Written by: BiGuy
Story codes: bi, fam, incest, MF, mF, piss, ws

A young adolescent boy's introduction to his family's fun secret. (Fiction)

Written by: CBonner

A little girl is captured by the enemy and interrogated by a professional. Told from the vantage point of the professional.

Written by: HardatWork
Story codes: Mb, pedo, piss, rape

Pastor Willis walked quietly through the church, surveying his domain. He had only been a pastor for a few months, this his first church. The church was a suburban church with a variety of upper middle class parishioners. Tyler was 25, fresh out of divinity school, his dress shirt and slacks hugged his 6’1 190 pound athletic body. He was a high school running back and played basketball in a local community league. His skin was coal black, lips full, and eyes brown and loyal.

Written by: Mark Smith
Story codes: beast, Mb, Mbb, nc, pedo, piss, scat, ws

Part 1
Do you know the older I get the dirtier and more perverted I become? Well I have worked with mentally retarded patients for over 20 years now. The first 5 or 6 years were caring for them and being a father-figure for them, always being there for them and showing them how much I care for them.

Written by: OxyGreen
Story codes: diaper, mast, Mg, nosex, piss, scat, solo
Left home alone for several hours, 10yo Lilly finally gets to enjoy her diaper fetish. But not all goes according to plan.
Written by: OxyGreen
Story codes: anal, cons, mast, mg, pedo, piss, rim
A 9yo girl describes her first time with an older boy.
Written by: Granpa Fuchs
Story codes: Mg, oral, pedo, piss

A few years ago, just before I retired, I was working as a caretaker in a girls-only school. It was a big school, about 240 girls. I used to be so turned on by the little cuties.

Written by: Daddy Luv
Story codes: dad/dau, diaper, fantasy, MF, piss

Susan Stevens waited nervously for her date that night. At 23, she thought she would be alone for the rest of her life. She had been married for awhile, but that went belly up as her husband was a real jerk. They had a seven year old daughter, Sally. The spitting image of her mother.