Happy Times Summer Camp For Kids

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Finding a job in such a short time wasn't as difficult as Slade Wilcox had feared. After a lengthy prison sentence for child molestation, he was labeled a "convicted sex offender" and the newest addition to the National Sex Offender Registry.

Prison had been cruel beyond imagination, but having to let the whole world know about his penchant for kiddy pussy was almost too much to live with. It would be like wearing a sign around his neck saying, "Hi! My name's Slade Wilcox and I'm a sexual deviate, so you better hide your daughters."

It seemed as if he would never finish doing time...and the rest of his life might be a living hell! But instead of redemption for his sins, all he could think about was stuffing his cock inside of a child's young, tight little pussy. Indeed, his whole time in prison was spent mostly dwelling on such things.

As a first offender, the convicted pedophile would have to be supervised for the next three years and ordered to stay away from ANY underage children - or it would be a return to prison. But the only thing his parole officer seemed interested in was whether or not he had a job ...and to be sure to check in every month. One look at the aged, ruddy-faced parole officer and Slade was sure that he was staring at the likes of another pedophile, an unlabeled pervert that was still in the closet until he made a stupid mistake someday and found out what it would be like to be on the 'other side' of prison bars for two years of his life.

A wide grin painted slowly over his face as Slade began to fill out the employment application. Luckily, he had been hired immediately over the phone because his new employer desperately needed a handyman to start right away. The summer was here and the "Happy Times Summer Camp For Kids" would be open for business next week. But his work would begin as soon as he could drive out to the country and unpack his baggage.

To his surprise, his new boss never inquired about any criminal history or references. No! It seemed that Slade's skills were more important than his character to his new employer and unless asked, he wasn't about to offer any revealing news that would cost him a much, needed job...or an abundance of kiddies to fondle.

Slade's cock was beginning to stir in his underwear as he answered the only question on the application dealing with the word "Children" The pen seemed to glide smoothly in haste on the paper as he answered "yes" to the question, which asked if he liked kids. Smiling with a sense of achievement and finality, he signed the application form and folded it into his notebook computer case. It was then that he realized that his computer still had hundreds of pictures of naked little girls on the hard drive; revealing, sexually alluring photos of some of his most 'memorable' little friends.

His mind drifted to another time as vivid memories of many past, successful conquests of cute preteen morsels filled his brain. His old job at "Our Lady Of Chastity Catholic school for girls" offered a banquet and feast for his passions, passions that needed to be quenched like a burning thirst, a thirst, which consumed his loins with need and desire to feel up and fondle those sublime little enticing bodies.

The first was a little eight-year-old charm named Mary Beth Stewart. The sensation of smoothing his hand between her sweet, tender little thighs was replayed many times over in his brain, especially when he used to lay in his prison bunk while jacking off to what could have been. But then he would remember that special time with Amy Rickert, a very cute seven-and-a-half-year-old that arrived one day in his workshop. Tears ran down her smooth cheeks as she begged his assistance when the leather straps on her shoes severed as she played on the school playground that morning. Her pretty face was an attraction by itself but that shapely, soft little ass under her school dress, "begged to be fondled." The young little nymph cried as she knocked vigorously on the shop door, whining that her mother "would be really mad" if she found out that she had broken her new shoes. The child's bare, fleshy smooth thighs were like beacons to his sexually charged brain as she stood fidgeting nervously on the shop floor while he examined her damaged shoes.

Memories of what happened next on that memorable day caused a smile to appear suddenly on his face as he picked up the notebook computer and plugged in the power supply.

Sitting at his kitchen table, Slade opened his computer screen, waiting with impatient anticipation while the clunky, older version of Windows finally booted up. After a few clicks of the mouse, he found the secret folder titled, "Work Notes." Of course it was just his way of disguising his dirty deeds back then from anyone that might happen to get nosy.

Suddenly remembering that he had encrypted everything that might cause an eyebrow to raise, a sense of, "OH SHIT!" filled his brain. "What's that damn password?" he mumbled as he struggled to remember the secret password to open the incriminating file. The fog of two years of incarceration began to lift in his brain until finally, his fingers seemed to automatically type in the right characters on the keypad. With the sound of Beethoven's 5th playing through the sound card, the file opened like a blossoming flower, revealing all that lay dormant and out of sight from curious eyes. The sophisticated encryption code would have been troublesome, if not impossible to break by forensic examination, but fortunately, the cops never found the computer because it was at his sister's house the day he was arrested.

"Great! All of my pictures are still on the hard drive," Slade thought with satisfaction as he scrolled down until he found the assortment of naked pictures of Amy. Just the sight of the pretty girl, completely naked from the waist down, and playing with her smooth, hairless preteen pussy was all it took and Slade immediately unzipped his fly and pulled out his throbbing, fully erect cock. With a sense of delight, he fixed his eyes on the revealing photo and the fine, glistening pink interior of the child's sex. His eyes closed as he flashed back to that magical day when he convinced his young shop guest into lifting her dress while he slipped her panties down to her ankles.

It was a magnificent sight to behold...and right in the privacy of his workshop. He remembered how Amy stood patiently as his fingers explored her "holy of holies." The sensation of fingering such a tight little vagina was mind-numbing but fucking this little darling was too risky that day because her teacher would eventually come looking for her missing student. Amy had begged, pleaded, and whined, but in the end, he had coerced the little third grader into letting him take pictures of her while she played with her slit. Then, after getting his eyes and camera full of the child's innocence, he promptly fixed Amy's shoes with a few dabs of super glue and she was back to class in the nick of time.

"OH GOD!" Slade cried out loud, as spurts of hot, sticky cum shot like a cannon across the kitchen floor.

In his aroused imagination, he masturbated while mentally fucking Amy's tight little vagina. The sweet sensation of her tiny pussy wrapped around his thick, meaty shaft seemed intensely real as he squeezed the last drop of sperm from the tip of his cock. The final ripples of an orgasm sent waves of involuntary spasms through his body as he wiped the thick goo from his skin and zipped his fly. Damn! He wished he had fucked that little angel when he had the chance, he mumbled under his breath. Still smiling to himself, he closed his laptop and unplugged the power supply, satisfied that his illegal photos were still on the hard drive, but protected from prying eyes.

"So many little cuties and so many opportunities," Slade thought as he nestled in the covers. The anticipation of meeting so many sexually appealing delights in his new job flooded his brain as he drifted off into a pleasant slumber.

His hand wrapped gingerly around his cock while visions of an imaginary encounter with some needy little preteen girl, trapped by some problem that only "he" could solve, enabled him to do as he pleased with the child and without fear of consequences. Yes. He was good at solving little problems for kids and there would be many to solve at his new job.

"Ah-h-h! It's so nice and quiet out here in the country," Slade mumbled as he navigated the lonely black ribbon of asphalt. But in time, the burning in his bladder reminded him that he needed to stop for a pee break soon.

"Hi, Mister! Can I put some gas in your car?" The young, wholesome-looking Girl Scout asked cheerfully with a broad grin as he pulled into the gas station.

"Uh, sure honey! You can fill it up please," Slade replied with a grin as he headed quickly to the restroom.

"The day is looking pretty good so far," he thought as he finished relieving his full bladder and zipped his fly. A thin grin covered his face as he imagined reaching between the pretty Girl Scouts legs and sampling her delicate little pussy. "Now, that would make for a nice day," he said to himself as he briskly walked out of the men's room.

From a distance, Slade watched with eager anticipation while the attractive, blond little girl washed his front windshield. A tantalizing glimpse of white panties held his attention as she leaned over the front of the car, stretching her short body while her brown uniform skirt easily hiked above her shapely butt. Creamy smooth, edible looking thighs caused his tongue to get hard while drool oozed from his open mouth.

As if some unknown and unseen God of grace had scripted his whole day, two other equally adorable little Girl Scouts suddenly appeared. Skipping in a typical carefree, child-like style, the taller girl smiled as she approached him.

"You want your car washed mister? Its only five dollars and our Girl Scout troop will do a really good job! Please?" She begged as she batted her sparkling blue eyes for effect.

Slade would have paid triple the price, or more, just to see some more panties.

His mouth suddenly froze as he tried to answer, but a nod of his head was all it took and the girls got busy washing the road grime off his vintage, classic corvette while rewarding him with plenty of mouth watering young thighs and panty shots. It seemed as if the little nymphs were conscious of his stare as they repeatedly leaned over his car, flashing their cute little preteen butts while occasionally looking in his direction for approval. The swollen penis in his pants reminded him of a nagging urge that needed to be satisfied.

Even after a lifetime of fondling his share of cute little girls of preteen age, he had never been able to fuck one. Yes. There were many close calls, but something always came up and spoiled his chances. Fucking a cute Girl Scout would be the "Holy Grail" of having sex with a child he mused as he kneeled down on the dirt for a better view of a certain little morsel's inviting, panty covered ass. Focusing his eyes on the valley of heaven, separating two fine little butt cheeks, suddenly, the girl lifted her skirt in a teasing way as she turned, looking intently and directly at his face. Slade smiled in such a manner that the little tease could surly see his reaction to her antics. He was being played like a mark, and the tip would be generous.

"All done!" the blond hollered as she smiled with delight, holding her tiny hand out to be paid.

"That's twenty-five for the gas and five for the wash, please," she announced in a matter of fact way.

The young girl's eyes lit up with joy as Slade handed over two twenties and told her to keep the change for the troop.

"Where ya headed to mister?" she asked as she counted the cash in her hands.

"I'm looking for the 'Happy Times Summer Camp For Kids', honey," he replied as he slowly opened the car door.

"Hey! That's my mom and dad's place and I live there too," she beamed a smile at the irony.

"If ya want, I can show you how to get there, cause I gotta go home anyway and my bike's broken so I havta walk," she offered as she absentmindedly toyed with the curls in her shiny, fine blond hair.

"Sure honey! Hop in," Slade answered instantly as he walked at a fast pace to the passenger side and opened the door for his new passenger.

The mighty engine of the 1985 corvette convertible never sounded better as Slade zoomed down the highway while his heart beat so fast that he thought he might have a heart attack. One look at his young little passenger and it was obvious that she was having the time of her life, riding in the open car and traveling like a bat out of hell at over a hundred miles per hour. Her hair seemed to flow with the wind but to Slade's delight, her short Girl Scout skirt offered the ultimate feast for the eyes. Smooth, glistening youthful thighs and an unobstructed view of the young girl's crotch was the final reward as the wind obediently hiked the child's skirt above her tummy. No attempt was made to smooth down her dress while Slade examined the enticing innocence between her inviting, sweet little thighs.

"What's your name honey?" he asked loudly to overcome the screaming wind blowing through the car.

"Celeste Taylor," she answered with a smile as she soon realized that Slade was staring at her naked thighs and panties.

"Ooops! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to show off my panties mister...uh, what's your name?"

"You can call me Slade, honey. How long have you been a Girl Scout?" he asked casually as Celeste tried in vain to keep her skirt down.

"Oh! We aren't full Girl Scouts yet. We're just Junior Scouts cause ya havta be at least ten and I'm only nine," she replied while finally deciding to give up trying to hold her skirt down. Realizing that the driver seemed interested in her panties, suddenly, she didn't mind. There was something naughty and fun about letting another person see under her dress, even though it was an adult.

Celeste enjoyed the attention as Slade kept an eye on her inviting, smooth naked thighs. It was if she could feel his stare between her legs. No. It didn't bother her like she imagined it might if some pervert happened to do that to her one day. Her mother had often warned her about such things but this was a nice, handsome man, older than her dad but handsome. And he had a 'cool' car too. How bad could THAT be? Then, it happened. Her young pussy began to tingle while growing waves of a new, but strangely pleasant sensation flooded her young, preteen body. Now suddenly feeling hot, she fidgeted in the seat. Her tiny heart beat louder while a surprising wetness developed in her panties.

Slade realized the gift he had been given by his pretty young passenger, but he also sensed that there was more to the drama than revealed so far. He had witnessed the phenomenon before, a child's sudden attraction to his brutal good looks and powerful looking body. His daily workout was paying dividends. Celeste it seemed, was smitten, and in her own way, luring him to her; almost bribing him with her young innocence.

"You're very pretty," he spoke up as he glanced with a warm, sincere smile.

"Thank you...uh Slade," she replied meekly as her firm, milky white thighs suddenly opened wider.

The silent invitation didn't go unnoticed. Slade reached slowly, but deliberately towards the young girl's exposed thighs, only to be helped and encouraged when she gently grabbed his hand and placed it palm side down on her naked knee. Lightly, but methodically, he brushed a fingertip along her silky smooth skin. The purity of a child's body was a rare thing to experience. Without risking a terse protest and ending the fun, he managed to drink in the preteen's treats, smoothing his fingers along the entire length of her tantalizing, inner thigh. Driving was getting to be a hazardous chore but the heart stopping experience of fondling this little angel was too sweet to stop now. The sensation was mind grabbing. The heat from her young sex was powerfully attractive to his fingertips, inspiring his whole hand to finally rest casually at the very essence of her young, panty-covered pubic mound. The dampness in the fabric excited him as he slid a fingertip along her slit.

"Please stop!" Celeste whispered as he began to finger the shallow cleft of her sex.

Nothing was said until Celeste spotted the gateway to the summer camp up ahead.

"There! Turn at the windmill," she hollered with excitement, as a relic of an old style farm windmill suddenly loomed in the distance.

A rugged looking dirt road was the turn off from the highway.

The bumpy road seemed endless, causing the corvette to lurch and rebound violently up and down until Slade finally slowed the car to a crawl. Meanwhile, he noticed that Celeste had unbuckled her seat belt and held onto his arm in a death grip. His heart throbbed as he wrapped his right arm around her upper body, holding her closer as she snuggled her head to his chest.

"God! She's beautiful," he reminded himself as her lightly perfumed hair filled his nostrils. He assumed that she might be a little angry at his advances but NO. That wasn't the case it seemed. The same thing had happened with other little girls and it never failed.

They always forgive and resume their affection without ratting, except of course for the time when he was sent to prison. But that was just a careless accident. He had gone too far too soon and scared the little girl. Soon, the police were at his door with a warrant and that was that! Pleading guilty to a lesser charge for less time in the slammer, he also spared the child a visit to the courtroom. "What a nasty affair 'that' would have been!"

Wonder filled Slade's brain. How far was this little darling willing to let him go with her? Thoughts filled his head, the imagined thoughts of fucking his first preteen girl. Would this be his chance? Time and patience would be the key. Yes! The summer is gonna be great and so is this new job. There is a God!

Another gate suddenly appeared as they approached the main office and Celeste's home.

"Can I drive the rest of the way? Please?" The young Girl Scout begged as she suddenly reached for Slade's hand and moved it to her lap.

The sensuous warmth of the child's soft little butt caused an immediate stir in Slade's loins as Celeste sat on his lap and steered the car through the gate until they reached the parking lot. A bond was cementing a relationship that could only get stronger and, ultimately lead to many more opportunities. Slade was in love and lust. Celeste was in puppy love or simply attracted to a grownup with a sports car.

"Hi, Mr. Wilcox. I see that you've met our Celeste at the gas station. Come on in and we'll talk about your new job and have a bite of lunch." Celeste's father was all smiles as Slade walked up the steps with his daughter at his side.

The old house was huge and served as both an office and home. Large oak beams supported a high ceiling. The fireplace was large enough to hold a medium sized house- but high up in one corner was the nose of an airplane, complete with the propeller still affixed to the fuselage.

Celeste's father smiled brightly when he noticed his new guest stare at the spectacle with wonder in his eyes.

"OH! That's a reminder of an accidental landing a few years ago when the pilot lost control of his plane and crashed into the house. No one was home and the pilot was okay, but I insisted that he sell me the plane and that's where it rests. The tail and wings are still on and sticking out on the other side of the wall. I think of it as a trophy. After all, how many houses can capture an airplane in flight and survive?" he explained with a chuckle.

"By the way, I'm Andy Taylor and you've already met my daughter. Let's go in the kitchen and you'll meet the love of my life, my wife Cynthia. She can cook up a feast and you'll eat here in the dining room with us, but when the camp opens up next week, you can eat with the kids or with us, if you like. I warn you though. The kids get pretty noisy and rambunctious so you might wanna eat here. I hope you like kids because soon, this place will be like one big storm of loud, boisterous little bodies."

Cynthia and Andy were both young. In their thirties, they had the enthusiasm of a newly married couple but obviously had been married at least long enough to have a nine-year-old daughter. Cynthia was a look alike of Celeste and just as pretty. Firm, pert breasts looked highly 'suckable.' Her shapely ass was surely Celeste's future but Andy looked a little lame and unattractive to be with such a stunningly pretty woman. "Oh Well. There's no accounting for taste," Slade thought as he introduced himself to the misses of the house.

Lunch was a casual affair. Celeste insisted on sitting next to her new friend Slade while a collection of camp counselors straggled into the dining room. Introductions were soon made and Slade was eagerly applauded when introduced as the new handy man. Soon, he was feeling welcomed and embraced warmly as a member of the staff, as well as the family it seemed. Andy offered to let him sleep in an upstairs room or in the room next to his "would be" workshop. After finding out that Celeste's room was upstairs, Slade teetered on which place to sleep, finally deciding to have as much privacy as possible, just in case he might need it.

"The room next to the workshop will probably be just fine," he answered as a look of disappointment painted over Celeste's sweet little face.

"Well! Maybe I should check out the room next to the workshop first, then decide," he responded as an after thought, inspiring a bright smile to return to Celeste.

Lunch was filled with laughter and talk of the upcoming summer camp activities while a certain very pretty camp counselor couldn't seem to keep her eyes away from Slade. An air of female vs. female suddenly filled the dining room when little Celeste happened to notice that she had competition. Her way of solving the problem brought a smile to Slade's face as she tugged at his hand while whispering that he could see her pony after lunch. "But NO other people can come," she continued, meaning a certain camp counselor wasn't welcomed

Slade found out that her name was Joy and only twenty-two years old. "Very cute too," he thought as they traded smiles, mixed with provocative facial expressions at each other.

Celeste churned with anger as Slade returned a surreptitious wink towards the pretty camp counselor, followed by a bright grin that said, "I wanna fuck your brains out, honey"

As soon as their meal was finished, the camp staff all left together for a meeting with Andy, leaving Slade at the mercy of one very cute little Celeste. Eagerly, she reached for his hand and nearly dragged him outside to look at her pony.

The afternoon sun was like an oven as Slade followed his little girl friend to the barn. The familiar fragrance of horse manure filled the air as Celeste finally opened the heavy barn door. A lone pony with a splash of white on his forehead stood in eager anticipation as Celeste reached out to smooth her hand over his huge body. The pony responded by developing a huge, twelve inch erection that nearly touched the floor. Giggles from Celeste's mouth prefaced her comment, "he always does that when he sees me."

"You wanna pet him?" the nine-year-old asked with excitement as she proudly showed off the favorite thing in her life, her precious pony named Sparky.

"That's a very nice looking animal honey!" Slade responded as he stroked the pony's neck.

"Will you please sleep upstairs instead of the workshop? Celeste suddenly pleaded, as a thought seemed to fill her young brain.

"Yeah I guess! But it's gonna cost you," he replied with a sly smirk.

"Well. I have some money so how much?" She replied in joking way as she led Slade out of the barn, after saying "goodbye" to her pony.

"Money isn't as valuable as a kiss from a pretty nine-year-old Girl Scout," he answered as he picked Celeste up in his arms and kissed her on the mouth.

"Hey! That's my first kiss from a guy! She announced with an unmistakable sparkle of joy in her eyes as she puckered her thin lips and closed her eyes for another kiss.

After panning the area for any nosy witnesses, Slade kissed his little angel again while slipping a free hand under her dress for a fast feel of her sweet, shapely preteen ass. To his utter joy, she didn't protest, even once, as he continued to smooth his fingertips over every inch of her shapely butt cheeks. It was like old times, feeling up a pretty little girl's body. His loins were on fire as he kissed the child repeatedly until finally walking back into the barn. A quizzical look crept over Celeste's face as he closed the doors and placed her on a bed of straw.

"How come were back in here?" She whispered as if she suspected that she was being naughty.

"So no one can see us kiss and make out...like boyfriend and girlfriends do," Slade whispered in reply as his little friend absorbed the explanation in her young brain.

"You mean...I'm your girlfriend? She asked with a twinkle of delight in her eyes as Slade reclined next to her on the straw.

"Uh huh sweetie because I really like you a lot more than any camp counselor," he replied as he leaned down to kiss the softest little lips he had ever kissed.

Carefully and gently, Slade soothed his new lover with soft, light kisses on her lips, followed by an attempt to slide his hand between her creamy smooth thighs. The enticing warmth of her young sex radiated instantly to his skin, causing a raging erection to fill his pants. Like a magnet, the palm of his hand suddenly cupped directly over the girl's exposed panty-covered crotch. His heart raced as the sexual excitement of the moment filled his brain with arousal. The dampness of her panties was a certain clue that things were going just fine until...

"What if my mom or dad comes in and sees us?" Celeste whispered as she wrapped her dainty fingers around his hand to stop him from any further advances. "We better go now," she suggested, suddenly standing up to smooth the fabric of her dress back down.

Slade had seen this happen before. The jitters of being a little too naughty sometimes overwhelmed little girls, particularly when the little girl is nine years old. The older they are, the more they resist, but the younger aged little charms almost never objected to being felt up as long as a bond of trust and friendship had been developed early on.

Beaming a bright smile, Celeste reached for Slade's hand as they walked back to the house so he could unpack his bags and tools. "Yes she still loves me," he mused as the recent rebuff from the child lingered in his mind. Although disappointed, he realized that there would be plenty of perfect opportunities with the little girl. A little more time and lots of patience was needed, but she would eventually surrender. There's no substitute for experience and he had plenty with little girls.

"OH! MR. WILCOX? Can you fix the leaky faucet in the girls' lodge bathroom please?"

The sudden distant voice of one of the camp counselors stopped Slade in his tracks.

A wide, toothy smile revealed whom the voice belonged to. It was Joy and she looked delicious in her tight fitting shorts and tee shirt. It was true! Slade had never appreciated fine looking older girls, particularly after discovering the tempting little bodies of preteens. Over his years, he had passed up numerous chances at fucking some of the finest adult pussy on the planet, but in his mind, nothing compared to having carnal knowledge of a sweet little child's wonderful body. He lived for little girls but something about this pretty twenty-two-year-old sexpot managed to cause an erection, which Celeste seemed to notice as a lump began to grow in his pants.

"HE CAN FIX IT TOMORROW!" Celeste hollered tersely as she tugged at Slade's arm until he followed her like a puppy.

The camp counselor looked disappointed until Slade replied that he would stop by a little later before nightfall.

"You like her more than me, don't ya?" Celeste accused as her lips pouted in anger.

"No sweetie. Not at all, but my job here is to fix things that break and that's what I have to do. And besides, we're boyfriend and girlfriend...right?"

"Uh huh. But you can't kiss her or I'll be really mad," Celeste blurted as she suddenly turned and challenged Slade to see who gets to the house first. After she broke out into a fast run, the giggles of a nine-year-old girl filled the air with merriment.

Running at full speed was something Slade was good at and would have easily overtaken the young girl, but masterfully, he allowed her to win without looking as if he held back. A bright smile was waiting for him when he finally reached the house and acted like he was totally "put out" because a girl could run faster then him. A wet kiss soothed his pretended disappointment when Celeste motioned for him to lean closer. Soon, her tiny arms wrapped around his neck as he picked her up in his arms and carried her into the house.

"You two have become fast friends I see," Celeste's mother commented as they entered the house.

"Mommy. Can I help Mr. Wilcox fix stuff so I can learn to be a handy-man, I mean a handy...whatever a girl is called that's a fixer of stuff?"

"Uh huh darling," her mother answered as if she didn't pay attention to the question and was eager to get back to whatever activity she was doing.

"OH! GOODY! Celeste responded excitedly as she followed Slade to his car to get his luggage and tools.

Celeste was like Slade's shadow as he unpacked in the spare room next to her bedroom. Being alone with an underage child in his bedroom seemed risky, particularly when the child's mother was in the house. Making sure to leave the door open, he felt a little more at ease until Celeste suddenly closed the door and asked if he wanted a shower, suggesting that she show him how to work the faucets.

"Did she mean that she was willing to watch him undress and get into the shower? Was Celeste hinting that she would join him? Why close the door? The whole scene could be trouble," Slade thought as he quickly opened the door.

"No sweetie. Maybe later, after I fix that leaky faucet at the camp counselor's place. By the way, you can come too if you want" he replied.

After a few minutes, Slade's clothes were hung in the closet while Celeste filled the dresser drawers with his socks underwear and tee shirts. One pair of underwear caught her attention as she held them up in the air with a sly grin.

"And what do you call these?" She teased as a pair of elastic thong underwear went flying across the room like a stretched and released rubber band.

"You little bugger! I'll get you!" Slade responded as he chased her around the bedroom until pinning her small body to his bed.

"Um that feels nice," Celeste whispered when she chose that particular moment to finally surrender her young sex to an adult. Slade was in heaven, now that he was finally allowed to fondle and caress the young girl's forbidden sex. For some reason, she was ready to let him feel her sexual treasures to his heart's content, opening her thighs to his ministrations while his fingertips gently explored and fingered her young pussy. The sensation was familiar but this little girl was a special treat to his senses and his first after prison. But the voice of experience nagged somewhere in his brain, cautioning him to stop until it was safer.

"Okay my love. We have work to do. But later tonight, you can... you can come into my room after bed, if ya wanna. But you gotta be real quiet," he whispered.

Slade's eyes lit up with a mischievous look as leaned down and kissed Celeste's lips, followed by a light peck on her silky smooth inner thigh. Then, reluctantly, he pulled her dress back down while wondering what the night held for an old pedophile and his pretty 'Girl Scout' lover.

After fixing the leaky faucet with his new assistant's help of course, Joy did her best to seduce Slade into staying awhile for a nightly campfire and a few beers. The offer was enticing but getting into nine-year-old Celeste's pants was far more enticing and he didn't want to piss his little girlfriend off and spoil the headway he had made with her.

"Maybe tomorrow!" he replied as Celeste clung to him, commenting out loud that, "He was her boyfriend"

Luckily, the other counselors laughed out loud, as if the comment was funny and just the chatter of a child's fantasy.

"It's supposed to be our secret, honey, so don't tell anyone about us or I could get into trouble," Slade whispered as they walked briskly away.

"OK. I'm sorry. I won't tell. Hey! Can I come see you tonight like you said?" Celeste whispered, as if she now understood the risk and peril that her new, adult boyfriend faced.

Celeste's bedtime was promptly at ten, leaving Slade to wait patiently with the anticipation of having her inviting little body, safely in his bed. Just the thought of touching her incredible smooth, baby soft skin sent ripples of arousal to his brain. His cock was in a permanent erection the whole night while he waited for her parents to finally turn in. Time ticked slowly until the announcer of The David Letterman Show said "Goodnight and see ya tomorrow night on this same station."

The footsteps on the stairs were the sound of Celeste's mother coming to check on her daughter. Suddenly, the door squeaked open then closed after a moment. Those same footsteps broke the silence again, but this time, leading downstairs. Soon! Little Celeste would be in his bed and sharing her young body. Maybe she might let him fuck her little pussy. Maybe!

The dim light in the upstairs hall filtered slowly through the crack in the doorway as Slade watched his little child lover open his bedroom door with the skill of a cat burglar.

His cock almost exploded as the warm, soft body of the nine-year-old girl slid under the covers, commenting that it was okay because her mom and dad were in bed now.

His heart racing, Slade reached for Celeste and pulled her closer until the heat from her breath mixed with his. A light kiss on the child's sweet lips and passion took over. In a frenzy of lust, he began smoothing his hands all over her sensuous sexual features. His lips traveled from her mouth to her immature little breasts while slipping his whole hand inside the front of her thin panties. The silky smooth, naked skin around her tender slit excited him, inspiring Celeste to sigh when he found the moist opening to her tight little vagina. After gently easing his middle finger into the depths of her young pussy, the child arched her back in response to her first orgasm. Groans filled the room as Slade continued to sexually stimulate her little cunt, finally pulling her panties completely off.

"OMIG-G-O-D!" Celeste moaned when she felt Slade's warm, wet mouth clamped directly over her young, naked snatch.

Soon, her small butt cheeks were cupped in the palms of his hands as Slade pulled his child lover's groin closer to his face. Celeste winced, squirming on the bed while her little pussy was properly tongue-fucked by an expert.

Slade smiled, briefly pausing until his swollen cock was about to enter the most amazing pussy he had ever licked or sucked. Now! He was about to fuck the ultimate prize of every pedophile, a cute, willing Girl Scout.

"Are we gonna have sex now?" Celeste suddenly asked as she opened her tiny eyes and realized that a warm, naked penis was touching her slit for the first time in her young life.

"Yes sweetie, but only if its okay with you," Slade whispered in a sincere, caring tone.

"Will it hurt?" She asked in a whiny voice while the 'handyman' positioned her legs, spreading her knees, and finally easing his massive cock into the tight warmth of his first preteen pussy.

"OH GOD IN HEAVEN!" Slade groaned and moaned as the throbbing head of his steel hard shaft experienced sex with a child for the first time.

"Ow-e-e!" Celeste cried when two inches of an adult cock managed to penetrate the stubborn muscles that lined her young, immature vagina.

Celeste's young pussy gripped the sides of his penis with every measured stroke as Slade fucked his nine-year-old girlfriend, pushing deeper into her tight little hole with each thrust until the child's screams echoed off the bedroom walls. The fear of discovery tightened his rear end sphincter, as if the door to the bedroom might open any second. Finally, the searing pain of losing her precious virginity soon disappeared and Celeste was finally quiet, and still, like it never happened.

"Oooo! I can feel 'your thingy' in my hole and its moving," Celeste responded in a whisper as the sensation of fucking suddenly changed from pain to pleasure.

Slowly now, Slade continued to impale his little angel while suddenly sensing that her tiny body was actually, fucking him back. Gyrating her hips and thrusting her tiny fuck hole with vigor until more cries and moans erupted from Celeste's mouth, she succumbed to another orgasm, and finally leading to a violent push of her young body as her hips began to grind into Slade's groin. But Slade was too busy to notice because his balls exploded, instantly filling the little girl's preteen vaginal canal with hot thick cum. The intensity of his own orgasm caused his knees to buckle. Finally, he was lying squarely on top of his little Girl Scout's body, his cock buried to his balls while the firm entrance to her tiny cervix served notice that his seven-inch long, thick adult penis had bottomed out in the pussy of a fourth-grader.

"I love you," the whispered words from Celeste were treasured and rewarded by a long, passionate kiss.

"I love you too darling," Slade replied as they snuggled together under the warmth of his blanket.

Celeste's warm, smooth body was like a drug to his hands as Slade caressed her skin for an extended time. The sensation of fucking this little child played over again in his brain. A flood of euphoria still saturated every molecule in his body, as if his cock was still impaled in the pretty nine-year-old child's tight little pussy. Finally, they both drifted off to sleep with Celeste snuggled lovingly in his curl.

The early morning sunlight managed to fill the bedroom in an instant, splashing beams of sunlight, which announced the beginning of a new day in kiddy pussy paradise.

Clumps of dried sperm, mixed with pools of bright red blood covered every inch of the bedding. Celeste suddenly opened her tiny eye, complaining that her skin was stuck to the bed sheet. In haste, the sheets and blankets were stripped and replaced while the washing machine downstairs was filled with a few clothes, mixed with the bed-clothes and quickly started before Celeste's mother and father woke up.

Taking a shower with a naked nine-year-old girl was a first!

Slade smiled with total satisfaction and pleasure as Celeste washed his cum-covered body. Giggles from the child's mouth were a turn-on for the old pedophile as his cock went to a full erection while her small hands lathered soap around his ridged shaft. Dainty fingers toyed with his ball sack until he moved closer to Celeste's young face and attempted to get the girl to take his massive cock into her tiny mouth. After making a few animated faces, the pretty fourth-grader finally gave in and opened her mouth while Slade guided his meat into the mind-numbing warmth of a child's mouth. It was a sight to see, his adult cock getting sucked by a child, and after only a few seconds, his balls answered the call.

Celeste sputtered and gagged as hot, steamy ropes of cum instantly filled her mouth and throat while trickles of the milky goo leaked out of the corner of her lips and collected on the shower floor.

"Yucky," she complained as she tried to spit out the offending sperm, followed by washing her lips and face of the sticky residue.

Slade felt grateful and proud of his little "Girl Scout lover." A long passionate kiss finished off the session in the shower and Celeste finally returned to her own bedroom.

A long workday was ahead for Slade.

Andy Taylor cheerfully handed over a prepared list of things that needed immediate attention while his wife served breakfast to everyone, including the camp counselors and little Celeste, whom chose to sit next to her friend Slade.

Slade's nose detected something new about his little girlfriend. "Perfume!" Celeste was wearing perfume. Too much perhaps, but yes! He guessed that it was her way of pleasing him, but he was already pleased beyond description. "Fucking a child in his own bed just can't get any better," he thought as he smiled at her cute little face. That certain look in her eyes meant that she was all his. It also meant that little Celeste wasn't letting Slade out of her sight. And her hand was actually resting on his leg as they sat together at the breakfast table. Before anyone else noticed the suspicious behavior, he suddenly excused himself, commenting that he should get started on his work.

"Honey! You shouldn't show love like that in front of other people or they might find out about us and I could go to jail," Slade whispered as Celeste followed him on his rounds of repairs. A look of disappointment on the child's face soon turned into tears when her feelings were hurt, but a hug and kiss from her adult boyfriend seemed to soothe her emotions.

Slade was falling in love with Celeste, not admitting that the warmth in his heart was anything other than a lust for her fine, young preteen body he realized that this little girl was more than just a fling. But emotions are sometimes confusing and he felt the same way as his young lover about touching each other in the open, as if they were approved to do such things. In another era, nine-year-old girls were often mated with adult men and no one cared. But! Today's rules and mores are far different than the old days. A man can get locked up for even looking at a young, underage girl in the wrong way.

The smile on Celeste's face was reassuring that she was okay with Slade's lecture about her open displays of affection for him. But whenever they were alone, such as working together on a repair when no one was around, the little darling couldn't keep her hands away from him. And he couldn't keep his hands away from her fine little body either.

"Umm that feels so nice when you touch me there, honey?" Celeste cooed when a moment of privacy happened to offer a chance at mutual petting and fondling. The word "Honey," now used by the young girl was her show of affection, but luckily, not around other people.

Sex with Celeste was nightly. Slade waited patiently for the moment when his child lover would escape into his room and slide her seductive warm little body into his bed. Kisses and passionate embraces would follow and then a marathon of fucking the fourth-grader's brains out would ultimately end with a nice blowjob. Towels were placed on the sheets to catch any evidence of sex with a child but it began to occur to Slade that an accident might happen, the kind of accident that could send him to prison for life if he wasn't careful.

"No-o-o! I don't want that inside of me," Celeste complained when she saw the condom on Slade's huge cock before he was about to fuck her little pussy one night.

Celeste was at a dangerous age for nightly sex. At nine years old, she was of childbearing age and it was like Russian roulette every time they had sex together. A rubber was a crude thing to use on a child but they certainly couldn't ask Celeste's mother to put her young daughter on birth control pills. So what can be done? Not having sex with his young, preteen lover was not an acceptable option. He would rather die or go back to prison. Well, maybe NOT prison.

A trip into town might do the trick. A visit to one of his buddies that just got out of prison just might resolve the problem.

It was difficult to convince Celeste, but Slade finally got the child to agree to let him drive alone into town for a day. But after driving his corvette down the open road without his little Girl Scout sitting in the passenger seat, he realized how much she meant to him and how much he missed having her at his side. A glance at the empty passenger seat brought back visions and captured memories of when they first met. He could still see her sitting with her dress blowing above her legs while the wind swept her fine blond hair. The scent of her young, preteen freshness rekindled in his brain. Her fine, delicate, little girl skin beckoned his touch it seemed, inspiring his arm to suddenly reach towards the phantom passenger sitting in the seat as if his little lover was riding next to him.

"Dr. John H. Stewart, please," Slade asked as he held the sliver of paper in his hand.

"I'm sorry sir but Dr. Stewart is no longer at this clinic. He's not a doctor anymore either, but I can give you another number to reach him if it's real important," the receptionist replied.

"Hi John. This is Slade. How are ya man? I heard you were out and I was hoping you could do something for a fellow pedo?" Slade asked with a chuckle and the tone of a long lost buddy.

After offering his buddy two hundred bucks, a prescription was obtained from the recently disqualified doctor. John Stewart had been found guilty of molesting one of his young patients and paid the price. But he needed the money, so Slade got lucky and returned to the campground with smiles all over his face.

A full year of birth control pills, fitting a nine-year-old's young body would be given to Celeste with specific instructions, meaning there could be NO sex until after few days when the drug would take affect. Smiling with joy, she reached up and pulled Slade down on the bed.

"We can't honey. What if your mom comes upstairs or your daddy?" Slade whispered as he fought off a burning desire to make love to his pretty nine-year-old lover, right then and in the middle of the day. Beside, according to the directions on your pills, we can't do anything for two days," he continued softly as he kissed Celeste on her lips while his free hand automatically slipped between the child's luscious thighs.

Anger filled Celeste's face after discovering rejection from her adult lover for the first time. Abruptly, she slid from under Slade's body and walked out in a huff towards her own bedroom. "Having a child for a lover is work!" Slade mused as he spotted the package of birth control pills on the bed.

Celeste seemed to disappear except for mealtimes. Arguments with her mother began to occur, filling the house with tension while Slade went about his job with a sense of guilt. He truly missed not having his little helper around and mostly, he regretted making the little girl angry, but she should be fine now. She's a smart girl and would surely come around to forgiving him.

Meanwhile, "The Happy Times Summer Camp For Kids" was filing up with preteen wonders. Slade watched with eager attention as countless little cuties poured out of a line of busses, hollering and screaming with a playful enthusiasm and grateful for time away from nagging parents.

Finally, as was the custom, the entire staff was gathered to welcome all the children and get them settled into their cabins. Slade beamed a wide grin as a collection of nubile little temptresses followed him through the campgrounds until he got everyone unpacked and settled in. Then it was time for the grand tour. Over a hundred kids snaked through the campgrounds as the staff struggled to keep up with the antics of children, (mostly the boys) arguing, shoving and generally blowing off steam. But soon, all was getting quiet as most of the kids finished unpacking and made new friends.

A familiar looking face in the crowd of kids nagged at Slade's brain, but try as he could, he couldn't remember who she was or where he had seen her. After reaching his workshop, he sat down for a moment of respite, finally snoozing while the campground took on a soothing quiet.

"HI MR.WILCOX!" A child's voice suddenly disturbed a needed nap.

"Yes honey. What can I do for you?" he asked as his brain cleared.

"Don't cha remember me? I'm Amy. You know, from the Catholic school for girls?" she replied as Slade's eyes finally recognized her from his past job at "Our Lady Of Chastity School For Girls"

"Wow! Young lady. You've really grownup. How old are you now?" he asked as he examined the little girl's young, tempting features.

"I'm almost ten now. But I broke the strap on my backpack. Can you fix it, please?" she begged as she batted her pretty eyelashes and walked closer.

Suddenly memories of his past spilled over into the present as Slade smiled and reached for the broken backpack. Amy stood like an angel, her innocence glowing like a halo around her young body as a sly grin soon crept over her smooth featured, cute little face.

"You remember when you worked at my school and you fixed my shoes and I let you see my panties and touch me all over?" She asked while walking directly up to the handyman as he examined her Backpack.

Slade thought for a minute before responding. Did he really want to admit such things to a child? The look in Amy's eyes seemed innocent enough but why did she even bring it up?

He didn't have to wait long for an answer.

"I don't have a dress on today but you can still see my panties if ya wanna," she offered cheerfully as she unbuttoned her shorts and quickly pulled them down to her knees.

The sight of two smooth, 'to die for' naked thighs opened Slade's eyes to a new dimension. In a flash, he had the shop door closed and locked. Amy seemed at total ease as she allowed the handyman to fondle and feel up her secret places while his hand tingled with excitement. Soon he began to finger her shallow slit through the fabric of her underpants. Wearing a thin grin of approval, she closed her tiny eyes while the handyman slid his fingers inside of her panties and began to gently spread her tender labia. Slade loved this part. Feeling inside of a little girl's underwear and fingering her little pussy was about the most erotic experience he could imagine, short of stuffing his cock inside of a child's vagina of course.

A distant thought filled a corner of his brain as Slade wondered where Celeste was at that moment.

"You wanna take my panties off?" Amy mumbled with a naughty look as she panned around to make sure no one else was watching.

Slade's cock was ready to explode as he carried Amy into the bedroom next to the workshop. Without protest, he undressed the young girl and placed her on her back with her sweet little legs spread open. Then he dove between the child's thighs, licking and sucking the very essence of her young sex while her tiny body squirmed and thrashed under the weight of his body. After cupping both hands under her soft, shapely little butt cheeks he devoured every inch of her tasty little pussy. Moans of sexual gratification could be heard outside of the shop as Amy continued to groan and squirm while an adult gave her young body oral sex for the first time in her life.

"Please Mr.Wilco...OH MIGOD! Your thingy is in my...OH!" Amy cooed as Slade eased his thick cock into her warm, incredibly tight little vagina. "What if I have a baby?" she asked as her eyes flickered open. Then all was quiet in the room as the slow fucking of a child's young pussy began in earnest. Slade's brain was in a fog of sexual release as he relished the snug fuck hole of another little preteen girl. His swollen penis made gradual entrance into the young girl's body, stealing away her innocence with every continued thrust until his balls couldn't ignore the intense sensation of having sex with a child.

"OH GOD! OH JESUS! The old pedophile cried out as an endless river of hot, thick sperm gushed like a fire hose into Amy's tiny pussy. Her eyes opened briefly as the warm, thick fluid filled her vaginal canal with Slade's seed. The sensation felt nice and soothing to the young girl and Slade took special care to avoid busting her cherry, but his long thrusting cock didn't seem to care about such things.

"Ouch! That hurts. You hurt me!" Amy cried as her thin hymen was soon destroyed in one careless thrust by a massive, two-inch thick adult penis.

The pain subsided but Amy tried in vain to get out from under Slade's huge body.

"I don't like you anymore!" she complained as Slade's cock suddenly pulled out from her young vagina.

Then for some unknown reason, she began to laugh when she suddenly spotted the glistening cum and fresh blood pools all over the bed.

"Oooo! Yucky! Did we do that?" she gasped with wonder as Slade held her naked body to his.

"I didn't really mean it when I said I hate you. Can we do this again someday?" Amy asked as Slade kissed her tenderly on the mouth.


Celeste shouted from outside of the thin walls of the workshop.

Suddenly, two little fists pounded the door as Celeste tried get inside.

Slade hesitantly opened the door for his favorite squeeze.

"Slade! I thought you loved me the most so how come you're in here with another girl?" Celeste challenged as she stood in anger with her hands on her hips.

"I do love you sweetie. This is Amy and we're old friends. So don't be mad at her. She just came by for a visit." Slade responded with a sheepish look.

"Well...I'm sorry I got mad at you but I'm all better now and my period thingy is over 'til next month." Celeste explained as she reached for Slade's hand and urged him to follow her until they reached the barn.

"Hey! You wanna do it in the barn?" she asked as she opened the heavy barn door and tugged at Slade's arm until he followed.

"You mean all that anger and behavior the other day was because of your period? You've started your period, honey?" Slade asked as he unbuttoned Celeste's jeans and pulled them completely off.

"Uh huh. But my mom says I'm gonna have a period every month until I get older but I didn't tell her about those pills you got. I started taking 'em yesterday so we can...you know...we can have sex now," she commented as she slid her panties off in an instant.

Meeting a cute Girl Scout on the highway: $25.00

Buying Birth Control Pills for the Girl Scout: $200.00

Sex in the barn with a very cute, naked Girl Scout: Priceless!