The Bet

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Have you even been just almost asleep somewhere where people were talking? Their voices blend into an echoing, almost musical sound. That's what I was hearing. I have no idea why I remember that, but I do. Considering the situation I was in, it's pretty strange, but I'll leave that to you to judge.

My soon-to-be wife and I were fun loving, experimental people. We competed a lot, racing to be the first to complete a project, being the first to find a difficult-to-locate item to purchase, racing down the hill when we went skiing, things like that. We also argued a lot, mostly good-natured, which would usually end in a bet. Then no amount of effort was considered extraordinary to find the correct answer so we could then lord it over the loser and collect whatever penance we had agreed to in advance. Mostly it was household chores, ironing, cleaning, or cooking a special meal, but it was also a way to get the other to try some sexual kink that they had not agreed to before.

I remember that the names of the original astronauts were one of my great victories, which got me one of my greatest sexual thrills. I got to tie my blindfolded girlfriend down on the bed and fuck her then-virgin asshole. The blindfold wasn't a real turn-on, but it was a stroke of genius on my part that allowed me to hastily set up the camcorder and record the event for my later pleasures too. (I never told her about the video she starred in.)

It wasn't an awfully long time after that episode though, that having failed to correctly name the Great Lakes put me in the same position with her manning (pun intended) a strap-on dildo.

After a year together, we had just about tried everything our warped minds could come up with, including a few trysts with others, sometimes alone, sometime in the company of each other.

Eventually, though, we got into an argument over something so mundane I can't even remember what it was, but we couldn't find a reliable answer. During the ensuing jibes and taunts over the next few weeks, the bet grew and grew. When it finally peaked, the bet was that the loser was going to orally please a member of their own sex. This of course would be verified by the other one watching from start to finish. There were many taunting phone calls in the middle of the day, and innuendoes passed back and forth until one day, she came up with the verifiable answer.

I was wrong. I had lost.

When she got home, she was laughing and giggling like a school girl. I tried to talk her out of it, but she was adamant. She'd let me fuck her ass. That had hurt, but she'd accepted it because she lost the bet. And now she was calling on me to honor my bet. I didn't have a real choice.

A couple of weeks passed, with her occasionally reminding me of the bet, but she didn't seem to be in any rush. A friend of mine came over for dinner one night and when he went off to the bathroom, she looked me in the eye and said, "So you want to suck him off?" and then laughed her head off as she ran off to the bedroom. When he came back out, she said nothing more about it. I asked her what that had been about and she just said that she'd let me know when my "cumming out" would be. She thought that line was pretty hilarious too.

Not much more was said for a couple of months, and I actually thought that she had forgotten or changed her mind. I found out differently at a New Years' party.

There were 5 couples there, all around our age and all friends of ours and each other. One of the couples we had had sex with, one at a time, but the rest were just friends. Things were progressing pretty much like most parties, with the chatter becoming louder, the jokes more raunchy, and the speech more slurred as we consumed more and more of our preferred beverage.

Just before midnight, my girlfriend called for attention. As everyone stopped talking and turned to listen to her, I watched, confused at what she might have to say to the group. She got right down to the basics quickly though. "As you know, we argue and bet a lot. All of the girls here know how our last bet came out."

There were giggles from all of the women and a serious blush from me, since I didn't know she'd told anyone else. "All of them agreed to let tonight be the payoff. Our last bet was that if I lost, I would lick a woman to orgasm while he watched." At this the guys all cheered.

"But I didn't lose. He did. And his bet was that he'd suck off a man of my choosing. And I have all of the girls' permission to choose one of you four." The guys had a nervous laugh at that, but I was the one that was really nervous. "So unless any of you have anything against blowjobs, then follow me and I will make my choice in the bedroom. You stay here." she said as she looked at me. Everyone trooped into the bedroom but me.

From what I heard later, she had each of the guys take out his cock and his girlfriend would play with it and suck it to get it all the way hard. Once she had seen all of the cocks, she picked one, not surprisingly the biggest one. When the other guys protested, their girlfriends promised they would get them off after the party.

When she came out of the bedroom she was leading her chosen guy by the cock. She sat him down on couch where he spread open his legs and looked at me expectantly. "Well?" my sexy girlfriend said. "We're all waiting for a good cocksucking demonstration. And no stopping until it's dry." Everyone laughed. I glanced around and saw several digital cameras at the ready.

"Hey, no pictures!" I cried.

"Ummmm, let's see. This is from the guy who videoed the loss of my ass virginity and then showed it to his friends? I don't think so. Everyone can take pictures, videos and show them to whoever they want." She had me. I had no idea she knew about the video. And had no idea how she knew I'd had a little private screening for a couple of the guys at work. I was beaten. I knelt down between his legs and looked at the cock standing tall in front of me. I reached for it with my hand. She slapped my hand down. "We're here to see a blowjob, not a hand job. Get to sucking."

I leaned over and took the head in my mouth. It was soft and spongy against my tongue. I was surprised at the warmth of it. There was a slight salty taste, which I soon realized was the small amount of precum leaking from the tip. I swirled my tongue around the head and felt the twitch of the meat in my mouth that told me that that had felt good. Everyone was talking, but the sound faded. I heard the comments, but my main focus was in my mouth.

A hand, I'm assuming my girlfriend's, pushed down on my head, urging me to start the bobbing motion. I let the cock slide deeper into my mouth, sliding over my tongue. The contrast was amazing, the soft spongy head on my tongue sliding back to my throat and the rock hard shaft between my lips. I started bobbing, fucking his cock with my mouth. I heard words, barely registering like cocksucker, faggot, cum-slut.

Everything but his cock was a blur though. And his cock was crystal clear. His hands came up and held my head. He was starting to pump into my mouth, a little deeper than I liked, but I managed to keep from choking. Suddenly another realization. I had an incredible hardon myself. And it hadn't escaped my girlfriend's attention. She was pointing out the bulge to the others who found it incredibly funny. Then, nothing but salt in my mouth, filling it with a slimy, gooey, salty liquid. There was chanting from behind me. "Swallow it, swallow it, swallow it."

I did. Gulping to keep from choking, taking it all down, drinking until he began to soften, until the pulsing stopped, until his clean, shiny cock slipped from my mouth.

Then my girlfriend was on her knees beside me, kissing me, holding me, and telling me that she loved me. That she was proud of me, whispering in my ear. "You really liked that, didn't you? Next bet you lose you get it in your ass - a big black one, on video, in public." I came in my pants.