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"Yes! Yes!" I moaned as my son sucked my cock while I leaned against the shower wall. Ricky was working my cock for all it was worth as the warm water sprayed our bodies.

"Mmmmm" I moaned as Ricky's tongue worked itself over my shaft, and then traced my cock head. Ricky looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes.

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One night I was awakened due to my sister Janet moaning. I thought she was ill, but as I got ready to say something I saw my Daddy pressing is body up and down on Janet through the mirror. This scared me, and so I listened.

"Harder Daddy" Janet would moan. "Harder" she would say again.

"Quiet, you'll wake Suzie up" my daddy moaned as I listened and watched in the mirror.

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!" Janet moaned. I was only 5, so I had no idea what "fucking" was.

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Story codes: 1st, anal, dad/dau, incest, mom/dau

Thinking back, I remember the day I became a bitch, not just any bitch, but Daddy's bitch. It was on my 5th birthday, but Mommy had been coaching for weeks prior to my birthday.

The big day came, my mommy and daddy through me a huge party, all my friends were invited over. After the party was over that night, I had another party - Mommy, Daddy, and me.

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Watching Saturday morning cartoons instead of playing golf, not what I envisioned my life would be like. But I would have it no other way; Stacy is the apple of my eye.

That's my Saturdays, but not today. Today is special, but today is also a sad day. Stacy turns 6, and it's her first birthday since her mom died a year ago tomorrow. I fixed Stacy blueberry pancakes like Kim always did. They were a little burnt; little - hell, I damn near burned the house down. A cook I'm not.

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Part 1
My Sister dropped off my niece, who is 6 now, to spend the summer with me. Jenny, or Jenn as I call her, is a beautiful girl. She has red hair, freckles, and the most beautiful green eyes you have ever seen.

Living up North, I have lost almost all my accent, but Sis who still lives in the hills as people like to call it (West Virginia) still has hers, as does Jenn. So, when Sis arrived and saw me, she just had to yell at the top of her voice.

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"Ooooh, suck it mom" I moaned deeply as I jerked my cock using a pair of my mother's panties and thinking about her. "Ooooh yyeesss" I moaned. Just then the door opened up.

"Danny," Mom called as she entered my room. "Danny!" she yelled as she dropped the laundry basket and quickly left the room.

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Chapter 1
My name is Charles, but everyone calls me Chuck. I'm the oldest of 10 kids, and the only guy. My father died when I was 6. I have a very unique family. There's Mindy & Mandy, they're a year younger, then comes Shelly & Nelly, then comes Jan, June, and Julie, and last came Tracy & Stacy, who were 2 when Dad died, and of course Wanda, that's Mom.

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"Aaaahhhh" Charlie screamed as he sat up in bed. I ran into the room.

"Charlie!" I yelled as I ran into the room. He was sitting up in his bed, crying. He looked at me.

"Grandpa, Brook…..died" he cried as he threw his arms around me.

"Brook comes home tomorrow" I said as I hugged him. "She's fine." Brook was his sister. She was 4 and got hurt bad in wreck that killed his mommy and daddy. Somehow Charlie didn't get hurt.

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Angie is our daughter she is 16 months old, and our first child, so I was still quite new to being a mother. Albert is a truck driver, so he is gone a lot, but he is a great father and husband.

Angie is the cutest baby. She has red hair like me and porcelain-white skin. We often call her our little china doll, and she has these bewitching green eyes.

"How's my little china doll?" I asked her as I gave her a bath. She splashed and played in the water.

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"Yes, that's it, suck me" I moaned as Jan sucked my cock.

"Chookie, is she hurting you" a little voice said. I looked around to see Jessica, my 4-year-old sister standing there, tears running down her face. Jan looked over at her.

"I can't continue if that snot-nose bitch is standing there" Jan yelled. This started Jessica crying.