Written by: alexander Temple
Story codes: dog, incest, mb

This is inspired by lost in space
It does have the characters in the series. The characters here are original.

Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: beast, dog, horse, incest, MF, Mf, Mm, preg, zoo

I am a FOOL, for I have loved my wife for now going on twenty years. We had, or I thought we had, loved each other. I was, and am, a FOOL.

Let me first tell you that my name is Franklin, I am 48, with gray hair and eyes, my weight is just about 280 lb, I stand at 6'3", and I have a fair muscle mass throughout my body. My wife Joan is 44 and stands 5'4" at 145 lb, with a good body 44D-38-40, just the right size for loving.

Written by: Paula
Story codes: dog, drugs, Fg, Mg, nc, pedo, rape, zoo

The glob of pinkish sperm hung from the raw puffy lips of the little girl's pussy. Just before it dropped, Helen's tongue scooped it up, together with more still oozing out of her freshly raped body. The trembling preteen girl straddled Helen's face, just as she'd been ordered, while the tied and drugged 27 year old executive sucked and licked the cum of two men out of her.