Teenage male, preteen boy

Written by: alexander Temple
Story codes: dog, incest, mb

This is inspired by lost in space
It does have the characters in the series. The characters here are original.

Written by: HardatWork
Story codes: mb, pedo, rape, tod

Thanks for reading my series. The genesis of this story started on Nifty.org, but some of the story lines required a more openminded site. I'm very thankful to Hiddenbookcase for offering that platform.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, anal, creampie, mb, pedo

There was a large crowd that showed up for Sgt. Mike Miller of the 42d Armor Division. His entire family was there, mother, father, and sisters. He was killed by an EED in Iraq. I looked at his photo, and then walked up to the family.

Hugging his mother, I said "If there is anything I can do?"

"Thank you, Jack," she replied.

Shaking his Father's hand then hugging him I said, "I'm so sorry."

"Thanks Jack." he said.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: anal, incest, mb, pedo, reluc

I grew up like any normal kid - played sports, teased girls, and got so sick of my little brother tagging along wherever I went. The first 12 years of my life were great. My baby brother was born when I was 7. When he was 5 and I was 12, he started following me around.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, anal, bg, bi, mb, oral, pedo

Pat 1: Using Katy and Melissa

I was sexual at the age 8 - that's the first time I had sex. At 5, I was playing a little doctor with girls and some boys, but never had sex, it was just touch theirs, they touch mine, nothing more, and nothing less.

Written by: Mark Smith
Story codes: mb, pedo, scat

I promised Mikey a party, and he said that about 20 people from school would be attending. I am a good cook, but 20 kids? Fuck that. A party at McDonald's was a better idea. It started at 1:00pm - lunchtime, and out of the 20 kids invited 18 turned up.

Written by: Odinboy
Story codes: mb, pedo, snuff, teen, vore
WARNING: Underage Prey - Fatal Prey - Oral vore - Monster - masturbation — M/m/m/ Synopsis: Two young friends venture into the woods and get to know a lot more of each other unaware something hungry stalks them.
Written by: Danell
Story codes: mb, Mbg, mm, pedo

Tommy - 10

Marty - 12

Jason - 14

Ashley - 5

Megan - 3

Grandpa - 73

Dad and Mom - 48 and 40

Chapter 1

Written by: Vulgus
Story codes: mb, MF, Mf, MMF, nc

I'm not even sure exactly what happened that evening, the evening that it all started. I was on my way up the stairs to my second floor apartment after a long, hard day at work. The elevator was out of service again. It was out more than it worked, so I wasn't surprised. I felt something on my butt and I didn't even think about it, I just reacted instinctively. I turned around and, seeing one of my neighbors behind me I did something that I had never done in my life.

Written by: LadyBug
Story codes: mb, MF, Mg, nc, SM

Part 1