Uncle and niece

Written by: Spin
Story codes: 1st, anal, incest, Mg, oral, pedo, unc/niece

"OK sweetie! Uncle Pete will be here soon so you better get your things ready," ten year old Dawn's mother admonished, in anticipation of having a free weekend for herself without the burden of keeping her overactive daughter entertained and out of trouble.

Written by: DanTheMan
Dan takes a day off. Kayla confronts Dan about Keelie. He helps Kiki with her first but finds she is too aggressive for his liking. Keelie gives Dan a special gift and causes a minor uproar in the process. Dan is forced to confront Keelie regarding their relationship. How will she handle his ultimatum?
Written by: DanTheMan
Kalli celebrates her tenth birthday and has her first with Dan. Dan reveals to the family what his episodes are really like. The video of Dan rescuing Keelie goes viral among the family. The family is devastated by terrible news. Once again Keelie comes to save the day, helping to heal their broken hearts. She is rewarded with a ride to the top of the mountain.
Written by: DanTheMan
Nine-year-old Kallie practices her dominatrix skills on Dan and Kassie. Fourteen-year-old Keelie treats Dan to a special love-making session. Dan loses control again and people are seriously hurt. Will Keelie be the only one that can stop Dan's rampage? What are the implications of Kalli's ability to control and direct Dan's fury? Will Karen be able to once again sort it all out?
Written by: DanTheMan
Dan must come to terms with Kalli's sexual training. He discusses the situation with Kassie, trying to come to terms with it. Keelie blossoms further over the year and strains Dan's sexual control as she assists with Kalli's training. Kassie and Kalli develop an addiction to the orgasms that Dan's cum produces. How will he handle their problem?
Written by: DanTheMan
Story codes: creampie, humor, Mg, oral, pedo, unc/niece
Having turned the tables on the women and given the men a boost, Dan is feeling pretty good about himself. He is, however, worried about what Keelie will want for payment for her services in his class. What she has planned is beyond anything he was expecting! And Kassie and Kayla read him into the family program. How will he respond to the family secrets and their implications for his eight-year-old daughter?
Written by: DanTheMan
Dan is chained to a wall about to be trained by his amazing wife, but is this training what Dan expects? Kassie takes Dan to a whole new level in this crash course. If he passes, he gets a very special reward!
Written by: DanTheMan
Story codes: cons, cumshot, group, MF, oral, pedo, rim, rough, size, unc/niece, wl
Dan is progressing through the second half of training. He is satisfying his trainers and managing to keep up. However, the toughest trials remain. Will the headlines in the papers read: "Man Dies After All-Day Sex Marathon"? Will his amazing twelve-year-old temptress be his undoing?
Written by: DanTheMan
Dan enters the second part of the training. With the perfect teasing of his twelve-year-old niece, Keelie, his sexual desires are at an explosive level. Will his trainers survive his onslaught? Will he pass their test?
Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: cons, incest, MF, oral, unc/niece

Part 1


My niece Susan is now 32-years old. I have watched her and her two sisters growing up from infancy to womanhood. Although I was always somewhat of a moral degenerate I never tried anything with any of the three girls; all of who were extremely pretty and big breasted.