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Written by: Rufus Fugit
Story codes: Fg

This is the latest chapter of a series I've been writing for some time. The entire series up to this point can be found at http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/rufusfugit

Please send feedback to rufusfugit at yahoo dot com. I write for enjoyment; my only payment is knowing that my writing has brought pleasure to others, so let me know what you think.

(For the original A House In Gross Disorder, see https://muse.jhu.edu/article/44333)

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: anal, bF, creampie, Fg, pedo, reluc

My name is Martin; I'm 12 and I play outside linebacker for my Jr. High team, I'm well built - well, not there - I'm only 6 inches, but I hear that's big for my age. The only problem is that I like girls that are younger or older - lots older. How young will I prefer them? I like them under 8, but 6 is my favorite age. For the older girls, I prefer over 20. I just love them 40 to 50, although I have never had sex with any that old.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, anal, creampie, Fg, Mf, Mg, Mm, MMg, pedo

My name is Pete. Gina and I met in high school. We were both hot for sex and within weeks we were sucking and fucking madly. Gina got me to suck cocks because she ate pussy. We talked about every perversion possible, especially incest and pedo. It turned out that we both had a natural lust for perversion, cunt, cocks, and cum.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, cons, Fg, MF, Mg, pedo, rom

Part 1

I was a man with a beautiful girlfriend, with whom I had great sex. I was 40, she, 28. She had a model's body, blonde hair, and blue eyes; not just any old blue but the most beautiful sky-blue eyes. I should be the happiest man on the face of the Earth, but I wasn't. I mean, I loved Dian, but someone else stole my heart and soul: Katy, Dian's daughter.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, Fg, fist, incest, mom/dau, pedo

Angie is our daughter she is 16 months old, and our first child, so I was still quite new to being a mother. Albert is a truck driver, so he is gone a lot, but he is a great father and husband.

Angie is the cutest baby. She has red hair like me and porcelain-white skin. We often call her our little china doll, and she has these bewitching green eyes.

"How's my little china doll?" I asked her as I gave her a bath. She splashed and played in the water.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: anal, creampie, Fg, mg, Mg, rape

Part 1
Soon July 29 came and Virginia gave birth to a boy. He was named Frank Lee Miller, Frank being Car's and Virginia's father's name and Lee being Virginia's husband's name and Car's middle name.

I'm figuring that by now you're bored with what the Hoovers do, so I'll come back to them later. Right now I'm going to tell you some stories. My mom told me you know her as Jenn, so enjoy.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, anal, bg, creampie, Fg, fg, gg, Mbg, MFg, Mg, reluc, ts, ws

Part 1
My name is Missy. I'm 13 and I'm a babysitter. I'm 5'3" with blonde hair, hazel eyes, and perky breasts. They're not big, but all the dads and several mothers sure like sucking them. Anyway, I had been babysitting for four months when it first happened. I was babysitting for the Cappers. They have the sweetest 16-month-old daughter.

"Hi, Ms. Capper" I joyfully said as I entered the house.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, creampie, Fg, Mb, Mg, pedo

I saw Dian one day at the grocery. She was 8 months pregnant, and she had married this dopey guy named Kevin a year and a half ago. Man I still love her. We used to date, and I still hated Kevin. Anyway, we got to talking as I helped her with her groceries.

"You're looking good, Dian" I said as I helped her load her car.

"I'm fat and I'm ugly," she said.

Written by: DanTheMan
Story codes: cumshot, fantasy, Fg, incest, MF, oral, rough
Dan is about as conservative as they come. One day he discovers the family he has married into has a completely different view of sexual interaction. This revelation sends him spiraling down a rabbit hole into their world. Will he come to terms with his situation or have an emotional melt-down?
Written by: SinglePedo
Story codes: diaper, Fg, magic, pedo, tort
Tanya is 5ft 2, brown haired and full breasted. She is a disgusting sadistic pedophile who likes little girls and boys. She is also a witch. She has powers that help her to find and hurt little children. She can read minds, charm people and put them to sleep. She spends her nights roaming the city for victims.... Tonight she is at the hospital where she abuses a newborn baby and a little girl with cancer.