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Written by: Spin
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Story Intro: What new ideas and policies await us in this new century? There is good news on the horizon. Read on and discover the next generation of family values...the new evolutionary progression of natural preteen and adult sex within, and outside the modern family. Meet the pioneers of this change as one family tells you about their uncensored story of shared family love and sexual escapades.

Written by: Sexulot
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Before long, December 31st came. As Jenn and I got things ready for the party, I looked over at Virginia sitting on the couch. She looked so beautiful, just a little over two months' pregnant with my child. The party should be a big hit - all the kids and their parents were coming, except for Zack's parents, but Zack was allowed to come.

"Youse go get ready, Jenn" I told her with a smile.

"Would youse take a bath with me?" Jenn asked as she rubbed my cock.

Written by: Sexulot
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I lay in my bed crying as I hear my husband in the next room with his 6-year-old daughter. I had fallen and severely broken both legs, and was unable to do anything.

"That's it baby, suck Daddy's cock" my Husband moaned. "You suck better than that slut of a mother of yours" he said.

"Thank you, Daddy" I heard Beth Ann say. "I know Mommy can't please you like I can."

"No she can't" he moaned. "Daddy wants to fuck you now."

Written by: Sexulot
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My name is Martin; I'm 12 and I play outside linebacker for my Jr. High team, I'm well built - well, not there - I'm only 6 inches, but I hear that's big for my age. The only problem is that I like girls that are younger or older - lots older. How young will I prefer them? I like them under 8, but 6 is my favorite age. For the older girls, I prefer over 20. I just love them 40 to 50, although I have never had sex with any that old.

Written by: 0onetwo
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A bright sunny day and I had to walk down a narrow pathway, which lead to the property. I could hear kids playing around the property, their playground would soon be a building site, and be lost to them forever. All the windows had been bricked up, but there was a way in through the cellar. The kids used the coal chute I now used the door. Like rats, the kids inside ran for cover;
“Hide... Someone’s coming”.

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I was downstairs watching TV, a porn DVD, when Tammy started crying - she's my baby sister who's two. I went upstairs and there was Mom, passed out shit-faced again in her bed. "Damn, mom has a nice pussy" I thought as I looked at her completely naked and out cold like usual. My cock jumped. I entered Tammy's room and saw that her bottle was empty.

Written by: Fintinman
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Well, let's see. Where do I start? I will tell you about myself and the people first, and then move on to the story.

Well, my name is Rolf, and I was fourteen when I had my first experience. I stood 5'9" tall and weighed 170 lbs., with blonde hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin.

Written by: DiscipleN
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Alice Pierpoint gazed up at the jet trails in the air. The air-show had dazzled her, and the sun had baked her skin. Even the flush of excitement in her face was masked by her now bright red skin. Her noticeable cleavage had suffered the same fate because of her low-cut tank top. A couple of men in the bleachers behind her tried unsuccessfully to determine just how deep the burn reached.

Written by: DiscipleN
Story codes: bF, bg, incest, mom/son, spank

Chapter 1

Helen stopped the car at the nearby gas station for a fill. Her backseat was loaded with groceries, and the passenger seat suffered her son, Eric's bored fidgeting. She hurried to pay the cashier and start the gas pumping. She could have filled up tomorrow, but the station was more convenient on the way home. She hoped the frozen goods wouldn't melt too much.

Written by: DiscipleN
Story codes: bF, bg, cons, incest

The phone rang. The phone was always ringing. Hasn't anyone heard of email? My grandfather sends email every day. Why can't an investment-banking firm figure it out? I have to answer the phone. If my boss found out I let one of her calls go through to voice mail, I'd be sucking her son's dick for a week.

"Allison Dent, internal records."

"Ms. Dent, this is Susan in day-care. Your boy has caused a bit of consternation during rest period. Might you be free to talk to him?"