Feeling Mathilda

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Story Intro: You might recognize the characters and essence of this tale. I've rewritten it to reflect my thoughts about how the original story should have been told and the resulting film that was a box office, runaway blockbuster hit. Enjoy!

The Park Place Plaza is a huge residential hotel that used to boast some of the wealthiest people in the city as guests. Over a period of twenty years times have changed, as this grand old lady of a hotel gradually became a haven for the low-income working class and criminals. After all, I am a criminal and I live here. My name is Leon and after arriving in the great city of New York I needed a job. After meeting a kindly old gangster one day, my new career was soon launched. But little did I know how radically my life would change over the next few months.

The Friday of June 12, 2000 was that pivotal day. It all began when I came home from a hard and stressful day at the office, in other words, a hard day of contract killing and settling scores for other people. Tired and ready for a shower and a much needed nap, I walked upstairs to my apartment, almost bumping into a gang of thugs as they were running out of one of the apartments on my floor. I usually don't stick my nose in other people's affairs, particularly when the cops might be involved so I tried not to notice who, what, or where as I continued.

Then out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a pretty little girl of about ten years of age. Her Dutch-boy cut hairstyle and uncommonly cute face was only surpassed by her almond-shaped, dark-brown, sparkling eyes; eyes which reflected her youth and untouched innocence. For a brief moment, something sexual about her attractive looks caught my attention, stopping me dead in my tracks.

"Hi honey. What's your name?" I asked as I unlocked my door.

"Mathilda" she replied as she began to sob, pouting her thin lips in despair.

"Why are you crying, darling?" I asked in a concerned voice.

"Because, my family is dead. They're all dead! And those men killed em," she cried as she suddenly stood on her feet and clung to my neck in tears.

"Come with me sweetheart," I spoke softly as I opened my door.

After sitting the child down on my couch, a quick peek through the portal of the door reassured me that the thugs had made their escape but the hall was buzzing with nosey neighbors.

Mathilda whimpered as I gently wiped her tears with a tissue. Then she stopped long enough to explain that her father got into an argument with the killers earlier in the day, before she went to school. She said that she had just come home and walked up the stairs when she heard the gunshots coming from her apartment so she turned around and hurried back down the stairs until they left.

"All of my brothers, sisters, and parents were killed because they were all home and I wasn't," she cried as if she felt guilty for being alive.

Concerned for her safety, I made her stay in the apartment while I went to check out the carnage and hopefully, someone in her family might be still alive. That wasn't the case. Her parents were both shot up with multiple wounds and each had a shot through the head as if this was an execution. Each of the children had been shot through the chest and as if to make a point, the youngest one was shot too.

Even in my line of work, I've never seen a child killed…or a mother. I don't kill kids or women. That's one of my rules and code of conduct.

The bloody carnage was even too much for a guy like me, inspiring my stomach to become nauseated. After returning quickly to my apartment I headed directly to the bathroom to throw up. That's when I began to feel Mathilda's pain and sorrow.

While cradling my troubled friend in my arms, I let her cry and whimper as I smoothed my hand lovingly over her back. Finally she fell asleep on my couch, so I covered her small body with a blanket and kissed her on the cheek. It was at that moment that the stirring in my loins caught me by surprise. The sensation of getting a "hardon" inspired by an underage girl's body was almost scary. But the little nymph was, after all, very pretty. And those smooth fleshy thighs looked appetizing to a guy that hadn't been laid in many months.

Driven by lustful, shameful thoughts, I resumed smoothing my hand over Mathilda's back and shapely little ass while she slept. But at just about the time I was about to experiment and ease a finger between her legs through the open leg of her shorts in hopes of sampling her young sex, she woke up and asked if she could go back home. "That would be a bad idea because those men might come back and shoot you too darling," I answered while she snuggled to me.

A bond was developing between us as her trusting eyes gazed up, peering directly into my thoughts. Then a smile of appreciation painted over her face while I stroked her hair and face lightly with my fingertips. My mind was busy the whole time, wondering about having sex with a child and thankful that this little angel suddenly came into my life.

After dinner, my new little friend remained quiet and withdrawn as she cuddled up to me. My heart felt sad for her as I felt her small body tremble while thoughts of her family wracked her young brain. The moments passed with agony as I did my best to sooth and comfort her as she continued to cry and wonder out loud, why did they have to kill her brothers and sisters?

Later that night, my young guest went to sleep on the couch while I slept in my bed. Nothing of immoral behavior happened, but I was tempted by desire, I can assure you! The next morning was a different day, starting with bright and sunny beams of a promised new beginning as Mathilda and I woke up and began to have breakfast. It was then that I heard a lot of commotion outside of the door so I peeked through the peephole and watched with keen interest as the police and the forensics guys were processing the crime scene. The sight of one of the killers at the crime scene confused me until I realized that Mathilda's family was actually executed by the DEA and Not some gang of thugs off the street. The other cops treated the killer as if he was their superior, calling him sir and almost paying reverence to him.

This was a well-organized hit by some dirt bag cops and little Mathilda would have no doubt been killed too…if they knew about her and where she was.

While taking my shower, I suddenly remembered that I left my gun case out where Mathilda might find it. In haste, I hurriedly walked out of the shower, wearing only a towel and into the living room. To my disappointment, she was holding one of my pistols and examining it with great interest.

"No! Damn it," I responded tersely. Reacting with a sense of impending doom, I quickly took the pistol from her hand and placed it on the table, followed by a lecture on the danger of firearms and ordering her not to touch them anymore. After a tearful explanation that she was just curious and asking why I had all of these weapons, I started to make up a story, but then decided to tell her the truth.

Mathilda's eyes got as big as wheel covers on a classic car as I explained what I did for a living.

Normally I wouldn't share such information with anyone, but somehow I knew that I could trust this little girl, a girl that had her own troubles to deal with. Then she asked if I felt bad about killing someone. After pondering the question for a second, an explanation followed when I excused my life of crime and killing by telling her that they were all criminals and people of bad sorts that the world wouldn't miss.

After hearing all about my unusual career, wheels began to turn in Mathilda's head, prompting her to ask with a serious tone if she could learn to do what I do, suggesting that she could take care of her family's killers. "Better put those thoughts out of your pretty little head, honey, or you might be the one to get killed, " I replied, explaining that she was way too young and inexperienced at life for such horrid things. Suddenly, without comment, she picked up my pistol from the table and commenced to fire it out of the apartment window, sending people on the streets scurrying for cover while I nearly peed down my leg.

In her mind, she was trying to demonstrate that she was old enough and capable. In my mind, I had maybe told her too much.

In total panic, I rushed at Mathilda and snatched the pistol from her hand as she began to cry, sobbing that that she was sorry while I hugged her affectionately and whispered in her ear that it was all right. Then I had a rare, weak, and stupid moment when I promised a child that I would show her how to fire a weapon. A smile of delight exploded all over her face as she wrapped her tiny arms around my neck, followed with hugs and kisses until a disturbing knock at the door would change the day and mood. The hotel manager wasn't pleased with firearms being shot out of his window it seemed so we had to leave and find a new roost.

After finally hailing a cab we found a new place to live. Mathilda was excited and grateful it seemed to be moving away from where her family had just been killed. Finally, we settled in our new home, unpacked, checked out the security of the room, and had some lunch. Then it was time to take my new apprentice to a place that would be safe and private, a secluded field where I could instruct her on firearms and marksmanship. Using a paintball rifle meant that there wouldn't be any noise and no one would get accidentally hurt. After all, that's what I trained on. And look how far I've come in a stellar career of killing for hire.

Ten-year-old Mathilda was a natural at marksmanship and managed to impress me with her shooting and coolness as she accurately hit the targets that I made out of old cans and bottles. Standing behind her, I showed her how to properly hold the rifle and squeeze off rounds. The sensual heat from her young body radiated to my skin like a drug as I held her child soft tummy while positioning her stance for accurate firing.

My heart thumped loudly in my chest while I gradually slid my hand down to the top of her pubic mound. The huge boner in my pants stiffened with each stroke of my fingertip as I sampled the warmth of her puffy rise Finally, she winced as my finger found the beginning of her slit while a hard, stiff cock pressed gently into her butt crack. Soon, the practice came to a halt while I molested her young body at my leisure until she placed her hand over mine, guiding my fingertips to the sweet spot between her thighs until a group of kids began to invade our privacy.

Mathilda's young, forbidden sexuality had stolen my heart, soul, and cock Visions of fucking this little charm flashed through my brain while the gear was packed up in its case and we headed for the nearby subway. But the night seems to come early in the city, and it was getting late so we stopped at a grocery store on the way home. Like most bachelors, I stocked up on microwave dinners, beer and snacks. But Mathilda begged for some candy and a teddy bear that she discovered on the store shelf, explaining that her teddy bear was left at her old apartment. Somehow, a Teddy Bear seemed just right for my new little friend.

After an hour on the subway, it was good to be home after a long day. A hot shower would be a welcomed treat, but first, I instructed Mathilda on the proper method of microwave dinner preparation. After a few minutes of respite under the hot shower, the bathroom door suddenly opened as my little nymph walked in to use the toilet. "Do you mind if I pee?" she asked as she sat down and peed while talking and thanking me for rescuing her that day and teaching her to use a firearm. After a silent pause, she asked if there was anything that she could do in return, as the tearing of toilet paper from the roll echoed in the bathroom. Visions of how her little pussy looked as she wiped her dripping pee hole crept into my brain. Then she offered to give me a massage after dinner and walked out before I could comment.

Microwave dinners start to taste the same when that's practically all ever you eat. As usual, I chased mine down with a cold beer while Mathilda had a coke, eventually begging for a beer of course. Now a hopeless hostage of this little temptress's body, I gave in and opened a beer for the " preteen pussy owner" and soon, she was hooked after about three beers and began teasing me with her animated cute burps until her giggles inspired more illicit thoughts in my head.

Her face looked adorable as she loosened up, and the longer she sat there, cutting up and having a good time, the more I examined her young features. Focusing on her crotch, which lay hidden like a prize in her short shorts, my mouth began to drool as I imagined licking the soft, sensuous folds of her pink, prepubescent pussy. Soon, I was dreaming of lying on top of this ten-year-old child as she welcomed my throbbing adult shaft eagerly into her tight little vagina. She was fucking me with everything she had while her young body writhed on my bed. A huge smile on her face revealed the discovery of her own sexuality, inspiring her to embrace me warmly for teaching such pleasures in her young life of undeserved troubles.

"Leon! Oh Leon!" Mathilda teased and taunted until my brain returned to earthly concerns of the day. "Okay! Its time for your massage and I'm the best when it comes to massages," she bragged. "So get into your bathrobe and get on the bed," she commanded with an impish grin.

Lying on the bed in my bathrobe, my young masseuse's soft little hands worked at my tired, sore muscles. The feel of her little fingers on my feet was like a tonic to my bedraggled brain as she gradually moved up to my thighs then stopped while asking in a soft voice if I wanted her to do my behind. Nodding my approval with a smile inspired a returned smile. Busy fingers began kneading my butt cheeks while private thoughts of what this little child's body would be like to feel up and maybe even fuck, played in my brain. Even before I met this little temptress I've had occasional fantasies about little girls and fucking a preteen's tight little pussy. Never being lucky enough to get the chance, I hoped this was my moment. The events of earlier that day were encouraging and held promise. Feeling up Mathilda's young body was etched into my brain and the sensation of touching her pubic mound and the warmth of her slit was just too damn powerful to ignore.

"Okay! It's time to turn over, my love," she announced with a lilt as I realized that my cock was rock hard and sticking up through the material of my underwear. Her eyes stared at my boner as she began to finish my massage while wondering out loud why my penis looked so big and stiff. An automatic grin seemed to capture my face as my springy, hard dick waved like a flagpole and almost in her face. Sheepishly, I explained that her soft hands and cute face was having an effect on my brain and causing my penis to respond." Well maybe it needs a massage too," she suggested as she reached for my swollen shaft.

The tender, soft skin of a child's hands on your cock will make a pedophile out of any man.

My cock began oozing pre cum the instant Mathilda's soft, warm hands stroked and massaged my manhood. Ever gentle and attentive, she continued to feel my balls and stroke my penis, almost bringing me to an orgasm. But I managed to hold off, hoping that I would find a much better place to deposit my hot load later. After giving me the best massage of my life, she abruptly got up and announced that she was headed for the shower while asking for another beer. Then in one motion, my jaw dropped as she stripped off her shorts and panties while standing halfway in the bathroom and halfway in the hallway. A brief glimpse of her naked butt was soon history when she giggled to herself and closed the bathroom door.

I had two cold ones ready when Mathilda returned, looking sexy and desirable as expected. Sitting next to me on the couch, she hugged her teddy bear like a child while giving me another raging boner when the fragrance of her freshly-shampooed hair and clean, little-girl fragrance filled the room. A devilish look appeared as she sipped her beer. Then my heart nearly stopped as she leaned back on the couch, revealing her silky-smooth thighs and a seductively teasing view of her panties. My mouth watered for a second, almost dripping on her smooth skin as I moved closer until she was suddenly in my arms. Her small body melted into mine as I held her while the sweet essence of everything that reminded me that she was just a child, warmed my desire even more.

An odd trembling took my hand hostage as I moved my hand to her delicate, smooth inner thigh. Her skin felt heavenly, fueling a latent impulse, driven by passionate lust and a perverse desire to make love to her before fucking her little brains out. Then I kissed her tiny mouth, inspiring her eyes to flicker for a moment as she returned the kiss, awkwardly at first, but soon, she seemed to get the hang of adult kissing and petting. The sight of her white, panty-covered crotch made me drool as I eased her down on the couch and began feeling her soft, sensuous, forbidden delights Then I felt her tremble as I smoothed my hand higher on her thighs, sliding my fingertips until I made my way under the thin material of her panties.

Her hot, preteen pussy was already wet and getting her panties wet. But sighs from her mouth were encouraging when my middle finger traced her slit, from top to bottom. My own hands began to tremble again until my middle finger finally found the warmth and inviting tightness of a child's vagina. Finger-fucking this ten-year-old girl was beyond my most vivid fantasies and truly a gift. Mathilda gasped as I continued impaling her immature pussy until I was finally able to insert my entire finger into the depths of her young sex. Smiling to myself, I realized how wet she was, a sure sign of sexual stimulation and even better because her young brain was embracing and enjoying an experience that I thought only an older girl, like a teenager, would enjoy.

"Mmm! Slurp!" The sounds of sucking Mathilda's vaginal juices from my finger seemed to wake my little darling from whatever corner of her brain held her mind captive. Her crystal clear, brown eyes opened wide as she suddenly became aware of what I was doing.

"E-w-w! Yucky! Are you licking my…?" she stammered without finishing her question.

"Uh huh and it tastes sweet like you, my darling," I replied as I reclined next to her.

A warm hug and glance between us further cemented a lasting, loving bond as we kissed passionately while snuggling on the couch. Her cute smile warmed my heart with encouragement, inspiring my love for her young ways as we traded little playful kisses until it was time to carry her to my bed. The look of expectation was written all over her young face as I placed her gently on her back The sight of her nearly naked preteen body looked magnificent with her legs spread out as she cradled her teddy bear in her arms. But that look of contentment on her pretty face said it all. I couldn't wait to stick my hard, throbbing cock into her tiny hole.

Without protest or argument, I slipped Mathilda's panties over her slim hips and legs. In total awe of her beauty and elusive innocence, I found myself staring at her young sex for eternity until her eyes finally blinked with wonder, the anticipation of what would happen next to her naked little body.

I assure you! It was a sight to remember. Mathilda's fine little pussy glowed with her forbidden sanctity. I've never seen such a beautiful sight as the untouched, clean, and perfectly luscious-looking, little-girl snatch that beckoned my mouth and hungry tongue for a taste.

Mathilda closed her eyes in anticipation, hugging her teddy bear tightly and without a clue as I placed my mouth over her slit and began to suck her juices. The taste was clean and without the occasional unpleasant odor which you sometimes encounter with adult women. My tongue seized the moment, dipping as far inside of her little pink hole as possible. Her child-sex tasted so damn sweet and clean, I lapped every molecule of her preteen nectar, swallowing her secret juices, while licking and savoring every sacred place her young preteen body had to offer.

A brief protest from her lips soon faded into sexual bliss when my tongue reached between her sweet little butt cheeks. My face was soon saturated with preadolescent secretions but I wore it like a badge, licking and sucking every inch of her tasty sex until moans and grunts of a sexual nature began to fill the air.

The teddy bear went flying across the room as Mathilda's body began to buck and thrash when she started to cum. I was surprised that a ten-year-old could react to sex this way, but her moans grew louder until her tiny body went into a convulsive spasm and her eyes rolled back into her head. Little aftershocks continued to wrack her body as I aimed my steel-hard shaft into her tiny pussy.

She flinched when she felt the head of my dick stretch her virgin, preteen hole as I pushed hard against the walls of her child sex. In a fog of intense euphoria, my brain went numb with indescribable pleasure as my cock discovered the rare sensation of fucking a child. Mathilda grunted under her breath as her hot, slippery little hole finally opened when I pushed into her vagina a little at a time so her young pussy could get used to a thick, adult sized penis. Her fuck hole was so small and tight that I was afraid that I might not be able to penetrate without hurting the child, but then she cried out in pain as I pushed deeper, accidentally forcing my cock all the way through her sensitive hymen.

The sensation of having my seven-inch penis buried in this little ten-year-old girl was too much for my senses. My balls exploded with an endless squirt of hot, thick sperm, which filled her tiny pussy and flowed like a river of goo all over her butt and bed sheets. Bubbly pools of milky white cum, mixed with blood, were everywhere by the time I finally pulled a grateful cock from the most amazing little pussy I had ever fucked.

Tears of pain trickled down Mathilda's smooth cheeks as she called me a bastard. But after a few long minutes, a smile of sexual gratitude crept over her face as a flood of warm sex juices filled her young womb. She seemed to smile with delight as the pain suddenly vanished as if it was never there. Her tiny eyes closed in a blissful state while I cleaned the telltale evidence of deflowering a child's body.

If I had known that ten-year-old pussy felt this good, I would have gotten laid while I was a preteen. Why didn't dear old dad share this important part of life with his only son?

My ten-year-old Lolita rested peacefully as I lay next to her pretty face and gently caressed her smooth, baby soft skin. A smile was my reward as I put the teddy bear back in her arms while kissing her soft lips. Wearing a smile of contentment, she snuggled affectionately as she whispered in a joking way, "I love you Leon. Please don't ever leave me…and never let anyone shoot you or I'll be really mad at em…and shoot em back."

The next morning was a brand new day for Mathilda as she began to feel better about losing her family, but little did I know that she was planning to visit the police department and kill the cops that were responsible. One of my guns was missing from the case, but I left in a hurry for my day's activities and didn't notice it gone until I arrived home that afternoon. There was a note from Mathilda on the table, explaining where she went and what she planned to do. Reading the words in horror, I realized that she could be killed and I could lose her for good. That wouldn't do! I was hopelessly addicted to her smiling, little girl charm and tight little pussy.

In a fit of worry, I hailed a cab outside the hotel and headed for the Police Department.

During the trip I was on edge, making sure that my trusty 44 Magnum was stuffed in my pants and loaded with armor-piercing rounds. A war was about to prevail upon the DEA, the likes of which they never imagined. PAYBACK IS HELL!

A uniformed cop guarded the door to the building that housed the DEA and Police Department. His eyes opened wide when he saw my gun, but I quickly knocked him on his ass, disarmed him, and proceeded to the elevators. The marquee on the wall listed the room number and floor that all of the detectives worked on, so after a brief ride up to the right floor, I arrived in a flash, knocking out or shooting any resistance to my mission.

Then I found one of the faces that I saw at Mathilda's family crime scene and asked excitedly where she was as he stared down the enormous barrel of a 44 Magnum. His voice shook with terror as he commented that he hadn't seen her. Not believing him, I threatened to shoot him in the balls. Suddenly, he remembered that the boss had her in his office down the hall. A smile of satisfaction crossed my face as I handcuffed him to the steam radiator and removed his gun. A quick strike to his greasy head with the butt of my pistol and he was out for a long time, I can assure you.

The boss's office door was closed, but little Mathilda's cries telegraphed through the thin wood. One hard kick and the door gave way as I stormed in and began shooting. The boss was the same guy that I saw running from the murder of Mathilda's family and then at the crime scene later. Mathilda's pants were off of her and she had sticky white cum all over her legs. The boss cop had his cock out and was about to fuck her again as I put three rounds into his body, followed by a shot to his balls for good measure. Mathilda screamed as the bullets literally tore his body into shreds. It wasn't a pretty sight, even for a seasoned hit man, but now it was time to escape without getting nabbed or killed.

Now mobbed by an army of pissed-off cops, the building was getting too risky to leave the way I came in, so we escaped through the roof access door, jumping to the roof of a close-by building and finally scurrying down a convenient fire escape while Mathilda was still almost butt-naked. Tears flowed like a waterfall from her eyes until we reached a safe distance from her brutal rape. As we made our way back home, she clung to me like Velcro, but her tears seemed to diminish. Her vagina was sore, she complained, and she had been raped by three of the cops at the precinct. Then she commented that she overheard one of the cops telling another cop that they could all take turns with her since they were gonna have to waste her anyway.

After filling the bathtub with warm water, I gave Mathilda a soothing bath while washing the sticky cum off of her and consoling her brain and spirits the best that I could. But I felt sorry for her as she continued whimpering and seemed dazed from her ordeal while she soaked in the warm water. The more she cried, the more rage I felt. Something had to be done!

As a successful busy hitman, I managed to accumulate about two million bucks over my short career. Banks asked too many questions, so I trusted an old friend and gangster pal of mine to hold my money. About twice a month I would visit him at his business and either make a deposit or make a withdrawal. He was better and safer then a bank, because he never got robbed or asked questions. His name was Gus and even at sixty-five years of age, he could kick the shit out of most men that were younger than him. He also packed a gun and wouldn't hesitate to use it.

After some hesitation, I told old Gus about what happened to my little Mathilda and how I had to whack some cops. Although he was sympathetic and understanding, he didn't approve of my having a ten-year-old girlfriend. Gus was a remnant of the old gang days, but still ruled the city and various crews with an iron hand and will. After more discussion and a lecture about what happens to guys that date jailbait, the old man offered that he knew about the dirty cops I mentioned…and also where they hung out after work.

The fact that I was still alive after so many close calls in my line of work, and particularly after today, I made a decision to get out of the hit man business and buy a house to settle down in. It was the only way to live in peace with Mathilda and her delightful little pussy. But first, I had to settle some scores of my own.

The Bay Street Bar was as its name implies, on Bay Street and only a block away from the cop shop. According to my friend Gus, it was full of off duty cops every night, from about seven PM until closing. The guys that I was looking for were always there and drank heavily. I knew their faces and Gus knew the owner of the bar, a retired cop, and a friend to many of the mob guys in town.

I sat down and made a plan while enjoying a well deserved cold beer with Gus. I liked the old mobster and he seemed to like me, but I also had a sincere respect for his power and abilities to help plan the ultimate hit, a hit that would bring down the city and possibly me.

A successful hit man must have an inventory of tools, other than just a collection of firearms. He must also be an expert at disguise and illusions, just like a magician. Dressing up like an old man, complete with cane and old wrinkly clothes, I was ready for my final act.

Outside of the cop shop, police cruisers were lined up as the roll call was in session for the next shift. Wandering down the narrow sidewalk as if I belonged there, I checked for a uniform hanging in the back of a cruiser. Finally, I found what I was looking for and as usual, the cop that owned it was careless and left the door unlocked. I have used cop uniforms numerous times in my job and have always found one when I needed to, and amazingly easy, because cops seem to think that no one would ever think of ripping them off. So much for New York's Finest!

The Bay Street Bar was just another sleazy hole in a huge city of bars and more bars. And just as Gus promised, it was filled with off duty cops, both uniformed and in suits. Dressed in my uniform and with a new nametag, I wandered in as if I had been there many times before and sat at the bar. One of the guys nodded as if he knew me as I ordered a beer. With a sense of mission, I looked around for the guys that I wanted and soon spotted one as he was talking to someone at the bar. Then out of the bathroom came another, and after him was the other one. I had all three where I wanted them. It was time to get to work.

Trying to be known as a regular kind of guy, I ordered a round of drinks for the whole bar, explaining that my wife just had a baby. After about three hours of drinking, I made fast friends with my marks, eventually talking them into going to another place that had exotic dancers. One of the guys drove as we all headed to the other side of the city and away from any nosey witnesses. Time and distance ticked away as I sat quietly in the backseat next to the door.

My knife was long, sharp, and sure as I surreptitiously plunged it into the kidney of the passed out drunk cop sitting next to me. One down! I thought as I waited patiently for the car to pull into the parking lot of the titty bar. Luckily, the parking lot was not well-lighted and no one was outside to bear witness to my deeds of retribution for Mathilda's pain and suffering.

The sound of my 44 Magnum would normally wake up the dead, but thanks to the handy invention of a silencer, it could barely be heard as I shot the passenger up front, once through the head and then the driver as he turned to face me in a fleeting, violent instant that was his last In his last dying breath, he heard the words that proclaimed his fateful ending. "This is for Mathilda."

A grateful, smiling child had a cold beer waiting for me when I got home. The tears were gone but she assured me that she was still sore between her legs and butt hole from being violated and raped by the gang of those dirty cops. "Those cops are now in cop hell," I told her as she kissed me passionately on the lips.

Life with my "Jailbait Lover," is as you might imagine. Imagine having incredible sex with a pretty ten-year-old girl every night and often in the late afternoon, after she gets home from school, of course.

The neighbors think that she's my daughter but behind closed doors, it's no one's business. And now that she's back in school, my young preteen sweetheart sometimes brings a pretty schoolmate home as a gift to her new daddy.

Retirement is good!