Written by: BiGuy
Story codes: bi, fam, group, holiday, incest, mF, mm, Mm, nudism, orgy, public

Our family was holidaying at a nudist resort by a beach in France when something we found quite shocking happened. But our boys loved it and it became a much-loved part of our lives.

Written by: BiGuy
Story codes: bi, fam, incest, MF, mF, piss, ws

A young adolescent boy's introduction to his family's fun secret. (Fiction)

Written by: Vampire
Story codes: bi, hum, MF, MM

Have you even been just almost asleep somewhere where people were talking? Their voices blend into an echoing, almost musical sound. That's what I was hearing. I have no idea why I remember that, but I do. Considering the situation I was in, it's pretty strange, but I'll leave that to you to judge.

Written by: Vampire
Story codes: bi, cuck, Fdom

I am married to the sexiest woman on earth. I know, a million tales have started like that. But no matter, you can accept it, or just skip over this story. It's not really important to me. In my mind she is the sexiest woman alive. And by what I've seen, there are a large number of men in this area who agree with me. I know, because I get to see first hand how many of them react to her. You see, I am her sexual assistant. I'm not her slave, although that's what she calls me sometimes.

Written by: Vampire
Story codes: bi, MF, MM, wife

Part 1

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, anal, bg, bi, mb, oral, pedo

Pat 1: Using Katy and Melissa

I was sexual at the age 8 - that's the first time I had sex. At 5, I was playing a little doctor with girls and some boys, but never had sex, it was just touch theirs, they touch mine, nothing more, and nothing less.

Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: bi, fam, incest, preg

My name is Ralph F. Taylor. Now let me tell you about myself a little. I live on the Family farm, just west of Sulphur, La. We have about 2000 acres to tend to.

My father is a 'Big Wheeler Dealer'. He goes around the world, buying and selling heavy equipment for his company. His company is called "T.N.T.". It is one of the biggest in the world, to date. His name is Ralph Sr. He stands 6' 2", and 200 lbs. He is not a nice man.

Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: bi, dad/son, incest, mf, mF, Mm, pedo

I am a middle-aged man of fifty, or so I think I am middle-aged, since my family lives well into their nineties. I would like to tell of a very hard-to-believe story, or problem, I have, and how it has shaped my and my family's lives.

Well let's see, it was about forty years ago, I can't be sure. I don't remember all the details of it all too well, but I am at least trying to tell of the things that have ruled our lives.

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: bi, cheat, cons, FF, group, MF, oral

As many of my readers know, I wrote almost all of my stories during a short 4-5 month interval about three years ago. Over 50 of them were completed, while another 20 or so sat unfinished on my hard drive because I seemed to be suffering from some sort of burn-out. During the last month or so, I've managed to begin working and finishing some of them. At the same time, I realized that there are two TRUE stories that I've never told, for reasons that should be obvious to the readers.

Written by: ValleyAl
Story codes: 1st, anal, bi, mm

Way back when I was growing up we used to always have to go to my grandparents for the holidays. The grandparents and parents would always get the downstairs bedrooms, while the boy and girl grandkids would always get one of the two rooms in the attic. During summer visits, it would be unbearably hot while you would freeze during Thanksgiving or Christmas visits.