Francesca's First Solo Train Ride

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The morning train to Milan, Italy was about to begin its four-hour journey, loaded with commuters, travelers and a certain preteen aged girl with needs.

Nine-year-old Francesca climbed aboard with her overnight bag slung loosely over her shoulder while her mother waved a worrisome goodbye.

Her mother pained at the thought that her only daughter was making her first trip alone and unsupervised. But her grandmother would be waiting for her when she arrived in Milan, she reassured herself as the child disappeared into the crowd of passengers.

The nagging sense of fear from being alone began to fade slowly from Francesca's mind after finally finding a seat next to a harmless looking old man. His wrinkled suit and white hair made her think of her grandfather whom died just months ago. She missed her grandfather deeply- and the fun they often shared…and a secret that she promised not to tell!

The old man in the seat smiled directly at her as Francesca eased herself next to him while the train suddenly lurched forward, sending her carry-on bag flying across the train car until an alert passenger retrieved it and handed it back to her with a smile.

"Here, darling! Put your little bag with mine in the overhead compartment and it'll be safe," the white haired old man suggested as his fingertips rested briefly on her bare thigh.

The warmth of the old mans' fingertips on her skin was familiar, recalling memories of her grandfather and the new things he taught her one weekend when she visited.

Francesca's tiny eyes closed as she relaxed. The motion of the train car, swaying back and forth and the soothing "clickity-clack" of the wheels on the rails were hypnotic. Soon, she was asleep and dreaming, remembering those pleasant things that her grandfather did that made her feel all tingly and warm between her legs.

"OH! Grandpa! That feels so…umm," she whispered in her sleep as her hand suddenly crept under her dress and found the essence of her preteen sex.

Her young body quivered with arousal as her panties became saturated with immature sexual secretions. Without thought of where she was, her finger found the warm, sensitive slit under the thin material of her underwear and commenced to stimulate her body until groans and moans escaped form her lips while the old man watched with amazement.

Beads of sweat trickled lazily down the child's face and forehead while seventy-year-old Bruno Gulianno stared with intense interest. His heart raced with visions of touching the pretty little preteen and fondling her sexual features while she remained asleep, but the consequences of getting caught could land him in prison. Prison at his age would surely be a death sentence, but he often fantasized about having sex with a young girl and since he hadn't been getting any pussy since his wife died, he could at least hope and dream.

Bruno's eyes focused on Francesca's glistening, creamy smooth thighs as she continued to massage her little cunny. While sitting next to him and totally immersed in her memories and dreams, she was unaware of the spectacle she was causing, and the temptation brewing like a storm in her seatmate's eyes. The old man's lips smacked with a lustful desire as he watched the fourth-grader finger her tight little fuck-hole, finally bringing her to another orgasm while all he could do was watch with envy. Then a familiar stir in his pants ignited a powerful, but perilous desire, flooding his helpless, sexually aroused brain and dictating his next move.

"OH GOD IN HEAVEN!" he groaned under his breath as the sensuous warmth and rare, smoothness of Francesca's young, firm thighs thrilled his fingertips with wanton lust and inspiration for her 'little girl' sex. His attention suddenly fixed on a glimpse of her exposed panties while his fingertips continued to brush lightly along the length of one thigh.

After making sure that the passengers seated across the aisle were fast asleep, he slipped his hand gently between the young girl's open legs. The heat from her young sex was magnetic, seductive and seemed to invite his exploration into the depths of her forbidden places.

Francesca didn't miss a stroke as she continued to masturbate her young pussy while her fellow passenger Bruno, helped himself to her elusive sexual treasures. The sensation of touching the young, underage girl where no man was allowed filled his loins with fire.

Like a young boy in heat, the old man probed the young girl's crotch until the wetness of her panties met his fingertips. Soon, he was trading strokes of her tantalizing slit, alternating with the girl as she thrust a finger deep into her vagina while making a hole in her panties. Meanwhile, Bruno's finger found the edge of her underwear, forcing open the elastic leg band and finally reaching the exquisitely smooth skin around her alluring, preteen pubic mound. Her tiny, soaking-wet pussy opened easily as he thrust a finger into her tender, virgin hole. The surprising smoothness and tightness of a child's vagina captivated his senses.

While Francesca remained fast asleep and in a dream state, her finger fought for space as they both finger-fucked her little body until a third orgasm developed into a raging, loud climax that managed to awaken other passengers.

The commotion sobered Bruno, inspiring the quick removal of his hand from under Francesca's dress while he pretended to be oblivious to the child's outburst. From the corner of his eye he realized that the nine-year-old girl was finally awake and seemed dazed by her self induced, repeated orgasms. Her eyes looked glassy as she finally awakened to the remnant waves of her latest climax, which filled her foggy brain with confusion.

With a red face and damp panties, Francesca excused herself and headed for the girl's bathroom.

A wide grin filled Bruno's face when she returned to her seat and settled her body next to him. Having carnal knowledge with a child such as this little cutie was satisfying and nourishing to his libido. But having sex with the likes of this amazing little girl would almost be worth the consequences - if he were caught, he mused while his hand slipped unconsciously to the lump in his pants.

"I'm Francesca," the young girl finally introduced herself with a wry smile as if she wondered about the discovery of her behavior while sleeping next to the old man.

"Hi darling. I'm Bruno and I must say, you're the prettiest little girl I've ever met,"

"Thank you… uh…Bruno," she replied. "You remind me of my grandfather," she continued as she snuggled closer to the old man.

Bruno sniffed the delightful, intoxicating fragrance of Francesca's hair as she nestled her warm body closer. The recent molestation of her private places filled his brain with arousal as he thought about where his finger had been and the warm, smoothness of the most amazingly tight pussy he had ever fingered. The vision of his thick cock stuffing her small vagina and filling her sweet little body with his sperm brought an instant smile to his face as imagined taking her home and fucking her little brains out until she climaxed like a sultry whore.

"UMM!" Francesca cooed as she nestled closer to Bruno's side as if she felt a trusting bond and at ease with her new friend.

Thoughts of touching the beautiful creature again returned to Bruno's brain, as Francesca appeared to fall back into a slumber.

Now fast asleep, she moaned again in a whispered voice as Bruno gently lifted the hem of her dress above her knees. Her untouched, silky smooth thighs immediately held his gaze, inspiring a fingertip to test the waters, hoping she was really asleep and unconscious to his moves.

"Please! Not here grandpa. Mama might see us," Francesca whispered as if she was imagining her own grandfather molesting her.

Bruno stopped in his tracks as he absorbed the surprising words coming from the nine-year-old child's mouth.

After pulling his long, all weather, coat from the overhead storage, the old man placed it over Francesca's legs, making sure to cover his own lap with some of the material as well.

"I love you, darling. Don't you love your grandpa?" Bruno whispered softly as he smoothed his fingertips lovingly through Francesca's fine hair.

"Uh huh. I love you Grandpa, "She replied in a wispy voice as she gently gripped Bruno's fingers and placed them on her lap.

"Do you want Grandpa to make your cunny feel all nice and warm, Sweetie?

"Umm oh yes Grandpa! Oh! Please do, but mama can't ever see us or…or…"

Francesca's words trailed as she fell into a deeper sleep.

With the protective cover of the heavy coat shielding his illicit deeds, Bruno eased his hand under Francesca's dress. The inviting warmth of her innocence gripped his fingertips like a vise, pulling him deeper between her luscious, parted thighs until the tip of a finger brushed against her damp panties. His heart thumped while blood rushed through his temples like a speeding freight train. He was about to feel up this little angel again, and without distractions.

Little Francesca remained quiet and in another world as her young pussy was being probed and fingered. Bruno was mesmerized and totally immersed in exploring her innocence; smoothing his hand freely along her creamy smooth thighs, then occasionally massaging the soft, puffy rise of her small pubic mound. Her warm slit beckoned his attention. With a single finger, he traced the shallow valley along her tender, young vaginal opening, pushing in repeatedly until he found the hole in her panties.

The erection filling the old man's underwear throbbed with anticipation as the heat and smoothness of Francesca's tight fuck-hole wrapped around his thick finger. In and out with measured, firm strokes, he finger fucked the child, causing moans and groans to fill the train car until finally arousing the suspicion of a nosy, crabby old Italian matron.

"Listen here you old bastard! You leave that young girl alone or I'll call the conductor and have you thrown off this train," she admonished angrily from the seat directly behind them.

Bruno hesitated before replying.

"Now YOU listen you old crab! This is my granddaughter and she's having another one of her nightmares. So mind your own business and take a douche. You're nasty cunt is stinking up the train."

The words spoken by Bruno silenced the old woman but ended his illicit, recreational activities between the heavenly thighs of Francesca.

Francesca suddenly became fully awake from the heated arguments but continued to cling to Bruno like a frightened child. Her smiling young face reminded him of the look on an adult lover after fucking her brains out.

Her eyes sparkled, reflecting her age and innocence as she settled herself next to Bruno and whispered in his ear. "Why was that lady hollering at you?" She asked in a serious tone.

"Oh she's just an unhappy old lady with a sad life and probably doesn't have a boyfriend to do things for her," Bruno replied as he wrapped his arm loosely around the Francesca's neck and pulled her closer in an affectionate way.

"I like you…uh… Mr. Bruno." Francesca spoke softly as she snuggled closer while absentmindedly easing Bruno's hand back between her thighs and adjusting the heavy coat to cover her lap.

Bruno fought the intense urge to resume molesting and fondling his new little friend, even though she seemed to be encouraging him by placing his hand under her dress.

Francesca was after all…only nine, and it was a serious crime in Italy to touch a child in such a way. Maybe she was just ignorant of her actions and really didn't want him to touch her…or maybe she was a little slut with needs and it was her way of saying," Go ahead and touch me again. I won't tell."

It was the erotic, seductive heat radiating from under the child's dress that finally put Bruno past the point of "no return."

His fingertips trembled with excitement when the fine skin along Francesca's luscious, inner thighs captivated his senses. The erotic warmth between her smooth legs pulled on his hand, urging him to slip into the forbidden abyss of consequences with a child. What if she went ballistic and screamed for him to stop…or worse, if she called for the porter? He pondered.

Bruno glanced intently out of the corner of one eye for any sign of objection from Francesca as he continued to smooth his fingertips along her thighs, easing his hand deeper between her legs and closer to her young sex until reaching the very quick of her innocence.

A sigh of approval from Francesca's lips was all the permission he needed to gently part her thighs and began massaging her preteen sex. The heat from her panty covered, soft pubic mound warmed his hand and fingertips as he explored and fondled every inch of the nine-year-old girl's forbidden places. Her inviting slit held the promise of an incredible fuck if he had the chance, but how could that be possible on a train filled with passengers?

Bruno's stop was finally announced over the intercom, alerting the old man that he only had a few precious moments left with his little nymph. His trip was much shorter than her destination, but thoughts filled his aroused brain with the idea of riding the rest of the way until she was at the end of her trip.

The familiar sounds and motion of the train stopping to unload and pick up passengers didn't slow him down as he continued to feel up and finger Francesca's tight little pussy.

Most of the passengers in the car had exited and only a few new ones filled the seats, giving old Bruno and idea.

"Where are we going?" Francesca asked with a curious tone as he escorted her to the back of the train car where they could be alone and private.

As many as ten vacant seats separated them from the nearest other passengers as Bruno and Francesca settled into an isolated, out of the way- and out of sight seat.

After placing Francesca near the window, Bruno resumed his posture with the young girl, placing his coat once again over their laps while turning towards her front as she nestled back into the seat. Again, he pretended to assume the role of her Grandfather, whispering the familiar words of Grandfatherly love and adoration while slipping his hand under her dress.

Francesca immediately assumed her role as the loving Granddaughter, knowing of course, that the old man was just playing her game, but she was too sexually aroused and satisfied to stop him from taking liberties with her. The fact that the old man was a complete stranger made it safer to play and act out her fantasy of reliving her experiences with her beloved, dead Grandfather.

Her cunny quivered with anticipation as Bruno edged a fingertip closer to her sex. She wanted him to touch her there again. "YES! OH YES!" she mumbled under her breath when she felt the heat from his hand cup her young pubic mound. Causing her to squirm on the seat, a thick finger pushed deep into her wet vagina, pressing into her tiny hole and withdrawing like her Grandpa used to do for her since she was a toddler.

Taking advantage of their isolation at the back of the nearly empty train car, Bruno positioned Francesca over his knees. Her head rested nicely on his lap while he held the hem of her dress in one hand. Slowly and with deliberation, he lifted the dress above her waist; exposing the most magnificent sight he had ever had the pleasure to see.

Bruno's mouth drooled at the inviting smooth, fine skin of the preteen child's naked delights, which were finally revealed for the first time under her dress. Her delicious looking thighs looked like something tasty and tantalizing to lick and kiss. Her panties seemed to glow with the promise of revelation…the revelation of seeing his first little girl pussy.

Hiding out of sight under the thin material of her underwear, the faint outline of Francesca's preadolescent slit seemed to advertise its location, teasing Bruno to take a peek if he dared.

With a shaky hand, the old man gently parted her slim legs. His face reflected his delight as his eyes glued to the magical "V" between her naked thighs. Sounds of sexual expectations uttered from his mouth while his fingertips smoothed over her fine, delicate skin and drew an imaginary line along her sexy, appetizing inner thigh.

Ever vigilant for nosy stares by another passenger, Bruno's eyes darted over the seats while he massaged and fondled the young girl's sex until finally sliding his whole hand inside the front of her panties.

With his little nymph in the perfect position on his lap, the sensation of molesting his first preteen girl was satisfying and fulfilling. Francesca surrendered her young sex to his whims, opening her thighs to accommodate his think hand and fingers while she pretended that her Grandfather was doing those nice things to her young body.

"OH! MY! OMIGOD!' She groaned as Bruno's thick finger impaled her tiny pussy, stimulating her into another orgasm until she realized that her moans and groans might get them noticed.

Nothing else in Bruno's long life felt as powerfully addictive as finger fucking Francesca's tight, little girl vagina. The smile on his face said it all! His whole finger was immersed in her immature, sexual secretions. The snug lining of her sex felt warm and sensuous as he continued to finger fuck the child until his cock began to ache for relief.

Without protest, Francesca lifted her bottom while Bruno removed her panties, gradually sliding them down her slim legs in a ceremonious style until the glow of her smooth, hairless slit made his cock spring to attention. Her underwear lay in a pile on the seat while Francesca was positioned with her legs spread open and straddling his lap. Her cute face was a beacon of Bruno's desires as she smiled while facing him.

A curious look soon crept over the child's face as Bruno unzipped his fly and pulled out his thick, swollen adult cock.

"OH MY! Grandpa. How come you took you thingy out," Francesca commented while Bruno wrapped his hands around her shapely little ass and eased his fully erect penis towards the entrance to her pussy.

After making sure the coast was clear, the arousing warmth and tight fitting vagina of a nine-year-old girl swallowed Bruno's cock as he gradually impaled her young body.

"OH GOD IN HEAVEN! The old man groaned as he guided his throbbing sex into the depths of heaven on earth.

The mind numbing sensation was even better than he imagined as Bruno began to fuck Francesca's incredible young vagina, pushing into her with rhythmic thrusts until he could feel the young girl's last symbol of virginity.

"OWEE!" Francesca cried as Bruno's cock suddenly ruptured her thin, protective hymen, causing bright red blood to leak around his shaft and collect in a pool on his pants.

The deeper Bruno thrust into the young girl's pussy, the better his cock felt as her immature vaginal muscles tightened with every stroke. The sensuous heat and slippery lining of her incredible tightness finally did the deed. Bruno's brain was euphoric with sexual arousal and his balls were filled with his ready seed.

"OH MAMMA MIA! OH GOD! He cried out as his balls exploded with endless ejaculations, filling Francesca's tiny pussy with so much sperm that a river of thick, gooey semen gushed like a fire hose all over her butt and legs. Sticky globs clung like glue to her skin while a large puddle lay on Bruno's lap.

The moans and groans that filled the train car finally reached a few unintended ears. And the sight of the conductor approaching could only mean one thing!

In blazing speed, Bruno removed his cum covered cock from Francesca's ravaged little pussy and sat her next to him near the window. His body would shield the 'cum' stains on the seat while his heavy coat would cover the evidence on his lap, he thought. Francesca snuggled to his side while an explanation formulated in his brain.

"There have been complaints from the other passengers that you might be doing something with this child that you shouldn't," the conductor announced as he stood, towering over Bruno and wearing a thin grin that failed to provide a clue about how much trouble they were in.

"I'm sorry sir but this little girl is my Grand Daughter and she has a…mental problem called Tourette's syndrome that causes her to make unexpected outbursts. That's why I moved her to the back of the train car so she wouldn't bother the other passengers," Bruno replied as if he felt apologetic.

The words hung in the air, as the conductor seemed to process the new information in his mind.

"I'm sorry I had to bother you, but the other passengers were concerned. I hope your Granddaughter gets better soon." The conductor answered as he tipped his hat and turned to walk away.

Giggles erupted from Francesca as if she found the events funny in some way while Bruno felt his heartbeat finally slow to a normal, healthy speed.

"Grandpa…I mean Bruno? " Francesca spoke up during a moment of quiet.

"Yes darling," He replied.

"Can you meet me on my trip back home after I visit my Grandmother…please? She begged as her soft, dainty hand smoothed briefly over Bruno's cum-saturated fly.

"You can count on it, my love," He answered with a kiss, as his hand returned under his nine-year-old lover's dress.