Written by: CBonner

A little girl is captured by the enemy and interrogated by a professional. Told from the vantage point of the professional.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: cons, creampie, fist, Mf, mf, mff, nc, rape

My name is Samantha. A few days after I turned 13, I went to visit my best friend Debbie. Sometimes people think we're sisters, as we both have long blonde hair and blue eyes, and from a distance we look alike.

I arrived at Debbie's house and opened the door. "Deb! Deb!" I called out to her

"She's not here, Sammy" Her brother John says, I smile at him he's really hot. He's the High School Quarterback, and every girl in the school wanted him.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, Fg, fist, incest, mom/dau, pedo

Angie is our daughter she is 16 months old, and our first child, so I was still quite new to being a mother. Albert is a truck driver, so he is gone a lot, but he is a great father and husband.

Angie is the cutest baby. She has red hair like me and porcelain-white skin. We often call her our little china doll, and she has these bewitching green eyes.

"How's my little china doll?" I asked her as I gave her a bath. She splashed and played in the water.

Written by: Joe the Bow
Story codes: anal, fist, Mf, ws

My neighbors Sally and Jack had gone to visit her mother, apparently she wasn't feeling too well.

"Will you please look in on Jean and Mandy from time to time. Make sure they're not wrecking the place and they have everything they need."

"Sure Sally, be glad to. They're good kids. Hope your mum's feeling better soon."