Adventures with little Gwen


Part 1

Michael Warrington was watching the only thing he had left of his short-lived marriage. Her name was Gwen and she was 6-years old. He had married her mother after falling madly in love with her. Within two months after meeting her he had married her. The girl had been 20 and was addicted to drugs when he had met her. In the following six months he had helped to get rid of that habit, married her, taken care of her and then she had quite suddenly left with the words that she 'had met someone else' and was divorcing him. Since he had adopted little Gwen, 5 at the time, she left her with him. So here he was, 32, divorced, an illusion poorer and a daughter richer. The papers had been signed yesterday.

Mandy was playing with her dolls on the floor of the living-room as Michael checked the time and said, 'It's time for your bath, little one.' Gwen looked up at him with a smile. She was an adorable girl, with a pretty face and long blonde curly hair. She said, 'OK daddy. You bathe me?' Michael realized he had little choice. Her mother wasn't here anymore to it. He suddenly felt warm. 'Damn', he thought, 'how am I supposed to do that? Oh well, she's still little. But she'll have to do it alone in a year or two!' He picked her up and brought her upstairs. He had a large and well-furnished house and the only upside of the divorce was that since Gwen stayed with him and she was going to marry someone else, that he didn't have to pay any alimony. He made good money as a real-estate agent for the upper-class.

He filled the tub with water and helped his little girl get out of her clothes. Again he wondered at the ease with which the little girl had adapted to the situation. When Gwen was told that she was to live with Michael from now on, she just said, 'OK', and went back to her dolls. And yet he was certain she understood. She was by all accounts a bright girl. He put her in the tub and soaped her in.

As he did so he felt her soft baby-skin and when she rose to have her lower body soaped in he touched her slit. For the first time he got a close look of his little girl's cunny and frowned. Was it supposed to look like that? The mound seemed to be awfully pronounced for such a young girl! Then Gwen clamped her legs around his hand and smiled up at him. Michael was too surprised to react as Gwen took his hand and began to move it along her slit. He managed to say, 'Gwen, what are you doing?' 'I like it when you touch me there, daddy!' Michael was astounded. Girls her age weren't supposed to act or feel like that!

Gwen said, 'You can touch me all you want daddy. I love you. You're not as those bad men mommy used to let touch me.' Now Michael was shocked. Then it hit him. His wife had been a drug-addicted whore and teenage mother at the age of 14. She must have used Gwen as a way to keep her clients and maybe even her suppliers happy! A drug-addict would do anything at all for a shot, he knew that from experience with Gwen's mother.

Michael suddenly had a vision of his former wife offering her little daughter to men for blow-jobs and later for real sex. by the look of her cunny she must have had a lot of cocks inside of her. It was a good thing he had had both of them checked for diseases when they moved in. Gwen had been all clean.

Involuntarily Michael's cock has gotten hard inside the shorts he was wearing in the summer-heat and it was straining against the fabric. Gwen noticed this and knew what it was and what it meant. Her new daddy liked her! Her mother had always told her that if she let men have sex with her they would stay longer. She really liked Michael and wanted him to stay. She was determined to make sure he would. She reached out and with a practised move she removed Michael's cock from his shorts and began to stroke it with her dainty little hands.

Again Michael was too shocked to react immediately. Gwen looked up at him with her innocent face with her blue eyes like her mother's and that was surrounded by curly blonde hair. Michael knew he had to stop this. But his cock told him something different. Besides, how to do it and prevent the darling little girl from being hurt? After all, it wasn't her fault!

As he thought about this Gwen took the next step in her plan to keep Michael with her: she took the tip of his cock in her mouth and gently began to lick and suck it. This was too much for Michael: without any mental control he lost it and shot his load, coating Gwen's face with his seed. Shot after shot landed on her pretty face and she smiled up at him as she said, 'I love you daddy.' Regaining his composure a bit he began to rinse her off as he said, 'I love you too, baby.'

After towelling her dry he put her night-clothes on and put her in bed. She gave him a warm smile and asked, 'I can stay with you, can't I daddy?' 'Yes, dear. You can live with me. You're my little girl now.' He looked at her angelic face and he felt his cock stir again. What was he thinking. He had just let this child who had been entrusted to his care jerk and suck him off and he had blown his load right in her face! What was he doing?

Michael took a deep breath and said, 'Gwen, did your mother let men touch you?' 'Yes, daddy. I already told you so.' True. 'Did that happen often?' Gwen shrugged, 'I guess so.' 'Where did they touch you, baby?' She thought for a while, then said, 'I've always sucked on cock's, daddy. I like sucking cocks. They all taste differently. But yours tastes best!' This caused his cock to twist. Clearing his throat he went on: 'Uh right, anything else?' she nodded and lifted the hem of her night-shirt and pushed her panties down. 'They put their cock in my cunny and fucked me whenever mommy needed money or her stuff.'

Michael swallowed as he pictured this little angel sucking the cocks of strange men and even fucking them. He looked at her exposed bald cunny wither her pronounced mound and deep cleft. His cock was really getting hard again. 'Damn', he thought, 'am I a fucking pedophile?' As he looked at this innocent looking little girl who was anything but innocent he knew the truth. He was a fucking pedophile.

Gwen saw how her daddy's cock was growing and knew she had done that. She reached out and touched the bulge. She said, 'Do you want to put it in my cunny daddy?' Michael croaked, 'Would you like me to, baby?' she smiled broadly, 'Yes, daddy, I want you to love me.' Michael realized that she equated sex with love. Nothing else would make her feel loved.

He bent forward and kissed her on the lips. She opened her lips immediately and sucked his tongue into her small mouth. She was a better kisser then her mother! He let his hands roam over her small slim body and pulled her panties off. Then he broke the kiss to pull her night-shirt over her head. He quickly stripped himself and picked her up and brought her to his own bed. There he lay down next to her and caressed her beautiful preteen body. Gwen loved the attention her daddy was giving her. She figured it was natural that now that her mommy had left she should do everything her daddy had done with mommy and more. She had often peeked as he mommy had sex with men, also with Michael.

Michael had never been so turned on in his life. His cock was rock-hard as he played with the eager little girl. She kissed him back firmly and touched his body everywhere, especially his cock and balls. She moved down and kissed his genitals, then began to suck in earnest. Again Michael was stunned. Her mother had only rarely given head, since she didn't like it. But Gwen did it like a pro and with enthusiasm! He pictured a 4-year old Gwen in bed with her mom and a customer of her mom and how the little girl blew the man and then watched how her mother took the man in her well-used cunt.

He asked, 'How old were you when you got fucked for the first time?' She stopped sucking for a minute to reply, 'I was 4. She had a man put it in my cunny for the first time on my 4th birthday.' Then she went back to her cock-sucking. Michael was ready to cum again and stopped her, saying, 'I want to fuck you now baby. Is that OK?' She looked up at him with a dazzling smile and nodded, 'Of course daddy! You can fuck me all you want!' She laid back and spread her legs wide open, exposing her well-fucked preteen cunt to him.

Michael placed a kiss on it and ran his tongue along the slit. She was really wet and he figured she was ready for fucking. He carefully moved on top of her, knowing his weight would crush her. She took his cock in her small hands and guided it to her cunt. She said softly, 'Fuck me daddy, love me daddy.' 'I will, honey. I will always love you.' Gently he worked his cock up her tiny cunt and the sensation was unlike anything he had ever experienced. It was tighter, hotter and better then any cunt he had ever fucked and he was hooked forever.

Slowly, savouring the feeling, he moved deeper into her preteen cunt. She moaned, but urged him to go deeper. Finally he hit her cervix and he rested there for a while. He whispered, 'God, you're so tight!' She smiled up and said, 'I was taught by mommy to keep it tight by clamping pencils with it. I can keep a pencil between my legs for more then an hour!' The little girl was really full of surprises. Michael began to move in and out of the tight clasping hole that surrounded his cock like a vice. He knew he wouldn't last long, but he strained to keep from cumming. Gwen loved the feeling of her daddy's cock inside of her. She had been wanting this since her mommy had introduced her to Michael. Gwen knew what was happening as she saw his face and said, 'You can cum in me, daddy! It's all right!' Michael was lost and came hard inside the 6-year old. He filled her womb with his seed and collapsed.

Gwen felt somewhat crushed by the weight of her daddy, but she also loved the feeling. Michael rolled away and said, 'Sorry, I just...' Gwen crawled down to his cock and began to lick it clean. She said, 'I can't cum yet, daddy. Mommy said I was just too young. But I just like to fuck. It feels so nice!' Michael touched her sperm-dripping cunt and began to toy with her well-developed clit. He said, 'Let's see if I can make you cum like this.'
The feeling her daddy was giving her was really good. He manipulated her clit in such a way that she got really turned on. She moved her hips instinctively and began to moan in pleasure. Michael guessed he was doing it right.

Gwen moaned, 'Please don't stop, daddy. Keep doing this, pleeasssseee!' Michael added the help of his other hand and finger-fucked her. The juices almost poured out of her little hole when all of a sudden she tensed up and let out a loud groan of pleasure, then collapsed. Michael gathered her up in his arms and said, 'I love you so much, Gwen. But I will also love you without doing this with you.' Gwen looked at him dreamy-eyed and said, 'I love you too daddy. And I love you too without fucking, but I don't want to stop. You made me feel so good!' They fell asleep in each others arms.


Sandy Helmer was bored. She was sitting in front of the TV and watching some dumb show. She pushed her hand into her panties and copped a feel of herself. Her husband was away on business again, as usual. And even when he was home they rarely had sex these days. She had had to work hard to get her three daughters in 8 years of marriage. She had married young, at 18, and gotten pregnant in her honeymoon. She was now 26, a mother of three and still looked as good as she did then.

She decided it was time to watch one of her naughty movies. The girls were asleep upstairs and her husband was in Europe. She had all the opportunity she needed. She got the discs from her secret hiding-place and picked a DVD she liked a lot: 'Family Games in Amsterdam'. She put it in, selected a favourite scene, pushed 'play' and the movie began.

In this scene a little girl was lying in bed naked and playing with her pussy. She looked about 10-years old with short black hair. She was fucking herself with a finger and then pinched her puffy nipples at the same time. Her tits were only small swellings on her chest. Then she reached into a drawer and took a small silver vibrator. She put it on her nipples, then on her clit, to finally push it into her slit. Sandy was masturbating as well and quickly froze the image to get her own vibrator. When she got it and put it in and continued the movie.

The little girl was moaning in pleasure along with Sandy. The girl on the screen was moving furiously now and close to her orgasm. Sandy timed her own pleasure to match hers and they came together. Sandy moaned loudly as she reached her climax. As she got down from her high she concentrated on the movie again. She knew the best part was yet to cum. A man and a woman came into the room and saw the little girl with the vibrator in her cunt. He pulled it out and put his cock at her mouth.

Sandy didn't understand the language, but knew the man was supposed to be the girl's father. The preteen sucked on her father's cunt, while her mother began to lick her delightful little cunt. Sandy put her own toy at maximum speed and fucked it in and out as she watched the child have sex with her parents. She often fantasised doing this with her own daughters, but her husband was as straight as they come. She often wondered why she had married him back then. He had been after her for sometime and when her parents were killed in a plane-crash she had leaned on him. But now her perverted side was emerging more and more.

Just as the man was pushing his cock deep into the girl's mouth and was actually throat-fucking the girl she heard a voice, 'Mom? What is that girl doing? And what are you doing?' Sandy froze and turned her head to the origin of the voice. There, in her nigh-dress, was her oldest daughter: 8-year old Betty. What to do now? Her mind raced, then she reached a decision. She said, 'Come here, Betty. I'll explain.' The girl sat on the couch next to her and stared at the screen, which Sandy quickly froze, and her mother's bald cunt with the vibrator sticking out.

Sandy said, 'The girl and I were doing something fun, baby. I can teach you how to do it too.' Well, she figured she could do it at least partly. 'Really mom?' Sandy removed the night-clothes off her daughter, then got naked herself. Betty looked at her and asked, 'When will I get boobs like you, mommy?' Sandy looked down at her tits. She was a petite woman, with a slim built and her tits were only a small hand-full each, but they fit perfectly on her frame. She knew she looked good: she always got attention from men when she went out on the street. Her honey-blonde hair that fell across her shoulder framed her pretty face and made her light-blue eyes stand out.
She replied, 'In a few years, dear. Shall we play now?' The girl nodded happily.

Sandy took her daughter in her arms and kissed her. Betty kissed back and fondled her mothers tits. Sandy moaned softly and encouraged Betty: 'Suck hard on them, Betty. Squeeze them with your fingers and pull them out!' Betty did as she was instructed and Sandy to her great delight found that her little girl was a quick learner when it came to sex. Betty said, 'I like your nipples, mommy!' Sandy grinned at her daughter: 'I like your nipples too!' She lay the girl down on the couch and began to kiss the flat chest and her hardened nipples.

Sandy was very happy with the developments but she had to warn her daughter: 'You can't tell anyone about these games, Betty. Not even your sisters and especially not daddy.' 'Why not, mommy?' 'If anybody found out they would lock me up in jail and you would never see me again.' 'Why?' 'Most people think that what I'm doing with you now is evil.' 'Daddy too?' 'I'm afraid so.' Betty considered this in her childish mind and came to the conclusion that grown-ups were mad. How could anything that felt this good be evil? But a lot of things grown-ups did didn't make any sense so she said, 'I understand mommy. I won't tell a soul.'

Satisfied Sandy worked her way down Betty's belly and then reached her immature cunt. Sandy studied it closely. The clit was quite prominent, like the one she had herself and she began to suck on it. Betty began to moan in delight and told her mother not to stop. Sandy loved the taste of the juices that Betty was already producing. She knew for certain that Betty was ready for sex, like she had been. She moved her tongue up and down the small slit and then tried to work it inside. She soon hit a barrier when she wormed a finger in and knew it was the hymen. She hesitated for a moment, then decided she would take save that for a next time.

Betty was enjoying the hell out of it all. She loved what her mother was doing down there and wondered if she would let her return the favour. Sandy wanted to know if her little girl could orgasm yet. She sucked and licked the clit with all her might and sure enough the girl began to move her hips and talk incoherently as she felt waves of pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt before course through her body. Then the climax hit her and Sandy quickly clamped a hand on Betty's mouth to prevent her from awaking the other two upstairs.

When Betty had calmed down she said, 'Wow! That was the best ever!' 'I know honey. Do you want to try it on me now?' she hopefully said. Betty smiled brightly, 'Can I mom?' As an answer Sandy lay back and spread her legs. Betty crawled in between and studied her mother's pussy and frowned. Sandy asked, 'What is it honey?' 'Why don't you have hair there? I thought grown-up women had hair there?' 'They do, but I like to keep it shaven bald.' Betty touched it, 'It feels nice'

Then the preteen stuck her head between her mother's legs and kissed the tip of Sandy's clit. Sandy said, 'Suck on it, baby. And lick my cunt-lips too.' She pulled on the lips as she said this. Sandy put her lips around the large and prominent clit that stuck out of the folds and started to suck. She moved her teeth up and down the flesh and this caused Sandy to jump. That actually felt nice! Betty picked it up and stored it away for later use. She kissed and sucked the cunt-lips too. Then she put a finger or two inside her mother's cunt as she did this.

Sandy was in heaven as her oldest daughter ate her out. The girl was an absolute natural at this and Sandy quickly reached her own orgasm. She pulled Betty up and gave her a deep, loving kiss. She said, 'I hope we can do this again, baby.' 'Me too, mom.' As Sandy lay there with her oldest in her arms she thought about her other two girls: 4-year old Sunny and 2,5-year old Cassie. How could she initiate sex with them safely and without her husband catching on?


The morning after his first sex with his preteen daughter Michael woke up with his hard cock swallowed by Gwen. He looked down to see her cheeks bulge as she tried her best to get as much inside as she could. The sensation was delicious and if he had any 'morning after' doubts, they were thrown out of the window at that moment. Gwen for her part was determined to please her daddy in any way she could. She knew she had to be obedient, eager and sexy to do so. And she simply loved sucking his cock, so doing that as a wake-up call seemed a nice idea.

Because of his usual morning hard-on Michael quickly filled his 6-year olds mouth with his seed. She did her best to swallow it all, but some dripped out of the corners of her mouth. Michael found that very sexy for some reason. He said, 'Good morning to you too, beauty.' Gwen smiled happily at him and said, 'Want me to do it again daddy?' He laughed, 'Let's shower and have some breakfast first, shall we?' Gwen licked her lips, 'OK. but I've already had breakfast!' Michael grinned: 'Well, there's is such a thing as second breakfast.'

They disappeared into the shower and he soaped her up and washed her hair, letting his hands wander all over her young childish body. Gwen let him go wherever he wanted and since she was at the right height she cleaned his cock very thoroughly. She did such a good job Michael was hard again by the time they were finished. She took him into her mouth again, but he stopped her, saying, 'Later baby. Let's eat first.' She seemed disappointed to Michael, who wondered how many 6-year olds would be disappointed at not getting to suck their step-daddy's cock? He knew the answer: very few indeed.

After a solid breakfast Michael went through Gwen's stuff as she dressed properly and saw that she had almost no clothes. He frowned as he was certain she had had more clothes then that. He asked Gwen about it who responded, 'Mommy took them. She said that she had bought them and that they belonged to her.' Michael was astounded, 'What would she do with them?' 'She said she would sell them. She let me keep three things of all.' And lousy things they were. Michael was grinding his teeth. He really had clutched a viper to his chest! At least this viper had left an little angel with him.

Michael told Gwen as he dressed as well, 'OK, we're going out. You need new clothes, little girl of mine. And you need them now. This just won't do at all.' Gwen's face lit up, 'We're going shopping?' 'Yep, we are.' They got in his car and drove down-town. Michael looked around a bit as he wasn't sure which stores had clothes for little girls. Then he saw one where they specialised in it. They stepped in and were greeted by a young, early twenties, sales-clerk. He said, 'I need new clothes for my daughter here.' 'Yes sir. What kind of clothes?' Michael replied, 'I'm going to make your day, since she needs a whole new wardrobe.' The girl, who was called 'Wanda' on her name-tag, blinked, then smiled broadly, 'Of course, sir. Shall we start with the dresses?'

In the following two hours Michael was introduced to the wonderful world of preteen fashion. Gwen was delighted and gave him a whole fashion-show. Wanda was impressed with the attitude of the girl and told Michael, 'She's a very bright girl, sir. You can be proud of your daughter.' Michael smiled ruefully, 'She's certainly got more brains then her mother.' Wanda looked at him with a strange look and Michael told her the short version of how Gwen came to be his daughter. Wanda shook her head in disbelief, 'I just can't understand such people.'

When they got to the underwear Michael got somewhat worried. Gwen showed them with an even greater enthusiasm then the other clothes. What was worse, he began to get another hard-on. He tried to hide it, but Wanda saw it anyway. She was quite sure she wasn't the cause of that, which left little Gwen. Wanda was sure this man was attracted to Gwen. But had he acted on it? She decided to find out. Working in a store that catered exclusively to children, she had met quite a lot of pedophiles. She didn't condemn them as she had been introduced into sex at a young age herself by a neighbour and enjoyed it.

When she was alone with Gwen in the changing-room she began to ask some questions relating to the nature of her relationship with her step-dad. Gwen actually managed to by-pass some of them or she lied about it, but Wanda nevertheless came to the conclusion that the girl was sexually involved with her step-dad. And she seemed to thrive on it! The girl was smart and outgoing and revered her step-dad.

She told Gwen, 'I've got some very special underwear in the magazine that your daddy will really like. Want to try?' 'Sure.' When Wanda returned Gwen's eyes got really big. This was the kind of underwear that her mommy used to wear when 'uncles' came by to fuck. But these were in her size. She asked, 'Where did you get these?' 'My secret. Want to put them on?' Gwen didn't need to think twice about that.

When Gwen came out again Michael's eyes nearly popped right out of their sockets. Gwen was wearing a red lacy set of lingerie with stockings and garter-belts. He was unable to say anything for a while as Gwen proudly displayed her new outfit to him. Wanda observed his reaction and laughed: 'I guess this has to be put on the 'buy' list as well!' Michael stared at her, his mouth opening and closing but with no sound coming out of it. Wanda grinned, 'Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. I could only tell because I started with sex when I was a few years older then her.' Michael managed to say something at last: 'Huh?' Wanda went on: 'I've got some special clothes for special customers like you. Want to see them?' Only now did his brain begin to function again and he said, 'You mean you...' 'Got more people like you? Sure. How long have you been doing it with her?' Gwen replied for him, 'We just started yesterday.'

Michael looked at his daughter with a warning in his eyes, but she just smiled at him and said, 'She knows already!' Michael knew she was right. Damn. She really was some genius. Her mother had no idea who the father was, but he had to be the one who brought in the genes for the brain-cells! Michael recovered a bit and asked, 'How old were you...?' 'I was 8. A pedo-sexual neighbour taught me.' Michael studied the girl. She was not very tall, average height, long brown hair and a pretty, expressive face with brown eyes. She looked like she had a nice body and he estimated her to be about 22. Michael asked, 'Is this your store?' 'Yes and no. I run it for a friend of my mother. But she let's me run it as I want as long as I make enough profit. And these special clothes help with that.'

The rest of the morning was spent in a room at the back of the store to try out the special clothing. Sometimes Wanda had to go into the store to help a client while they stayed back. Michael was suffering from a continuous hard-on, which was not lost on Gwen. She decided to help her daddy and undid his zip and took out his hard cock. Before he could tell her to stop Wanda came in. She stopped, then smiled and came up to him. She kissed him and said to Gwen, 'Would you mind if I borrowed your daddy for a while?' Gwen looked up and somehow managed to smile around his cock as she nodded.

She made room for Wanda and the older girl began to suck on his cock. Michael was too overwhelmed to do anything about it. Gwen kissed his balls as Wanda expertly deep-throated him. Gwen also watched intently how the other girl did this and filed it away for future use. She saw that her daddy liked this treatment a lot and she decided that she would learn how to do that as well. Wanda eagerly sucked the cock of her customer and did her best to make him cum. A satisfied customer was more likely to return, after all! At last Michael lost control and he blew his load down Wanda's throat.

Wanda somehow managed to take it all and she licked her lips as she rose up, saying, 'I hope you're satisfied with the service of this store, sir!' Michael sagged into a chair and said, 'It sure is. You know, after swallowing a man's load you can call him by his name. Mine is Michael.' Wanda smiled and replied, 'OK Michael. Is there anything else you want?' He shook his head. 'Not at the moment. But since kids her age grow fast, we will most certainly be back.'

Michael paid and together they dragged all the clothes to the car and then into the house. He threw the few clothes that had been left behind out and then filled her closet with the new clothes. That night they cuddled on the couch in front of the TV and then he put her in bed. Her bed. But when he went to bed himself he found Gwen in his bed and wearing a very sexy outfit like the one she had floored him with that morning. Only this one was blue. She smiled up at him and said, 'I want to get fucked again, daddy.' Michael could not refuse such a sexy request.

He quickly stripped naked and she immediately began to suck on his cock and she tried to take him as deep as Wanda had done. Michael saw her gag and he pushed her off, saying, 'That takes practise, dear. Let me eat you out now.' She willingly spread her legs and he tasted her fresh preteen juices. Gwen loved her daddy's tongue on her slit and she urged him to put his tongue deep inside of her. Michael decided to see how far he could get and put pretty much his whole tongue in the tiny slit. Gwen went crazy on it and when he softly bit on her clit and added a finger she spasmed wildly, giving a loud scream. Michael learned she was a bit of a screamer when it came to sex.

Gwen sighed, 'That was lovely daddy. I've never felt like this before! Was that an orgasm?' Michael grinned, 'It sure was. I could feel your cunt spasm around my tongue!' Gwen looked down between her legs and implored him: 'Fuck me daddy! Cum inside me!' Michael was rock hard and he eagerly fulfilled her demand. He pushed his cock into the hole that must have had many cocks before him but was still very tight and worked his way into her body.

Gwen loved being filled with cock. Especially daddy-cock. She wondered if her daddy would give her to other men as well. She wouldn't mind of course. She was just curious. Michael loved the feeling of her tight cunt-flesh around his cock and began to move in and out at a slow pace. Suddenly Gwen asked, grunting, 'Daddy, do you want to fuck my butt too?' Michael came in an instant when he heard her say that. He groaned as he emptied his balls into her immature womb.

Sated for the moment he rolled off his daughter. Gwen put a finger in her snatch and scooped some cum, putting it in her mouth. Michael thought that was a very sexy sight. He asked her, 'Have you ever had a cock up your ass?' She nodded, 'Uhuh, a few times.' 'Did you like it?' She shrugged, still pushing her finger into her messy cunt, 'It hurt a bit. But I can take it daddy. You can put it up my butt anytime.' Michael figured that with enough lube and if he took care, that she could take it. But would he do it? Dumb question.

Michael retrieved some lube he had once bought with the intention to use with Gwen's mother. She had refused to have anal sex with him however. He now knew why: she had used her own preteen daughter for that. Gwen was already in position when he came back and using the juice from her pussy to lube herself up. Michael squeezed the tube and a big drop of lube landed in her ass-crack. He smeared it out and she even moved some inside with her own finger. This sight made him hard again.

Gwen wiggled her ass provocatively at him and said, 'Fuck my little butt, daddy! It's all yours!' Michael put his cock at the entrance to her bowels and felt somewhat uneasy at the difference in size, but Gwen didn't. she relaxed her muscles there and pushed back. The tip of his cock slowly disappeared into her. He grabbed her small waist and began to push in earnest. Gwen groaned as the cock began to fill her behind up. But she gritted her teeth and waited for her daddy to 'bottom out'.

Michael looked down and saw an incredible sight. His cock was buried to the balls in the ass of his 6-year old daughter. The feeling was unlike anything else he had ever experienced. If possible she was even tighter and hotter in her butt then in her cunt. He let the feeling work on him for a while, but when Gwen impatiently said, 'Fuck my butt, daddy! Fill me up with your sperm,' he began to move his hips again. As Gwen put a finger in her slit to feel his cock move in her ass through the this wall of flesh that separated both holes, he pulled out until only his cock-head was left inside. Then he pushed back in.

Michael knew that even though he had cum just minutes before, he would again cum rather quickly. The feeling was just too much to handle for him. He began to fuck her with powerful thrusts, shoving Gwen all over the bed. Gwen loved it. she felt that she was close to cumming again with her fingers toying with her clit as she got her asshole rammed. Michael groaned, 'Here it cums, baby!' she felt his cock jerk and spasm in her sensitive asshole and she quickly pinched her clit to set herself off. As she came her asshole began to milk Michael's cock for the last remains of sperm in his balls.

After her daddy had pulled out of her butt she crawled down to inspect his cock. She saw it was softening and that it was smeared with shit. Her shit. Without hesitation she stuck out her tongue and began to lick him clean. Michael was too fucked out to notice at first, but when he realized what she was doing he exclaimed, 'Gwen, why are you doing that?' 'I made your cock dirty, so I should clean it.' Michael had no answer to that. Despite having cum twice that night she managed to get him hard again and he blew his third load in her small, hot mouth. Then they fell asleep. Michael remembered that after this weekend Gwen had to go to school again.


Sandy was determined now. She would get her husband to have sex with her in this last desperate attempt. He had come home for the weekend and she was wearing her most provocative lingerie to please him. She wore a blue bra that left her nipples bare and a panty that had a slit of easy access to her cunt. Over that she wore a see-through negligee. She came into the room and sauntered over to the bed. Her husband took one look at her and said, 'What on earth were you thinking when you bought that slut-outfit?'

Thunderstruck Sandy stood there as he continued, 'Get properly dressed for bed, woman. I won't sleep next to a tramp!' With that he turned to his side and pulled the blankets over him. Sandy felt tears well up. She had done her very best to be sexy for him. She had catered to his every whim the whole night and now she called her a slut and a tramp?!?' She didn't mind the words so much, but the tone he said them with stung deep into her heart. She left the room and went back to the bathroom. There she stripped naked and sat on the toilet-seat. She began to finger-fuck herself, thinking of the sex she had had with Betty. She was a better sex-partner then her husband had ever been.

After she had reached a quiet orgasm she made a decision. She would find another man and be a slut and a tramp for him. She would make sure he would also love her daughters in a special way. In other words: she had to find a pedophile who would also like to fuck older women. A tough job, but she knew what to look for and Betty was the most perfect bait she could wish for. She smiled to herself as she thought: 'Soon that bastard can go hang his cock somewhere else to wet. He won't get into my pussy anymore, even if he's dying for it!'

Many weeks later as Sandy brought Betty to school and the others to day-care, she watched the other parents carefully. She ignored the mothers, but made an unobtrusive but careful study of the few fathers. Then she saw a handsome man she had never seen before. She looked at the child that was with him. She had seen her before. She asked Betty: 'Do you know who she is?' 'Yes, that's Gwen. She's 6 and a grade below mine.' 'Only one grade?', Sandy mused. Must be a bright girl then.

As she watched she saw the girl kiss her daddy right on the mouth. The man quickly pulled away and looked around to see if anyone had seen. He saw her and he looked uncomfortable. She just gave him a warm smile. Could she be that lucky? Could she have found what she was looking for already? Sure, she had been looking around for weeks now, but she knew that what she was looking for was hard to find.

She followed him as he walked to his car. Just as he opened the door he noticed her. She saw that he was uncomfortable and she quickly said, 'Hi, I'm Sandy. Sandy Helmer. I don't believe I've seen you here before.'

The man hesitated, then said, 'I'm Michael. Michael Warrington. Uh, my wife used to bring my daughter to school.' Sandy considered this. She realized he could be a widower so she said carefully, 'I see. Why can't she do it anymore?' 'She left me.' Inside Sandy had to smile about that. Seducing him would be easy. But she said, 'I'm sorry to hear that. Why would any woman leave a good-looking man like you?' She wasn't lying here. Michael Warrington looked very good to her. Better certainly then her own husband.

Michael grimaced and blushed at the same time, 'No idea. But she left me her daughter to take care of.' Sandy frowned, 'Her daughter?' 'I adopted Gwen as my daughter when we married.' Sandy understood. She had simply dumped her kid with this poor man. The bitch! But it was her good fortune. She put her hand on his arm and said, 'Can you come and have some coffee with me? I would like to get to know you better.' The man looked her in the eyes and said, 'Uh, sure.' 'Follow my car then.'

Back at her place she made a very good coffee for him and sat down next to him. She wondered if she should have put on something more sexy. Then she decided that could scare him off. They talked for a while and Michael began to get more relaxed. She learned he made a living as a real-estate agent for the wealthy people. She steered the conversation to their daughters and when she made some remarks on how cute and sexy their girls already were she noticed that he not only got uncomfortable, but even a slight erection! She could jump through the roof from joy.

She put his hand on his leg and moved it up to his crotch. Michael looked at her hand, then at her. She smiled and said, 'Do you think I'm as sexy as Betty or Gwen?' Michael cleared his throat, 'Uhrm, Sandy, you're married!' She bent forward and gave him a kiss on the mouth, then looked in his eyes and said, 'So? That bastard hasn't touched me in months. I need a man to satisfy me, Michael. Do you want to be that man?' Michael swallowed and she could feel his cock jump. She smiled and with an expert move she pulled his cock out of his pants and took it into her mouth.

Michael lent back as Sandy began to fellate him eagerly and expertly. She was glad to see he had a big 20cm cock that would be able to satisfy her needs. She cupped his balls and massaged them as she worked him as deep into her throat as she possibly could. Then she had him down completely. Michael couldn't believe it. For the second time in a few days he was getting a deep-throat blow-job by a woman he had never met before!

Satisfied with his hardness she let his cock slip out of her mouth and rose to strip her clothes off. Skirt, blouse, bra and panties hit the carpet. Michael quickly worked his pants down and then she straddled him, taking his cock in a hand and guiding it into her waiting snatch. Michael quickly familiarised himself with her tight wet cunt as she rode him. He grabbed her tits and sucked avidly on her hard pointy nipples. Sandy loved what he was doing to her, especially when he suddenly worked a finger into her asshole. She worked the muscles of her cunt on his cock and tried to milk his balls that way. He pulled her down on his cock and rammed it as deep inside of her as he could when he neared his climax. He groaned as she felt his seed shoot up inside her body and coating her womb, setting off her own climax.

Sandy grinned at Michael and said, 'That was great, love.' She kissed him on the mouth and Michael panted, 'Say that again!' 'That was great love!' Michael looked at her, then began to laugh. 'You are something else, Sandy! Where have you been all this time?' Sandy replied, 'Right here, dear. And I really want to get to know you better.' Michael nodded seriously, 'Me too. When can we have a date?' Sandy shrugged, 'Pick me up tonight at 'Winslows'. My husband is out of town again, so we have all night. Can you arrange a baby-sit?' She saw Michael frown, 'Don't know any, really.' Sandy grinned, 'OK. I'll sent a good one over to you. I know some reliable ones.' Michael grinned at her and said, 'You'll need my address for that.' She blinked, then grinned back, 'And we need to exchange phone-numbers.' She was already trying to figure out how to get him alone with Betty.


Michael and Gwen continued to have sex all through the following weeks. Michael filled her with at least two loads a day and in between he had several get-togethers with his grown-up lover Sandy. He sometimes had to plan his work in between the fucking! Not that he was complaining. He knew he was falling in love with Sandy and suspected that she was falling in love with him. He had no idea how things would work out, but he decided to see how things would develop. Each morning he was woken up by a blow-job by Gwen and each night he gave her a good-night fuck in either cunt or ass. She was always willing and often eager for it. He was very happy with his life and his marriage to Gwen's mother faded to the background.

One Saturday-night he was called by Sandy: she had a meeting somewhere and her baby-sitter had fallen ill. Could he take the fall? He could bring Gwen along. Michael had no problem with it, so half an hour later he got last minute instructions from Sandy. She said, 'I'll be back pretty late. Put the girls in bed at the right time, OK?' Michael nodded that he understood and hoped he would be able to deal with four preteen girls at once. God, if she only knew!

As he watched TV with the girls he thought about his dilemma. He loved Sandy and he knew she loved him. She clearly had had enough of her husband and a divorce was imminent, even though the man himself seemed to have no clue. But the day she moved in with him he would have three temptations extra in his house and his sex with Gwen would be severely hampered. An hour after the two youngest had been put into bed, he put Gwen in a spare bed-room. Then he was alone with 8-year old Betty. He had been relieved that Gwen and the girls had gotten along fine together.

When Betty snuggled up to him he didn't think anything of it. But when she put his little hand on his crotch and began to massage it he didn't know what to do at first. He was just about to tell her to stop it, when she pulled his zipper down and fished his cock out. She had a fascinated look on her face as she began to stroke it slowly. Michael was thunderstruck and said, clearing his throat, 'Stop that, Betty.' 'Why? Don't you like it?' 'That's not it. Little girls can't do that to grown men. Grown men go to jail for that.' All she said in reply was: 'I like it.'
Then she bent forward and placed a kiss on the tip.

Michael looked down in wonder. What was he, a declared pedophile, going to do about this. If Sandy found out about this...As Michael was uncharacteristically indecisive, Betty continued kissing his cock and balls. Betty liked the feel of a cock. It was just like her mother had told her. She had been told to see if Michael did indeed love little girls in the same way she did. Betty knew instinctively that her daddy most surely did not. Her mother had told her that Michael might become her new daddy if she could prove him to be a little girl-lover. Since she really liked Michael she decided to do her very best.

Finally Michael said, 'Betty, I love what you're doing, but if you're mother finds out she will cut the very balls off you're kissing right now.' Betty said very matter of factly, 'No she won't,' and continued her work. Michael looked at the clock and decided he could take the chance. Sandy wouldn't be back for hours. Maybe he could bring Gwen down to join them? He asked Betty, but before she could answer he heard a little girl's voice say: 'I'm already here, daddy.' He looked around and saw Gwen walk up to them, already naked.

He didn't ask how long she had been there or why. He just took her in his arms and said, 'Get naked too, Betty.' Betty quickly shucked her night-clothes off and revealed her beautiful naked body to them. She was a slim girl like her mother, had not tits but her nipples looked hard from excitement. She had a long bald slit, but not nearly as prominent as Gwen's. When Betty saw it, she exclaimed, 'Wow, how did your cunny get that big?' Gwen proudly said, 'My daddy fucks me.' Betty knew then that Michael would become her new daddy and said, 'Can I call you daddy too? Will you fuck me then?'

Michael just grinned, as long as you don't tell anything to your mom about this!' 'I won't!' She didn't need to as a little spy-cam was recording it all and sending it to her mother. Two blocks away Sandy was sitting in her car with her hand down her panties watching on a small screen how her lover was going to have sex with their respective daughters. It was the hottest thing she ever saw and she wished she could be there. Then she realized she could. As soon as he had his cock buried up the cunt of one of the girls she could step in and give him the shock of his life. She had intended to show him the footage of the spy-cam at a later time, but she loved Michael and knew she would never find another man like him. She couldn't wait any longer to reveal her own secret.

Michael began with showing Betty how sex worked on Gwen. Gwen lay back on the couch and let her daddy eat her out. Betty watched how Michael went at it. 'So that's how it looks like when my mommy does it to me,' she thought. Gwen smiled at Betty and suddenly put a finger in Betty's cunny. Betty as surprised, but let her do it. When Michael was satisfied with the wetness of Gwen he put his cock at the entrance to her tiny cunt and pushed in. Betty watched in fascination how the huge pole of flesh made a bulge in Gwen's abdomen as it disappeared into the little girl's body.

Sandy witnesses it too and came hard as she saw it. By the time Michael was close to filling his girl up to the ovaries with his seed she had recovered enough to return to the house. She parked the car at some distance and walked the last part. She came in through the back-door quietly and peeked into the living-room. Michael had pulled out of Gwen and his sperm was dripping out of her small but stretched hole. Betty was now licking his cock clean and obviously doing a good job as he was getting hard again.

Sandy grinned as she stepped into the room and said, 'I see you really like little girls!' Michael was petrified and tried desperately to cover himself and stammer an explanation. Sandy laughed, 'Don't worry, love! I set you up! I wanted to see for certain if you were into little girl the same way I am!' Michael's brain was trying to grasp what she was saying, then he managed to make the very intelligent remark: 'Huh?' Sandy began to strip and Betty ran towards her, fondling the tits as they were bared. Gwen looked on with interest.

Michael now began to realise what she had said, 'Are you saying that...?' 'Yes, I'm as much a pedophile as you are dear.' Michael was stunned, 'I don't believe it. A female pedophile?' Sandy was naked now and walked over to him. She kissed him full on the mouth and grabbed his now soft cock, jerking life back into it. Sandy said, 'I've been looking for a man like you for a long time, Michael. Consciously and unconsciously. I was interested in the way you were kissed by Gwen at school. Tonight's actions of Betty were on my orders to see if you were indeed as much a pervert as me. And she did a fine job!'

Michael looked at Betty and gave her a sly smile, 'I'm going to give the little minx a spanking for that!' Betty turned around and wiggled her butt at him, 'Anytime, daddy!' Michael lifted his eyebrows at this remark and Sandy smiled, 'Would you like to be a daddy for my daughters in the same way as you are for Gwen? And I mean every way!' Michael grinned broadly, 'I don't think any pedo in his right mind would refuse such an offer! Sandy, will you marry me?' Sandy blinked, then gave him a long deep kiss before saying, 'How's that for an answer?' Then, in a low tone, she added, 'Fuck me now, baby! Hard!'

Michael laid her down on the soft carpet and smoothly shoved his cock up her wet cunt. Both little girls came in for a closer look as their parents fucked like animals in heat. Michael shoved his cock full force up Sandy's cunt, who eagerly accepted him. She moaned, 'Fuck me like you just fucked Gwen, baby!' Michael grinned and said, 'Your perverted wish is my perverted command!' Sandy locked her eyes at both little girls who were fondling their slits as Michael rammed into her. Soon his seed began to boil in his balls and he rammed faster and deeper into her spasming cunt. She clawed in his back as she shrieked: 'Ohhh ahhhh, Cum in me daddy! Rape your little girl!' Michael couldn't take anymore and shot his load all the way up into her waiting womb. He whispered in her ear: 'Soon I'll be planting a baby in your beautiful belly.' Sandy sighed, 'I certainly hope so!'

They sat on the couch afterwards while Gwen sucked out her daddy's sperm out of Sandy's snatch and Betty cleaned Michael's cock. Michael asked Sandy: 'Did you have sex with your dad?' She nodded, 'It started when I was about 9. My mother let me suck on her tits and she kissed my nipples and licked my little slit. Then my daddy taught me how to suck cock on my 10th birthday. I loved it when he shot his load in my face. It wasn't long after that he took my cherry as mom watched.' Michael was curious: 'How did you end up with this dud for a husband?' Sandy gave him a sad smile as she told him: 'My parents died in a plane-crash when I was just 18. I was devastated. He was a good friend of my parents, but he knew nothing about the relationship I had with them. He had been in love with me for a long time I guess and he took his chance. I married him to console myself. The good part is: I've got three beautiful daughters to show for it.'

Michael considered this, then told how he and Gwen had started out. Sandy looked at the little girl with new eyes. This was a really bright girl indeed! Ahead of her age in many ways to be sure. Gwen looked up at her with a gleam in her eyes and said, 'I know how to make men happy, new mommy.' Both Sandy and Michael thought that was the cutest thing to say and laughed, picking both girls up and cuddling them. Then they began to make plans to unite both families and get Sandy's husband out of the picture.


Sandy was in heaven. She finally had found the perfect man for her and her kids. They visited each other regularly and had sex with each other and Gwen and Betty. The two youngest were left in the dark for the moment. Michael considered them too young and Sandy simply wanted to wait until she was officially married to Michael before she brought them into bed. She couldn't think of a better wedding-present!

Meanwhile Sandy's husband had actually tried to get into Sandy's cunt again. Two whole months after the last attempt of Sandy, no less, and at least double that since the last time they had done anything. Sandy rebuffed him and quite bluntly told him to go jerk himself off in the bathroom since she wasn't feeling like it, then had turned on her side and ignored him. He hadn't tried anything after that. Michael had called one of his friends who was a regular client to the cities whores. After telling him what he needed, he got a number. It didn't take long to set things up after that. It was just a matter of money and telling the girl what she needed to do and say. Then he called Sandy to tell her everything had been arranged.

Sandy was delighted and did her part of the operation. She told her husband that she would be visiting a friend of hers on the other side of town and would be taking the girls with her. This friend was a close friend of Sandy who had no problems in helping Sandy get an easy divorce from a man she considered to be a jerk and a fool. The friend would get 'ill' and Sandy would have to return home with the kids, where, if all went as planned, the young whore would have talked Sandy's husband into bed. The idea was that she told him she sold magazines. Since she had a portfolio with magazines that were about things that interested the guy, he was bound to let her in. Then the whore would quickly seduce him into fucking her brains out.

When she arrived back home she left the girls behind in the car and quietly walked into the house. She heard grunting in the living-room and she grinned. It had worked! She peeked around the corner and saw that her husband was naked and fucked the young whore from behind. Sandy saw the big tits swing back and forth as he husband fucked the teenager. It was a good thing he was doing her from behind because the girl looked quite bored as he fucked her. Sandy wasn't surprised about that. He was a lousy lover. He didn't even grab the girls inviting tits and had his hands placed in her back as he slowly moved in and out. Sandy knew he could do that forever and never speed up. He fucked in one pace only. And Sandy knew this position was proposed by the whore. He only did it in missionary-style if he could get away with it.

Sandy decided it was time to step in. She walked into the room and screamed: 'You bastard! You cheating asshole!' He looked at her with terror in his eyes and tried to cover himself as he pushed the whore away. The whore just sat there and waited until she had to play her part. Sandy screamed, 'I just turn my back and you're fucking some young whore!' Turning to the girl she said, hissing, 'Just how old are you, slut?' 'I..I'm 15.' Her husband blanched as he heard this. He knew he was cooked.

He moved out that very day, after agreeing that she would get a good settlement and the girls, with no rights of visitation. Sandy had gotten a hand-signed paper from the whore that she had had sex with him and that she was just 15. All she had to do was wave that in front of a judge and he would loose it all. He had left town within the month and Sandy never saw him again.

(N.B. As you have probably noticed neither Gwen's mother or Sandy's husband have been named. They do not play any significant role in this story, which is why they will remain anonymous. They're Doe's.)

For appearances sake they let some time pass before actually getting married, but it wasn't long before they openly dated. They decided that Sandy and the girls would move in with Michael and Gwen, as they had the larger house. Gwen and Betty shared a room as did the younger two. Michael sold Sandy's house for a good price and it was obvious they were now very well off financially. When friends asked Michael if he had gone crazy to add three more girls to the one he had left from his last woman, he just grinned. As far he was concerned, Gwen was the best thing that ever happened to him. Thanks to Gwen he had found Sandy. Or rather had Sandy found him.

And, as she put it, her three daughters were her dowry. Sandy's friends didn't have any problems with it. They were happy for her and even jealous when they met Michael in person. As the friend who had helped them set Sandy's husband up, Tina was her name, put it: 'If I had met him before you asked my help, I would gone for him myself!' Sandy told Michael, who knew he wasn't bad-looking, about this and he was pleasantly surprised. He confided to her that several of his male friends had remarked that she looked like a sexy model from a man-magazine, which pleased her a great deal (and Michael too).

Some time after the move Sandy looked at Gwen and asked Michael: 'Where did you get those beautiful sexy clothes for her?' Michael grinned at her, 'This is nothing. You should see her in garter-belts!' Sandy looked at him as if he had gone mad, 'They don't have those in her size, idiot!' 'Not in ordinary stores. But I've got a special address. I think we should visit there with Gwen and Betty.' Sandy looked at him open-mouthed: 'Oh God, that would be awesome. To see Betty in underwear like that!'

Leaving the two youngest with Tina they went to Wanda's shop. Wanda was happy to see Michael and Gwen again, but didn't know what to think of Sandy and Betty until Michael explained things to her. Sandy whispered in his ear: 'You didn't tell me that she was so cute! Did you have sex with her?' 'She gave me a blow-job. But that was before I met you.' She gave him a naughty wink and said, 'Don't let me stop you!'

Wanda showed them to the rear of the shop and said, 'You're in luck. I've got a whole new collection.' Michael grinned, 'Sandy here is especially interested in the preteen lingerie.' Wanda looked at Sandy and Betty and said, 'No problem. It's not cheap though.' Michael replied, 'Not a problem.' Wanda got out some pieces and Sandy helped them dress while Wanda minded the store. Every now and then she glanced at the growing pile with clothes that had been approved of. It wasn't long before Michael was suffering from a severe hard-on. Sexy clothing, underwear and bathing-suits were fitted and approved or put back.

When Sandy was finally satisfied and Michael was wondering how they would ever get it home Wanda said, 'I've got some very special toys too.' Michael frowned, 'Toys in a clothing store?' She grinned at him, 'I'm talking about preteen-sized sex-toys.' Sandy gasped, 'You're kidding!' As an answer she retrieved a box and opened it. Sure enough it was filled with child-sized dildo's, vibrators and assorted stuff. Sandy immediately purchased the whole box.

They didn't go home after this. After all three girls had watched Wanda give Michael another amazing blow-job they dumped the bags in the car and then Sandy made a short stop at a lingerie-shop to buy something special for Michael. Then they went to the cinema to see a family-movie and ended the day with a lunch at a good restaurant. After picking up the two other girls and having put all the girls to bed Michael was treated by his wife on what she had bought in the lingerie store. She looked very sexy to Michael in her satin-blue set. There were holes for her erect nipples and her panties were see-through.

She seductively crawled onto the bed and said, pushing her long blonde hair back, 'Make love to me tonight, Michael. I'm hot for you.' He took her into his arms and pressed her close to his body. She moaned into his mouth. When they came up for air, she said, 'I think the girls were disappointed that we didn't have sex with them.' 'They know we have to be careful around the other girls.' Sandy gave him a deep kiss with her tongue and said, 'I'm going to seduce and train them as well. Soon we can have our fun together.' Michael squeezed her right tit and asked, 'Are you sure about that?' 'Yes. I want us to be a happy, sexy family.'

Michael agreed and rolled on top of his woman. He pulled her panties off as he sucked gently on her nipples. Sandy loved what he was doing to her and spread her legs after kicking the panties off her feet. He slowly entered her cunt and moved slowly in and out, going a little deeper with each thrust. Sandy loved it and let him make love to her at his own pace. She knew he would bring her to a very satisfying climax. When he was finally completely inside her tight cunt he pulled out almost whole, then shoved it all the way back. He did this a number of times, all the while nibbling in her nipples and squeezing the tits in time to his thrusts. It drove Sandy mad. She clamped at him and drove her hips up to meet his thrusts.

Michael knew he was driving her wild with lust, which was his intention. He began to fuck her faster and kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear-lobes, grabbing her tits firmly in his hands. Then she began to shudder violently and she gave a loud yell as her orgasm washed over her and her cunt-muscles clamped around his cock and he shot his own load. Smiling she said, 'That...was...fantastic,...dear.' Michael grinned down at her and replied, 'You're welcome, lover.' The rest of the night they made soft sensual love, touching each others bodies everywhere and fucking one more, this time with Sandy on top. As she rode him, she said, 'When we are married I want to have a baby from you, Michael.' Michael pinched her nipples, 'I would love to give you our baby. Boy or girl?' 'Whatever. A girl you can fuck. A boy can help you fuck us girls.' Michael grinned, 'In both cases it would take some time.' 'All the more reason to get married fast.'


So far Betty hadn't been properly fucked yet by Michael. She had had a lot of oral sex, both giving and receiving, but not yet been penetrated by his cock. Sandy wanted to correct this situation. A few nights later he found her in their bed, naked and spread eagle. Sandy said, 'I'll be entertaining Gwen while you give Betty the proper fucking she 's been dying to have since she first sucked your cock!' Michael didn't complain. He got onto the bed with Betty who took him in her arms and they kissed.

She said, 'Fuck me tonight, daddy.' 'I will, love-doll.' He kissed his way down to her cunny and put a finger in her slit as he sucked on her small clit. Betty was pushing her hips up and called out: 'Fuck me now, daddy! Put your big cock into by tight cunny!' Michael moved his body up and put his cock at the small entrance to her cunt. He looked her in the eyes and asked, 'Are you ready?' 'Yes, daddy. Do it now!' Michael slowly, carefully pushed his member up her cunt. She was wet, but also very tight. Much tighter then Gwen was. Gwen had been fucked many times before he had started with her while Betty was a virgin.

Betty felt how her new daddy pushed his cock into her. It felt uncomfortable, but she was determined to get fucked too. She wanted to do everything that Gwen did. She liked Gwen, but she was jealous of all the things the younger girl could do that she could not. She tired to relax like her mother had told her to, and let her daddy do her. She felt her hymen tear and a stab of pain shot through her abdomen. But she bit on her lips and let Michael delve deeper.

Michael for his part felt like he was trying to put his cock into a vice. Finally he could go no further and he allowed Betty to accommodate a bit. He said, 'Get used to the feeling, Betty. You're going to feel a lot like this from now on.' Betty concentrated on the feeling between her legs and as he muscles there relaxed she said, 'You can move now, daddy. Fuck me like you do Gwen and mommy.' Michael looked at the blonde fairy and saw a younger version of her mother getting fucked by her daddy. How much Sandy's parents must have loved her to give her something like this.

These thoughts were pushed away as he began to move his cock in and out of the tight canal of cunt-flesh. Betty began to moan in time with Michael's thrusts and grunts after some time. She really began to like the feeling now and hoped she could cum this way. Michael had to do his best not to blow his load after the first real thrusts. The feeling was overwhelming and he loved it. He could see that Betty was enjoying it too, but he knew he couldn't last long. He should have let her blow him first. He grunted, 'I'm sorry, but I'm cumming!' Betty felt his cock move inside her cunt and knew he was spewing his load of sperm into her cunt and womb. She was disappointed, but knew that he would be doing her again that night.

He rolled over, but he took her with him, so that she was now straddling him with his cock still buried in her cunt. He said, 'Sorry baby, you were just too tight for a first time.' Betty looked down and said, with a grin, 'You're still hard!' 'Give me some time, and I'll do you again. This time you can set the pace.' She nodded and gave him a kiss. Then she looked down again and said, 'I'm leaking!' Michael grinned, 'That's a good sign.' 'Oh.'

After a few minutes of kissing he said, 'You can move now.' Betty had seen her mother and Betty do it often and she began to move up and down his hard cock. She started out slowly and Michael rubbed her clit as she did this. Soon she began to feel real good and her excitement was building. Michael grabbed her by her slim waist and began to help her move up and down. She managed to get up to two-thirds of his cock up her immature cunt with each downward thrust. Her climax was building fast and she began to rub her clit fast as she was thrust up and down my Michael. She loved the feeling and when her orgasm hit her it was the most intense and pleasurable experience of her young life. She made a deep sound in her throat as she came, then she sagged onto Michael's chest, who said, 'I take it you liked it?' She sighed, 'The best thing ever. I want to do this forever!' Downstairs they heard Gwen cum loudly.

In the living-room Gwen was naked, as was Sandy. Gwen was sucking eagerly on Sandy's cunt. Sandy asked, 'Before you met me, did you have sex with other women or girls?' Gwen stopped to say, 'Not girls. Only my mommy. She would sometimes make me clean out her spermy cunt after an uncle cum in her.' 'Ah, I thought you did very well for a first time that first night. Now I understand.' Sandy let Gwen eat her out to a satisfying climax, then she retrieved the box with the toys she had bought from Wanda. Gwen recognised it, 'Are you going to try them on me?' 'Yeah, I am.'

Gwen spread her legs and let her new mother sit between them. Sandy had picked a preteen-sized pink vibrator and fed it to the little girl's pussy. Sandy was as always amazed at the pronounced mound and clit of Gwen. Gwen watched how Sandy began to fuck the vibrator into her cunt and also put it on her sensitive clit. She moaned and Sandy smiled. Gwen was a bit of a screamer when it came to sex. Betty was much quieter. She wondered how Sunny and Cassie would work out.

After having warmed her up a little, Sandy returned to the box. This time she came back with a string of small white balls. Gwen frowned, 'What do they do?' 'They go in your cunt or ass and you can pull them out again. I think we should try your nice ass for this.' Gwen laid back and bend double to present her ass to her step-mom. One by one Sandy pushed the balls into her bowels. Gwen remarked: 'It feels funny.' 'Good or bad funny?' 'Good.' Finally no less then seven balls had been inserted into Gwen's butt.

Sandy grinned, 'It looks cute with the string coming out of your butt!' Gwen grinned back, 'Pull it out of my cute butt! Then you can put something else in me!' Sandy smiled and began to pull one ball after another out of Gwen's tight little butt-hole. Sandy had been very impressed when she first saw the little girl take Michael's cock up her ass. She herself had never been a real ass-fucking fan, but she knew she had to keep up with Gwen! Gwen gave little grunts with each ball that came out. Sandy asked, 'Did you like it?' 'I guess. But I like a cock better!'

Sandy lifted and eyebrow, then got a dildo of her own. She pushed the buzzing vibrator into Gwen's asshole and then fucked the dildo slowly into Gwen's cunt. Gwen was still bent double and let Sandy work on her. It wasn't long before she began to feel all tingly and she began to pant and squeal as she felt her orgasm near. Then Sandy suddenly switched the two object in her holes around. The fatter dildo was rammed up her asshole and the vibrator was pushed deeply into her preteen cunt. Gwen's eyes got big, then she came and gave a loud yell of pleasure. Sandy kissed her all over her now relaxed body as she recovered. Sandy said, 'It's amazing that a little girl like you can cum that hard.' Gwen grinned, 'I'm glad I can!' 'So are we, baby. I wonder if we can train the little ones to cum even earlier then you.'

Before that however, there was the marriage. The marriage went smoothly, even though some of Michael's family expressed the fear that he had gone mad by taking on not one daughter, but three more. Michael assured them that Sandy wasn't anything like his ex-wife. And he loved all his daughters. The two youngest girls were left in the care of Tina while the two oldest went along on the honeymoon. Some thought this odd, but to Sandy and Michael it was only natural.

Michael had rented a small but comfortable villa on the Keys. There they had plenty of privacy to indulge in some serious high-quality family-time. The girls only wore the skimpiest of bathing-suits around the villa and inside nothing at all. Michael was sporting a hard-on more often then not and Sandy and the girls enjoyed teasing him into fucking them. They usually succeeded.

Michael was sitting on the veranda and watched the girls play on the beach. They weren't allowed to swim alone, so they played where the waves died on the beach. Sandy was sitting next to him, top-less and wearing only the smallest of thongs. She removed his cock from his shorts and began to stroke it gently. She smiled up at him and said, 'I love you.' Michael replied, 'I love you too, baby. You make me so happy.'

Sandy bent over his lap and began to suck his cock in plain view. Michael looked around but saw no-one coming, so he let her do it. She moved her tongue over the tip of his cock and kissed his balls lovingly, cupping them in her hands. She simply loved to suck cock and was glad Michael loved to have his cock sucked. The girls saw what their mother was doing and came over to watch. Both only wore a tiny bottom which was glued to their bodies and showed the cleft of their pussies for all to see. They watched their mother fellate their father and hugged each other as they watched hornily and put a hand down each others bottoms.

Michael watched his little girls play with each others genitals and got even harder. Sandy noticed this and saw her daughters standing there. She stopped sucking and said, 'Let's go inside.' They slept together in the huge bed and they crawled in naked. Sandy quickly straddled her husband. Both girls began to suck on her nipples and Betty even put her finger in her mother's asshole. Sandy's eyes widened at that, but she didn't say anything. She just moaned as her daughter finger-fucked her ass. She looked at her family and knew this was what it meant to be truly happy. She felt her orgasm built and began to move up and down Michael's cock faster and faster, clasping it with the muscles in her well-trained cunt. She began to moan deep in her throat as her cunt contracted around his cock and then she came, shuddering with pleasure as Michael filled her with his sperm. She expected to return home pregnant with his child as she had stopped using any protection just before the we!

When she rolled of Michael Betty crawled between her legs and began to lick her cunt out. The little girl simply loved her daddy's cum and would do anything to get it. Gwen cleaned Michael's cock and when she had succeeded in getting it hard again she climbed on him and put the tip of the pole at the entrance to her cunt. Slowly she lowered herself onto him. Michael and Sandy watched how the sexy 6-year old did her best to take as much of his cock into her tiny cunt as she possibly could.

Sandy was ready with the cleaning of Sandy's cunt and watched her step-sister take her daddy's cock. It made a noticeable bulge in her belly which Sandy found a very sexy sight. Finally, after getting two-thirds of Michael's cock into her cunt-sheath she stopped. And moved up again with a look of utter concentration on her face. Michael helped her move and watched how each time she moved up some cunt-flesh from inside was forced to come out with his cock.

Sandy pulled Betty on top of her and let the girl suck her nipples as she put a finger into the girl's little slit and another one in her asshole. Betty whispered: 'Can I have daddy in my butt today?' Sandy looked her daughter in the eyes, 'Are you sure? It could hurt.' 'I want to, mommy. I want to have him everywhere you and Gwen can take him. Sandy understood and said, 'Michael, tonight you can take Betty up the ass.' This was too much for Michael who blew his load up Gwen's immature womb. Gwen smiled. She always felt proud when she had made her daddy cum inside of her.

That night Sandy prepared her daughter by finger-fucking her asshole and greasing it up with lube as the girl was lying on the big bed with her butt propped up by a cushion. Then she slowly pushed a small vibrator into the tight canal and moved it in and out to exercise the muscles there. Then she left the room to fetch Michael and Gwen with the buzzing vibrator left in Betty's asshole. She found Michael with his cock buried in Gwen's hot mouth. She watched how the little girl milked her step-father's balls, swallowing every drop. Then Sandy said, 'She's ready for you, my love.' Michael smiled at her and together they walked to the bedroom.

Michael's cock never went soft as they covered the short distance. The thought of ass-fucking the 8-year old slut was enough to keep him hard even after having just shot his load into Gwen's mouth. When he saw her lying there with the vibrator buried in her ass he grinned with lust. Sandy pulled the vibrator out and waved at her daughter: 'She's ready to take your cock up her ass, Michael. Give it to her and make her squeal.' Gwen watched with interest how her older step-sister was going to get buggered by Michael.

Michael put his hard cock at her lubed up entrance and let Sandy apply some more to his cock before starting to push in. Betty did her best to relax her ring-muscle as he mother had told her too, but it still fought hard to keep Michael's hard member from entering the sacred hole. Sandy encouraged Betty: 'Relax, baby. Soon your daddy will be fucking your butt! Then you can give yourself to him in every way like Gwen and I!' Betty grunted, 'I..I know mommy. Please pu..push harder daddy!'

Michael heard her request and fulfilled it. He pushed past her anal ring and a third of his cock disappeared into the child's bowels. Betty did squeal when she felt the invasion. Michael waited for a moment, then pushed deeper. Sandy said, excited, 'Push it all the way, lover! Let her have it to the balls!' Michael did his best to honour her request. Gwen licked her lips and smiled as she knew how Betty was feeling. She herself loved anal sex and she hoped Betty would too.

Betty had never felt so full in her young life as when her step-dad pushed his cock up her asshole. When Michael was buried to the hilt he looked at the incredible sight his big cock being buried in the small girl's tight ass. The sight and the feeling turned him really on. Sandy and Gwen were both finger-fucking their slits as they watched Michael pull out until only his cock-head was left inside. Then he pushed back in. The feeling was intense and he had to fight to keep from cumming. Sandy reached under her daughter with her free hand and began to finger her.

Immediately Betty began to moan in pleasure and pushed her ass back to meet Michael's slow but determined thrusts. On Sandy's signal he began to work faster and shoved his cock in and out of Betty's tight anal passage. He grunted, 'Damn, she's tight!' Sandy grinned, 'Just the way you like them!' Michael didn't answer but gritted his teeth. Sandy masturbated Betty furiously and it wasn't long before she began to cum. Michael could feel how her ass clamped down even more on his shaft and was unable to hold it anymore. He groaned, 'Here it cums!' and filled Betty's bowels with his seed.

Michael fell onto the bed and Gwen quickly began to suck his cock while Sandy attended to Betty's stretched asshole and used her agile tongue to scoop as much of Michael's sperm out of Betty's asshole as she could. Betty let her mother do this and dreamily looked at Michael, 'That was something, daddy! I want to do that again soon!' Michael groaned, 'Damn, how am I supposed to keep all of you satisfied?' Sandy grinned, 'Soon you will have two more to contend with, my love!' Michael didn't answer, but fell in a satisfied sleep.

Part 2

Back home Sandy started to dress Betty and Gwen as sexy as she could get away with, especially around the house. She didn't dress them whorish or cheap, but daring. They always wore dresses or skirts that showed a lot of leg and if they bent forward with straight legs they would usually expose their tight panties. And they did that a lot. In the house the girls often wore only their panties or sometimes the sexy lingerie that Wanda supplied them with. Michael was perpetually hard because of it.

Meanwhile Sandy had begun to introduce 4-year old Sunny and nearly 3-year old Cassie to the wonders of sex. She often kissed and fondled them all over their bodies, diddling their tiny clits and sucking on their small nipples. Both girls loved the attention and Sandy encouraged Gwen and Betty to fondle their sisters as well. Sometimes Michael watched them and he always had to fuck some willing hole to satisfy himself.

At school Gwen was doing very well and the teachers all commented on what an outgoing and smart girl she was. Michael and always had to laugh about that. Gwen had probably been sexually abused since birth and she was doing better then anyone else in her class! And Betty was doing well as well. In fact, her grades had become better because she knew that if her grades failed she would not be allowed to have any sex with anyone besides herself. Sandy had even told her that if she got real bad grades she would be forbidden to even masturbate. And she did that a lot.

A few houses down the street where they lived there lived a single father, Rico Allende, with his 4-year old daughter Julie. Gwen quickly befriended the girl and often went to her house. The man worked from home and he didn't mind at all if his daughter had someone to play with. But he had little idea just what kind of games they played when he was out of sight. Gwen was by nature a sexual girl and even though she knew what she and her family did had to be kept secret she saw little harm in teaching little Julie how to masturbate. Julie was a curious girl and she loved the feelings that touching her small clit between her legs gave her.

It wasn't long before they began to play with each others slits and Julie was curious that her friends hole looked so much different then her own. Gwen was smart enough to shrug that question off and instead taught the younger girl something new. Both girls had their skirts up and their panties down their knees. Gwen removed Julie's panties altogether and spread the 4-year olds legs. Julie let her friend do this and watched in awe as Gwen began to lick her slit. She was even more surprised to notice how good it felt.

Gwen buried her face in her friend's rounded twat. It took some time, but finally she got the juices flowing a bit. She licked for all she was worth, but she didn't succeed in giving the little girl an orgasm yet. That didn't really surprise her. Finally she stopped and asked, 'Would you do this to me?' Julie smiled brightly and nodded. Gwen spread her legs and pushed her panties off. The 4-year old stuck her head between Gwen's legs and tentatively touched the other girls slit. Gwen said, 'Touch the button on top, Julie. Like with the fingering.' Julie understood and began to lick the erect and pronounced clit.

Gwen smiled and let the girl get used to it. She pinched her own nipples to heighten her pleasure and urged the younger girl on: 'Put your tongue in me! Suck my clit!' The girl followed the instructions of the older girl and she soon mastered the art of cunt-lapping. She passed the exam by bringing Gwen off. Julie knew that Gwen got feelings she had yet to feel and she wasn't too surprised when Gwen began to moan and groan in pleasure and her small body shook with her orgasm.

These games soon became a regular thing and Gwen quickly taught Julie the 69-position. The two preteen girls spent a lot of time pleasuring each other this way. It was a matter of time until Rico Allende would catch them. When he did he was too surprised to act. He had decided to take a break from his work and take the girls for a visit to the ice-cream parlor. He decided to give them a scare by jumping them. But he was the one who was taken by surprise when he saw the two preteens engaged in what was unmistakably a very hot and heavy 69.

What caught him even more off guard was the reaction of his cock. It became as hard as stainless steel within his pants. Neither of the girls noticed him between the moans. Rico watched and watched. He had no idea how this could have happened. It seemed impossible that they would have discovered sex all on their own. They must have picked it up somewhere. But where? Somewhere in a part of his brain he knew he should step in and end this scene. But he was turned on and the girls seemed to be enjoying it very much. Stepping in could possibly harm them forever.

He looked closer and studied his naked Julie. She was a lovely dark-haired girl with a Hispanic complexion like himself. Because of her position he had a perfect view of the somewhat older Gwen licking and sucking Julie who was lying on top. He stared right into his 4-year olds wet, tight preteen cunt and he was suffering the king and queen of all hard-ons. What was wrong with him? He loved his daughter more than anything. And since the death of his wife three years ago he hadn't had any sex other then with his hand. And now he discovered that his own daughter was sexually active...

Silently Rico made his way back to his office and sat down in his chair. He pulled out his cock and jerked off with the picture of his daughter's tiny cunt in his mind until he had a massive cum coating much of his desk with sperm. Then he was overcome with guilt, but for the rest of the day he couldn't look at his innocent looking girl without getting a stirring in his crotch.

That night he took her on his lap and began to fondle her panty-covered crotch. He knew what he was doing was supposed to be wrong, but the pleasure his little girl had been having belied that. He slid his hand into her panties and began to stroke her, cupping her cunt with his hand. Julie loved what her daddy was doing to her and pressed her crotch into his hand. Rico kissed her on the head and said, 'Do you like what daddy is doing to you?' 'Yes, daddy.' 'Is it as good as what Gwen did this afternoon?'

Julie froze. Gwen had told her that their games had to be their secret. Rico said, 'It's all right, sweetheart. You didn't do anything wrong.' Julie turned to her dad, the TV forgotten. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and said, 'You're not mad, daddy?' 'No, lovely, I'm not. I just want to make you happy like Gwen does and maybe you can do the same to me.' Julie smiled happily, 'Of course!'

Rico stripped her naked and began to stroke her all over her body. He was both excited and scared, but he couldn't stop. He studied his daughter's plump pussy and put the tip of his finger in her baby-sized slit. It turned him on like a wildfire. His cock was rock-hard and she was sitting on it. He picked her up and took her to his bedroom. There he laid her down and began to kiss her all over her body. Julie smiled as she was kissed everywhere. Rico sucked her nipples and then went down to her crotch. He tentatively licked along her slit and sucked on her small clit.

Julie loved it all and sensing this he began to lick and suck harder. He knew she was too young to cum yet, but he could make her feel good anyway. And he loved the way she tasted. He licked, sucked and kissed her for almost an hour before he finally asked, 'Would you like to make me feel good too?' 'Sure!' the somewhat out of breath girl said. Rico got naked in front of his daughter and she stared fascinated at his hard cock. He pointed to it and said, 'This a cock. When a man and a woman want to make a baby or just make each other feel good the man puts this thing in the woman's hole. You're too young for that though.' Julie frowned as she processed this new information, then asked, 'What makes you feel good, daddy?'

Rico smiled and said, 'Kiss my cock and balls, baby.' Obediently the 4-year old did as she was told and began to kiss her father's genitals. Rico groaned as he felt and watched this. He was lying on his back while Julie was kissing him. He put a finger in her slit and felt her hymen. He hesitated, then pushed in and broke the thin membrane. Julie gave a scream and Rico said, 'Don't worry, I just removed a barrier in your cunny that would hurt you if you want to fuck.' He kept fingering her and she soon went back to kissing and licking his hard member.

Julie licked his cock-head and he said, 'Take the tip in your mouth. That will make me feel even better.' Julie again did as she was told and began to move her tongue over it. Rico said, 'Suck on it like a lolly-pop now Julie, and keep that tongue moving.' Rico discovered she was as good as sucking cock as her mother had been. And she was just 4-years old! He could teach her all about pleasing a man. And he would teach her what a man could do to her. All he had to do was make sure she didn't tell anyone.

He asked her, 'How long have you been doing those things with Gwen?' Julie stopped sucking cock for a while to say, 'A few weeks, I think.' 'Did she tell you where she learned it?' Julie shook her head, 'No.' Rico told her to keep sucking gently and not to use her teeth and thought about it. All that was needed to have set this off was a sighting by Gwen of some sex-magazine or something. Or something else was going on in the Warrington house. Not that he would complain or anything!

The sensation of Julie's lips and tongue on his cock became too much to bear and he groaned, 'Watch out baby, I'm Cumming!' Julie just kept sucking as she didn't know what he meant. She nearly choked when the stream of sperm was launched into her mouth. She let go of her father's cock and the rest was shot right into her face and hair. When Rico saw her spermed up face he had to laugh. Julie was more surprised then scared and asked, 'What was that, daddy?' She knew it wasn't pee. Rico explained that it was the stuff that made babies with women but that she was too young for that for many years. She seemed disappointed about that, he saw.

They fell asleep in with her in his arms and the next morning they did it again. Rico blew two load's in Julie's mouth and face before they took a shower together and he cleaned her slit very thoroughly, to Julie's delight. Then they had breakfast and the housekeeper came in. She had brought her 8-year old son with her as she did sometimes. The housekeeper was a 25-year old black woman with a nicely rounded body and a massive set of tits that stuck out from her chest. The boy was a quiet kid who didn't mind playing with Julie too much. And today he would play a very different game then usual.

They went to Julie's room and they watched cartoons for a while then Julie looked at the older boy's crotch. She had asked her daddy during the shower when he would actually fuck her. He had told her she was too little to take his cock. She wondered if she could take Jeremy's cock. He wouldn't be as big as her daddy's surely. And if Jeremy had done her, maybe her daddy would want to as well. These thoughts took place with her impeccable little girl-logic, which is probably even worse to understand for a man then the logic of a grown woman.

And Jeremy knew nothing of either. All he knew was that the little girl who was the daughter of his mother's favorite boss was touching his prick through the fabric of his pants. And he liked it. He had already learned the pleasures of masturbating and the girl was doing the same to him. He let her continue and was surprised when the girl unzipped him and took his hardening cock out of his pants. She took it in her small hand and began to jerk him off. Jeremy groaned, 'Julie, where did you learn that?' 'Somewhere,' was her non-committal reply.

She had been right: Jeremy's cock was smaller then her dad's. But somehow she hadn't thought about it that his cock would be as dark as the rest of his skin. But at least she could fit her hand around it. Just. What she didn't know was that Jeremy was very well endowed for his age. When hard he already measured 12cm in length and several around. When he was mature he would have a monster-sized cock. Julie decided to take the next step and took the boy's cock in her mouth after kneeling in front of him.

Jeremy was shocked. He had no idea a girl would do that. But the feeling this little girl was giving him would make him a Pedo for life. Julie was happy that she could take most of Jeremy's cock in her mouth and even played a bit with his balls. Jeremy watched on awe as the pre-schooler swallowed most of his dark cock. The feeling was great and soon he warned her: 'Julie, I'm going to shoot!' Yes, Jeremy was already able to shoot sperm at just 8. He had been doing so since he was seven.

Julie knew what to expect and kept sucking him. When Jeremy shot off she was able to swallow it all. It was not yet as much as her daddy's. She licked her lips and said, 'Did you like?' 'Did I! Can I play with you too?' 'Sure.' She quickly undressed and Jeremy admired her rounded but not fat preteen body. He moved his hands over her colored skin and slid a finger into her tiny slit. She pushed her hips toward him in reaction and he began to slowly move it in and out, since he didn't want to hurt her in any way. He liked Julie a lot and he knew he and his mother would be in serious trouble if he was caught like this

His finger was getting slick with her juice and he had her lie down and began to kiss her between the legs. He saw a nub on top of her slit and he knew that was the most sensitive spot. He had often spied his mother masturbating and seen how she reacted when she touched herself there. She often called out Mr. Allende's name as she did this so he knew she liked him a lot. Like he now liked Julie. Julie liked what Jeremy was doing to her and said, 'Keep licking my clit!' Jeremy now knew what it was called. He kept a finger inside of her as he licked and sucked the tiny nub. His cock had never gone soft after Cumming inside Julie's mouth and was standing proud.

Julie saw it and breathed, 'Put it in!' Jeremy was confused: 'Put what in where?' 'Put your cock in my cunny!' She spread her legs and pulled her tiny labia out to show him what she meant. Jeremy was worried, 'Are you sure?' 'Do it please!' He looked at the tiny hole and wondered if it would even fit. But she had asked and he was not going to refuse her. He put his cock-head at the entrance to her cunny and began to push inside.

There was some resistance, but he managed to get most of his cock into her cunny. The feeling was incredible. Julie felt the same and said, 'Fuck me now, Jerry!' So this was fucking? Nice, he thought. He began to move his hips as he was lying on top of the smaller girl. He could see she liked it as much as he did. Julie felt that she was stretched to the limit, but if she wanted to take her dad down there it had to be. Jeremy began to fuck faster and moved Julie with each thrust as he was again ready to cum. It only took twenty thrusts to fill her immature womb with his seed.

He rolled off of her and said, 'That was great!' Julie agreed and took his cock in her mouth again to make sure it would stay hard. She knew now that sucking it meant it would stay hard. And she already knew she liked them best that way. Jeremy's cock refused to go soft and he was soon ready to pound her again. He licked her slit clean first like she had done with him as he felt that was only fair and then he watched how she got on all fours and wiggled her round butt at him: 'Do it from behind now, Jerry! Put it in again!'

Jeremy did as he was asked and grabbed her small waist and pushed into her tight cunt again. Once again the feeling was great and he tried to last longer this time. This was thwarted by his mother calling for him to come down. He yelled: 'I'm coming!' And he did. Then he quickly got dressed and went to meet his mother, leaving Julie behind naked and with her tiny preteen cunt filled with another load of his seed. She put a finger in her cunny after Jeremy had left and tasted it. She ginned happily. A few more times practice with Jerry and she would be able to take her daddy!

Jeremy's mother, Selena Cormick, wondered what her son had been doing that he looked so disheveled, but let it slide. She needed to go home and masturbate real bad. She had to do that each time she had been at Allende's house. She was deeply in love with the older man, but scared to act on it. If he fired her she was in trouble as he was her most important client. She did part-time housework with other people, but she went to Rico Allende's house six days of the week. She did the household and most of the cooking. Her cunt ached and she needed relief. At home she would send Jeremy out to play so that she could play with herself.


Unaware of all this Michael and Sandy led a happy life. Sandy was now noticeably pregnant with what was determined to be twins: a boy and a girl. And as her pregnancy progressed so did her horniness increase. She needed to get fucked by Michael at least once a day and both Betty and Gwen were often needed to still her hunger for sex. She also became more and more perverted.

After having read a story on the site of MrDouble's, Sandy told Betty and Gwen about it who were eager to try something new. That night Sandy told Michael, 'The girls want to try and take your whole cock in their cunts. To the balls.' Michael frowned while his wife stroked his cock gently, 'How? Their cunts are simply to shallow.' Sandy grinned, 'I read something on the internet today. They can take you whole if you push past their cervix.' Michael's frown got deeper: 'Wouldn't that hurt?' Sandy shrugged, 'Some. I let them read the story and they're willing to try it.' 'OK, how will it work?' He stroked her now bulging belly as she explained it to him.

Michael was positioned in the most comfortable chair of the house the following evening and Sandy sucked his cock as the girls undressed and fondled each other's bodies. When she was satisfied with his hardness she checked to see if Betty was wet enough and then let the girl sit astride her step-dad. She slowly took his cock in her pussy until he hit her cervix. Michael took her waist and moved her up and down his shaft until she started to moan. Michael watched her expanded cunt as it fit snugly around his cock.

Then he began to press down hard as Sandy pressed down on Betty's shoulders. Betty gave a shriek, then he burst past the cervix and he was buried all the way in her womb. Betty had a few tears in her eyes, and Michael soothed her, 'I'm sorry. I didn't know it would hurt so much!' Betty sniffled, 'It's better now. It feels just really full!' She looked down at where their bodies were joined and exclaimed: 'Wow! You're in to your balls!' Sandy found it very amusing to hear her daughter say this.

It was hard to move like this, but then the feeling alone was enough to bring him close to orgasm. Sandy whispered in his ear: 'In a few years you can impregnate her like this.' Michael groaned and came as he thought of Betty being filled with his baby. Betty had heard her mother say it and the idea stuck in her mind. Someday she would have a baby by her daddy like her mommy. She felt how her daddy's cock filled her womb with his seed and she loved the feeling and idea of her daddy's sperm in her body. It was so deliciously naughty!

Next up was Gwen who took to womb-fucking like a duck to water. With apparent ease she took Michael's whole cock in her body until he was buried to the hilt with his cock firmly lodged inside her womb. Sandy asked, 'Have you done this before?' Gwen answered, 'A lot of my old daddy's put it in all the way.' Both Michael and Sandy thought about a 4-year old Gwen taking one big cock after the other disappearing to the balls into her preteen body. It turned them on. From then on both girl got Michael's cock in their cunt and womb several times a week. Gwen loved to watch TV at night with her daddy lodged firmly inside of her womb. She exercised her muscles by clamping down on his cock every now and then. Michael was amazed at the control she had over her cunt. She was able to milk him dry without even moving.

Another novelty that was introduced by Sandy was fist-fucking. She taught Betty and Gwen to put their hands into her cunt as far as they could and fuck her that was. She always rewarded the girl who had done her by giving her a good cunt-licking. Michael always enjoyed watching his debauched wife's depraved activities with their daughters.

Of course the girls also were still little girls and sometimes acted like brats. One time Betty had really crossed over the line and had drawn the blood from under Michael's nails with her whining and refusing to clean up her room a bit. He had had enough and pulled her on his lap, flipped her short skirt up and began to give her a hard and thorough spanking. What he didn't know was that Betty discovered that she liked the feeling that her daddy's hand was giving her butt. She wriggled under his touch and Michael barked: 'Lie still!' She did her best, but a warm glow spread through her lower body.

When his arm tired Michael stopped and studied her fiery red butt. His cock lurched and he pushed her off his lap. He said, 'I hope you've learned your lesson, young lady!' She nodded, but when she was alone in her room she began to masturbate furiously and had a massive orgasm. When it subsided she looked around, rubbing her cunt and ass, and wondered what she could do to deserve another spanking.

In the following days Michael was confronted with an utterly and absolutely impossible Betty. He gave her several hard spankings. Sandy watched the last one and after Betty had left for her room she grinned, 'Want to know why she's been acting up?' Michael pushed his hard-on in a more comfortable position and nodded. 'She enjoys it as much as you do!' Michael blinked, 'Huh? She's into being spanked?' Sandy grinned widely and stroked her rounded belly: 'Yup. She's found a new sex-game. I bet she's rubbing her cunt up in her room as we speak.'

And indeed when they opened the door they found her masturbating furiously. She couldn't stop her orgasm anymore and they watched her climax. Sandy smiled and said, 'If you like being spanked so much, why didn't you say so? Daddy would love to spank you whenever you want! And so would I!' Betty looked at her parents, then smiled broadly, turned around and presented her ass to them, wiggling it as she said, 'Do it again daddy!' Michael saw it was still fiery red, but that didn't stop him.

He fulfilled Betty's wish and gave her the second spanking of the day. Betty now groaned with each slap, but didn't tell him to stop. Then it was Sandy's turn and she turned her little girl on her back and began to slap softly at Betty's mound and cunt. Betty's eyes got big at first, then she licked her lips as she felt the new sensations. She decided she liked this too and said, 'Do it harder mommy!' Sandy turned to her husband and said, 'I think we've got ourselves a little masochist here, love!'

Gwen and Betty liked to experiment as well. They used the toys that Wanda had supplied on each other at every possible opportunity. Betty often went to school with a string of balls buried in her cunt or asshole and Gwen loved it when Betty put the child-sized strap-on dildo on and fucked her from behind with it. The dildo was about 15cm long and it made for good exercise even though they both agreed that their daddy's cock was much better.

One time they were watching one of Sandy's many porn movies. In this particular one a girl of maybe 7 was taking a big cock all the way down her throat. Betty remarked, 'I bet daddy would love it if we did that for him.' Gwen nodded, 'Uhuh, we could do it for his birthday that is next week.' Betty frowned, 'But how to practice without him? It must be a surprise!' Gwen took the strap-on and wiggled it in the air. Betty nodded, but said, 'He's bigger then that.' Gwen looked pensive for a moment, then she brightened: 'We can practice with a banana and a cucumber! I've seen ladies do that in the movies!' Betty smiled, 'Of course! And then we can use the other dildo's to get really good!'

The girls retrieved the things they needed from the kitchen and hid themselves in their bedroom. Their Gwen showed Betty how the 'ladies' in the movies did this. Betty followed her lead. They spent the better part of that day getting used to putting the banana all the way down their throat. The next day they did it again and they could now do it without serious choking. Then Gwen moved on to the smallest of the two cucumbers they had selected. Betty watched how her younger step-sister did her best to push the cucumber down her throat. She saw Gwen had trouble and suggested, 'Why don't you lie back on the bed and let your head dangle?' Gwen got the idea and did it.

Betty took the cucumber and slowly shoved it into Gwen's mouth who did her best to relax her throat. Betty was careful and it took quite some time until most of the cucumber had disappeared into Gwen's mouth and throat. Then she pulled it out, not too fast, to prevent her sister from gagging and choking. Then Gwen did the same for her. A few days later they had progressed to real dildo's.

As a result Michael was gifted with two preteens who had mastered the art of deep-throating in his family. Sandy was understandably very proud of the girls. She watched with growing arousal as Betty worked her husband's cock all the way into her tight throat. She herself was sitting opposite of them with Sunny and Cassie. Both toddler were naked and were watching with big eyes how their big sister sucked on that big thing. Sandy was toying with their little slits and Michael grinned at her: 'What a nice family we have!' Gwen giggled and cupped his balls as she said, 'No family plays together like ours, daddy!' Sandy smiled. She was teaching 4,5-year old Sunny and almost 4-year old Cassie how to suck pussy. Soon she would start to learn them how to suck cock, starting with small dildo's.


But this idyllic family-life was about to be threatened by the outside world. This happened in the form of Romy Weiss who was the nurse and therapist on the school that Betty and Gwen attended. Part of her work was to attend to any minor wound that the children had on the school grounds. A few days after Michael's birthday Gwen fell from a climbing-rack and scraped the inside of her thighs rather badly. The crying girl was brought in by one of the teachers and Romy attended to the wound. The inside of her left thigh was scraped high up and she had Gwen remove her panties. The girl was reluctant to do so, but Romy wasn't too surprised by that. Lots of girls would be. Even though this girl always seemed to dress to display her charms, she had noted.

But when she laid eyes on the child's prominent mound she knew why the girl had been reluctant. She knew this girl had been sexually abused a lot and that a grown man had had sex with her from very early on. She knew this from experience as she had been raped on a regular basis by her own grand-father from the age of 8, with knowledge of her mother who had been his victim before her. She told Gwen, 'I want to take a closer look to your cunny.' Gwen stepped back and shook her head, 'Don't touch that.' Romy said, 'Why? Does it hurt?' Gwen shook her head, 'Of course not. It always feels nice.'

This made Romy blink. She prodded along, 'Does anyone touch you there?' Gwen frowned, 'No-one who isn't supposed to.' 'And who is supposed to?' Gwen was a smart girl and decided to end the conversation. She pulled her panties up, said, 'It feels much better now, thanks you,' and left Romy's room. Romy looked at the little 6-year old as she walked down the hall. She knew all about incest and sex-abuse victims, but this was something different it seemed. She didn't act as she was supposed to.

The following day Romy had Betty come into her office. Betty had been warned by Gwen however and she adamantly refused to take off her clothes. Romy finally resorted to desperate measures and gave the girl a sedative in a drink. Betty felt woozy and slumped in her chair. Romy seized her chance and pulled the panties down from under the girl's pretty red dress. She immediately saw that her pussy was also distended. Not as much as Gwen's, but still notably. Then she saw something and gasped as she saw the red welts on the girl's butt. That was the result of a very severe spanking.

That afternoon she saw that the girl's father picked them up and she intercepted them. She saw that both girls were throwing daggers at her with their eyes. She got Michael into her office and left the girls in the hall to wait for their daddy to return. Michael asked, 'What is it? Is there a problem?' Romy nodded, 'Yes, there is. I've found evidence that both your girl's have been sexually abused.' Michael closed his eyes to let this digest. When he opened his eyes he saw she was studying him. He managed to get himself under control and said, 'What makes you think that?' 'I've had the opportunity to see their genitals. They obviously have been penetrated many times for a considerable period of time. They did their best to hide it from me, but I found out nonetheless. And Betty has obviously been beaten very thoroughly.'

Michael took a deep breath and said, 'I am aware that Gwen has been abused when she lived alone with her mother. She was a drug-addict and used Gwen to get money for her habit. This happened since she was three or four years old. She's a resilient girl and shows no signs that she has been adversely affected in any way.' Romy was taken aback by this statement, but said, 'Why isn't that in her file?' 'I've talked with her about it and so has my new wife. She knows that has happened to her, and has put it behind her.' Romy smiled, 'I would like to verify that myself.' 'If that makes you happy.'

'It would. Now, do you have a similar story about Betty?' Michael had been thinking about this and said, 'She has been quite impossible at home lately. I've had to resort to spanking several times to make her see reason. Maybe I've been a bit too forceful.' 'I would certainly say so. And her vaginal deformity?' Michael shrugged, 'She's a precocious girl. My wife caught her fucking herself with a cucumber some weeks ago.' That was true enough. He omitted that Sandy had taken over and given her a good fucking. Romy's mouth dropped open, 'Why would she do that?' Michael shrugged, 'What do I know about little girl-logic? I guess she likes it and as long as she doesn't hurt herself...' She much rather had that someone else hurt her.

Romy studied this man carefully. He was either telling the truth, or the best liar she had ever come across. Michael studied her and said, 'Tell me something. Do they look unhappy to you? They are the best in their classes and as happy as can be. Their teachers have told me so.' Romy nodded, 'Me too. And that confuses me. How can girls who are obviously sexually active be so happy?' Michael replied, 'Do you think it's impossible?' 'I know it is.' 'How? You've been sexually abused yourself?' Romy froze and hesitated. Michael sensed he had hit on something here and said, 'I see you have. So you didn't enjoy it. You're not everybody.' Romy whispered, 'I did enjoy it, sometimes.' Then she turned red as she realized what she had said.

Michael smiled, 'Your secret is safe with me. Who was it?' Romy's shoulders sagged and she softly said, 'My grand-father. Since I was 8. My mother gave me to him.' Michael's face turned grim, 'And he wasn't kind, I take it?' Romy sighed and she felt tears run down her cheeks, 'No.' 'I understand.' Romy sat down in her chair and looked up at the handsome man who, she was certain, was having sex with his two daughters. 'Are you kind to them?' Michael nodded, 'I don't hurt them. Unless they want me too. I'm afraid that Betty is a bit of a masochist. She likes me to spank her.' Romy didn't believe what she was hearing.

Romy gave a short laugh and said, 'It's just impossible for me to believe that any kind of sex can be fun, let alone between a grown man and a little girl.' Michael understood and took a gamble, 'Let's make a deal. If I can prove to you that they want it and like it, you will keep your mouth shut.' Romy frowned at this. 'You want them to be happy, don't you? If you destroy the family in which they are happy, don't you think they will be truly damaged? The system isn't kind to such girls. You know that as well as I do.' Romy knew he had a point there.

She nodded, 'True. I want to talk to them alone for this.' Michael smiled, 'Fine. Then you can come with us to our house. My wife's away with the two youngest so you can watch us have our fun.' Romy blinked and shuddered, 'You're serious?' 'Yes.' Romy thought about this, then said, 'It's a deal.' She realized he had now admitted that he was in fact having sex with them. Still, she decided to go ahead. She knew that the system could do as much damage to these girls as staying with their father could. And they certainly seemed happy enough.

First she had a serious talk with the two young girls. Michael had told them they could talk freely with her and they did. What she learned stunned her. These two girl were not only sexually active: they even enjoyed the hell out of it, it seemed. Then they piled into Michael's car and drove to his place. During the drive she felt doubt stir again. What was she doing? She sighed. She knew that sex was supposed to be fun. But she never had any sex but with her grandfather. He was the one who impregnated her at 17. She had her own daughter at 18.

The pregnancy had pushed her to telling on her granddad to the police who had arrested him and he was put in jail for 15 years. As a result her family had rejected her. Her mother, who had been impregnated by her father at 16(Romy's grandfather, just to make it clear.), scolded her for being a disloyal member of the family. As a result she had been forced to raise her own daughter, a second generation incest-child, all on her own. The girl, Gloria, was now 8. Then they were there and Michael guided her in.

Romy was impressed with the Warrington's house and momentarily forgot why she was there. But when she turned around from watching the paintings on the wall in the living-room she was faced with two naked preteens engaged in a serious 69. She glanced at Michael who gave her a encouraging smile while he stripped too. Romy swallowed when she saw his already half-erect cock. It looked bigger then her grandfather's and she couldn't help but wonder how it would feel in her hand. Trembling at the thought she looked back to the girls who were eating each other out with gusto.

Michael knew he was taking a huge risk, but he knew he had to persuade this woman to leave his family alone. Unknown to her he had activated a small camera that would record all activity in the room. He planned on dragging her in and make sure she would be unable to act against them. He untangled the girls and began to eat out Gwen. Betty played with her own pussy as she watched, then squatted over Gwen's head and let Gwen suck on her pussy.

Romy watched in amazement how Betty and Gwen each reached an orgasm and loudly voiced their pleasure. After this Betty crawled over to her and asked, 'Want me to suck your cunt, Ms. Weiss?' It took every ounce of willpower she had to say: 'No, thank you.' Betty shrugged and joined Gwen who was sucking their father's hard cock. Romy watched how Betty joined her sister and began to lick and suck his balls, and run her tongue along his shaft each time Gwen moved her head back. Romy knew how it felt to do that. But in contrast with her these girls enjoyed it. If she was honest with herself, she had to admit she had liked some of the sex things. But her grandfather had always beaten her black and blue before and after the sex. But the sex itself had never been so bad after she had gotten used to being penetrated.

Romy then watched how Michael got on top of Betty and how Gwen guided his cock up Betty's waiting pussy. She watched in fascination how his cock pushed the small cunt open and was stunned as she saw how much the girl could take. Then Gwen dropped the bombshell: 'Go all the way up her womb, daddy! Betty and I have been practicing with cucumbers to do that lying down too!' Michael only hesitated a moment before driving his cock into Betty to the balls.

Romy couldn't believe what she was seeing. This young girl, who wasn't supposed to even think about sex, was being fully penetrated by a grown man and was smiling as it as being done to her! What she found even more unbelievable was that she was getting a wet cunt herself. She thought about her own 8-year old, Gloria. Could it be possible...? She pushed the thought away, but as she watched Betty getting thoroughly fucked it came back with force.

Betty was groaning and moaning with undeniable pleasure as her daddy fucked her good. She groaned, 'Fuck me daddy! Fuck me hard! Cum in me!' Michael had forgotten about Romy was concentrating on fucking his step-daughter to a raging climax. Next to them Gwen was masturbating and getting close to her own orgasm as she watched her sister getting fucked. She came just before they did. She gave a loud yell as she came and fell down, satisfied for the moment. Michael was close to Cumming and felt the sperm boiling in his balls. Betty's cunt and womb were clamping down on him and he shot his load, filling up her womb.

When he had recovered a bit he remembered Romy and asked her, 'So, you still think sex is bad for little girls?' Romy looked at the two girls and shook her head, 'No. Not if it's done the right way, I guess. You win, Mr. Warrington. It's obvious they like it. A lot.' Gwen grinned, 'We sure do!' Betty chimed in, 'Sex with daddy is the best! I bet your daughter would like it too!' Romy shuddered as she was reminded about her own daughter. She pursed her lips together and looked at Michael, while avoiding looking at his softening cock, and said: 'Do you think it would be possible for you to introduce my 8-year old daughter Gloria to sex the right way?' Michael cleared his throat before answering, 'Uh, what do you mean with the right way?' Romy closed her eyes for a moment, then said, 'I'll tell you my story.'

After she was done, she said, 'I...would like you to teach her that sex is a good thing and should be enjoyed. I want to be there too. To reassure her, of course.' Michael nodded and answered, dryly, 'Of course.' 'I know my idea of sex is warped and I will never be able to tell and show her what needs to be told and shown. I want you to do that. Do that and I will never bother you and your daughter again.' Michael thought about it, then said, 'Agreed. Let me leave a message for my wife.' 'Sure.'

He wrote a note that explained things and Romy told him her number so that she could call. Then they all piled in the car again and drove to Romy's apartment. It was a nice condo, but a bit sparse in decoration and furniture. Romy explained, 'We have moved here recently I haven't had time yet to buy things.' She also explained that her daughter was now staying with her older neighbor. She retrieved the girl and Michael studied both. Romy was a dark-blonde 26-year old and not bad looking. A pretty face with breasts he estimated to be a good B-cup. She had a slim build with relatively long legs. Her daughter was her spitting image in a younger version, which was not surprising considering her heritage.

They retreated to the bedroom where Romy told Gloria: 'I've decided that it is time that you learn all about sex, honey. Michael here is going to show you.' 'What is sex, mommy?' Gwen and Betty sniggered at that and quickly undressed. The innocent Gloria got big eyes with that. But even bigger when the man got naked too. He sat next to her and Michael told her about the birds and the bees. Then Gloria said, 'Most little girls don't get taught until they are much older, so you must keep this a secret, OK?' Gloria nodded and kept her eyes glued to the hard cock between Michael's legs.

Then Betty and Gwen intervened and said, 'The first thing you need to learn is how to suck cock, Gloria!' Under the tutelage of Gwen and Betty Gloria was taught the basics of giving head. Michael looked at Romy and said: 'Maybe she would be more comfortable if you undress as well.' Romy hesitated only a moment before stripping down as well. Michael looked down at the pretty dark-blonde girl who was straining to fit her mouth over his cock and couldn't help but grin. He had turned a potential disastrous situation into a victory. He did wonder how Sandy would react.

Michael looked at the now naked Romy and admired her body. She wasn't nearly as beautiful as Sandy, but she looked good enough. The only downside on her was the large bush she had between her legs. He preferred trimmed or bald cunts. Gwen and Betty looked at Romy, exchanged a glance and before she could stop them they were sucking on her nipples. This caught her off guard, but she let them as she found it was a very nice feeling.

Gloria meanwhile was overwhelmed by all the new things she was experiencing. Michael said, 'Stop little girl. Time for me to please you.' He lifted her onto the bed, spread her legs and dove between them. Gloria didn't know what to think of this. She saw how the two other girls were sucking on her mothers nipples and she envied them for it. But the feelings between her legs soon overrode that. She bucked with her hips and grabbed Michael's hair to pull him more into her cunny.

This wasn't lost on Romy who smiled. She knew that she had done something similar to what her grandfather had done to her, but the big difference was that she had made sure that her daughter would learn to enjoy it and choose between what she liked and didn't like. The chain of violence and abuse had been broken and been replaced by the velvet ropes of love and sex.

Michael was ready with preparing Gloria's cunt and put his cock at the entrance to her tight hole. He glanced back at Romy for approval, who smiled and nodded. She had a good view of how Michael's cock was pushed into her daughter's cunt. She saw the flesh stretch and her mind flashed back to the first rape by her grand-father. He hadn't bothered to make her hot or told her what sex was. Gloria knew what it was, at least abstractly. And now also by experience.

Michael loved the feeling of Gloria's virgin cunt around his cock. Gloria felt a bit overwhelmed and uncomfortable. The big thing the man was pushing into her was strange. Then he suddenly pushed through and a stab of pain shot through her abdomen, but that faded quickly. She took a sharp breath, but then it was gone again. The man was still for a few moments, then began to move again. To her surprise this felt good to her. She heard her mother call out: 'Relax, baby. Let Michael fuck your cunt. He knows how to make little girls like you feel good. Just ask Gwen and Betty.' On key they both responded, 'He's the best little girl fucker in the world!' Michael grinned at this qualification, but also felt pride. He was glad that his little girls felt about him this way.

Michael began to move faster and gave long lunges in and out of Gloria's tight cunt. He was getting close to his climax and grunted, 'Here it cums, honey!' He felt his seed shoot out and fill her cunt and womb. Betty figured it would take some practice to get her to orgasm properly, but Gwen quickly remedied this by detaching herself from Romy's right tit and dive between Gloria's splayed legs after Michael withdrew. She sucked all his seed out and then latched her mouth to the tiny clit that now stood erect. Gloria now was truly heated up and began to moan loudly as she reached her first orgasm ever.

Romy felt grateful for this as she had never achieved it herself. She looked at Michael's now flaccid cock, felt her cunt twitch, and whispered in Betty's ear: 'Do you think your mom would mind if your father fucked me too?' Betty shrugged, 'Don't think so. She doesn't mind him fucking us.' Romy then asked Michael, 'Would you please fuck me too? I want to feel what it is like to get fucked properly.' Michael looked at her and saw she was serious. So he nodded.

Romy joined him, Gwen and Gloria on the bed. Romy told her daughter, 'Mommy is going to get fucked too, honey!' Gloria smiled, 'It feels good, mommy!' Romy laid herself down and spread her legs. Gwen put her hand on Romy's mouth and said, 'I didn't know women could have so much hair down there!' Michael said, 'Mommy shaves her cunt bald, Gwen.' Romy looked down at her bush and felt uncomfortable. She really would have to do something about that.

Michael got on top of her and shoved his cock up her already soaked cunt. For the first time in more then 8 years she felt a cock enter her body. She found she loved the feeling and pushed her hips up to meet Michael's thrusts. Michael was glad she seemed to like it after all she had been through and knew she would keep her mouth shut. He kept a steady pace, sucked on her nipples and muttered into her ear: 'Next time I want your cunt as bald as your daughter's.' Romy groaned, 'Yes, I will. I will do that for you. You can be my daddy too!' Romy felt her orgasm approach and she begged him: 'Fuck me harder! Pound me with your cock!' Michael obeyed and began to ram his cock hard and deep into her tight unused cunt. She grabbed him tight and pulled him even deeper until she felt him hit the entrance to her womb. She climaxed and moaned, 'Daddy!!!'

Romy promised that she and Gloria would come by that weekend and continue their fun. Back home he saw that Sandy had just arrived and he and the girls explained what had happened. Afterwards he asked, 'I hope you're not mad I fucked Romy.' Sandy shook her head, 'I'm not. I'm just amazed by all this. It was a disaster that she found out, but you've made her an ally. I'm certain she'll do anything you ask, Michael. She's yours. And so is her daughter.' She grinned at him and pointed at his crotch, 'I hope you've left something for me!' 'Always, dear. But it might take some time to get it.' 'No problem. You know I just love oral sex.' 'You love any kind of sex.' 'I don't hear you complain!' 'Oh, I won't. Now come over here with that pregnant belly of yours and suck my cock!'


At the same time that Michael was having sex with Romy and Gloria, Julie Allende was getting fucked by Jeremy again. They had been having sex with each other for the last few weeks each time Jeremy came along with his mother. He had even started to butt-fuck her. Julie loved the feeling a cock gave her in her butt and she was being fucked in her ass now too. Jeremy loved to fuck the 4-year old and hoped she would let him do it for a long time. He came just as he heard his mother call again.

That night she decided she was ready to get fucked by her daddy. She crawled into his bed and took hold of his hard cock which she began to suck eagerly. Rico let her do it of course. They had been having oral sex for weeks and they both loved it. But this time Julie, who had watched several porno-movies with her dad, took matters in her own hands. She straddled his cock when he was hard and put the tip at the entrance to her cunny. Rico didn't realize at first what she was doing, but when she started to press down he said, 'Julie! What are you doing?!' Matter of factly she said, 'Fucking you. I've been doing it with Jerry and now I want to do it with you.'

While Rico digested what she had just told him she pressed down hard and the head of his cock pushed past her lips. It was a strain, but she succeeded. She moved down until she felt that he could go no deeper, then she lifted herself up again, until only the tip of his cock was left inside. Rico could do nothing but watch how his 4-year old daughter was riding his cock like a pro. He finally managed to croak out: 'How long have you been doing it with Jeremy?' 'Urh, a few weeks.' The sensation of his cock buried in his daughter's tight preteen cunt and what she told him about Jeremy dazzled him. Did Selena know? Probably not.

Then he looked down and he knew he wouldn't last long. He grabbed Julie by her waist and began to help her move up and down his shaft. She nearly cut off the flow of his blood in his cock, tight as she was and he knew he would be banging her often from now on. He groaned, 'I'm Cumming, baby!' Julie shouted, 'Shoot me full, daddy! I love it in my cunt!' Rico groaned and shot his load, filling her to the brim with his incestuous sperm.

Afterwards he stroked her body and asked, 'Why did you say that you love to be filled with cum? Jeremy's too young to shoot sperm.' 'No, daddy, he shoots cum already.' Rico was stunned. An 8-year old boy who could actually shoot cum? They really started early these days! Then Julie dropped another bombshell: 'Will you fuck my butt now too?' 'Uh, you do that too with Jeremy?' 'Sure. All the time.' 'Well, I suppose we can try!' Julie smiled happily and put herself on her hands and knees, her butt high in the air, waiting for her daddy to give her a good ass-fuck.

While Rico Allende was starting to bugger his little girl Jeremy was spying on his mother. She had sent him out to play again so that she could masturbate. They lived together in a small apartment and they only had one bedroom with one large bed for the two of them. To make matter worse: the apartments were very noisy and the door to the bedroom couldn't be locked. Privacy was a rare commodity.

Selena was standing naked in the bedroom and didn't know that her 8-year old son had snuck back inside to peek how she played with herself. She stood on front of the mirror and looked at herself. 'I'm a good-looking woman,' she thought to herself. She had long wavy hair that fell all the way to her ass, full kissable lips and a slim body that stood on top of long elegant legs. She turned around to admire her tight butt and then turned back to lift her big tits. They were a good E-cup and pear-shaped. They were soft, but didn't sag and were capped with big dark-brown nipples. She felt her pussy and smiled proudly at the trimmed bush on her mound. She took good care of her body.

She laid herself on the bed and began to stroke her body. She pulled her nipples out until they stuck out like pencils. Then her hands traveled down to her cunt. She fucked two fingers in her cunt and played with her clit with the other hand. Jeremy saw all this in full color and heard her moans in stereo. His cock was hard. Julie was nice, but his mother was something different!

Then Selena pulled something from under her side of the bed and Jeremy recognized it as her fake cock. It was a big pink object that she now slowly fucked into her cunt. Selena moaned, 'Ohhh, I need a fuck! Please, someone fuck me!' She was thinking of Rico Allende. As she made the vibrator buzz inside her wet hole she thought, 'I can't go on like this. I need to tell him, show him how much I want him!' Tomorrow, she decided, she would put on something sexy and bare her soul to him. She would go mad otherwise. She moved the vibrator deeper into her cunt and put it in high-gear as she pictured herself getting fucked by Rico. She let out a low groan as she came. Jeremy had witnessed all this and now retreated to go and jerk himself off somewhere.

That night Jeremy once again suffered from a severe hard-on as he lay next to his sexy mother. Finally he decided to do something radical about it. He knew she was fast asleep as he listened to her quiet breathing. He pushed their covers off and slowly pulled her long night-shirt up until her tits were bared. He saw she was naked underneath, which suited him just fine. He moved her legs somewhat apart and felt up her cunt. He touched her clit and he heard her moan. Jeremy's cock was no longer to be denied and he climbed on top of his sleeping mother and began to push his hard cock into her cunt. He looked down at her big tits and sucked gently on her big nipples, which got hard as pebbles right away.

Jeremy loved the feeling of his mother's cunt around his cock. It felt different from Julie's: looser, but also warmer and wetter. She was getting real slick really easy, he noticed. Selena was having a very nice dream. She dreamed she was being fucked. Being fucked by Rico. In her sleep she began to move her hips and her cunt clamped around the evading member. Jeremy wondered what she was dreaming about. Was she thinking that Mr. Allende was fucking her? When he heard her mutter: 'Rico, fuck me,' he knew that was the case. Just as he was on the verge of shooting his first load of sperm into his own mother she opened her eyes. Serena realized that she was being fucked for real, but when she called out, 'Jeremy!' it was her brother who she meant. Jeremy had been named after his uncle, who also happened to be his father.

Jeremy was too close to Cumming to react in any other fashion then shoot his load. Selena felt him cum and she came with him. Then Jeremy quickly pulled out, but before he could get off the bed Selena grabbed him and said, 'It's all right Jeremy. I don't mind you fucking me. Just wake me up next time, OK?' Jeremy looked at his mother is disbelief. Selena held him close and pressed his face between her massive tits. Selena said, 'I knew this would happen sooner or later. I guess it happened sooner.' She lay down next to him and took his now soft cock in her mouth. When he was hard again and thrusting it into her mouth she was amazed at his size. Then she remembered something and said, 'Jeremy, do you shoot already?' 'Yes, mommy.'

Selena smiled. He sure took after his father! She then told him who his father was and how she had been having sex with her brother since she was just 7. He had been 10 at the time. He had been killed in some special-ops mission in the military just before she had learned she was pregnant by him. Then she asked him where he had learned to fuck like that. Jeremy hesitated, then told her about Julie Allende. Selena was stunned. She looked back on some things and came to the conclusion that Rico was having sex with his 4-year old daughter! It was the only explanation. He really was the perfect man for her! Jeremy asked her, 'Are you mad, mommy?' 'No, dear. I'm proud of you. If all works out, things will change for the better for us from now on.'


The following day, a Thursday, Selena made some coffee for Rico and herself. She told Jeremy to go and have some more sex with Julie until she called for him. Then she sat down with Rico for a very open talk. Rico loved the coffee Selena made and studied her as they quietly enjoyed their coffee. He really wouldn't know what to do without her. She did most of the housework, cooking and she was, besides Julie, the only real female company he enjoyed. He knew she wasn't an educated woman, but she was far from stupid and her views were often right on the mark. And she was a very sexy woman of course. He really liked her outfit today: A white tight-fitting tank-top that left her flat belly bare and a snug red skirt that allowed her to show a lot of leg. He could actually see her nipples in her top and he realized she wasn't wearing a bra.

Selena looked over the edge of her cup and saw to her satisfaction that Rico was checking her body out. She put the cup of coffee down and pressed her tits together as she said, 'Do you like my body, Mr. Allende?' Rico said, 'Sure I do. But you can call me Rico, Selena, you know that.' 'I know. Our children really get along don't they?' Rico swallowed his coffee before answering, 'Yeah, they do. Usually boys his age don't want to play with little girls. Or any girls for that matter.' He laughed.

Selena smiled, 'Yes, but they play quite grown-up games together, I've heard.' Now Rico was becoming uncomfortable. 'What do you mean?' 'You know what I mean. I bet my Jeremy is fucking your Julie right now.' Rico looked at Selena, but didn't see any anger. Selena gave him a warm smile as she said, 'I don't condemn it, Mr. Allende. I know from experience that children are sexual being from a very young age.' Rico's throat was dry as he asked, 'Really?' Selena said, 'I'm sure you're fucking Julie like Jeremy fucks her. When he told me some things that had happened the last weeks fell in their place.'

Selena saw his stricken face and laughed, 'Don't look so worried! I already told you I don't mind. Heck, Jeremy told me about it after he had fucked me!' Rico stared at her, then shook his head, 'I'm sorry. It's just...' 'Too much?' We both have sex with our child. They both love it. And I think the 4 of us can have a lot of fun together. That is, if you're OK with it, Mr. Allende.' Rico pointed at his crotch and asked, 'What does it look like to you?' Selena saw he was having a visible hard-on. She licked her lips and squeezed her legs together, then spread them wide to give him a good view of her crotch, showing that she wasn't wearing no panties either.

Rico was both excited and overwhelmed. As she lifted her top to expose her breasts she said, 'Was Julie the first child you had sex with, Rico?' He nodded and stared at her big tits. 'Technically it wasn't the first time for me. I started with my brother when I was just 7. Jeremy's his father.' Rico rose and sat down next to her, cupping her tits and pinching her nipples as he said, 'You never cease to amaze me, Selena.' Selena now took what she felt was the biggest step. She moaned, grabbing his crotch, 'I need to confess something else Rico.' 'What?' Rico now started to suck on one of her big pointy nipples. She sighed, 'I'm in love with you.' Rico stopped sucking and looked her in the eyes. Selena softly said, 'I hope that's not a problem.' 'It isn't. I'm already halfway in falling in love with you, Selena.'

Rico stuck his hand under her skirt and felt her moist pussy up. Selena groaned, 'Fuck me, Rico. I need your cock!' Rico helped her out of his clothes and she did the same with him. She put her ass over the edge of the couch and Rico got between her legs. She grabbed his hard cock and put it at the entrance of her cunt. She looked at Rico and said, 'Fuck me now, Rico. Fuck me hard. That's the way I like it.' Rico nodded and shoved his cock up her wet cunt and began to fuck her. He latched onto one of her nipples and Selena moaned, 'I love you Rico!!'

Upstairs Julie had asked Jeremy if she could practice in blow-jobs. Jeremy had no problem with that and she had managed to make him cum twice already when they heard Selena cum downstairs. Curious they went downstairs and saw how Selena was sucking gently on Rico's cock. Rico saw them and he said, 'Come over here, kids.' Julie and Jeremy moved over and Selena stopped sucking for a moment to say, 'Want to help me suck your daddy's cock, sweetie?' Julie smiled brightly and joined Selena between Rico's legs. Jeremy's cock was still hard and Rico was amazed by his size. He could easily believe that he could shoot seed already.

Jeremy got behind his mother and shoved his cock onto her sperm-dripping cunt. After a dozen or so strokes he got an idea and pushed his cock into her tight asshole. Selena moaned and looked up at Rico to see his reaction. She felt his cock stiffen, so she figured she was safe when she said, 'Climb on your daddy's cock, Julie.' Julie did as she was told and with Selena's help she was soon impaled on Rico's extremely hard cock. Selena stuck out her tongue and began to worm her way into Julie's tight asshole which was now directly in front of her.

Selena was fascinated by the way that Julie's preteen cunt was stretched over Rico's mature cock. She put a finger in Julie's asshole and the child let out a yell of surprise, then moaned, 'Do it deeper! I love it in my butt!' Selena didn't need any more encouragement. Jeremy had a very good view of the whole scene and his mother's cock was clamping down on his cock like a vice. Therefore he was the first to cum. When Selena felt her son's seed fill her asshole she pinched her protruding clit and brought her own climax about. Shortly after, Rico filled his daughter's cunt and womb with his seed, which got promptly cleaned out by an sperm-eager Selena.

Meanwhile Rico got them some drinks and while the two precocious children kept playing with each others genitals, Rico and Selena had a talk. They decided that Selena and Jeremy would move in with Rico and Julie as soon as possible. They also talked about how it all had happened. When Selena learned how Julie had started it all on instigation of another young girl she said, 'I wonder if we could hook up with that family. I mean, what are the odds of finding another family like that?' Rico grinned, 'Slim. That we found each other in such a way is a miracle in itself. Still, she might have picked it up somewhere else. A neighbor, or something...' 'True.' Rico thought about Gwen and her family and added, 'On the other hand, whenever I see those girls they've got the most sexy-looking outfits for preteens you can imagine.' They made up a plan to find out if they were right.

The following day Rico Allende paid a visit to the home of the Warrington's under the guise of a social call and to see if Julie could play with the Warrington-girls . He had brought Julie with him who was instructed to try and get into a sex-game with Gwen. Rico found that Michael Warrington wasn't home, but Sandy was. As he talked with her he eyed her body and liked what he saw. She had a lot of sex-appeal and dressed to show her body, even now that she was showing her pregnancy. Just like she dressed her young daughters. He learned the details of the rather unique way that the Warrington family was made.

Finally he made his pitch and said, 'You know, the girls develop earlier and earlier these days. The way they act and dress, it's sometimes downright provocative, even to grown men.' Sandy smiled, 'I know what you mean. I myself like to dress my girls in a somewhat sexy way.' Rico thought, 'Somewhat?' Rico frowned thoughtfully as he asked, 'Tell me, at what age do you have the, uh, talk with your girls?' 'Talk? Oh, that talk!'

Sandy laughed about his apparent discomfort. Sandy shrugged, 'Whenever they're ready and have the questions that need to be answered. I always tell them the truth on these matters. To do otherwise would only cause trouble.' 'True. Still, for a man alone it's more difficult then yours, I think.' Sandy nodded understandingly, 'Quite. I can understand that.'

Rico looked straight into Sandy's eyes as he said, 'I think you can imagine my surprise when I found Gwen and Julie in a serious 69 sometime ago.' Sandy blinked, stunned, then cleared her throat, before saying, 'Really? That's ...amazing!' Rico studied how she paled, then flushed. Sandy now knew how Michael had felt when he was confronted by Romy Weiss. She frantically thought how she could turn this around as well. And she really needed to have a talk with the girls to be more careful. At least Rico didn't seem to be overly upset about the incident.

She said, 'Well, Gwen is a precocious girl and very curious. Not to mention determined to get her own way.' Rico smiled, 'It seems so.' Suddenly he got up and walked upstairs to the room where Gwen and Julie had gone to. When he opened the door he saw that 8-year old Betty had joined them. All three were naked and in a daisy-chain. Sandy didn't know what to do and wished Michael was here. It was a appetizing sight to see a 4, 6 and 8-year old in such a sexual position. Rico grinned, 'It seems to be inherent to the family.'

Sandy studied the colored man who was looking down at two frightened girls. Sandy noted that Julie didn't seem upset at being caught like this. Then she saw the bulge in Rico's pants and she said, 'You set me up, didn't you?' Rico grinned, 'Yes, but with the best intentions.' 'Meaning?' 'I suspected you were sexually involved with your daughters. We wanted to see if we were right.' 'We?' she queried. 'My housekeeper and soon-to-be wife and I. You see, your Gwen taught my Julie. I saw them and couldn't keep my hands off of her.' Sandy grinned, 'Well, she is a very pretty girl.' 'I know. But I was afraid to do more then oral sex and heavy petting. Julie's quite strong-willed and she seduced my housekeeper's 8-year old son into having sex with her. He in turn did his mother. Yesterday all that came out and we decided to see if you were into the same things as us.'

Sandy's mouth dropped open and stared at him, then at the girls. Then she began to laugh, 'Damn! That's like a row of domino-blocks! We were all toppled over because of little Gwen!' Rico nodded. Sandy said, 'I take it your housekeeper/fiance and her son are in the neighborhood?' 'Yeah, they're waiting at my place. Should I call them?' 'Why not? My husband will be here shortly too. Then we can exchange our stories and more!' The girls all began to giggle and ran downstairs. Sandy shouted: 'Close the blinds, girls! We don't want any peepers!'

When Sandy found out that the Cormick's were black she was thrilled. She had never had sex with black people before. It wasn't long before Sandy was watching how Selena was getting a double-penetration by Rico and Jeremy. Jeremy was in her ass and Rico in her cunt. Meanwhile Julie was sucking on Sandy's left tit as Gwen did her right and Betty was taking care of her mother's cunt. This was the scene that Michael walked into when he came home.

He blinked twice before he could believe what he was seeing. Sandy groaned, 'Meet our new best friends, Michael. Rico and Julie Allende and their housekeeper Selena and her son Jeremy. Selena's the one getting double-fucked right now.' Michael just stared at the whole perverted scene, uncomprehending how this had happened. Rico said, 'You've got yourself one hell of a wife, Michael. I hope you don't mind me calling you that? You can call me Rico.' Michael answered dryly, 'Well, you're having sex in my living-room, so I guess it's OK!' Gwen giggled, 'It's all my fault daddy!'

Michael just shook his head, and said, 'Explain me later. Now I've got a hard cock that needs taking care of!' Gwen quickly went over to him and took his cock in her eager little mouth. Michael saw that the black woman Selena had her eyes glued to his cock. He said, 'Want a taste?' 'Oh yes, fuck me airtight!' Michael glanced at his wife, who smiled and nodded, then he went over to Selena and fed her his hard cock, while Gwen kept kissing and sucking his balls.

Thanks to Julie and Betty Sandy reached her climax and she laid Julie down and began to eat the pre-schooler out. Betty planted her crotch on Julie's face and thanks to Gwen she knew what was expected of her. She stuck out her little agile tongue and licked the eager older girl out as best as she could. Jeremy was unable to hold it any longer and shot his load up his mother's tight hot ass. His step-dad to be wasn't too long behind him, with Michael filling Selena's mouth as number three.

After this session Michael was briefed on the situation. He looked to Gwen and said, 'Girl, sometimes you're a bit too adventurous for our own good.' Gwen nodded, and said, 'I know daddy. I won't do it again.' She was silent for a moment, then added, 'Without you knowing.' All had to laugh and Rico said, 'They grow up way too fast these days!'

Michael said, 'Sandy, what about we do a really big party here tomorrow. We can invite Romy, Gloria and Wanda too.' Sandy licked her lips and said, 'Excellent idea, dear husband of mine.' Selena asked, 'Who are they?' They explained and the date was made. Michael called them and said, 'We'll gather here at 1600 or thereabouts. Wanda will be here some two hours later. She's got her shop to take care of. She did say she would bring a load of interesting clothing and toys along. I'm warning you: you'll want to buy it all!'


At Saturday, 1615, all except Wanda were scattered and naked around the living-room that had been transformed into an orgy-room. Furniture had been moved to the sides and mattresses and pillows were strewn about to provide for lots of places to have sex. Michael looked around and couldn't help but grin. He went to the kitchen and helped Sandy move some drinks to the table in the living-room that had been reserved for the necessary food and drinks. Then they joined the others.

Selena was sucking Rico's cock at a gentle pace. Sandy joined her and they shared his cock. Michael put himself between Julie and Gwen who copied their mothers. Betty was sucking on Jeremy's hard cock or rather he was fucking her face. Michael was amazed at the size of the boy's cock. If that kept up, the boy would end up with something that would make a horse jealous. Rico for his part was studying the two youngest girls, 4,5-year old Sunny and 3-year old Cassie. Michael was studying Sunny with interest. He knew that Sandy had broken the child's hymen and that Rico fucked his 4-year old daughter Julie. That made it possible that Sunny was ready too. He would suggest it to Sandy.

Michael toyed with the slits of the girls who were sucking him off and watched his wife suck off another man. She now climbed on Rico's lap and lowered herself on his cock, facing away from him so that she could watch her husband molest the two preteens. Selena alternately between kissing Rico's balls and sucking on Sandy's erect clit as they fucked. Sunny and Cassie watched all this in wonder, but accepted it with a mental shrug.

Michael laid down on one of the mattresses and put Julie on his mouth and let Gwen guide his cock to her wet preteen cunt. Michael loved the taste of little girl-juice and gave Julie a thorough cunt-licking. Meanwhile Gwen rammed herself forcefully down on his cock, all the way into her womb. Selena saw this and she couldn't believe that this small girl could take so much of her father's cock. Selena crawled over to see this up close. She saw how Gwen's belly had a bump because of the space that the big cock took up. She asked, 'Doesn't that hurt?' Gwen grunted, 'No, it feels all nice and full.'

Selena fondled Gwen and felt up the bulge that Michael's cock made. She looked at Julie who was squirming on Michael's face and remembered how the little girl had made her squirm when she ate out her mature cunt. Gwen was making peculiar movements with her lower body, but it seemed Michael was liking it as he suddenly heaved his hips and Selena knew he was Cumming inside the precocious 6-year old.

When he was soft enough Selena took his cock as soon as Gwen released it from her womb. She cleaned him up with her tongue and made him hard again as she said, 'Has Sandy ever been double-fucked?' Michael replied, 'Not that I know of.' 'Now is as good a time as any.' Michael looked at his wife who was now riding Rico's cock as they had also moved to the ground. He got up and moved behind his wife's ass. He put his cock at her asshole and winked at Rico. Sandy looked around and saw him poised to penetrate her ass. She moaned, 'Yes, fuck your dirty wife, baby! Fuck my tight ass as Rico does my juicy cunt!'

Selena looked around and saw her young son pounding the equally young Betty as hard as he could. Both seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. She then saw the two little cherub Sunny and Cassie and took them by their hands, sat them down on a couch and began to eat them out, changing cunt every now and then. Both girls fingered the other when she was being licked.

In a corner both Romy and her daughter Gloria were masturbating as they watched the sexy scenes. Gloria was a bit shy, but she thought it was all very hot and wanted to take part. But she waited for her mother to act first. She wanted to get fucked by Michael again. She also watched the black boy, Jeremy, fuck her new best friend Betty. They were the same age and Gloria adored the more experienced girl. She watched Jeremy stiffen and knew he was Cumming and shooting his seed in Betty's cunt and womb.

Romy decided she couldn't watch any longer and went over to the couple and the moment that Jeremy rolled off Betty Romy took his still hard cock between her fingers and began to stroke it, then put it in her mouth. She found the dark prick very sexy and rolled it around in her mouth with her tongue. Meanwhile Michael and Rico were close to filling Sandy's holes with their sperm. They were pounding her in a steady rhythm and she had managed to have at least two major orgasms during this fuck. Rico groaned, 'I'm gonna cum!' Michael grunted, 'I'm right behind you!' Sandy shouted: 'Fill me with your seed boys! Yeaaahhhh!!!' As Rico filled her cunt she was rocked by another powerful orgasm and as it subsided she felt how Michael filled her bowels with his seed.

She untangled herself from the men and sank down on a couch, her ass dangling on the edge. Gwen took advantage of that, the being a sperm-junkie, and got between her legs and started to lick and suck all the sperm she could get right out of her mother's cunt. Sandy smiled and pulled her cunt-lips apart to give her better access. Meanwhile Gloria had followed her mother's example and had latched herself onto Michael's cock. Julie was sucking on her father's.

Romy stopped sucking Jeremy's cock for a moment to ask, 'Would you like to fuck me, dear?' She too was impressed with his size and wanted to feel him inside of her. Jeremy nodded, but said, 'I already shoot sperm, miss.' 'Call me Romy, lover. And you can shoot it in me all you want.' She thought, 'How would it be to let him make me pregnant and give Gloria a sibling?' She didn't care he was black. She wasn't biased and the idea thrilled her in fact. She would ask Selena about this. She laid down and let the boy get between her legs. He carefully aimed his cock at her now trimmed bush and he shoved it inside in a single lunge. She groaned, 'Give me a good fucking, baby! Do it hard, I can take it!' Jeremy obliged her request and began to pound her as hard as he could, like his mother always wanted him to do.

Julie, meanwhile, had taken Gwen's place between Sandy's legs and the girl was now fisting the older woman. Half her arm disappeared into Sandy's stretched cunt. Gwen had taken Gloria's place with Michael and Gloria was being taught the finer points of cock-sucking by Rico. Gwen was doing one of her favorite techniques on her daddy: the deep-throat. Rico watched in disbelief how the 6-year old got nearly all of Michael's cock down her throat. Gloria saw that the 2-year younger girl was doing and did her best to copy her. Rico saw her nearly choke and he said, 'Take it easy girl. What Gwen's doing takes a lot of practice. You might want to try it with a banana or a dildo first.' Michael added, 'That's how she and Betty learned it too.' Gloria understood and she vowed she would start as soon as she was home. She loved to have sex and wanted to do anything the others did.

Gloria looked up at Rico and said, 'I want to get fucked.' 'Sure thing, sweetheart.' Gloria lay down, spread her legs and Rico pushed his cock up her 8-year old love-canal. Michael watched them fornicate like this for some time while Gwen did her throat-trick on him. Then he said, 'Hey Rico, let's switch, OK?' Rico had no problem with that. He was eager to find out for himself how it felt to be deep-throated by a 6-year old nymphomaniac. Neither girl protested either and the change was made. Gloria clamped onto the man who had taken her virginity and said, 'Fuck me, uncle Michael.'

Sandy had decided she was clean enough by now and had made a lesbian threesome with Betty and Julie. Betty was eating out Julie while Sandy gave her a good fucking from behind. She looked down at the two young girls and their happy faces as they had sex and knew she was doing a good thing. Next to them Jeremy was reaching his climax inside Romy was pulled him as deep as she could and yelled, 'Fuck me you black stud!' Selena watched her son as he came inside the brunette. Sunny and Cassie were nursing her tits and she had her hand buried in her cunt as she watched the orgy reach a climax around her.

Rico was amazed at the suction that Gwen could generate and it wasn't long before he shot his sperm right down into her stomach. Michael looked down at the girl who was the result of second-generation incest and thought she was beautiful. He stepped up his pace and gave her a good drilling. Gloria spread her legs as wide as she could and let her new uncle fuck her pussy with all his might until he shot his load.

The action was cooling down a bit when the doorbell rang. Michael quickly put on a robe and peered through the peep-hole in the door. He smiled when he saw it was Wanda. He checked his watch and saw it was indeed time for her to arrive. 'Damn, time flies when you're fucking around!' he thought. She quickly stepped in, gave him a hug and a deep kiss, then dropped her dress and showed him she wasn't wearing anything else. Michael looked at the big bags that she had been carrying and said, 'I see you're in your business-attire!' Wanda grinned, 'Sure, I call these business-meetings on my tax-form!'

Michael introduced her to those who didn't know her and they gathered around her to see what she had brought. She had two bags with clothes that were modeled by Gwen and Betty. Rico and Romy quickly bought some outfits for their daughters. Meanwhile Selena was looking in on the bag with toys and found some interesting stuff that she bought together with Rico.

While they ate and drank to restore their strength Betty whispered to Michael: 'Daddy, can you spank me?' Michael looked at his step-daughter and said, 'I guess so, if that's what you want.' 'I want it daddy. I want to be tied to the table while you do it.' Michael took Sandy apart and told her about Betty's wishes. Sandy 's response was to clear the table and announce that a special demonstration would be made by Betty and Michael.

Michael and Sandy tied her to the table, belly down. Her arms and legs were tied to the legs of the table and her ass was propped up by a small pillow to expose it more. The others gathered around the table and watched how Michael began to spank Betty. He increased the force of his blows gradually and Betty gasped with each blow. But she kept wriggling her ass and all could see she loved it. Selena was really turned on and when Michael took a brush she asked, 'Can I do it, please?' 'Sure,' and he handed her the brush. Betty let out a yell when the brush hit her behind. This really stung. After a few blows Selena decided to use the brush itself instead of the back of the brush. This was a whole new sensation for Betty. The points were not real sharp but they left a collection of red dots on her ass behind.

Everyone got a turn at Betty and her ass was bright red after almost an hour of this. Everyone was heated up and the action began again. Wanda released Betty and put tow small nipple-clamps on her chest. Betty let out a gasp of pain then looked down and said, 'Wow! That's neat!' Meanwhile Romy asked Selena: 'Selena, how would you feel if Jeremy knocked me up?' Selena looked at the light-skinned brunette and said, 'You're serious?' 'Yes, I want another baby. And I would love to have a black baby this time.' Selena grinned, 'Go ahead, dear. Fuck him dry!' 'Thank you!'

Selena got really hot from the idea of her 9-year old son becoming a daddy already. And with a white woman to boot! She grabbed the closest man, which happened to be Michael, and dragged him to a corner for a good fuck. She pulled him down right next to where Rico was busy fucking Wanda from behind. The two other adults, Sandy and Romy, were doing each other with a double-ended dildo. Sandy was lying down on her back because of her pregnancy and Romy was on top of her, their tits and bellies rubbing together as they fucked each other with the long rubber object.

This left the children to entertain themselves. But they did quite well with that. Jeremy quickly buried his cock in one of his favorite places: Julie's asshole. Gwen and Gloria were lying next to their fucking mothers and Gwen was using one of Wanda's custom-made strap-on dildo's. Sunny and Cassie kept themselves entertained with banana's in their preteen cunts. Betty was tied to the table again by Wanda, this time face up, and Wanda had cruelly put a softly buzzing vibrator in her cunt, which kept her in a aroused state, but didn't make her cum.

Michael was fucking Selena at a steady pace and he sucked hard on her nipples as he did this. Selena had become very hot from watching betty getting spanked and she came within minutes of Michael's entering her overheated cunt. Michael pulled out of her as she was still Cumming and moved over to the masturbating Sunny and asked her, 'Would you like me to fuck you?' Sunny beamed at him, 'Yeah, fuck me daddy! Put it in me!' Michael grinned, picked her up and saw most of the room was taken up in one way or another. He carried her upstairs and to the master bedroom.

There he laid her down and let her suck on his slick cock for a while, as he played with her preteen cunt, fingering it and pulling softly on her small clit. Sunny groaned and spread her legs more. This was Michael's cue and he put her on her hands and knees and put his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Her cunt was used by now to be invaded and took Michael's cock with remarkable ease. He didn't fit whole of course (yet), but a sizeable portion went into her immature cunt. Sunny felt full, but she was so glad that she was finally being fucked for real by her daddy that she said, 'Fuck me, daddy!'

Julie also loved the fucking she was getting from Jeremy's long, thin cock on her asshole. She was fingering her slit and it felt really good. Suddenly the feeling intensified a tenfold she knew instinctively that she was having a orgasm! Her first real orgasm during fucking! Jeremy noticed it too and added to her pleasure by Cumming up her butt. He wasn't given much reprieve since Sandy and Romy took him to the youngest girl, Cassie, and Sandy said, 'I want you to be the first to fuck my lovely, Jeremy.' They positioned them in the correct fashion and Sandy was the one to guide his cock, once it was made stiff again by Romy, to the child's wet, tight cunt. Jeremy felt that Cassie was just as hot and tight as Julie and it wasn't long before he was giving the little girl a serious pounding. Both women watched with their fingers buried in each others cunt.

Wanda had been given a thorough fuck by Rico and she wanted to give him a special reward. She took him upstairs to the large bathroom. They passed the master bedroom where they just witnessed how Michael came deep inside his step-daughter. When he pulled out of her tight, swollen cunt a flood of sperm followed. Made hot again by this scene Wanda took Rico by the hand and saw down on the toilet-seat. Then she said, 'You can piss on me, Rico. Take your cock and piss all over my body.' Rico had never done that before and his cock immediately sprang up as a result of her offer.

Wanda laughed and took him in her mouth and sucked him off first until he came down her throat. Then she let go of him and smiled, 'Piss on me, lover.' And he did. He let go of his bladder and pissed right on her firm tits. He watched how the stream of piss flowed over her body into the bowl. Then he aimed higher and pissed right in her face. She closed her eyes and tasted it on her lips, slightly opening them to get a better taste. She didn't want to shock him by drinking it all up as was her custom.

Suddenly they heard a giggle and they saw that Gwen and Gloria had followed them. Gwen was always up for something new and Gloria was determined not to be outdone by her new best friend, so they climbed into the large tub and Gwen stood over Gloria and started to piss on the older girl. This spontaneous uninhibited exhibition made Rico's cock spring to life one again. He pulled Wanda up, who had watched in fascination how these wanton girls acted, and he rammed his cock into Wanda's asshole. The position allowed him to watch the preteen couple play their perverted games. Wanda came within ten strokes of the ass-fuck and came again when Rico came inside her bowels. By this time Gwen and Gloria had switched places and Gwen put a stop in the tub, causing the bottom to fill with little-girl piss.

Downstairs Selena was taking care of the tied-down Betty. She was fucking the girl with the vibrator in her cunt and sucking on the poor girls cunt to bring her to a devastating climax. When it finally hit Betty she let out a long and loud groan and arched her back as far as the restraints would allow and then collapsed onto the table, nearly unconscious. Next to the table Sandy and Romy timed their orgasm to that of Jeremy as he gave Cassie the first real fuck of her life. It sure wouldn't be her last! Jeremy let out a low groan as he came deep inside the little girl. He wondered how many times he had cum today. He had lost count!


That night they all decided to call their group the 'Family Activities Club' or FAC. It was also decided that they needed more children and Romy told them all that she intended to get pregnant by Jeremy. Jeremy was real proud that she had chosen him. Wanda chose Michael as her impregnator and Selena naturally chose Rico. They had decided to marry as soon as possible. Sandy patted on her pregnant belly and said, 'I'll be happy to bear more children for Michael. I've got many fertile years left!' The other women seconded that.

Meanwhile Michael looked at his little darling Gwen. He could not help but to feel both love and wonder as he thought about how she had started all this inadvertently. He knew he could not wish for a better daughter and he was more then glad that his ex-wife had decided to leave her with him. Gwen belonged with him and the others of the newly formed FAC, and as the one who started it all she would always have a special place here. He grinned as he thought of what her biological mother would have said of this. She would probably be quite pissed! Sandy looked at him and asked, 'What's so funny?' 'Nothing. I just thought what a great gift sweet little Gwen has been to me.' Sandy grinned back, 'Little, yes. But sweet?' Gwen replied for him, 'I think daddy means that my cunt tastes sweet, mommy!' Everyone started to laugh.