Oral - anal
Written by: OxyGreen
Story codes: Mb, pedo, rim, ws
Based on an 8chan post I wrote in reply to the prompt "if you're allowed to date boys, where and what do you do?"
Written by: Donatello Xi
Story codes: cons, incest, mast, Mb, oral, rim
A man is violently forced into parenthood. Having vowed never to pursue his dark desires, he now faces the ultimate temptation as he watches his unexpected son grow.
Written by: Boybottomzup
Story codes: 1st, anal, MMb, oral, pedo, rape, rim

A lonely man, who has never made love to a boy, meets a man who changes his life forever.

Written by: DanTheMan
Nine-year-old Kallie practices her dominatrix skills on Dan and Kassie. Fourteen-year-old Keelie treats Dan to a special love-making session. Dan loses control again and people are seriously hurt. Will Keelie be the only one that can stop Dan's rampage? What are the implications of Kalli's ability to control and direct Dan's fury? Will Karen be able to once again sort it all out?
Written by: DanTheMan
Dan is chained to a wall about to be trained by his amazing wife, but is this training what Dan expects? Kassie takes Dan to a whole new level in this crash course. If he passes, he gets a very special reward!
Written by: DanTheMan
Story codes: cons, cumshot, group, MF, oral, pedo, rim, rough, size, unc/niece, wl
Dan is progressing through the second half of training. He is satisfying his trainers and managing to keep up. However, the toughest trials remain. Will the headlines in the papers read: "Man Dies After All-Day Sex Marathon"? Will his amazing twelve-year-old temptress be his undoing?
Written by: DanTheMan
Dan finds himself chained to a bed, completely at the mercy of 5 adult women and a 12 year old tease. Will he survive the first phase of his sexual training?
Written by: OxyGreen
Story codes: anal, cons, mast, mg, pedo, piss, rim
A 9yo girl describes her first time with an older boy.