Magic, demons, fantasy worlds etc.
Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: fam, incest, magic, mF, preg, slavery

Hi, my name is Toby; I am sixteen just last month. I stand six feet tall, weigh 200 lb., with black hair and a Greek complexion, and I have the strangest frost-gray eyes.

I live with my 33 year old mother (Bobby May), her 25 year old younger sister (Wilma), and our daughters (Tally, 3, and Iran, 3) both women are very good looking.

Written by: SinglePedo
Story codes: diaper, Fg, magic, pedo, tort
Tanya is 5ft 2, brown haired and full breasted. She is a disgusting sadistic pedophile who likes little girls and boys. She is also a witch. She has powers that help her to find and hurt little children. She can read minds, charm people and put them to sleep. She spends her nights roaming the city for victims.... Tonight she is at the hospital where she abuses a newborn baby and a little girl with cancer.
Written by: DiscipleN
Story codes: magic, MF, orgy

Lain Jaylin was hot. Moisture issued from her body like rain clouds crossing their threshold of accumulation. In many situations this would be Lain's preferred state, but over the last week, the sweltering jungle heat and daylong treks into the mountains of Indonesia had left her shapely body in a state near exhaustion. Only the quest remained to push her beyond physical limits, where spiritual necessity overcame fresh obstacles barring her from making the discovery of a lifetime.