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Preface: Don't let anyone tell you that little girls aren't sexual. Here's proof of the matter, once and for all. Little eight-year-old Angie's magnificent body will tempt even the most professed of the righteous. Her Uncle Rick will certainly attest to his addiction for the little angel and after reading this story, you'll be an expert on "Lickety-Split." But don't try this exercise by yourself. Most any eight-year-old can give instructions.

"E-e-e-e! Do that again, Uncle Rick." she begged, as my face remained buried between her seductively-smooth "little girl" thighs.

After a few minutes of mutual tickling and a dose of "out of control" horseplay, my eight-year-old niece, wearing her usual tantalizing, seductive nightshirt and panties, carelessly spread her shapely, tanned legs while her nightshirt obediently rose above her waist. Giggling and screaming out loud, she reclined on her back, wearing an impish grin while temptation filled my aroused brain with thoughts of planting my mouth directly over her tasty-looking, panty-covered, preteen snatch.

A sudden quickening of my heart began the instant the faint outline of her tiny slit revealed the location of her forbidden secrets, her untouched child sex and the most sacred thing on the planet…a child's tight little fuck-hole. I wanted her. She was too damn cute and delicious-looking to let a little moral thinking get in the way.

More squealing filled the room, building to a crescendo of hysterical screams when she felt my warm, wet mouth blow 'strawberries' on her crotch through the thin material of her panties. Her back arched from the couch cushion, thrusting her groin into my face while I continued. But the little temptress soon discovered that clamping her legs around my head only inspired me to cup my hands under her smooth bottom and pull her squirming body tighter to my face.

Soon, in a moment of pure lust and desire, an eager tongue found a convenient opening, sliding the leg of her 'Sponge Bob' decorated underwear to one side while licking the delicate smoothness of her pubic mound. The alluring purity of her young pussy drew my tongue deeper into her tender vagina. And OH! What a thrilling opportunity to sample her sweet, elusive nectar. More squeals escaped from her mouth as she squirmed, but I remained undaunted and driven as the tip of my hardened tongue finally reached the very 'quick' of her young sex.

Unlike the adult women I had been with, my niece's immature pussy was still undeveloped and difficult to penetrate as I struggled to plunge my tongue deeper into her delicious, pink little hole. But I continued, licking, lapping and sucking everything her body had to offer.

"Hey! You're Licking My PEE-PEE, Uncle Rick!" she complained, just as her mother happened to walk unannounced into the room.

"What are you doing to my daughter?" Her stern words of anger echoed through my brain, quashing any more illicit thoughts and igniting trembles to wrack every fiber in my body. The ol' anal sphincter tightened as I composed my reply.

"Oh…a-h…we're just playing, ah…sis," I replied with an animated smile as I glanced up from between her young daughter's open thighs.

"I don't like the way you two are playing and if I ever find out that you've molested or had sex with my daughter…w-e-l-l…you'll pay with your life, brother or NOT!" she stammered.

They say that God sometimes provides for the moment, so I have GOD to thank for my sister's failing eyesight and hearing. Since she was only a child herself, diabetes has plagued her life with bouts of kidney disease, heart problems and sight-stealing glaucoma.

I've always felt sorry for her, so when her husband suddenly ran off with another woman, I moved into her house to look after her and her daughter. But I wasn't counting on the bonus of her cute little child and that delightful little body which seemed to continually occupy my thoughts. Just being in the same room with the little cutie inspires a constant erection.

As if Angie realized that I wasn't supposed to be doing the naughty things which I had been doing to her, she remained quiet until her mother left the room. Then she whispered.

"Uncle Rick, are you in trouble with my mom?" she asked as I picked her up in my arms and carried her from the living room to the family room.

"No sweetie. Your mom couldn't actually SEE what we were doing because her eyes are on the fritz," I responded as I kissed the little darling squarely on her thin lips.

"Can I sleep in your bed tonight…plea-s-s-s-s?" she asked as she batted those pretty, sparkling blue eyes. The question needed an answer, but I had to think for a minute before I replied.

"Your mom might not like that," I whispered while slipping a finger under the thin material of her panties and stealing a fast feel of her delectable warm, soft slit. Nothing was said for a few minutes until I placed Angie on the couch in the family room.

"But she won't know if I come into your bed after she falls asleep," she whispered, wearing a bright grin as if she had just solved the secrets of life.

"We'll see, my love," I answered while having visions of having her smooth, naked body all to myself, if and when she might sneak into my bed later.

Since moving into my sister's house, the seduction of her pretty daughter was soon to be my chosen quest. I simply couldn't stop. The sight of the child's sensuously smooth, young body and shapely butt was a constant temptation. During a few lucky moments when she sat on my lap to watch a movie on the TV or play a computer game, Angie tolerated my increasing sexual advances.

Occasionally she let me massage her enticingly soft pubic mound, my fingertips gently smoothing over the material of her shorts or whatever she was wearing that day. She was my first attempt at fondling a child and her sweet little body proved to be intensely addictive. The first touch of her silky smooth thighs sent ripples of arousal to my brain but the heat from her sex was too much to ignore as I continued to edge my fingertips closer to her little pussy one eventful day.

A brief look of puzzlement covered her face when she felt the heat from my hand directly over her slit. Then without further comment she leaned back on my chest as she sat on my lap, spreading her legs as if to allow my hand easy access to her crotch.

While toying with the zipper on her shorts, I imagined the sensation awaiting me if I managed to get inside of her panties. My brain went numb with anticipation followed by a smile as I suddenly remembered that Angie's mother was still shopping and not due home for hours.

"Hey! You un-zipped me," Angie suddenly blurted as I slowly slid her zipper down. Giggles soon erupted when I tickled her sides to take her mind off my efforts at getting into her underpants.

"That tickles," she complained as my long middle finger finally found its mark, the sensuous beginning of her panty-covered slit. Finally my hand was mostly inside of her shorts, fondling and exploring the most erotic places on the little girl.

"What if my mom sees us?" she whispered, as if another person was in the room. The way she worded her question with the word "us" was revealing, meaning that she was a willing participant.

"Your mom's still shopping honey, so if you don't tell…I won't either," I whispered in her ear, drawing her deeper into the peril of our behavior, but also cementing the idea that I wanted her to never mention our activities to her suspicious mother.

Silence in a room can mean lots of things but in this case, it was indicative of dirty deeds with a preteen child. Nothing was said as my little niece allowed me to unbutton her shorts. The sight of those sexy white cotton, little girl panties made my cock rigid and swollen with desire to fuck her tight little cunt right then.

Every night since moving in with my sister and her daughter, vivid fantasies of fucking this little girl filled my brain as I masturbated endlessly. An imagined vision, a pallet of the smoothness of her preteen pussy was formed in my mind, but the sensation of fucking any child would be the best sex any guy could ever hope for.

"You can take my shorts off if ya' wanna', Uncle Rick," Angie suggested with a thin smile when I tried to slide my thick hand deeper into her pants.

Suddenly without warning, the front door of the house sprang open with the unmistakable sounds of Angie's mother arriving home. Angie, to her credit and quick thinking, immediately sprang from my lap and ran to the bathroom. She had just enough time to get out of the room before her mother would cover the distance from the living room to the family room. Unable to drive because of her poor eyesight, a neighbor friend usually drove her to the shopping mall or grocery store while I stayed home with Angie.

The room took on an air of suspicious concern as Angie's mother strolled in wearing a smirk on her face as if she suspected something amiss. Come to think of it, she always seemed to wear that 'same' look whenever she came home. Or maybe it's just me, feeling a little guilty for molesting her daughter and violating her trust.

"Hi Rick. Where's my daughter? Was she good? Or did you two have the time of your lives while I was gone?" she asked in an accusatory style as she stood in front of me while I remained seated on the couch. The strong urge to answer with a sarcastic remark was soon overcome by a stronger urge to sooth her suspicions.

Due to her bad eyesight I reasoned, she wasn't easily convinced of anything and she was constantly afraid of being taken advantage of. The sad part was that she often called her own daughter a liar, even though she was usually telling the truth.

That night an argument developed between my sister and her daughter. Accusations were made until finally, Angie stood her ground with her mother.

"Mommy! Uncle Rick hasn't ever touched me like you say. All we do is play and watch TV. So please stop saying stuff that isn't true."

At that very moment I was as proud as I could be of my little niece. The retort to her nagging mother was mature sounding and said with conviction. Little did her mother really know it but the truth was right in front of her. AND the fact that her young, eight-year-old daughter was a little sexpot in training was MY little secret. At the very least, Angie's defense of me to her mother was a testament that she liked being felt up and sexually sought after.

An excited cock hardened to an immediate erection while copious amounts of pre-cum dripped into a sticky pool in my underwear. Absentmindedly my hand moved to my crotch and began to massage the lump in my pants while Angie continued defending me, and lying on my behalf to her mother. The battle continued until both had their say, but Angie's mother was outnumbered.

Her daughter and I were allies with a common agenda but I stayed out of the argument. All I knew was that my little eight-year-old niece was closer to me than to her troubled mom. At that moment I realized that soon, having sex with the little girl would be only a question of timing.

"Sob, sob," Angie cried as she came into the room and climbed up on my lap after the argument with her mother finally ended. The door to my sister's bedroom closed with a "slam" as she retired for the night; a sign that she was out of the way for at least a while so Angie and I could resume our play.

"Uncle Rick?" Angie whined as she finally cried herself into a spacey sort of quiet. Her thumb, I noticed, was in her mouth like a two year old.

"Yes sweetie?" I replied, kissing her affectionately on the cheek.

"My mom said that all you want is to…do bad things to me," she stammered.

"Your mom thinks that ALL men are bad because of what your daddy did to her when he left you two alone." I answered. After all, it WAS the truth as far as I could reason. Angie's mother seemed to have a hatred for men including me, her only brother. Then without prompting Angie smiled up at me with an impish grin all over her pretty face.

"Uncle Rick?"

"Yes sweetie?" I answered.

"You wanna' touch me again? I won't tell, I promise," she whispered as she reached for my hand and quickly placed it between her warm, smooth thighs. It was like a gift from above. My adorable eight-year-old niece wanted me to molest her sweet little body.

The thought suddenly occurred to me that maybe it was just her way of spiting her mother after a heated argument…or maybe she just craved the sensation of having her pussy played with. To my stiff cock which was by now at a full erection and straining like an animal in my pants to come out and play, the reason for Angie's generous invitation wasn't important.

In spite of her mother's troublesome moods and tirades, Angie was still a happy little girl and knew what she wanted. The cute dimples on her face were persuasive to a guy like me, and a constant reminder of her young, preteen age. To me her age was the inspiration fueling my desire for the sweetness of her tempting little body.

Wondering if Angie's mother was asleep, I asked my niece to put her ear to her mother's door and check things out. To my disappointment and concern, I heard the bedroom door creak open as Angie stuck her head inside to make sure her mother was asleep. Then with a huge smile on her face my little muse skipped back into the room and reached for my hand, motioning me to follow her somewhere.

"You wanna' watch me pee?" she asked cheerfully in a whisper as she opened the bathroom door. Without waiting for my reply she quickly undressed and sat on the toilet, totally naked and unconcerned that I was watching her. The sight of her small, smooth naked body fired up my loins. Standing directly in front of her as she sat on the pot, I began smoothing my fingertips through her fine, blond hair.

Occasionally she looked up and smiled, inspiring a kiss from me as I imagined all the things I would do to my little nymph once she was in my bed. While smacking my lips I gazed at her delightful features, staring for a minute as her smooth little pussy slit which looked very edible, but in my mind, maybe too tight to fuck at her young age.

"We-l-l?" she suddenly commented with a puzzled look.

"Well what, Honey?" I replied, wondering what she was asking for.

"Aren't ya gonna wipe my pee-pee?" she grinned as she handed me a piece of toilet paper. It was a first! I had never touched a child's bare pussy before so my heart raced with excitement as I reached between Angie's smooth, open thighs to wipe her slit. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy every minute as I took my sweet time, extending my finger for a sampling of her delightful naked sex. The sensation was the most erotic experience of my life.

"Oh-oh," she moaned as I fingered her tight little fuck-hole, plunging in and out in a natural rhythm while finger-fucking her as she continued to sit with her tiny legs spread open on the toilet. She watched with intense interest when I stopped for a minute to wet my finger with saliva.

"O-o-o. Uncle Rick, that feels s-o-o-o…O-M-I-G-O-D!" she whispered as she leaned back and opened her legs wider. Nearly bringing her to an orgasm, I stopped fingering her little cunt and carried her quickly into my bedroom.

"Aren't you gonna' get naked too?" she asked with a naughty smile as I placed her on the bed. Without any comment from me, I was soon undressed. Angie's eyes widened when she spotted my thick, meaty adult cock spring out of my underwear. Her eyes were glued to my groin as I kneeled on the bed and scooted close to her side.

Hesitantly she reached for my shaft but then I guided her tiny hand the rest of the way, placing her fingertips around me as she began stroking my manhood while my free, right hand reached for her nearest, silky smooth thigh. Tingles in my fingertips continued as I felt every inch between her open legs, massaging, fingering and finally spreading her tender vagina for a peek into the depths of her immature sex. Moist droplets clung to the lining of her little pussy, revealing her excitement and arousal as she played with my penis while I played with her young sex.

"One time my daddy did this to me too," Angie mumbled suddenly.

"Did what?" I replied with curiosity and wonder in my brain.

"Oh, my daddy used to put his finger inside of me sometimes when my mom wasn't home and then we sometimes played a game called "Lickety-Split" when he licked my crack with his tongue. It felt all tingly when he did that just like when you put your mouth on my panties that time," she commented as her hips began to gyrate, hunching my finger while I finger-fucked her little brains into a raging orgasm. Moans filled the room while my little fuck-mate thrashed on the bed, her hips thrusting higher with each trembling of her small body until finally climaxing.

The satiated look on Angie's pretty face was its own reward. It was then I realized how much I loved this little girl. As she laid on her back, quiet and in a sort of distant place somewhere in her little brain, my face found its place between her sweet, open thighs.

"MMM! OH-MY! Uncle Rick. Yes! OH YES! " Angie whispered while my busy tongue lapped inside of her slit. The taste was surprising. Her little snatch was fresh and flavorful, consuming me with passion and driving me to a frenzy of hunger for more of her delights. She complained only briefly when I suddenly licked inside of her tight little butt crack.

"I love you, Uncle Rick," she whispered as I probed her tiny body, licking and sucking her juices, her little girl tastes and the very essence of her innocence.

"I love you too, my love," I whispered in reply, edging my way up her tiny body until my hands were supporting my body as I hovered over hers. We gazed for a moment into each other's eyes and then I kissed her thin lips while guiding my swollen cock to the entrance of her ravaged vagina.

"Are you gonna put your thingy in me?" she asked when she felt the warm thickness of my penis touch her.

"It might sting for just a second, Sweetie," I answered as the heat and wetness of her young pussy seemed to draw me into her incredibly tight fuck-hole.

"Ouch! It hurts, Uncle Rick!" as I plunged deeper into the most powerfully erotic sensation of my life. Angie's small vagina gripped my cock, refusing to yield to its massive size. After coating my penis with plenty of lubricating saliva, the sensation of finally fucking this little girl was beyond my fantasies and turning my brain into Jell-O with each measured push and withdrawal into her body.

Total mind-numbing pleasure and sexual gratification bathed my cock until my balls answered the call of having sex with a cute, underage little girl. Slowly fucking the child, I continued to pump her small pussy while hot sperm filled her hole with my seed. Her eyes were closed tightly I noticed, as she lay with her head on the pillow, facing the ceiling.

Meanwhile ripples of the most intensely rewarding orgasm ever flooded every molecule in my brain. Angie's tight little vagina seemed to grip the sides of my shaft, milking the last drop of semen as I slowly and hesitantly pulled out of her delightful pussy.

A river of glistening sperm oozed from Angie's swollen preteen vagina, collecting in a pool on the sheets between her thighs and sticking like glue to her smooth butt cheeks. The sight was satisfying, a reminder of accomplishment and a promise of more sex with the little girl. Suddenly her tiny eyes fluttered open as she groaned under her breath. Then a smile grew over her cute dimpled face as if she was pleased and fulfilled.

We hugged and kissed for a few moments until the door to the bedroom suddenly flew open with a "Bang!"

"You BASTARD! I'll KILL You! I'll…." The threatening words of anger coming from Angie's mother tapered off as she fell with a 'thud' to the bedroom floor.

"MOMMY! MOMMY!" Angie screamed as her mother writhed on the floor, clutching her chest as if she was consumed with intense pain.

"HELP ME! Get My Pills!" her mother pleaded as Angie held her while I quickly dressed. Then all was suddenly still and quiet in the bedroom. Her mother's eyes rolled back in her head while Angie glanced up at me to do something. It was too late!

The funeral was the saddest I had ever attended. Angie cried hysterically and wouldn't let me come near her. I felt ashamed for my behavior and guilty for her mother's death. I cried too, but mostly from feeling overwhelming guilt. After all…NO ONE dies from a heart attack at the age of only thirty-five, but my sister's ill health was complicit…and so was I.

A palpable, ominous sadness filled the house as Angie and I co-existed together. I was given guardianship and she was aloof most of the time. She rarely said anything to me except when I drove her to school, waving "goodbye" after she got out of the car.

Attempts at consoling my niece were futile and sometimes angered her even more. But I remained hopeful that time would heal her nagging grief. Fits of rage began about three months later, as she suddenly erupted with accusations about ME causing her "mommy to die." Then she would cry in her bedroom and not come out until school the next morning.

One day I found myself looking in the phone book for professional help for the child, until a sobering moment of remembering the strange circumstances surrounding the death of Angie's mother changed my mind and thinking.

Months of anguish passed until Shelly, a friend of Angie's, happened to call, inviting her over for a weekend and a sleep-over party.

"Can I go, Uncle Rick?" Angie pleaded, using her old technique of getting her way with her eyes batting in an "I'm cute" manner.

"Sure honey. I hope you have a good time and I'll drive you and pick you up too," I replied cheerfully.

Angie's mood seemed to change as I drove to her friend's house that weekend. She surprised me when she asked for a "Slurpee" as we approached a Seven-Eleven. It was all good news. My troubled niece was back to her typical childhood interests and I was relieved beyond words. She even kissed me 'goodbye' as she got out of the car and ran into her friend's house.

"Hi Uncle Rick!" Angie hollered with exuberance as I picked her up from her sleep-over at Shelly's house. My heart warmed as she slid next to me on the seat and wrapped her arms around me for a hug. Tears of joy filled my eyes.

And then a familiar stir in my pants was a sign that things might be back to normal as my niece impishly and unexpectedly reached for the lump in my pants. Beaming a happy smile, she informed me that Shelly was invited to our house for the following weekend for a sleep-over. But the best news was yet to come.

"Guess what, Uncle Rick?" she asked excitedly as she continued to play with my swollen, throbbing cock which by now she had retrieved from the open fly in my pants.

"OK Honey. I'll buy whatever you're selling," I joked as my penis began to ooze pre-cum into her dainty hands while she massaged and toyed with my meat.

"Shelly and I played 'Lickety-Split' in her room and I told her that you knew some other cool stuff that you might teach her when she comes over for the weekend. Then her daddy came in and caught us so I showed him how to play the game too." Angie replied, wearing a wide, naughty sort of grin.