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Written by: Spin
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Story intro: Everyone Loves Homer. Here's an uncut, unseen episode we'd all like to see. Homer, in his typical bumbling style, teaches Bart and Lisa the finer points of sex.

It was a quiet Sunday evening in the Simpson household when Marge Simpson just happened to walk by Bart's room.

"What are you doing Bart? Stop that this instant!" Marge ordered as she walked briskly into her son's room.

Written by: Spin
Story codes: 1st, anal, bF, cons, Mg, oral, pedo

Story Intro: What new ideas and policies await us in this new century? There is good news on the horizon. Read on and discover the next generation of family values...the new evolutionary progression of natural preteen and adult sex within, and outside the modern family. Meet the pioneers of this change as one family tells you about their uncensored story of shared family love and sexual escapades.

Written by: Spin
Story codes: 1st, anal, incest, Mg, oral, pedo, unc/niece

"OK sweetie! Uncle Pete will be here soon so you better get your things ready," ten year old Dawn's mother admonished, in anticipation of having a free weekend for herself without the burden of keeping her overactive daughter entertained and out of trouble.

Written by: Dudester
Story codes: anal, incest, Mf, MMf, oral

"Shhh, be quiet" I whispered as I peeked in the back door to the barracks. I looked at the duty NCO desk, it was vacant. North had done his job. I called him ten minutes earlier and asked him to distract the duty NCO so I could sneak Tammy into the barracks, and my room. Without a single question, he agreed. The plan was working. "Let's go" I whispered. Holding Tammy's hand, I led through the back door and quickly through the rec room into the main hallway.

Written by: Boybottomzup
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A story of a man and his unique way of getting into a shy 10 yo boys pants.

Written by: Sexulot
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I teach 1st grade PE at the William H. Boys Academy, which I love. I get to watch 5-6-year-old boys get all sweaty during class, and then sit in my office and watch all that sweet meat shower after class. It is great, I have jacked off to the sight many times.

One day during class, I was in my office getting a head job from our French teacher Mr. Sims when I heard "Come on, get him." One student yelled and then others yelled the same thing, as I got up to go check it out.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, anal, creampie, incest, Mf, Mg, rape, sis/sis

As I perform my concert, I scan the crowed, and spot two girls, one looks about 14 and the other one looks about 6. I can tell they're sisters, and as I watch them during my concert I notice no parents show up and no older kids. Near the end of the show I let my stage hand know and he gave them a pass.

"Wow" June said as she took the passes,

"What?" Sandy says.

"We're invited backstage after the show. Maybe he'll fuck me" June said with a smile.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: anal, bF, cons, MFb, Mg

Before long, December 31st came. As Jenn and I got things ready for the party, I looked over at Virginia sitting on the couch. She looked so beautiful, just a little over two months' pregnant with my child. The party should be a big hit - all the kids and their parents were coming, except for Zack's parents, but Zack was allowed to come.

"Youse go get ready, Jenn" I told her with a smile.

"Would youse take a bath with me?" Jenn asked as she rubbed my cock.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: anal, cons, creampie, Mg, Mgg

Part 1

Thanksgiving came and went. I had a lot to be thankful for, my sister Virginia was having my baby. I was having lots of sex with Jenn and our new friends, and it was Christmas Vacation. All the kids were out of school, the twins were gone for the holidays, as was Zack, but Tina and Jimmy were in town and Jenn was visiting them often for sex, all of them. La Tona was still in town and would visit quite often, and she even brought me a surprise.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: anal, cons, incest, Mbb, Mbg, MF, pedo

NOTE TO READERS: The Hoovers is the continuation of the My Niece Spends the Summer, it will show what happened after the Summer was over, and what happens to the others.

Part 1