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Written by: Sexulot
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Before long, December 31st came. As Jenn and I got things ready for the party, I looked over at Virginia sitting on the couch. She looked so beautiful, just a little over two months' pregnant with my child. The party should be a big hit - all the kids and their parents were coming, except for Zack's parents, but Zack was allowed to come.

"Youse go get ready, Jenn" I told her with a smile.

"Would youse take a bath with me?" Jenn asked as she rubbed my cock.

Written by: DiscipleN
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>> Dear Storyteller, just wanted to let you know how much my husband, Sammy and I enjoyed your story. It got us both so aroused that (I blush) we both masturbated as we read it. Loved the spanking scenes as we both enjoy this too. I babysit for my sister for her n-year old son and have had the pleasure of seeing the boy masturbate while reading my husband's mags (looking at the pictures actually). He and I have talked about sex a few times recently and it got my fantasies going.

Written by: Cuckold Wimp John
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I can't even describe the thrill I got watching my 35 year old gorgeous mother drop to her knees, dressed in only red satin panties and matching high heels, take my best friend Eddie's big dick in her sultry mouth, and begin to suck on it.

Written by: Mark Smith
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I remember when I was 11 years old I was always playing with myself and dreamed of one day having a real big cock to play with. My friend Bill at school showed me his parent's bedroom and what it contained. It had a room to the side that was full of whips, chains, dildos, leather masks, etc! He said my mum and dad had a kinky weekend with two of their friends. He also said he was not invited to join in, but was told in great detail by his kinky father about what was going to be happening.