Dad and daughter

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"Yes! Yes!" I moaned as my son sucked my cock while I leaned against the shower wall. Ricky was working my cock for all it was worth as the warm water sprayed our bodies.

"Mmmmm" I moaned as Ricky's tongue worked itself over my shaft, and then traced my cock head. Ricky looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes.

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One night I was awakened due to my sister Janet moaning. I thought she was ill, but as I got ready to say something I saw my Daddy pressing is body up and down on Janet through the mirror. This scared me, and so I listened.

"Harder Daddy" Janet would moan. "Harder" she would say again.

"Quiet, you'll wake Suzie up" my daddy moaned as I listened and watched in the mirror.

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!" Janet moaned. I was only 5, so I had no idea what "fucking" was.

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Story codes: 1st, anal, dad/dau, incest, mom/dau

Thinking back, I remember the day I became a bitch, not just any bitch, but Daddy's bitch. It was on my 5th birthday, but Mommy had been coaching for weeks prior to my birthday.

The big day came, my mommy and daddy through me a huge party, all my friends were invited over. After the party was over that night, I had another party - Mommy, Daddy, and me.

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Watching Saturday morning cartoons instead of playing golf, not what I envisioned my life would be like. But I would have it no other way; Stacy is the apple of my eye.

That's my Saturdays, but not today. Today is special, but today is also a sad day. Stacy turns 6, and it's her first birthday since her mom died a year ago tomorrow. I fixed Stacy blueberry pancakes like Kim always did. They were a little burnt; little - hell, I damn near burned the house down. A cook I'm not.

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"Daddy" Tracy calls as she came downstairs. I was sitting on the couch when she ran over to me.

"What's up, sweetie?" I asked her. She was so beautiful. My wife worked for a large company as a consultant. She'd been gone for 3 days and wouldn't be back until January 5th. Tracy had been naked ever since she left. I had fucked Tracy more in 3 days than I have my wife since Christmas.

"I'm hungry" she said. I started to get up.

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Story codes: 1st, anal, dad/dau, Mg

"Wwwhhaaattt?" she yawned as I woke her up, getting into bed with her.

"Shhhh, it's just me, baby" I whispered as I got under her covers and pulled her PJ bottoms down.

"What are you doing, daddy?" she asked me, so innocent of what I was about to do.

"It's OK, Daddy loves you, baby" I whispered as I kissed her on her neck and spread her legs open. I pulled my hard cock from my PJs and then inserted my cock into her baby pussy.

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I grew up like most guys: played sports, had several girlfriends, and then fell in love with the girl next door, Judie Ryan. She was everything I wanted in a woman. We dated from Jr. High up until we got married at 19. A year later, she gave birth to Dian. All was well.

Dian was giggling and splashing in the tub as I bathed her. She was getting water all over. As I laughed, I didn't pay attention that my shorts were wet and my hard cock could be seen by her.

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Part 1

It was a great wedding, just an amazing day really. My wife's best friend was getting married for the second time. As she was matron of honor, I didn't see much of her most of the day. I was left at home with Becky, our thirteen-year-old daughter. Becky was a great kid; her only problem was that she had to do things her way and at her speed.

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Tonight was different than the typical Tuesday night at the Gallagher's. As usual, 15-year-old Joan had her boyfriend Lou over watching TV, and also as usual, Joan's mother Paula left to go to work at about 10:30 PM. What was not the norm was that her father Hank wasn't there to send Lou home at 11 PM. Instead, on this night he had already gone to bed by 9 PM. When Paula was leaving for work, she gave Joan explicit instructions to send Lou home no later than 11.

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Three adult men surrounded 8 year old Lucy. Everyone was naked.

"Oooooo!" squealed the youngster, ogling their huge, stiff pricks. "We're gonna make another naughty movie! Am I right, Daddy?"

'That's right, Pumpkin," her Daddy focused the video camera on the unbelievably obscene sight: Three grinning adult men stroking their erect cocks for an admiring little curly-haired brunette girl, braces shining brightly in her mouth.

Smiling at the camera, Lucy began posing spread-eagle on a yellow, cum-stained mattress.