Story codes: bb, mast, solo, young


(g-solo, bb)


Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: dad/dau, hum, incest, Mf, solo

Note from The Purvv: This story was extracted from a story entitled ''Classic Porn 1' written by an unknown author and which, although I did the modification and editing, should still be considered the writing of the original author(s).

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: cheat, cons, incest, Mf, Mm, pedo, solo

Note from the author: This is a story only. Hopefully, everyone realizes that even thinking about actually doing things to young kids is reprehensible and I would urge anyone who might be so inclined to seek help immediately. Most of society thinks of pedophiles as animals and that is as it should be. This story will contain man-little girl and man-boy scenes and if that offends please don't read.

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: MF, reluc, solo, true

Author's note: New York City's subway system has a considerable amount of routes, running 24 hours a day. Working, but not living in the city, I have ridden on many of them, although not nearly all. I say this only to give some credence to my statement that I don't believe that these subways ever get more crowded than the train described in this brief true story.

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: incest, mF, mom/son, solo

Note from the author:

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: cons, dad/dau, incest, Mf, solo, teen


For all intents and purposes, their marriage was a dead issue and had been for over five years now. Paula and Charlie only stayed together for the sake of their kids, 18-year-old Christine, who was away at college, and 14-year-old Pamela.

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: 1st, cons, dad/dau, incest, Mf, oral, solo, teen

Author's note:
As an author who specializes in incest, I occasionally receive an E-Mail complimenting one of my stories because it is supposedly so similar to the 'real-life experience' of the correspondent. One such writer not only insisted that he had been involved in an incestuous relationship, but he went so far as to ask for my help in presenting his tale. For whatever ego reasons existed, he wanted his story posted on the Internet for posterity.

Written by: OxyGreen
Story codes: diaper, mast, Mg, nosex, piss, scat, solo
Left home alone for several hours, 10yo Lilly finally gets to enjoy her diaper fetish. But not all goes according to plan.
Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: 1st, cons, dad/dau, incest, Mf, oral, solo, teen

Part 1

Realistically it could be called the most traumatic episode in each of their lives.

D'Anelo Cruz came home from work a few hours earlier than usual.

His 15-year-old daughter Maria was at home alone, after school, in her bed. She had begun her daily masturbating routine when her father walked in the front door. Her mind was concentrating on her body and she never heard him enter the house.