Babysitting is Full of Surprises

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A Sunday spent in heaven would change me forever, and the way that I looked at my niece and other girls of preteen age.

"Bye honey! Bye Richard! I'll be back tonight so make yourself at home and thank you for watching Wendy," my sister Ann hollered in passing as she left to visit her boyfriend.

It wasn't the first time I was called upon to baby-sit my cute, eight-year-old darling niece, but that memorable day will remain in my brain like letters carved in stone.

Wendy smiled her usual impish grin as she climbed up on my lap after her bath. That 'look' on her pretty face meant that she had an amusing trick up her sleeve or some surprise that was destined to make me laugh and eventually tickle her to tears. It was our game to make each other laugh or snicker, and my little niece was accomplished at inventing new ways to surprise me.

"What's in your hand sweetie?" I asked with anticipation.

"Oh…it's my pet…OOPS!" She blurted out loud with surprise when her tiny salamander suddenly escaped from her grasp and chose to seek refuge between her creamy smooth, naked thighs.

Giggles filled the room as she tried in vain to recapture her fugitive pet until a fateful event would turn into a rare opportunity and satisfy a tempting powerful desire to cross a forbidden line; the very act that could land me in some real trouble with my sister…and maybe the law!

After assuming that her salamander had found its way into her panties, Wendy stripped her underwear off. It was only the second time she allowed me to see her naked sex since she was at the age of six. While my eyes were glued to the tempting slit between her thighs, it was that very moment that the little darling realized her sexuality and my interest in her…other than just the usual uncle, niece relationship.

The salamander had probably found a safe place to hide by then, but Wendy suddenly didn't seem to care. I could see the wheels of thought and discovery turning in her little head as she stood perfectly still; wearing a thin smile in front of me while I sat on the edge of the living room couch. Nothing was said for a few minutes as we both mentally absorbed what was to be a pivotal moment between us. A chemistry that seemed to be ordained by God telegraphed throughout the room, inspiring my eight-year-old niece to dutifully lift the bottom edge of her nightshirt, proudly displaying her little girl sexual places while walking closer until my hands reached around her shapely little bare ass for a squeeze of preteen heaven.

The sensation of fondling and caressing the most sensuous little butt on the planet could only lead to more advanced activities. Caution and the fear of consequences evaporated into thin air.

Without the slightest protest, Wendy allowed my curious fingertips to roam freely, feeling her delightfully smooth thighs and finally her little girl innocence, which was like candy to my senses. The thing growing in my pants was my cock and it soon became so hard and erect that it ached to be released from the bondage of my underwear. So without removing my left hand from between Wendy's seductive little legs, I managed to unzip my pants and slide them completely off. A questioning, curious look soon appeared on her face when my swollen shaft sprang out of my fly like a spring. Her tiny eyes widened when my fleshy, adult penis seemed to grow to an enormous size right before her eyes.

"How come your thing is so big?" She asked in a whisper as if she realized that we were being naughty.

"Cause, honey, you're so cute and my penis wants to meet your vagina," I replied while visions of stuffing my thick cock into an eight-year-old child's pussy filled my brain with seething, sexual excitement.

The occasional well placed touches and caresses on Wendy's body during past baby- sitting episodes seemed to have paid off. Horseplay and games in various ways had succeeded in seducing her inexperienced brain into accepting my continuous, but subliminal advances. A light touch by a careless fingertip on her smooth, delicate little slit usually went unchallenged during a few playful games. On occasion, I eased a finger into the leg band of her panties, testing the boundaries between us, but the most recent sexually suggestive activity was when I placed my mouth over her panty-covered slit and blew "strawberries" between her open thighs, causing her to squeal and giggle hysterically.

All the free babysitting, attention, and carefully crafted seduction had been like an investment in a bank, finally inspiring my devastatingly cute niece to offer her tender, young body to her favorite uncle.

As if by instinct, Wendy reached for my fully erect manhood. Delicate, small hands seemed to know just how to wrap around my thickness. The mind-numbing sensation of a child's hand and fingers on my cock sent waves of intensely satisfying pleasure to every nerve and muscle. Her innocent eyes were saucer big as she explored my naked sex until my middle finger began to enter and stretch her tiny vagina. I can still recall that magical moment in time when I discovered the sensational pleasure of fingering my first preteen pussy. Every man should experience such a delight at least once in his lifetime. After touching a child's smooth, temptingly addictive sexual places, I'd bet most any guy would look at those little preteen wonders in a different way. I know I do.

With Wendy willing and ready, my hands and fingertips explored every inch of her young, sublime little body. The smile on her face revealed her thoughts and discovery of new pleasure, causing her to stop massaging my cock and stand still while her young pussy was being felt up and finger-fucked for the first time in her short life.

Her tiny eyes closed in complete surrender while she steadied herself by placing a hand on my shoulder. Smooth, slender legs parted as an invitation to touch and explore to my hearts content. She was up for whatever I wanted to do with her. A smile of delight filled my face when it occurred to me that I was about to have sex with an eight-year-old girl.

Smoothing a hand along Wendy's luscious little thighs while stuffing her tight little cunt with a finger, inspired thoughts of taking her innocence that very moment. As if the little temptress understood my agenda, she edged her tiny body closer until her naked crotch was only inches from my throbbing cock. The radiant heat from her young, untouched sex was powerfully persuasive, tugging at my swollen penis like a tractor beam from a spaceship. It would have been useless to argue in my brain, the morality of having sex with a child at the time because a hard, eager cock has no conscience. Racing with anticipation, my heart thumped louder when the tip of my penis neared her fuckhole for the first time. Dutifully, she parted her legs, opening her immature labia as if her young pussy was inviting me for a trip into unimaginable glory. "Glory" is the only word that could describe the unforgettable sexual gratification of inserting the head of my dick into the tight fitting smooth interior of Wendy's young pussy.

"OH JESUS!" The words of indescribable sensation and amazement echoed in the room.

With her slender legs parted wide, Wendy's tight little hole managed to stubbornly open just enough to allow penetration of about two inches of my thick member. The grimace on her cute little face finally disappeared as her tiny vaginal canal finally dilated, wrapping her immature vagina snugly around the girth of my meat while I eased deeper into her amazingly tight cunt. But I sensed that any further penetration would be impossible unless…

"C'mon darling. Let's go into your room," I whispered as if someone else might hear the illicit suggestion.

As if feasting on a sumptuous, gourmet meal, slurping sounds filled Wendy's bedroom as I licked and sucked on her young naked sex.

OH! Uncle Richey"

The soft spoken words of approval and sexual discovery escaped from Wendy's lips.

For only a moment, I paused, gazing intently for the first time into the pink, inviting depths of a child's preteen vagina.

The entrance to Wendy's tiny hole looked too small for my two- inch thick cock to impale, but with determination and persistence, I felt that in time, her immature pussy would open enough to allow my seven-inch dick its pleasure.

A few more pleasant minutes of oral sex and the deposit of plenty of juicy saliva inside of Wendy's tight little pussy might do the trick I thought. More slurping sounds filled the room as my tongue dipped into her tiny hole repeatedly until her vaginal opening glistened with spit. It was time!

As if in a coma, Wendy reclined on her bed with her tiny eyes closed in anticipation while I eased my swollen cock into her saliva-saturated hole. Waves of incredible pleasure and arousal filled my brain, reaching every sexually charged nerve and muscle while the seductive warmth and smooth lining of her tight little vagina enveloped every molecule around my grateful penis. Not a protest was cried as I plunged deeper, drinking in the euphoric sexual gratification and rare experience of having sex with a child.

Finally, the sensation of touching the little angel's thin hymen with the tip of my blood engorged cock caused her to flinch and attempt to close her legs as if to block further penetration. It was an automatic response, but a futile effort. The next thrust brutally ruptured her virginity, sending instant pain to her little brain, inciting cries and protests until my penis exploded into her ravaged vaginal tunnel. Wendy whimpered under her breath as I emptied the last drop of cum into her young snatch.

After a few minutes, a thin smile of contentment replaced the scowl and anger on Wendy's face as soothing warm sperm flooded her pussy. With my brain in a fog of hypnotic, sexual gratification the remnants of the most powerful orgasm in my life quaked through every cell. Powerful, intensely gripping sexual deliverance continued and grew stronger with every measured plunge and withdrawal, until the sudden sound of my sister's car pulling into the driveway stopped my ass in mid stroke.

"Uh OH!" Wendy spoke up as she realized the immanent danger we faced if her mother discovered our naughty activities.

My heart nearly stopped as I pulled my swollen cock from my eight-year-old nieces cum saturated little pussy. At lightening fast speed my clothes were on and Wendy's panties were quickly back where they belonged. The look on Wendy's face reflected her discomfort as globs of wet, sticky sperm filled her underwear and clung to her tender skin like glue. But there was no time to clean her up and my only hope was that the strategic place of her bedroom at the far end of the hall would allow time to open her door and make it look like we were just playing an innocent game.

In record time, Wendy and I were sitting on the floor together with the Monopoly game opened and laid out. Her mother was soon standing in the doorway with a smile of approval until Wendy pretended to be surprised, leaping up from the floor and hugging her as if she was happy to see her mother for the first time in a long time. As if all was well, a sigh of relief escaped from my mouth until I noticed the trickle of thick, milky-looking semen drip lazily down my niece's leg. It was time for a distraction.

"Hi Sis! How about some ice cream?" A cheerful suggestion to one's sister was not unusual I thought as I watched the incriminating evidence of sex with a minor child-drip precariously down Wendy's right leg and finally stop at her ankle.

When Wendy announced that she had to go to the bathroom, the thought of helping her clean off the telltale sperm and dried blood from her tender skin flashed through my brain, but tempered by the obvious need to preoccupy her mother so my little niece wouldn't need to explain why she was changing her panties.

Even while entertaining my sister as she scooped out ice cream in the kitchen, my cock was still stiff from the memory of fucking Wendy's tight little pussy for the first time. A Flashback of the incredible, unexpected sexually satisfying evening of sex with a child, replayed over and over in my head until Wendy kissed me goodnight, followed by a surreptitious wink as she trotted off to bed. Watching her closely as she scampered down the hall, I reminded myself that I had just had sex with that very adorable eight-year-old girl. Gratitude filled my heart, brain and cock as if I had just won the sweepstakes.

"Uncle Richey…Uncle Richey! Wendy whispered in my ear as I suddenly woke the next morning after a night of sleeping on her mother's couch.

It was Monday morning and I was due to be at work soon. The old sleepy brain was still in a fog of dreaming about having sex with Wendy again until suddenly realizing that the clock was being unkind in my treasured moment of eternal bliss. The time was six AM and I was supposed to be at work by seven. "God! Shit!" I muttered as I hurriedly dressed and kissed Wendy goodbye while stealing a fast feel of her young pubic mound. "I'll see you after work my love," I spoke with a smile as I hurried off for a day that would be filled with cravings for more of Wendy's enticing little body.

It goes without saying. As a security guard at the local mall, young, tempting little girls were part of my day and a constant source of raging boners. That Monday was slow as far as customers, but I found my eyes glued to every little nymph that happened to walk past me.

"I wonder how it would feel to fuck THAT one," I'll bet her uncle or daddy has been in her panties," Wonder flowed through my head about each little girl that I saw. One particular little cutie that looked a lot like Wendy and of the same age inspired me to mentally fuck her as she walked by with her mother. Her mother of course, was unaware that the harmless, nice man in a uniform that was supposed to be above such things had just mentally had sex with her young, preteen little daughter and now, basking in delight.

Some unimportant issue or event, such as a lost wallet or kids skateboarding through the mall, almost always interrupted my lunch break. The phone suddenly rang in the office. "Please come right over. I've just caught a shoplifter and I have her locked in a closet," the voice commanded as if it was an emergency.

Shoplifters were as thick as fleas on a dog in the mall so I casually finished my lunch, choosing to respond to the jewelry storeowners' complaint afterwards.

"There's the little thief! She's in the closet! That little brat stole these silver charms and a ring and I caught her cold so I want her arrested," the storeowner ranted with excitement as I walked into the Jewelry store.

"I'm sorry but this little girl is a bit too young to throw in jail so I'll have to take her to the mall security office and file a juvenile shoplifting report, then call her parents to come get her," I replied grimly while glancing at what looked like a ten or eleven-year-old girl huddled in a corner of the store closet.

Over the years of working as a security guard, I've noticed the age of shoplifters drop from an average of about eighteen down to twelve and younger. Most shoplifters are girls and often cry or offer favors to get out of their jam. Young pussy is looked at as a perk in my job, but until fucking my little eight-year-old niece, the youngest girl I have ever stuck my cock into was fourteen.

"Please don't call my parents. I'll do anything…please?" the young girl begged as I escorted her to the office.

Dressed in tight fitting jeans and sporting a "to die for" shapely little ass, the young shoplifter presented a tempting sight.

"What's your name, honey?"

"I'm not gonna tell you cause you're gonna call my parents," she replied with her arms crossed over her chest in defiance.

"Well then. I guess we'll have to call the police and let them sort it out. Have you ever been in jail? I think not! Or you'd choose to give me your name, age and telephone number right NOW!" I blurted in a raised voice.

Tears flowed as predicted, softening the young shoplifter's attitude, followed with more pleas for mercy and deliverance. In the privacy of the security office most girls eventually cave in, but cry in anguish as they give up the information. Boys are more work and seldom cooperate until backed into a corner and threatened with being sent to juvenile jail.

"Come here, Honey. Don't cry. We'll find a way out of your troubles," I continued as the child edged closer until I wrapped a comforting arm around her and hugged her small, seductively warm body to mine.

The tears and sobbing stopped while I held her for a moment of soothing gentleness.

"My names Cameron Swift and I'm only ten. My mom doesn't know I'm at the mall by myself and she'd ground me forever if she found out. Please don't tell her…please mister? I'll never steal again. I promise."

"Do you have a boyfriend, Sweetie?"

"No. I'm only ten, but someday…maybe I'll have a boyfriend when I'm older,"

"Well…for today, I'm your boyfriend and if you're a good girl. I won't have to call your mom and she'll never know that her daughter is a thief,"

"Okay… uh…what do I have to do? I'll do anything! Anything!" She offered while visions of getting into the little morsel's panties inspired a smile of delight in my heart and an instant erection in my pants.

At just ten years old, Cameron was already developing sexy looking hips and pert, small breasts that barely made a rise under her blouse.

"Please don't," She begged nervously when my fingertips smoothed over her firm little butt.

"You don't want me to call your mother…do you Honey?

"No," she answered in a meek voice with a sad look while I unsnapped the button on her jeans.

Standing still while her jeans were being eased down over her hips, Cameron began to tremble with a sense of impending doom.

"Please don't…I don't like that" she continued, but with less conviction in her tone.

"It's gonna be okay darling," I commented in a soothing tone while helping her step out of her jeans.

The urge to fuck this little cutie was overpowering. Her smooth little ass felt addictively arousing as my fingers drank in her young innocence and the sensuous soft skin under her panties. Her body flinched when she felt my fingertips touch her sensitive, tender slit as I rubbed the outside of her panty-covered crotch. Undaunted, I made her spread her slim legs while fondling her inner thighs and finally, sliding a finger inside of the leg of her underwear.

"Let's take these off my love," I whispered as I began to slide her panties off.

"No! Please don't!" she whined.

Cameron's untouched smooth thighs and forbidden sexual places glowed with her youth and innocence, inspiring drool to leak from the corner of my mouth.

"You're very pretty my darling," I commented while placing her jeans and panties on the desk in the office.

"Thank you." Replying softly to the compliment, a slight smile appeared on her pretty face, reflecting the fact that she was probably getting comfortable with being naked in front of me.

Stunningly beautiful and of model quality looks, Cameron's long chestnut brown hair cascaded loosely over her shoulders. Her large, clear brown sparkling eyes were hard to look away from, and her full, sensuous looking little mouth begged to be kissed. She was adorable in every way. Soon, her hairless pussy was wrapped around my middle finger as I eased into the smooth lining of her tight little fuckhole for the first time. God! I love fingering little girls!

"I wanna go home now! Please? I won't steal anymore," The begging continued until tears began to flow down her smooth cheeks, finally turning into sobs that I was sure would be noticed by anyone walking by the security office door.

"Okay honey. Get dressed and you can leave, but if you tell anyone about…."

"I know. I won't tell. But please don't tell my…"

"Don't worry sweetie. Your secret is safe with me, but NO MORE STEALING!" I admonished while watching her slip her panties over her cute little ass and sealing my disappointment.

What could have been…regretfully wasn't. But Cameron smiled at me as if a bond had been cast as she left the office. I'd bet money that she would steal again. Shoplifting for some, is an addiction and they never think that they'll get caught. My cock ached with arousal from fingering the little charm, but a thought of encouragement suddenly filled my heart with joy and relief. My cute, eight-year-old niece was truly a fine piece of preteen ass. No coercion or seduction was needed, and fucking her tight little pussy was the most satisfying sex any guy could ever wish for.

A glance at the clock told me that Wendy's sweet, young pussy was only two more hours of work and a drive to her house away. My sister would be leaving for work at about the time that I would arrive. But Wendy would be at the neighbor's house as usual during the week, until her mother got home from her job. An offer to baby-sit would be appreciated and welcomed by my sister who was always financially strapped and a phone call was all I needed to set the evening in motion.

"Thank you Richey. It's nice of you to offer. Are you sure you don't mind watching her?" my sister continued as I spoke convincingly.

Wonder sometimes tugged at my brain over the last year or so. The thought of my sister suspecting my generosity and eagerness to baby-sit her young daughter often flashed through my mind. But not once was there an indication that she thought anything of it… or maybe she suspected and simply didn't care if her brother molested her only daughter? My sister Ann was known to be a little bit kinky and morally loose, according to one of her past boyfriends. She had also had a history of joining in 'three-ways' with total strangers when she was in college. And often dresses Wendy in provocative clothes and makeup that reveal a side of motherhood that is beyond me, and other men too I think. I've noticed this same behavior in numerous mothers while they shop at the mall with their kids. It's no wonder that guys of all ages are coming out of the woodwork to desire and exploit these little wonders of young, forbidden sexuality.

"HI UNCLE RICHEY!" Wendy bubbled with excitement as I opened the front door.

In one instant leap the little charmer was in my arms and hugging my neck as if she hadn't seen me in ages. The warmth of her tender, young body was seductive as she pressed her groin snugly to my mid torso…and since her mother had already left for work, her panties were off in a swift blur of motion as I carried her inside and closed the front door behind me.

"Uncle Richey! How did you do that?" She asked with a look of surprise when she suddenly realized that her underwear was off and dangling like a prize in the grasp of my fingers.

"Oh I've been Practicing honey…practicing" I replied while making a beeline for Wendy's bedroom.

The note on Wendy's pillow was a curious thing to see and looked out of place in a child's bedroom. One look at Wendy and I realized that she knew nothing about it. Then I noticed that it was addressed to me.

Dear Richey,

I find it easier to tell you this in written words than in person.

Thanks for being a good brother and babysitting Wendy all those times without ever asking for a dime.

Wendy obviously likes you and looks forward to your visits. So do I, but after your last visit, you were a little careless and left bloody sheets, saturated with sticky semen on Wendy's bed. The horror I felt when I first discovered that you and my eight-year-old daughter had been having sex was almost too much to mentally absorb, but after thinking about it, it didn't seem so bad. After all, I'd rather YOU take her precious virginity than some pimple-faced inexperienced moron that she might meet someday. I know you'll be lovingly gentle and careful with her…and please use the condoms that I have placed in her nightstand drawer. And by the way, put a towel or something absorbent down on her sheets before you two…well…YOU know!

Enjoy my daughter and teach her well, YOU LUCKY DEVIL!

All my love,