I'm not! Stop laughing at me you assholes, I'm NOT!!").

Written by: Jaz1701
Story codes: bro/sis, drugs, incest, mf, rape

John was desperate. He needed an A in his Sociology Final exam AND his term paper to pull out a B- average. That was NOT going to happen. He had never gotten lower than an B- in High school, but all of that changed. The problems at home were not helping matters. His parents were fighting all the time and seemed to be heading for a divorce.

Written by: Cuckold Wimp John
Story codes: anal, BD, drugs, MM, oral, tv

When my wife went out of town for a bowling tournament with her girlfriends last weekend, neither of us was concerned about each other's conduct. We've been married for ten years, and fortunately there is great honesty and closeness between us. I know that she has never been with another man and she knows that I've never been with another woman. We have two gorgeous young daughters, ages 9 and 7.

Both daughters were upstairs in the room that they share that evening.

Written by: Paula
Story codes: dog, drugs, Fg, Mg, nc, pedo, rape, zoo

The glob of pinkish sperm hung from the raw puffy lips of the little girl's pussy. Just before it dropped, Helen's tongue scooped it up, together with more still oozing out of her freshly raped body. The trembling preteen girl straddled Helen's face, just as she'd been ordered, while the tied and drugged 27 year old executive sucked and licked the cum of two men out of her.

Written by: Smoky Waters
Story codes: anal, cons, drugs, MF, Mggg, MMg, oral, tort

She was fifteen, slender, long light brunette hair, very pretty and a body that most young girls would die for. For several years, I had watched Kelly grow, from a brash tom boy, into this beautiful young woman. At five four, Kelly probably weighed a hundred and ten pounds, solid build and not an ounce of fat and I tried everything to be her friend. Still, Kelly made it obvious that I am a nobody in her life but that she tolerates me because I am a friend of the family.

Written by: Child Raper
Story codes: abduct, drugs, gang, hum, ir, MMg, nc, oral, rape, viol

A seven-year-old Hispanic girl is abducted from a playground at a low-income housing project and brought to the basement of an abandoned warehouse, where thirteen horny adult men turn the child's pussy and ass completely out.

Written by: Pedro Vila
Story codes: cons, drugs, pedo

Many years ago when I was young and single, before the hard times, I knew some school boys. I was in my early twenties, living in my own rented
house, and selling pot. That's how I got to know them. They were still in eighth grade, but street wise.

Bobby, Greg, and Mitchell came to my door in the morning instead of school, sometimes, and we got stoned. It was during the late seventies, outside the rainy city of Seattle, and it was raining that day as well.