Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: BD, incest, mc, MF, Mf, mf, mF, MFg, Mg

I would like to tell my tale of how this all happened.

First off, let me tell you about myself. I am known as Ralph Hasitup. Yeah I know it's a wild name, but it's mine. At fifteen, I stood 6 foot even, 185 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fair build for my age, with an average eight-inch dick. And I was still growing.

Written by: Mark Smith
Story codes: anal, BD, Mb, oral, ws

Hi my name is Mark I am 32 years of age, and I am from the United Kingdom. I now live on the island of Lanzarote. I work for a holiday company as a children's entertainer. I have always been good with kids and I answered the advert in a UK journal and have worked here for 6 years now. Yes I am gay. In fact, I have been gay all my life, as far back as I remember.

Written by: DanTheMan
Story codes: BD, Mdom, MF, oral, reluc
With Dan's condition now under control he hatches a devious plan to get the better of the dominating females. With Keelie's help the plan will be unstoppable. But can these powerful, dominant women be dominated and trained by an man and a twelve-year-old girl?
Written by: DanTheMan
Dan is chained to a wall about to be trained by his amazing wife, but is this training what Dan expects? Kassie takes Dan to a whole new level in this crash course. If he passes, he gets a very special reward!
Written by: DanTheMan
Story codes: BD, cons, cumshot, gg, group, MF, Mgg, oral, pedo, size, tease
Dan survived his training day, but his trainers may have unleashed an even more severe manifestation of his condition. Not even Keelie's considerable teasing has any affect on him! Will Karen be able to correctly diagnose and treat Dan? Will the trainers survive this new manifestation of Dan's condition? Dan is once again shackled, but will the restraints be able to hold him?
Written by: DanTheMan
Dan enters the second part of the training. With the perfect teasing of his twelve-year-old niece, Keelie, his sexual desires are at an explosive level. Will his trainers survive his onslaught? Will he pass their test?
Written by: DanTheMan
Dan finds himself chained to a bed, completely at the mercy of 5 adult women and a 12 year old tease. Will he survive the first phase of his sexual training?
Written by: DanTheMan
Story codes: BD, cons, mast, MF, oral, size, tease
After discovering the extent of his own sexual desires, Dan is near emotional collapse. Can his beautiful wife and her amazing sister, mother, cousin, and twelve-year-old niece pull him out of his stupor with some specialized sexual training?
Written by: SinglePedo
Story codes: BD, bg, pedo, tort
Tanya tortures a 7year old girl.
Written by: Jon Brown
Story codes: BD, bdsm, SM

Every night since murdering his nagging wife, Steven Conner had gone to bed to rekindle his dreams of meeting the ideal woman. Despite over a century and a half of trying, and six marriages, he still thought himself cleverer than the rest, and was not a man to give up easily.