Learning To Share -With Dear Old Dad

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"Hey! You're NOT supposed to do that," nine-year-old Becky admonished her schoolmate, ten-year-old Richard Driscoll.

"But you promised," he whined with a tone of disappointment.

"I know, but NOT on the school bus, 'cause someone might tell."

"But you said if I gave you my Game Boy, you'd let me…Hey! How about we go to my house when we get off the bus? My mom's working late today," he suggested, hoping for a chance to feel up his first pussy and the soft, naked thighs of his cutest classmate.

"We-l-l…OK but I can't stay too long or my mom will ground me," Becky finally gave in with a thin grin.

Both kids jumped down from the bus step while Richard held Becky's hand, just in case she "conveniently forgot" about their deal.

"LET GO MY HAND!" Becky commanded as she tried to pull away.

"OH AWRIGHT." he replied as they headed for his house.

The very thought of seeing a girl's pussy caused his little pecker to get hard, making him conscious of the growing lump in his pants. Nonchalantly he tried to smooth it down, only to discover the curse that all guys suffer. A stiff cock rules and you might as well wait until it goes limp…OR do something good with it.

Becky was one of the cutest girls in Brookfield Grade School. Her delicate, fine, smooth skin looked fragile, untouchable and very desirable. Since second grade, Richard's attraction grew for the little tease. Recently his penis began responding every time he was near her alluring body. Her shapely little ass drove him wild with desire. Her smooth featured angelic face made his heart throb. But MOSTLY he wanted a peek at her pussy.

Yes! The little cock tease could be a real bitch at times, but he was willing to put up with her outright rudeness and selfish temperament. After all, she had the one thing he wanted out of life. But to his detriment Becky was fully aware of his wants and she took full advantage.

Richard's house seemed vacant as the two children walked in. Just to be sure no one was home he called out, alerting anyone in the house that he was home form school "Y-E-S!" he muttered as he realized the house was empty. Quickly tossing his backpack full of schoolbooks on the kitchen table, he asked his friend if she would like a coke or juice.

Becky seemed to glow with a sexually appealing "COME HITHER" look he noticed as she replied. "I'll have a coke." Then she set her own book bag down on the table and promptly asked to use the restroom.

"You can watch if ya wanna!" Becky hollered from the bathroom as she slid her panties down over her slender legs. Richard couldn't get to the bathroom fast enough. Carrying the refreshments in his two hands he tripped on a throw rug, almost falling on his ass.

His heartthrob was waiting for him when he entered the room. Becky's smooth, sexy cotton panties were pulled down to her ankles while she wore a naughty grin, which inspired Richard to drop to his knees for a better view of this rare, wonderful sight. Slowly, teasingly, she lifted the hem of her dress an inch or so at a time. Richard's body trembled with excitement and anticipation as her smooth, inviting thighs gradually revealed those secret places on a girl, the places that occupied his little brain with wonder. His mouth watered with drool. His cock swelled, straining in his underwear and his eyes, now saucer big, had never been opened so wide.

Finally, finally, yes! There it was. Becky's smooth, hairless little slit seemed to light up the room as if it was the holy grail of pussy itself. She grinned at the thought of her friend Richard, so totally captivated by her vagina. To her it was no big deal, but she was enjoying the power she had over a boy. Teasing him, she opened her thighs, then closed them repeatedly while watching his eyes and face for a reaction.

Then it happened; a pleasant tingle between her thighs when Richard reached out to touch her young snatch. Ripples of warmth radiated through her body, followed by more strange but tingly sensations when his fingers touched her private places, the very places that she knew were sacred and off limits. But she was too aroused to care and besides, she liked Richard and secretly wondered about touching his penis too.

"OHMIGOD" Richard said under his breath as Becky stood in front of him, allowing his trembling hand to caresses her sensuously soft, inner thighs. The heat from her sex attracted his fingers to her slit, probing, feeling, massaging the little girl's pussy until she finally abruptly stopped him.

"OK. Are you satisfied NOW?" she asked in a sarcastic tone as she plopped down on the toilet to pee. Richard couldn't talk, but his head nodded "Yes" as he stood in a daze while Becky relieved herself. The sound of Becky's urine splashing in the toilet seemed erotic in some way. Richard had never witnessed a girl peeing. Then true to her nature, Becky commanded him to wipe her pee hole.

"OK, you gotta wipe me now." she ordered with a smirk. Richard lived for this moment. His hands reached between the girl's heavenly, open thighs once again. But this time Becky's slit was open and easily explored by a fingertip as he wiped her pee hole with a piece of tissue. She was patient as Richard fingered her tiny vagina, making her pussy tingle again and inspiring Becky to suddenly unzip his fly when a sudden spark of sexual arousal flooded her brain. The powerful feeling was inspirational.

Soon she had his pants below his knees and was about to slip his underwear off when Richard beat her to it. In haste and with purpose, his fingers quickly had his shorts down to his feet. Becky marveled at the smooth, stiff penis that hung between her friend's legs. Her warm, soft hands felt incredible to the boy as she cupped his ball sack, massaging and playing with his throbbing little cock until his juice suddenly began oozing from the tip.

"Oooo! What's this stuff?" she asked, examining the strange goo between her fingertips.

"OH-UH, that stuff comes out whenever someone touches me." he replied, not really having a clue about why and what.

The sudden sound of the front door opening shattered what promised to be an eventful, sexually fulfilling afternoon. Richard froze as he wondered who was home. His mother should still be working he realized, but then another possibility entered his brain.

"Damn! It's my little brother," Richard complained out loud. Becky and he remained as quiet as they could in the bathroom, hoping that Robert, his little eight-year-old brother, would soon leave the house and play outside.

"I know you guys are in there. I saw Becky's book bag on the table," Robert's voice suddenly filled the bathroom as he stood outside the door.

"Knock! Knock! Open up you guys, or I'll tell mom that you two were in the bathroom together."

"What a brat!" Becky whispered as she suddenly reached for the doorknob and unlocked it. Robert suddenly burst in the room as she grinned with a suspicious gleam in her eyes. Now standing in awe at the sight of Becky's open thighs and bare pussy while she sat on the toilet, the eight-year-old blurted. "W-w-what are you guys doing?"

Glaring at his younger brother with hate and anger all over his face, Richard started to bawl little Robert out but Becky spoke up first. "C'mere," she commanded as she reached for Robert's arm. His little pecker was already getting hard as he tried to pretend to not notice the amazing sight before his eyes.

Lately Robert had been watching the little girls in his class, often wondering about the secret places between THEIR smooth thighs. He longed to see a pussy some day and maybe even touch one. All the girls he knew seemed to be stuck up and distant, hanging out with other girls and teasing the guys by wearing short, revealing dresses or hip hugger jeans, only to show off their sexy little butts.

Yes! He wanted desperately to touch Mary Ann, his current heartthrob. But she didn't even know he existed. Today was his lucky day. Finally he was close to a real pussy, not a baby's little pussy, but a real live girl, and a pretty one at that!

Robert's body trembled as he edged slowly towards Becky. His eyes focused intently between her thighs as she pulled him by the arms and finally placed his hands on her legs. Shivers ran through his spine as shaky fingertips drank in her warm, silky smooth skin. His cock swelled in his underwear, inspiring a smile on Becky's face when she saw the lump in his pants.

Gently but firmly, she pulled his hands deeper between her thighs until finally, finally, he made contact with her warm, elusive sex. The little boy almost passed out from the excitement and intense sexual arousal as he absorbed the sensation of touching his first pussy. Then as if he had touched something hot, his hand quickly withdrew, only to return after some hesitation for another feel of Becky's sweet little slit. His brain was overwhelmed with sensation and euphoria. His little dick was ready to explode.

Richard watched as his little brother joined in the party. Angry at first, he was now enjoying the show. Absentmindedly, his own hand was busy massaging himself as he stood quietly while Becky seduced Robert. She continued to smile, pleased with herself at the obvious response from the little boy while she let him feel all he dared between her thighs. Then Robert's pants suddenly fell, resting on his ankles.

Richard momentarily stopped playing with HIS erect cock and watched with anticipation as Becky slid his brother's underwear lower and lower until his tiny penis almost brushed her cheek. Then Becky glanced up at Richard, wearing a naughty grin all over her face as she began to play with Robert's sex. The child gasped as the warm, intensely arousing sensation of her smooth fingers wrapped around his shaft. Massaging, caressing, but mostly playing with his immature penis and balls.

The bathroom was beginning to resemble the setting for an orgy in the making. Becky with her panties down to her ankles, Richard with his underwear down to his feet and eight-year-old Robert getting his first hand-job from a very cute little girl.

Growing up in the suburbs doesn't get any better, unless you're a father who just happened to come home from work early, one lucky, memorable day.

With all the sexual excitement and distractions that were going on in the bathroom that afternoon, no one remembered to lock the door. True there were other bathrooms in the house, but this particular one had some pills that dear old dad needed after a stressful day at the office. The kids would soon regret their carelessness when the door suddenly opened up to reveal an unexpected, shocking sight.

"What's going on here? You guys having a party in the bathroom or something? You boys better put your pants on and Becky, you can come with me…or on second thought, you boys go outside and play while I talk to your little friend here." Richard's father commanded with a chuckle under his breath as he sized up the surprising, but comical situation with the three kids.

Thoughts of his own sexually starved childhood flashed through his brain as he licked his lips with anticipation.

Sarah Waters was his childhood dream back then, he remembered. She never actually let him see her sweet little pussy until one day he forced the little girl to undress in the backyard shed after he threatened her with a little blackmail. One day he had witnessed the child with another boy in the neighborhood. They were both undressed and playing Doctor in an old car that used to sit unoccupied in her yard.

Today would right all those unhappy days of a past that left him emotionally scarred from all the rejection he suffered at the hands of numerous little neighborhood sluts. They called him ugly, making constant fun of his big ears and freckles, but that was then and this is NOW. Fucking the cute little girl in his bathroom would somehow make things right.

"Well darling. You could be in a lot of trouble with your parents, or…you can be nice to me," he whispered with a telling grin, as if someone else might hear.

Becky understood the vague connection between "being nice" and some sort of sexual activity right away. She was almost afraid to ask what he meant, but her mind wondered anyway, just in case it meant something less frightening.

"Waddya mean, Mr. Driscoll, about being nice to you?" she asked softly, hoping for a better answer than the one she imagined.

"We-l-l honey. All you have to do is let me have a look at your sweet little body, naked and on my bed. And I won't tell a soul about what I caught you kids doing in the bathroom. I promise you'll like everything I do, but we have to hurry because the boy's mother will be home from work at six. I KNOW you don't want her to find out about your behavior. After all, mothers talk to each other in this neighborhood and well…you know your mom would hear all about it. So sweetie, let's go and get it over with." He explained as he scooped Becky up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom.

Tears welled up in the little girl's eyes as she was placed on the huge bed. Suddenly her dress was removed as she held up her arms to allow the garment to clear her body.

"Mmm. Your smooth little body looks delicious. I don't blame my boys for wanting a peek at that tasty looking little pussy. There, there, don't worry. I'm not gonna hurt you at all."

Becky cringed as her thighs were gently opened. Mr. Driscoll's hands massaged between her legs while the heat from his breath warmed her panty-covered slit. Then she wondered why his face was over her vagina. It was a total surprise when his tongue began licking her skin, from her feet to her panties. It felt odd at first, but soon she was enjoying the new sensation. Her mind and body finally relaxed as she let him do things to her body, things she could never have imagined. And then her tiny eyes closed in a release of submission as she surrendered to more pleasures and new sexually stimulating things, the likes of which she never dreamed of during her young life.

Becky's small, preteen body responded automatically it seemed, raising her butt from the bed as her panties slid slowly down her hips. Mr. Driscoll's eyes widened with expectations at the rare sight of the little girl's sex and heavenly-soft pubic mound that begged to be tasted and caressed. His mouth watered as the child's smooth, inviting vagina suddenly came into view. Obediently she opened her thighs even wider, encouraging her adult lover to continue making her feel all nice and tingly between her legs. Sighs of sexual delight escaped from her thin lips as she felt the thick, wet tongue lick inside of her tight little cunt, making her whole body warm, throbbing with intense sensations and raw, sexual arousal.

Mr. Driscoll was totally immersed and captivated by Becky's young, smooth little pussy. His tongue dipped into the depths of her sex, searching, sucking her sweet juices and tasting the essence of her innocence. With purpose, and a frenzy fueled by lust, his mouth clamped over the grade schooler's soft, puffy pubic mound. His tongue was busy, hungrily searching her slit until he discovered her tiny clitoris.

The little girl squirmed and moaned as he sucked her clit between his lips, licking and teasing the tissue until Becky arched her back off the bed and began violently pushing her groin into his face. The sensation of a child hunching like that was something to see and behold he thought, as he continued until grunts and groans filled the bedroom while Becky's body thrashed on the bed with the beginnings of an orgasm.

"OH-OH-OHMI-OHMIGOD!" Becky cried out repeatedly, pushing her hips into his face while Mr. Driscoll undressed himself completely, throwing his clothes in a corner and quickly aiming his swollen cock into the tightest pussy he had ever experienced in his adult life. The fourth grader tried to fend off the thick, meaty penis as soon as she felt the intrusion into her tiny fuck-hole. The warm, smooth lining of the child's pussy was magnetic, drawing him deeper, pushing into the little girl with firmness.

Screams filled the room as Becky's thin cherry split open, causing intense pain that traveled like lightning to her brain. She tried to push him away, calling him a bastard and threatening to tell her "mommy". But then as if it never happened, his little fuck mate murmured something under her breath, finally succumbing to having sex for the first time and embracing all that went with it.

Once again, Becky's eyes closed as she gave in, lying on her back while absorbing everything that was happening to her young brain and body while letting her schoolmate's father have his way with her.

In and out, in and out. Mr. Driscoll fucked the pretty little girl until his balls welled up, sending a message to his brain and finally filling Becky's preteen vagina with so much sperm that it made slurping sounds as the thick, sticky fluid flooded her tiny hole. Continuing to impale the little girl, he resumed fucking and pushing deeper into her ravished pussy while his mind went numb from the most intense orgasm of his life. The sensation was so powerful that he felt drugged, his brain consumed with euphoria and best of all, his cock still buried in this child's amazing body.

Meanwhile the two boys had their ears glued to the bedroom door, listening to their dad fucking their little friend. Becky's muffled screams and cries remained in their brains but somehow they sensed that she was OK. They knew about their dad's penchant for little girls, having found a few kiddy porn pictures on his computer one day. They were certain he wouldn't hurt anyone and particularly, not their good friend and neighbor, pretty nine- year-old Becky.

"OK, you little cunt. Whenever I want you from this day on, your sweet little pussy is mine. Every Sunday after church, I'll be waiting right here and if you don't show up, I'm gonna' have to tell your mom and dad what you were doing with my boys in the bathroom. I know what a little tease like you does to boys and you ain't gonna tease no more."

Richard couldn't believe the words coming out of his dad's mouth as the stern sounding comments transmitted easily through the hollow door. Becky didn't reply he noticed, wondering if she was all right, or crying or worse.

Suddenly the door opened, revealing the fact that both boys had probably been listening the whole time. Dear old dad wasn't particularly angry with his kids for eavesdropping, but their presence DID give him an idea.

"Hold on sweetie. My little Richard here is entitled to some of that tight little pussy too."

"I havta' go home now…please?" Becky begged as a trickle of tears soon began to run slowly down her cheeks.

"Oh c'mon, my love. You KNOW you want some of my son's cock. Now…ain't that right?"

"Please, Mr. Driscoll. I really havta'…how 'bout I come back tomorrow after school? I promise I'll do whatever Richard wants…I promise…I havta' go home now." she whined and sobbed as she suddenly slid from the bed and touched the floor with her feet. Her mind was set on getting out of the bedroom as fast as she could.

"All right, young lady. Better be here tomorrow and make sure my boys have a good time fucking that little pussy of yours like I did…and by the way, you better wash all that cum from your legs before you go home." Mr. Driscoll replied with a snicker as Becky rushed into the bathroom to clean the gooey evidence from her legs.

Becky cried all the way home. Her little pussy throbbed from 'first time sex' with an adult…her first time with anyone, she pondered. She slipped into the back door of her house to avoid any contact with her parents. She would take a shower.

"YES, A SHOWER IS WHAT I NEED," she mumbled as she finally made her way safely into the bathroom.

"Is that you, honey?" her mother hollered from somewhere in the house.

"Yes mom. I'm sorry I'm late but I was playing and lost track of the time," Becky hollered in reply as she quickly undressed.

The warm water felt wonderful she mused as she washed her troubles away. Her vagina was feeling better too but her thighs and butt still had lots of that sticky stuff all over. Scrubbing vigorously while trying to get the last bit of dried semen from her skin, Becky suddenly reminisced about the nice, warm sensation of Mr. Driscoll's penis as he lay on top of her. It hurt at first, but after a bit it was different, tingly and pleasant inside of her vagina.

"No! I'm NOT going back to that house ever." she said to herself, but that would all change when something in her little preteen brain nagged at her to reconsider. "NO! I'm NOT EVER," she argued with herself until she was beginning to run out of hot water, reminding her to quickly shampoo her hair and rinse the soap away.

Becky's warm, soft bed was like a sanctuary from the evils of the world…and that mean Mr. Driscoll. Yet it wasn't all THAT bad, she thought as her finger slid easily into her panties, searching for that spot, the very place on her body that Mr. Driscoll found that afternoon and the same place that Becky had been touching every since she could remember. Ahhh. There, that's it. Mmm.

Dreams sometimes reveal who we really are and the things we desire most. Becky continued to finger her little clitoris as she fell asleep. Suddenly she awoke to a mind blowing orgasm, causing her to moan and groan so loudly her mother suddenly appeared from nowhere.

"What's the matter, honey?" her mother asked in a soft, soothing voice.

"I wanna do it again," the little girl replied, suddenly realizing that her mother wasn't really in her room after all. It was all just a dream, a vivid recollection of her day and expectations for tomorrow.

"Yes. Tomorrow I'll go back and have sex with Richard and…and…maybe his little brother too," Becky thought to herself as her pussy tingled from the remembered sexually stimulating events at Richard's house. Sleep crept slowly into her brain as her finger slid back into her panties. All was well.

"You don't really havta' if you don't want to," Richard whispered to Becky the next day after they got home from school.

"I know, but your dad might find out and get mad," she replied as she followed him into the house. Richard's younger brother wasn't home yet so after finishing a coke, both kids wandered into Richard's bedroom. Suddenly the apprehension disappeared from Becky's mind. Pretending to be coy for a moment, she smiled meekly while slowly kicking her shoes off. First the left foot, followed by the right.

Richard's heart raced as he sat on the bed, watching the little fourth grader strip in animated "striptease fashion". Then Becky's smile turned into a naughty sort of grin as her socks soon came off, tossing them to Richard, one by one. His swollen little cock grew to an amazing size, throbbing, pulsing with blood as he adjusted the boner in his underwear. Then his mouth opened as his jaw literally dropped to his chest when Becky's panties came flying towards him. His arms extended quickly to catch the silky smooth underwear at the same instant the little girl suddenly flashed her naked, smooth little slit between those naked, sensuous looking thighs.

Richard's eyes focused intently between Becky's legs, drinking in every erotic inch of her delicate, pristine sex. Blood flowed to his erect penis increased while his temples pulsed with sexual excitement. His mouth watered, followed by an overpowering urge to fondle the forbidden treats, which stood only inches away. Becky continued to grin as she edged closer, offering her warm, smooth body, while she too, became sexually aroused.

Her pussy throbbed with anticipation while she opened her slim legs to allow Richard access and soon, like a caged animal just freed from bondage Richard seized the moment. His hands were everywhere between the girl's thighs. Becky totally opened herself, spreading her legs while moaning and sighing from the intense sensations of having her pussy felt up once again. She wanted him on top of her with his smooth, hard cock buried deep into her vagina, fucking her little body like his dad did that day. Yes! She needed that again. Her preteen body was on fire with desire to have her vagina ravished, sucked, licked and violated.

Robert was now on his knees with fingers probing the little girl's slit, until finally, spreading her smooth, puffy labia as he examined the inviting pink lining of Becky's pussy. She moaned and groaned out loud from the sensation, hunching her ten-year-old lover's face as he drew closer to the very quick of her innocence. Then suddenly she was on the bed, lying on her back. Hurriedly she held her dress up above her waist while Richard continued to lap hungrily at her crotch. His tongue seemed to get hard as instinct guided his actions.

Richard was beyond the hesitations, which any young boy might feel about licking a girl's sex for the first time. NO! Indeed, he lusted after the sweet, fresh taste of the girl's natural secretions. Grunts of satisfaction escaped from his lips as he devoured Becky's fruits. His eager tongue dipped as deep into her tiny fuck-hole as possible, eventually tracing the length of her slit. He licked from her butt crack to that thin piece of skin at the top of her vagina called the clitoris, he would later find out one day as he grew older.

"OH! Richard. OH! OH! OMI!" Becky moaned as her body writhed, convulsing on the bed as her lover buried his face between her thighs. Richard continued licking and sucking his heart-throb's sex while she continued to thrash, her brain flooded with intense pleasure, sexual fulfillment and the BEST ORGASM YET, in her mind.

While Becky's climax played itself out, Richard wondered what all the moaning and commotion was about. The boy didn't have a clue about orgasms but was quickly learning, from watching his little fuck-mate while her face became flushed with red color.

Becky's eyes glassed over he noticed as she briefly opened her eyelids to look at his face, now begging him to get on top of her, whispering something under her breath while hunching and thrusting her hips. Small spasms continued wracking her child's body as she reclined with her head on the pillow, her eyes closed again as the sounds of sexual activity filled the room.

"Fuck Me, Richard. Fuck Me Please!" she repeated softly until her little friend finally undressed and commenced to mount her tiny body. Richard's three-inch cock almost exploded the second he touched the warm, moist opening of Becky's vagina. His body shook from the excitement and anticipation that comes with one's first sexual experience. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen was on his bed, naked, pleading for him to fuck her and he wanted everything to be JUST RIGHT.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! UH! UH!" was all Richard could say as Becky's tight, warm vagina bathed his cock with indescribable pleasure. His penis seemed to melt as he pushed into the little girl, fucking her slowly at first but then faster and deeper until, after about two or three strokes, his balls emptied into the little girl, filling her fuck-hole with his sperm, his seed and all the years of sexual frustration.

Becky smiled a look of satisfaction as the thick fluid from Richard's juvenile penis filled her tummy. The warm, pleasant sensation radiated through her body as she began to fuck her little friend back, until they both had to rest from exhaustion.

"Umph." Richard moaned as his cock pulled out of the little girl, relishing the pleasant feeling of the warm, smooth lining of her vagina.

"Nooo. Put it back in," Becky whined as she suddenly thrust her groin into Richard while dry hunching his body. His slimy, cum-covered throbbing dick once again filled her tiny little cunt. Becky's tight pussy was saturated with semen, easing penetration as Richard began to fuck her into a lust driven frenzy. Together they embraced, pulling each other's bodies tighter while Richard wished that his cock was another three or four inches longer and Becky, wishing the same. Finally they both climaxed, shaking the bed while moans and groans of mutual arousal and satisfaction telegraphed through the thin door on Richard's bedroom.

"Knock! Knock! I know you're in there and dad said I could…well…he said that I could have a turn too." Robert hollered through the door.

"Let him in," Becky whispered.

"Let him die and rot," Richard replied angrily as he continued to fuck his first pussy for all he was worth, finally squeezing a few more drops of cum into the little girl.

"I'm gonna tell dad," Robert threatened as he knocked again and again until Richard finally opened the door with a bang which seemed to reverberate through the house.

"I'm gonna beat you to a bloody pulp one day!" Richard commented with rage in his voice as he let his brother into the room. Becky smiled as Robert stared between her smooth, sexy thighs. Puddles of semen covered the bed sheets as Becky invited the little boy to her side. Richard was naked too but watching his little brother being undressed by Becky made him a little jealous.

Then it began, the seduction of little eight-year-old Robert as he climbed up on the bed for his very first piece of ass.

Richard watched with interest as his brother's bare butt moved up and down while Becky literally fucked his little pecker into oblivion. Grunts and groans increased as Robert pumped his small amount of seed into the girl. Then his butt began to move slower, up- and-down as this awesome sexually stimulating experience flooded his brain. His tiny cock tried in vain to push deeper into her cunt, only to cause Becky to pull his small body tighter until she nearly choked the very life out of him.

Becky looked as if she had just fucked a whole football team as she jumped from the bed. Trying to fix her hair was futile she realized as she looked in the bathroom mirror. Dried, sticky cum was all over her body, from her toes to her face. Her school dress was even covered with the goo.

"Gotta go home now. See you guys tomorrow," she announced cheerfully as she quickly scooped up her school bag and ran from the house.

Richard wasn't angry with his brother anymore. He understood that they had just shared a special moment of coming of age, sharing their first girl and having sex for the first time. They both looked at each other, smiling a knowing kind of grin as they finished dressing.

There would be many more days of sharing Becky's sexy little body, but dear old dad always got firsts. All in all, the pretty little girl was like a gift to the family, frequently stopping by to fuck either the boys or their dad and sometimes all three. All was well until their mother got suspicious of the frequent strange stains on the bed sheets.