Fortunes of War - Child Love In A War Zone

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I guess just about everyone has a deep, dark secret that just won't go away. Mine's from the Vietnam War and, if revealed to the right people, could get me locked up for a very long time.

Her name was Tho. At just about seven or eight years old, she couldn't tell me her age because she spoke absolutely NO English.

Away from home for the first time in more than a year, lonely and full of fear and apprehension, my whole world changed the minute I set foot off the plane. Distant echoes of gunfire filled the air as explosive battle artillery shook the ground. Helicopters flew like hovering flies overhead while blowing hot, humid, dusty air in my face as punishment for foolishly accepting a commission in the U.S. Army.

"FOLLOW ME, CAPTAIN," a voice hollered above the din of approaching aircraft.

My quarters as an officer were sparse, but offered protection from the frequent rain and constant rotor blasts from the Huey Gunships as they flew frequently, in and out of the camp.

There was NO question. My butt was cooked, and if I made it out alive from this God-forsaken hole, I would resign my commission and get out of the military as soon as possible. My bunkmate was a young Warrant Officer in charge of communications, but also a former helicopter pilot that was lucky to be alive when his gunship was downed by a mere rifle bullet that clipped the tail rotor. His name was Tex, but his real name I still don't know. Everyone had a handle and eventually mine became Custer, due to the goofy way I wore my cap, I guessed.

Meals were the highlight of the day in most camps, but our mess hall was one of the worst in the "NAM". The mess sergeant was good for only one thing, whining and complaining about the war - and the lack of decent food supplies. He was right about the food and right about the war, but I was his new commander and I didn't really care if he was right or wrong. I had to put a stop to his complaining, because it was like a disease in the camp and bad for morale.

"Hi, sergeant. I'm your new CO," I announced with a grin as I stood in the mess line.

Sergeant Teal was a lifer, meaning his whole working life would be spent in the U.S. Army. Rough, burly, and generally nasty-looking, he personified his role as the head cook and crusty old Mess Sergeant that typically ran the Vietnam mess halls…wherever you went.

There was no salute and no smile. He just grumbled something, then swatted a pesky fly, watching it land somewhere in the mashed potatoes.

"You want some potatoes, sir?" he asked with a snicker as he scooped out a generous portion and was about to fill my tray.

"No, sergeant, but after mess call, I'd like you to make some time for me," I answered as I grabbed some orange juice in a carton, thinking that it might be safe to drink.

The command NCO was seated in the mess hall, scarfing down a huge plate of food.

"Hi, captain," he said casually as he continued eating.

Taking a seat at his table, I glanced at the hash marks on his sleeve. "This guy's been around since soldiers rode horses into battle," I mused as I finished off the juice. His ruddy face revealed the fact that he had fought some of his own battles, probably quenching his troubles with alcohol or whatever. Patiently, I waited until he finished his meal. It was time for business, and the business of war meant that everyone has to watch and command from the top down. From the generals to the private, every thought and action made a difference. Yes! I was going to make this command ship-shape, so to speak. And my two priorities would be getting the food situation fixed and the enlisted command in shape.

The Command Sergeant Major, according to his file, was a decorated hero, with numerous combat medals and awards. To me, he looked burned out and in need of replacement. Nothing on the base worked. Morale was terrible and…if I was assigned here to clean it all up, then that's what I would do.

The formal discussion with the Sergeant Major, after he ate his dinner, wasn't productive, but talking to the Mess Sergeant was even worse. No one cared about anything except getting the hell out of here, even if it meant going to the brig, stateside. Out of desperation, I placed an urgent request to the battalion for new personnel and was summarily laughed at, then dismissed without explanation. So eventually, I became what everyone else was destined to be, indifferent, without hope, and eager to go home. In a short time, my attitude spiraled until I was on the same level as those I commanded.

Months of nagging hot weather, from monsoon rains to flooding, along with day-to-day tragic news of downed pilots or thousands of soldiers killed in battle, didn't seem like anything to raise an eyebrow over. I was numbed from the weight of the war and all that went with it. Before long, I was joining the Master Sergeant and the Mess Sergeant in a regular bout of boozing. They were more than happy to show me the way to survive this insanity, they commented as they passed me the bottle.

By now, the decorum of rank was all but gone. I was addressed as Custer, not Captain.

My story really begins on the eve of Christmas, 1967.

The Mess Sergeant had a collection of Vietnamese refugees as helpers. They worked cheap, asking only for a meal and protection from the communists that had already decimated most of their land and villages. As a group, they depended on the military for their survival and wellbeing. It was common to see a few of the regular enlisted soldiers shacked up with a nubile young Vietnamese girl, but officially it was forbidden.

Our mess hall doubled as a lounge at night, catering mostly to the officers and select enlisted personnel but it was my favorite hangout after a day of nonstop work and the rigors of war. The Mess Sergeant was the bartender, aided by a few very sexy Vietnamese girls in their early twenties. Wearing short, revealing skirts, their white cotton panties glowed from the flood of ultraviolet lights encircling the inside of the Mess tent. Yes. Our makeshift lounge was the center of the camp's only entertainment. Popular music of the era, from the Rolling Stones to The Doors and Beach Boys, were a welcome retreat for the mind. For a few dollars, a blowjob could be had from one of the cute cocktail servers, after the Mess Sergeant got his cut, of course.

Christmas Eve was a relaxed, no-holds-barred time of year during the war. After I finished savoring a bottle of fine bourbon, the Mess Sergeant walked over to over me with a joint. He had the best weed in the camp. A few tokes, and I was buzzed but soon noticed a cute little Vietnamese child eating a dish of ice cream…and full of giggles. The Sergeant Major was seated next to her and to my surprise or shock - his hand seemed to be inside of her pants and between her legs. I thought it was the pot making me see things, but after a minute or two, I glanced at them again. This time the child had her tiny hand directly on his crotch, massaging his cock and giggling the whole time as if it was some kind of game. The Mess Sergeant, realizing what I was staring at, spoke up, wearing a smirk on his face.

"Hey! Cap'n Custer…you like kiddy pussy?" he asked in a whisper.

The question seemed odd but he repeated himself while offering me the pick of the camp.

I shook my head "NO", but then a surprising thing happened. An immediate erection changed my thinking. The thought of having sex with a child would have ordinarily been repulsive and definitely immoral. But this was the land of immoral things. Hell! This whole damn war was immoral, and I was risking my neck for a country that really didn't want us here anyway. Why not have a little fun? The spoils of war go to the victor and we damn sure were not gonna' lose THIS war to a bunch of ill-equipped, untrained peasants with guns and rice sacks around their waists.

"Well. What's your pleasure? Boy or girl," the Sergeant asked with a twinkle in his eye as he guided me into the refugee tent at the back of the camp.

A group of adult Vietnamese ladies were in charge of the orphaned kids in the camp. The Sergeant spoke briefly to one of the women then quickly returned, wearing a wide grin and commenting that he had the perfect child for me, guaranteed to make my pecker hard all night. Her name was Lon and she was very cute, he explained. But I wanted a younger, giggly kind of girl, the likes of which the Sergeant Major was molesting in the Mess tent.

There were about thirty some kids in the tent but I managed to spot Tho. She looked about seven or eight, sporting the cutest little nose and smooth, touchable skin. The Vietnamese lady whispered some words into her ear while motioning for me to take the child in my arms.

The soft warmth of her little body was my new drug. The little girl clung to me like a strip of Velcro as I carried her back to my hooch. Since I now lived alone, I was free to enjoy my little dessert without interruption.

I didn't know where to start, having never been intimate with a child before. So I tried with desperation to soothe her frightened mind, talking to her with small talk. But she couldn't understand one word I was saying. Then, a harmless affectionate kiss soon turned into heavy petting. Having not had sex since I came into the country, my cock wasn't picky about where I put it. Tho sighed as I smoothed my fingertips tenderly over her fine, baby-soft skin. The sensation was making me drunk with arousal and my cock raging hard. Then the warmth between her sweet little thighs seemed to pull my hand to her panties. Her slender legs opened on queue when she felt my fingertips caress the silky soft skin on her firm, inner thighs. Fondling this little girl was like touching a cloud, allowing me to forget about the war and the non-stop killing that was going on only a few clicks away.

With a foggy, alcohol-filled brain, making love to this child's fragile, preteen body, soon developed into hot and heavy oral sex. I was in another place in another world and making love to a dearly missed girlfriend…the one I left at home, still occupying a corner of my heart.

Tho began to giggle as the tip of my stiff tongue lapped at her panty-covered, tiny slit. Her slender legs were open wide as I buried my face in her sublime crotch, sucking the juices out of her immature pussy through the thin panty material. The giggling soon stopped as I brought her into MY world, a world of sexual gratification and animalistic lust. She cooed and moaned incessantly as I continued eating her secret fruits. Then her body convulsed as a hardened tongue pulled the edge of her panties aside, finally licking the smooth, sweet interior of her tight little hole. Not stopping or pausing for a second, my teeth grasped her underwear, sliding them over her narrow hips until they cleared her slim legs. The smoothness of her fine, untouched little pussy held my gaze for a minute. Drool from my mouth collected on my chin as I dove into the little girl's sex.

Pausing for a moment, I marveled at the fresh, pink lining of her preteen pussy as my thumbs spread her puffy labia. Then my mouth clamped directly over her warm, soft pubis, licking and sucking the very essence of her innocence until she surprised me by bucking her tiny hips into my face. We were off to the races. I continued to ravish the child's crotch while she continued to gyrate and fuck my mouth, until loud grunts turned into cries of an impending orgasm.

Tho repeated some unknown Vietnamese equivalent for "OMIGOD" as her tiny body lurched off the bed, propelling her little brain into a bed shaking, noisy climax. I was sure the whole camp could hear, but I didn't care.

On occasion, I heard the same cries coming from various other tents on the base, but until now, never had a clue as to what it was.

Watching a child experience an orgasm was odd, but this was Vietnam, on the other side of the globe and thousands of miles away from my version of a civilized world. Nothing really surprised me these days, but I swear it never occurred to me that a kid could have an orgasm, particularly at such a young age.

Although the cool night air was a welcome relief, Tho was obviously bothered by the cold night air as her body shivered next to mine. I hadn't fucked her little pussy yet because I couldn't locate my tube of Vaseline Jelly that I usually kept around for my dry, chapped lips.

Desperate to fuck this little morsel, an idea flashed into my sexually-aroused brain as I covered my little angel with a blanket and left to find the camp medic. The Doc was away, but his assistant answered the door of the field hospital tent. He pretended to be coming out of a sleep, rubbing his eyes and looking the role as he suggested that I wait outside. The faint sounds of a young Vietnamese boy leaked through the sides of the tent, inspiring me to realize and chuckle to myself at the obvious scenario inside. The kid sounded as if he couldn't be much older than Tho, and he was probably getting his tight little ass stuffed with a huge, thick adult cock before I walked up.

The medic smirked as he handed me the tube of Vaseline, asking what I needed it for. I didn't bother to answer, so he gave me one of those "I know what you're up to" looks, then quickly closed the door.

My little angel was fast asleep in my bed, so I chose not to wake her right away. Her warm, naked body felt tantalizing as I snuggled carefully next to her. The tip of my throbbing, eager cock found a sensuous spot between her silky-smooth thighs as she slept quietly on her side. She didn't budge as my swollen member pushed deeper between her thighs until my thick shaft was nestled snugly in her hot little pussy slit. The warmth of her child sex radiated to my penis, inciting me to dry fuck her little slit until the tip of my cock suddenly and accidentally, found the slippery, inviting opening to her vagina. She whimpered the second I pushed into her hole with force. But the position of her body prevented any further penetration. I was undaunted, but eventually lost my patience, so I rolled Tho on her back and opened her legs, causing her to freak and cry out loud as if I was beating her.

It took some time to calm her down. But after a few minutes, a grin slowly appeared on her cute little face. She pointed between her thighs, saying something in her native language that I guessed meant that she wanted more oral sex so she could have another intense orgasm like before. I didn't have to speak Vietnamese to know what she was saying.

"OK! I eat your pussy, then fuck your little brains out" I said with a smile, as I looked directly in her eyes.

She shook her head OK as if she understood. She probably understood the word "fuck" because it was the universal word around here. Every other word was fuck...fuck you or motherfuck, or shit, damn, or cocksucker.

Another universal word is the moan of pleasure that a girl utters when her pussy is stimulated with intensely satisfying oral sex. Groans and moans continued from Tho's thin lips as I licked and sucked her little girl pussy into another raging climax. This time she was prepared for the experience, hunching my face and mouth as her body arched off the bed, until the addictive sensations subsided.

"More!" she commanded out loud, as she pointed towards her ravaged little pussy again.

The word echoed in my brain as I was taken aback by her sudden use of English. I guessed that many of the children in the camp picked up their share of English as they lived amongst us, but probably only a few useful words, like "More." After all, it was a word that could get you things.

I answered my little darling with a tickle, which all kids understand. Her sweet, childlike laughter was music to my ears and managed to bond us closer together. Then, a cute dimpled smile on her face was my invitation to get my rocks off in her tight, little girl pussy.

While my Vietnamese sweetheart closed her eyes in submission, I applied a generous amount of the Vaseline to her tiny fuckhole. "Mmm," was all she could mutter as I continued this pleasantly erotic task Then she winced when my thick, middle finger inserted itself into her tight little vagina, stretching her cunt to a new size as I finger-fucked her small body into a frenzy of climatic intensity.

Taking advantage of the little girl's euphoria, I pushed my swollen cock into her sweet little pussy hole. Her open thighs stretched to the max on each side of me as I pushed into her tightness, spreading her incredibly tiny sex as I continued, until the warmth of her Vaseline-coated hole seemed to suck the head of my dick deeper and deeper. I glanced down at my shaft as it impaled Tho's body. The sensation was unlike any fuck I had ever experienced before. In one brutal thrust, I took her cherry, causing her to protest and finally cry, filling the tent with screams and the unmistakable sounds of first-time sex.

The look on Tho's face wasn't encouraging, but I couldn't stop fucking this little girl. The intensely powerful sensation of having sex with a child captivated my brain, taking my cock hostage while sending ripples of indescribable sexual gratification throughout my body. If I had known how intensely satisfying having sex with a preteen girl would be, I would have become a world-class pedophile long ago. Visions of my cock, buried inside of my cute little niece--living with my sister back in the states--flashed through my brain as I continued to fuck my little charmer.

Every stroke and plunge into Tho's tight little fuckhole, shot bolts of throbbing sensations to my brain. Finally, my balls announced they couldn't hold off any longer. Hot, thick spurts of cum instantly filled the tightest, most sensational pussy that I had ever fucked. Tho's eyes opened wide as the warm goo filled her body, inciting a thin smile that grew on her face as I pumped the last drop of my seed into her womb. Her tears of pain stopped as she began to enjoy having her preteen pussy fucked for the first time.

To my surprise, a look of disappointment crept over Tho's childlike face as I pulled my meaty cock from her body, making a "pop" as the helmet shaped head finally freed itself.

With my brain still in a state of sexual bliss, I nestled next to my little fuckemate. Her tiny body snuggled in my curl while clumps of glue-like semen clung to my skin and her smooth body. Too exhausted to tend to the mess on the bed, I fell asleep while holding my sweetheart snugly against me. Her shapely little butt felt like it was drenched in a mixture of sticky sperm and dried blood but I would deal with cleaning her up later.

Saturday in a war zone is just like any other day. I woke up to a knock on the door to my tent. It was the company clerk, advising that the Colonel wanted to see me. He looked disappointed when I didn't invite him inside, but I couldn't risk the discovery of a young child in my bed.

Tho remained asleep as I dressed in my fatigues. Her eyes fluttered open for a second as I leaned down to kiss her small mouth and steal one more feel of her delightful little body.

"More!" she repeated as she pointed again, to her crotch.

Making a hand signal, I pointed to my watch, holding two fingers up to let her know that I would be back in a couple of hours. Her little head shook from side to side as she whimpered in an attempt to protest my leaving her alone. But another kiss and a couple of well deserved 'Twinkies' in the little girl's hand from my stash of junk food, and I was off to see the Colonel.

Tho was gone when I returned to my tent a few hours later. Feeling concerned for her safety, but more to the point, a concern that she would disappear and I wouldn't have her tight little pussy to fuck again, I set out to find her. Little did I expect the scolding I received when I finally walked into the refugee tent. The lady that passed Tho to me the other night, gave me a tongue lashing in broken English.

"You American all bad!" she commented as she wagged a finger in my face. "You take little Vietnamese girl and have sex but not wash her when she come home," she continued ranting.

I apologized by handing her a twenty-dollar bill while wearing my most sincere look of contrition on my face.

The matronly lady grinned a wide, toothless grin as she accepted the money. Then smiled as she motioned for me to follow her to an out-of-the-way corner of the tent. About ten or twelve naked girls of various ages and features were waiting in line to be called for their bi-weekly shower. My little sweetheart was getting dressed in a plain, no-frills garment that looked worn and thin. She had just had a shower it seemed and in a moment, she smiled brightly as she spotted me. She hollered something in Vietnamese as she ran at full steam towards me.

"You take. OK. She go with you, but you wash. OK," the Vietnamese woman rambled as I picked Tho up in my arms.

After spending the entire morning with the Colonel, the rest of the day was mine. Tho hugged my neck tightly as I carried her to the Mess Tent for some lunch. She began calling me "daddy san" which I knew was a derivative from her language that meant "daddy". It didn't matter. I truly liked the little girl, and so did my fully erect cock that swelled in my pants, making a prominent lump as I walked briskly into the dining tent.

"Hey! Capn'. Looks like you have a new medal on your uniform today," the Mess Sergeant kidded as he noticed Tho clinging to my neck as I held her.

The food was getting better recently, owing to the fact that the Colonel finally got involved and managed to get more supplies and fresh meat on a regular basis. I'm sure he had to give something up to get all these improvements, but he was tired of the same meals every day, too.

Today was steak day. The Sarge smiled radiantly as he plopped a thick, juicy T-Bone on my plate and a chopped meat patty on Thos's. Corn on the cob was a welcome, rare treat so I had three or four. Then a surprise--a cold mug of beer to finish the meal off was on my table as if it just appeared from thin air. The Sarge chuckled as he witnessed the look of surprise on my face.

"Well, Cap'n, how'd you like fucking this little girl last night?" the Sarge asked with a smirk, as he lightly patted Tho on the top of her shiny black hair.

I didn't reply, but answered his question with a wide grin that conveyed my thoughts.

Abruptly, Tho stopped eating and stood up from her chair. She had an unhappy look on her face as she walked over to me and whispered in my ear.

"I no like him," she commented as she pointed her finger.

She once again surprised me. Tho understood just enough English to grasp the inference of the Sarge's comment about her. Luckily, the Mess Sergeant had the sense to bring the child a dish of ice cream to patch things up.

"I see you found a new squeeze, Cap'n Custer," the Master Sergeant joked as he walked into the mess tent.

"You wanna' trade sometime?" he asked as he looked Tho over with a gleam in his eyes.

I was tempted, because after watching him with his little preteen fuckemate, I was dazzled by her giggles and childlike ways. She was as cute as a pin and I found out later, he was planning on taking her back to the United States and adopt her as his daughter.

"Maybe later, Master Sergeant. I'll let you know," I replied casually as I resumed eating with Tho.

Little Tho looked like a fragile, porcelain doll as she sat across from me. Her smooth skin and soft features were alluring as she glanced at me with her dark, clear eyes. My mouth watered with anticipation as I imagined the silky smooth, bare thighs under her dress and those white, sexy cotton panties that I would once again remove with my teeth when I got her back to my tent. The throbbing penis between my legs stirred, as the remembered pleasures of fucking this little child filled my brain.

"You do more?" Tho asked as I carried her into my tent for an afternoon of fucking her little brains out.

"YOU DO MORE?" she asked again with impatience.

"Sure, sweetie. I'm gonna suck your sweet little pussy then put my dick in every hole in your body," I whispered, realizing that she couldn't possibly know all the words that I was saying.

Taking my time, I slowly undressed the child, but not before I had some fun, fondling her warm, smooth thighs and feeling up her little panty covered pussy slit while she still had her dress on. Somehow, it seemed sublimely erotic to slip a finger inside of her thin panties and finger her tiny slit as she stood facing me while I sat on the bed. Her eyes closed as she experienced the first sexual arousal of the day. Finally, it was time to undress my little sex toy.

"You do more…OK?" she asked again as she reclined on my bed, waiting patiently for me to remove her panties with my teeth.

Tho's tiny hips, instantly began thrusting into my face as I commenced sucking her tasty, preteen, pubic mound.

"Uh- uh- uh- uh." She groaned repeatedly until her tiny body convulsed into the most intensely quaking orgasm yet.

I'll never forget that animated on her face after each and every climax. She had that "just freshly fucked" look that I've noticed over the years on some of my old girlfriends. After getting off, Tho would just stare at the ceiling on the tent as her brain recovered from this newfound delight in her young life. My preteen whore was addicted to this sensational feeling. I had created a monster, it seemed.

Tho's eyes widened as she observed me holding the tube of Vaseline. Her legs spread readily, as if to encourage me. Then her crotch began to hump my finger as I coated the interior of her tight little vagina.

"You do Boom! Boom!" she blurted with a naughty looking grin while I undressed in front of her.

"Boom, Boom" is a slang Vietnamese term for fucking. My little preteen girlfriend knew a helluva lot more English than I thought. Fucking this little child was on my mind since I left the meeting with the Colonel that morning.

My sweet angel obediently assumed the missionary position as she watched my blood-engorged cock aim for her inviting little cunt. The smooth, warmth of her child sex sent electricity through my brain as I pushed into her hole. Her tiny body squirmed as my swollen penis fought to penetrate her impossibly tight fuckhole. Finally, the sensation of fucking a little child's pussy turned my brain into mush as I continued deeper into her vagina.

"OH God!" my mouth announced, as the pressure in my balls exploded.

"K'BOOM!" Mortar explosions suddenly rang out, ruining my plans for an afternoon of non-stop sex as the entire camp shook. For a second, I thought it was the sound of my sperm gushing like a fire hose into Tho's body.

Tho screamed, rising to her feet as I pulled my cock from her cum-covered little body. Then she jumped immediately into my arms as tears of terror flooded her cheeks.

The mortar explosions were getting closer and threatening our safety. This was a first. Over the many months since my arrival at this camp, the war had always been a distant distraction at the worst. Now, we were being attacked inside of the perimeter.

In record time, I got dressed, and dressed Tho.

Not knowing where the shells were coming from meant not knowing which way to run. Tho wrapped her arms around my neck, holding on for dear life. Quickly, I grabbed my rifle and binoculars. She cried all the way to the bunker, which was situated to the south of my tent. Huey gunships buzzed overhead, returning fire while our own artillery shot massive barrages of shells onto the enemy. The battle subsided into a few light rifle shots, then pandemonium erupted as troops scurried everywhere. Finally, delivering hell on earth, our jets pummeled the enemy's position with nasty napalm, bringing the fighting to an abrupt end.

Silence at last - peace in the camp and back to fucking my precious child lover.


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Great story Tho sounds like such a sweet willing little angel.  Naked asian girls are so beautiful, especially at that age, but I wonder did he get to enjoy her other sweet holes?