Camping With Dawn


"OK sweetie! Uncle Pete will be here soon so you better get your things ready," ten year old Dawn's mother admonished, in anticipation of having a free weekend for herself without the burden of keeping her overactive daughter entertained and out of trouble.

Dawn was eager to go camping with her uncle, even though he WAS a convicted sex offender; disliked by the rest of the family, but accepted and loved by her mom. After all, Uncle Pete would never hurt HER or ANY child, she reasoned. Besides… So WHAT if her uncle might try something with her? She liked him and was sure he felt the same about her.

While Dawn packed her things for the weekend, the story about her uncle's infamous crime was replayed in her brain.

As a ten-year-old, she rarely watched the news or read the paper, but bad news travels fast in ANY extended family, and after the story finally made its rounds, her Uncle Pete was a condemned man. Now branded a monster, his name was dropped from Christmas card lists and never invited to any more family gatherings.

"He might as well be dead, the way the rest of the family treats him" Dawn's mother complained under her breath one day in a sympathetic way.

Dawn couldn't understand why it was considered SO bad when her uncle was accused of fondling one of his neighbor's little girls on that disastrous day three years ago. After all, no one said he actually hurt anyone and besides, her uncle had touched HER on several occasions and it was NO big deal. Of course, she would never tell her mother or anyone else.

Reflecting back to when she was only six, her Uncle Pete took her to the circus one day. She smiled to herself as she remembered the nice tingling sensation between her legs when he played with her "cunnie" as she sat on his lap to watch the show. Secretly she wanted him to do it again, thinking that ALL uncles did that for their nieces. Then one day in school a policeman gave that speech about "bad touching", urging her class to report any adult if they attempted to touch where they shouldn't. Even then she didn't understand what the big deal was about letting someone you like touch your privates. And she always liked Uncle Pete, she mused, as she gathered her bag of camping clothes and headed downstairs to the living room.

"HI UNCLE PETE!" Dawn hollered with enthusiasm as the door opened and…in walked her uncle.

"HI SWEETIE!" he replied as he picked her up and hugged her neck.

Uncle Pete's familiar after-shave wafted like a calling card into Dawn's nostrils as he held her warmly, hugging and embracing her like old times. Since it had been a long time since she had seen him, her heart thumped with excitement as she kissed his cheek.

At the age of fifty, Pete was buff and vigorous. He looked younger than his peers and in much better physical shape than most men, even those who were younger than him. His well-tanned body and physique were a source of pride for him but in spite of attracting more than his share of available women his own age, he was a hopeless pedophile, desiring only the Lolita age group for company and sex. His last lover was a very cute little child that he met right after he got out of prison. She was only thirteen, but passionately attracted to him, NOT the other way around. Her parents soon found out and threatened to turn him in, so the affair ended abruptly.

"Wow! Look at YOU. You've gotten to be a BIG girl," Pete commented as he drank in Dawn's stunning good looks and seductive, shapely little body." Are you still driving your mother nuts?" he joked as he walked inside the house to say "hello" to his sister, Dawn's mother of course.

"OK you old pedo. You better not knock up my daughter or you'll have to support her AND the child," Dawn's mother kidded with a grin as they hugged each other. "Better keep your hands to yourself too," she whispered half-jokingly into his ear.

The message was the veiled warning he expected from his sister, realizing her motives, as she trusted him with her daughter for an unsupervised weekend of camping. But while spending three years locked up, away from any contact with the people he loved and wanted in his life, all he thought of was his cute little niece and getting inside of her panties if he had the chance. His swollen cock stirred in his pants as he imagined what the weekend camping trip might hold in store, once he had his pretty ten-year-old niece to himself.

Dawn bubbled with typical childlike enthusiasm as she loaded her clothes and personal baggage in the back of Pete's SUV. Yes. She's really grown into a delicious looking piece of preteen ass he realized as he glanced at the child while she sat fidgeting in the passenger side seat.

His eyes fixed for a moment on her smooth, fleshy inner thighs, which offered a peek as far as he was concerned, a peek at her fine little body and a promise of more delightful sights to come. His mouth drooled as he turned the key and started the engine.

A moment of silence filled the car until Pete happened to notice a curious look develop on his niece's pretty face.

"Uncle Pete?" Dawn remarked as she turned to look directly at him.

"Yeah honey. What is it?" he replied as he quickly changed lanes to enter the main highway out of town.

"Were you really in prison?" she asked in a concerned tone.

"Yeah honey I was, but the charges were blown all out of proportion by the time I went to trial," he responded, feeling uncomfortable with explaining such things to a child.

"But everyone says you're a pervert and wanna have sex with little kids," she challenged, feeling a little uneasy for prying.

"W-e-l-l everyone thinks they know everything, but they don't. All I did was help a little girl in my neighborhood when she asked me to fix the button on her pants one day, but her mother thought I was molesting her daughter and called the cops. Even the CHILD tried to tell them I didn't do anything, but no one would listen. Yeah. I do like young girls but this little girl was only about five, NOT my preference. But I guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time," he answered, feeling a sense of relief for clearing the air and hoping his niece would believe his half-truthful reply.

"I love you, Uncle Pete…even if you ARE a pervert," Dawn teased with a chuckle.

They both laughed at the comment, inspiring Pete to place his arm loosely around his niece's neck, affectionately pulling her towards him while he imagined the sensation of fucking her tight little preteen pussy if, and when, he got the chance.

"Can I unbuckle my seatbelt…please?" She asked in an animated "faux" little girl's voice.

"Sure sweetie but if we get stopped by a cop you'll hafta buckle up again," he replied as she quickly unsnapped the seatbelt and slid her small body close to his.

Pete's cock swelled instantly when he sensed the warmth of his cute, desirable niece sitting right next to him. His focused examination of her smooth, tantalizing thighs almost caused an accident as he struggled to divide his attention between her and the road, but the allure of Dawn and the elusive treasures that lay hidden between her legs nagged at his lust-filled brain. Soon, his free hand casually dropped to his niece's lap. The heat from her young body radiated to his skin, causing a rise in his pants and his loins to warm with a familiar fire. Intense desire for some tight little "kiddy pussy" flooded his brain. His head throbbed with excitement while his heart raced with the anticipation of fondling and maybe fucking his pretty little niece. The fragrant scent of her hair only added fuel to the fire inspiring his fingertips to slide effortlessly between her thighs.

The sensation was familiar as Dawn realized where her uncle's fingertips suddenly lay. Her pussy tingled as she instinctively opened her thighs, expecting him to massage her crotch like he did years ago when she was just a small child of six.

It was a sight to see; Dawn reacting to having her pussy stimulated as she sat next to her uncle while he tried to steer the heavy SUV with his chin and at the same time, feverishly unbuttoning the child's pants with his other hand…and without missing a stroke as he continued to feel up her soft, puffy pubic mound that remained hidden inside of her pants.

Soon, his niece's pants were unbuttoned and the zipper pulled down, exposing a glimpse of white panties. Dawn gasped as her uncle slipped a hand down the front of her jeans, edging lower between her thighs until a fingertip began to get busy, tracing the length of her slit.

"Take your panties off, honey," Pete suggested with a grin when he realized his hand was too restricted in such a tight area, especially for properly finger-fucking his ten-year-old niece's tight little cunt.

Dawn giggled as she flashed a naughty grin, shaking her head "NO," but only teasing him. Pete was confused until an impish grin appeared on her face as she pretended to reach for his zipper. Then giggles soon erupted while he smiled and suddenly reached for her arm, guiding her fingers to his fly. The warmth of her hand filtered through the material of his pants, inspiring an already stiff cock to strain in his underwear and throb with expectations.

"OH! How come your thingy is so hard and big, Uncle Pete?" Dawn teased as she gently touched the lump in his pants.

"W-e-l-l sweetie…I guess it wants you to touch it and make it feel better," he replied as he quickly opened the zipper.

Without any assistance, his fully erect shaft found its way through the opening in his fly.

Sticking straight up like a rocket about to be launched, the fleshy "thingy" inspired his niece to gingerly wrap her dainty fingers around his thick, swollen manhood.

"Quiet" filled the car as Dawn explored and fondled her first adult penis. The child's warm, soft hand gently massaged the length of her Uncle Pete's sex while he continued to drive. Her mind wondered how such a huge thing could fit inside of a girl's vagina. Her own pussy was too small, she was sure of that, but then she imagined her uncle on top of her someday. Yes! She would like that. She wanted his "thingy" in her.

Ever since she secretly watched as her mother have sex with a boyfriend, she wondered about having sex too…and her Uncle Pete was the one that was always in her dreams. She continued to play with his cock as she thought of the numerous times she had masturbated her little cunnie, sending tingles through her body until she would nearly pass out from the intense sensations. Then she noticed her panties were soaking wet, no doubt brought on by the act of jacking off her uncle, but in truth, she didn't fully understand WHY she was so wet down there. It was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

"How come we're stopping here, Uncle Pete?" Dawn asked with a curious look as they suddenly pulled into a wayside motel parking lot.

Pete didn't respond right away, but just sat still while his niece continued to stroke and massage his blood-engorged penis. He couldn't remember his cock ever being this hard as he relaxed while keeping an eye out for intruders or witnesses as an underage girl sat in his car and played with his dick.

"You wanna…you wanna…have sex with me, don't ya Uncle Pete?" The surprising whispered words were barely out of his young niece's mouth when Pete quickly zipped his fly and bolted for the motel office.

It was the middle of the day and NOT the usual, normal time to be checking into a motel, but Pete was ready with a suitable story, which stopped the suspicious nature of a curious motel clerk from asking any questions. The desk clerk, obviously from the Middle East, just nodded with agreement when Pete explained that he had been driving too long and needed a rest.

The pent-up excitement of finally fucking his cute, ten-year-old niece churned in Pete's brain as he drove to their motel room at the end of the complex.

"I thought we were gonna' go camping," Dawn commented with a naughty, teasing look.

"We are honey, but first let's… OH C'MON," he replied with a grin as they both climbed out of the SUV.

After walking at full speed, Pete was soon at the door, fiddling with the key until finally, he was in the room with his niece behind him.

"E-e-e-e" she squealed as he picked her small body up and carried her to the bed.

"Will it hurt?" Dawn asked in a whiny tone as her uncle placed her head gently on the pillow.

He didn't answer the question as he reclined next to the child on the bed. "At last," he thought to himself as he kissed his niece lightly on the cheek while his eager fingers quickly unbuttoned her pants.

Dawn relaxed, surrendering her preteen innocence. Her body trembled with anticipation as her uncle methodically removed her clothes. Then she sighed when she felt his warm hand smooth over her pubic mound while spreading her tiny vagina open for the first time. Pete grinned with pleasure when he realized how wet his little niece was as he finger fucked her incredibly tight fuckhole. Her tiny vagina was even smaller than he imagined when he used to fantasize while laying in his prison bunk and jacking off to visions of fucking this child. The grin on his face revealed his satisfaction as he continued to finger his niece's preteen sex.

Dawn moaned and groaned while gyrating and pushing her slim hips vigorously into her Uncle Pete's hand while her vagina seemed to be sucking his thick finger into the depths of her wet, preteen pussy. Pete watched with pleasure as his middle finger finally disappeared into the tightest little cunt he had ever imagined.

"OMIGOD-OMI-G-GOD!" the cries announcing a child's first orgasm echoed in the room.

Shutters rippled through Dawn's young body as she thrashed violently on the bed, grinding her small, naked pussy into her uncle's finger as he continued to finger-fuck her into a raging, full blown climax. Groans of sexual satisfaction filled the air until all was quiet once again.

Beads of sweat saturated Dawn's fine, delicate skin while her preteen sexual juices flowed from her ravaged sex. "She's ready," her uncle thought as he quickly removed his clothes and kneeled between her open legs.

"O-w-e-e!" The ten-year-old girl cried as her uncle guided his massive cock into her tiny, immature vagina. The searing pain from her ruptured hymen, to her amazement, soon disappeared.

"Ah-h-h. OH JESUS!" The groans and grunts emanating from deep inside of Pete's body, announcing the intense pleasure from fucking a child…said it ALL.

After all this time, waiting, pondering and anticipating, his dick was finally buried inside of his cute, ten-year-old niece's pussy. An overwhelming sensation of pure sexual gratification filling his brain was beyond words, beyond comparison to any sex he had ever experienced. Louder groans of elation continued as Dawn's pencil-sized vaginal tunnel gripped his thick meat, stimulating his brain with a blinding rush of pleasure with each push and pull as he fucked and fucked her tiny body until his balls seemed to explode with a powerful gusher of hot, thick cum.

His niece's face was flushed, reddened with color and contorted as his cock unloaded, filling her tiny hole with so much sperm that puddles accumulated all over the bed sheets and Dawn's naked butt. She squirmed as trickles of semen flowed into her smooth butt crack until finally collecting under her ass cheeks. The sticky goo clung to her delicate skin as she reclined on her back, fucking her uncle in a frenzy of lust and passion while her throbbing cunt milked the last drop of sperm from his penis.

"Mmm," she moaned as her uncle continued, slowly and deliberately, fucking her young body. His swollen "thingy" felt wonderful inside of her cunnie, filling her hole with his warm juices and causing her tummy to tingle with new sensations, which she would never forget. Yes! She liked having her uncle on top of her. Her secret longings for his love and sharing her young body were no longer just a young girl's dream. She smiled to herself as she felt his thickness inside of her, that funny looking tip with a helmet shaped end, moving in and out of her vagina.

"OHMI…OH…UNCLE PETE," she cried as another orgasm raged through her brain, sending waves of euphoria through her "very soul." She never imagined that having sex would feel this awesome and "Why wasn't everyone doing this?"

Dawn sighed when her climax finally let go of her brain. Her lithe little body was totally relaxed and sexually satisfied while her uncle gradually pulled his cum and blood-covered cock from her thoroughly violated fuckhole. She wanted him back inside of her.

"Noo! Put it back in," she cried as she felt the cool, room-temperature air awaken her tender slit.

Dawn's wet, swollen pussy throbbed, but she wanted more! She wanted her uncle to fuck her little pussy again and again. She was about to beg and whine…

The difference between an adult at the age of fifty, even in great shape…and a ten-year-old child is that a ten-year-old can fuck all day and never complain.

Pete snuggled next to Dawn as he rested and recovered from the best sex of his life. A light kiss on the little girl's lips and soon, they were trading tongues. His little niece soon got the hang of French kissing while her naked "to die for" body suddenly inspired more attention.

Pete's fingertips traveled, gliding smoothly over Dawn's delightfully soft skin, driven by the passion they shared while kissing and petting each other like two adult lovers. His niece gasped when his lips found her immature breasts, sucking, kissing on her tiny nipples while his hand returned to her wet little pussy. "Mmm," she moaned as his thick finger once again, penetrated the depths of her sex. Her hips responded by hunching her groin forcefully while her uncle Pete finger-fucked her body into another bed-shaking climax.

"I love you," Dawn whispered as her body rested in total bliss and satiation.

"I love you too, my darling," he replied as he placed his face between the child's open thighs.

Eating out a child's pussy was about the most erotic thing Pete could imagine. Licking, kissing and sucking on Dawn's little vagina was the Holy Grail of sex as far as he was concerned. The smooth, hairless skin around her pubic mound looked delicately fine, fresh, and very tasty. Dried clumps of sperm and blood covered her thighs and butt, but Pete didn't mind licking every inch of her body. She squirmed as his tongue began its mission, licking and sucking from her toes, up the length of her finely-shaped legs and finally, her puffy soft pubic area. It was strange, he thought, to taste his own sperm, but he didn't miss a drop.

"OH UNCLE PETE!" She cried as his mouth clamped directly over her slit. Soon, his hard tongue began the pleasant experience of dipping into the child's tightness, lapping her secretions while stimulating her sensitive clitoris with every stroke of his tongue.

His niece groaned, squirming and thrashing on the bed while Pete's tongue licked feverishly inside of her tight butt crack. Her tiny little anus wouldn't open for deeper penetration so his fingertip was soon at work, pushing, prodding and finally inspiring a protest from Dawn when his finger pushed deep into her rectum.

"NO PLEASE NOT THERE!" Dawn begged as her uncle turned her on her tummy.

She squirmed and complained, begging her uncle to stop as he spread her small butt cheeks for penetration.

"OUCH! I DON'T LIKE YOU ANYMORE" She cried as her uncle guided his cock, which felt as thick as an oak tree, past her tender anal sphincter and deep into her rectum.

After only two or three strokes, his balls emptied into the child, quickly filling her bowels with his hot, thick semen. It was the most intense orgasm yet he thought as he pulled his huge meat from her butt with a "pop". Brown, smelly poop mixed with gray-looking goo suddenly shot out of Dawn's butthole like a geyser. In a panic, she ran from the bed into the bathroom but a trail of fluids and poop covered the floor of the room. It was time to check out, Pete realized.

After a shower, Dawn finally forgave her uncle for sticking his huge "thingy" into her butt. They embraced for a makeup kiss after she lectured him, admonishing him, "never do that again."

A glance at the motel room interior and it was clear what went on during the last few hours. Blood, brown, smelly feces and various body fluids were everywhere.

"Tsk-tsk," the motel clerk wagged an accusing finger at Pete as he checked out of the room. His ten-year-old niece was visible from the office window as she stood outside, against her uncle's directions.

"In my country we cut off penis of person having sex with child," he commented in broken English as Pete handed him the keys to the room.

"In YOUR country, most children die before they reach the age of ten. YOUR country is a fucked up country, still living in the dark ages when ignorance ruled. Your Muslim religion keeps the people of YOUR country in the dark and ignorant of change. Why don't you go back to YOUR country? And stay the fuck OUT of MINE" Pete responded angrily as he slammed the office door.

"I thought I told you to stay in the car?" he commented as he started the engine, driving away and racing down the highway, his blood still boiling from the encounter with that arrogant motel clerk.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Pete. I guess I wasn't thinking. I'll make it up to you…OK?" Dawn replied softly as she hugged her uncle's neck while kissing his cheek affectionately.

"Uh huh, sweetie. You'll get your chance to make it up it me when we get to the campgrounds," he replied with a chuckle as his hand, once again slipped between her smooth thighs.

The continued trip to the campground was filled with talk about sex and children. Dawn was full of questions and her thoughts about kids having sex. She commented that she couldn't understand why it was taboo for kids to have sex as long as they were OK with it. Pete talked openly about his first time with a child, which was Dawn, of course. Dawn listened intently as he described his feelings and sexual delight when he fondled her when she was only six. She had forgotten about some of the times, but remembered the time at the circus for some reason, confessing that she liked it when he put his hands inside of her panties and fingered her slit.

"You mean like this?" he teased as he began smoothing his hand over her crotch, while tracing her warm, tantalizing slit with an extended fingertip.

"Mmm Uncle Pete" she moaned as she opened her legs wider, thrusting her groin to his finger while secretly wishing they were already in their tent at the campsite.

"I'm gonna' fuck your little pussy into next week when we get to our campsite," Pete mumbled as he toyed with the zipper on his niece's pants.

"Promises-promises" she joked as her fingertips smoothed over the rising lump in her uncle's lap.

"I'm hungry, Uncle Pete. Can we stop someplace…like McDonalds or something?" Dawn whined while unconsciously fingering her uncle's swollen cock after carefully pulling it out of his fly.

"THERE! THERE! Turn off here" she hollered with excitement as an exit ramp came into view.

"W-e-l-l what's your pleasure, my little princess: Taco Bell, McDonalds, or Burger King?" Pete asked as he reached the exit off the freeway.

"How bout'…Taco Bell?" Dawn replied.

Taco Bell was the perfect choice, Pete mused as he noticed what looked like a group of young, tasty-looking cheerleaders in the line.

"They're NOT your type," Dawn kidded as she elbowed her uncle's ribs.

"I suppose YOU ARE, right?" he returned the kidding as they stood in line to order.

"Uh huh and I'm the best sex you ever had, because you said so, remember?"

The words were already spoken by Dawn when she realized her mistake in talking too loud in the line. Every head turned to look as she covered her mouth with a hand, making things worse because NOW there was NO mistaking, which person said such a thing. Pete cringed, pretending he didn't know the child and right NOW, wishing he didn't. Suddenly, his niece ran away in tears, attracting more stares as Pete sensed everyone in the restaurant looking in his direction. Wearing a sheepish grin, he was soon out of the door and consoling Dawn as she stood crying next to the car.

The sight of his niece crying made his heart sink. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders as he led her into the car.

"I'm SO sorry Uncle Pete. I hope I didn't get you in trouble," she sobbed as she dabbed her eyes with a tissue.

"No honey. You just made a mistake and ALL people make mistakes. I still love you to bits and I'm not mad, so calm down sweetie, or I'll have to tickle you forever," he consoled as he kissed her and then joked by pretending to tickle her sides.

"Well. I guess I got jealous 'cause you were looking at all those cheerleaders. Ya' know, I'm a cheerleader too, Uncle Pete," Dawn replied as her tears dried up and a smile began to steal over her face.

"I'll have to come and watch you sometime, honey. Do you wear one of those short skirts and white, sexy stockings?" He asked as he pulled into the McDonalds Drive Thru.

"Uh huh and I'll even let you do what I know all the boys and daddies wanna do when they watch us girls cheerlead." She answered with her cute dimpled grin.

"Yeah…what might THAT be?" He quipped with a laugh.

"Don't you know, Uncle Pete? All the girls know and always talk about how guys just wanna see our panties when we cheerlead."

Pete smiled to himself as he imagined sitting on some bleachers one day while watching his pretty niece cheerlead with other pretty little girls. Yes. He would sit, watching the girls as they went through their routines, bending over and showing off their sexy little butts and shapely, smooth thighs while all the boys and dads secretly wondered about fucking one of those cute little morsels. He didn't have to wonder. He would bask in the glory of having had sex with a ten-year-old cheerleader while all the other guys could only imagine, and lust for their sweet little forbidden bodies. Life's been great after prison, he thought.

Dawn munched hungrily on her "kids meal" while Pete finished off his coffee. Soon, she was nestled to his side as she closed her eyes for a much-needed nap. Suddenly feeling closer to his little charmer, his free arm hugged her neck affectionately. The SUV took on a quiet air as she slept, allowing him to think and reflect about the day so far. His heart warmed at the thought of spending the whole weekend with his hot little niece. She was adorable and truly surprised him by easily letting him fuck her tender, young, preteen body. The memory of fucking that tight little pussy of hers still lingered in his cock, causing a twitch in his pants.

Dawn stirred, temporarily opening her sleepy eyes and then stretched out on the front seat with her head on her uncle's lap.

The silky smooth fabric of his niece's panties was like a drug to his fingertips as Pete slid his hand inside of the front of her pants. Her zipper down, and her legs spread open, the heat from her sex tugged at him until the tightness of her shorts prevented his hand from going any further. Suddenly without a word, his little child lover sat up and slid her shorts off, then returned to her position with her head nicely resting on his lap again.

"Mmm that feels nice, Uncle Pete." She mumbled as his hand smoothed over her exquisitely sensuous, panty-covered pussy.

Soon, his whole hand slid easily inside of her panties, massaging her slit while once again, fingering her tight little hole. His hand was soon drenched with the child's sexual secretions, inspiring a grin on his face as he it suddenly occurred to him that he was finger-fucking a cheerleader.

"E-w-w" That's from my vagina. It's gonna taste… Dawn exclaimed without finishing her comment, as she watched her uncle remove his finger from her wet pussy and stick it in his mouth.

"What's it taste like?" she asked in a serious tone.

Pete flashed a sly grin as he pretended to savor the taste in his mouth, and then replied: "It tastes like a cheerleader to me."

Giggles and laughter erupted as Dawn put her shorts back on and settled down for the short ride into the campground entrance.

The park ranger lady walked casually up to Pete's door while he handed over the campsite confirmation, which was recently emailed to Dawn's mother. She examined the paper with a curious set of eyes then ordered them to park for a minute in the small parking area next to the office. She was taking a long time, he noticed while wondering what the trouble was. Then it occurred to him that maybe that motel clerk or perhaps someone at the Taco Bell alerted the police about the suspicious company of a certain little ten-year-old girl.

His heart raced with fear. His skin sweated profusely while he imagined going back to prison and this time, probably forever. The loud clang of a prison cell door rang vividly through his head as he waited for his fate. Surely, the cops were on the way because that stuffy campground lady couldn't be just a campground person. NO she has to be a hero, he whined to himself.

"Sorry for the mix-up sir, but someone else has your reserved campsite, but I can put you two in the overflow area, if you don't mind," the Park Officer explained as Pete's anal sphincter muscle finally relaxed and a smile quickly returned to his face.

Tears of relief filled his eyes as he accepted the invitation and navigated to the far end of the park where their designated campsite lay in wait.

Darkness was suddenly falling like a rock on the park, so Pete hurriedly assembled the tent while Dawn gathered some firewood. The crackle of a campfire was a soothing thing, Pete decided as his niece snuggled next to him on a huge log. Soon, the magic of the child's wonderful little preteen body nagged at his brain, causing his cock to swell. The soft glow of the fire added a special effect to the moment, inspiring his affection for Dawn and a desire to fuck her little brains out at that very moment.

A light, affectionate kiss ignited a frenzy of passion. Soon, they were in the tent, undressing each other with haste while Dawn whispered that she wanted her uncle's "thingy" in her again.

"OK my love but you gotta do something for me FIRST," Pete replied as he gently guided the child's mouth to his meaty, fully erect staff.

"Mmm, Slurp, Mmm," The obvious sounds of Dawn giving her uncle a blowjob filled the campground, but luckily, there wasn't another camper for at least several hundred yards.

Pete was in heaven as a ten-year-old child sucked on his cock. His niece, to his utter joy, was doing a masterful job as she took his meat into her warm, wet mouth. Her tiny hands played with and massaged his balls until they couldn't hold the pressure any longer. Soon she gagged, sputtering and spitting as the endless gusher of cum quickly filled her mouth and throat. Droplets of the sticky goo clung to her lips in a whimsical sort of way as she smiled with delight at pleasing her beloved Uncle Pete.

"That was the best damn head I've ever had, my love. Where did you learn such a skill for a little ten-year-old child?"

"D-U-U-H! All cheerleaders know how to do this, Uncle Pete."