Kiddies -The New Drug

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The soft shimmering flicker of a candle on their table cast a seductive glow on the stunningly pretty child's smooth face. Yes. She was pretending to be coy… and totally at ease with her fate. I watched quietly from a distance while sipping my cocktail.

This magnificent little princess was obviously on display, sitting with her mother as if they were just having a mother-daughter dinner together. Short, slender legs fidgeted with nervous energy while her clear, sparkling blue eyes darted nervously around the room. My heart warmed with familiar palpitations when she flashed a bright smile the instant she caught my lustful stare.

Unconsciously my lips smacked with wanton thinking, wondering what delights were secretly nestled between those smooth, inviting thighs. Then, as if the little temptress read my mind, her legs opened just enough to reveal her panties, immediately inspiring my thirsty eyes to squint, hoping for a chance to see more. Amused at the child's game, it occurred to me that this little charmer was trying to tease me, forcing me to catch fleeting glimpses, as she chose to ration her delightful treasures to an old man with a burning desire for "kiddy sex" on his mind.

The year was 2025 and the last vestige of law and order was slowly slipping into the history books. Little girls, the likes of which I had been drooling over that Friday evening were fair game for guys like me. Parents of the era were struggling just to get by, sometimes offering their children to strangers for a thousand, or only a few hundred, dollars. Restaurants in the upscale parts of the city were generally a good place to find one of these cute little morsels to take home for an evening of unimaginable sex.

Having sex with children was the latest addiction. It was spreading like a firestorm within the circles of the privileged few, and what was left of the upper middle class. The law looked the other way, having too many other more important crises to deal with, such as the near collapse of the U.S. government and the impending onset of military law.

Ignorant extremist cultures had finally pissed off the planet with their militant ways, killing anyone who wasn't a professed believer in their religion. A careless, insulting cartoon of Mohammad by an ordinarily neutral country stoked the fires and bombs. The United States, Russia and Europe finally had enough, annihilating the shit out the offending countries, killing most of the entire Arab population but dividing the hearts and minds of the rest of the world in the process.

Storms of protests followed the wholesale slaughter until the U.S. congress and the presidency were dissolved into a few "yes men". Individual States were in charge of their own destiny. The future of America was more uncertain than ever. Religious extremism was quashed and morality was for sale.

"Hi. I'm Alex Newton. May I buy you and your pretty daughter dinner?" I asked as I sat down at their table in a darkened corner of the restaurant.

"Sure…why not? I'm Marge and this is Sammy, my nine-year-old daughter," the lady announced with a twinkle in her eye as I slid closer to the little girl. My cock was already throbbing as it swelled with anticipation.

"Where do you live…uh Mr. Newton?" the mother asked as we made eye contact, sizing each other up, while she no doubt mentally tried to guess the size of my wallet as a reflection of the neighborhood that I lived in.

"I live in Covington Meadows," I replied proudly, not really caring how much tonight's sexual tryst with this desirable little creature might cost.

"Are you…uh… interested in my daughter?" she asked in a whisper, while looking directly at me over the rim of her wine glass.

"It depends. Is this her first time?" I replied with a thin smile, hoping for a rare virgin like the little eight-year-old darling I fucked about two months ago.

"You'll be happy to know that my little sweetie has never been…uh…Yes! This is her first time, so she "ain't gonna' be cheap." The attractive lady answered with a slur, probably after too much wine I thought.

Over the last few years of picking up little preteen children to take to bed, I had been lied to and cheated a few times. This girl's mother might be doing the same but I sensed that she was probably being straight with me. The little girl seemed to radiate a rare innocence. Dressed in the frilliest of dresses and just a hint of perfume, her cuteness held my attention. Golden, curly hair hung loosely on her shoulders, nicely framing one of the prettiest faces I had seen in a long time.

In the past it was common for some preteen girls to wear makeup. But today's changing world promoted their young innocence as a currency. Wearing makeup would certainly cast a doubt and seem to pollute or tarnish a child's value to a guy like me. The less untouched they appeared, the better.

"Well…how much is this little angel gonna cost an old man for the night?" I asked as my right hand rested lightly on the child's warm, smooth bare thigh. Sammy looked directly in my eyes as her mother responded.

"I think an old man who likes having sex with little girls as much as you probably do should pay accordingly. Let's say…no wait a minute…how about fifteen hundred and you can keep her for two nights…OK?"

This was the moment that rang with familiarity. The little girl's hand suddenly reached for my arm, guiding it gently between her open thighs as if to offer a sample. No doubt this was a practiced technique, coached by her mother and making the rounds around the city as a sure fire way to achieve results in the bargaining process. The seductive warmth of a child's sex is powerfully enticing. The sensuous touch of Sammy's erotically smooth, delicate inner thighs flooded my brain with intense arousal, sealing the deal, but for much less than fifteen hundred bucks.

"Well…OK then. You two have a good time, but please have my daughter back here by three on Sunday, so she can rest and get ready for another week at school." Sammy's mother commented as she kissed her daughter goodbye, counting the money as she walked away.

My loins warmed with the excitement and expectations of having sex with this delightful little child. Sammy sat quietly, sipping the rest of her mother's wine while I managed to slip my hand inside of her panties. Obediently her legs opened while I searched for her smooth, preteen slit. I loved this part. Feeling a child's sex was like a drug.

"Can't you wait, Please?" she whispered in frustration when she felt my fingertip trace the length of her bare slit. More wine was needed, I decided so I motioned for the waiter to come over.

"Yes, sir. What can I get for you? More Wine sir? And how about you try to control yourself in the restaurant. Some of the other diners are complaining," the waiter responded. But then a smile immediately crept over his face as he examined the twenty I placed in his hand.

"Hey! Can I sit on your lap while you drive? I used to do that with my daddy before he got arrested," Sammy asked excitedly as we finally reached my car in the parking garage.

"Sure honey. Anything your little heart desires as long as you're nice to me and cooperate," I replied as visions of having this cute little girl in my bed all weekend hurried my pace.

The erotic warmth and softness of Sammy's shapely bottom quickly brought my swollen cock to a painful erection as she sat on my lap. I couldn't keep my hand away from her crotch. Reaching under her dress with my right hand while driving with the left, I continued to feel up her smooth panties while trying to navigate down the winding ramps of the parking garage until finally reaching the open byways of the main street. Giggles filled the car as I let the child pretend to drive in the busy traffic.

Meanwhile my hand was caressing Sammy's pussy slit, fingering her tiny vagina through the thin material of her underwear until she suddenly got quiet and still. Her back finally reclined, relaxing on my chest while I began to finger fuck her little body into oblivion. I love fingering these little girls. I love the sensation of their untouched, tight little pussies as I penetrate the depths of their bodies, pushing in and then withdrawing until finally, my fingertip violates the heart of their precious innocence.

Sammy squirmed as I pushed deeper into her warm, moist hole. She seemed to enjoy the first time experience and sensation of having sexual contact with an adult, while discovering her own sexuality. Impaling this little girl with a finger seemed to loosen the natural tightness of her preteen cunt until my middle finger was buried inside of her incredibly tiny vagina. Finally her immature, sexual juices began flowing. Gradually my finger was getting wet, inspiring me to open my fly and suddenly allowing my thick shaft to guide itself into God's best creation, a child's pussy.

My cute, preteen date grimaced as she felt the unexpected intrusion under the snug fitting elastic leg opening in her panties. A meaty, blood engorged cock was soon guiding itself under the smooth fabric until the warmth of her pussy seemed to pull me to her sex.

"OH-JESUS!" was all I could say as the intense, powerful sensation of touching a child's sex with my penis flooded my brain with such a high, that I ran off the road and almost hit a pedestrian. Then it occurred to me that Sammy was sitting the wrong way on my lap, preventing my cock from actually entering her tiny fuck-hole. In a frenzy I made her turn, facing me while I resumed fucking her, pushing into her, thrusting with force, trying to get her tight little pussy to swallow the entire length of my manhood.

Tears flowed down her smooth featured face as her hymen gave way to my thrusts but I couldn't push any deeper or I might actually damage her delicate vagina. People stared as they walked by the car while I tried to fuck this little girl. To anyone glancing at us, it was obvious what we were doing. My little lover cried as searing pain traveled to her brain while my adult, fully erect and swollen cock continued its struggle to ram into her tiny body.

She was too damn tight to penetrate any deeper but her warm, slippery little hole bathed my cock with an incredible sensation. I kept trying to push, causing her more pain as she sat whimpering and squirming on my lap. Meanwhile a parade of nosey onlookers continued to pass by, pointing at us while muttering to each other or themselves.

"Move it along, buddy," a cop commanded as he pulled alongside us in his motorcycle. Apparently my car was stopped, half in the street and half on the sidewalk. Sheepishly I grinned at his face while starting the engine and driving back on the roadway.

Little Sammy was still straddled on my lap while I continued fucking her little body with vigor. The cop just looked at us with a quizzical look and started to say something as I pulled away. Suddenly, it was all over. My balls emptied themselves, shooting hot, thick spurts of cum, filling up the little girl's ravaged vagina while a mind-blowing orgasm gripped my brain with the most addictive sensation you could imagine. Gooey semen seeped all over my lap and everywhere else, on the seat and my pants.

Sammy's panties were suddenly missing but I didn't remember taking them off. Then a fleeting glimpse of white material caught my attention. The little girl's underwear was hanging precariously from the rear-view mirror like a trophy, inspiring me to chuckle as I continued to drive the rest of the way home.

Having sex with children was better than any drug and growing, as an expensive addiction to myself, and probably thousands of others. Fortunately my well-paid profession as an attorney enabled my costly addiction to continue and thrive. But recent news in the papers of this popular, underground rage told of a social struggle, which turned the addicts that couldn't afford their cravings into criminals.

Petty theft was usually punished with a week or two in jail or a fine, but often, the strong urge to fuck one of these cute little kids would lead an addict into armed robbery or even murder. On occasion, the reported rape of a child would compel the city government to crack down on the "kiddies for sex" business. But owing to the fact that many of the city leaders were constantly craving their own satisfaction from having sex with children, they eventually backed off, pretending that all was well.

"Hey! Look where my panties are!" Sammy commented with an impish grin as she quickly snatched her underwear from the mirror.

"Did you do that?" I asked jokingly as I pulled into my garage.

"Uh huh" she replied with a laugh as I helped her out of the car.

After fucking this little child's brains out for the last five miles, we were now friends, and enjoying each other's company. Her smooth, baby soft skin was alluring to my fingertips as I carried her into the house. It was a sight to see, Sammy twirling her panties on a fingertip while I rushed her little body from the car to the doorway leading into my kitchen.

"WOW! You have a nice house, Mr. Newton," she commented as I placed her feet on the floor.

"Thank you, darling. By the way, you can call me Alex. Would you like some wine before bed?" I replied as I finally took a long look at her youthful features. She was perfect I mused, as I drank in her striking cuteness with a lust driven brain. The child's pristine, unspoiled freshness would soon be mine to fondle, taste and fuck for the next two glorious days.

"Hey! Where's your shower? My mom said I should shower before, you know," Sammy commented as she sat at my table while continuing to dangle her underpants on the tip of her finger. She seemed to enjoy teasing me. Giggles and laughter in the kitchen filled the air with the welcome sound of a little preteen child once again.

Watching my house-guest having a good time while sipping her wine, I was having a good time as well. Suddenly Sammy developed that impish grin again as she suddenly threw her panties at me. Her child like little-girl laughter sent ripples of arousal to my brain, reminding me that I was about to have sex with another cute preteen doll baby.

Clothes were casually thrown everywhere as Sammy and I undressed. Her delightful young body kept my cock erect the whole time we showered together. I couldn't keep my hands away from this little nymph, or my eyes from her smooth, tasty looking, hairless slit as we played in the water. Then her eyes widened, focusing directly on my swollen cock until curiosity drove her to reach instinctively for my naked manhood. Her tiny hands were soon wrapped around me, massaging and playing with my sex while I moved closer, caressing her small body while kissing her on the mouth.

Kissing was new to her- but so was everything else we were doing together. I truly love kissing these little girls. Their thin, soft lips always seem to melt on my lips, particularly when I'm able to get one to French kiss. Sammy was a good student of this new skill. Her tiny tongue reached into my mouth while I stuck my tongue inside of her mouth, tasting her sweetness and inspiring an almost animal like passion to sexually violate her little body, right then.

On fire with lust and desire for this little cutie, I embraced the child's small, tender body as we stood in the shower. We petted like two adult lovers. Soon two wet bodies were on my bed. Sammy seemed to be relaxed and totally uninhibited as I made love to her. The wine I'm sure was a big help. With a drooling mouth, I began devouring the little girl's essence, licking her fine, silky smooth skin while my right hand fondled her precious sex.

Euphoria flooded my brain as I made passionate love to the little darling while she lay compliant and submissive. Unlike some of the other children I had been with, Sammy didn't need any coaxing or coercing. Her mother must have prepped her well for this night of first time sex with an adult. I was a stranger who would molest, fondle and have intercourse with her, stealing away her virginity and possibly damaging her immature sexual organs if something went wrong.

Sammy's smooth, naked body looked sublime and fragile as she lay in wait, in wait for her adult lover to teach her about sex and sharing her preteen body with a stranger. She was my little whore for the weekend, about to sleep in my bed and fuck me as much as I desired. Her open, tiny mouth would ultimately take my swollen, thick cock into its warmth and suck me until I was satisfied, filling her tummy with foul tasting semen and causing her to gag and sputter. Yes! I knew these things before they would happen. Just ask any of my previous child lovers.

As if in total surrender, Sammy presented her young nubile body to me without any signs of apprehension as she reclined on her back. Gazing between her smooth thighs, my tongue hardened with the thought of licking her delectable sex, her soft, smooth little girl secrets that lay in wait for first time oral sex…and the rarest of all tastes, a child's pussy.

Slender milky white thighs caressed the sides of my head as I buried my face in the child's crotch. Her head lay to one side with both eyes closed in anticipation while I reached with both hands under her shapely little preteen ass, gently pulling her body to me. She squirmed as I began sucking, kissing and licking every tasty morsel of her innocence. From her sweet little butt crack to the pink interior of her vagina, an eager tongue drank in her elusive nectars, juices that are particular to every child and intensely arousing to any adult.

Remnants of bright red blood from Sammy's earlier deflowering clung to her butt cheeks and thighs. The sight of blood from sex was always a turn on for me. Some kids bleed more than others after first time sex. This little girl was lucky and bled very little. Looking at the pencil-sized fuck-hole of a child might dissuade any adult from trying to fuck one of these little wonders, but experience really counts here.

"Hey! What's that?" Sammy suddenly asked as she opened her eyes with surprise.

"Just relax sweetie, and lie back down. You're really gonna' like this," I replied as I held the miniature penis shaped vibrator to her tender, little vagina. It never failed, a vibrator gently opening and stretching a child's tight little pussy. A wide (I'm in heaven) smile quickly covered Sammy's cute little face as I pushed the plastic vibrator deep into her sex. Her labia opened easily, allowing more penetration. Finally a generous application of KY Jelly eased the final plunge, causing the little girl to thrust her crotch violently as if she was fucking. It was time for the next size.

"OHMI!" she exclaimed, followed by moans of utter contentment and approval as the larger vibrator went to work, dilating her tiny cunt, training her fuck-hole in preparation for penetration of a two-inch thick cock that would soon violate her child sex beyond anything it was ready for. It would go far deeper into her body than when I tried to fuck the little angel in my car that day.

Finally secretions were starting to flow profusely, mixing well with the KY Jelly lubricant and permitting deeper entry. Sammy's face was a blush red from all the sexual stimulation but her blank stare said it all. She was aroused sexually and finally ready for me to fuck her preteen brains out.

"OHGOD!" I grunted as the tip of my dick entered the little girl. An acute, powerfully erotic sensation gripped my brain, propelling my thick steel hard shaft to push into the child, deeper and deeper. As if suddenly awakened, Sammy began to gyrate her slim hips, pushing, thrusting and fucking me for all she was worth. My adult sized cock was finally buried to the hilt, absorbing the mind numbing profound sensation that can only come from having sex with an underage girl.

Resting on my hands on each side of Sammy, I loomed over her small naked frame, feverishly fucking her tiny body while once again experiencing the best sex any guy could ever have in a lifetime. Her tiny pussy felt incredible, fucking and massaging my cock with its snugness while I continued to pump in and out until I felt the pressure in my balls finally release. So much cum exploded into Sammy's young body that it made a "swishing" sound as it filled her tiny vaginal canal.

At that same instant Sammy began to moan, filling the room with sounds of sexual fulfillment while thrashing her body up from the bed. Then the convulsing and squealing began as her first orgasm filled her brain with a new surprising sensation. With eyes opened wide, she gasped out loud as spasms of intensely riveting pleasure built up to a climax, leaving her satiated but exhausted. Then we both rested as she lay in my curl.

But I couldn't keep my hands from her. My hard, swollen cock kept easing itself between her luscious thighs as she remained quiet on the bed, on her side and with her butt facing my groin. As soon as the tip of my penis accidentally touched her warm moist vagina, I turned the child on her back while gently opening her legs once again.

"Oooo. Oooo. OHMI!" Sammy moaned repeatedly as we resumed fucking each other. The sounds of another orgasm soon filled the room as my little preteen lover surprised me. Again her back arched up from the bed, thrashing violently while my cock impaled her little body, fucking the depths of her sex while she fucked me back until she was finally spent, wasted, tired and satisfied.

I remember musing to myself, "Maybe This little child should be paying ME for sex, since she was having such a great time."

"Please I don't wanna," was the only protest that Sammy made that night. Kneeling on the bed with my penis waving in her face, I tried to coax the little girl to take me into her mouth. She was adamant so I gave up, deciding that we had a whole weekend together and I was sure she would eventually cave in.

Sleeping next to one of these naked little girls will make a pedophile out of any man. Sammy's warm, smooth little body was alluring. But I managed to fall asleep after a few quiet minutes of petting and fondling her silky, smooth skin. After sleeping soundly in my curl until the next morning, my little fuck-mate awoke, asking for breakfast. A throbbing hard, swollen cock reminded me that I was ready for some more kiddy-pussy, but the child kept whining that she was hungry so a tasty, high protein (for sexual energy) breakfast was the order of the day.

She was all smiles and play, just like any kid while we enjoyed our meal together. Pancakes with plenty of syrup were her favorite she commented as she managed to get the sticky syrup everywhere and on every scrap of her breakfast. From her hash browns to her eggs and even her bacon, she covered everything while making a game out of it and teasing me by offering to pour the stuff on my breakfast too.

"I guess you really like syrup, huh?" I commented as she poured some on my eggs and bacon. "But have you ever tasted syrup on toast?" I asked as I offered my toast for a splash. "Here! Take a bite," I challenged until she finally nibbled a piece of syrup, saturated toast. "OK let's see you try it on my hash-browns," I continued.

Our game was going well and progressing. I dared her to put some on my arm and lick it off. With an impish little smile, Sammy did as I asked. Then I put a dab of syrup on her tummy, inciting giggles and squeals as my tongue licked every last drop from her bare skin.

"OK where else should we try it?" I asked, hoping that she would take the bait and suggest I put some near her sex or at least on her thighs. A naughty grin soon appeared while she pointed between her legs as she immediately sat all the way back on the chair. Pancake syrup was all over the child and me too, but eventually her vagina was offered for a dose as she grinned as if to dare me, and then spread her legs in encouragement.

"Oooo! That feels sticky." Sammy complained as my tongue lapped the syrup from her bare, naked crotch. Taking my time, I licked every inch of the child's soft sweet sex before finally removing the last of the syrup. Then I positioned her body with her back over the chair with her upper torso hanging over one side and her legs over the other. Syrup dripped slowly on her legs and traveled lazily down to her feet and toes.

"Eeee" she squealed as my tongue licked her heavenly soft skin, from her toes up to her inner thighs.

"OK my turn," I said as I offered my raging, swollen member to her, suggesting that she do the same thing for me.

"No…Please," she whined as I handed her the bottle of syrup.

"Well how bout' we try this?" I replied, as I coated her tiny finger with syrup and commenced to suck it all off, followed by giggles when I poured some on her other fingers. Then she grinned brightly as I covered my finger and offered it to her as a dare.

"Slurp, slurp," Sammy's mouth continued as she wrapped her lips around my finger, licking and sucking it dry. It was an erotic sensation, having a child suck on my finger and driving me wild with desire, the desire to have her warm soft lips around my cock. Sammy's eyes rolled back in her head as she made a contorted face of exasperation.

"OH Alright!" she sighed as my swollen dick stood straight out between my thighs. I was all smiles as I realized this was a sign that she was finally giving in. Now sitting up in the chair, her small preteen mouth dutifully opened wide with anticipation as I poured some syrup on my thick, meaty cock. The heat from her breath almost made me cum as I neared her face. Edging closer her thin lips finally touched me, sending jolts of sensation through the length of my shaft and to my brain.

Looking down at the little girl's face, I noticed her eyes close as she took me into her mouth. Suddenly she made a face. Her tiny eyes opened as she looked directly up at me with a smile. This little girl liked sucking cock it seemed and after a few seconds of getting used to the size of my massive shaft, she began sucking me into an explosive orgasm.

"Sputter, spit, sputter, gurgle. Mmm." It was all over and I mean, All Over. Thick, sticky sperm filled Sammy's mouth and throat, spilling out of her lips and collecting everywhere. Her chin, chest and thighs glistened with droplets of cum like a badge of passage while I squeezed the last of my juice into her throat. To my elation, she licked the residual goo from her chin as I picked her up and carried her cum covered little body into the shower.

It was all fun and games as we washed each other. Sammy looked like a fragile little doll to me as she stood only four feet tall, frolicking in the water and playing with the soap. Her smooth child sex once again attracted my mouth to her delicate, smooth body. She stood with her legs open as I kneeled, licking and sucking her vagina while squeezing her soft little butt cheeks between my hands.

"Mmm," she moaned repeatedly. My tongue had never been harder or longer it seemed. Licking this little girl's slit was addictive. Fucking her tight little pussy was even more addictive and soon I had her back in my bed for a non-stop party of ravaging and fucking.

"I'm sore, Mr. Newton. Can I go home now?" Sammy begged as she lay in my bed, covered with sperm from head to toe.

"Didn't your mother tell you that you have to stay until tomorrow?"

"Uh huh but please. My vagina hurts. Can I go home now?" she answered with a whine.

"I know! Let's go have some fun. We need a break anyway so let's go to the Zoo. OK?" I replied with a smile, inspiring Sammy to suddenly sit up and hug me affectionately with a gleam of joy in her eyes.

After another shower we piled into the car for the long drive to the suburbs. Sammy spotted a Wendy's along the way, asking to stop for a burger and a Frosty. This little girl was as cute as they come I realized, as I spent more time around her. Her happy personality reflected how she managed to get through her young life, a moment at a time.

I began to feel a little jealous at the thought of some other guy at some other time sharing her childish delights and fucking her little pussy like I had been doing. Yes. I was falling for the little girl, experiencing something called child love, and later I would miss her for sure.

The Zoo was in need of some cash flow, due to the lack of city funding and the usual government subsidies. But there were still plenty of animals to see. Sammy marveled at the Tigers, commenting that they were her favorite. Surprisingly a tear suddenly fell from my eye as I picked her light little body up in my arms so she could see over the fence. An unexpected tug at my heartstrings suddenly moved me as she casually kissed me on the lips, holding me by the neck as we walked around the Zoo.

"I like you, Mr. Newton. Can I come back someday and stay with you again?" she whispered as if she shouldn't be saying such things. That was when I cried like a baby while holding the little girl closer, soothing her brain with the soft words that she needed to hear and I needed to say. Suddenly she cried and sobbed that she missed her daddy, while explaining that he was arrested for something he didn't do and her mother couldn't afford to get him out of jail.

A rare slice of morality crept into my brain as nine-year-old Sammy continued to sob and cry for her daddy to come back. I felt like a traitor, having sex with this poor father's only daughter, while he sat helpless in the slammer for something he probably didn't do. Everyone knew the corrupt court system was either too lenient or too harsh, depending on the wealth of the accused.

Petty crimes were usually resolved with a small fine or a few dollars, discreetly placed in the arresting officer's palm. But more serious offenses were sometimes made into political issues, insuring the power of the courts and perpetuating fear in the populace. Sammy's dad was probably a victim I reasoned, instead of a criminal. His only crime might have been being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The child's pain and sorrow managed to telegraph to my heart and soul.

After a few minutes of driving, we finally reached Sammy's house. Her mother was confused when I walked into her door with Sammy in tow. Then tears flowed as Sammy's mother explained how her husband was arrested while riding the bus home from work one day because the car was broken.

The story illuminated what I had already guessed about the arrest. She continued, explaining that Sammy's daddy was seated on the bus when an armed robber shot and killed the driver after robbing the few dollars and change that he carried. Bus drivers don't even carry money. All riders have to use a bus pass or they don't ride. After the robbery, the perpetrator dropped his gun in Sammy's dad's lap and ran. Sammy's daddy had been seated just behind the bus driver.

As an attorney, I was able to walk into the jail and demand access to all the files and investigative work involving the crime. Not One witness was interviewed. That was a surprise, Chuckle-chuckle. The required gunpowder residue tests were not ordered and other than a smoking gun purposely thrown in his lap, Sammy's daddy had not One bit of evidence against him.

After a convincing phone call to the prosecuting attorney, Sammy's daddy was freed as if it never happened. All charges were dropped but No apologies were offered. The city was broke and not insured so a lawsuit would be out of the question. Cases like this were typical of the times and God knows the jails were full of innocent prisoners.

After a tearful reunion, Sammy's family showed their thanks with a glass of wine. Hugs around the room were filled with grateful tears of joy until Sammy's mother stumbled through an explanation about me to her husband. Not knowing the guy and more to the point, whether he knew about his nine-year-old daughter being rented for sex, I was ready for a battle if it happened. The father took another sip of wine as he looked directly at me and then glanced at his daughter. An uneasy silence filled the room.

Suddenly, wearing a wide jubilant grin, Sammy motioned for me to pick her up so she could kiss and hug my neck. To my surprise, the little vixen insisted that I hold her soft panty-covered butt while suggesting out loud that I could take her into her bedroom. Her daddy smiled as he watched me holding his daughter, then gave the approval with a nod of his head as he and his wife walked towards their own bedroom to make up for lost time.