teen male, teen female

Written by: Lilgrlvr
Story codes: 1st, mf, pedo
I met a mom with 2 young girls from Netherlands, who is willing to sell me the use of her daughters for 24 hrs each. This is my time with each.
Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: cons, creampie, fist, Mf, mf, mff, nc, rape

My name is Samantha. A few days after I turned 13, I went to visit my best friend Debbie. Sometimes people think we're sisters, as we both have long blonde hair and blue eyes, and from a distance we look alike.

I arrived at Debbie's house and opened the door. "Deb! Deb!" I called out to her

"She's not here, Sammy" Her brother John says, I smile at him he's really hot. He's the High School Quarterback, and every girl in the school wanted him.

Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: fam, incest, mF, mf, Mm

I am writing this in a way that I can tell my story, which must be told.

I was a young man of eight, when I first had sexual contact with a female. This, in itself, isn't that important. What is, is what it has led my life to become.

Well, where to start? I guess I should start at the beginning. I lived with my mother, and six sisters. We had a three bedroom house that we rented. It was not a big house, but it served its place.

Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: BD, incest, mc, MF, Mf, mf, mF, MFg, Mg

I would like to tell my tale of how this all happened.

First off, let me tell you about myself. I am known as Ralph Hasitup. Yeah I know it's a wild name, but it's mine. At fifteen, I stood 6 foot even, 185 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fair build for my age, with an average eight-inch dick. And I was still growing.

Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: bi, dad/son, incest, mF, mf, Mm, pedo

I am a middle-aged man of fifty, or so I think I am middle-aged, since my family lives well into their nineties. I would like to tell of a very hard-to-believe story, or problem, I have, and how it has shaped my and my family's lives.

Well let's see, it was about forty years ago, I can't be sure. I don't remember all the details of it all too well, but I am at least trying to tell of the things that have ruled our lives.

Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: anal, bro/sis, incest, mf, mF, mom/son, oral

My name is Frank I am 15, I stand 6'3", 230 lbs., blonde /blue with muscles and fair skin. I am told that I am hung like a horse. I don't think so. I only have an eleven inch cock. My father is an asshole, he stands 5'11", about 250 lbs., balding gray hair, and he's 45 years old. Mother is a very hot looking woman at 32 with red hair, misty green eyes, at 120lbs., 5'6", with 37-26-36 her body could put any model to shame.

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: 1st, blackmail, cons, dad/dau, incest, Mf, mf, oral, reluc, teen

The kids in the school referred to them as the 'Twin Mints'. Rhonda Wiener and Jeanne Ferrante did everything together. Moreover, the girls, who were the best of friends, just happened to be the two most beautiful girls in the school.

Written by: The Purvv

Long live the Queen (Victoria) wherever she may be. May she be reigning supreme! The author would like to thank Jex57 for all of her excellent work in editing this piece of shit.

Part 1

Edgar entered the house silently. Fifteen minutes had passed since he left. He didn't allow the door to make a sound when he closed it.

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: bro/sis, cons, incest, mf, oral, teen

How do I start? I'm trying to get into my head to remember where it all started and how it all came together. Let me start by saying that my 16-year-old sister Allison, a year older than me, is undoubtedly, what every guy in our school would describe as the hottest looking and most beautiful cheerleader in the school. With those looks and with all the guys after her, it's surprising that up until last November she had still been a virgin.