Adult female domination

Written by: Vampire
Story codes: bi, cuck, Fdom

I am married to the sexiest woman on earth. I know, a million tales have started like that. But no matter, you can accept it, or just skip over this story. It's not really important to me. In my mind she is the sexiest woman alive. And by what I've seen, there are a large number of men in this area who agree with me. I know, because I get to see first hand how many of them react to her. You see, I am her sexual assistant. I'm not her slave, although that's what she calls me sometimes.

Written by: DanTheMan
Dan is chained to a wall about to be trained by his amazing wife, but is this training what Dan expects? Kassie takes Dan to a whole new level in this crash course. If he passes, he gets a very special reward!
Written by: Arafingol
Story codes: Fdom, mc, MF, sci-fi

“Man, I was totally decked last night! That new place down by the canal is amazing!” Neil was still wide eyed over his holo-deck experience and was talking in that sort of excited, loopy way younger people do when recounting the latest rave they attended, especially if the police also made an appearance. While this is understandable in the exuberance of youth it would normally have proved embarrassing for a man of fifty five, but Neil felt like a kid right now.

Written by: Orestes
Story codes: Fdom, FF, mc, MF, sci-fi, SM

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