Adult male, adult male, teenage female

Written by: Dudester
Story codes: exhib, Mf, MMf

At long last I was able to get my dream car, but the amount of the down-payment and associated costs blindsided me. I took a second job on the weekend working room service until my bank account had been repaired. I quickly impressed the room service manager, who wished he could have me full-time, so when the hotel had special guests it was a no-brainer that I was assigned to deliver to the penthouse.

Written by: Dudester
Story codes: anal, incest, Mf, MMf, oral

"Shhh, be quiet" I whispered as I peeked in the back door to the barracks. I looked at the duty NCO desk, it was vacant. North had done his job. I called him ten minutes earlier and asked him to distract the duty NCO so I could sneak Tammy into the barracks, and my room. Without a single question, he agreed. The plan was working. "Let's go" I whispered. Holding Tammy's hand, I led through the back door and quickly through the rec room into the main hallway.

Written by: Chris Hailey
Story codes: hist, MMf, rape, teen

Author's note: In the summer of 2017, two diaries were discovered during an archeological dig of a 16th Century English village.

Written by: Cuckold Wimp John
Story codes: ir, MMf, preg

It was my dad who first told me about the club. I was 22 at the time, fresh out of college, and had just married my sweetheart of six years, Trish. Trish and I had met when I was just 16 and she was merely 14. I fell in love with her the very first time I saw her, and that was of course when she and her family first moved to our city, and more important, across the street from our house.

Written by: Cuckold Wimp John
Story codes: hum, incest, MF, Mf, MMf, pedo

It was the holiday season and my gorgeous little 7 year old daughter and I were on a train bound for the six hour ride to my in-law's home in the country, two states away, to spend Christmas and New Years.

Written by: Chris Hailey
Story codes: 1st, anal, dad/dau, exhib, holiday, Mf, Mg, MMf, oral, unc/niece


"So where are they sending you this time?" my sister asked.

"A town in France," I said. "Let's see..." I pulled out my phone. "Cap Martin, it's called. Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. It's a little sea-side village on the French Riviera, right near the Italian border. They want me to do some location scouting, a couple scenes from mountainside vineyards, that sort of thing."

"Wow, the French Riviera! How long are you there?"

Written by: Black 4 Blond
Story codes: bg, ir, MMF, MMf, rape

My day was crushed with one phone call. It was from school of my daughter and they asked me and my wife to come there immediately. I pick Mary up at home and went to meet headmaster of that school. Jennifer sat there sobbing silently as we entered the room. The headmaster told us that our daughter had been caught having oral sex with three boys. She was found on her knees, with her shirt open and no bra, and was sucking their cocks.

Written by: Black 4 Blond
Story codes: bg, drugs, ir, MMF, MMf

When I married Gary couple years ago, my friends said it was a mistake. Everyone said that he was too old to be my husband and to be a father for my daughter. My friends found lots of things from my life that were mistakes, but only in their minds. It was their opinion. I was tired of living alone with my daughter and so I said yes to Gary when he proposed to me.

Written by: Black 4 Blond
Story codes: hum, ir, Mf, MMf, nc

Yesterday, I was in my hometown and selling vegetables in square. Today, I'm laid in the back of the van, tied, mouth gagged and covered by a smelly blanket. I was being kidnapped from my hometown and my destination was unknown to me.

Written by: dale10
Story codes: exhib, ir, MMf, reluc, teen

He snaps his fingers and I hungrily crawl across the floor toward him. He sits casually naked in is chair, his chocolate brown muscular body relaxed, and his strong legs spread wide so that I can see the object of my love, my life. Some of you will think I am perverted, and others of you may even suspect I am mentally ill, but I tell you I am not.