Written by: Laughman
Story codes: bdsm, feet, mast, Mg, mild tort, oral, pedo, rape

A little girl is forced to play a very ticklish game.

Story codes: bb, mast, solo, young


(g-solo, bb)


Written by: Donatello Xi
Story codes: cons, incest, mast, Mb, oral, rim
A man is violently forced into parenthood. Having vowed never to pursue his dark desires, he now faces the ultimate temptation as he watches his unexpected son grow.
Written by: Tempest
Story codes: exhib, mast, MF, teen

A new neighbor for Jennifer provides some evening excitement.

Written by: DanTheMan
Dan is chained to a wall about to be trained by his amazing wife, but is this training what Dan expects? Kassie takes Dan to a whole new level in this crash course. If he passes, he gets a very special reward!
Written by: DanTheMan
Dan finds himself chained to a bed, completely at the mercy of 5 adult women and a 12 year old tease. Will he survive the first phase of his sexual training?
Written by: DanTheMan
Story codes: BD, cons, mast, MF, oral, size, tease
After discovering the extent of his own sexual desires, Dan is near emotional collapse. Can his beautiful wife and her amazing sister, mother, cousin, and twelve-year-old niece pull him out of his stupor with some specialized sexual training?
Written by: Double V
Story codes: mast, Mg, oral, pedo

"My name is Kelly and mommie said that you may need some help."

I fell into the seat then cause the train swayed and then in the blink of an eye saw the girl lean over pulling a blanket over her. Then I felt and heard my zipper as the girl pulled it down. Next came the feel of her lips over the head as soon as she pulled it through the hole.


Written by: OxyGreen
Story codes: diaper, mast, Mg, nosex, piss, scat, solo
Left home alone for several hours, 10yo Lilly finally gets to enjoy her diaper fetish. But not all goes according to plan.
Written by: DiscipleN
Story codes: mast, MFb, pedo

>> Dear Storyteller, just wanted to let you know how much my husband, Sammy and I enjoyed your story. It got us both so aroused that (I blush) we both masturbated as we read it. Loved the spanking scenes as we both enjoy this too. I babysit for my sister for her n-year old son and have had the pleasure of seeing the boy masturbate while reading my husband's mags (looking at the pictures actually). He and I have talked about sex a few times recently and it got my fantasies going.