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Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, anal, creampie, Fg, Mf, Mg, Mm, MMg, pedo

My name is Pete. Gina and I met in high school. We were both hot for sex and within weeks we were sucking and fucking madly. Gina got me to suck cocks because she ate pussy. We talked about every perversion possible, especially incest and pedo. It turned out that we both had a natural lust for perversion, cunt, cocks, and cum.

Written by: Mark Smith
Story codes: Mg, MMg, preg, rape, scat

I am so fucking annoyed, I am writing this in temper. Last night the lads and I came in from the pub pissed as usual. It was a Friday night out with the lads. We always end up at my place, and we all end up having sex. No, not with each other. What do you think we are, some fucking queer cunts? No, with my daughter, Marie.

Written by: Mark Smith
Story codes: anal, cons, Mg, MM, MMg, oral, pedo

It's been in the news lately that scouts and brownies in England are a waste of time. Well, not in our town here in the southwest of England. Well, let me tell you a little about it. It is a bit similar to the same group worldwide, but ours as you probably guessed is a little - well, a lot different than other groups.

Written by: King Mayonaise
Story codes: dad/dau, incest, Mg, MMg, pedo, slut

Three adult men surrounded 8 year old Lucy. Everyone was naked.

"Oooooo!" squealed the youngster, ogling their huge, stiff pricks. "We're gonna make another naughty movie! Am I right, Daddy?"

'That's right, Pumpkin," her Daddy focused the video camera on the unbelievably obscene sight: Three grinning adult men stroking their erect cocks for an admiring little curly-haired brunette girl, braces shining brightly in her mouth.

Smiling at the camera, Lucy began posing spread-eagle on a yellow, cum-stained mattress.

Written by: Granpa Fuchs
Story codes: bg, Mg, MMg, ws

I've been retired for several years now and have befriended a pretty little eight-year-old girl called Paula. She's a tiny thing for her age, but always dresses in the prettiest clothes. I often took her to the park while her Mum went to the pub. Sometimes she'd be with me well into the night, staying at my place if Mum picked up a date.

Written by: writersblock
Story codes: gang, incest, Mg, MMg, pedo, slut

There I was leg spread getting my pussy slammed full of strange cock. In the next room waited another twenty or thirty dicks, and I was only sixteen. I blame my father and brothers. It's not that they molested me, I molested them.  

Written by: GranpaFrank
Story codes: MMg, pedo, rough

She had to be perfect.Too much was at stake.Their freedom,their lives were too joebordized to pick a little girl who they both did not find to be the most desirable,the sweetest,the most appealing sex object of their twisted desires.Too many hours,days,months had been invested in planning the heist to end up with a toddler that didn't quite measure up to their exacting standards,to their idea of what the perfect little moppet had to be in order to be what they deemed the most tempting pedophi

Written by: Willowall
Story codes: Mg, MMg, pedo, rape, viol

WARNING ... This story contains graphic descriptions of sex among adults and minors. If you find this offensive stop reading now.

This story is entirely fictional and any similarity between persons and events depicted in it and actual persons and events is purely coincidental. The story is pure fantasy and none of the events described herein are practiced, advocated or condoned by the author.

Written by: David Stephens
Story codes: incest, MFg, MMg, pedo

Joe tapped the steering wheel impatiently as he waited for Melanie. She loved visiting her Auntie Grace, and always begged for more goodbye kisses as her father sat in the car. At last the slim figure of the 9 year old appeared and ran towards him. Joe drank in the beautiful sight of her sexy little body, clad only in a light summer dress which lifted in the breeze revealing her pretty legs.

Written by: Smoky Waters
Story codes: anal, cons, drugs, MF, Mggg, MMg, oral, tort

She was fifteen, slender, long light brunette hair, very pretty and a body that most young girls would die for. For several years, I had watched Kelly grow, from a brash tom boy, into this beautiful young woman. At five four, Kelly probably weighed a hundred and ten pounds, solid build and not an ounce of fat and I tried everything to be her friend. Still, Kelly made it obvious that I am a nobody in her life but that she tolerates me because I am a friend of the family.