Science fiction

Written by: OxyGreen
Story codes: cons, mg, pedo, sci-fi
A little girl narrates her love affair with an imaginary friend who turns real.
Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: mc, sci-fi

I'd like to tell you the story of Them or Us. It started about six years ago. I was a young boy of fifteen when they first came. The time, place, date, was Coral Canyon, Colorado, 12:00 p.m., August 28, 2007. It was a Friday and there had been bad storms for the last few days.

Written by: Odinboy
Story codes: cumshot, force, incest, nc, pedo, sci-fi, snuff, vore
WARNING: Underage Prey - Fatal Prey - Body Conversion - Jello Kids Synopsis: A flash of light changed kids into living Jello and turned all adults lustfully hungry for Jello kids. Strange story indeed :-p.
Written by: Odinboy
Story codes: cumshot, oral, pedo, sci-fi, snuff, vore
WARNING: Fatal Underage Vore - m/Plant - Oral Sex Synopsis: Kevin likes the Schools new Exotic plant so much he wants one for himself, but when home he falls foul to the plants deadly erotic trap.
Written by: Bruised Willy
Story codes: kidnap, Mb, pedo, sci-fi

Chapter 1

"Doc? Where are y,a doc?" Randy shouted, stepping gingerly amongst the clutter formed from various instruments in what passed as a modern, albeit unkempt laboratory. The man peeked amongst the machines, expecting the professor's white tuft of hair to give him away any time now. "C'mon Doc, quit playing around," he shouted, kicking several plastic containers with dubious contents out of the way.

Written by: Arafingol
Story codes: Fdom, mc, MF, sci-fi

“Man, I was totally decked last night! That new place down by the canal is amazing!” Neil was still wide eyed over his holo-deck experience and was talking in that sort of excited, loopy way younger people do when recounting the latest rave they attended, especially if the police also made an appearance. While this is understandable in the exuberance of youth it would normally have proved embarrassing for a man of fifty five, but Neil felt like a kid right now.

Written by: Orestes
Story codes: Fdom, FF, mc, MF, sci-fi, SM

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Written by: Topaz172
Story codes: mc, MM, sci-fi

Synopsis: The bad news is that Silver, the Thief of New Orleans, is lost in time armed only with a 1000-year-old Slavemaker laser. The good news, It’s the year 3000, and his great great grand nephew’s is pretty fine..yeah, yeah.

Authors Note: This story is set in the same universe as ‘Various Techniques’ and ‘Talon’s Claws’ and takes up the story where Talon ended. It will have several chapters


Written by: Sara Castle
Story codes: BD, FF, mc, sci-fi

The pulseblade throbbed hungrily as I drew it forth. Its surface slick with spent juices, I wrapped my fingers around the sculpted surface, letting the gecko coating cling to them. With a soft snap the outer shell parted and withdrew, folding back into itself and revealing the glowing stiletto within.

Written by: Marcus
Story codes: FF, mc, sci-fi

SUMMARY: A starship captain learns about an artifact that gives glimpses into the future. She discovers what inevitably lies ahead for her... on the battlefield and in the bedroom.


This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.