Chastity and the Preacher's Son

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"REACH DOWN IN THOSE POCKETS AND GIVE TO THE LORD AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPNDS ON IT, BROTHERS AND SISTERS!" The preacher bellowed at the congregation in a commanding voice.

Nine-year-old Chastity Barnes recoiled in her seat from the cacophony of noisy worshipers as a crescendo of "PRAISE THE LORD!" and "THANK YOU JESUS!" filled the air of the small, country church, known as the "Church of Our Savior."

The Sunday worship service was Chastity's first since she and her mother recently moved to the town of Lawndale. Nervous and uneasy as any child would be in a new, unfamiliar environment, she felt out of place and eager to go home.

"No! Please mama. I don't wanna stay after church. I wanna go home. I don't like it here. These people are weird! I wanna go home," she begged as her mother insisted that they stay for the 'after church' picnic.

"HI THERE! A boy's cheerful voice broke in suddenly. "I'm Robert. The preacher's my dad, but not my real dad. He's my step dad so I hafta go to church every Sunday… and Wednesday night too!" He continued, pretending to frown as if he didn't like church either.

Chastity stopped her whining in mid sentence as she examined the boy with interest… and a sense of compassion, born out of her own distaste for having to attend church too. A bond was soon formed as he smiled a toothy grin, cementing a chemistry that ignited a conversation, which finally led to a change of heart in the nine-year-old girl as they walked together towards the outside picnic area.

"I'm Chastity and I'm nine, but going on ten," she announced in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Please to meet you Chastity. I'm sixteen, and going on forty." The boy replied with a chuckle as he gently gripped her hand and walked her to the nearest picnic table.

Robert's eyes remained glued to Chastity's seductive, fleshy young thighs as she sat, facing outside on the bench at the table while absentmindedly spreading her slender legs as she smiled for the first time that day. Her smooth featured, pretty face made his heart warm with desire. His young cock, driven by raging, teenage hormones stirred in a familiar way as he moved closer until his leg accidentally brushed against the sensuous warmth of her inner thigh for the first time. Pre cum oozed from his penis, sticking to the fabric of his underwear as he pressed his leg tighter until Chastity's legs seem to open wider on queue. As if to test the undeclared boundaries, his leg lingered, gently pressing against her inner thigh while he waited for a response. It was that moment that something sexual occurred between them- at least in Robert's mind.

The sensation of a boy's leg, wedged between her thighs was a weird and unsettling sensation to Chastity. Instinct told her to move her legs away and close them. Then she realized that her vagina was beginning to feel warm and tingly, the same sensation she felt when she touched herself in bed at night. The pleasant, sexually arousing feeling was addictive, warming her sexual places, inspiring her to momentarily reach out and briefly touch Robert's leg. Unspoken, sexually suggestive posturing telegraphed between them until Chastity's mother suddenly appeared.

"I see you two are getting acquainted," she commented with a twinkle in her eye as she smiled with approval and turned to walk away. "You guys gonna eat?" She asked in passing as she turned briefly before disappearing out of sight.

Robert stood tall at five feet seven while Chastity was at her preadolescent height of only four feet. Feeling safe and appreciated, she spent the rest of the day with her new friend, talking and teasing each other as they ate lunch together until it was time for her to leave with her mother.

"M-m-m!" She sighed while lying under her blankets that night, rubbing her sensitive, preteen vaginal slit until her young body arched off the bed in response to one of the many orgasms that she would endure until falling asleep.

Robert didn't waste any time when he got home from church. As soon as he was alone in his bedroom, his cock was nestled in his hand. "OH YES! OH! GOD! OH!" He moaned and grunted as he masturbated to the imagined sensation of fucking Chastity's tight little pussy. His blood engorged penis shot ropes of sperm across the bedroom floor until splashing against one wall in clumps. It was the most intense orgasm of his life, inspiring a silent vow to get into the young girl's pants whenever the opportunity arrived.

Visions of sliding Chastity's panties over her slim hips and stuffing her nine-year-old pussy with his dick consumed his brain until his sister called him to dinner.

"OKAY SIS I'M COMING!" he called out as he wiped the excess cum from his swollen cock.

His sister Colleen was only eight years old. Watching her mature into a cute piece of desirable preteen ass kept his cock hard most of the time and his eyes busy as he waited patiently for a rare panty shot…or on a few occasions, a peek at her seductively smooth, naked body when she would accidentally leave her bedroom door cracked as she changed for bed at night.

As usual, she sat directly across from him at dinner, toying with her food while he thought about fucking her little body and wondering if she would rat him out. As his stepsister, it wouldn't be like fucking his own sister. The way Robert thought, it would be the same as having sex with any other girl, except of course, Colleen was only a child and he could get into serious trouble if anyone found out.

Subtle stares between them while they ate often escalated into giggles from Colleen, followed by a suggestive wink from Robert that went right over her head, leaving him disappointed that she didn't wink back. But tonight his hopes were buoyed when a surreptitious wink was finally returned with an impish smile instead of the usual questioning look of a child that didn't have a clue why her brother was winking at her.

Maybe it was the sexually, stimulating encounter with Chastity that day…or the sudden change of behavior of his cute stepsister at the dinner table that night. Robert never felt so horny in his young life. His raging erection wouldn't go down, causing a prominent lump in his pants that attracted the attention of Colleen as he stood by her side while he helped with washing the dinner dishes. Her eyes seemed to glue themselves to his crotch as she pretended 'not' to notice.

"BYE GUYS! Mom and I will be home a little late after Sunday night services so behave and go to bed on time," Robert's father announced as his mother and dad left for the usual Sunday night church service.

"Alone at last!" Robert mused until his clothes were suddenly soaking wet after Colleen decided to playfully spray him with the rinse hose on the sink. The chase was on!

"EEEK! STOP! OR I'LL GET YOU BACK!" She squealed as Robert tickled her sides until she fell on the couch in surrender.

Her long, dark brown hair lay in a cascade on each side of her smiling face as she rested from the recent playful activities. Robert gazed at her small body with lustful thoughts as he examined her inviting, girlish features. His cock throbbed as he leaned down and gently kissed her cheek while smoothing her hair away. The puzzled look on his stepsister's face disappeared when she suddenly noticed his boner, commenting with a grin that she knew all about a guy's penis and why it gets big in their pants.

Then a moment of silent thoughts between them was a prelude to…

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP THAT!" She ordered; followed by a naughty, encouraging grin that inspired Robert to continue unsnapping her pants, finally revealing the glowing white material of her panties.

His mouth watered, as the sight of Colleen's exposed underwear filled his eyes with anticipation. In a slow, almost methodical fashion, he unzipped his prize while she lay still and silent. "So far, so good," he thought as he slipped his fingertips into the waistband of her jeans and began to slide them over her hips. A brief glance turned into a steady gaze as he focused between her young, creamy smooth thighs with expectations. More of her underwear and naked skin was beginning to show. Then, without pause, his fingertips slid between her legs, feeling her sensuous untouched, silky smooth skin while absorbing her innocence and the sacred secrets of her forbidden places. While his heart beat loud like a drum his hand trembled and quaked as the erotic heat from his Stepsister's young sex warmed his skin. Undaunted by the potential consequences, he continued to explore and fondle her temptingly touchable inner thighs. Still, there was nothing in protest from her lips.

"Mm! Oh Robert!" She groaned as he began to rub the outside of her panties, massaging and feeling up her puffy pubic mound that was off limits to the rest of the world, but his to discover and drool over.

Intense guilt began to fill Robert's God, fearing brain as he continued to cross the line with a child and molest his young stepsister. But a hard, eager cock was driving his actions and naughty behavior. The thin smile on Colleen's face was all the permission he needed as he tugged her jeans lower down her legs until they were completely off and tossed to the floor. His eyes opened wide with amazement when her elusive nakedness finally came into view. Her fine skin glistened with her untouched youth and fragility. Without the obstruction of her jeans, he was able to ravish and feel his stepsister's young sex until…

"No! Please Robert. What if Mom and Dad find out? And what if God doesn't like it?" Colleen whispered as he began to remove her panties.

"It's okay sis. They won't know unless you tell," he reassured in a soothing tone as he made a decision to leave her panties on. Then, without a word, he picked her small body up in his arms and carried her to his room.

After stripping down to his underwear, Robert joined his stepsister on his bed. A glance at her face told him that she seemed more relaxed than in the living room. The naughty, teasing grin on her face seemed to indicate surrender.

Colleen reclined silently while her head rested on his pillow. Her eyes were tightly closed as she waited with anticipation for her stepbrother to resume touching and feeling her sexual places. Then she gasped with surprise when her panties were quickly removed, leaving her naked from the waist down and revealing her young, hairless vagina to her older sibling for the first time. Robert's warm hands were all over her naked sex, smoothing over her skin and making her feel "OH SO NICE!" She thought, as her legs opened wider to allow easy access between her naked thighs. The fear of God and her parents were soon forgotten.

"Finally, I'm about to score some pussy!" Robert mumbled as he gazed with anticipation at his eight-year-old stepsister's sex.

Colleen's alluring, preteen naked body was his first look at a girl and his first chance to feel and touch a pussy. Her smooth, hairless little cunt looked "to die for" as far as he was concerned. Gently, he pried her open with two fingers for a peek into her fragile, untouched child sex. Fine moisture droplets clung to the inner lining of the pink interior of her tiny hole. His imagination churned, wondering if she was too tight to put his cock into without hurting her. After all, she was only eight years old and he couldn't be sure if her young body was ready.

His stepsister's small body writhed on the bed, moaning and cooing as Robert inserted a finger into her virgin fuck-hole for the first time.

"I love you," she suddenly muttered out of appreciation as her young pussy tingled and reacted to being finger-fucked.

"I love you too sis," Robert replied as he leaned over her cute face for a kiss.

A light kiss soon developed into heavy, passionate petting as Colleen discovered lovemaking and sexual sharing from her older stepbrother. Her whole body responded. Her skin warmed while her pussy tingled as a finger pushed in and out of her tiny vagina. More kisses from Robert's lips encircled the small nipples on her undeveloped breasts while his finger pushed deeper into her hole. Finally, a strange fullness filled her tummy as her vagina stubbornly opened, stretching and giving in to a 'new found' pleasure that she never dreamed of. "OH! ROBERT!" She moaned out loud as her young body responded to being sexually fulfilled.

Robert smiled to himself with satisfaction as his eight-year-old stepsister groaned and moaned, thrashing with uncontrolled spasms until she nearly lost consciousness from her first orgasm. Then a smile slowly crept over her adorable, smooth featured face as she recovered. The serene look on her reddened face said it all!

For a moment, he was concerned that he might have hurt his stepsister, but relieved when she smiled that grateful smile, indicating her satiation and sexual pleasure. She looked different and in total surrender as he gazed with a sense of accomplishment at her young face. His eyes followed the length of her sweet little body, as she lay in submission on his bed, demure with fulfillment and basking in his love and brotherly attention.

"What are you gonna do?" She asked as her eyes suddenly fluttered open with concern.

"I wanna fuck you, Sis," Robert replied as he kneeled between her open thighs with his hand guiding his swollen meat into her tight preteen pussy.

"You mean you're gonna put your…" she interjected without finishing her question while her eyes widened at the thought of having her stepbrother's thick penis inside of her.

"Is it gonna hurt?" She asked in a whiny tone as a tear trickled slowly down one cheek.

Robert's body trembled with excitement as the tip of his penis touched his stepsister's warm, naked sex. Her tiny eyes were tightly closed in anticipation as he eased himself into the mind numbing smoothness and tightness of his first pussy. Nothing in his fantasies or imagination came close to the sensation of fucking his first girl he realized, as his cock drank in the mesmerizing intense sexual gratification of fucking a young child.

Colleen's face grimaced while her whole body winced with each measured thrust of her stepbrother's cock into her virgin hole. She could feel every inch of his penis inside of her as the warmth and meaty thickness filled her tiny vagina with his love and adoration. She was beginning to feel a new appreciation for him as her body felt pleasured beyond anything she ever imagined. The sensation traveled to her young brain, filling her head with sexual pleasure until…

"OWEE! YOU'RE HURTING ME!" She cried when Robert forgot about her sensitive virginity, suddenly rupturing her thin hymen and impaling her young pussy to his balls.

The scowl on her face soon disappeared as the pain eventually subsided.

"M-m-m. I can feel your penis in me," she cooed with a naughty gleam of relief, as her little cunt embraced sexual intercourse for the first time in her short, preteen life.

The pressure in Robert's balls gave notice as he pushed into the tight fitting, smooth depths of his young stepsister's pussy.

"OMIGOD! OH! GRUNT! GROAN!" An explosion of hot, thick sperm instantly filled his stepsister's body, leaking out like a river of thick, milky colored sperm, mixed with the 'telltale' bloody evidence of deflowering an eight-year-old girl.

The euphoric orgasm was hypnotic and consuming as he continued to fuck Colleen's small body, pushing in and out of her ravaged young pussy with his swollen, cum saturated cock until the last drop of semen squirted into her tiny womb. The thin smile on her face was a relief that he hadn't hurt her.

"You better not tell or…

"I know. I won't tell. But what if I have a baby? Am I old enough for that? I'm only eight, ya know!

"I don't know… I'll look it up on the Internet sis," Robert replied as he made a mental note to check up on such things.

That magical night was the turning point between Robert and his eight-year-old stepsister, not to mention, rekindling a burning desire to fuck nine-year-old Chastity.

"Hi Robert! Chastity hollered cheerfully, as the congregation began to fill the church on the following Sunday morning.

"You wanna sit with me?" He asked with all of his boyish charm.

"Okay. But you're invited over for lunch if ya wanna. My mom's making fried chicken and potato salad. She cooks real good, but she drinks a lot these days because my dad left her and me alone and moved in with another woman. My dad's a jerk my mom says, but I still wish he'd come back," Chastity continued talking in rapid fire as if she had saved up her words.

"I'm sorry about your mom…you know, her drinking and all. My dad says the devil lurks in every drop of whiskey, just waiting for a person to turn to him instead of the Lord." Robert answered directly as he held Chastity's small hand in his. Then he smiled as he guided her to the far end of a church pew where he could sit on one side of her while placing his "heartthrob" between himself and the inside wall of the sanctuary. The chosen seating position was an unconscious attempt to create a modicum of privacy…just in case.

The warmth of Chastity's young body was intensely arousing as she snuggled to his side. But the pleasant fragrance of her freshly shampooed hair acted like a powerfully seductive sex hormone, warming his loins as his fully erect cock stirred in his pants. Finally, she smiled, inviting his arm to wrap snugly around her neck, inspiring a bold kiss on her cheek.

Giggles escaped from her lips when Robert snuggled his nose to her neck, kissing her lightly while his warm breath tickled her skin. Finally, his fingertips rested lightly on her bare knee. The sensual heat escaping from under her short skirt fed his lust, inviting his attention and further exploration into the sweet, forbidden depths under her dress. "OH ROBERT! " She muttered under her breath, as his hand suddenly found the inside of her creamy smooth thigh.

Robert's fingertips tingled with excitement as the heat from Chastity's child sex radiated to his skin, warming his hand while inviting further exploration of the forbidden secrets that lay hidden under her thin panties.

"Stop that!" she whispered as his hand brushed briefly against her warm crotch.

"Quiet down!" A middle-aged woman ordered from behind their pew.

Chastity's body was getting hot from Robert's sexual advances. Her legs quivered with arousal and her young vagina was wet with her sexual juices. In her sexually excited little brain, she secretly wanted him to touch her again.

Robert smiled to himself as Chastity gently held his hand during the remaining church service. The urge to resume fondling between her sweet, silky smooth thighs was torturous. Then his hopes were soon delivered when her hand seemed to guide his fingertips back between her legs. His heart raced while sweat poured from his skin in anticipation of what was to happen. A sigh of surprise escaped from Chastity's lips when his hand smoothed along the length of her naked thigh. Her fine, smooth shin was like a tonic, drawing him closer to her panty-covered sex. The heat between her legs aroused him. His hand trembled when his fingertips finally touched the sexy thin material of her panties. Finally, Chastity gasped when he began to smooth his fingers along her shallow slit while the wetness in her panties excited him so much that he accidentally forced a finger through the thin material until the smooth lining of her hot, wet, preteen pussy touched his skin.

"Stop that!" The same voice from behind them commanded after Chastity gasped out loud.

Chastity's face was blushing red after Robert quickly removed his hand from between her thighs. Another few seconds, and she would have climaxed, she realized.

"You can ride with me to your house if it's okay with your mom," Robert offered as he dangled the keys to his mother's car in Chastity's face.

At sixteen, Robert had earned his driver's license recently. On occasion, his mother would let him drive her car, but only if no other teenagers were riding with him. She understood the typical antics of teenagers and the fact that a distraction could occur in the car and cause an accident. But his mother didn't mention a nine-year-old girl he reasoned.

Nine-year-old Chastity beamed a bright smile of approval as she walked by Robert's side until they reached his mother's car. To Robert, Chastity was adorable and the most desirable of any girl he had ever met. To Chastity, Robert was her first boyfriend, although nothing was said yet and nothing was official. But she felt attached to him and his older age. The other girls at school would surely be jealous and envious, she mused as she climbed into the car while Robert closed the door like a gentleman.

After glancing around for any nosey witnesses, he pulled Chastity closer.

"Mm!" He moaned as he placed his lips on her sensuous young mouth. After a moment of hesitation, she kissed him until his hand slid between her thighs and parted her knees.

"Please don't! I'm afraid someone will see," she whispered as they resumed kissing until Robert moved the child's hand to the growing lump in his lap.

The warm sensation of Chastity's small fingertips on his cock sent waves of arousal to his brain. She seemed to be enthralled with his hardness, massaging and exploring the contour of his stiff shaft as it lay under the material of his pants.

"I love you!" Robert suddenly announced as he slid a hand under her dress and began to caress her fine skin.

"I love you too," Chastity replied as she voluntarily opened her thighs, allowing him free access to her young sex.

"We better go now," he suddenly replied, sensing that they were being watched.

Chastity's mother was already home from church and busy making dinner when Robert and Chastity finally arrived. She liked Robert. Although curious why he would be interested in her nine-year-old daughter, she didn't object to their mutual attraction.

All through her daughter's childhood, Chastity's mother realized what an attractive girl she was becoming. Her long blond hair and angelic face was a head turner whenever they went to the mall or anywhere. So it was no real surprise that a sixteen-year-old boy would be attracted to her, but thoughts of predictable sexual experimentation crept into her brain, reminding her to have a talk with her daughter about the perils of having sex and the potential consequences.

Meanwhile, it was time for a glass of vodka.

Chastity's mother kept a bottle handy to quench her addiction. After her husband left one day and never returned, alcohol became her medicine of choice to sooth the hurt and sense of abandonment. On the other hand, Chastity chose to seek acceptance and the love that she used to enjoy from her estranged daddy. Enter Robert, and his boyish good looks, but old enough to make her feel secure and appreciated by a male. The older boy was a convenient replacement for her loss, and sixteen-year-old Robert-and his teenage hormone driven libido was happy to accommodate.

Robert's afternoon spent in lustful intimacy with her nine-year-old daughter went unchallenged by Chastity's mother as she continued to consume the better part of a fifth of Vodka.

"NO! My mom might come in," Chastity whispered as Robert suggested they go into her bedroom.

"Your mom is getting too drunk to pay attention," he replied in a whisper while slipping a hand under her skirt until his fingertips touched the warm, fine skin of her creamy smooth thighs.

Robert's fully erect cock ached, throbbing with anticipation, driving him to beg and whine until the inexperienced and vulnerable, nine-year-old girl finally gave in.

"OH! ALLRIGHT!" She finally replied when she realized that her underwear was wet and her young vagina, tingling with arousal.

The pleasant sensation of Robert's hand under her dress during church that morning and later in the car was still fresh in her mind. Yes. She knew it was naughty, but she liked being appreciated and fulfilled in a sexual way. Her whole body seemed to quiver with expectations whenever Robert was around. He was her daddy, boyfriend, and lover all wrapped up into a convenient package. He would never leave her alone like her real daddy did. This! She knew!

"What if my mom comes in?" She whispered in a concerned tone as Robert closed her bedroom door.

"No worry! She's probably too drunk to wonder where we are," he replied as he removed his pants and tossed them to a corner of the bedroom.

Chastity's eyes widened at the sight of the teenager's boner as it made a prominent lump in the fabric of his underwear. Instinct inspired her to lick her lips while not having a clue why she did that. Wearing a sly grin, he walked towards her until his tall body was at the edge of her bed. Then in one motion, they were locked in a passionate embrace while his hand was busy removing her panties. Her young sex was eager to receive him, warming with expectations as her underwear slipped down the length of her legs until finally thrown to the floor. In a frenzy of lust, Robert's face was nestled between her naked thighs, lapping her juices and licking every inch of her exposed, child sexual places.

Chastity's mind, body and immature sexuality surrendered to her needs, the need to be loved and wanted by a male. In ways she never dreamed of, her young sex quivered, responding to Robert's warm tongue and wet mouth as he consumed her preteen nectar.

"OH ROBERT!" She moaned as he continued to lick and devour her naked sex until a familiar sensation wracked her young body and brain.

"OMIGOD! OMIG-GOD!" She cried out as her small body arched violently off the bed while Robert held her butt cheeks in his hands, pulling her child sex snuggly to his tongue.

"SLURP! MMM!" He moaned and groaned while hungrily quenching his thirst for her elusive, preteen secretions.

"MOM!" Chastity suddenly blurted when she noticed her mother standing in the doorway of her bedroom.

"You guys having fun?" Her mother asked as she sipped her Vodka and Orange juice while flashing a suspicious grin that was more confusing than revealing.

Her mother continued to stand and stare as Robert suddenly rose up from between Chastity's parted, naked thighs.

"OH! Don't let ME stop you from having your fun," her mother announced as she focused on Robert's crotch, which revealed the evidence of a raging, stiff hard cock that refused to go limp.

"MY! MY! Robert. Your dick is huge for a teenager. Have you been busy playing with it or did my daughter's hairless little pussy turn you on?" she asked with a slur as she almost fell after tripping on a small throw rug on the floor.

"I'm sorry ma'am. I better go home now," the busted teenager replied meekly as he zipped his pants while looking feverishly for his shoes and socks.

"That's okay Robert. You really don't have to go! You should never leave a young lady until you've finished the job," she went on, as if she didn't care that her nine-year-old daughter was about to have her young pussy reamed out and deflowered.

"Go ahead! It seems that Chastity wants your weenie inside of her. But you better wait a minute so I can get a towel to lay between her legs so you don't get your sticky sperm all over her sheets," she continued with a smirk as she sipped her drink.

A moment of suspenseful silence filled the bedroom as Chastity remained still and embarrassed while Robert stood frozen with wonder after hearing her mother's unexpected approval to take her daughter's virginity.

"Okay honey. Move your legs. There! That's good," her mother said as she ordered Chastity to left her butt and legs while placing the large towel on the bed.

"Now Robert! You can finish what you started with my daughter, but you better not make her pregnant or…I'll cut your little weenie off and make soup with it,"

"DO IT!" She ordered with a scowl, as if the effects of the alcohol had consumed her brain with vehement anger.

"Please Mrs. Barnes. I wanna go home now. I'm sorry about all this," Robert begged.

"OH NO YOU DON'T! You little pervert. I'll tell your daddy that you raped my daughter if you don't stay and finish what you started,"

"Please Mama! Let him go home. You're drunk and being mean! I don't like you anymore. Get out of my room!" Chastity complained as tears began to flood down her cheeks.

It was that moment that Chastity's sloppy drunk mother decided to walk casually to Robert and reach for his balls.

"MRS. BARNES! STOP IT!" The stunned teenager exclaimed out loud.

"What's a matter, Robert? Somebody got you by the balls?" She asked with smirk as she gently squeezed until his face contorted with pain.

"STOP MAMA! YOU'RE HURTING HIM!" Chastity ordered as she suddenly arose from the bed and lunged at her mother until all three fell on the floor.

The loud thud of Chastity's mother's head as it made fatal contact with the hard floor would remain a solid memory in Chastity and Robert's brains, but the circumstance surrounding her death would be a tragic secret, known only between them and eventually, one other person.

Months after Chastity's mother's funeral, the young girl was invited to move into the preacher's home. Her long estranged real father could not be found-as if he had dropped off the planet. Robert beamed at the idea and welcomed having two young girls to fondle, fuck and enjoy as his own. But things would change, causing surprise and heartbreak.

Confessing the real truth behind Chastity's mother's death to his trusted preacher- stepfather- a man of understanding and God- would ultimately prove to be a mistake. Chastity's refusal to sneak into his room at night was the first clue that something was amiss.

Curiosity was the engine that finally inspired Robert to spy on Chastity one night after the family had finally turned in for a night's sleep. Watching from the shadows of the hallway leading into the living room, he noticed her bedroom door open late one night. A blur of white nightgown moved casually in the darkness until disappearing out of sight.

Whispers in the darkened living room echoed through his brain as he literally crawled on his belly until reaching the entrance to the room. The familiar sound of his father's voice in the room was his first clue that Chastity had a secret that she wasn't sharing.

"Here! Sweetie. Sit here and be very quiet," his father whispered.

"Please don't," Chastity's voice begged.

The dim light shining through the living room window was just enough illumination to allow Robert to see the dirty deeds that his stepfather was bestowing on his nine-year-old girlfriend. But why was he doing such things and why did Chastity let him? He wondered as he watched while the preacher gently placed the girl on her back then pull her nighty above her waist until the available light in the room glistened on her bare, naked skin.

"You're so pretty honey. I don't blame Robert for falling for you and wanting to fuck your little pussy," his father whispered while sliding the girl's panties down her legs.

"My! You look…" he continued as he smacked his lips.

"Please don't!" Chastity begged again as the preacher smoothed a hand along her naked, inner thighs.

"Do you want me to tell everyone what really happened when your mother died? You little slut," He retorted angrily.

"No. But I wanna go back to bed," she pleased as tears began to trickle down her cheeks.

Robert was seething with contempt as he watched the molestation of his chosen girlfriend. Holding back his anger and eagerness to interfere, he remained on his belly as he watched his stepfather part Chastity's thighs, then fondle her young, naked sex. But after a few minutes of watching the sexually arousing activity, he was caught up in the erotic moment too.

With his swollen cock in his hand, he massaged his naked penis while his stepfather massaged and fingered his girlfriend on the living room couch. Chastity looked fast asleep he noticed, as his stepfather pulled his cock out and guided the head into her preteen pussy.

"OWEE! She cried out as she suddenly woke up and realized that her young vagina was being stuffed with the preacher's thick, adult penis.

"STOP IT! YOU BASTARD! She ordered as she tried to close her legs.

The unmistakable sounds of sexual release filled the room as the preacher thrust his cock deep into her young body. Chastity's attempt to fight him off was soon abandoned when his balls suddenly exploded, filling her vaginal canal with his warm, soothing juices. Now realizing that sexual intercourse with Chastity was probably not going to happen as long as his stepfather was banging his nine-year-old girlfriend, Robert walked stealthily into his stepsister's bedroom. His arousal was off the scale, even for a teenager.

"Waddya you want?" His stepsister asked in her sleepy state as he crawled into her bed.

"You! That's what I want, my lovely, sexy little sister. I want you!" He replied with a light, sensual kiss on her cheek.

"But I havta get up soon and go to school," She answered as another kiss was planted affectionately on her lips.

"Please? I just wanna…" Robert whined until she finally responded, "Okay. But we gotta be quiet cause mom and dad might hear us and…you better not make a mess on my bed this time."

"Daddy always puts a towel on the sheets when he puts his thingy in me," she confessed while reaching around Robert's neck and pulling him closer until her breath was on his face. "Daddy has been coming into my bedroom every night since that day when we did that naughty stuff together," she explained in a whisper. "He said he was gonna tell mom if I didn't do what he wanted," she continued.

The thought of his stepfather forcing Colleen and now…Chastity, to have sex with him angered Robert. But his cock and balls ached for some pussy. His sweet little stepsister's young body was powerfully appealing as he snuggled closer to her warm, naked skin. A light, casual kiss soon escalated into heavy petting, which finally led into her panties. His whole hand tingled with delight as he stuffed a finger deep into the warm, wet depths of her tight little vagina.

"Oh Robert," she cooed as he began finger fucking her in a frenzy of lust filled hunger that brought her to a raging climax. "I want you in me," she panted as her legs obediently parted while she readied herself for the thickness of his shaft.

"Oh Colleen! Oh God! I love you sis! Robert cried out as he buried his throbbing cock inside of his stepsister's young pussy until his balls emptied his incestuous seed into her womb.

Later that night Chastity was surprised to find Robert's eight-year-old stepsister in the hall bathroom, feverishly washing something sticky off her skin. Chastity had the same problem after a night of satisfying the preacher's needs so they both agreed to wash each other. Giggles filled the bathroom as the two young girls scrubbed dried cum and blood off each other's skin until Robert suddenly appeared.

"Well! Well! My favorite girls are naked together," he joked, flashing a wide grin as he turned on the shower and invited them in for a "threesome"