Family Bonding For The 21st Century

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Story Intro: What new ideas and policies await us in this new century? There is good news on the horizon. Read on and discover the next generation of family values...the new evolutionary progression of natural preteen and adult sex within, and outside the modern family. Meet the pioneers of this change as one family tells you about their uncensored story of shared family love and sexual escapades. Get ready for some filled, erotic reading as you enter a world, free of all outdated notions of mutual caring and sex between adults and children...and children and children.

"Slurp, Slurp...Mm," my little six-year-old daughter continued as she lay between her brother's open legs.

Since they were toddlers, my wife and I have participated in a bold, secret experiment in teaching a new sexuality that holds promise for the future, promoting emotionally and sexually, well-developed children. The premise is to allow for old, outdated notions of sharing and loving between family members to finally be erased. This activity would serve to overcome a hurdle to important growth, considered "taboo" to the rest of the world.

A clandestine research organization sponsored the program, paying the participants very well. Our job was to train and encourage our children to have sex with each other as well as with us, their parents.

My wife Andrea and I were reluctant at first, but after a thorough and very convincing thesis, backed by some very credible research, we were sold on the program. The idea came from an assortment of little known but successful tribes, remotely located in the corners of the world. Their children were almost totally without emotional handicaps, well-behaved and mature beyond other kids in the same age bracket. The key seemed to be that incest was the norm. Sex between daughters and daddies was an open display of affection that crossed boundaries, promoting caring and sharing that paid off with big dividends. In addition to incest, families throughout these tribes made it a habit to share their children with other families, thereby assuring a solid bond between all members of the entire tribe. Crimes like rape, theft, or assault were non-existent in all of these tribes.

Our group was largely made up of the typical nuclear family, but variations were also permitted. Every month, we would be invited to meetings where our children would be traded for a day to another family. After a while the sense of violating the accepted moral code of raising your kids, soon became just a point of discussion and finally, nothing more than a reminder of how society has become its own enemy because of outdated, unenlightened laws and social mores. Yes! The kids learned to look forward to their new experiences as they discovered the profound pleasures of sex.

Of course, having sex with your own family can be devastating if a new offspring comes from it, but steps were taken to prevent such accidents. Intercourse with the kids was not permitted until the age of ten.

My wife and I watched with pride as our daughter Cindy, gave her little brother oral sex. The look on her brother's face was rewarding when she finally took his entire sex into her mouth. My cock was raging hard as I watched with impatience because I wanted my turn, but I remained on the sidelines, stroking my penis until Cindy looked up from between her bother's thighs, grinning from ear to ear, as if she just did something to be proud of.

"Daddy! I love you" Cindy announced as I picked her up in my arms and gave her a hug.

My daughter was a little cutie, to be sure, and popular with the other families in our group. My son was younger, but also popular. I guess they got their good looks from their mother.

Cindy loved to suck cock, and made no attempt at concealing her desire whenever we shared our bed at night. She also loved to have her little pussy licked and tongue-fucked. It was work, and an effort, but after some whining and complaining, her brother finally learned to pleasure his sister, licking and tongue-fucking her pink little vaginal opening until she climaxed.

The monthly meeting of our group was in full swing. The speaker tonight was a research scientist from another organization. The topic was "guarding our lifestyle from outsiders." The speaker's name was Robert something, but I had seen him before. He was well-versed in alternate lifestyles and had a very pretty daughter of about seven or eight. He brought her to the meeting, explaining that his family was part of the experiment too, pointing out that his little daughter was one of the most well-adjusted children he'd ever seen in his twenty years as a social scientist.

As usual, the meeting broke up and members began to talk and catch up on their family activities. Children would be loaned to other families for the next day and that meant that my little daughter Cindy would not be coming home tonight. My little daughter would be with a stranger, sharing her delightful body and giving some lucky guy an incredible blowjob or sharing her sweet little pussy. I have to confess, it took some adjustment on my part, letting my darling daughter have oral sex with someone else, but the trade off was admittedly worth it.

Andrea and I brought home two very cute kids, a girl, age ten and boy, age seven. They were as cute as our own children, but the little girl had my cock hard the second I met her. Her dad was the one that would have my daughter overnight and the next day, so it was a nice little trade. The little girl's name was Sarah and the boy's, Rob.

Sarah sat up front with me while Rob sat in the back with Andrea. This was sort of a tradition with us. It gave us a chance to break the ice and get to know our guests. Sarah was dressed in a short, red party dress. Her smooth, slender thighs had my attention as I drove. She sat next to me while I explored the tantalizing, soft skin under her skirt. I was at the point where feeling up one of these sexy preteens while I was driving was a special treat to my brain. Sarah sat obediently while my fingertips sampled her sensuous, creamy-smooth inner thighs.

The exquisite softness of a child is like a drug to the brain. My favorite thing to do is to gradually feel up these little girls until I get their little pussies soaking wet. Soon, little Sarah's panties were saturated with her juices. The heat from her sex, mixed with the sensation of feeling her wet crotch, was making my swollen cock so hard that it ached.

"M-m-m. That feels really nice" Sarah whispered as I began to finger her pussy slit under the silky-smooth panty material.

Meanwhile, Andrea was busy in the backseat with her new little friend, sucking and playing with his preteen little dick as he reclined on his back. The sight of her head bobbing up and down in the rear view mirror brought back pleasant memories of our first date together in high school.

Finally, we were home. Both kids looked ravished as they climbed out of the car. Sarah held my hand as we entered the house and Rob looked as if he was attached to my wife's hip.

"Children Always Appreciated!" read the sign on our front door. It was a private joke and no one, other than our kids and us, knew what it really meant. Sarah smiled as if she knew. Then she looked directly up at me with a cute, impish grin as I picked her up in my arms and carried her like a new bride, over the threshold and into the house.

It goes without saying, kids being in a new and strange house needed some encouragement to loosen up. Although it wasn't always the case, I never took chances. A glass of wine was served to everyone, as we played a game of UNO. Playing a game was a sure way of warming things up and I found that most kids responded as expected.

Familiar warmth radiated from my loins while my mouth watered with anticipation. I looked with intense, sexually-inspired lust at ten-year-old Sarah as she sat across from me at the table. My mind wandered to visions of her cute, sexy preteen body, naked and lying on my bed. She must have realized what I was thinking. Then she winked at me in a flirtatious sort of way as she sipped her wine with a smile. We kept exchanging glances and suggestive looks until the game of UNO was finally over.

Instead of sleeping with the children on our bed we discovered that laying a large air mattress on the floor was much better. Andrea had her mattress on one side of the family room and mine on the other. The usual ritual was to undress our mates in each other's presence. Then they would undress Andrea and me.

Sarah stood like a little doll as I hungrily unsnapped the back of her dress. Slowly, the garment slid effortlessly down her lithe little body until it rested on the floor. With me standing behind her, my hands roamed to her front where I began to caress her soft, panty-covered pussy. I always looked forward to this part of the foreplay with kids. The sensation of gliding my fingertips along a little girl's panty-covered slit was brain-numbing.

Sarah was already unsnapping my pants as I continued to feel between her luscious little preteen thighs. I stopped for a second to help her undress me and then resumed my fondling of her sublimely-wet little pussy slit. Then, after sliding my hand inside of her panties, my fingertips were treated to one of the most sensational feelings any guy could ever have, caressing the bare, smooth pubic mound of a child. Sarah was already moaning with pleasure as I cupped the palm of my hand over her baby-soft cunt.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Andrea already sucking little Rob's penis. Her lips were busy slurping and making sounds of contentment as she took his cock and his balls into her mouth. Rob was still standing with his pants at half-mast with a look of bliss written all over his face.

Eagerly, I picked Sarah up in my arms and placed her on her back. Then I finished undressing myself and promptly crawled next to her on the mattress. Her slender legs opened automatically as I began smoothing my hand over her child soft skin. Once again, I thirsted for the unique sensation of feeling her sweet little pussy. Soon, she began pushing her tiny hips into my hand as I fingered her slit through the panty material.

Over the years of experiencing sex with various little girls of the group, I developed some techniques that give my partner and me the ultimate sexually fulfilling experience. One such trick was to leave their panties on for a while. This was an erotic reminder of their child innocence and it made the removal of their panties a sort of a crowning celebration to foreplay. Kids seemed to love the foreplay and the prelude to finally getting them totally naked. So did Andrea and I.

"Oh! Oh-h-h-h!" Sarah moaned as I began tongue-fucking her wet little cunt through her panties. My mouth was directly over her entire pubic mound, sucking the secretions out of her vagina, while finally tearing a hole through the wet fabric of her underwear.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! She repeated out loud as her back arched violently off the mattress. Her groin began thrusting into my face as she reached down and wrapped her small hands around my head, pulling me with force into her warm, wet crotch. This reaction to sex by a child is what I lived for. I was getting to be an artist at inspiring little girls to have fiercely violent orgasms. It was like a reward of some kind and I loved every second of it.

Sarah's panties were soaking wet as she recovered from her climax. Ripples of intense sensation continued to wrack her little body and immature brain as she lay on her back. Gently, I got her to turn over on her tummy. She spread her legs dutifully as I began to fondle her ravished little pussy again. Then with a bolt of inspiration I hooked my fingers under the waistband of her panties and slid them down over her bare, sweet little ass. Her delightful butt looked delicious as I gently spread her open, revealing her tight little brown spot. She winced and squirmed the instant my tongue dipped into her incredibly small anus. The rare tastes of a child's sex, is without equal.

Sarah's cute little butt hole was drawing me to its secret delights. My throbbing, hard cock seemed to guide itself into her open butt crack. Then I almost my load when I felt the pressure in my balls build up to a critical point of no return. But I desperately wanted to save my "cum" for this little cutie's tight little pussy.

While sliding her panties off completely, I took my time, savoring the sexually arousing experience of removing Sarah's last vestige of her "little girl" clothes. She remained quiet and in total surrender as I licked and kissed her entire body. From her tiny toes to her head, not an inch of her backside was left untouched.

Since Sarah was of childbearing age, it was agreed that precautions would be taken. While hating to ruin the moment of sexual lust and arousal for both of us, I whispered in Sarah's ear, asking if she was on the pill yet. A nod of her head was a relief and soon, my raging, throbbing cock was pressed between her open thighs. The tip was already inside of Sarah's warm, wet, incredibly-tight hole when I noticed that Andrea was on her back while little Rob was fucking her pussy for all he was worth. His little butt was bobbing up and down to her rhythm as she fucked his preteen brains out.

"Oh Jesus! I exclaimed as I pushed myself into Sarah's vagina. The sensation of fucking a little girl's pussy was just too much for my balls and as usual, hot, thick, pressurized sperm instantly filled her vagina. Most of it leaked out on the mattress but I pushed deeper until I felt her thin hymen. The thought suddenly occurred to me that Sarah was still a virgin, even though she was of the accepted age for intercourse in our group.

She whimpered then cried as I tore through the sensitive tissue, my thick cock pushing into her deeper and deeper until I felt the firm tissue of her tiny cervix. After emptying the last drop of hot sperm into this child, I just kept fucking her sensational little-girl pussy until my legs began to cramp.

Milky pools of sticky, dried blood and semen covered the mattress as Sarah and I snuggled together. We kissed each other while her warm, soft little hand massaged my swollen penis, while my fingertips smoothed over her delightful skin. We continued to pet and make love while telltale moans of pleasure echoed from Andrea's side of the room.

I was curious so I asked my little daring lover why she didn't tell me that she was still a virgin. A sly, cute grin suddenly appeared as she said that she just turned ten last week and she wanted to surprise the person that she went home with tonight after the monthly meeting of the group.

I was certainly surprised...and delighted. Sarah was a beautiful little girl, from the inside -out.

Sarah had a look of total serenity on her pretty face as I made love to her. We traded kisses until she suddenly stopped, as she casually asked why other kids she knew didn't get to have sex like her and her brother do. It was valid question so after some thought, I explained that, "Other people just don't get it. They have the idea that having sexual relations with children is wrong," I explained. Then continued "Those old outdated ways are not good for either the child or adult." Sarah smiled as she replied that when she has a family she wants her kids to experience the fun and nice feelings that she gets to have with her dad, mom and brother.

Sarah and I finally went to sleep. Andrea and Rob had settled down too. The next morning, I was treated to a magnificent blowjob. By then, Andrea and Sarah were both at my side each taking turns, sucking and licking my fully erect cock. Rob was still asleep, after a thrilling night of having his little pecker sucked and fucked by my wife.

Child swapping or trading, as the group members liked to call it, was the best part of the experiment. But the whole story is much more than just sex. Kids are people too and need to learn about sex at an early age to promote healthy, knowledgeable, sexually aware children that will grow up to be sexually responsible adults. Early sexual development is critical to emotional growth and wellbeing.

Andrea and I received phone calls on a regular basis from other members, asking to trade our kids for the night or sometimes a weekend. Often, pictures of their kids would be emailed for our approval but we rarely said "no".