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Written by: Granpa Fuchs
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I have been retired now for 10 years, and for almost 70 years now have been a cross-dresser. Although I never married I always had an active sex life with young girls, women and still meet with other TV's. We usually get together have some Viagra and watch Tranny porno.

Written by: Boy O Boy
Story codes: incest, Mb, Mmb, pedo, Tg

I was on a trip that summer. Well, not a trip exactly, I had an appointment in a little Ozark town. I'm a salesman by trade. I took a shortcut onto a gravel road that would cut off about 5 miles of my trip. I'd been raised in the country so gravel roads were not intimidating to me. I could hit those twists and turns at a high rate of speed, throwing gravel and summer dry dust in a big plume behind my little compact car with abandon.