The Complete Pine Ridge Ranch

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Chapter 1

She was fifteen, slender, long light brunette hair, very pretty and a body that most young girls would die for. For several years, I had watched Kelly grow, from a brash tom boy, into this beautiful young woman. At five four, Kelly probably weighed a hundred and ten pounds, solid build and not an ounce of fat and I tried everything to be her friend. Still, Kelly made it obvious that I am a nobody in her life but that she tolerates me because I am a friend of the family.

Many times, Kelly and I rode the horses out to move cattle for her Dad, and during those times I could make her laugh and smile. We were scheduled to ride up onto the mountain, together the coming weekend, which would be an all day trip. Over coffee with an old friend, I was telling him about Kelly and our upcoming trip. Now, Derrick used to work as a chemist for a major pharmaceutical company, he was the ideal mad scientist, but still my friend. Now, we worked for the same company, Derrick in research and I was in upper management. As I told him about Kelly's attitude towards me, he hands me a little white pill and smiles.

"This might help her to change her mind about you," Derrick smiled. "It's odorless, tasteless and dissolves in water instantly."

"Does it turn her into a sex maniac," I laughed.

"If that is what you want," he quietly replied.

He went on to explain that it wouldn't harm her, but put her into a deep trance that would last about an hour. During this hour, her subconscious would be open to any kind of suggestion I implanted, but at no time could I touch her because it could alter the trance like state. When I asked if it was experimental, he just smiled and said certain military people were very interested in it, because they knew how well it worked. With that, he slipped the tiny pill into a tube and handed it to me. Without thinking about it, I slipped the tube into my jacket pocket and we went on talking.

Early Saturday morning, Kelly and I saddled horses and set out to the mountain pastures, several miles above her Dad's ranch. After a hard morning of riding and moving cattle, we stopped for a lunch break, by a small stream at the edge of a meadow. When Kelly stated that she wanted me to bring her a cup of water, I thought little of it until my hand brushed against the little tube, still in my jacket pocket. After scooping a cup of water from the stream, I dropped the pill into it and within moments, it was dissolved.

The little fifteen year old beauty swallowed the cup of water without any hesitation, but was a little put off by the way I was watching her. Yet, after several minutes, it was as if Kelly was seeing right through me and I didn't exist any more. Softly, I told her how pretty and sexy I thought she was and she didn't even bat an eye, where she would have usually unloaded on me for it. My brain fumbled for a minute, trying to remember how Derrick had told me to talk, then I smiled.

"Kelly, I am your best friend and you are beginning to find that out," I softly said. "There isn't anything you wouldn't do for me, and I mean anything. I know you would like me to kiss you and the touch of my lips would send you into ecstasy. You want me to see you naked, because you would find it so erotic and make you so happy to know that I found you pretty. Then, just my touch would send thrills of pleasure through your body and you would begin to think that having sex with me would be the most wonderful thing. If I asked you to suck my cock, you would and it would be so enjoyable that you wouldn't want to stop and would want to do it every time you could. When I shoot my sperm into your mouth, you will find it taste so good that you would want it any time you could get it," I checked her face for reactions to these suggestions and there was none.

"Kelly, you want me to have sex with you, and when my cock enters your cunt, you will immediately began having orgasms from it. You'll even want me to fuck you in the ass and that too will give you extreme pleasure," I looked for any reaction and there was none. "You will do anything and everything I tell or ask you to do. Yet, you will never do anything to jeopardize our relationship, or keep us apart. If I would want to fuck one of your friends, you will see that it happens."

Now, I couldn't think of anything else to add and since there had been no reaction from Kelly, I just figured it hadn't worked. Still, at least she hadn't gone berserk on me, which would have caused more problems than I could handle. The only thing I worried about, was Kelly remembering what had been said but figured what the hell, so I input one more thing. That any time I told her to do something, she would find she enjoyed doing it, no matter what it was. After repeating everything one more time, I just sat back and watched the fifteen year old beauties pretty face. After a half hour or so, she began looking at me in such a funny way, that I panicked and said we had better get moving.

For the most part, I avoided Kelly for the rest of the afternoon and we were soon back at the ranch house and putting our horses away. As we left the barn, Kelly caught up to me and put her arm through mine, then looked up at me and smiled. When she asked if I could come back up during the middle of the week, I was stunned and didn't know what to say. Even when her Dad walked out to see how things had went, Kelly left her arm through mine, which caused him to look at her in a funny way.

"What?" Kelly asked her Dad.

"What you do, catch a friendly bug," he teased.

"Daddy!" she giggled. "I just began to realize what a great guy Jeff is."

"Be scared Jeff, she wants something," Jim laughed. "Or did you do something to her up on the mountain?"

"Daddy!" Kelly exclaimed, then ran for the house.

At first, I was surprised, then I realized she didn't want to arouse any suspicion and now I was a little worried that the suggestions had worked. With a laugh, Jim said he had a big favor to ask of me and that Kelly's new attitude made it easier. He and his Wife were going to be gone for several days and wanted me to come up to the ranch after I was off work and spend the nights here. I had no problem with that, because my time on the ranch was like a mini vacation from my work and I loved being here. Although it would get lonely up here by myself but I told Jim I had some things to take care of tomorrow but would be back up Sunday evening.

"We'll already be gone but you know where everything is," Jim replied. "Just make yourself at home. Lilly's Mom has taken sick, so we have to go over there and shouldn't be gone more than a few days. We'll take April and Kelly with us."

"Don't worry, if you need to stay longer, just call me," I laughed. "Hope it's nothing serious."

"Jeff, Mom said you are to stay for supper," Kelly called from the front porch.

Supper was great, as usual, and it was as if little had changed between Kelly and I, except she smiled little more. After eating, I went out and helped Jim milk, then turn the milk cows out and it was time for me to head home. When Kelly never came out to say goodbye, I realized Derrick's pill had no real effect on her, but just this little change was nice. On the way home I thought about what had happened today, then realized that Kelly was really very modest and her sub conscious would fight any suggestions I had given her. Also, that I had not done the suggestions in the right way, but long as it hadn't done any damage, everything was okay.

The ranch sat fifteen miles out of town, and I always found the trip enjoyable because of the beautiful countryside. It was much later than I had expected by the time I made it to the ranch, so I went right to the barn and began milking the cows. Once the milk was stored and the cows turned out, I walked up to the house and for a moment thought I saw someone in the upstairs window, so I picked my pistol up out of my pickup and watched the house for several minutes. In the same window, I could swear that there was someone standing in the shadows and they looked like they were naked.

It had to be wishful thinking but at the same time, isolated like the ranch was and some of the friends Kelly had, it bothered me. After slipping my pistol into the back of my pants, I walked on into the house and it was quiet. When I heard movement on the stairs, I wasn't sure what to do, so stepped around a corner to where I could see anyone that came off the bottom of the steps.

"Jeff, are you there," a pretty voice said.

"Kelly, what are you doing here?" I asked as the teen beauty came down the steps.

"I just decided I wanted to stay home and Dad said it was okay," she came around the corner smiling. "Have you eaten supper yet?"

"Yes, I ate before I came up," I replied.

The fifteen year old brunette beauty was standing there in her bed clothes, which consisted of a long night gown but it was obvious she had just showered and her hair was still a little damp. Yet, it brought home the modesty Kelly had, this was what she wore to bed, even if her friends were here. There was a different look on her face, as if she was confused but I passed it off and walked over to a recliner and sat down. Softly, Kelly told me she was a little scared at the thought of spending the night out here by herself and then I understood. The house was really a huge log lodge, that Jim had one time hoped to turn into a hunting lodge and there were a lot of empty rooms in it.

"Kelly, you knew I would be here, I promised your Dad," I smiled at her.

"I know, because that is the way you are," she smiled back, as she shifted herself in her night gown, as if trying to scratch her back.

"Come here, sit between my legs and I'll scratch your back for you," I laughed.

Almost bashfully, Kelly came to sit between my spread legs, on the front edge of the recliner. As I scratched gently across her back, it was obvious that she was enjoying this so I began gently rubbing her back through her heavy night gown. It was when I reached the nape of her neck and touched bare skin, that I felt Kelly shiver a little. Instead of taking any chances, I just moved my hands back down to work across her back and could feel her muscles relaxing under my fingers..

"It would probably feel better if she didn't have that night gown on," I mused, not intending for her to hear me.

In a smooth motion, Kelly lifted and slid the night gown up in the back and bunched it around her shoulders, without saying anything. It took me by surprise to see that she was wearing a bra but I remembered she was sort of a prude. When I placed my hands on her bare back, Kelly's skin was so soft and smooth, almost like a babies skin and my breathing became a little harder as my hands glided over that beautiful skin. When I heard the fifteen year old gasp and felt her body quiver, I was prepared for her to drop the night gown back down, but she didn't.

As I gently rubbed across her bare back, down along her sides and across above the top of her blue panties, I could feel her skin ripple under my touch. Yet, every time I moved up her sides or down her back, I ran into her bra strap. Since Kelly hadn't complained or tried to move away, I slipped my fingers under the band of her bra and just unsnapped it. The beautiful fifteen year old didn't protest so I again began softly rubbing her back and working up under her bunched up gown to rub her satiny shoulders.

When my hands became entangled in Kelly's bra and the hem of her gown, she giggled a little, then just slipped the gown over her head and down onto her arms. Gently, I pushed her bra straps off her shoulders and they too fell down her arms. As I stroked along her sides, I let my fingers glide around her chest enough to stroke the sides of what felt like very firm breast. Since the fifteen year old wasn't protesting, I leaned forward and kissed along the satin skin of her now bare shoulders. Her gasp and shudder took me by surprise, yet I felt her body lean back into me a little more.

When Kelly had leaned back, it had allowed my hands to slide even farther around her chest and as I stroked her skin, I was actually caressing the swell of her breast. From her bare shoulders, I kissed up to Kelly's neck and was gently kissing and nibbling my way towards her ear. A glance down and I could see a pair of pointed breast, that stood straight out from Kelly's fifteen year old chest. They weren't small, or to large but proportionate to her frame size and I let my hands glide up over the softest skin and a pair of small, stiff nipples.

As my hands gently cupped Kelly's firm breast, the fifteen year old turned her head to me so I kissed her cheek and smiled at her. That was when her gown and bra fell off her arms, to puddle in a pool at her feet and now the fifteen year old beauty sat there in just a pair of blue silk panties. She was trying to turn even more but I wasn't ready for that and dropped my hands from those proud, firm breast to glide down her flat, muscled stomach. My fingers slipped under the waist band of Kelly's panties as I stroked my hands over her soft skin. The tips of my fingers soon were brushing over satin soft, silky pubic hair as Kelly managed to turn her upper body so she was facing me.

When I kissed those sweet, soft, fifteen year old lips, Kelly let out a moan and kissed me back, hard and passionately. When I pushed my tongue against her white teeth, Kelly resisted for only a moment, not understanding what I wanted. Yet, when her teeth parted and my tongue slipped inside her mouth, she almost began crying with passion. Quickly, I pulled my hands back up to either side of her shapely hips and began pushing down her panties. Without hesitation, the young girl lifted her hips and let me slide her panties down onto her legs, to her knees then slide down her shapely calves to her ankles. As I felt her shake the panties off her feet, I broke our kiss and smiled at her lust filled face.

"Stand up Sweetheart, I want to see how beautiful you are now," I whispered.

Hesitantly, the nude fifteen year old stood up and it was my turn to gasp, she was slimmer than I had thought and had the perfect rounded butt, with dimples above both cheeks. Softly, I asked Kelly to turn around and she did but had put one arm across her breast and a hand over her pubic area. A bright blush crossed her face as she slowly let her arm drop to expose a pair of large pointed breast, with little coral nipples and quarter sized aureoles. Her body was beautifully sculptured, with just the right amount of flare from her waist to her hips, which were no wider than her shoulders. Her skin was a soft white, and the best I could do was gasp as she dropped her hand away to expose a small slash of light brown pubic hair.

"Oh Sweetheart, you are so beautiful now," I gasped.

"You like me this way?" she asked as she blushed with pride.

"Oh yes, I love seeing you this way," I replied as I gently pulled her to me.

When Kelly was close enough, I reached up and kissed the tip of a pointed breast, the naked fifteen year old beauty let out a sob and hugged my head to her breast. As I kissed and suckled that beautiful breast, I could feel her fifteen year old body pulsing in my arms. When I switched to her other breast, I was sure I could feel her nude body jerk and she moaned with pleasure. Quickly, I put my knees together and pulled Kelly closer to where she straddled my knees, then I pulled her to a sitting position on my legs. My hands cupped and felt her breast as I spread my legs, making her open her legs even more.

It couldn't wait, I had to kiss Kelly's soft sweet lips and the fifteen year old's body jerked several times as she hungrily kissed me back. My right hand caressed down over her flat stomach to fondle that silky slash of pubic hair, then between her legs to caress and stroke the softest pair of pussy lips. Her naked young body arched and stretched, until her nipples were within easy reach of my mouth and I felt moisture between her cunt lips. I wanted her and needed to be inside her body but I wanted it to be perfect for her and was so thankful I was able to control my own urges.

"Jeff, will you teach me about sex?" she heavily breathed.

"Haven't you ever had sex before?" I asked.

"Well,... yes but it was over so quick," she blushed, unable to lie.

"Then, I will show you how great sex can be, but not yet," I replied.

"If it's any better than what we've already done, I don't know if I could stand it," she smiled and kissed me. "Why not yet?"

"Because I have to move the heifers from the south pasture to the north pasture before dark," I smiled.

"Can't it wait," she almost cried.

"Sweetheart, you know better," I smiled. "We have all night and tomorrow night."

"Okay," Kelly pouted, then smiled. "I'll go get dressed and help you."

"Why dress, I would love to see you riding the fields this way," I smiled as I stroked her leaking cunt lips.

"What if someone sees me?" she giggled.

"Then they'll think that I'm the luckiest man alive," I smiled and kissed her soft sweet lips.

With that, I pushed Kelly to her feet and stood up beside her but bent down and kissed her passionately. Then took her hand and lead the naked, fifteen year old beauty out of the house and down to the barn, where we saddled our horses. The little nude beauty did look fantastic riding across the fields and just watching her almost gave me a hard on. It only took a half hour to move the cattle, than we were riding back over the ridge towards the house. We crossed the ridge and for a moment, Kelly was sky lined and never had I seen such a beautiful sight.

"Jeff, I love riding like this!" Kelly squealed. "You should try riding like this!"

"You want me to smash my cock?" I laughed.

"Oh no!" she squealed. "I haven't even seen it yet."

Several times as we had put our horses into lopes, I watched Kelly's breast and they hardly bounced at all, they were that firm. Once the cattle were in the upper pasture, we just took the main road back home. We weren't worried about running into people because the ranch was five miles off the pavement. We rode side by side and I would look over at the nude fifteen year old and was thrilled to see the light brown pubic hair. It would make her blush, then she would smile at me and I would smile back. We were taking a short cut through the timber and were crossing a small ridge when we heard the sound of a vehicle coming up the road. Through an opening in the trees, there was a little blue jeep, about a mile from the ranch.

"Oh no!" Kelly exclaimed. "That's Brooke's Mom and they're headed to the ranch."

"Are they coming up for a reason?" I asked.

"Mom probably told June I was still here. Jeff, what do I do?" Kelly was almost in a panic. "It means they will want me to go to their place while Mom and Dad are gone."

"Sweetheart, calm down," I told her. "The first thing you do, is beat it back to the ranch and get dressed. The rest we will deal with when they get here."

"But Jeff, I was looking forward to tonight," the little brunette beauty almost wailed.

"If it must be, there will be other nights," I reached over and stroked a bare breast. "Now, get going or they'll catch you in the yard. I'll unsaddle your horse when I get there."

With a slap of her reins, Kelly headed her horse down over the side of the ridge and all I could see was her cute bare ass. Ten minutes later, I rode into the yard and Kelly's horse was tied to the gate, so I led both horses to the barn and unsaddled them. When I made it into the house, June and Brooke were in the kitchen talking with Kelly. The little Brooke was a stunning beauty also, golden hair, about five two and definitely took after her Mother.

"Hi Jeff," June said. "We thought it might be nice to have Kelly stay with us while Jim and Lilly are gone."

"I would guess that would be up to Kelly," I could see Kelly shaking her head no. "If there is anything I need to know, I can just call and ask her."

"Jeff, they don't have a phone," Brooke giggled. "Mom, why can't I just stay up here with Kelly?"

"The two of you would drive Jeff crazy," June laughed.

"He's already crazy," Kelly giggled.

"Well, it sounds like Kelly should be here, so why don't you just go ahead and stay here also," June told a squealing Brooke. "You'll have to wear what you have on to school tomorrow though. I'll send some more clothes to school with your Sister," June relented.

It wasn't long before June was leaving and she gave me her sympathy for being left with the two girls. With a laugh, I told her it was no big deal and that Kelly usually listened to me. It was already getting dark, and I listened as the girls were getting ready for bed and Brooke was going to take a shower. The shower was no big deal but Kelly was telling Brooke she had no night gown for her to wear and the shy Brooke was in a panic about it.

"If it will make you feel better, I won't wear one either," Kelly stated. "Beside's, once we're in bed no one will know."

"Well, okay," Brooke relented.

It wasn't long and I heard the shower running, than a beautiful Kelly came out to the living room, wearing nothing but a pair of panties. She came up and gave me a very passionate kiss, then apologized for Brooke being here. It just couldn't be helped, I had to kiss each of Kelly's little nipples, then reminded her that things had to appear normal. Before anything else could be said, the shower stopped, so Kelly headed back for the bedrooms. Then, I heard a giggle, a squeal and looked towards the bathroom to see Kelly standing in the hallway.

"Kelly, he'll see you standing there!" Brooke squealed.

"You Twit, he wouldn't have if you hadn't said anything!" Kelly exclaimed and ran for the bedroom.

"I can't believe you are not wearing a night gown," Brooke giggled. "I dare you to go out and say goodnight to Jeff."

"Right," Kelly squealed.

"Okay, I double dare you," Brooke giggled.

"You know, a double dare means that if I do it, you have to do it," Kelly squealed. "Then you also have to kiss him goodnight."

"Then, you have to kiss him first!" Brooke exclaimed.

It was like listening to a couple of little girls, the way the two were carrying on and I wondered just what Kelly was up to. Before I could think about it, Kelly was bashfully walking out of the hallway and approaching the recliner I was sitting in. Her arm was across her breast and just past her I could see the blonde head of Brooke peeking around the corner of the hall.

"Good night Jeff," Kelly said, then bent down and kissed me on the lips.

"Goodnight sweetheart," I told her and patted her butt as she turned back to the hallway.

"Okay Brooke, it's your turn!" Kelly stated.

"Kelly! I can't do that! I can't believe you did that!" the fifteen year old, Brooke squealed.

"That proves I am more mature than you are then," Kelly stated.

That seemed to be the end of it, so I turned on the television to watch a little news before I went and took a shower. For a while, I heard the girls talking and giggling, then it became quiet, so I turned off the television and went to the bathroom. All I took in with me was a clean set of underwear and my toothbrush and had stripped down to my underwear when I heard a sound at the door. A quick look and the door was standing open just a little more than a crack, then it opened wider and fifteen year old Kelly was standing there, her eyes locked on my crotch.

"Brooke is asleep," she whispered. "Can I just see it, please?"

"Sure," I whispered back and slid my shorts down.

"Oh Jeff, it's so beautiful," Kelly gasped. "Can I touch it?"

"Sweetheart, we can't take chances like that. I promise you that you can hold it, and do what ever you want with it later," I whispered to her.

"Please Jeff, it will be okay, Brooke sleeps like a log," my little topless fifteen year old begged.

"Sweetheart, what if she wakes up?" I asked.

Instead of answering, Kelly grabbed my hand and began pulling me out of the bathroom, to the doorway of her bed room. In a whisper, she told me just to watch and not move, then turned on the over head light and walked to the bed. Easily, she slid the covers off a sleeping Brooke and the little blonde beauty was laying there in only a pair of white see through panties. Her breast were rounded, maybe a C size and a patch of blonde pubic hair was easily visible through her panties. When the topless little blonde didn't even stir, Kelly came back to the doorway, turned out the lights and took me back to the bathroom.

"See what I mean?" Kelly softly said. "She wouldn't even miss me until she wakes up in the morning."

That was all I needed to hear, softly I told Kelly to shower with me and she could wash my cock and balls. Eagerly, the little brunette fifteen year old stripped off her panties and started the shower, then pulled me into it. With a laugh, I let the water rain down on me, then Kelly and grabbed a bottle of shampoo which a squirted on Kelly's soft light brown hair. As I washed the fifteen year old's body, she moaned and gasped, so I kissed her lips to keep her quiet, then washed between her shapely, long legs, which made her hips move and her beautiful, naked body jerk.

It was now Kelly's turn and she lathered my hair, then my chest and down to my crotch before rinsing us off. As she started to touch my cock, I had a better idea and told her to wait just a little longer, that it would be much easier. We both dried off and I enjoyed toweling her firm, naked, body dry. Then, I led her out to the living room, both of us stark naked and sat down in the recliner and spread my legs. Now, she could examine my cock, but first I wanted a kiss and she eagerly bent down and kissed me passionately.

The naked, fifteen year old beauty knelt between my legs and for several moments just looked at my soft cock. Her soft fingers stroked the head and along the shaft before picking it up and holding it in her fingers. I wanted to fondle her breast but couldn't reach them from this position, so I scooted out of the recliner and onto the floor. It took only a little moving and I soon had Kelly kneeling over my head, her lightly haired vagina just above my mouth. When I reached up and kissed those petal soft lips, the nude fifteen year old sobbed, her body jerked several times, then she bent down and began kissing my cock.

It didn't surprise me when I felt those soft sweet lips close over the head of my cock, so I lifted my head and began licking along the length of Kelly's vaginal lips. She lifted her mouth off my cock and softly cried for me to tell her what to do. Softly, I told her how to suck a cock, then went back to licking and sucking her little cunt. Her naked body was jerking and twitching as I found her clit and sucked it between my lips, my hands fondled and played with her pointed breast. My cock was growing fast as Kelly began sliding my cock in and out of her mouth faster and faster, then she gagged a little but I stopped long enough to tell her about swallowing when it felt like she was going to gag.

As I began rimming the fifteen year old's vaginal opening, she began moaning around my cock and her naked body began jerking and twitching. Suddenly, the most erotic feeling over whelmed me, the naked fifteen year old had swallowed my cock and I could feel her upper lip on my balls. At first, I thought it was a fluke, then she began doing it on every in stroke and I was beginning to reach a climax. Her cunt was dripping the sweetest tasting female juices and I was feeling sheer bliss. As I thrust my tongue up into her vaginal opening, my cock exploded in her mouth and she began swallowing. Jet after jet of cum exploded into the fifteen year old's sucking mouth and when there was no more, Kelly kept sucking.

"Sweetheart, I can't take any more," I gasped and lifted her mouth off my again stiff cock.

"Just a little longer, please"Kelly begged. "It taste so good."

"You can do it again, later," I promised her.

"Jeff, I can't believe how wonderful it felt when you licked me, or how great it was to suck your cock and drink your cum," Kelly sighed.

"Sweetheart, it's going to get even better," I laughed.

Easily, I rolled Kelly over until she was on her back, then moved around so I was kneeling between her long, shapely legs. A moan of "oh yes" came from the naked fifteen year old's lips as I pushed the head of my stiff, seven inch cock against her lust slicked pussy lips. Slowly, I watched as the head of my cock spread Kelly's fifteen year old cunt lips wide, then began stretching her vaginal opening. She gasped and cried out for a moment, and I realized she was a virgin. It was to late now and I began pushing my cock against her virginal opening even harder.

A shrill, muffled cry and the head of my cock popped inside Kelly's fifteen year old, virgin cunt, then even deeper until I should have hit her hymen. There was no hymen, then as much as Kelly rode horses it shouldn't have surprised me. What did surprise me, was even through her pain, the naked, fifteen year old beauty was already having orgasms, one after another. My cock was now buried balls deep in her virgin cunt and I rested for a moment to let her cunt her become accustomed to having a cock in it.

"Oh shit, fuck me Jeff, fuck me hard," Kelly begged.

"Sweetheart, I thought you had sex before?" I whispered.

"It wasn't anything like this," she sobbed. "He ran it up and down my butt crack several times, then it was over."

With a little laugh, I pulled my cock out of Kelly until just the head was inside her cunt, then shoved it all the way back in with one smooth motion. The naked fifteen year old exploded into an orgasm, so I just began pumping my cock into her. Harder and faster, I began fucking the young girl, her brunette hair was flinging from side to side and she was moaning louder and harder. Her cunt was so tight that I was having to pull my cock out and push it back in, then it finally began to loosen up. By then, Kelly was so far out of it that she had no concept of what was happening, she was loudly moaning as her naked body jerked and thrashed under me.

The fifteen year old brunette beauty was pumping and thrusting her shapely hips, trying to impale herself even farther onto my cock. As her cunt loosened up, I began slamming my cock into her, then pulled her shapely legs up between us and leaned into them. There was a soft gasp, as my seven inch cock hit places it hadn't before but Kelly's orgasms weren't getting any lighter. Her large pointed breast were right there and I grabbed them in my hands and began using them like handles. My thrust were so strong that I was driving the naked young girl across the carpet and she was almost convulsing with orgasm My own orgasm was coming, so I buried my cock deep into Kelly's cunt and let jet after jet of cum fill her cunt.

Long after I had orgasmed, Kelly continued to hit orgasms of her own, so I lay beside her, leaving my cock buried in her cunt. Gently, I stroked and caressed her bare breast, until she began coming down to a coherent level, then I kissed her soft sweet lips. It took several more minutes for her naked, fifteen year old body to quit jerking out orgasms, then she began covering me with kisses. As I knelt up to pull my cock out of her cunt, I thought I noticed someone in the hall doorway, when I looked back, they were just leaving the doorway.

"Oh Jeff, that was so wonderful, please do it to me all the time," Kelly gasped. "Can I suck your cock again?"

"Just a little, then you had better get to bed because you have school in the morning," I laughed and kissed her soft sweet lips.

"Couldn't I skip school, so we can fuck some more?" she almost begged.

"No, you can't skip school," I laughed. "How would we explain that to your Mom and Dad?"

With a silly little giggle, Kelly swung around and up onto her knees, then bent over and began sucking my sperm covered cock into her mouth. After several minutes I knew it was cleaner than needed to be, then remembered this would be something the fifteen year old would love to do. Finally, I pulled her off my cock, gave her another passionate kiss, both boobs a kiss and sent her to bed. As she picked up her panties off the floor, I could see a gaping hole between her legs, I had opened her up pretty well.

Chapter 2

For the rest of the night, I worried about seeing Brooke in the doorway and what was going to happen now. For some reason, it was like an answer when I saw Derrick at lunch and he asked if I had used the pill yet. When I told him I had and could sure use another one, he looked at me as if I was crazy, so I explained. For several minutes, he looked at me as if I had lost my mind, then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vial with several pills in it.

"If this is working that well, you owe me a piece of ass," he smiled.

"As well as they work, I can guarantee that, but not just yet. I need to know I have the control needed for loaning one of them out," I replied.

"Sounds fair to me," Derrick replied.

When I made it back to the ranch that night, both girls were there but there was a silence between them. Even still, Kelly came up to me and gave me a hug, but didn't explain anything other than saying Brooke was being a real pain in the ass. For several minutes, I wasn't sure what to do, then realized what needed to be done. Without giving anything away, I told Kelly to make herself scarce for a couple of hours, then headed for the yard where Brooke was.

"Brooke, I think we need to talk," I told the stunning blonde beauty.

"I think so!" the fifteen year old stated.

She was drinking a soda, so I just picked it up and told her we'd talk in the house and carried her soda with me. On the way, I managed to slip a pill into it and was pleased there wasn't much soda left in the can. At the table, I set the can down and took a chair, while Brooke took the one across from me. When I slid her soda across to her, she just picked it up and drained it, then gave me the funniest look.

"Jeff, what kind of pervert are you?" Brooke asked. "Damn, Kelly is young enough to be your Daughter."

"Was she enjoying herself?" I asked, after stalling for a while until seeing a glaze coming over Brooke's blue eyes and there was no answer. "Brooke, the only reason you are upset is because I was fucking Kelly and not you and when she comes back you will apologize to her and tell her why."

It was a bold statement but told me the blonde beauty was under the influence, so I began instructing her. The message was the same I had given Kelly but more explicit and detailed. To be on the safe side, I also told Brooke she would do anything I wanted her to do, no matter how weird or perverted and she would enjoy doing it. Of course I had to put in how she would never do anything that would jeopardize our relationship, because she had discovered that I was one of the nicest, kindest, most gentle person she had ever met. Forty five minutes had been used up and I knew better than to push my luck but took time to repeat everything.

"What were we talking about?" Brooke dumbly asked about five minutes later.

"You were mad about me fucking Kelly last night," I replied.

"Jeff, I'm really not," the fifteen year old blushed deeply.

"I would like to make love to you also, but you always are so shy and such a prude," I laughed as if it were a joke.

"You would!" Brooke gasped, then blushed.

"Yes, I would," I smiled and touched her hand, which made her quiver.

Instead of saying any more, I stood and pulled Brooke to her feet and into my arms, tipped her beautiful face up and gently kissed her soft sweet lips. The blonde beauty melted into my arms and I could instantly feel her body throbbing as she pushed her body into mine. One kiss led to another, this one more passionate and Brooke was already breathing so hard, but I was afraid to push things to far yet. Another quick kiss and I suggested she ask Kelly what it was like, then told her she might go out and see if Kelly was back yet. Before Brooke made it to the door, Kelly was thundering up on her horse, bailed off and ran into the house.

"Jeff, the elk have knocked down the fence in the upper pasture," Brooke exclaimed.

"Calm down," I laughed. "We'll get some tools and ride back up there, but I'm not riding back up there with the two of you dressed like that."

There was a funny look on Kelly's face but I just smiled and nodded towards Brooke, who blushed and walked over to Kelly. The little blonde hugged Kelly and apologized for being such a bitch, then asked Kelly what I meant by being dressed like this. Before answering, Kelly asked Brooke why she had been so upset and Brooke openly told her because I was fucking Kelly instead of her.

"You saw us?" Kelly squealed.

"Oh yes, you woke me up with your moaning and crying," Brooke giggled. "God, I couldn't believe how far gone you were. That must have been fantastic."

"I can't tell you how fantastic it was," Kelly heavily sighed. "Oh, what Jeff means by dressed, we ride in the nude when we're with him."

"Kelly!" Brooke squealed and blushed.

"Brooke, it is a fantastic feeling," Kelly exclaimed. "Come on, we need to get going."

With giggles and squeals, Kelly drug Brooke back to the bedroom and I just shook my head and headed out to saddle horses for Brooke and I. Just as I was putting fence tools in my saddle bags, I looked over the saddle to see Kelly and Brooke coming into the barn. Both fifteen year old's were stark naked but Brooke was covering her breast with her arm and her crotch with a hand. When I stepped around my horse, the little blonde blushed deep red but I just told Kelly how beautiful she looked, then held my arms out to her and she came easily into them. After a passionate kiss, I let Kelly go, then turned to Brooke and she had to drop her arm and hand for me to hug her.

The little blonde was shorter than Kelly, but the beauty of her face didn't stop there, the little blonde had a perfect body until you came to her breast. Her breast were large globes, with pink aureoles and dark pink nipples and easily more than a handful, or even two. When I took Brooke into my arms and kissed her, I felt her shiver, then I ran a hand down over her bare ass and pulled her into me. Softly, the fifteen year old moaned and her beautiful, naked body quivered with excitement, then I pushed her out to arms length so I could see her naked body even better.

Fifteen year old Brooke's breast were a large C in size, but with very little sag to them, she had a definite waist and a thick patch of blonde pubic hair. Her legs were shorter than Kelly's but just as well shaped, then I turned her around to see her bare butt. Her butt was gently rounded and fit her body shape, she was a total stunning beauty, yet to me, the brunette Kelly was still the most sexy of the two. As Brooke swung into her saddle, I noticed her beautiful bare breast bounced a little, and I did like that.

"Jeff, why aren't you naked also?" Brooke bashfully asked.

"Hey, he could damage his cock and I'm only loaning it to you for tonight!" Kelly squealed.

"Maybe he'll like fucking me better," Brooke teased.

"There will be no jealousy," I stated but both girls giggled.

"Kelly, you were right, this is a fantastic way to ride!" Brooke squealed.

Suddenly, both girls took off at a gallop and I loved the way Brooke's waist length blonde hair flowed out behind her. Yet, Kelly's shoulder blade brunette hair flowed also and I like the way her butt looked, a little better than Brooke's. By the time I reached the pasture, the girls had the wire back up on the post, so all I had to do was stretch it and patch it together. This was mostly Brooke and she seemed in a real hurry to get back to the house, which made Kelly giggle. As I watched the two girls together, I thought of something I had always wanted to see and tonight I would see it.

We took the same route home as last night but I had a naked beauty riding on either side of me and loved watching their breast move as they rode. As with Kelly, I could look over and see Brooke's thick patch of blonde pubic hair and when she noticed it made her blush. When I would look at Kelly's, the beautiful brunette just smiled at me and leaned back in her saddle so I could have a better look.

By the time we had put the horses up and walked up to the house, Brooke was no longer embarrassed at being naked and I put an arm around both naked beauties so I could cup and fondle their bare butts as we walked. As programed, my touch made both of them excited and I sensed a sadness in Kelly because she realized I wouldn't be fucking her tonight. Since there was no need for pretenses, I sent both girls in to shower together, then told them to come back to the living room once they were done.

When the two fifteen year old's returned, I told them to entertain themselves, then showed them what a sixty nine was. With Brooke on her back, on the floor, I had Kelly kneel over her head, then lean down and begin licking between Brooke's legs. Then, I told Brooke she could do the same to Kelly and left them to their own devices, while I took a quick shower. The shower felt great and I was soon out, dried and ready to spend some quality time with the blonde, fifteen year old Brooke.

In the front room, the two nude beauties were eating each other's cunts and it was something I had always wanted to watch. Already, Kelly was hitting orgasms but it was hard to tell with Brooke until I saw her hips pumping. When I told them it was enough, Kelly rolled off Brooke and lay on her back with her legs spread wide. It was so inviting but instead I took Brooke's hand and pulled her up onto my legs, facing me and straddling my legs. Instead of kissing her first, I wanted to taste those proud little breast and Brooke's nipples instantly went stiff and she moaned in ecstasy.

Once I had pleasured both the blonde fifteen year old's large breast, I moved up to kiss her soft sweet lips and she hungrily kissed me back. As my hand caressed down her stomach, I was surprised that her skin wasn't as soft as Kelly's and when I reached her thick blonde pubic patch, it was just as silky though. As my fingers fondled and toyed with Brooke's vaginal lips, the fifteen year old was still lubricating from Kelly's tongue. So, I found her vaginal opening and gently pressed my finger up inside her, causing Brooke to shudder and gasp.

Again, there was a surprise as my finger slid easily into Brooke's fifteen year old cunt, she had no hymen, but I attributed that to her horse back riding. The stunning, nude, blonde beauty was more than ready to fuck, so I eased her off my legs and down onto the floor. Without any prompting, Brooke lean forward and began kissing and licking soft cock, then sucked it into her soft mouth. Unlike Kelly, Brooke used her tongue to lick and probe around the head of my cock, then along the shaft as I slid it even deeper into her mouth.

When I reached the point of having my cock far enough into the fifteen year old's mouth that she began to gag, she immediately wrapped her hand around my cock so it wouldn't go any deeper. That was okay, because the little blonde beauty was an excellent cock sucker and was fast driving me to orgasm. Her head was bobbing up and down, her long blonde hair billowed over her shoulders to hide her face, so I pushed it out of the way. Just then, my cock erupted the first jet of cum into Brooke's sucking mouth and the stunning blonde beauty just began drinking my sperm.

Once there was no more sperm, she continued to suck my cock until it was ram rod stiff again, then I pulled her head off and gently pushed her onto her back. When I went onto the floor, it was in a kneeling position between her already spread legs. With one hand beside her head, I used the other hand to stroke the head of my cock up and down her pussy slit, to lubricate it. Then, positioned it to the opening of her cunt and slowly began to push into her as the little blonde beauty gasped in ecstasy.

Even though the head of my seven inch cock spread Brooke's vaginal lips wide, for her age and experience, it easily slipped inside her. As I began to push deeper into her fifteen year old cunt, Brooke was already cumming and trusting her hips up to get more of my cock inside her. By the time my balls lay against her ass hole, I realized Brooke hadn't been a virgin, in fact by the way her cunt felt, she had sex many times before. Still, I lay over her beautiful, naked body and began working my cock in and out of her cunt. Almost to quickly, I was power fucking the naked fifteen year old and she was going delirious with orgasms.

When I pulled Brooke's shapely legs up between us and slammed all seven inches of my cock into her, for the first time Brooke gasped in pain. It didn't take much to realize that she had never had a cock this deep inside her before, yet it sort of pissed me off. All this time Brooke had been carrying on like a little virgin goody two shoes, when she was already letting herself be fucked. Just to display my disappointment, I began slamming my cock into that fifteen year old cunt, then lay into her legs and grabbed her full breast. Instead of using her full tits as handles, I was actually pulling her up off the floor with them.

The harder I pulled on Brooke's fifteen year old tits, and the harder I pounded my cock into her cunt, the harder she came. Soon, her beautiful naked body was thrashing and jerking under me as her hips churned and thrust her cunt even deeper onto my cock. Suddenly, the nude blonde beauty began a high pitched moan, her body went rigid, her cunt clamped down on my cock, then she passed out. Even still, I pounded my cock into her cunt relentlessly until my own orgasm hit, and I began pumping massive amounts of cum into her young cunt. As I lay beside that beautiful, naked, fifteen year old body, it was several minutes before those blue eyes opened, then Brooke was kissing and hugging me.

"Oh Jeff, that was the best I've ever had and I can't believe how great your sperm taste," she gasped.

"Why didn't you tell me about having sex before?" I asked.

"You never asked," she giggled. "Compared to you though, I've never had sex. Can I suck your cock some more?"

Of course she could suck my cock some more and as Brooke sucked my cock clean, I looked at the brunette beauty standing there watching and my heart went out to Kelly. The fifteen year old looked so left out, but she wasn't forgotten and as Brooke continued to suck my cock I motioned Kelly to me. After pulling Kelly down to kiss passionately, I moved to suckling her pointed breast and almost instantly, the fifteen year old's body was pulsing with little orgasms.

"Okay Sweetheart, you deserve a treat," I told Kelly.

After pulling Brooke off my stiff cock, I told her to lay on her back, on the carpet, then had Kelly kneel over her head. Without being told, Brooke went to tonguing Kelly's cunt as I knelt behind the brunette beauty's bare ass. When I spread her ass cheeks Kelly gave me no resistance and for a moment I used the tip of my finger to play with her virgin ass hole. Using Brooke's saliva, I lubricated Kelly's ass hole, then carefully placed the head of my spit slickened cock against it.

When I started shoving my cock into Kelly's virgin ass, the fifteen year old whimpered just a little until my cock popped through her sphincter. Once the head was inside, the shaft went easily and I was soon pushing my cock deep into the buttery depths of Kelly's rectum. My balls rested on Brooke's cute little nose as I bent over Kelly to reach under her and fondle her pointed breast. Once I was sure she was comfortable with my cock up her ass, I began fucking Kelly's ass with long, slow strokes. Using her hips to hold her in place, I began speeding up my strokes, then felt her sphincter clamp around my cock as Kelly hit her first cock induced, anal orgasm. Since it was going so easy, I began pumping my cock up Kelly's ass faster and faster and she was pushing her ass back to me.

It never even dawned on me when Brooke slipped out from under Kelly until I realized my balls weren't slapping her forehead any more. The nude blonde was kneeling beside Kelly, watching my cock piston in and out of Kelly's ass. In a way, it sort of pissed me off, I had expected her to keep eating Kelly's cunt, so her orgasm would be stronger and faster. Yet, it didn't matter, Kelly was hitting constant orgasms and my own was exploding deep into her bowels. The little brunette beauty was having such strong orgasms that she couldn't hold herself up off the floor any more and as my cum jetted into her ass, we both collapsed in a pile on the floor. After several minutes, I managed to pull my cock out of Kelly's still spasming ass, then looked at Brooke.

"Brooke, did I tell you to stop eating Kelly's cunt?" I asked the stunning, naked, little blonde.

"I just figured she didn't need my help," Brooke bashfully replied.

"That wasn't your decision to make, so for that you will be punished!" I stated.

Before the nude blonde could argue, I pulled her down across my legs with her butt in the air and delivered a hard swat to her bare ass. When Brooke gasped and jumped, I just swatted her again but this time I felt her naked body jerk, but it wasn't from pain. Again, I swatted her, then another and another, faster and faster and realized Brooke was having orgasms from being punished. Once her white ass turned red, I pushed the blonde fifteen year old off my legs, moved up into the recliner and told her to suck my cock. She never even thought about where my cock had just been, and gulped it into her mouth and began sucking it. Once my cock was clean, I pulled Brooke's head up, then told her to go brush her teeth because it was time for bed.

"But Jeff, you haven't screwed me in the butt yet?" she coyly replied.

"School comes first," I replied, and she sadly headed for the bathroom.

"Kelly," I softly brought the little brunette onto my lap. "Did you know Brooke had been sexually active?"

"No, she's always carried on like she was the queen virgin, and better than I was," there was an anger to Kelly's voice.

"Just let it go, Sweetheart," I gave Kelly a little kiss. "You need to be getting to bed also."

"Okay," Kelly smiled, kissed me passionately and was off to the bathroom.

As I watched that sweet little bare assed brunette enter the hallway, I realized why she was my favorite. For her, I was her first and she had always been honest with me and never thought herself better than anyone else. When I went down to the master bedroom, Brooke did come to the doorway and apologize for letting me think she was a virgin. She just didn't want me to think bad of her and that made sense, she was a pleaser, where Kelly had never worried about pleasing anyone, before. It deserved a kiss and it was strong and passionate, then I gave her heavy breast a pat and told her to go to bed.

It was at lunch the next day, when I saw Derrick and waved him to sit at my table with me. The man just looked at me, shook his head and took a seat. When I asked what that was for, he just smiled and wanted to know how the second pill had worked. With my own smile, I told him to come up to the ranch tonight and find out, but if Jim and Lilly were back, or there was anyone else there, he was just there to visit. That was fine with Derrick and he said I was using good common sense, so I knew he would be very careful.

On the way up to the ranch I had to laugh, because Derrick knew Kelly but had never met Brooke and he loved blondes. When he had asked about the second girl, I just told him he would have to wait and see and I knew he was about an hour behind me. Then, my heart sunk, as I dropped off the hill towards the ranch, there was that little blue jeep parked at the house. It sort of pissed me off, now that meant I would have to share Kelly with Derrick and I really didn't want to share her with anyone yet.

As I drove down off the hill, my mind thought of this morning and having two stunning, fifteen year old beauties running around naked as they were getting ready for school. Now, I just knew that June was here to take Brooke back home and maybe even Kelly with them. There would be nothing I could do if she wanted to take Kelly, to try would arouse to much suspicion. When I pulled into the yard, June was on the front porch sitting at the little table but I didn't see the girls, then remembered they were going up to check on cattle.

"Hi June," I warmly greeted her. "Have the girls came back yet?"

"I haven't seen them, do you know where they are?" she smugly replied.

"I think up in the middle pasture, checking fences," I replied, ignoring the beautiful blonde's attitude.

"Jim and Lilly called, they won't be back until Friday, so I'm taking the girls to my house," she stated.

"Well, if you think it's best," I answered.

"Jeff, they really shouldn't be up here all alone with you," she smugly stated and I immediately resented her for it.

"You might have a point there," I forced a smile. "Why are you sitting out here?"

"It's nicer out here," she finally smiled.

"Give me a moment and I'll bring out some cool drinks," I said.

As I went into the house, I looked at June, and Brooke was a carbon copy of her Mother, except for June was a little better built. Even though I knew June would expect a cool hard drink, I just grabbed a soda, split it in two glasses, added ice and a little white pill to June's. Halfway out, I thought about it, and added another half pill, which they were both dissolved by the time I reached the porch. When I handed June her glass, she took a big swallow, then gave me a funny look.

"I expected at least an adult drink," she stated.

"Sorry, I know Jim keeps booze around but I don't drink and didn't even think about it," I laughed. "Finish that and I'll go make you a decent drink."

Two swallows later and June handed me her empty glass and I took it into the house but never made that drink. When I came back out, the blonde woman was just staring out across the fields, so I sat down beside her and programed everything into her that I had into Kelly and Brooke. Once that was done, I added a few more things, like she would always do what I asked, and think I was the greatest person she knew. If I told her how nice a man was, she would want to be with him and fuck him every way but lose, treating him as if he were me. If I told her a man was no good, she would avoid him like the plague and have nothing to do with him. Then, I told her Brooke would be dating a lot of older men now, going to adult sex parties and such.

"June, you and Brooke will be doing all sorts of sexual things, many very perverted, some even sick but you will enjoy doing any of these things you are told to do, including sadism and bestiality," I softly told June. "Since Brooke will be doing these things also, you will be her coach and urge and support her to do these things, even though some of them could be very dangerous. Watching and knowing your Daughter is doing these things will give you a great sexual satisfaction and pride in Brooke, doing them yourself will give you orgasms beyond your belief," my mind searched for information I needed to implant.

"You will always be at my beck and call, bring Brooke and Kelly to me any time I want them and happily leave them with me. For Kelly to attend dates and parties, you will tell Jim and Lilly that she is spending that time with Brooke, at your house," that was about all I could think of.

It wasn't much longer and June looked up at me and asked where her drink was, so I told her she had already drank it. With the biggest smile, she told me what a great guy I was and how she thought it was so nice that I was spending time with Brooke. Just then, the two girls came riding in and tied their horses to the fence, then walked up onto the porch. It really surprised me that both of them were dressed, then I hadn't gone with them. When Brooke saw her Mom, she seemed a little surprised, then so was Kelly but it was Kelly that came to stand beside me.

"Mom, why are you here?" Brooke asked.

"I'm not sure," June laughed. "Oh, I just came up to let Jeff and Kelly know that Jim and Lilly won't be back until Friday."

"Kelly, Brooke, where are my kisses?" I asked, but both girls seemed very hesitant. "It's okay," I smiled, and Kelly turned into my arms and kissed me passionately, then Brooke walked over to me and as I kissed her passionately, I pushed my hand down the back of her jeans to fondle her ass.

"Oh, you two look so good together," June sighed. "Was she a good fuck, Jeff?"

"Yes, she was," I kissed the top of Brooke's head. "She'll get even better with more experience. We'll get her some dates with some of my friends and a few adult parties, then she'll become an excellent fuck."

"I'm going to date grown men?" Brooke asked.

"Yes," her Mom laughed. "No more little boys for you."

"Is Kelly going to be dating older men also?" Brooke asked.

"She sure is," I smiled at the brunette beauty. "Oh, how were the fences, did the elk get to them?"

"Oh, yeah, we need to go back up and fix just one is all," Kelly answered.

"Well, I'll saddle horses for June and I while you girls get ready to ride," I smiled at Kelly, and pulled my hand out of Brooke's pants.

As I walked off the porch, the girls were dragging June into the house and I heard her gasp while Brooke and Kelly giggled. When I returned with two horses, June was standing by the gate with Kelly and Brooke and all three were stark naked, but June was embarrassed. Yet, I had to admit, June was a very well built woman and very pretty, she was just a larger version of Brooke and with a thick patch of golden pubic hair and larger breast. The only difference between June and Brooke's breast, other than size, June's lay gently on her rib cage, then the was in her early thirty's.

There were no broken wires, just one that had been pulled lose from a post, so June and I watched as Kelly and Brooke stapled the wire back to the post. While we stood there, I moved up behind June and put my arms around her bare waist, then brought my hands up to cup her full breast. The woman gasped and her hips moved back to push her bare ass into my groin. For a moment, I thought about fucking June right there then decided against it, I wanted her to see her little girl being fucked before she was.

We headed back to the house and when we crossed the road, there was a car coming around the hill and all three naked girls started to panic. With a laugh, I told them it was nothing to worry about, that it was a friend of mine and they weren't to be embarrassed around him. Then went on to tell them what a great guy he was, nice and an excellent sex partner. Still, all three gave me dubious looks but I just smiled back at them and reminded them they wouldn't be embarrassed by Derrick seeing them naked, and that he might even want to fuck one of them if they were nice to him.

We were just walking out of the barn when Derrick pulled in and for a moment I thought he was going to drive into the gate. He was so busy looking at the three naked beauties walking with me. Yet, the three made me proud, none of them were the least bit embarrassed by Derrick looking at them and when he stepped out of the car I motioned him over. Then whispered to the girls and June that when I introduced them it would be nice to greet Derrick with a kiss.

The first one I introduced, was Kelly and when Derrick put his hand out to shake hers, she just stepped up to him, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. It was the same with Brooke and easy to see that the stunning little blonde beauty turned Derrick on. When June kissed him, she actually moved her pubic bush to his crotch and rubbed her full breast across his chest.

"Damn Derrick, which one of them gave you the hard on?" I laughed and nodded towards Brooke.

"That sweet little blonde," he blushed a little, which made Brooke ad Kelly giggle.

"Well, that hard on must be uncomfortable," I smiled. "Brooke, take care of Derrick's hard on."

Without hesitation, the fifteen year old, nude blonde Brooke began moving to unzip Derrick's pants. Softly, I told her it would be better if she totally undressed him and suggested we move over onto the lawn first. While Brooke undressed Derrick, I pulled Kelly into my arms so her back was against me, and fondled her beautiful pointed breast as we watched. It didn't take Brooke long and she had Derrick's clothes off, so I told June to put them up on the porch, then come back and coach Brooke.

When June knelt down in front of Derrick, she was actually licking her lips, but told Brooke to kneel beside her. She instructed her fifteen year old Daughter on kissing and licking Derrick's six inch cock, then taking it in her mouth and sucking on it. It made me smile, because I already knew Brooke was an accomplished cock sucker and she soon had Derrick fucking her face. Poor Derrick was so excited that he only made about a dozen thrust into Brooke's mouth before he exploded his cum into her. The little blonde fifteen year old sucked and swallowed until Derrick's cock was dry but wasn't stopping. It wasn't long and Derrick was erect again and I told him he could tell Brooke to stop and fuck her cunt, if he wanted to.

"Sweetheart, you looked so beautiful!" June told Brooke as she pulled off Derrick's cock. "I can't wait to see you with a cock in your cunt."

"Would you fuck me now?" Brooke looked up at Derrick and asked.

"Oh yes!" Derrick heavily breathed, so Brooke lay back on the grass and spread her shapely legs wide.

As Derrick sank to his knees between the fifteen year old blonde's legs, June was reaching between them to spread Brooke's cunt lips open for Derrick's cock. It was a quick thrust and Derrick buried his cock to the balls in Brooke's little cunt. Almost instantly, the naked little blonde began cumming and Derrick began pounding his cock into her cunt. The little blonde's hips were lifting and thrusting, almost lifting Derrick off his knees but he stayed with her as she screamed and moaned in ecstasy. When he buried his cock in her and held it there, I knew he was pumping Brooke's cunt full of cum, then he collapsed on top of her.

"Oh, that was so good," Brooke purred.

"That was fantastic," June squealed.

"June, since Brooke done such good job, why don't you lick her cunt clean, then suck Derrick's cock clean," I suggested.

Without any hesitation, June bent over between her little girl's legs and began licking her pussy clean, while Brooke hit several more orgasms from her Mom's tongue. When June lifted up, she just turned and immediately swallowed Derrick's cock and began sucking it greedily. With a laugh, I told Derrick the naked woman wouldn't stop until he told her to but he let her go on a little longer, before telling June it was enough. With a smile, I suggested the girls go on in and start supper, that Derrick and I would be right in and all three headed into the house.

"Damn, I can't believe that!" Derrick exclaimed. "That was far out."

"Thank your little white pills," I laughed. "How would you like to take the little blonde's ass, she's still a virgin there."

"Oh yes," Derrick smiled. "I could fuck that all night long."

"Be my guest, in fact, why don't you take them home with you tonight. Brooke can go to school from your place and you can keep June for the rest of the day," I suggested, up on the porch, Brooke had just finished talking on her cell phone. "Anything wrong?" I asked Brooke.

"No, my little Sister is just being a pain in the ass," she replied.

"You're little Sister?" I replied.

"Yes," she giggled. "Her name is Heather and she's twelve. You know, that age where she thinks she knows everything," she giggled. "She's the same age as April."

The look on Derrick's face told me he was thinking the same thing I was, disaster had just struck, or at least the end to my original plans. Then and idea hit, I called the naked June out onto the porch and asked her how long it would take for her to go get Heather and return. When she said a half hour, I told her to dress and get going and to save time she didn't need her bra or panties and we would have dinner ready when they returned. Minutes later, June was headed out the road and Derrick had taken over getting supper ready, while Brooke and Kelly helped.

The April she mentioned was Kelly's little Sister but the way I had planned on keeping Kelly away from the ranch so April wouldn't be involved. In the kitchen, Derrick was a very happy man, he had two willing, beautiful, naked young girls at his disposal but I had to admire him, he was concentrating on supper. It was just a little over a half hour when we saw June's jeep coming down the hill and Brooke wasn't sure how her little Sister was going to handle seeing them in the nude. Still, that would work out, I hoped, and watched as this Heather stepped out of the jeep and walked to the house.

For being a twelve year old, just like Brooke, Heather was a miniature June and just as pretty with the beginning shapes of a woman's body. Her breast weren't as large as Brooke's but pushed out against the T shirt she wore, standing high and proud, even through her bra. The little blonde twelve year old beauty ran into the house like it was normal and moments later was stumbling back out onto the porch where June and I were.

"Mom, Brooke and Kelly are in the kitchen with some man and they are all stark naked !" Heather was almost in a panic.

"I know," June smiled.

"Mother!" the twelve year old gasped and looked like she was going to pass out.

Quickly, I handed twelve year old Heather a glass of water with about a swallow in it, which she just gulped down. Then, she just screamed at her Mother that she wasn't staying here and started walking up the road. When June started to panic, I told her it was okay, that I would go after Heather and talk to her or take her home. Since June's jeep was still there I just took the keys and followed after the fleeing Heather. When I pulled up beside her, she didn't want anything to do with me, until I told her I would take her home, then she climbed into the jeep, her pretty blue eyes already puffy from crying.

With the beautiful little twelve year old Heather in the jeep, I started on up the road, driving slowly and trying to talk to her. At first, she wouldn't even look at me, then it was with a glare that would kill but I only smiled at her and told Heather I understood. Softly, I told her the older girls actions bothered me also but it wasn't my place to say anything about what they were doing, I was just the care taker.

"It doesn't surprise me of Brooke, I guess, she lets anyone that makes her feel good fuck her" the stunning little beauty sniffled. "But Kelly has always been such a prude."

The statement told me a lot, Brooke was a pleaser, but also she had still lied to me and tried to make everyone else think different of her. Then, Heather went quiet and I could see the glassy look in her eyes and pulled the jeep off the road, stopped and began talking to her. For the twelve year old, I programmed her as I had her Mother and that she would want to do everything the older girls and her Mother did and how it would make her feel so good and she would enjoy it even more than they did. When she finally came around, I asked her if she was ready to go back to the ranch and she smiled at me.

"Jeff, do you think I will be as pretty as Brooke and Kelly without my clothes?" she bashfully asked.

"Oh Sweetheart, I know you will," I smiled, then reached over and kissed the set of sweetest lips and felt her tremble.

"Oh, that was so nice," Heather gushed.

"You know, both Brooke and Kelly enjoy riding in the nude, they love the feel of the wind over their bare bodies," I smiled at her. "Would you like to ride back that way? You can stand up and lean against the roll bar."

Chapter 3

When we pulled back into the ranch, a golden haired twelve year old was leaning against the roll bar of the jeep. Her long hair streamed out behind her as the wind caressed her half orange sized breast, with the cutest little pink nipples and aureoles. She had spread her legs and her thick patch of golden pubic hair had yet to move down along her puffy vaginal lips. This twelve year old already had shapely legs, a well defined waist and a smile that was infectious. Once I had stopped the jeep, I reached up and ran my fingers along Heather's hairless pussy slit and the twelve year old smiled at me as her beautiful young body trembled in anticipation.

Before she could get out of the jeep, Heather had to give me a kiss and I thought the twelve year old was having an orgasm right there. Then, she was running towards the house, screaming that I thought she was almost prettier than Brooke. Which wasn't a lie, she was built more proportionally and had a prettier personality. As I followed Heather inside, Derrick met me at the door and we detoured down the porch instead of inside. We had a few minutes before supper would be ready and I could tell he was very turned on by the way his cock stuck straight out.

"Jeff, are you sure you want me to take June and Brooke home tonight?" he softly asked.

"Once you have taken Brooke's virgin ass, yes," I laughed. "This didn't work out quite as planned though, I wanted to spend the night with Kelly. Now, I have to get Heather popped and ready, but I don't know for what."

"Jeff, old man Crafts would probably give his left nut to pop that kid's cherry," Derrick stated.

"The big boss!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, he is always looking for young stuff but very few people would ever know it," Derrick explained. "There is a small group of them, all in high positions, high enough to avoid the law."

"Maybe I'd get that promotion," I laughed.

"Guaranteed!" Derrick stated.

Since Crafts was always in my office looking at something, Derrick suggested an idea and I saw no reason it wouldn't work. For tonight, until I had a chance to work the idea, I would just keep Heather with me, letting her watch Kelly and I which should really get her worked up. All I needed was a picture and I remembered there was a Polaroid camera in the den, and if it didn't work, I had my digital. Then Kelly was telling us supper was ready so Derrick and I went inside and since I was the only one dressed, I undressed before sitting down at the table.

"Oh Jeff, your cock is beautiful," Heather gushed. "Then, so is your's Derrick," she blushed.

"You know Sweetheart, after dinner I want to get a few pictures of you. I know a very nice man that might want to spend some time with you," I told Heather.

"You mean a date!" she squealed and I nodded. "Alright! Jeff will you teach me what I need to know, please?"

"Actually you'll learn a few things from your Mom tonight, then Kelly and I are going to teach you after your Mom, Brooke and Derrick leave," I told the golden haired twelve year old.

"We have to leave?" Brooke sadly asked.

"Well, you and your Mom are going home with Derrick, he will be your date for tonight," I smiled. "I'll be keeping Kelly and Heather here with me, then everyone will be back here after school tomorrow."

"Okay, because I really like Derrick," Brooke giggled. "I know Mom likes him also," she giggled and June blushed.

After supper, I checked the Polaroid and there was no film, so I brought my digital in out of the car. We took Heather outside in the yard, where I posed her in many explicit and provocative ways, then we went back inside. With a smile, I told Heather to watch how her Mom made Brooke ready for Derrick to fuck, then told June to lick her oldest Daughter's pussy. At first, June was embarrassed, but was soon between Brooke's fifteen year old legs and had the girl humping her hips off the lawn and hitting orgasms. It was very obvious that June was extremely turned on now also, so I told her to show the girls how to ride a man's cock.

With Derrick on his back and his cock pointing at the ceiling, June knelt over his hips and with one hand spread her pussy lips, the other guided Derrick's stiff cock to her cunt. When June started letting herself down on Derrick's cock, the nude blonde beauty immediately began having orgasms. All three girls were on their knees around them, so they could see Derrick's cock penetrate June's cunt. Before June had time to settle all the way onto Derrick's cock, she was lifting herself back up, then dropped herself down, fully impaling herself.

"Oh yes, oh yes," June gasped as her beautiful, mature body jerked and shook with orgasm. "Oh shit, it's never been this good before, oh Derrick, I'm cumming so hard. Fill me with your cum, please, I need it so bad."

That was exactly what Derrick did, he slammed his hips up, making June gasp, then pulled her down onto his cock and pumped her full of cum. It was sure easy to tell when a jet of cum entered June's cunt, because the nude beauty gasped and jerked out an orgasm each time. Once Derrick had went soft, I told June to suck his cock clean and hard again, then told Brooke it was her turn to ride me. The naked little fifteen year old blonde beauty, quickly straddled my hips, lifted her self up, spread her tight pussy lips and guided my cock into her dripping cunt.

The naked fifteen year old's cunt sheath was still tight around my cock and just like her Mother, once her cunt lips touched my pubic hair, she was lifting back up. Off beside her, I could see that Derrick was erect again, so I reached up and grabbed Brooke by her full tits and pulled her down to my chest. Quickly, June grabbed her Daughter by the hips and showed her how to lift and drop from that position. When I saw Derrick kneel behind Brooke, I held the naked fifteen year old tight until she gasped and jerked. Then I could feel Derrick's cock sliding into her rectum and that was a fascinating sensation.

Once Brooke was fully impaled in her cunt and ass, June was showing her how to rock back and forth so she could fuck herself on both cocks at the same time. Within a few strokes, the little blonde beauty was so far into orgasms that she couldn't control her body, so I pushed her up by the tits and held her there while Derrick pounded his cock up her ass. It was Brooke's turn to squeal, scream and moan as huge orgasms ripped through her beautiful, naked, fifteen year old body. Beside her, poor twelve year old Heather was cumming without even being touched, then both Derrick and I pumped our cum into Brooke's beautiful body.

"Okay Brooke, suck Derrick's cock clean, then it will be time for you to leave," I told her. "June, you can suck my cock clean but not hard again."

The Mother Daughter combination were immediately attached to our cocks, sucking them clean and I knew where Brooke received her cock sucking talent from, her Mother was an expert. Once our cocks were clean, June, Brooke and Derrick dressed and left, but before leaving, June told Heather to do what ever I told her, no matter what. They left June's jeep because Derrick would just bring them both back up tomorrow, which made better sense. Now, I was left with a very hopeful naked, twelve year old goddess, with waist length golden hair.

"Jeff, can I try it now?" Heather almost begged.

"Sweetheart, we wouldn't want to disappoint your new friend now, would we? He may want to teach you some things and start from the beginning," I told her.

"I sure hope I don't have to wait long," she softly stated. "But, if that's what you want me to do, I will do it."

Now, I looked over at the beautiful brunette Kelly, smiled and she came willingly into my arms and I kissed her passionately. Since we were standing, I just gently pushed down on her bare shoulders and Kelly went to her knees until my cock was in front of her face. Without hesitation, Kelly kissed and licked my soft cock, then sucked the head between her soft lips, and Heather eagerly watched as Kelly began sliding my seven inch cock in and out of her mouth. It took the little nude fifteen year old several minutes to suck me off, then as usual, she didn't want to quit. Once my cock was stiff, I stopped her and pulled the nude beauty to her feet, bent down and suckled each of her breast.

"You ready to ride my cock?" I asked her.

"Oh yes!" Kelly huskily breathed.

Instead of doing it there, I took the girls into the master bedroom and I lay back on the bed but my cock was heavy enough that it didn't stand up. That didn't slow Kelly down, she climbed up on the bed, straddled my hips and put her hands between us to hold my cock and guide it into her cunt. When I told Kelly to let Heather do that, the naked twelve year old squealed and reached in between us, took hold of my cock and held the head to Kelly's cunt lips.

Even though I had opened Kelly up the night before, her cunt sheath was again very tight and she had to work herself down onto my cock. Once she was fully impaled, the brunette beauty bent down and kissed me on the lips, then straightened back up and began riding my cock. It didn't take Kelly long to reach her first hard orgasm but I let her keep riding that way, until she was having trouble holding her nude body in an upright position.

That was when I pulled her down onto my chest, patted the bed beside me and told Heather to turn out the lights before she climbed into bed. As Kelly continued to ride my cock, I took time to gently fondle Heather's twelve year old breast and the golden haired beauty was again in the throes of orgasm. Since I hadn't told Kelly to stop, she continued riding my cock until she was pounding herself onto it and sobbing with orgasms. Finally, I told her just to stretch her legs out and lay on top of me, that way she could keep my cock in her cunt. That was the way Kelly went to sleep, and Heather laying tight up to my side, on my arm so I could use that hand to hold her orange sized breast.

Instead of making the girls ride the bus to school, I dropped them off on my way to work, but they would take the bus home. There was a project that needed approval, and I knew Mr. Carls would be in my office soon, so I down loaded Heather's pictures and left the sexiest full length one on my screen. Just as expected, Mr. Ralph Crafts came flying in about ten minutes later and walked around my desk as usual. He had just started to say something when he saw the screen, his mouth stopped and he dropped into the chair beside mine.

"Shit oh dear, what web site did you find that beautiful creature on," he gasped, then turned bright red.

"It's okay Mr. Crafts, I think we share the same interest and I didn't find her on a web site, I took these pictures last night," I smiled. "Her name is Heather, she's twelve years old and a virgin."

"Oh god, Jeff, can I have a copy of that?" Mr. Crafts softly asked.

"Well, there are a few others," I opened several more.

"Fuck, how I would love to get into something like that," he gasped.

"That can be arranged," I smiled.

"You're shitting me!" he exclaimed. "How much?"

"I never thought about charging," I laughed. "Are you free this evening?"

"I am now," he laughed. "Until tomorrow morning if possible, even tomorrow night."

With a laugh and some displeasure on Mr. Crafts part, I deleted Heather's pictures, then took a chance and told him what I had started. Any thoughts of the project I was working on, went out the door and Mr. Crafts was all ears and sporting a stiff cock. When I gave him directions to the ranch, he already knew where it was and would be there by six thirty. Then he asked me if I still had the pictures on my camera and with a laugh I told him he could take his own.

"Jeff," the voice said, when I answered my phone just before noon. "This is Ralph Crafts, you said you had three girls and a woman, can we go to lunch. I want you to meet someone. Oh, and would you please just call me Ralph?"

The person Ralph and I met at lunch was named Paul and he was also an older man but greeted me warmly. At an out of the way booth, we talked about what I had going on at the ranch and Ralph asked if it would be okay for Paul to come also. All I could say, was if Ralph trusted him, so would I and the two men were coming together. It wasn't until Paul's cell phone went off and he answered it, that I knew who he was, the county sheriff. Before we left, I told them about my partner, Derrick, and it pleased Ralph because he knew Derrick and liked him.

It was a little before six thirty when Ralph and Paul came down the road but both Heather and Kelly were nervous and anxious at the same time. For some reason, I had told Kelly that Paul was going to be her date tonight and Heather was going to be Ralph's. It surprised me, when Derrick asked if he could have June again tonight and he would leave Brooke there for me. With a smile, I agreed but told him I wanted him and June to stay because I wanted June to watch her little girl lose her virginity, then be fucked silly.

Before the car reached the house, both Kelly and Heather wanted to know what they should wear, so I told them nothing and neither girl questioned me. Quickly, I told them I would point out which dates were theirs, then they should go greet them with a kiss. As Ralph stepped out, a naked, twelve year old, golden haired Goddess was waiting for him, then pulled him down so she could kiss him. A very surprised Ralph, couldn't believe how passionate the twelve year old could kiss, then Paul was quickly taken by Kelly's kiss.

"Come on Ralph, let's get you undressed, so I can see what I am going to get," Heather nervously giggled. "Ralph, is it going to hurt when you fuck me the first time?"

"Oh yes, Sweetheart, but it won't last long," he gently squeezed her bare body. "Are you going to suck my cock first, so our first fuck will last a long time."

"Oh can I!" the twelve year old squealed.

Before Paul would even leave the drive, he had to bend down and kissed each of fifteen year old Kelly's naked breast, then with his arm around the brunette beauties nude body, they walked up to the yard. It was very obvious that Heather was nervous because she was chattering, so Ralph bent down and kissed her lips, then told her there was nothing to be nervous about, they were going to have a great time tonight. Already, Kelly was undressing Paul and when his cock sprang out, she let out an audible gasp, it had to be eight inches long and almost an inch and three quarter's thick. Still, Heather was just as excited when she finally undressed Ralph, because his cock was almost the same size as Paul's.

"Why don't both of you give your men blow jobs to hold them over, then go in and start dinner," I told Kelly and Heather.

It only took my words and the twelve year old Heather and fifteen year old Kelly were on their knees in front of their respective dates. Without anything being said, June knelt beside Heather and began coaching her on how to suck Ralph's cock. Both girls began licking and kissing those cocks but Kelly was the first to take Paul's cock in her mouth and it was a tight fit. Poor Heather was having a hard time getting Ralph's cock in her mouth but June kept telling the twelve year old she could do it, then how to drop her jaw. Soon, both naked beauties were sucking cocks, the men were gasping, grunting and encouraging the girls as they began to thrust hips as they fucked the naked girl's faces.

The first to cum was Paul and Kelly managed to swallow his cum with out any problems, it was twelve year old Heather that gagged but June quickly told her just to swallow. Neither of the two men were prepared for the two girls to just keep sucking their cocks once they had came but they weren't stopping them either. Finally, Paul asked Kelly to stop and when the fifteen year old pulled her sweet mouth of his cock, her jaw popped a little.

"That was so cool!" twelve year old Heather squealed. "Ralph, your stuff taste great. Can I do it again, after supper?"

"You sure can Sweetheart," Ralph laughed, then kissed her breast which made the naked twelve year old beauty gasp with pleasure. "Are you sure you have never sucked a cock before?" he teased Heather.

"No," she blushed. "I wanted to suck Jeff's last night but he wouldn't let me."

"Well Sweetheart, you are one fine cock sucker," Ralph hugged her and Heather beamed with pride.

"I don't know but I swear this young beauty was trying to suck my cock off my body," Paul laughed as he hugged the naked, fifteen year old Kelly. "Sweetheart, I've had a lot of blow jobs, but that was by far the best I have ever had," he told the smiling brunette beauty.

It was Brooke that brought cold drinks out onto the porch and I apologized for there being no alcohol, but both Ralph and Paul preferred it that way. Both men were already thanking me and just the blow jobs alone were worth the trip. When we all sat at the table, Ralph pulled twelve year old Heather onto his lap and Paul pulled fifteen year old Kelly onto his lap. Both men still had hard ons and were gently fondling their girl's naked body as we talked. As we talked, I noticed Ralph was really interested in the land of the ranch and the way it was laid out. He asked if the creek could be enlarged for a swimming hole and I told him that was what Jim had wanted to do but couldn't afford it.

"Jeff, do you think this Jim would be interested in selling this ranch," Ralph asked.

"Well, I doubt it, even though he doesn't make much off it," I answered.

"What a fantastic place this would be for a weekend retreat, or even evenings," Paul said. "Are you sure there isn't some way we could work something like that out?"

Quickly, I explained that Jim had no idea what was going on here right now, and if he did would probably kill us all. Then, I saw the smile on Derrick's face and knew there was a way. As I explained and about Jim's younger Daughter and beautiful Wife, both men became very interested. All Ralph said, was to make it happen and Derrick and I would be wealthy men, but we would have to add at least two more girls, in the ten to twelve year old range.

When I told them about the girls riding the ranch in the nude, both men were on the edge of their seats. Then, Paul wondered how much it would cost to put a storm fence around the ranch and Ralph just replied not that much. It was Ralph that explained how their group had always dreamed of being able to hunt down a naked girl, then rape her. When Paul asked what kind of horses Jim had, he was unhappy there wasn't a stallion or two and some goats.

"I've always wanted to watch a woman being fucked by a horse, or a girl by a pony," Paul stated, then blushed.

"Paul there is no need to be embarrassed," Ralph laughed. "We set up the group we have, so we could someday live out our fantasies. I think we've found the place to do it and the men to make it happen."

"If we included Damien and the other five into the group, I know we could financially do this, even if they are sadist," Paul replied.

"Ralph, what is a sadist?" Heather innocently asked.

"They are people that like to cause pain and suffering while they fuck," he explained.

"That doesn't sound very nice," the twelve year old replied.

"Sweetheart, you would love it," I told her, "in fact all of you girls would enjoy it because being punished like that would keep you in a constant state of orgasm. Your Mom would actually get off on it the most though," I smiled at June.

"Then I know I will enjoy it," Brooke giggled at her Mom's embarrassment.

"Me too," Heather giggled and Kelly agreed.

"Girls, help me bring the supper out here," June said.

Without hesitating, all three girls followed June back into the house and Ralph looked at me in a funny way. He asked if all I had to do was tell them they would enjoy doing something, would they really enjoy doing it? With my own smile, I told him I wasn't all that sure yet, but so far it seemed that way. Right then, I realized I was now in the driver's seat because I was the programmer and a lot of ideas were floating through my brain. It was during supper, that Paul flipped potatoes on Kelly's beautiful breast, then bent over and licked them off, so Ralph had to do the same to Heather.

It was Brooke that dripped some dressing over the edge of the table, into my lap, then immediately went under the table to suck it off. The next thing I knew, the fifteen year old stunning blonde beauty was pulling my pants off, then my underwear and sucking my cock so wonderfully. When she came back up, there was still a string or two of cum on her lips so June leaned over and kissed Brooke to get those strings. It was enough to send Ralph and Paul over the edge again, so they both said it was time to have their cocks sucked again. Both Kelly and Heather slipped under the table and soon both men were smiling and urging the two naked beauties on.

Once the two naked teens were done sucking cocks again, Ralph said it was time for dessert and pulled twelve year old Heather out from under the table. A smile from Paul and he did the same thing to Kelly, then both men set the girls on the table in front of them. They told the girls to lay back on the table, then they spread their legs and leaned forward to kiss exposed pussies. Poor little Heather, her hips arched high off the table when Ralph kissed her tight little virgin pussy and she went into an instant orgasm. Close behind her was Kelly, and the fifteen year old was moaning and screaming with orgasms before Paul found her clit. When Ralph found Heather's virgin clit, he began sucking it and the naked twelve year old jerked up right, then fell backwards as her body began thrashing around on the table.

The naked, twelve year old, blonde haired goddess was so far gone that she hadn't realized Ralph was standing between her spread legs. It was June, that spread Heather's virgin cunt lips and guided Ralph's huge cock to her twelve year old Daughter's virgin opening. The man's cock head covered all the space between Heather's legs and when he began pushing, her tight little pussy lips were stretched apart so far they were invisible. Slowly, the head of his huge cock began sinking into Heather's tiny vaginal opening and he was pushing so hard that his cock was bending. Quickly, June wrapped her hand around Ralph's cock to support it, then told him to push harder.

"Oh god, it hurts so bad, it's too big," the twelve year old screamed.

"Heather, doesn't the hurt feel good?" I asked her.

"Oh yes, push harder," she cried.

Suddenly, the head of Ralph's eight inch by inch and three quarter's cock popped inside the obscenely spread twelve year old cunt. The little beauty let out a scream as her hymen disappeared, then Ralph forced five inches of rock hard cock up into her little cunt. The man was beginning to sweat but June urged him to keep pushing, that Heather could take all of his cock and the naked twelve year old was crying in real pain as Ralph began stretching her vagina to take his last three inches of cock. When all eight inches of stiff cock were inside the naked twelve year old, Ralph relaxed and bent down to kiss Heather's soft sweet lips, then her little breast with the spiked nipples.

There as another gasp of pain, Paul was pushing his eight inch cock inside fifteen year old Kelly's cunt and it was stretching the teen more than she could believe. Yet, it wasn't long before both girls were gasping as orgasms began rolling through their beautiful, naked bodies. Still, for the first few minutes, both men had to use the girls hips to pull their cocks out, then push them back in. Once the girls cunts loosened up a little, the two men began fucking them harder and faster and both girls were hitting orgasms that were sending them into orbit.

"Oh yes, oh yes, this is fantastic!" twelve year old Heather squealed as her naked little body began jumping and twitching.

"Oh fuck, fuck me harder, faster," Kelly was sobbing.

It was so exciting, I grabbed Brooke, set her on the table, laid her back and just punched my cock into the fifteen year old, blonde beauties cunt. Immediately, she was moaning and squealing with orgasms, so I pulled her legs up between us and began pounding my cock into her. All Derrick did, was push June down onto the table, spread her legs and punched himself into the woman's cunt doggy style. Now, all four females were writing, jerking and screaming with orgasms.

When I grabbed Brooke by her full breast and began stretching them up, her body had no choice but to follow, the only thing was if I pulled any harder, it would bruise her skin. Beside Brooke, her little Sister was being lifted off the table by the cock in her cunt and her tiny nipples, for several seconds, the twelve year old was actually suspended off the table by her nipples. All it did though, was send the twelve year old into screaming orgasms, and Ralph lowered her back to the table. Beside Heather, even Kelly was suspended by her nipples and the obvious erotic pleasure she was feeling made me wonder what I had created.

When Ralph folded Heather's shapely, twelve year old legs up between them, punched his cock deep into the child and held it there, I knew he was cumming. It was easy to tell every time his cock jetted cum, because Heather gasped and jerked out an orgasm. Once he was finished, Ralph left his cock in Heather's obscenely stretched cunt, and her legs folded between them, then picked her up by the shoulders and carried her out to the porch that way. Since Kelly was a little heavier, Paul left his spewing cock in her but had the fifteen year old wrap her legs around his waist, then he picked her up and followed Ralph out onto the porch.

Since the other two men had done it, I told fifteen year old Brooke to wrap her legs around my waist and I pulled her up to me by her breast, then we walked out onto the porch also. Both Ralph and Paul had sat down, but kept the girls on their cocks and were relaxing with the girls leaning into their chest. Once their cocks had wilted, both girls slipped off their man's lap, and knelt between their legs to suck their cocks, while Brooke was busy pumping herself up and down on my cock. When Ralph pulled twelve year old Heather up, he turned her so her back was to him, then lifted her up and set her on his lap. The naked blonde beauty let out a small scream as Ralph's cock penetrated her virgin ass, then she slowly settled down on his cock. For Kelly, it was a little easier, but she too was soon sitting on Paul's lap, with his cock up her ass.

"You know," Paul mused, as he fondled Kelly's beautiful pointed breast. "What these need are nipple rings. All of these girls need nipple rings. I would love leading Brooke into a party by a leash attached to her nipples."

"What a fantastic idea," Ralph agreed, pulling on Heather's tiny nipples. "Sweetheart, your tits would look so great with rings in them."

"Really?" she squealed as she hit another orgasm.

It was settled, Ralph knew a man that could install the nipple rings and all three girls and June would get them. We discussed a few more things then Ralph said he was ready for bed and asked Heather where they were going to sleep. It was with a bashful smile, that Paul asked if he and I could trade dates and I told him there was no reason to be bashful. With a smile, I asked Brooke if she would like to be Paul's date for the rest of the night and the fifteen year old, blonde beauty squealed and went to him. Then, I had another idea, that would work perfectly into my plan, I asked if the guys would like to take their dates home with them. Then explained that it would leave just Kelly and I here when Jim and Lilly returned.

"Jeff, I'll refill your prescription tomorrow," Derrick smiled.

Instead of waiting, the guys decided they would just leave right away, then the girls could go to school from their places and come back to their places after school. Both Brooke and Heather seemed very excited at going home with Ralph and Paul, enough that neither wore panties or bras, but took them with them. They were going to stop by June's so the girls could pick up clean clothes for the rest of the week and Ralph would see me tomorrow at work. Ten minutes later, Kelly and I were standing in the driveway, waving to everyone as they left.

"Well, how do you like being with other men?" I asked Kelly, as I put my arm around her naked, beautiful body.

"It was nice and I really enjoyed myself, but I still prefer to be with you," she snuggled to me as we walked back to the house.

"I'm glad you had a good time, because it sounds like you will be spending a lot of time with other men," I told her.

"Okay," she looked up at me and smiled. "Will there still be time for you and I?"

"Always," I promised her.

After I fucked the fifteen year old, brunette beauty senseless, Kelly went to sleep on my chest, with my cock buried in her cunt. That was the way I woke up the next morning and loved this feeling, enough that I wished Kelly lived with me and it was a thought. After dropping Kelly off at school, I went on to work and Ralph was waiting in my office. All the man could do, was rave about what a great time he had with Heather and even his Wife loved the twelve year old. He went on to tell how Paul didn't even go to work today, because Brooke had fucked him so much last night, that he couldn't wear underwear this morning. At lunch, Derrick gave me another vial, with a dozen pills in it and two of them that were larger than the others. They were the same thing, only a stronger dose and I knew what he meant.

Chapter 4

As I came closer to the ranch, I was looking forward to spending another night with Kelly on my cock and in my arms. When, I pulled into the driveway, there the fifteen year old stood by the gate, stark naked and a stunning beauty. Once I was out of the car, she was in my arms and kissing me passionately, then started pulling my clothes off. Just as Kelly had my shirt open, she stopped and looked up the hill and there were tears in her eyes. Just coming down were her Parents, so I told her to go dress and be ready to greet them.

"Sweetheart, once their luggage is in and they can relax, find an excuse to get April out of the way for about an hour," I told Kelly.

When the van pulled into the yard, I was surprised, not only were Jim, Lilly and April in the van, but three other young kids. By now, Kelly was there and was telling me those were her cousins, that lived with her Grandmother. It was a rash decision, but I told her to take the three of them with she and April when the time came. Then the sweetest looking girl stepped out of the van, long brown hair, beautiful face and what appeared to be a nice body. Softly, Kelly said her name was Becky and she was thirteen, the next little honey blonde beauty was Tami and she was just turning twelve, she was followed by a stunning little dark haired beauty, who Kelly said was Crystal and she was eleven.

"Every time their Mom was with a man, she became pregnant," Kelly whispered. "Then she just up and left them with our Grandmother and no one has heard from her in years."

"Well, I see you two haven't killed each other yet," Lilly laughed at Kelly and I.

"Mom!" Kelly giggled. "Jeff, this is Becky, Tami and Crystal," she introduced the three girls.

"It's very nice to meet you," I told them

"Hi Jeff, I'm April," the twelve year old brunette beauty giggled.

"April, you've grown up so much," I teased her.

With that, April was taking the cousins into the house so I grabbed bags and helped Jim pack them in. As we did, he asked how things went and I told him great, them about how Kelly and I had fixed the two fences and Brooke had spent a couple of nights with us. When Jim said he was sorry, I just laughed and went back out after the rest of the luggage. Finally, everything was put away, Kelly and April were taking the cousins riding so they could see the ranch and Jim moved out to relax on the porch. It wasn't long before Lilly joined us, then said something about getting some cool drinks.

"You just unwind, I'll get them," I told her and couldn't believe how this was working out.

Twenty minutes later, both Jim and Lilly were staring out into space and I began implanting what was expected of Jim into his sub conscious. I reinforced how he would enjoy helping and setting the farm up for a sexual hide away and how he would profit from it. Then no matter how perverted or deviant the sex acts were, he would be willing participant and helper. After about twenty minutes, I had completely entered everything wanted out of Jim and turned my attention to Lilly. Her programming was basically the same as June's, only a little stronger, including her Daughters and now her nieces.

For both Jim and Lilly, I redid the Daughter and niece program and how they would support these girls doing the most perverse, degrading and deviant sex acts. How Lilly would be doing them also and Jim would get a thrill out of watching his Wife, Daughters and nieces. As an after thought, I added that Jim would have little interest in fucking the girls but would enjoy watching them being fucked and used. The most important thing I stressed, was always to trust me, Derrick and anything we did was what they wanted us to do, and listen to our opinions which they would take and use. Now, it was time to let them come back around and ten minutes later, Jim was asking if the fences needed to be checked again. Just then, Kelly was coming back in with April and the cousins, so the timing was perfect.

"Kelly, why don't you take your Mom and Dad back up and show them where and how we fixed the fences," I told her and both Jim and Lilly readily agreed. "You might show them Ralph's idea about the creek, but be back in about an hour."

With a smile, I told April to bring her cousins up and have seats at the table and I would get them some cold soda to drink. When I programmed these girls, it was as a group and I used the same program I had with Heather but was more graphic and used words the younger more innocent girls would understand. Once they were out from under the influence, I asked April where my kiss was and she blushed but walked over to me. The little twelve year old brunette beauty leaned down and put her lips to mine so I kissed her. When I felt her slim body shudder, I knew the program had worked, more so when she kept kissing me. Finally, I told her it was enough, then asked thirteen year old Becky if she had a kiss for me.

When I kissed Becky, I thought the thirteen year old brunette beauty was going to have an orgasm, then it was the same with the little blonde, twelve year old Tami. It was the eleven year old Crystal that made me smile, the dark haired beauty pulled back from our kiss and told me how wonderful it was, but it made her feel like she had wet her pants. Softly, I told her that was good and any time she was with a man I told her to be with, she would get the same feelings. Even more so when the man had sex with her and she would really enjoy that, and she smiled and agreed with me.

"Do you girls like having your pictures taken?" I asked them.

"I do," thirteen year old Becky took a pose for me.

"So do I," eleven year old Crystal chirped.

"April, we need to take your's and Tami's pictures also," I laughed.

With giggles and blushes, all four young girls lined up on the lawn while I sent Kelly after my digital camera. When she returned, there was a smirk on her face, which her little Sister April realized meant something was wrong. With a laugh, Kelly said they would be a lot prettier without their clothes, and giggled at April's blush. It was twelve year old Tami, that wanted to be the prettiest and was already taking off her blouse. Since Tami was doing it, Crystal was going to do it also, and that led to thirteen year old Becky and twelve year old April undressing.

As the four girls undressed, I watched Jim, up on the porch, the man was all smiles and enjoying what he was seeing. When I looked back at the girls, Crystal was already pulling her panties off and Tami was stark naked. It surprised me when eleven year old Crystal wore a training bra but actually needed a bigger one. She had breast the size of goose eggs, but no pubic hair yet, the one with breast, was thirteen year old Becky and a dark thick patch of pubic hair.

Both the twelve year old's, April and Tami, had breast the size of baseballs, Tami's were globes while April's were cone shaped. It was obvious that Tami was a true blonde because she had a patch of blonde pubic hair, where April had a dark swatch, like Kelly. After taking pictures of them all together, I took one each of them by themselves, in very sexy poses. When I finished, I realized I had forgotten one and looked up on the porch.

"Lilly, you need to have your picture taken also," I laughed.

Very embarrassed, the older woman just began undressing and for thirty something, Lilly had a fantastic body. She was built just like Kelly and April, without an ounce of fat and when I told her how beautiful she was, she posed proudly for me. Once all the pictures were done, the girls wanted to ride the horses some more and Kelly asked if I was going. All I told her, was to ride as if I were with them and the fifteen year old began stripping. Soon, all five girls were headed out horse back, stark naked, squealing and giggling.

"They sure like those horses," Jim laughed.

"Yes they do, to bad they don't have a stallion to love them," I suggested.

"You know Jeff, I do know where there is a Welsh stud that I could get reasonable, they even have a standard stud, bet we could train it to fuck the girls," Jim smiled. "We could use Lilly to train it."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you Lilly," I smiled.

"Yes, yes I would," she blushingly replied.

With a smile, Jim said he should probably go get that stallion tomorrow and Lilly blushed again. A thought occurred to me, had I over jumped the gun on Lilly's nieces, so I asked her how long the three girls were staying. Sadly, Lilly said for at least three weeks, because her Mother couldn't take care of them any more and it could take that long to find the girl's Mother. She was a dead beat alcoholic and avoided the girls all she could, not even recognizing them on their birthdays.

"They might be a great addition to the ranch," I suggested.

"Damned nice to look at too," Jim smiled. "Hell Lilly, let's just keep them, you can take them to town in the morning and get them into school. It's not like we don't have the room."

"Maybe Jim could find a goat to love Crystal," I joked.

"That's a great idea Jeff!" Jim exclaimed.

The girls were coming back in so I asked if I could take Kelly home for the night and Lilly thought maybe I could take April, so she was broken in by someone she knew. With a smile, I told her it didn't work that way and I really preferred Kelly right now, so Lilly just yelled for Kelly to get dressed and pack an over night bag. As the girls came up on the porch, I had to smile, April was already jealous.

"That's not fair, Kelly get's to be fucked tonight and Jeff has already fucked her!" April pouted.

"Sweetheart," I pulled the naked, twelve year old April to me and kissed her pointed little breast. "You and I are going to spend many nights together. In fact, I just may have each of you girls come and stay with me for a week at a time."

"Alright!" Becky squealed. "Aunt Lilly, riding naked is fantastic!"

It didn't take Kelly but a few minutes to dress and pack a bag, then she was ready to go and asked where I lived. After all this time, the girls had never been to my home and I was ashamed by my lack of hospitality. When I told Jim and Lilly that I would bring Kelly home tomorrow evening, they both said that was fine and they would see me then. Once we were on the pavement, I reached over and felt Kelly's left breast and she wasn't wearing a bra, which didn't surprise me.

Instead of going straight home, I stopped by a nice little cafe where Kelly and I had dinner, then went to my house. The neighbors greeted me as usual, so I took time to introduce Kelly and she was so pleasant and polite. Once we were in the house, Kelly didn't know what to do, so I told her just to relax for a while and turned on the television. It wasn't unusual for me to relax in the back yard, so I asked Kelly if she wanted to sit out back with me for a while. When she asked if that was what the neighbors would expect, I just smiled.

For a while, we sat out on the deck and talked, the fifteen year old was very intelligent, articulate and pleasant to talk with. What pleased me most, there was no sign of the drug causing her any mental problems. When we left the patio, it was to the bathroom, where we showered together, then I took the brunette fifteen year old beauty to my bed and made passionate love to her. Most of this time, Kelly sobbed with orgasms and appreciation. When I woke the next morning, it was to having my cock sucked so wonderfully, then we showered again and I took Kelly to school. It wasn't long after I made it to my office, that Ralph came in and just sat down.

"Jeff, I need you to attend a meeting tonight, there will be three other people, beside's you and I," he told me. "These are the money people and if this thing flies, can provide even more people to use the ranch. Then, all we have to do is find a few more pretty young girls," he smiled.

"Ralph," I turned my monitor towards him.

"Oh fuck!" he softly gasped.

With a smile, I told him we had the ranch, and about the four new girls but they were all still virgins. For several minutes, the older man just stared at the screen, then my phone rang, so I answered it. It was Lilly and she was at the school, but needed an emergency phone number and wanted to use mine. When Ralph gave me that who is it look, I pointed to the picture and he started smiling, then whispered for me to take Lilly and the girls to lunch. When I told Lily, she said the girls were already in classes and asked if I wanted her to take them out, so I told her no and for her to meet me for lunch.

After meeting Lily for lunch, I went back and right to Ralph's office, then back to my own. It was around three when Ralph called and asked me to join him in his office and I went. When I entered, there was another man there that I recognized as one of our board of directors. When he asked if I could pull up the picture I had shown Ralph this morning, I told him no, but I still had them on my camera. A few minutes later, we were down loading the pictures again and Mr. Drew was stunned and drooling. With great feelings, I headed for home and all five girls were there and greeted me warmly but wondering why they were there.

"Well girls, we are going to a business meeting tonight, where you girls are going to be swimmers," I told them.

"What's a swimmer," Tami asked.

"Well, while we are having out business meeting beside the pool, you girls will be swimming in the pool," I explained.

"Jeff, we didn't bring any bathing suits," Becky said and April nodded.

"You won't be wearing suits," I smiled.

"You mean these men are going to see us naked!" Crystal squealed.

"Yes, but they are very nice men and you will enjoy them seeing you naked," I smiled. "If you are really good, they might even be nice enough to have sex with you."

"I can be really, really, nice," Becky nervously giggled.

Since Ralph had promised food at the meeting, I loaded the girls up and we drove over to his house, where the meeting would be. The pool was in indoor pool and there was a table set up beside it, with five chairs, and Ralph, Mr. Drew and two other men were sitting at the table. Quickly, I told the girls to undress and was surprised when none of them hesitated. Before they entered the pool, I told them to swim the length of it a lot and to stay close to the side where the table was.

Once the girls were in the pool, I moved over to the table where Ralph introduced me to Carl and Damien. The name Damien I had already heard and knew he was from a group of sadist, but didn't know how sadistic they were. Just then, the girls came swimming by, one at a time and all talking stopped, they were to busy looking. The naked beauties were swimming on their backs, showing off their breast and pubic areas, and three had pubic hair and nice breast, two had no pubic hair and little breast.

"That one is Becky, she is thirteen and still a virgin," I said as the brunette beauty went by. "That one is Crystal, she is eleven and a virgin," the little brunette went by. "That is Tami, she's thirteen and also a virgin, then that is April, she is twelve and still a virgin. The last one is Kelly, she's fifteen and is the only non virgin."

"I don't care," Mr. Drew replied. "Shit Jeff, they are even more beautiful than their pictures.!"

"If this is a way of conning me out of a million dollars, you just did it," Mr. Damien laughed. "Well, I would like to see this ranch first though but I say we have an agreement. Jeff, what is that one's name?"

"That is Tami, she's twelve," I replied.

"Tami Sweetheart, would you come here for a moment?" Damien asked and the nude blonde climbed out of the pool and walked over to him.

"Yes Sir," Tami smiled.

"I hear you like to ride horse back in the nude?" Damien smiled at her.

"Yes Sir, it's fantastic," she assured him.

"After we finish our meeting, how would you like to spend the night with me?" Damien asked.

"I would really like that," she excitedly answered. "Sir, I don't know what to do yet, so you won't get upset with me, will you?"

"No Sweetheart, I will not get upset," he laughed. "What would you say if I asked you to suck my cock right now?"

"Can I," she squealed.

"I like that idea," Mr. Drew stated. "Kelly, would you come up here and suck my cock?"

The naked, fifteen year old brunette beauty just climbed out of the pool and walked over to Mr. Drew but smiled at Ralph as she walked by him. It was Carl, that asked April to come and suck his cock, so Ralph asked Becky to come and take care of his. For a moment, poor little Crystal looked devastated, until I asked her why she wasn't here getting ready to suck my cock. With a little squeal, the eleven year old was out of the pool and running to me. It only took a few moments for us guys to undress, then we told the girls that they could suck our cocks from under the table.

It took a few minutes for each of us to instruct the young girls how to suck cock, except for Mr. Drew and Kelly knew very well what she was doing. Once the little eleven year old Crystal had my cock in her mouth, she was soon sucking very well and I went back to listening to the meeting. The talk was about finances and what needed to be done to the ranch for security. It was Damien that asked if the barn was in good enough shape to work in and knowing what he intended I told him it was very sound. When I told them Jim was looking for a pony and a goat to love the girls, Carl gasped and tensed for several moments, then smiled.

"Mr. Carl, your stuff taste great," twelve year old April said from under the table. "Can I keep sucking your cock?"

"Oh yes, Sweetheart," Carl huskily replied.

"Shit, she's sucking my cock off from my body!" Mr. Drew exclaimed of Kelly. "She's deep throating me!" he gasped.

The next to make a loud gasp was Damien, then I couldn't stand it any longer and let little Crystal have my cum and felt her drink every drop. For another half hour, we discussed different aspects of this new partnership but everyone seemed to be in agreement. It was Ralph that suggested the girls might be getting sore jaws and it would help to feed them. The little nude beauties were called out from under the table and we all walked naked into the house where a buffet was set up. Since we had each already picked a girl, she went through the buffet with us, then sat with us to eat.

"Well, I'm about ready for dessert," Ralph smiled and set Becky up on the table in front of him.

When Ralph laid the thirteen year old back on the table and spread her legs wide, I was doing the same to eleven year old Crystal. Within moments, all five girls were spread out on the table and each man feasted on their cunts. Poor little Crystal, when I licked her tight little cunt lips, she squealed and thrust her hips to me. My tongue slipped between her cunt lips and I found her little clit and began thrashing it with my tongue. When the eleven year old went into orgasm, everyone knew it, but Tami, Becky and April were moaning, squealing and sobbing through theirs.

There were the sounds of bare little butts pounding the top of the table, and I knew Crystal was so far out of it. Quickly, I stood up and placed he head of my rigid cock against her virginal opening and began shoving. For several seconds, the naked eleven year old squealed and gasped, as the head of my cock penetrated her virgin cunt. Then, using her hips as handles, I pushed my seven inch cock the rest of the way into her cunt until I had stretched her vagina to take the length of my cock.

As I let Crystal rest to get used to having a cock in her cunt, I looked around the table, the one I felt for was Tami. The twelve year old was slowly taking a very fat eight inch cock into her virgin cunt, that filled all the space between her legs until it looked like she had no vaginal lips at all. She was squealing in pain yet small orgasms were causing her naked little body to jerk. It was the same with Becky, as Ralph took her hymen, then pushed deep into her until he hit her cervix, then kept pushing, stretching her cunt to accept his seven inch cock.

As I watched that huge slab of meat enter the twelve year old Tami, I realized that for being a sadist, Damien was being just as gentle as he could. My thoughts were interrupted by a cute pair of eleven year old hips wiggling, as Crystal found out the pain was gone. Slowly, I pulled my cock back until just the head was inside Crystal's cunt, then slowly pushed it all the way back into her until I felt her cervix. A beautiful smile crossed the little beauties face and she softly moaned. The next stroke was faster and harder when I shoved back in, this time, the eleven year old's naked body jerked as she gasped through her first cock induced orgasm.

My naked little beauty wasn't the only one hitting orgasms, every naked little girl on the table was cumming hard, including Kelly. The harder we fucked these little girls, the stronger and more violent their orgasms became and soon there were naked little bodies bouncing all over the table. A blonde pubic bush, two brunette pubic bushes and two bald cunts flashed and thrust against large men's cocks, trying to get even more cock into their tiny, grossly stretched cunts.

Little nipples were being pulled and stretched, small breast became handles to lift and hold the little girls in place, yet this just made the girls cum even harder. The first to shoot his load was Mr. Drew, then Kelly had a way of milking a cock, but Damien was right behind him and he saturated Tami's cunt with cum. It was the look on Carl's face that made me smile, the man's eyes were closed and he was rutting into twelve year old April something fierce, driving the brunette twelve year old back and forth on the table top.

Once every man had filled a teen cunt with cum, we let the girls come down from their orgasms, then they hopped off the table to suck our cocks clean. After kisses, hugs and a few quick suckles of small breast, the girls were sent back to the pool. We moved back out to the table by the pool and finalized what we could there. Both Carl and Damien wanted to visit the ranch before giving their final decisions but were positive they were on board.

"Jeff, I understand you have two other girls besides these?" Carl asked.

"Yes Sir, a fifteen year old named Brooke and her twelve year old Sister Heather. Both natural blondes. Then we have two women in their early thirties," I replied, then explained the possible problem with the three girl's mother.

"Don't worry about her," Damien said. "If she shows up, we'll have some fun with her, then get rid of her body and no one will ever realize she existed."

"Jeff, I know you have been wanting a promotion," Ralph stated. "Well, you're not going to get what you expected. Remember when we had the Daughter's day at work?" I nodded. "Remember how many beautiful little girls were there?" I again nodded but smiled also. "You will be the new corporate training officer, in charge of recruiting new young girls for our entertainment. Also, you will be in charge of the operation of the ranch. With a hefty pay increase."

"You want me to approach women within the offices about their Daughter's?" I asked.

"As training officer, wouldn't you be required to spend some time with these Mothers," Mr. Drew asked.

"I understand," I smiled.

"Once you have secured the cooperation of the Mothers, then you can train their Daughters," Mr. Drew smiled.

"Jeff, be on the lookout for a natural blonde, between the ages of thirteen and fourteen, pretty and well built," Damien said.

Then, Damien went on to explain that he was in touch with a group of Satanist that would pay dearly for the use of the ranch and a girl like that. They would want her near the summer solstice and he had seen several of their ceremonies and still couldn't believe what he had seen. If the girl survived the ceremony, she would definitely be pregnant and deliver a boy baby within three months. It didn't bother me, I was now getting pretty immune to what he was in too, then having this much young pussy available didn't hurt either.

"Damien, I am not familiar with Sadism, how dangerous will it be for the girls?" I asked.

"For these girls, nothing more than light whippings and bondage," he assured me. "Anything more serious than that, we will have you find us a new girl or girls for that."

The girls had tired of swimming and left the pool to come and stand beside the man that had fucked them. With a smile, Ralph brought out some towels so the girls could dry off, then he pulled Becky down onto his lap and I pulled Crystal onto mine. Soon, all five naked young girls were sitting on laps and cocks were beginning to grow, so Ralph suggested we retire for the night and we could go to the ranch after lunch tomorrow. There wasn't far to retire, in the next room were a half dozen mats spread across the floor and we each picked one. It was when Kelly asked Mr. Drew if she could ride his cock, that the rest of us took the idea also.

Almost eagerly, the bashful little eleven year old knelt over my hips as I told her how to let herself down onto my cock. Before my cock was more than head deep into her tight little cunt, Crystal was gasping, her pretty face tilted back and her eyes closed. When I started lifting her by her hips, she took over but only made about ten lifts and lowers onto my cock, before she collapsed on my chest, her naked little body jerking and thrashing with orgasms. Gently, I stroked Crystal's bare back, to her cute little butt, then began humping my cock up into her cunt.

When Crystal's little hips lifted her cunt up, from her laying position, I was surprised, then looked up to see Ralph's Wife. She was lifting and lowering the eleven year old by her hips, teaching her how to ride from the laying position. Once Crystal was lifting and lowering on her own, the woman moved over to do the same with Tami, then Becky and April. For another twenty minutes, eleven year old Crystal rode my cock, her little naked body constantly jerking and thrashing with orgasms. Then, it became too much for the child, and she just collapsed on my chest, but was sorry that she couldn't keep going.

"Sweetheart, you are doing great," I kissed the top of her head. "Now, you just push your legs out straight and enjoy having my cock in your cunt."

"Jeff, I can't quit having those funny feelings," she sobbed.

"Do you want the feelings to stop?" I asked her.

"No," she sobbed. "Well, maybe not quite so hard."

"They will get easier," I assured Crystal.

The little eleven year old's cunt kept pulsing and contracting around my cock and before long, I dumped a load of sperm into her cunt and she began thrashing in orgasm again. It wasn't much later, before I realized she had either passed out, or gone to sleep but I hoped it was sleep, because she had worn me out also. When I woke in the morning, Crystal was still deeply impaled on my cock, beside us, Kelly had her head resting on Mr. Drew's groin and was sucking his cock in her sleep. A glance at my watch, and it was almost eleven, so I gently pulled my cock out of Crystal's cunt and rolled her off me.

"Jeff," Crystal whispered. "Are we going to do it again?"

"Later Sweetheart," I smiled and kissed her sweet little slips.

As I went to my knees, I noticed that Damien and Tami were already out as were Ralph and Becky, Mr. Drew was just waking up and gently stroking Kelly's soft brown hair. On the other side, Carl was just pulling his cock out of April's cunt and it came out with a sucking sound. Once everyone was up, Ralph took us into the shower room, then everyone dressed and went into brunch. There were a lot of blushes and giggles as the young girls looked at each other, with knowing glances, but we understood. After a nice brunch, everyone headed for the ranch, and Crystal just had to ride with me.

Chapter 5

All the cars stopped on the hill above the ranch, so Damien, Carl and Mr. Drew could get a lay of the ranch itself. It was a good thing Kelly was with us, because she was able to point out the boundaries of the ranch to them. In all, there were three thousand acres to the ranch but both Mr. Drew and Carl were interested in the little valley behind the ranch house. They could already see a dozen little bungalows in the valley, which would still keep them within a hundred yards of the main buildings.

There was a blue jeep in the driveway of the ranch and Derrick's car was there, so I knew June, Brooke and Heather were there also. When we pulled into the driveway, immediately, Brooke and Heather were running out to the cars. Even though both girls were clothed, I could see Damien and Carl gasp at the two blonde, stunning beauties. The first person they ran to, was me, then to Ralph, who Heather passionately kissed, then put her arm around his waist.

"Kelly, are there enough saddle horses for all of you kids, and Damien, Mr. Drew and Carl?" I asked her.

"No," she bashfully answered, then smiled. "We do have a nice wagon though, Dad was going to use it for winter rides. It has seats built down the center of it."

"Perfect," I smiled at her. "See if your Dad will drive it and show everyone around."

It only took about twenty minutes for Jim to hitch a team to a very nice wagon, with rubber tires and padded seats. As the four men, Derrick and I climbed in, the girls started to pile in, until I looked at Kelly and Brooke. Both fifteen year old's giggled and began stripping, which started the other girls to stripping also. Moments later, there were seven naked little beauties in the wagon, each trying to get these nice men to notice them. It didn't surprise me at all, when Damien made room for Brooke to sit beside him, and Ralph made room for Heather to sit beside him.

The first place Drew and Damien asked to see, was the little valley beside the house and I could see the two men's minds working. From there, we went along the creek and Ralph was telling Jim how the creek could be damned for a very nice swimming pool. The upper pastures and the rest of the ranch opened up all kinds of possibilities and when we found the one meadow with the huge table rock in it, Damien smiled.

"Jeff, this is the perfect place for the Satanist," Damien commented.

By the time we made it back to the ranch house, there was no question the four men, Derrick and I were spending the night. The next place Damien wanted to see, was the barn and he openly said it was perfect for the Sadist use, all it needed was a little cleaning. While Damien inspected the barn, Ralph called Paul and asked him to come up for the night and join us. More than willing to come, Paul had one problem, his twelve year old Son was with him for the weekend. When Ralph hung up, he told me about the boy and for a minute I just looked at him.

"Ralph, the boy can have June for the night, I'm sure she can teach him a thing or two," I laughed and Ralph opened his cell phone.

"Paul, bring the boy and get here quick, we will give him June for tonight," Ralph laughed.

On the porch, Ralph, Damien, Carl and Drew were trying to go over what they wanted to do for security around the ranch, with Jim. The only problem was seven naked little girls and each wanting a man for the night. Finally, I just told the girls to get the men undressed and they could give them blow jobs while they talked, and I included Jim. Soon, all seven of us guys were stark naked and each had a beautiful young, naked girl, attached to our cocks. The funniest one was Jim, he was programmed to be a voyeur and now had his oldest Daughter attached to his cock and the man was having trouble concentrating.

A half hour later, there was a car coming down the hill and as usual, all the girls hid until we knew who it was. It was Paul and I told the girls to come back out, then told June to get undressed, that she had a very nice young man to take care of tonight. When the boy stepped out of the car, he turned bright red as all the girls were running to say hi to Paul. Before the boy could turn and run, April and Heather each had one of his arms and were dragging him to the house.

"Jeff, isn't he so cute," April squealed. "Can we keep him?"

"No, he's a guest and June will take care of him," I laughed, then went serious. "Remember, you girls never decide who you will be with, and you are never with anyone but grown men, unless told otherwise."

"We know," April sadly said. "We just wanted him to know it's okay. His name is Jeremy and he's twelve. Should we take him in to meet June?"

"Hi Jeremy," June said, walking out onto the porch. "So, you and I are going to be together tonight," she smiled at him as he blushed. "Jeremy, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, we are going to have a great time."

The twelve year old's eyes couldn't take in all of June's beautiful, naked body, all at once but he was trying and blushing at the same time. Quietly, I suggested June take Jeremy for a walk, so he could become accustomed to her being naked. As June took the boy's hand and led him off the porch, towards the barn, I saw a very surprised look on the other men's faces. It was Carl, that thought this was a wonderful idea and asked if I could implement this for more Son's to spend the weekend with older women.

"Jeff, there are over five hundred women working in my corporation, why don't you plan on being my training officer also," Carl suggested. "I know this is going to be fantastic and now see why Ralph wants to build some cabins, so I am in."

"Count me in also," Damien added. "Although I suggest we get the security fence in place and cabins built before we start a full blown operation."

"Jim, can you get by on a thousand dollars a month, above what you make off this ranch?" Ralph asked.

"Easily," Jim smiled.

"Great, now we need a cabin built just for Jeff to use as an office and training," Drew added. "None of our guest will expect virgins, if they want one, it will cost them dearly. Jeff, one of my companies is having their annual picnic next Saturday, why don't you plan on being there to see what might work well for here. Bring one of the girls with you, we'll pass her off as your Daughter."

"Monday, you can start through the personnel files and figure out which of our employees are single Mothers, with children, then began interviews from there," Ralph added.

"How many girls are you wanting here?" I asked.

"I would say at least a dozen, maybe fifteen," Drew replied. "Figure a couple dozen, so we have back up, and maybe five older women."

Since April was attached to my cock already and already swallowing a load of cum, I decided just to keep her for the night. Over at the barn, I could see June talking to Jeremy and the twelve year old boy had his hands on June's full breast and she was removing his shirt. The next time I looked, June was on her knees if front of the naked boy and sucking his cock as the boy was trying to hold himself upright. The group of men were still bouncing around ideas and Kelly mentioned something about the creek being really cold. Quickly, it was decided just to put a pool in, below the house and where the cabins would be, because both Drew and Ralph wanted a large pool. It was Carl, that brought up the idea of having something like a bunk house, or community fuck center for orgies, and that was quickly agreed on.

"Well, we have everything we need decided on, now we just need to get it done," Paul stated. "The ranch will be tied up for a few weeks with contractors being here but we can stipulate that they don't work weekends."

"That should finish everything by the time school is out and Jeff can move up here to run things by then," Ralph replied.

"I think Jim and Lilly can run things," I said.

"True," Ralph added. "That way you can be looking for more girls, that we might need later on, or meeting with groups that might like to use our facilities."

The need for more beds in the spare rooms of the lodge, became very apparent, everyone was crashed on the floor. One thing it did though, was introduce all the girls to being fucked in public, which none of them seemed to mind. The next thing that happened, was switching partners, which at first the girls weren't to sure of but soon were in to it. Yet, what made everyone laugh, was twelve year old Jeremy, he fucked June so much that it made his cock sore and was ready to come back the next weekend.

Monday morning, Ralph put my new position into place and I immediately started going through the personnel files. Still, they didn't tell me what I needed to know so I started hanging around the office pools and listening. There were several beautiful young women in the different steno pools, but I was looking for the ones around thirty, which there were five. With some listening, I learned that two of them were single Mothers and one named Helen had a ten year old Daughter.

Tuesday morning, I slipped into the offices before anyone else and into Helen's cubicle, there was a picture of a beautiful little blonde girl, that was about ten years old. Now, I began walking through the other cubicles, looking at pictures and found several of very pretty young girls. After everyone began showing up, I made it a point to visit these cubicles and ask about retraining. In the process I would comment on them having such beautiful children and of course they had to tell me about them.

My first interview, was with Helen, a very beautiful woman, with short blonde hair, a great figure and bashful personality. Her personnel file listed her address as in a poorer section of the city, so I knew money could be a leverage, or just holding onto her job. Just after morning break, I called the pool manager in Helen's area and asked that Helen be sent to my office. She arrived several minutes later and I watched her through the window, and the fear was evident, then I had her sent in.

"Mr. Conners, have I done something wrong?" Helen fearfully asked.

"On the contrary," I smiled at her. "May I call you Helen?"

"Yes sir," she bashfully smiled.

"Good, I would appreciate it if you would just call me Jeff," I replied. "We are looking for some people interested in doing some outside work, but it would mean weekends and some evenings."

"Mr. I mean Jeff, that would be very hard for me, I have no one to take care of my Daughter," Helen quickly replied, almost a as if she was apologizing.

"First of all Helen, you need to relax, if you turn this down, it will not affect your present position. Let me see, I bet you are a diet soda drinker," I laughed and she nodded.

After turning to a little fridge in my office, I pulled out two glasses with ice already in them, then a can of diet cola and split it between the two glasses. Carefully, I handed Helen the one with the pill in it, then pretended to look for some papers and the blonde beauty nervously sipped her drink. As I read some papers, I outlined that she could probably take her Daughter with her for some of the weekend and evening work, then asked her Daughter's name. The little girl's name was Jenny and this just might work out and Helen began asking what the job would entail, but when I started to tell her, she was staring off into space.

"Helen, I am the greatest guy in this world and there is nothing you wouldn't do for me," I started, then programmed her as I had programmed June and Lilly.

Beyond that, I told Helen that she would bring Jenny to me whenever I asked for her, then after that she and Jenny would be available when ever I told them to be. Going on I told her how proud she would be of Jenny for fucking the men I told her to, and how proud she would be of herself for doing it. That she would leave Jenny with the people I told her to and never worry about her or what she was doing. Since all the programming was in place, I sat back and waited for Helen to come around.

"Well Helen, do you have any problem with you and Jenny being available any time I want you?" I asked.

"Well,.. No," she smiled. "What will we be doing?"

"A lot of things, Jenny will be fucking older men almost every weekend and you will be teaching young boys how to fuck and suck," I replied.

"Jeff, Jenny knows nothing about sex," Helen bashfully replied.

"Don't worry, I will teach her, just don't tell her about it until after I have been with her the first time," I assured her. "In fact, here's my address, why don't you and Jenny come around seven, then you can leave Jenny with me for the night."

"Okay," she smiled, as if this was the greatest thing to happen to her.

As Helen was leaving my office, Ralph was coming in and he gave me a dirty smile, then proceeded on about something else. It surprised me that he didn't ask yet told me of his confidence in me at the same time. Just then, I noticed one of the older women, who had a picture of a beautiful young girl, outside my office. Quickly, I explained to Ralph and he made a hasty retreat so I could conduct my interview.

The woman's name was Joanne and I just told her I had seen the picture of the young girl on her desk and assumed that she liked children. When Joanne said Trish was the youngest of her three children and her only Daughter, I just told her how fortunate she was. When I asked how old her kids were, she ended up saying Shelly was thirteen and her Daddy's little Princess, yet he never came to see her.

"How unfortunate," I said, "you must be divorced?"

"Yes and I wish he would take Shelly off my hands. It's just to hard for me with her being ten years younger than her Brothers." Joanne confided.

Without asking, I pulled two more glasses out and split a soda, then handed one to Joanne, then let her go on telling me what a miserable life she had. When her eyes went glassy, I programmed her to think I was the greatest person she knew, and that she would bring Shelly to me when ever I asked for her. Then after the first time, she would be bringing Shelly to me a lot and maybe one time, the little girl wouldn't come back. That if this happened, she would just tell everyone that Shelly she had run away.

When Joanne came back around, she looked at me for a second them smiled and went on about her life. Finally I told her I had someone else coming in, so she gave me a big smile and went back to her work. This was two for the day and I wanted to see how they were going to work before I tried any more. The rest of the day, I spent going over personnel files from some of our other companies, then went over to Carl's headquarters for a while. With the biggest of grins, Carl showed me my own office in his headquarters building, then took me to personnel and explained who I was and the access I would have.

It was a few minutes before seven when Helen arrived with the sweetest looking little girl, with waist length blonde hair and I met them at the door. With a big smile, I said this must be Jenny and she looked at me sort of funny, then smiled and asked how I knew who she was. That was easy, I just told her that her Mommy had told me all about her and what a great kid she was. When I offered to share a soda with her, she informed me that her Mommy only let her drink diet sodas, when they had them. With a big laugh, I told her that I had just the soda for her and we would share it three ways.

"Helen, you are planning on staying for a while, aren't you,' I said.

"Well, sure," she smiled.

After handing Jenny a glass I handed one to Helen, then we moved to the living room, where it was more comfortable. As we talked, I included Jenny and soon her glass was empty but I kept talking with her and Helen. When I noticed Jenny's eyes beginning to glass and droop a little, I suggested that if Helen wanted to take a nap, she could go back to my bedroom. Without even thinking, the beautiful woman was up and walking down the hallway, so I moved over in front of Jenny and began her programming. When Jenny came back, I was sitting in my recliner and she looked around and asked where her Mom was.

"She decided to take a nap, so I let her use my bed," I smiled. "Why don't you come over here and sit on my lap, so we can get to know each other better," and she hopped off the daveno and came over so I could let her up on my lap. "Wouldn't you be a lot more happy without you clothes on?" I asked.

"Well," she blushed, "probably."

"Can I take your clothes off for you?" I asked.

"Would you?" she squealed.

Moments later, Helen came out to see what Jenny was squealing about and the ten year old happily told her I was going to take her clothes off. When Helen turned back towards the bedroom, I told her to stay, that nothing was going to happen that she wouldn't be proud of Jenny for. That in a bit, she could even teach Jenny how to please me and that maybe Jenny would feel more comfortable if Helen undressed also. As the beautiful blonde woman began undressing, I started unbuttoning the back to Jenny's dress. Once all the buttons were undone, I slipped the little girl's dress off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor and turned her to face me.

"Oh Jenny, you have beautiful little breast," I told her.

"Jeff, I don't have breast," she giggled.

"Yes you do," I countered, "they aren't very big but they are beautiful. Now, let's get your shoes and socks off, so I can take your panties off and see if your little pussy is as pretty as your breast."

The little ten year old was so cute, standing there in only her little pink panties, shoes and white ankle socks. She rested one hand on the recliner and lifted a foot up to me, so I could remove the shoe and sock on that foot, then the other. With a mock surprise, I looked at Helen and then at Jenny and said this was how beautiful Jenny was going to be when she grew up. Maybe I wasn't as surprised, Helen was a stunning beauty and not much taller than five two, with 34 C breast that stood firm and proud, with just the right amount of sag. With mock anticipation, I pulled the ten year old's little pink panties down to her thighs, then let them flutter to her ankles.

"Oh yes, oh yes, that is the prettiest little pussy I have ever seen," I gasped.

"Jeff," Jenny giggled, "it hasn't got anything on it."

"Oh Sweetheart, all the special men you are going to be with are just going to love it," I assured her. "Helen, doesn't she have a very pretty little pussy?"

"Yes she does," Helen proudly stated.

"Now, I just have to taste all these pretty little parts," I told Jenny.

The naked little ten year old looked at me funny, because she didn't understand, so I picked her up and set her on my lap, facing me. When I kissed those so soft, sweet, innocent lips, the ten year old gasped and I felt her body tremble. When I kissed her the second time, she just melted and her little arms wrapped around my neck. Gently, I pushed her back a little, and bent my head down to kiss those little pink nipples and aureoles, on the puffy little pads. The naked little beauty gasped and moaned, as I kissed and licked one tiny breast, then the other.

"Now, would you like to see my thing, called a cock?" I asked and Jenny nodded. "Then, you will have to take my clothes off."

As Jenny sat on my lap, she began unbuttoning my shirt, then wasn't sure what to do about the part that was tucked inside my pants. It was Helen, that whispered for Jenny to pull the shirt out of my pants, then push it off my shoulders. Once Jenny had my shirt back, Helen told her she needed to stand me up, so Jenny slipped off my lap, took my hand and pulled me to my feet. Quickly, Helen knelt beside her naked little ten year old Daughter and told her the next thing to remove was my shoes and socks.

The naked little ten year old beauty was all business as she untied my shoes and slipped them off my feet, then my socks. She was ready for my pants but had no idea how to unbuckle them, so Helen showed her how. As Jenny slid my pants down around my ankles, she was careful not to just let them drop, then she was looking at my shorts. Her tiny fingers slipped under the waist band of my shorts and she began sliding them off my hips, then down my legs, and I stepped out of my shorts and pants at the same time, then Jenny looked up, right at my cock.

"Oh Jeff, it's so pretty!" the ten year old gasped. "Can I touch it?"

"Yes Sweetheart, you are going to touch it, kiss it and lick it, then your Mommy is going to teach you how to suck it," I told her.

Those tiny fingers were so tender and careful as she lifted my soft cock to look at it, then ever so tenderly kissed right on the tip of it. When my cock jumped in her little fingers, the naked ten year old squealed and had to kiss it again. The softest pink tongue snaked out to lick around the head and I heard Helen whisper that she was doing good. When those so soft little lips closed over the head of my cock I thought I was going to lose my load right there.

My cock was beginning to grow and Helen told her little girl to let it slide into her mouth, and Jenny did. The naked ten year old's mouth felt so fantastic as it wrapped around the head of my cock, then with a funny look, Helen told me that was all she knew about sucking cock, because she had never sucked a cock before either. It blew my mind away, the thirty year old had a virgin mouth, but it wasn't going to last. It wasn't that big of a deal, and I began telling the ten year old how to use her tongue to lick and tickle my cock as she slid it in and out of her mouth, then to suck on it as she did this.

The naked little blonde ten year old was happily sucking and licking my cock and finally took it deep enough in her little mouth that it gagged her. Softly, I told her to wrap her hand around the shaft of my cock, to keep it from going to deep. Her little hand wouldn't wrap all the way around my cock, but far enough and she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and she was smiling. Now, I told her she could start sliding my cock in and out faster and soon her waist length blonde hair was beginning to flop around.

"Sweetheart, you are doing a fantastic job, you are going to get some fantastic tasting juice very soon," I told her. "When the juice comes you can swallow it."

With the great job Jenny was doing sucking my cock, and watching me with those big blue eyes, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. The ten year old was actually pulling the cum out of my balls and her naked Mother was giving her words of praise and encouragement. Then, my cum was exploding into Jenny's mouth and the ten year old was swallowing like a trooper and when it stopped coming, she just continued to suck and lick my cock. Finally, she had my cock stiff again and I told her that was enough for now, and pulled her pretty little face off my stiff cock.

"Jeff, your stuff taste fantastic," she gasped, and turned to her Mommy. "Mommy, I really like sucking cock."

"I'm so proud of you, Sweetheart," Helen praised her.

"Well Sweetheart, since you made me feel so good, I'm going to make you feel real good," I told Jenny as I picked the naked child up in my arms and carried her to the kitchen table. "Helen, did you learn anything watching Jenny suck my cock," I asked the beautiful naked woman.

"Yes," she blushed.

"Good, then you can crawl under the table and suck my cock while I make Jenny feel good. That way her first fuck will be a nice long one," I smiled.

As I lay the naked, ten year old beauty on the kitchen table, and spread her little legs wide, her Mother crawled under the table as I told her to. When I stepped up to the table, between Jenny's legs, Helen began licking and kissing my cock. As Helen took my cock in her soft mouth, I leaned over Jenny and began kissing and nibbling her soft, sweet, ten year old lips. The little Sweetheart was kissing me back as she quietly moaned, then I kissed her throat and down to her swollen bumps for breast. Each breast and tiny nipple received kisses and suckles until Jenny was writhing with passion.

Once I had the little ten year old excited, I began kissing down her firm little belly, to that bald little pubic mound. The child's naked body actually tasted good, as I kissed her gently on her vaginal lips, but I wasn't prepared for her hips to jump that far. Since Helen had my cock deep in her mouth, I just sat in a chair with my legs spread, and began feasting on her little girl's virgin cunt. When my tongue slipped between Jenny's soft little cunt lips, the ten year old squealed and thrust her hips to me.

"Jeff, Jeff, something is happening to me!" she squealed.

Without answering, I licked over Jenny's little clit, then captured it between my lips and began thrashing it with the tip of my tongue. The child's naked butt was beginning to pound on the top of the table as her beautiful body jerked and thrashed with orgasms. Just as I moved my tongue to rim the opening of her vagina, my cock erupted into Helen's mouth. The nude woman sucked and swallowed my cum, then just continued to gently nurse my cock as it began to grow again. As my tongue thrust itself against Jenny's ten year old virginal opening, she was sobbing with orgasms, so I pulled my cock from Helen's still sucking mouth.

"Sweetheart, It's time to put my cock into that pretty little pussy of yours," I whispered to Jenny. "It's going to hurt and it's okay to scream and cry. The pain will go away very quick and be replaced by the most fantastic pleasure you will ever feel."

When I put the head of my stiff, seven inch cock against the ten year old's soft, virgin pussy lips, it completely covered them up. Softly, I told Helen to spread her little girl's pussy lips and hold my cock to keep it from bending until I was inside her little girl's cunt. Even slick as Jenny's tight little pussy lips were, and as hard as I was shoving, nothing was happening. Then, ever so slowly, her vaginal opening began giving way, oozing over the head of my cock, but I was pushing just as hard as I could and Helen was having trouble keeping my cock straight. The little blonde ten year old was screaming in pain and begging for me to stop, but it wasn't going to happen.

Tears filled the ten year old's beautiful blue eyes as her Mommy whispered words of encouragement to her. When the head of my cock popped inside Jenny's virgin hole, there was an audible pop and the ten year old wailed with pain. Her pretty blue eyes were full of tears, then she let out another scream as my cock tore her hymen away. The only way I could keep penetrating the child, was by holding onto her by her small hips and I soon had four inches of cock in her tight little cunt. Now, I was pushing against her cervix and stretching her little vaginal sheath to fit all seven inches of my cock.

When my balls finally lay between Jenny's little ass cheeks, I quit pushing, bent over the naked, deeply impaled child and began kissing her tears away. The front doorbell rang and I told Helen to answer it, that I knew who it was and they were very nice men. Stark naked, Helen opened the front door, then Paul and his twelve year old son Jeremy walked in. They walked over to the table and one of them stood on either side of Jenny's naked little body, and toyed with her tiny little tits. Slowly, I worked three inches of stiff cock out of Jenny's tight little cunt, and she gave me a funny look.

"Damn Jeff, she's so small for her age," Paul remarked. "Looks like she took your cock pretty well though."

"It hurt pretty bad at first, but I think the pain has gone away, hasn't it," I asked Jenny.

"Yes," she huskily said. "It's beginning to feel real good."

"Helen, undress Jeremy, he's going to be fucking you tonight," I stated.

"Jeff, he's only a boy," Helen gasped.

"He has a cock, and he's a very nice boy, that you will enjoy sucking his cock and letting him fuck you," I stated.

"Well, I'll see everyone in the morning," Paul smiled, then tweaked one of Jenny's nipples. "Sweetheart, I can't wait to fuck you myself," he smiled at her, then bent down and kissed her cheek.

The little ten year old didn't answer, her beautiful naked body was beginning to explode with orgasms and she was moaning with pleasure. Slowly, I began fucking my cock into her, and her tiny cunt began to loosen a little. She was still obscenely stretched open but it didn't matter as I began pumping my cock to her a little harder and faster. Beside us, a humiliated Helen, was on her knees in front of a naked twelve year old boy, sucking his cock, yet by the time I had her ten year old Daughter's body convulsing with orgasms, Helen was enjoying that twelve year old cock in her mouth.

Since I wanted to drive the naked little blonde ten year old over the top, I pulled her legs up between us, grabbed her tiny breast for handles and began pounding my cock even deeper into her little body. As her tiny nipples stretched, the ten year old began wailing with orgasms, so I pulled harder on her tiny nipples and slammed my cock deeper and harder into her. By now, Helen had swallowed Jeremy's sperm and the boy was leaning her over the table to mount her from behind, so she could watch her little girl be ravished. When Jeremy's cock slid into Helen's cunt, the woman let out a gasp of pleasure and her beautiful, naked body began jerking.

My beautiful little ten year old was hitting orgasms so strong and hard that she was babbling incoherently. My cum was screaming out of my balls and exploding into her little cunt and there was no place for it to go, so it was jetting through her cervix. Once my orgasm was over, I just kept pumping my cock to Jenny, until it was stiff again. Then, I pulled completely out of the little girl, flipped her over and let her legs hang off the edge of the table. She never even realized I had spread her tight little ass cheeks, until the head of my cock punched through her sphincter, then she let out a small scream.

Without waiting for Jenny to become accustomed to a cock up her virgin ass, I began fucking her. Within minutes, the ten year old was again wailing with orgasm, then so was her Mother and I smiled at Jeremy. The boy was pounding his cock into the thirty year old woman and she was loving it. For another ten minutes, I pounded my cock up Jenny's ten year old little ass, until I couldn't hold my orgasm back any longer and filled her rectum with my cum. Gently, I pulled my cock out of her tight little ass and turned her over on her back, so I could kiss and hold her, yet for almost another ten minutes, Jenny's nude little body throbbed with orgasm.

"I thought I was going to die from pleasure," Jenny squeaked. "Jeff, is it always going to be this way?"

"Yes Sweetheart, it is always going to be this way," I kissed her sweet little lips.

After a quick trip to the shower, I took a naked little Jenny back to the living room, where I put her on my lap with my cock in her cunt, and we just cuddled and kissed for a while. When Jenny giggled, I looked where she was and Jeremy was still fucking Helen every way but loose. He had her on her back, on the carpet and was leaning over her pulling on her firm breast until her nipples were stretched thin. The woman was gasping and moaning as orgasms tore through her beautiful naked body and I knew she was now going to be one of the five ranch women.

Several more times that night, I fucked the ten year old Jenny, she sucked my cock and then went to sleep on my chest with my cock buried in her still tight little cunt. Around three in the morning, I was woken by Helen wailing out orgasms and I knew Jeremy was going to have another sore cock. When Paul walked in the next morning, Jeremy was fucking Helen again, and Paul sat on the side of the bed and watched. The nude woman no longer cared who was watching. After everyone cleaned up and dressed, Paul was going to drop Jeremy off at his Mother's and then take Jenny on to school, while Helen and I went to the office.

Chapter 6

Around the office, it was as if nothing had happened between Helen and I, but just after morning break, I called her into my office. We talked for a little bit and I told her how she would be spending weekends at the ranch fucking boys and watching men fuck Jenny. She was fine with it, and I happened to see Joanne walk by the window and mentioned her to Helen. When I asked Helen if she knew Joanne, she did and there was a funny look on Helen's face.

"I take it you don't think a lot of her?" I asked.

"She's not the type of woman I would trust and her Daughter is nothing more than a bitch herself," Helen blushed for the way she had replied.

"It's okay Helen, you know I expect you to be honest with me," I smiled. "Tell me more about the Daughter."

Bashfully, Helen said she knew them through the company picnics and such, that Joanne's Daughter Shelly had pushed Jenny around at last years picnic. Because her Mother was older than most of the girls in the steno pool, Shelly figured she could get away with being mean, almost cruel. Just then, Ralph walked in and Helen went quiet, which I expected, then I told her Ralph was a very nice and special man. A big smile crossed Helen's beautiful face and Ralph smiled back.

"Ralph, I just promoted Helen to being a ranch woman," I smiled. "Also, I think I'll take her and her Daughter to Carl's company picnic with me this weekend."

"What ever you want," Ralph replied. Will Helen be living on the ranch?"

"I haven't decided yet," I answered.

"Helen, could we go to my office, I would like to fuck you?" Ralph openly asked and Helen just blushed and nodded. "I'll have her back this afternoon," he smiled at me.

Once Ralph and Helen left, I made a call to Damien, and told him what I had learned about the thirteen year old Shelly. After talking to Damien, I had Joanne sent to my office and told her I wanted Shelly at my house by seven that evening. The older woman was more than pleased and I told her she couldn't leave after she had introduced me to Shelly. There were other things I needed to check on and it meant running up to the ranch, but it disappointed me that none of the girls would be there. Then I saw Helen go by, on the way back to her desk, I would just take her with me, she was going to be spending a lot of time there anyhow.

A quick call to Helen's supervisor to let her know Helen would be gone this afternoon on a training session and not to clock her, that I would do it. On a second thought, I told her to send Helen to my office right away, then called Ralph to let him know I was leaving. The beautiful little blonde woman was all smiles and blushes when she met me outside my office, and I just told her we were going to an early lunch, then up to her second job.

"Did you enjoy your time with Ralph?" I asked.

"No," she honestly answered. "I'm sore from last night with Jeremy, but I think I satisfied Ralph anyhow."

"Next time, say something," I smiled, but was pleased.

Over lunch, I really found this stunning little beauty fascinating to talk to, she was intelligent, charming and bright, but with a very low self esteem. Her little Jenny was a result of the first and only time she had sex, until last night. From lunch, we headed to the ranch and Helen thought the ranch was beautiful, except for all the construction. There had to be a hundred men working and already a fence, on the road, with a gate and guard house. Down by the ranch house, were the excavated areas for fifteen cabins and over towards the creek, they were excavating for a huge pool.

Both Jim and Lilly greeted Helen warmly when I introduced her and the two women hit it off right away, again I was pleased. After Jim and I walked around the various projects, we were looking at a three week time period for everything to be done. It blew me away that things could be done that fast, then I realized how many workers there were. The cabins were actually going to be made of log, and were already precut and would go together in days.

Over in a corral, Jim showed me two horses, one a welch pony the other a small stallion, in another corral, were two billy goats and all four animals were very friendly. In the barn, Jim showed me a frame work he was working on, a bench like affair with a frame work over it. This would be where the horses would fuck the women and the frame work would keep them from penetrating the women to deep, but was adjustable. All I asked, was that Jim keep the girls away from the studs and dressed, as long as the work men were here. As we were ready to leave, Lilly was bringing Helen out to the barn, to show her the studs, so Jim and I waited. When Helen saw that Lilly meant animals, there was a look of fear on her face.

"Lily, you can't be serious," Helen gasped.

"Yes, I am, they are going to be fantastic lovers," Lilly giggled.

"You'll enjoy them," I told Helen.

"Well," she blushed. "Jeff, can it be a while, I still sore from taking Jeremy last night."

All of a sudden, Lilly was laughing, then asked me if it was okay to tell Helen about June. When I assured her it was, soon both women were laughing but Helen knew how June felt, the kid was insatiable. It made me feel good, the two women were getting along very well and soon Lilly was inviting Helen back to the house. When Helen looked at me for approval, I just told her she didn't need my approval and to go ahead. It worked out fine, because Jim wanted to show me something in the barn. Since all the barn was used for was storage, he was cleaning it out and wanted my opinion of putting a stage at the one end. It was a great idea and I told him to go ahead, and he also was reinforcing the railing around the loft, so people could look down into the open part of the barn, like a gallery.

When Jim began showing me the series of over head pulleys and frame works, I didn't understand, so he just explained. A girl could be tied by the wrist, or what ever to a rope, then hoisted up into the air by the use of the pulleys. The frame works would be about the same, except the girl would be contained in the frame work and there were loops at each corner of the frame work, so a girl could be secured in the frame work spread eagled. The best I could tell him, was to see what Damien thought of it, because that was his field of expertise, and since I would be seeing him tonight, I would ask Damien to come up tomorrow.

We walked back to the house and Helen came out and bashfully asked how much longer we were going to be. Before answering, I asked why she wanted to know and she started getting a panicked look on her face. Softly, I told her I just wanted to know and it was okay, so Helen explained that Lilly wanted to show her something and it would take about a half hour.

"Gee, I don't know if I can stand to be away from you for a half hour," I teased.

"Well, I don't have to go," she blushed, then giggled. "Okay, I'll be back in a half hour."

"What time does Jenny get home from school?" I asked.

"Around three thirty, but she locks herself in the apartment until I get home at five thirty," Helen explained.

"Why does she have to lock herself in?" Lilly exclaimed.

"We live in a real bad neighborhood, and she's not safe there by herself," Helen explained.

The girls were actually going down to look at the plans for the cabins that were being built, so Jim and I walked up to see what my office was going to look like. It was actually going to be a five room building, with two bedrooms in it and there was no kitchen since that was going to be in the lodge. The kitchen would be staffed on weekends and special events, other than that, the few evening guest, during the week, Lilly would do the cooking with the help of the girls.

Everything looked great and Jim was doing an excellent job, so we walked back down to the house and the girls were there. A glance at my watch and it was already three o'clock, so I told Helen it was time to leave. The beautiful little blonde woman figured we were going back to the office but once we reached the city, I asked where Jenny's school was. We were waiting outside the school when the little ten year old blonde beauty came out and she eagerly climbed in my car. When I just took Helen and Jenny home, Helen gave me a surprised look, but I told her it was a perk but I was coming up to her apartment.

"Jeff," Jenny whispered in my ear. "Are we going to fuck?"

"Not today, Sweetheart," I laughed, at her disappointed look, then she ran on up the steps ahead of us and into an apartment.

"Mommy, they did it again!" Jenny came back out almost crying.

When Helen and I walked into the apartment, it had been trashed but it was obvious that it had once been neat and very clean. When Helen apologized, I just asked her why they did this. It was because Helen and Jenny kept to themselves and kept their apartment clean, because they had nothing to steal. For a moment, I looked around and that was the truth, all they had done was throw things around and trash the place.

"Helen, how long would it take you to pack up your belongings?" I asked her.

"Maybe an hour," she asked and looked at me in a funny way.

"Lets' get started," I replied, after looking at my watch. "You and Jenny are moving in with me!"

"Jeff, are you sure?" Helen asked.

Yes, I was sure, who wouldn't want a sexy looking woman and an even sexier ten year old, both willing to fuck at the drop of a hat, living with them. Two hours later, we were moving Helen and Jenny's things into my house but it surprised me when Helen moved her things into my spare bedroom and Jenny's things into my room. There was an even better treat, Helen was a great cook and I enjoyed a fine meal at home. We had just finished when Damien arrived and I introduced him as a very nice man, to Helen and Jenny. When I explained why I had moved the girls into my home, all Damien said, was he didn't blame me.

There was quite a commotion outside, then Joanne was almost dragging a thirteen year old, girl, with dark make up and clothes into my front room. The girl had a mouth like a trucker and was rude, obnoxious and mean, but very pretty in another way. When she asked Helen if she was fucking her way up the ladder, Damien gave me the funniest look. At the breakfast bar, Jenny was sipping on part of a soda and Shelly just asked where her's was. Quite happily, I gave her the rest of Jenny's on ice and she downed it in one gulp, then complained that there was no booze in it. For another ten minutes or so, the thirteen year old ranted and rave but Joanne never seemed embarrassed by it, she was to busy trying to impress Damien.

"Damien, would you take, Joanne, Helen and Jenny out back, the lawn is excellent this time of the evening," I suggested.

Once everyone but Shelly and I were out of the house, I walked over to sit beside the thirteen year old and began her programming. My program was even stronger than what I had programmed Brooke, to the point that if I told Shelly she was going to die, she would accept it. Also, she would be her normal self, until she heard I wanted her then she would come willingly and accept anything I told her to do. While she was around me, she would be civil, obedient and pleasant.

"Sorry I was so carried away," Shelly softly said as she came around.

"Apology accepted," I smiled at her. "Shelly, you would be so much prettier without all that black make up and clothes. Why don't you go use my shower and get rid of the make up and hair coloring, then come back out here naked. You will be very embarrassed by other people being here and seeing you naked, but you will not cover yourself up from them."

It was twenty minutes later when Shelly walked out of the hallway into the living room, stark naked, then looked at Damien, Helen, Jenny and her Mother and became very embarrassed. The thirteen year old was a light haired brunette, breast the size of softballs, a full, thick, pubic patch and shapely body. When I asked Joanne if Shelly didn't look prettier this way, she just smiled and agreed.

When I asked Damien if he wanted to take Shelly home and fuck her, he just smiled and said he would fuck her another time. Still, he wanted to check one thing and motioned the nude thirteen year old over to him and told her to spread her legs. As his fingers worked their way between Shelly's pussy lips, the naked thirteen year old gasped and her shapely hips began to move. Everyone could see his finger working it's way into Shelly's cunt and I was surprised to see him push it in all the way up to the palm of his hand.

"You like that, don't you?" Damien asked the naked thirteen year old.

"Oh yes," Shelly gasped.

"Who took your cherry?" Damien asked.

"My boy friend," she replied as her shapely body began to jerk with orgasms.

"How many different boys have you let fuck you?" was his next question.

"Seven," she replied, as Damien began finger fucking her.

"You are a real tramp, aren't you?" Damien stated.

"Yes Sir," she replied in a gasp, as her firm breast began heaving. "Go over and show that nice girl what a tramp feels like, without her cherry!"

Almost sobbing, the naked thirteen year old walked over to where Jenny sat and Damien explained to Jenny how to put her fingers in Shelly's cunt. To make it easier, I made Shelly lie on her back on the foot stool, with her legs spread wide. As Jenny's little fingers probed Shelly's cunt lips to find the vaginal opening, the naked thirteen year old was enjoying it. When the ten year old's finger slipped easily into Jenny's cunt, Damien told Jenny she probably needed two or three fingers and to push them in and out. It didn't take long, and with Damien's help, Jenny had four fingers pumping in and out of fourteen year old Shelly's cunt and I could see where Damien was going, yet that was where he stopped Jenny.

With a smile, Damien said he was done, so I told Shelly she could go get dressed and her Mom would take her home. As Shelly was dressing, Damien looked at me and smiled, then said Shelly would never be any more than tramp and it was Joanne's fault. The older woman just blushed and dropped her head, because she knew it was true, as did the rest of us. Once Joanne and Shelly had left, I could see that Damien kept watching Jenny, and would smile at the beautiful little ten year old.

"Damien, how would you like to take Jenny home for the night?" I asked him.

"Sweetheart, would you like to go home with me, so I can fuck you?" Damien asked the little blonde beauty.

"Can I Mommy?" Jenny quickly squealed.

"Will you bring her back before school?" Helen softly asked.

"Of course," Damien smiled. "I also will see that she is dressed, her teeth brushed and her hair combed," he smiled.

"Helen, I want you to transfer Jenny into this school district," I told her.

"Well, that is easy," Damien smiled. "I'm the principal at her new school, so I'll just take her to school and bring her back here after school."

While Jenny packed an overnight bag, Damien took Jenny's school information from Helen and would take care of the transfer. So, I gave Jenny a key to the front door, told her to have fun, she kissed Helen and started out the door with Damien. Then, she stopped, turned around and ran back to give me a kiss also. Once Damien and Jenny were gone, I looked at Helen and she blushed, then I just told her she looked so nice.

"Do you want to fuck me, or have me suck your cock?" Helen bashfully asked.

"What I would like, is for you just to relax and enjoy yourself for a while," I smiled at her. "Now, this time of the evening, I like to go out on the deck and have coffee. The neighbors will probably come over and I am going to tell them that you and Jenny are living here, until you find a nice place of your own."

"Can I sit with you?" the blonde beauty asked.

"I would be very pleased," I smiled.

We sat out on the deck and talked for a while, then the nosy neighbors came over and sat with us also. Once the neighbors left, I told Helen about going to the company picnic this Saturday and how I was taking her and Jenny. That for this picnic, she was my Wife and Jenny was my Daughter, also that I would be taking names and notes on women to be trained for upper positions. When Helen asked if they were positions like hers, I honestly told her they were, and I would be looking for pretty Daughters also. When we moved back into the house, Helen asked where I wanted her to sleep?

"If I asked you to sleep with me but without having sex, would you mind?" I asked her.

"Oh no," she quickly stated. "I would love that."

We showered together and I loved the feel of the grown woman's shapely body next to mine, her full breast were more than a handful but very firm. When I began tweaking and working her nipples, they sprang into erection and I could feel her chest beginning to rise and fall. Since I had told Helen there would be no sex, I quit playing with her beautiful bare body and we stepped out of the shower and dried off. As we lay in bed, Helen lay beside me, her nude body soft and smooth, but I put my arm under her head and she curled up in my arms. When I heard her sniffle, it surprised me and I asked her what was wrong.

"I've never felt loved like this before," she sniffled and kissed my cheek.

When Helen and I came home from work, Jenny was already home and doing school work but she stopped long enough to give both Helen and I hugs and kisses. When I asked her if she had enjoyed being with Damien, the ten year old giggled and blushed, then said yes. She had a little trouble taking Damien's longer cock but when it became to painful, he made her stop trying to take it all. Then with a smile, she said the third time they fucked, she took all of his cock and went to sleep with his cock in her cunt. When we asked her about school, a very excited ten year old went on and on about her new school and the nice friends she had made today.

"Jeff, I'm so happy," Jenny sighed.

"Sweetheart, you remember, you can't talk to anyone about what you do with me and other men," I reminded her.

"Oh, I know that," she giggled. "Jeff, while my Mom and I are here, would it be okay if I called you Daddy?" she bashfully asked.

"If that is what you want to do," I smiled at her, "and it's okay with your Mother."

"Mommy, can I?" Jenny asked Helen. "I've always dreamed of having a Daddy and in my dreams it was someone just like Jeff."

"Sweetheart, if I could have gave you a Daddy, he couldn't have been any better than Jeff," Helen smiled at me.

"Alright!" Jenny exclaimed, then a puzzled look came over her pretty face. "Am I a Daddy fucker? If I am, and Daddy fucks you Mommy, does that make him a Mother fucker?"

"Jenny, where on earth do you come up with these questions?" Helen exclaimed.

"At my old school, boys were always calling each other Mother fuckers, so I just assumed they did that," Jenny replied.

The ten year old was much more intelligent that I had given her credit for and I told her that I hadn't fucked her Mother, yet. With a giggle, she told her Mom that I was the best fucker she knew and Helen was in for a real treat. Then she stopped and asked if she could use the word lover, because she really didn't like the sound of the word fucker. Both Helen and I quickly agreed with Jenny, because I didn't want the word to become part of her vocabulary. Use of a word like that would ruin her innocent look and sound, and she was to sweet for that. We were stopped by the doorbell ringing and I wasn't expecting anyone, so when I opened the door and there was the cutest little girl there, I was surprised.

"Can Jenny come out and play," the little brunette asked.

"If she has finished her home work," I smiled. "Jenny, there's someone here to see you."

"Hi Sandy," Jenny said, coming to the door.

"Can you come out and play?" Sandy asked.

"Well, my home work is done but I'll have to be back in soon for supper," Jenny answered. "Sandy, this is my Dad and Mom."

"Hi Sandy," I said. "My name is Jeff and this is Jenny's Mom Helen."

"Mr Rush, don't you remember me," Sandy giggled. "I live two houses down."

"Little Sandy," I exclaimed. "You have grown so much."

As the two girls headed out of the house, Sandy was whispering to Jenny that I was a real fox and Helen was a gorgeous babe. Maybe forty five minutes later, Jenny came back in by herself and she looked so happy, then said she really liked living here because she could play outside. Over dinner, she was telling Helen and I that Sandy was also ten and she had another friend by the name of Beth, that was nine and she lived in the house on the other side of Sandy's. The little blonde beauty was talking a mile a minute and Helen apologized, saying she was never like this before.

"Helen, don't apologize, it means she is happy," I smiled. "The next thing will be wanting to have sleep overs," I laughed.

"You mean I could do that!" Jenny squealed.

"Yes Sweetheart, but you have to make sure it's on a night when you don't have a date," I told her.

We talked about Jenny dating and that she probably would have dates every weekend, once the ranch was operating, but until then, we would see about her having at least one sleep over. Then, if it worked out well, she could have them on week nights, if Sandy and Beth's Parents were okay with that. She could just tell the other girls Parents that we spent our weekends away, or doing things. All this seemed to satisfy the ten year old and when it was time for bed, Jenny came to sit on my lap, so I could undress her. By the time I made it to bed, there was a stunning little, stark naked, ten year old blonde, sleeping in my bed.

Before heading to Carl's corporate picnic, I briefed Jenny on what we were doing there and she thought it would be great, because she might find a friend to go on dates with her. It was something I hadn't thought about, but once Jenny was at the ranch, she would have friends in the girls there and Crystal was only a year older then Jenny.

When we reached the picnic area, there were over a hundred people there and probably twice that many kids. The first person to greet us, was Carl himself, and I introduced him to Helen and Jenny, then explained why I had brought them and he thought it was a great idea. Immediately, he took me to a small stage, where he introduced me as the new corporate training officer and I would be training people for new positions and advancement. Within minutes afterwards, I was a very popular person and Helen seemed embarrassed by all the attention.

As we wondered through the people, there were so many it was hard to really see much, let alone remember who I was meeting. Soon, Jenny was moving towards a young girl with short dark hair, about ten years old, she was sitting with a young woman, maybe younger than Helen and another even younger girl. Moments later, Helen excused herself to catch up to Jenny, after a few minutes, Helen was bringing the Mother back towards us. From what I could see through the crowd, the woman was extremely pretty, even behind her glasses, yet seemed so shy and both little girls were carbon copies of their Mother.

"Honey, this is Vicky and her Daughters Amber and Grace," Helen introduced me to them. "Vicky is in the steno pool and could use a way out, since she is a single Mother," Helen emphasized single. "Amber is eight and Grace is ten and Vicky is twenty eight," she stated.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," I smiled and Vicky blushed with embarrassment. "Vicky, why haven't you tried to advance out of the steno pool before?" I asked.

"I don't think I could do anything else," Vicky shyly answered.

"Vicky, trust my Husband, he knows exactly what you will be very good at," Helen assured her.

"Daddy," Jenny pulled me down and whispered. "They are perfect."

"Well, Monday morning, I will be in my office there and I want you to come and see me,?" I said, asking her last name and which pool she worked in.

We began walking through the grounds and Helen was talking with Vicky about how hard it was for a single Mother to advance and Vicky agreed. A little farther on, she pointed to a very pretty but older, red haired lady that was raising her Daughter by herself. The lady had just returned to the work force and took the first job she could find and she wasn't very qualified for that. Moments later, the sweetest looking little red haired girl, joined the Mother, maybe twelve, with dark red hair to her shoulders. With a smile, I asked Vicky what the woman's name was and she gave it to me, so I jotted both Vicky's and the other woman's names down.

"Excuse me Helen, may I steal Jeff for just a few minutes?" Carl came up and asked.

With a nod Helen smiled and Carl walked me to the far edge of the crowd and asked me to look at the woman talking with several men. She was probably in her early thirties, extremely good looking and well built, then Carl pointed out a thirteen year old girl, that was a carbon copy to the woman, only prettier, with shoulder length blonde hair. Now, we walked out away from everyone, where Carl could openly talk.

"Jeff, I want that bitch working the ranch," Carl said. "She's a tease and uses her body and great looks to try and get promotions. The Daughter will make a great addition to our stable and we can use her to humiliate the Mother."

"You really don't like this woman, do you," I laughed.

"I don't like the way she tries to get ahead, by running others down and using her looks and body instead of her brains," Carl stated. "She's cost me several good managers by filing false sexual harassment charges and I know she did it, trying to get their positions."

"She's yours," I smiled. "You can break the Daughter in while she watches."

"Actually, I would prefer that the girl is broken in before I get her," Carl replied. "I realize you have to break the Mother first though. Otherwise, we'd do it at a group meeting on the ranch."

"Group meeting it will be," I smiled. "I will be busy Monday and Tuesday evenings, but can take care of the girl Wednesday," I replied.

"The Mother's name is Carrie and her Daughter I believe is Mandy," Carl said.

So far, that was three young girls and two Mother's, so Helen and I walked around a little more, while Jenny stayed with Vicky's two girls. There were several other beautiful young girls that I found and the names of their Mothers, then Helen and I started back to find Jenny and leave. When we reached the place we had left Jenny, she Amber and Grace were talking with two of the cutest little oriental girls. Both these Asian beauties were nine or so and their Mother was talking with Vicky, so she introduced Kim to us, then told us Kim was a widower and really having a hard time making it. Quickly, I added Kim to my list, then it was time to leave.

"Sweetheart, what were the two little girls names?" I asked Jenny once we were away.

"The eight year old is Jade and the nine year old is Jasmine," Jenny answered. "Daddy, I sure hope you can get Jade, Jasmine, Amber and Grace involved, they're really sexy and nice."

"Sweetie, maybe Jasmine and Grace," I smiled. "But I don't think the two eight year old's could take having sex."

"Jeff, if you do it right and easy the first time, they can," Helen replied. "Once they are used to having intercourse, they can continue to have it."

"Mommy, what's intercourse?" Jenny asked, and Helen answered. "Daddy, they're as big as I am," she giggled. "Daddy, I will help you with them, so it will be easier for them the first time."

For a minute, I couldn't believe it, my new ten year old Daughter was willing to help me fuck her friends, life couldn't get any better than that. Far as Jenny was concerned, it was settled and the new girls could sleep over one at a time, until they were ready to start dating. Since Jenny was ready to start dating after her second time, she figured these girls would be also. Now, she wanted to know about this ranch we were going to and as I told her about it and the girls there, she became very excited.

Chapter 7

A half hour later, we were driving down off the hill into the ranch and Jenny was all excited about what she was seeing. Of course the girls swarmed the car, then just had to meet Helen and Jenny but it was Jenny and Crystal that hit it off, since Crystal was only a year older than Jenny. When Crystal asked if Jenny wanted to go horseback riding, Jenny wasn't sure, she had never ridden a horse before. That didn't slow Crystal down, they would just get Kelly to teach Jenny, then they could all go out together. Now, I wondered how they were going to all ride, Jim didn't have that many horses. With a giggle, Kelly said her Dad had picked up a dozen more gentle saddle horses, with tack, because he was sure guest would love to go riding with the girls.

"Jeff, you and Helen are going riding with us, please?" April begged.

"I haven't been horse back riding since I was a teenager," Helen excitedly said.

"Helen, when Jeff or a man goes with us, we ride in the nude," Kelly giggled.

"Oh," Helen replied with a blush. "I can do that," she actually giggled.

"Jeff, did you find any more girls, besides this little beauty," Kelly asked and smiled at Jenny.

All of a sudden, Jenny was telling the girls all about the five girls we had seen today and Shelly, but not to expect to see Shelly but a couple of times. When I gave Jenny a funny look, the ten year old giggled and said she knew it was alright to talk to these girls because she just knew I had fucked Crystal and every one of the other girls. All I could do was shake my head and leave the girls to saddle horses while Helen and I went to say hello to Jim and Lilly.

When we reached the lodge, Jim was just coming out and told me we should avoid the upper pasture area because the fence crew was still working there. That if we went down the valley, towards the lower pastures, there would be no one there and the fence crew would never be able to see us. When a very sexy, naked Helen walked out to the gate, I had to look at her again and again, and I remembered our lunch. As we rode, I loved the way Helen's full breast bounced and swayed with the movement of her horse.

When I would look over at Helen's naked body, she would blush, then smile, then Kelly told her to lean back when I looked at her, so I could see her bush. As I looked from Kelly to Helen, I realized why Helen fascinated me so, she wasn't any bigger than Kelly, except for her breast were fuller and rounded. The woman seemed to be there for me and enjoyed being around me, beyond what I had programmed into her. She also, seemed to look at everything through child like eyes and enjoyed these things like a child would.

The blonde beauty loved riding this way and I enjoyed watching Helen ride this way, then I also enjoyed watching Jenny ride, because the ten year old was enjoying herself so much. After an hour though, we headed back to the ranch and when we came up onto the hay fields, I almost panicked, there were several cars in the drive, then I realized one was Ralph's and another was Derricks, then Paul's car. It also didn't surprise me when I saw the little blue jeep in the driveway. Yet, as we came closer, there were nine men standing on the lawn waving to us and I recognized Ralph, Paul, Derrick, Mr. Drew and Carl but the other four were strangers.

"Jeff, what do we do?" Kelly quickly asked.

"Well, if they weren't nice men, they wouldn't be with Ralph and Derrick," I replied as we rode up to the yard fence.

"Sorry not to let you know ahead of time," Ralph walked out and greeted us. "Girl's these are friends of mine, so where are my kisses."

As the girls began piling off their horses, Mr. Drew kissed several of them, then brought the three men to meet me. They were members of Ralph's group and wanted to see what they were investing in and right now, they didn't care. Since the girls had seemed to already choose a man, Helen suggested Jenny come over and meet one of these new men. She was bashful, but one of the older men knelt down to her and told her she was the most beautiful little girl he had ever seen. With the cutest giggle, Jenny said that Kelly was prettier than she was but the man just assured her he knew better.

"My name is Simon, what's your name?" he asked.

"Jenny," she shyly replied.

"Well beautiful Jenny, can I be your date for tonight?" Simon asked.

That was all it took and Jenny was his and when he asked her if she was going to give him a kiss, Jenny did. One of the other men ended up with Tami, another with Brooke and the last one with April, but none of them seemed displeased with their choices. Ten minutes later, all nine men were stark naked and each had a naked little girl on their laps and smiles that couldn't be wiped off, except Derrick, he had June. It was when Jim came out onto the porch, that he commented it was a good thing the bedroom furniture had arrived for the upstairs bedrooms.

The men were sitting around on the porch, talking about what the ranch was going to be like and Kelly just slid off Paul's lap, between his legs and began sucking his cock. One by one, the other girls followed Kelly's lead and soon Jenny was sucking this Simon's cock and he was feigning a heart attack. Everything was going great, until I realized that I was going to be sleeping alone tonight, then a stark naked Helen walked out onto the porch.

"Jeff, do you think you could have four more girls here by next weekend?" Mr. Drew asked as he gasped. "We'd like to bring our whole group up here, so they can see what we are going to have."

"I believe so, can I let you know by Wednesday?" I replied.

"That would be fine, just let Ralph know," Drew replied.

"Paul, where's Jeremy?" Becky quit sucking cock long enough to ask.

"Believe me, he wanted to be here but he just couldn't make it," Paul replied.

Soon, all eight young girls and June were swallowing cum and men were sighing with pleasure. It was Carl, that said when the cabins were finished they should be staffed full time through the summer months and everyone agreed. That meant that I had to find a dozen more young girls in three weeks but I doubted that would be a problem. Still, by the looks on these men's faces, I could have asked for the moon and they would have given it to me. Now, the eight naked little girls, were again sitting on naked grown men's laps while their small breast and naked bodies were being fondled. Off to the side, I noticed Helen watching Jenny and Simon, but I saw no signs of anger, instead there was a small smile on the nude beauties face. Casually, I moved over behind Helen, put my arms around her bare waist and she leaned back into me.

"Jeff, you're the only one still wearing clothes," she giggled. "Isn't Jenny so cute?"

"Yes, she is and I think she likes Simon," I smiled and kissed her bare shoulder, felt her naked body tremble.

"Jeff, is Lilly expected to feed everyone?" Helen huskily asked.

"I would imagine so," I replied.

"I would rather stay with you, but that's a lot to ask of one person. Would it be okay if I helped her?" Helen bashfully asked.

"Why don't we both go help her," I replied, "but I'm not undressing until after we're through in the kitchen."

With a laugh, Helen took my hand and we headed into the lodge to help Lilly with supper and June joined us. It wasn't long though and we noticed men being led away from the porch so the girls could show them different things around the main area. While helping with cooking, I had a lot of fun, I was in the kitchen with three beautiful, naked, women and didn't even care that they all wore aprons. It was the women's night to tease me and they were enjoying it and I think Lilly the most. Yet, after the meal was served, all three women decided it was time for me to get naked but once they had my clothes off, June went back to be with Derek.

By the time Helen and I made it back to the porch, the girls were again sitting on their dates laps, but it wasn't long and they began drifting off, to look at the bedrooms. There wouldn't be a bedroom for Helen and I but she bashfully said anywhere would be fine with her. Suddenly, any place I could be with this stunning beauty, was fine with me, even the front lawn but I led her into the den. As I turned the beautiful blonde to face me, I saw an inner beauty to Helen and when I kissed her, she returned one and it was the kiss of a woman. A very passionate woman!

Slowly, I eased Helen to the floor, then lay beside her and felt like a kid again myself as we made out. Every kiss, was a thing of pleasure, the way her nude body felt against mine. When I kissed the hollow of her throat, she moaned and put her arms around my shoulders, to hold me close as her body melted into mine. Her breast were extremely sensitive and her nipples spiked so easily as her body trembled with passion. As I sucked, nibbled and kissed those firm, soft mounds of flesh, I heard the blonde beauty sob.

There was nothing I could do, I had to taste Helen's pussy and began kissing my way down her flat stomach to her thick patch of blonde pubic hair. Her womanly hips lifted her mound to me and when I licked at the beginning of her vaginal lips, Helen spread her legs wide for me. As I kissed down over those petal soft pussy lips, I felt Helen gasp and shudder with a small orgasm, then she was wriggling under my naked body. As my tongue licked along the length of her pussy slit, I felt the head of my cock being sucked between soft lips.

My tongue slipped between Helen's pussy lips and I was surprised at how tight they were, then I found her vaginal opening and it too was very tight, enough I couldn't slide my tongue inside her. Now, I concentrated on licking and sucking Helen's clit, as her shapely hips rose and fell, her beautiful, naked body shuddered and jerked with orgasms. The taste of her pussy was intoxicating and I hardly noticed that she had swallowed my cock and was deep throating me. Yet, it was a feeling to intense not to notice and I could feel my balls swelling as a load of cum began jetting into the naked blondes hungrily sucking mouth.

Jet after jet of cum exploded into Helen's sucking mouth and the blonde beauty drank greedily and sucked for more. When there was no more, she continued sucking my cock, as I rimmed her vaginal opening and sucked her clit. Just as her beautiful body began thrashing with orgasm, I pulled my cock from Helen's mouth and began moving around to get between her legs. The woman's cunt was sopping with my saliva and her juices, her hand reached between us to guide my cock to her waiting cunt.

It took me by surprise when I actually had to push my cock into Helen's cunt, because she was that tight. Yet, the nude, blonde beauty instantly went into throbbing orgasms, her hips thrusting up, trying to get even more of my cock inside her beautiful body. Without waiting, I began pumping my cock in and out of Helen's cunt, the walls of her vagina felt like they were trying to milk my cock, it was so erotic. So erotic that I wanted to bury myself in her beautiful body, and pulled her legs up between us for maximum penetration.

With my cock penetrating Helen's cunt so deep that I could feel her cervix, I began pounding my cock into her tight cunt. The harder and faster I fucked her, the higher and harder Helen hit orgasms. Before long, the woman was actually babbling like a child as her orgasms took over that beautiful body. He cunt had loosened only a little and it still felt like I was fucking a velvet glove. Again, Helen was sobbing with orgasms, her cunt sheath was rippling along the length of my cock, pulling the cum right out of my balls. When I started pumping my cum into the woman's body, every jet caused her to squeal with another higher orgasm.

When I collapsed on top of Helen's naked body, in sheer exhaustion, her arms wrapped around my body and held me close. When I rolled to one side, she rolled with me, then sat up on my groin, my cock still embedded deep in her clasping cunt. Almost instantly, she began lifting and dropping on my still stiff cock but those beautiful breast were just begging to be kissed and suckled. By using Helen's still distended nipples, I pulled the blonde beauty down to my chest, then up towards my head, so I could kiss and work her breast. Yet, this soon proved to be way to much excitement as her naked body began heaving and thrashing with orgasms.

Gently, I pushed Helen down a little, then wrapped her nude body in my arms while her hips still lifted and lowered her cunt on my cock. The woman was sobbing with orgasms as she covered my face, lips and chin with kisses. Again, her silky cunt was milking another huge orgasm from my cock, and I did nothing to slow it down. Jet after jet of cum exploded inside Helen's beautiful body, she let out a small screech and collapsed on my chest. For at least ten minutes, she lay there, her chest heaving as she fought to bring herself down from orgasms. When she was close to being down, she kissed me ever so passionately, then tried to roll to one side.

"Maybe I like you right where you are," I whispered.

"Jeff, I love feeling you inside me like this and feeling your bare skin next to mine, but I'm to heavy," she bashfully replied.

"Well Sweetheart, I love all those feelings also and I think you are just the perfect weight," I smiled and wrapped Helen in my arms than kissed her.

For some time, Helen softly cried and I asked her if everything was okay and it was. She was just so happy that she couldn't keep the tears from coming, so I kissed them away and told her it was okay. This was the first time she and I had fucked but I promised myself it wasn't going to be the last, she and Jenny were changing rooms when we were home. Which, would also be more appropriate for Jenny when her little friends came over.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt fantastic because I was cumming inside Helen again and she was jerking out orgasms in her sleep. There weren't any sounds of anyone else being up, so I tried to slide out from under Helen but it woke her up. With the biggest, most beautiful smile, she kissed me, lifted off my cock and began kissing her way down my body. There was no hesitation when she reached my cock, she just sucked it into her mouth and began lovingly sucking it.

"Haven't you had enough of my cock," I laughed and she lifted her mouth off it.

"I don't think I could ever have enough of this wonderful cock, or you," she blushed.

"Well, I think we had better go shower before everyone else is up and there isn't any hot water left," I laughed.

"Do we have to," she softly replied.

"I think so, but we can do it again, later," I laughed. "After you've moved Jenny out of my room and yourself in."

"Please don't tell me you are teasing," Helen gasped.

Softly, I told Helen I wasn't teasing and on the way to the shower explained why, which she thought was probably a very wise idea. Still, she wasn't to sure Jenny was going to be happy about this, she also loved sleeping with me, even though I hadn't fucked the ten year old since that first night. There wasn't any reason Jenny couldn't sleep with us, watching Helen and I fuck wouldn't embarrass Jenny, or me fucking Jenny wouldn't embarrass Helen.

It wasn't long after Helen and I were out of the shower, that Jenny came squealing down the hallway, cum dripping down her little legs and Simon right behind her. Both Helen and I laughed and headed on down the stairs to the kitchen, where Lilly had coffee ready. Out on the porch, Ralph, Paul and Drew were drinking coffee while they waited for the showers to open up. When I mentioned there not being enough bedrooms for a group larger than what we had, Carl said the newer girls could spend the night in a group setting. That it would help them get over their shyness and he would have a dozen or so inflatable, queen sized mattresses sent up before next weekend.

"Jeff, you are going to have Carrie and Mandy here next weekend, I hope?" Carl asked.

"Yes," I laughed. "I'll be in my office at your building Monday morning. Beside's I found four other young girls and two great looking Mothers that I want to get started right away."

By noon, everyone was leaving, as were Helen, Jenny and I, but Drew had promised Lilly, that there would be a cook and two helpers there next Friday afternoon, so she wouldn't have to do the cooking. We had no more than reached home, when Jenny's little friends came over and wanted Jenny to come out and play. We had already told Jenny that we were switching rooms with she and Helen, so we did that while Jenny was out playing. When I noticed the girls were sharing a bicycle, I ran down to the store and picked up Jenny a bike of her own, which made the ten year old break down in tears.

Early Monday morning, I was at my office at Carl's and stocking the little wet bar when Carl walked in. The man smiled and asked if there was anything else I needed but there was nothing I could think of, other than Carrie and she would be sent in to me in about twenty minutes. When Carl asked how soon after I finished with Carrie before she could be fucked, I just laughed and told him I would send her to his office. With a whistle and a smile, Carl was on his way and I was ready for Carrie.

Within ten minutes of the beautiful, blonde Carrie walking into my office, I would have sworn I could have fucked her without the pills. At the same time, I did know what a tease she was and how she worked, beside's her eyes were already beginning to glass over. When I programmed Carrie, the five foot six inch blonde bomb shell would do anything she was told to do and would encourage her thirteen year old Daughter to do the same, still it was a little stronger programming than I had given even June. Shortly after I finished, Carrie was sitting there swirling the ice cubes in her empty glass.

"Carrie, I think you are wanted in Mr. Rathmores office and I want you to do what ever he tells you and treat him very special," I told the blonde bomb shell. "Oh Carrie, here's my home address, I want you to bring Mandy by around seven tonight."

"Happily," she brightly smiled and went out the door.

Quickly, I called Carl and told him Carrie was on the way and she would do what ever he told her to do, no matter what. The next employee I called for, was the oriental woman named Kim, with the two young Daughters. When Kim walked into the office, she wasn't as pretty as she had been at the picnic, then I realized it was the clothes she wore. When I set the glass of soda in front of her, she seemed very surprised, almost scared, so I set her at ease by starting a conversation about kids. It dawned on me that Kim's girls weren't full blooded oriental and Kim explained that her late Husband wasn't oriental. That even she had some white blood in her and that was when her eyes started going glassy.

It was easy to program Kim, and I told her that I wanted Jasmine and Jade at my house, the next evening. She was more than pleased to bring them and was even willing to tell them they had to cooperate with me. Quickly, I told her not to say anything to them, that would alarm or scare them, and I would handle their questions. After Kim left, I called for Vicky and she programed even easier than Kim and Vicky would have Amber and Grace at my home Wednesday evening. It blew my mind away, that these women were going to be pleased at seeing their little girls be fucked by older men. Or that they would have no qualms about being fucked themselves or teaching young boys about sex, in fact they seemed to be looking forward to it.

With what I had set up today, there would be five more young girls for the coming weekend and three mothers. As I was walking out of my office, I saw Carrie coming down the hallway, adjusting her skirt and smiling. She greeted me very warmly and quietly said she would see me tonight. That in itself was a change in the woman, she didn't use the fact that she knew me, to her advantage. On the way out, I worked my way through the different office pools, talking to the women and getting to know them, and remembered several that I had seen and took names of at the picnic.

Back at my own office, I drew a map to the ranch and added explicit instructions on how to get there, then photo copied three sets. These I would give to Carrie, Kim and Vicky, so they could bring their girls to the ranch Friday night. As I was coming out of the copy room, Helen was going in, she looked at me, smiled and went on in without any more recognition. Her greeting was in her eyes but she was playing the rest very cool, except I wanted to follow her back into the copy room, shut the door and fuck the shit out of her. On the way home, I told Helen about Carrie bringing Mandy to the house tonight and she just smiled.

"Do you want me to keep Carrie busy for a while, or are you going to send her home and keep the girl with us for the night?" Helen asked.

"You think we should keep Mandy with us?" I asked.

"Well, it would give her a period of adjusting by Jenny and I watching you fuck her, without her Mother around" Helen replied. "Or, you could make the Mother stay and watch, like I did," she smiled.

We reached home and Jenny was finishing her homework, then wanted to go ride bikes with Sandy and Beth so Helen told her not to be gone long. Shortly after Helen and I change out of our work clothes, we heard Jenny come in through the front door, also the voices of Sandy and Beth. All Jenny wanted was to know if she could go to the park, which was just down the street. The girls just wanted to show Jenny the park, then they would be right back, so it was fine with us. As Jenny, Sandy and Beth were going out the door, Jenny asked about dinner and Helen told her twenty minutes.

The way Jenny respected her Mom and now me, totally impressed me and Helen admitted this was a new side of Jenny. The ten year old had been turning rebellious, but I figured it was apartment fever and having the freedom to be a little girl was making her feel better about herself. During diner, Jenny prattled on excitedly about what a nice park there was, then would stop, look at Helen and I and giggle.

"What is so funny?" I asked.

"Well, Saturday night, you didn't have sex with Mom, you made love to her," the ten year old giggled.

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"Because, Simon and I could hear her moaning and squealing, so he explained the difference," she smiled. "He said I was very lucky to have both of you, because you evidently loved each other so much. That if you loved each other that much, then you loved me just as much."

"Well, I could take you in the bedroom and show you just how much I love you," I teased Jenny.

"I could crawl under the table and show you just how much I love you," she giggled.

All Helen did was shake her head and laugh at Jenny and I, then Jenny helped her clean up the dishes and wanted to go back out to ride her new bike some more. Instead, Helen told her about Carrie and her Daughter Mandy coming, and what Jenny could do to help. With a squeal, Jenny came in to tell me that she would love helping, and asked me what I wanted her to do. The best I could tell her was to make this Mandy feel comfortable and be nice to her. Just then, Helen was saying that someone was pulling in the driveway.

"Jeff, is that the Carrie you are waiting on?" Helen asked in surprise.

"Yes, why?" I replied.

"She used to work in our office, she's a real bitch," Helen blushed for using the word.

When I looked out the window, the stunning beauty was walking up the drive way, dressed like she was walking off a fashion page, with her was the stunning little blonde called Mandy but her clothes were almost shabby in comparison to Carrie's. Yet, even in shabby clothes, Mandy was more beautiful than her Mother, and Helen was quickly giving me some ideas. Then, she went to the front door, opened it and greeted Carrie and Mandy warmly and when Carrie returned the greeting, Helen seemed surprised.

"Evening Carrie," I said, meeting them at the edge of the living room.

"Mandy, this is Jeff, he is going to be helping me to do better," Carrie told the blonde thirteen year old.

The blonde beauty blushed and moved closer to her Mom and I saw a real shyness, or fear in the child. She was beautiful and already five foot four at thirteen years old, then Carrie was probably five foot six herself. Gently, I put my hand out to Mandy and shook hers, then Jenny was there and I introduced the two girls. Without missing a beat, Jenny asked Mandy if she wanted to go bike riding, after she had talked with me.

"You want to talk to me?" Mandy bashfully asked.

"Yes, that is how I will know more about your Mother's capabilities," I smiled. "Why don't you and I go into the living room, your Mom can go out back with Helen and Jenny."

"It's okay Mandy, you can tell Jeff anything you want," Carrie eagerly stated. "Just listen to him and you'll find out what a wonderful friend he can be."

As Helen and Jenny took Carrie out to the back yard, I brought a couple of short sodas to the living room and handed one to Mandy. As I studied the thirteen year old, she was a living breathing doll but my watching her was embarrassing her. Instead, I asked her about school, what she liked to do and Mandy began to relax as she drank her soda. It wasn't long and Mandy's beautiful blue eyes went glassy, so I programed her as I had Brooke and Shelly. After she came back around, she looked at me with a smile that lit up the room.

"You know what I would like Mandy," I asked and went on, "to see how beautiful you are without clothes on."

"You would?' she gleefully asked and started unbuttoning her blouse.

"Yes, but I would like to undress you myself and have your Mother watch, so she can see how beautiful you are also," I told her and Mandy bashfully nodded.

"Well, I can't be as beautiful as my Mother," she shyly stated.

"I think you can be, in fact, run out and ask her to come in and watch while I undress you," I replied and Mandy blushed deeply. "First though, I want to kiss those beautiful lips."

A little hesitant, Mandy started to bend down to me, instead I stood up and took the thirteen year old in my arms, tipped her beautiful face up to mine and kissed her soft, sweet lips passionately. The little beauties eyes closed, her body melted into mine and she let out a low, throaty moan, then kissed me back. As she turned to go out to the patio, she stumbled over a foot stool, blushed, giggled, then went on out. Through the open door, I could hear Mandy excitedly asking her Mom to come in and watch me undress her. When she came back in, Carrie was with her, as was Helen and Jenny.

Having all these people there, never seemed to bother the thirteen year old blonde beauty and Mandy quickly moved over to stand in front of me. With a smile, I told her that since she was being undressed, her Mother should be undressed also, so we could compare their bodies. As Carrie blushed a little, she blushed even more when I said as I took a piece of Mandy's clothing off, Jenny would take the same piece of clothing off Carrie. For a moment, the beautiful blonde woman started to protest, then went silent and as I began unbuttoning Mandy's blouse, Jenny began unbuttoning Carrie's.

As I pushed Mandy's blouse off her shoulders to expose her white, to small bra, Jenny pushed Carrie's off to expose a fancy lace, push up bra. When I dropped Mandy's skirt, she wore a pair of white cotton panties that had seen better days, while her Mother wore sexy silk ones. Something wasn't making a lot of sense here, I was beginning to think that Carrie took better care of herself than this beautiful thirteen year old creature. Reaching behind Mandy, I unhooked her bra then pulled it off her shoulders to expose a set of 34 C breast that were magnificent, like two softballs on the thirteen year old's chest, with quarter sized pink aureoles and nipples the size of dimes.

As Jenny pulled Carrie's lacy bra off, a pair of thirty six D breast dropped out to lay heavily on Carrie's chest. The Mother's breast were large but not very firm and swayed as Jenny pulled the bra off Carrie's arms. With a little smile at Mandy, I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her white cotton panties and began pushing them down off her shapely hips. As the thirteen year old's silky, thick golden triangle shaped pubic bush came free, the panties fluttered down Mandy's legs to pool on the floor around her bare feet. Quickly, I looked over at her Mother as Jenny was pushing Carrie's panties off her hips and instead of a blonde pubic bush, there was a light brown slash of pubic hair.

"Well, I'll be damned," I laughed. "No wonder your Mother is jealous of you, you are a true blonde and she isn't!"

The now naked, older woman blushed deeply and I could see a look of almost fear on Mandy's beautiful thirteen year old face. Softly, I stroked Mandy's firm breast and the look was gone, replaced by one of sheer passion. When I told the nude thirteen year old that she was much more beautiful than her Mother, Mandy couldn't help but smile After sitting in my chair, I pulled the naked thirteen year old to me until her legs had to straddle mine, then I pulled her down onto my legs.

"Carrie, isn't Mandy the most beautiful creature you have ever seen?" I asked.

"Oh yes she is," Carrie gushed

"Don't you think you should be punished for neglecting her the way you have?" I asked Carrie.

"Yes, I should be," she blushed.

"You will be, later," I assured the naked woman. "Mr. Rathmore said you were like fucking a dead fish, I'll bet Mandy is going to be a better fuck." I smiled at the blushing thirteen year old.

Gently, I leaned forward and kissed the nipple on Mandy's full, rounded breast and the naked thirteen year old sighed with pleasure and her shapely nude body throbbed. As I continued to kiss and nibble Mandy's breast, my hand slipped between her legs to caress the softest pussy lips. As her hips began to move on my legs, I reached up to kiss her lips again and I thought the thirteen year old was going to cry. When I asked Mandy if she was ready to suck my cock, she blushed and nodded, so I pushed her back off my legs and stood up.

It only took me a moment to strip out of my clothes, then I lay down on the carpet, on my back and told the nude thirteen year old to kneel over my head. There was a very surprised look on her face but she did as she was told and I was now looking at a soft, hairless set of pussy lips.

It was Jenny, that knelt down beside the thirteen year old Mandy and gently began telling her what to do. When Mandy leaned forward and down over my cock, the ten year old Jenny told her just to look at it for a moment, because it was the most beautiful cock she would ever see. As the thirteen year old's soft sweet lips touched the head of my cock, I kissed her petal soft pussy lips and she cried out as her nude body jerked in orgasm. Suddenly, her small mouth engulfed the head of my cock and I could feel her little tongue licking and teasing around the glans. Since she was started, I licked the tip of my tongue along the length of her slit, then between her soft tight lips. When the tip of my tongue slipped across Mandy's vaginal opening, I felt the naked beauty shudder out a small orgasm.

Once Mandy began sucking my cock in and out of her warm, sweet mouth, I began licking along the length of her vaginal slit again, and this time found her little clit. As I closed my lips over that tiny clit and began sucking, I felt her naked body go rigid, then her mouth dropped even farther down over my cock. Before Jenny could tell Mandy about using her hand to stop my cock from going in to far, the naked thirteen year old blonde's chin was resting against my pubic bone. The feeling of my cock being in the thirteen year old's throat was fantastic and my cock began rapidly swelling.

When Mandy lifted her mouth up on my cock shaft, her tongue licked and teased along my shaft, until just the head was inside her mouth. When she started back down on my now stiff cock, she didn't stop until her chin again rested on my pubic area. Slowly, I began rimming her vaginal opening, stopping every so often to push my tongue against her tiny vaginal opening. The nude blonde beauty was popping orgasms right and left as she tried to push her cunt down onto my tongue.

My own orgasm was fast leaving my balls and headed into that soft, sucking mouth until the first jet exploded against the back of Mandy's throat. The thirteen year old didn't gag, she just pulled back a little and began drinking my cum like she was sucking it out of a straw. When the last jet entered her mouth, Mandy didn't slow down on her sucking, she wanted every last drop. By the time my cock was stiff again, her beautiful naked body was pulsing with orgasms. Standing there watching her little girl perform, Carrie had a hand between her legs and was openly finger fucking herself to orgasm.

Carefully, I pushed the naked thirteen year old up off my face and told her to turn around and this time to kneel over my cock. Once Mandy was in position, I told her to use one hand to spread her pussy lips, the other to guide my cock to her vaginal opening. Her little hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock and guided the head to that tiny little vaginal opening. To do this, she had to lower herself a little and when the head of my cock began pushing against her virginal opening, Jenny told Mandy just to drop.

As the nude, thirteen year old beauty tried dropping herself onto my cock, nothing happened, instead she hung there for several seconds, balance on the tip of my cock. Then, her vaginal opening began spreading, a look of pain crossed that beautiful face, but Mandy wasn't letting up. A small cry of pain escaped her soft lips as the head of my cock slipped inside her virgin cunt, then she dropped an inch or so very quickly, screamed and was no longer a virgin.

There was only five inches of my seven inch cock in Mandy's virgin cunt when I felt her cervix, but the thirteen year old just kept her weight pushing down on my cock. Several minutes later, the naked, blonde beauty was sitting with her cunt lips smashed against my pubic bone as her beautiful body began jerking out one orgasm after another. With a reassuring smile, ten year old Jenny told Mandy about lifting and letting herself back down. Instead, I wanted to just hold this naked child for a few minutes and used her tiny, distended nipples to pull Mandy down onto my chest.

As I stroked Mandy's bare back and butt, I could tell she was crying but sure it wasn't from pain. On her own, the thirteen year old began lifting and lowering her hips from her laying position, fucking her newly opened cunt onto my stiff cock. Soon, she was pumping her hips harder and faster, until she was pounding her little cunt on my cock. Tears were falling from her eyes as she gasped and cried out with orgasms that were becoming stronger and harder. This was the way Mandy fucked me, until she was having such strong and hard orgasms that she lost muscle control and couldn't lift herself any more. It was okay though, because I was pumping jet after jet of cum into her tiny cunt and that was when the nude thirteen year old passed out.

"Carrie, aren't you proud of your little girl, she can out fuck you, out suck you, is prettier than you and better built," I stated.

"Oh yes!" Carrie gushed.

"Then treat her that way!" I stated.

Once Mandy came around, I told Carrie to dress and once Mandy had dressed, she could take her home. Before they left, I kissed Mandy goodbye and gave Carrie a map to the ranch that she was to show no one and she and Mandy were to be there Friday night by five thirty. That once they were through the gate, they were both to strip and put their clothes in the trunk of their car before coming on down to the ranch. With a smile, I told Mandy she had one more thing to do before she left, suck my cock clean and she eagerly dropped to her knees in front of me and began sucking.

Once Carrie and Mandy were gone I looked at my beautiful, ten year old Jenny and asked her why she was still dressed. Moments later, the stunning ten year beauty was stark naked, pushed me over onto my back and was straddling my hips. She needed no priming, her tight little cunt was already well lubricated and she sank down so lovingly onto my cock. When I finished sending Jenny into orgasmic bliss, I looked at Helen and told her it was time for bed.

Chapter 8

It was just a few minutes after seven when Kim arrived with eight year old Jade and nine year old Jasmine. Since both girls were here, I had Jenny and Helen take Kim out back while I programmed Jasmine and Jade at the same time. This programming took a lot of thought, because at eight and nine years old, I knew they understood very little or nothing about sex and it would take a little longer. Yet, by the time I was done there was little doubt the two little Amerasian beauties understood exactly what was going to happen to them and how much fun they were going to have.

While I waited for the two children to come around, I looked at them, and for their ages they were very pretty little girls, even sexy looking. A few minutes later, both Jade and Jasmine were smiling at me and I asked Jasmine to go bring her Mom, Helen and Jenny in. While Jasmine was outside, I lifted Jade up onto my lap and asked if I could kiss her. With the cutest little giggle, she turned that sweet face up to me and I kissed her tender little lips. It was the kiss of a child but that was fine and even still, I felt Jade's little eight year old body tremble with passion.

"Jasmine! He kissed me and it was so wonderful!" Jade squealed to her older Sister.

There was almost a dejected look on the nine year old's face but I just smiled at her and motioned Jasmine over to me. The look of hope crossed her pretty little face and asked her if she would like to sit on my lap also. Quite happily, Jasmine moved onto my lap and I put an arm around her shoulders, lifted her face to mine and kissed her soft, sweet little lips. As the nine year old's little body trembled, I kissed her gently again, then another kiss for eight year old Jade. As I began explaining what was going to happen to them, there were blank looks on their faces but if it was what I wanted, they would do it. The only thing they weren't to sure about, was how bad it was going to hurt the first time.

"Jeff, what is a cock and where does it go?" Jade innocently asked.

"Well, maybe we should just show you before you try it," I smiled, and looked at Kim. "Kim, would you please take off your clothes, so we can show them what they will be doing."

A funny look crossed the beautiful oriental woman's face but she began removing her clothes and soon stood stark naked in front of her girls and I. With a smile, I told Jade and Jasmine that they needed to undress me now and stood up in front of them. Neither girl was tall enough to completely unbutton my shirt but Jasmine hopped up on the footstool to finish the job. When they finally pulled my shorts down, to where they could see my cock, both little girls squealed in glee. They just had to touch it and know what it felt like, so I let them.

With one of the little girls standing on either side of the recliner, I told Kim to kneel between my legs and show her Daughter's how to suck a cock. As the beautiful oriental woman stepped in front of me, I admired her perfectly proportioned naked body. Her breast were firm and round, standing proudly on her chest with no sag at all. Her aureoles were dark but with nipples the size of nickels, farther down, her stomach was flat to a dark slash of thick pubic hair and I knew it guarded a little used pussy. There was no way I could keep from tasting those beautiful breast and lifted up to kiss each one. As I did, Kim let out a low throaty moan, which made both her little girls gasp.

Once I finished kissing and gently biting Kim's nipples, she began sliding down between my legs. Her soft hands picked up my limp cock and held it so gently as she kissed the end of it, then ran the tip of her tongue around the tip of my cock head. Her free had reached under me to caress my balls as she began kissing down the length of my stiffening shaft, then back up. When she reached the head of my cock, she again kissed the end of it, then looked up at me with her big brown eyes.

"Is that the way I should do it?" Kim blushingly asked.

"You've never sucked a cock before?" I asked in disbelief.

"No," she seemed so embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed," Helen told Kim. "Neither had I until my first time with Jeff."

With a smile, Helen told Jade and Jasmine to listen close as she told their Mom how to suck a cock. As Helen coached, she made sure to stay out of the girls line of sight, so they could watch my cock sliding in and out of their Mommy's mouth. With Helen's coaching, Kim was doing and excellent job of sucking my cock, her black hair was bobbing up and down faster and faster. Her tongue washed and licked my cock shaft and around the head as she took my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Finally, I was cumming, even though I didn't want to, jets of cum exploded into the beautiful naked woman's mouth and she swallowed them greedily. Carefully, Helen explained to Jasmine ad Jade what their Mommy was doing and how they would do the same, when it was their turn. Yet, Kim was still sucking and trying for even more of my cum, but making my cock stiff instead. Her slim body was actually jerking out orgasms and both her little girls were amazed at how my cock had grown so long and thick.

"Kim, are you ready to be fucked?" I asked the still sucking woman.

"Oh yes," she gushed, pulling off my cock and looking at me pleadingly.

"Jasmine, Jade, now you will see one of the places where a man's cock goes after you have sucked him dry and stiff again," I told them.

For a minute, I thought about just pushing Kim back onto the floor but that wouldn't let the eight and nine year old see very well. The kitchen table was to tall, then I saw the coffee table and had Helen clear it off. It was just the right height for me to be on my knees and fuck Kim that way.

Once Kim was laying on the coffee table, her legs spread wide and ass hanging off the end, I spread her lust slicked cunt lips to show Jade and Jasmine where my cock was going to go inside their Mommy. As I put the end of my cock to Kim's cunt, both little girls were watching in awe, then I began pushing it inside the naked young woman. She was very tight, it must have been some time since Kim had been fucked but she felt fantastic and my cock pushed deep inside her cunt.

"Oh yes, oh yes, feels so good," Kim gasped and lifted her hips to my cock.

Moments after I began stroking my cock into Kim's cunt, the naked oriental beauty began hitting orgasms. At first, eight year old Jade and nine year old Jasmine were scared by the way their Mommy was gasping and moaning. With a little giggle, ten year old Jenny told the little girls that their Mommy was really enjoying being fucked. The faster and harder I fucked Kim, the faster and harder she pumped her hips to my cock, driving me even deeper into her little used cunt. Her moans turned to small squeals, her naked body thrashed and jerked, her hands pulled and squeezed her full breast as orgasms screamed through her naked body.

When I began pumping my cum into Kim's naked body, the woman's squeals turned to little squeaks because her orgasms were coming so hard and fast. Then, I was spent and just let my cock rest inside Kim's cunt as her vaginal muscles milked the rest of the cum out of me. Several minutes later, Kim looked up at me, smiled, then looked at each of her little girls and smiled at them. Since I still had a hard on, I pulled my cock out of Kim's cunt and told her to turn over on her belly, then I spread her ass cheeks. As I showed Jade and Jasmine the last place I was going to put my cock in their Mommy, they both seemed a little disgusted about this.

"That's where she poops," Jade softly said.

All I could do, was laugh and push the head of my cock against Kim's puckered ass hole and apply some pressure. It suddenly dawned on me that Kim was probably a virgin in the ass, if she had been one in her mouth, so I used a little more care. When the head of my cock popped through Kim's sphincter, she gasped in pain but lifted her ass to me. Slowly, I slid my cock up into her guts and enjoyed the buttery feel of her rectum, before drawing it back. Before the head of my cock was back to Kim's ass hole, the naked oriental woman was again popping orgasms.

"You girls had better be getting undressed because one of you will be next," I told them.

By the time I brought Kim to one hard orgasm, there were two naked little girls standing there and I loved their flat little chest and hairless little cunny's. Instead of pumping my cum into Kim's ass, I pulled my cock out and had Jenny bring me a wash cloth. Once my cock was washed clean, I looked at the two naked little girls and asked who wanted to suck my cock first. Since Jasmine was the oldest, she pushed Jade out of the way and was kneeling between my legs, but I stopped her and told her I wanted to taste her titties first.

"I don't have titties," the nine year old giggled.

With a smile, I bent down and kissed a little flat booby and Jasmine gasped in surprise, then as I sucked that tiny nipple between my lips, her little arms wrapped around my neck. When I switched to the other breast, the little nude beauty was already moaning and her little hips were beginning to thrust. After suckling Jasmine's other nipple I pulled away and she looked at me dreamily, then began sliding down between my legs.

The naked little nine year old needed no coaching, she began kissing and licking my cock like she was a natural. Her tiny tongue swirled and twirled around the head of my cock, then over the piss hole. When she slipped her soft little lips over the head of my cock, there wasn't much room for her teeth, and Jenny cautioned Jasmine about scraping my cock with her teeth. The dark haired little beauty tried swallowing my cock to fast and began gagging, so Jenny reached in and wrapped Jasmine's little hand around the shaft of my cock, so she didn't take it to deep.

Already, I was thoroughly enjoying the nine year old's blow job, and the way her little head began bobbing faster and faster, I had to smile. That wasn't the only thing moving, her bare little hips were pumping back and forth in time to the bobbing of her head. For a little bit, I tried holding back my cum, but couldn't and the first jet exploded against the back of Jasmine's nine year old mouth, causing her to gag a little. Still, she had swallowed just in time to get the next jet and swallowed it greedily. Again, my cock exploded in her little mouth and Jasmine backed off just a little, so she could swallow easier. Once she had drained me dry, I let her keep on sucking, until she had me erect again, then pulled her little face off my cock.

"Jade, it taste great!" Jasmine squealed.

"Well Sweetheart, the next step is going to hurt real bad for a little while, then it will feel extremely good and never hurt again," I smiled at her. "But, I'm going to give you a special treat for giving me such a great cock sucking first."

Carefully, I laid the naked little nine year old down on the coffee table and slid her bare little butt to the edge of the table but her legs weren't long enough to put her feet on the floor. It was Helen, that slipped a couple of thick encyclopedias under Jasmine's bare feet, so her feet were resting and her skinny little legs spread wide. When I moved between those little legs and up over her, my stiff cock rested on her bare vulva, clear up to her tiny belly button. First, I kissed her soft little lips and made her moan a little, then I kissed each flat little breast and down across her bare little stomach.

When I reached Jasmine's bare little vulva, the tip of my tongue toyed with the tight little beginning of her vaginal lips. This brought a gasp of delight from the naked little nine year old, but I just drug the tip of my tongue between her legs and traced those silky soft little pussy lips, clear to her crinkled little ass hole. Already, the nine year old's naked body was beginning to heave and roll, she was crying out to her Mommy that something was happening to her.

When I pushed the tip of my tongue between those so tight little pussy lips and hit Jasmine's tiny clit, it happened. The naked, little nine year old, hit her very first orgasm, so I sucked that tiny nubbin between my lips and began thrashing it with the tip of my tongue. Moments later, the nine year old's bare butt was pounding the top of the coffee table, her little nude body was trashing and jerking. Quickly, I raised up, put the head of my cock to those tiny little pussy lips and began pushing, soon my cock was bending and nothing was giving.

It was a quick whisper from Helen, and Kim reached between the nine year old Jasmine and I, to grab my cock and keep it from bending. The woman was doing her best to help me fuck her little girl, even though the nine year old was beginning to scream and plead. The head of my cock was halfway in Jasmine's little vaginal opening when I grabbed the little girls hips and used them to pull her onto my cock. There was an audible pop, when the head of my cock entered Jasmine's tight little cunt and my forward thrust took her hymen at the same time.

The nine year old cunt was so tight that I had to reset my hands on Jasmine's hips and keep pulling to drive my cock even deeper into the nine years old's cunt. She was begging and pleading for it to stop between screams of pain, but I was inside her far enough that I was pushing against her cervix. Even though my cock felt like it was in a vise, I kept pushing more and more of it into the naked child. Five inches and two more to go and those last two inches were going to take forever. Finally, my balls rested against her tiny little ass hole and I had to rest myself, but bent down and kissed away Jasmine's tears.

After several minutes, I reset my hands on Jasmine's bare hips and began pulling my cock out of her super tight little cunt. When the head was just inside her vaginal opening, I began pushing it back inside her but she was so tight. There was a good side, the nine year old had quit screaming and was now just laying there looking at me. As my cock bottomed out again, I saw the slightest smile and began pulling my cock back out. That slight smile turned into a full smile, then her big brown eyes went shut, her little mouth opened and she moaned. When I began pushing back into Jasmine, her little hips lifted to meet my cock and her small body jerked several times.

"Jasmine, Jasmine, are you okay?" a very scared Jade asked.

"Oh yes," Jasmine cooed. "It is worth every bit of pain," she moaned, then wailed as her small body began jerking wildly in orgasm.

My seven inch cock was beginning to move easier in and out of the nine year old's cunt and Jasmine was now thrashing and pumping her little hips for more cock. Orgasms rolled through that small body like freight trains and each one brought a wail of pleasure from the child. Harder and faster I began fucking her, until I was actually slamming my cock into her tight little cunt, but Jasmine was still pumping her cunt to me. She began with a soft wail and it was becoming louder and longer, her small, naked body began thrashing as if she was having convulsions as my cum exploded time after time into that tiny nine year old body.

Since Jasmine was still so far out of it, I pulled my cock out of her tiny cunt, flipped her over on the coffee table and spread her tiny ass cheeks. The head of my cock was slick with her cum and virgin blood as I pushed it against her virgin ass hole. Compared to her cunt, my cock easily penetrated Jasmine's ass and the nine year old only let out a squeal of pain. By the time my cock was buried in her guts, she was popping orgasms again and pushing her little butt back to my cock. Thrust after thrust of my cock and Jasmine began wailing again, so I just started pounding my cock up her little ass harder. When she went back into the convulsive orgasms, I pulled my cock out and leaned back on my heels.

My own orgasm had almost taken over but I managed to control it and moved to sit in my recliner to get myself back under control. Once I was in the recliner, Jenny was washing my cock with another cloth and soon had me clean. Before I could even think about relaxing, I had an eight year old Jade attached to my cock. She was kissing, licking and trying to suck my cock into her tiny mouth. The most she could get was the head and about an inch of shaft before she started gagging, so that was where Helen wrapped the eight year old's hand around my cock.

That little dark head was beginning to slide up and down on my cock, her soft warm mouth driving me back towards the brink of orgasm. Over the top of Jade's head, I could see Jasmine watching me through dreamy eyes. Still, I wasn't able to concentrate on Jasmine, her little Sister was driving me over the edge of orgasm and I was trying to hold it back. It wasn't happening and I let my orgasm take over, shooting several jets of sperm into the eight year old's little mouth. She gagged on the first one but managed to swallow, then easily swallowed the two that followed, then like her Sister and Mother, kept sucking for more.

When I looked down into Jade's beautiful little face, she was smiling and beaming at the same time. Quite happily, she said the sperm stuff tasted great and she was ready to have me put my thing between her legs, then promised that she wouldn't cry, even if it hurt real bad. Since I had already came five times, I couldn't believe my cock was stiff as a piece of steel. Or that Jade was already laying on the coffee table for me, with her tiny legs spread wide, a big smile on her little face.

With my own laugh, I slipped out of my recliner and knelt between the tiny eight year old's skinny little legs, to look at the tiniest cunt I had ever seen. Gently, I put my fingers to those tiny pussy lips and they felt soft and smooth like a baby's skin, but my touch made the young child shiver with anticipation. As I moved closer to lean over her, my cock touched those soft little pussy lips and jumped like I had been shocked. Then, I realized, the head of my cock filled all the space between Jade's little eight year old legs.

"Do it Jeff," Kim whispered. "Fuck my little girl, make her a woman like her Sister. Make her scream with pleasure."

As I lay over the naked little eight year old, her little flat aureoles looked so cute, dark, about the size of quarters, with little nipples that weren't even the size of pencil erasers. Her soft, sweet little lips looked a little chapped from stretching so far to suck my cock, but when I kissed them she cooed and gasped, and tried to kiss me back. I moved to those little flat aureoles and licked all around them, her tiny chest thrust up to me and her little arms wrapped around my head, little mewling sounds came from her throat.

That tiny bald pussy had a tight little slit, that started low on her vulva, and down between her little legs, so I traced it with the tip of my tongue. Her naked little body quivered and jerked, the mewling sound became louder, so I kissed those tiny, eight year old cunt lips. When I tried slipping my tongue between Jade's cunt lips, they were so tight I almost had trouble. Now, I began to worry how I was going to get my cock through them, without tearing the little girl. When the tip of my tongue parted those tight little lips, I found a small bump and licked at it several times. Suddenly, the naked little sweety was squalling like a cat that it's tail had been stepped on, her naked little body jerked and thrashed, her head flipped from side to side.

"Do it Jeff, do it now!" Kim urged me.

As I straightened up, it was Kim that reached in and spread her eight year old Daughter's virgin pussy lips so I could place the head of my cock to that tiny little vaginal opening. Even still, my cock head covered all of Jade's little pussy, but I started pushing forward. It was Jasmine's hand, that reached in to wrap around my cock shaft, to keep it from bending as I penetrated her little Sister. Then, I noticed Kim was massaging the eight year old's tiny clit with the finger of her other hand and the head of my cock began oozing inside the that tiny eight year old cunt.

"Jade, it looks like you have a third leg," Jasmine giggled.

The little eight year old had little concern for anything her older Sister had to say, she was in to much pain and trying not to cry. Still, there were big crocodile tears sliding down her cheeks and only an inch or so of my cock was inside Jade's tiny cunt. Yet, it was sliding easier now and I was amazed because Jade was lifting her little hips to take even more of my cock. Another inch was inside the little eight year old, than slowly another but I was having to pull so hard on her little hips that I was afraid of bruising her.

At four inches, I felt Jade's cervix began pushing against the head of my cock but I kept pushing into her eight year old cunt. She was stretching inside but I was trying to be careful to feel when she quit stretching but her little cunt was so tight. It almost felt like she was scraping the skin off my cock, then I realized my balls were laying against that tiny little crinkled ass hole. Ever so gently, I just rocked my cock back and forth inside her, trying to loosen the little girl's cunt up. Suddenly, her tiny body began jerking, her hips began pushing against my groin and small mewling sounds were coming from that beautiful little mouth.

Slowly, I began pulling my cock back out of that vise like little cunt and it wasn't easy, but Jade was lubricating. She was just so tight that it almost hurt, but I kept pulling my cock back as I pushed her little hips away. When I was about halfway out, I reversed direction and started pushing my cock back into the eight year old's little cunt. It surprised me, my cock actually moved easier but the dark haired little beauty exploded into orgasms. Her naked little body was thrashing on the end of my cock, so bad I was having trouble keeping my cock from breaking.

The best I could do, was pull the little girls small legs up between us, lean into them a little and grab her by her waist. As I began just to fuck her, I started with short strokes at first, then made them longer until I realized I was again banging into Jade's cervix. It sure wasn't slowing the eight year old down though, her orgasms just came harder and faster. She was actually screaming with pleasure as I began pounding all seven inches of my thick cock into that little cunt. Tight as she still was, it was pulling the cum out of my balls but my cock was beginning to move easier in her little cunt.

"Do me harder, do me faster!" Jade squealed. "Oh, Oh, I'm going to die it feels so good!"

That was all it took, my cum began exploding into that little eight year old cunt and I buried my cock as deep into her as possible. Jet after jet of cum exploded into Jade's vagina, against her cervix and there was no place for it to go, but into her uterus. Her little body went stiff, then into a series of convulsions, then stiff again. Tears rolled from her beautiful eyes, her sweet mouth was opening and closing but nothing was coming out. Then, it was over but her tight little cunt continued to milk my cock as I let her legs fall open and held the little Amerasian beauty tight in my arms until she came down.

"Jeff, did I make you happy too?" Jade gasped.

"Oh yes Sweetheart, and you are going to be making a lot of nice men very happy," I smiled at her, then looked at Jasmine. "Jasmine, you also are going to be an excellent man pleaser."

"Jeff, are you going to put your thing in my butt now?" eight year old Jade asked.

"No Sweetheart, the way you enjoy yourself so much, you might break my cock," I laughed and kissed the top of her head, because she seemed so disappointed. "I'll tell you what, while your with one of the other men this weekend, you can ask him to butt fuck you."

"Okay," she giggled. "Jeff, do I only get to be with one man?"

"We'll see," I laughed.

"Me too, I want to be with lots of men," nine year old Jasmine squealed. "Jeff, does my Mommy get to be with men also?"

"No, your Mommy get's to be with boys and she is going to be teaching them how to fuck like men," I explained.

"Those boys sure are going to have a great time," Jade giggled. "Jeff, can I suck your thing again?"

"It's called a cock and you can have three sucks and Jasmine can have three sucks, then you have to go home because you have school tomorrow," I laughed.

It didn't surprise me at all when both girls snuck in a few extra sucks but I said nothing, then told them to get dressed. Both Jade and Jasmine were doing their best to stay, because they wanted to do this sex thing some more, so they really didn't want to put their clothes on. It was Jenny, that promised them they would get lots of fucking when they were at the ranch, but Jade was sure she couldn't wait that long. It made all of us laugh at the little eight year old, but I also promised she would get plenty of sex this weekend so she went to dress.

Once the girls and Kim had dressed, I gave Kim a map and explained it to her, then also told her that when they were through the gate, they stopped undressed and put their clothes in the trunk of the car. A kiss for each of them and I again promised the two little girls we would see them Friday afternoon, at the ranch, where they would get lots of fucking. At first, Kim started to say she couldn't get off work until five thirty, then smiled and said she would see us there. Once they were gone, I dropped back into my recliner and realized my cock was actually sore.

"Well, two down and two more to go," Helen smiled.

"Don't remind me," I moaned and both Helen and Jenny giggled at me.

Early the next morning, I told Ralph that there would be thirteen girls at the ranch, Helen, Kim, Vicky, Carrie, June and Lilly. When he asked if I could get one more, I told him that I had thirteen year old Shelly but had been saving her for Damien because she wasn't a virgin. With a smile, he reminded me that Brooke hadn't been a virgin either but she was still a great fuck. Back at my desk, I made another map, called Joanne in and told her to bring Shelly to the ranch, that someone would pick her up at the gate at six. That I wanted her out of the car and stark naked, Joanne could take Shelly's clothes back home with her.

"Will she be coming back?" Joanne asked.

"This time, yes," I replied, not wanting to lose the programming. "Joanne, if she were a better Daughter around home, you would want her to be happy and with you, wouldn't you?"

"Well yes," she smiled.

That was where I left it, I had implanted what I wanted but had really wanted to add for Joanne to quit being such a bossy bitch around the office. Just as I was sending Joanne back to work, Ralph was coming in and smiled at me, but waited until Joanne was out of the room. Then, he asked if I was having Joanne stay at the ranch this weekend and I told him I wasn't and he looked a little disappointed.

"If you want her there, I'll see that she is," I told him.

"Just figured it might be nice to have a broad around for the younger boys to gang fuck, once they have figured out how to do it," Ralph laughed. "Or to be humiliated, like Carl wants to see Carrie humiliated over the weekend."

With a smile, I picked up the telephone, called Joanne's office and told her she was also spending the weekend at the ranch and what to do with her and Shelly's clothes. As I started to hang up the phone, I noticed a different extension number popped up real quick, after Joanne hung up. It only took a second and I knew it came from the secretary pool, so Ralph and I walked out to that cubicle. Inside, was the sweetest looking red head and all I heard was Ralph whisper take her, then I saw the pictures on her desk. The sweetest looking little girl, with long read hair, like her Mother's.

"Colleen, come to my office," I stated.

"Mr. Rush, I wasn't listening, honest," she quickly cried.

"Yes, you were but that's not why I want to talk to you," I smiled.

As the woman walked ahead of us, I couldn't help but notice how well built she was and I remembered her file said she was twenty six. In the office, I told her to take a seat, then Ralph motioned me outside the door, once I had programmed Colleen he wanted me to send her to his office. When I asked about the little girl, he just wanted her at the ranch along with Colleen this weekend, ready to fuck and suck. As I walked back in, then around my desk, I heard the stunning read head sniffle a little but just pulled a glass out of the fridge. All I put in the glass was water, ice and a strong white pill, then handed it over to Colleen, which she just gulped down.

"Mr. Rush, I would never repeat anything I heard," Colleen quickly assured me. "It wasn't my intention to eves drop, I just wanted to get something on Joanne because she's trying to get me fired."

"Well, you can relax, because she won't be the reason you loose your job here," I smiled, but she was now more scared. "Maybe we should put you in a position away from Joanne."

"Really," she quickly replied with a big smile.

That was about where it ended as Colleen's beautiful eyes were going glassy and I just smiled at her. By the time I finished programming the conniving bitch, she would walk naked through the streets of the city, screaming that she loved to be fucked and suck cocks. When Colleen came back, I asked her about her Daughter, and Patty was seven years old and missed having a Father, like the other kids. With a smile, I asked when the last time she had sex was and it was almost a year ago, so I told her that Ralph wanted to fuck her and sent her up to his office. Before the red headed beauty left, I gave her my home address and told her to be there tomorrow evening with Patty.

"Colleen, what did you over hear on the telephone?" I asked her.

"Mr. Rush, .." she paused. "I don't remember."

"Okay," I smiled. "You'd better head to Ralph's office."

After Colleen was out of my office, I asked that Helen be sent in and she was there in minutes. Once the door was shut, Helen came around the desk and sat on my lap, because she had always wanted to do that. When I told her about Colleen, she was surprised the young woman would do something like that because she desperately needed this job. She and Colleen had adjoining cubicles, so they were also friends and Helen knew a lot about the red headed beauty. Mostly, that Colleen lived in the same neighborhood Helen used to live in, hadn't date in years, because of her little girl Patty.

"You are going to love Patty," Helen giggled, "you thought Jade was tight." she giggled. "You know Jeff, Patty is about the same size as Jade, so it shouldn't be any harder for you."

"If I'm still alive by tomorrow night," I cringed. "Remember Vicky is bringing Amber and Grace over tonight."

"Well, you could always have that friend of yours help," Helen suggested.

"I knew I was keeping you for a reason," I smiled and kissed her.

We talked for a while longer, then Helen went back to her desk and I called Derrick to invite him over tonight. He was more than willing to come when I told him why, and would be there by six thirty. Instead, I just told him to plan on being there for supper but not to let Jenny talk him into fucking her. Then I told him how last night had went and in my mind I could see him in his office laughing his ass off. Just after hanging up with Derrick, I saw Colleen go by and she was readjusting her skirt, then my phone rang.

"Jeff, tell me about this Colleen," Ralph asked, so I told him what Helen had told me. "I want to transfer Colleen up to my secretary pool," Ralph immediately said. "That will give her a raise and help her find a decent apartment to live in. Also, move Helen up to your personal secretary, even though I know she doesn't need the money but it will get them away from Joanne."

Chapter 9

With having my own personal secretary, Ralph decided I needed a better office, one more like his, sound proof and with a divan that turned into a bed. Yet, it was on an outside wall, with windows that were tinted so no one could see in but I could see out. Now, it was time to tell Helen and Colleen about their promotions and I walked back to the steno pool and told Helen to pack up her desk. There was a smile on Colleen's face, because she was happy for Helen, then I told her to pack up her desk also, that she was moving upstairs. The look on Joanne's face was priceless yet she never said a word, and as Colleen headed for the elevator, I took Helen to our new office.

"Jeff, it's perfect," Helen exclaimed, looking at the office itself. "Jenny would love this, the two of you could fuck in here and no one would know."

Helen's words gave me an I idea and I picked up the phone and called upstairs to see if Colleen was at her desk yet. When she realized it was me, the red head almost squealed, she had her own office and it was beautiful. With a laugh, I asked her to bring Patty to the my office, after school tomorrow, instead of to my house and told her I would arrange it for her to leave. Now, Helen and I went back to pack up my office and move everything here and there were people to help.

To get to my new office, you had to enter an office where Helen's desk was, then she would buzz me to let me know there was someone there. My door had a lock on it so I couldn't be interrupted, during important interviews. There was also an almost private entrance from the elevator to my office, so this was perfect. My first appointment arrived, the contractor that was putting in the fence around the ranch. He needed my approval on a guard shack at the gate. What he couldn't understand was why it was supposed to be so large, when it wasn't going to be manned and this was new to me. A quick call to Ralph and I understood perfectly and told the contractor it was the right design.

It wasn't really to be a guard house, except someone would man it while guest and girls were arriving and this was where the girls and women would leave their clothes. There was going to be a parking area outside the fence where all cars hauling the girls and working women would be left. Then, they would be hauled naked the last mile down to the ranch in a van to add a touch to their arrival that would make the guest a little more horny. All guest and girls were to be at the ranch no later than seven, so the gate would be locked after that.

An idea came to me when a man called about using the ranch, then wanted to meet with me and see what the ranch had to offer. It was an acquaintance of Drew's so I agreed to meet with him the coming Monday morning but I needed something to show him. A call to purchasing and there was a new digital camera on it's way, with a ten meg video card, so I could have it for the coming weekend. There wouldn't be that many structures finished but if I took pictures of all the girls, by themselves, and the Mothers, it would be a start. The next call was from Carl and he had arranged for me to visit one of his other companies on Thursday, and I could do that.

By the time Helen and I left work, I had the rest of the week full, because Damien had called and wanted me to visit his school and a few employees in particular. When Helen and I reached home, Jenny was outside with her friends Sandy and Beth and all three ran to greet Helen and I. When Sandy wanted Jenny to go to her house for dinner, Helen said that was fine but she would have to ask Sandy's Mom if it was okay. It was a quick phone call and Jenny was off to Sandy's house but had to be back by eight. With any luck, Derrick and I would have Vicky's girls well fucked by then and he was just pulling in.

When Vicky arrived promptly at seven, it pleased me and I sent her out back with Derrick and Helen while I talked to eight year old Amber and ten year old Grace. By the time the three adults came back in, both Amber and Grace were standing in the middle of the living room, stark naked. For being ten, Grace already had the start of breast, and eight year old Amber was a total beauty in the nude. Both girls were a little bigger than Jade and Jasmine, so I hoped Amber would take my cock a little easier. Yet, I had to laugh, both little girls were standing there, covering themselves with their hands, so Derrick wouldn't see them naked.

"Girls, Derrick is supposed to see you naked," I laughed.

"Oh," eight year old Amber blushed and let her hands drop.

"Now Vicky, you need to undress so you and Derrick can show the girls what they will be doing. Then tomorrow morning I want you to bring them to my office in the Diller building around eight thirty so they can show me what they learned tonight," I told the pretty dark haired Vicky.

"Okay," she blushed.

"Girls, why don't you undress your Mother," I suggested.

"Jeff, I could coach one of the girls, while Vicky coaches the other," Helen softly said. "That way they don't have to miss a full day of school and Vicky a day of work," she explained, then whispered. "Vicky can't afford the time off."

"Well, looks like you girls are going to get fucked tonight," I smiled.

"Okay," ten year old Grace gulped.

With a smile, I sent the naked ten year old Grace to stand in front of Derrick and had the naked eight year old Amber come to me. When Derrick smiled at Grace, she blushed but smiled back, then Helen knelt down beside Grace and Derrick and Vicky knelt down beside Amber and I. The first thing Derrick and I did, was let the little girls undress us, then we both lay down on the floor, on our backs. Both little girls thought our cocks were beautiful and almost eagerly began to touch and fondle them and I watched Vicky's face, the Mother was actually smiling.

When that little eight year old started to lean down to kiss my cock, I stopped her, I wanted to kiss her sweet little lips first, and pulled her onto me. The feel of her soft, naked skin on mine was fantastic and as she lay on my chest, I looked in her beautiful brown eyes. When she kissed me, it was a child's kiss but it made her gasp and she had to do it again, while her Mother tried to tell her how to kiss better. Softly, I told Vicky that this was fine and gave Amber a quick kiss and told her how sweet her lips tasted. The naked eight year old beamed with pride and I told her that was just how I wanted her to kiss my cock and with a nervous giggle, she wriggled her way around until her face was over my cock.

From this position, I could clearly see her tiny bald cunt but there was no way I could lick it because she was way to short. As her little lips began kissing and licking around the head of my cock, I used a finger to begin caressing that baby soft skin of her vaginal lips. The more I fondled those sexy soft little lips, the faster and harder Amber kissed and licked my cock, then her Mother was telling Amber how to take my cock in her eight year old mouth and suck it. When that little mouth took in my cock head, it was all the way, her little tongue washed across the head a couple of times, then her dark little head began bobbing up and down on my cock.

The little eight year old was doing an excellent job of sucking my cock, so I began stroking her tiny pussy lips with the tip of my finger. After several passes, my finger tip slipped easily between her tight little lips and I found Amber's tiny clit. Gently, and carefully, I stroked her little nubbin, and the eight year old's beautiful nude body began jerking and thrashing as she lay on top of me. When I toyed a finger tip around that tight little vaginal opening, Amber began trying to fuck herself onto my finger.

The young girls head was bobbing up and down on my cock, and she was sucking so hard I thought she was going to suck my cock off. Her beautiful, white body began throbbing and thrashing as I slowly inserted the tip of my finger in her virgin cunt. Her little hips began pumping and thrusting, trying to capture my finger and pull it inside her. She had sucked the cum out of me and I was now gently fucking her pretty little face as her Mom was telling Amber to swallow.

The little girl didn't want to quiet sucking cock, and my balls felt like they were in a vacuum cleaner, then Vicky was pulling her little girl off my cock. Before I could say anything, Vicky had moved eight year old Amber around and was helping the little girl to sit in my cock. Gently, I held Amber's legs as Vicky spread the eight year old's cunt lips and let her down on my cock. There was no stopping, once Amber started onto my cock, because her feet were sticking out in front of her.

As the eight year old Amber cried out in pain, so did ten year old Grace but I wanted to join Amber because the head of my cock was inside her little virgin cunt and she was so tight. Another movement from the little girl and she stopped dropping, the head of my cock was pushing against her hymen. There was a tearing sensation, Amber cried out then her little body began dropping even farther down on my cock, only to stop when the head of my cock began pushing against her cervix.

Tears were flowing from the little dark haired beauties face as she rested on my cock head, then I felt her little uterus giving way to my cock, Amber was screaming and I realized Vicky was pushing down on her little girl's shoulders. Suddenly, there was a popping feeling inside Amber, and it was as if someone had snapped a rubber band around the head of my cock. Even though I knew what had just happened, I couldn't believe I had just penetrated the eight year old's cervix, yet her scream told me I had. Moments later, Amber had a brown pubic bush, because she was sitting on mine, with all seven inches of my cock buried deep inside her.

"Relax Sweetie," Vicky whispered to the sobbing eight year old. "The worst pain is over, now there will be just a little more when you start actually fucking."

With that, Vicky asked me to lift Amber up with my hips, then she helped the eight year old put her knees under her. Now, she began urging her little girl to lift herself up and I again felt that little pop but it wasn't quite as bad. There was no way the eight year old could lift herself off my cock but pretty close and Vicky told her how to pump herself on my cock. The first few times were carefully done, then a beautiful smile crossed Amber's face and she began lifting and dropping faster and faster.

The little eight year old was tight, but not as tight as Jade had been and I was enjoying fucking her. Well, actually, she was fucking me but who cares. She was beginning to drop harder and faster, so I reached up and tweaked her little flat, pink nipples and she exploded into another series of gut wrenching orgasms that almost tore my cock off. Her little cunt was milking my cock almost as she had with her mouth and I was trying to hold back cumming but couldn't. As my cum exploded into that sweet little eight year old, Amber began a moaning scream and her little body began flopping around, then she collapsed forward onto my chest. After what seemed like an eternity, she looked up into my face and smiled.

"Jeff, I sure hope we do this a lot," she sighed.

"Sweetheart, you are going to be doing this a lot, starting this weekend but I'm going to have to be careful who I let fuck you," I smiled.

"Why?" she gasped.

"Because if they don't have a strong heart, you'll give them a heart attack," I laughed and kissed the top of her soft hair.

"I have another killer here," Derrick gasped as he thrust his cock up into ten year old Grace's cunt and filled her with sperm. "I don't think I will have the strength to butt fuck her."

"Their dates can do that this weekend," I laughed.

"Someone is going to fuck me in the butt!" Amber gasped.

"Oh yes and you'll love it," I laughed.

"Okay," she giggled. "Jeff, can I suck your cock one more time?"

While the little eight year old, brunette beauty sucked my cock clean, I had Helen give Vicky a map and explained about the dressing room and where to park her car. When Vicky realized she was going to the ranch naked also, she became a little embarrassed, but Grace told her it was easy and felt so fantastic. After the girls cleaned up and dressed, I walked then out to Vicky's car and told them I would see them this weekend and they were going to have a lot of fun. When I walked back in the house, there was a phone call for me and it was Damien.

"Jeff, I have a real problem," Damien sounded very scared. "One of the people I wanted you to interview was in my office without me knowing it and saw things on my computer that she shouldn't have."

"Damien, what can I do to help?" I asked.

"She talked to one of my friends on the school board and he is setting on her complaint but told her there would be someone there to interview her in the morning," Damien nervously explained.

"Did he tell her who?" I asked.

The woman had no idea who was coming so I set up a plan with Damien and would see him in the morning. It was Helen, that reminded me Colleen would be bringing Patty to my office after school tomorrow but there was time. For now, I just looked at a very happy Derrick and thanked him for helping me, which he in returned thanked me for letting him. We talked about his relationship with June and the girls and bashfully he admitted that he really liked June, Brooke and Heather. When I asked him when they were moving in together, he just smiled and asked if would be okay.

"It's your cock," I laughed.

When Jenny came home, she said that Sandy's Mom wanted us to come over tomorrow night, so we could meet each other. In all the years I had lived here, I only knew the older neighbors on the other side of me. When I told Jenny it was a date, she called Heather and told her we would be there tomorrow night, after dinner. After Derrick left. Jenny cuddled on my lap for a while, then headed off to bed and I realized we were almost a normal acting family, almost.

Since I was headed over to the school in the morning, Helen took her car to work and dropped Jenny off at school on the way. After waiting until classes had started, I went over to the school, with my brief case and found Derrick's office. We talked for a few minutes, then he pointed out a very pretty woman standing in the outside office.. To make things look better, I did some yelling at Damien, then walked out to his secretary and asked to have Connie Teller paged to the office.

"That is Connie Teller," Damien stated.

"Mr. Natus, I will be using your office and I don't want to see you until I am finished!" I stated.

"Yes Sir," Damien replied.

"Mrs. Teller, would you please come in?" I asked the woman. "You may call me Jeff, if you don't mind."

"Thank you," she mumbled. "Sir, I am very embarrassed about this, I didn't know what else to do though."

"Please relax," I told her. "Let me get us some coffee, then we can talk about this."

With two cups of coffee, I entered Damien's office and set one in front of Mrs. Teller, then moved around to Damien's Chair. After pulling a pad from my brief case, I asked Mrs. Teller to start from the beginning and I asked her to be explicit. The woman was telling me about seeing images of little girls in bondage on Damien's computer, and she blushed as she told me. When I asked her how bad they were, I noticed that she was beginning to stare and suggested that she might have been aroused by them. There was no reply and I began programming her, smiling as I added that the images weren't that bad in fact she found them rather stimulating and wanted to see more and even help make these pictures. Then, that Damien was the nicest man she had ever worked for and I was the nicest man she had ever met. That she would do anything, no matter what, that she was told to do.

"Jeff, when I think about it, those pictures weren't that bad and Mr. Natus is such a nice man," she smiled. "Would it be possible to just withdraw my complaint?"

"Consider it done," I smiled and tore up the piece of paper I had been scribbling on. "I do think you owe Damien an apology also a great blow job, or a great fuck. Me, you just owe your Daughter's to," I added for the hell of it.

When Damien walked me out to my car, I asked if he still wanted me there tomorrow and he shook his head. This little incident had scared the hell out of him and he was so in my debt that he didn't know how he was going to repay me. One thought came to mind, I didn't want any girls dieing on the ranch, and he readily agreed. We also talked about the nipple rings and how I thought they would take the innocent look away from the girls. He agreed but we would still ring the older girls and women, Brooke and Kelly for sure.

"Everything okay?" Helen asked, as I entered the office.

"Couldn't be better," I smiled and told her what Damien had gave me. "Sorry I couldn't get him not to want rings in the women and older girls nipples though. Beside's, I think I'm going to like seeing you with rings in your nipples."

"What ever," Helen actually giggled. "I'm just glad there will be no girls being killed for the fun of it."

It was just before three when Helen buzzed me that Colleen and Patty were here and sent them in. With Colleen was the sweetest looking little red headed girl, dressed in a blue mini skirt, white blouse, and wearing sandals on her feet. Her red hair was shoulder length, and her big eyes were blue and she was so bashful that she almost his behind her Mommy's skirts. When Colleen told her to quit being shy, she just barely stepped out from behind Colleen and said hello as Colleen introduced me to her.

"Aren't you precious," I told the little seven year old. "Would you like to stay here with me, while your Mommy goes back to work?"

"I guess so," she bashfully replied.

"Sweetheart, you do anything Jeff tells you to do," Colleen told Patty, kissed her tiny cheek and left.

"Let's see, I bet you like orange juice," I smiled and Patty nodded.

It only took a second to set two little paper cups of orange juice on my desk, some coloring books and crayons and Patty actually let me set her on my lap. As she drank her orange juice, she was coloring so carefully in one of the books, and telling me what she was doing. After several minutes, she quit talking, her hands quit moving and I began her programming, which I had worked on after Jade and Amber. With a smile I congratulated myself for becoming very good at this programming and getting it down to a child's level. It wasn't long and Patty's hand began moving again, she was telling me what she was drawing and I looked, the people had no clothes on. The seven year old had evidently seen her Mommy naked and was adding breast and pubic hair to the woman but the man was blank.

"You draw people like that all the time?" I asked.

"No, this is the first time," she simply stated. "I shouldn't draw this way."

"Well, probably not for other people but you can draw for me like that," I assured the seven year old.

"Well, I know that," she giggled. "I'm drawing these for you. Jeff, why don't I have hair between my legs, like my Mommy? Do you have hair down there?"

"Would you like to see?" I asked her. "If I take my clothes off though, you have to take your clothes off."

"Okay," she giggled.

Somehow, it was decided that Patty would take her clothes off first and the seven year old had the most beautiful little body. Her little vaginal slit started low on her vulva and was almost just a line down between her little legs. On her chest were two pink dots, not much bigger than dimes but I just had to tell her how pretty they were. When I dropped my pants and underwear, the little girl gasped and wanted to know what that was, pointing to my cock.

"That is what you get to kiss and lick before you suck it and get the great tasting juice out of it," I smiled. Then, we are going to put it in that little hole between your legs and it is going to make you feel so good."

"Is it going to hurt?" she simply asked, because in her programming I had told her it would.

"Yes, but only for a little while, then the hurt goes away and the pleasure comes," I assured her.

"It really is pretty," she said. "Can I kiss it now?"

"Well, first I would like to kiss you, then examine those pretty pink dots on your chest," I replied.

With a little giggle, the tiny red head let me set her up on my desk and I spread her little legs and moved between them, so I could be closer to her naked little body. Her tiny lips were so soft and sweet and she too kissed like a child, but that was okay. It surprised me when I kissed her, Patty gasped and gave me the funniest look, but was more than willing to let me kiss her again. When I leaned forward and kissed one of those tiny pink dots, the seven year old moaned and gasped with surprise, on the second tiny breast, she wrapped her little arms around my head and held me to her flat little chest. When I pulled back, Patty had such a disappointed look on her pretty little face.

"You liked that," I said and she nodded. "Well, I thought maybe you'd like to kiss and suck my thing until you get the juice out of it."

With a little squeal, the seven year old hopped off my desk and between my legs, so I scooted my butt forward in my chair. Her little fingers picked up my soft cock and those tiny soft lips just began kissing it. When she tried taking it between those soft little lips, it went easy in the soft state but I worried that it would be to big for her when it stiffened. Right now, the little red headed seven year old had most of my cock in her little mouth and I was telling her how to use her tongue on it. When she began sucking, I felt one of the most fantastic feelings and my cock began rapidly growing.

Just as I was afraid Patty wouldn't be able to take my cock, she began gagging, so I wrapped her tiny hands around the shaft of my cock, about an inch below the head. She looked up at me with those big blues eyes and I could see her smile in them as she pulled her mouth off my cock until just the head was between her little soft lips. Slowly, she slid my cock back into her mouth and evidently could take a little more because she moved her hands down the shaft of my cock, just a little bit.

Once the naked little seven year old had my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, she started bobbing her head a little faster. Every so often, one of her teeth would scrape the shaft of my cock but I let her keep going because it felt so damned fantastic. Gently, I stroked her little bare back and reached under Patty to play with her little pink breast. That was when I noticed her tiny bare butt was moving up and down in time to her head. It was such an erotic sight that I lost control and my cum began exploding into her little seven year old mouth. It blew me away, Patty never gagged or pulled back, she just began swallowing and sucking even harder, until there was no cum left and my cock was stiff again, so I pulled her little head up.

"Jeff, it taste good," she giggled. "Why did you make me stop?"

"Because Sweetheart, I want to taste you now," I smiled and set her up on the desk.

When I lay her back on my desk, she spread her legs and I put them on my shoulders, then bent down and kissed that tiny little, baby soft pussy. The seven year old let out a loud gasp and her tiny hips lifted a little, then I ran the tip of my tongue between those tight little lips. As I began licking and sucking her tiny pussy, I could hear Patty moaning and feel her little hips undulating. Suddenly, she was trying to get away, something was happening to her and it scared the little seven year old. Softly, I told her just to let it happen, then moments later, felt her little body began jerking and she let out a passionate cry.

When I moved the tip of my tongue to rim Patty's vaginal opening, the seven year old began thrusting her tiny cunt to my lips. Her tiny body was jerking and shaking frantically and she was sobbing. Her tiny cunt was flooding my mouth with the sweetest tasting nectar and my tongue easily slipped between her tight pussy lips. It was time, so I stood up and draped her little legs over my arms as I firmly took hold of her tiny hips. Carefully, I moved the head of my cock up and down her slick little lips until I felt it push into the pocket of her vaginal opening.

When I began pushing the head of my cock into that tiny seven year old cunt, I wasn't prepared for it oozing in so fast. The little girl let out a squeal that turned into a scream because I had pushed harder than I needed and popped her hymen. Already, the head of my cock and an inch of shaft were buried inside Patty's little cunt, so I just kept pushing. It didn't surprise me at all, when I hit her cervix with only three or so inches of my cock inside her cunt. Still, I kept pushing, slowly stretching her vaginal sheath as Patty sobbed and cried with pain and discomfort.

There was something giving inside the little girl, then I felt the same feeling I had last night, as if someone had snapped a rubber band around the head of my cock. Easily, another inch of cock slipped inside the seven year old and that constriction moved down the shaft of my cock. It was Patty's cervical opening and I was now inside the seven year old's uterus and only an inch or so of cock left to put inside her cunt. It felt like an eternity before my balls lay against the naked child's puckered ass hole, and I look down at the sweet little red head and smiled.

"Sweetheart, you are full of cock," I smiled at her.

"I thought it would only hurt for a little while," she cried.

"It was only a little while," I laughed. "Does it still hurt?"

With a look of thought, Patty flexed her tiny hips, then moved to the side, looked up at me, smiled and said it didn't hurt any more. Still, I told her it might hurt just a little bit when I pulled my cock out, then she wanted to know why I was going to take it out after going to so much trouble of putting it in. All I could do was smile at her seven year old logic but there was a little wince of pain as I pulled my cock out of her uterus, then pushed it right back in. The third time, Patty gasped and her little hips lifted her bare butt off the table and the fourth time she began moaning and her tiny bare body began jerking.

There was no question that this tiny seven year old had a third leg now, but her little cunt had relaxed enough that I was able to pull and push my cock in and out of her. After a few more strokes, that tiny little white body was jerking and jumping on my desk, her little blues eyes were closed tight. There was no question that my little seven year old nude beauty was in constant orgasm as my cock now slid in and out of her tiny cunt and uterus faster and faster. Big crocodile tears were flowing from her eyes but I knew they weren't from pain, then I pushed as deep into Patty's little body as I could and began filling her baby factory with my cum.

For many minutes, I just stood over Patty's naked body and marveled at how beautiful and sexy the little seven year old was. It surprised me that she didn't have freckles but her milk white skin was perfectly flawless. She was beginning to calm down and her big blues eyes were opening and she looked at me in disbelief. With a giggle, she raised up enough to look between her little legs and giggled again. Then, she lay back and just smiled at me, and I let my cock slide out of her little cunt.

"Jeff, that was really nice," she said. "Can we do it again? I like having your thing inside me like that."

My phone was ringing, it was Ralph telling me that he was sending a Mr. Pillar down to see me, about accommodations on the ranch. A little kiss for Patty and I told her she needed to slip back into her skirt and blouse, but she didn't need to put her panties on. It only took a minute and Patty was dressed so I gave her a coloring book and some crayons and let her set at a coffee table to color. When Helen buzzed me that a Mr, Pillar was here, I told her to send him in, then noticed that Patty now had the coloring book on the floor and was kneeling over it to color.

When the man walked in, I looked at him, then introduced myself and motioned him to a seat, but kept looking at him. Finally, he smiled and asked me if I there was something wrong, and I just told him he looked so familiar. Then it dawned on me, he was the President and owner of Pillar networks and a magazine company. Suddenly, I became very suspicious and was beginning to worry about why he was here.

"Mr. Rush, I see your suspicion but I will level with you," he smiled. "All that I own came by the way of kiddy porn, and my media holdings are a front for it's distribution. I keep these places squeaky clean, tout anti and practice pedophilia in private. There are ten of us and we have a hard time finding willing children and Ralph assured me you can supply the children and the utmost privacy."

"Well, I guess that could be," I smiled. "Could I get you a cup of coffee and we can discuss your needs."

The coffee would be appreciated and on the way back I dropped a pill in Pillar's coffee, all I asked of him was his complete honesty with me and his utmost trust in me. When the man came back, he smiled and it wasn't at me, little Patty was into her coloring and her tiny mini skirt had ridden up high enough to see her little bare pussy. When I asked Mr. Pillar how he liked the view, he looked a me and just smiled broadly.

"Mr. Rush, I have photographed a lot of naked little girls but none as beautiful as that," he smiled.

Over the next half hour, I knew more about Mr. Pillar than anyone else and had nothing to worry about with him. He was all that he claimed to be and his tenting cock from seeing Patty's naked bottom made me smile. Finally, I told him I would have Patty sit on his lap but she might be leaking a little cum, but I had something else he might enjoy while we talked.

"Patty, would you like to suck this nice man's thing?" I asked her.

"Can I, please," she looked right at Mr. Pillar.

"Sweetheart, there is nothing I would enjoy more," Mr. Pillar quickly replied.

Quickly, I explained that she wouldn't do or say any more until he had at least removed his pants, that way she would know he wouldn't tell anyone. Within moments, Pillar was sitting there stark naked and seven year old Patty squealed and moved between his legs. While Patty enjoyed sucking the man's cock, I told him about the amenities at the ranch and that Patty was the youngest girl of the group. As Patty was swallowing a huge load of Pilar's cum, he was willing to sign anything for a week for he and his nine friends at the ranch. Then, as an after thought, he added one more weekend a month, or at least a couple nights a week, once a month. Now, he had another problem, Patty didn't want to quit sucking his cock, so I told him it was okay to tell her to stop.

"I really like sucking your thing, because it's not as big as Jeff's," the seven year old bashfully told Pillar.

"Well Sweetheart, I really enjoyed having you suck my thing," he used her words but blushed at what she said. "Can I be with you when I am at the ranch? Then we can put it in that pretty little pussy of yours."

The little seven year old's head whipped around to look at me and I smiled, nodded and Patty squealed that she would really like that. Stupid me, for the first time, I realized that Patty had slipped out of her skirt to suck Pillar's cock, but not her blouse. When I asked her why she hadn't removed her shirt, it was because she would have had to quit sucking Mr. Pillar's thing to take her blouse off. Softly, I chastised Patty and reminded that any time she was sucking or fucking with a man, she was always to be totally naked. Just then, Colleen arrived to take Patty home, bashfully excused herself for interrupting and quickly slipped Patty back into her clothes.

"Did you have a good time Sweetie?" Colleen asked her little girl.

"Oh yes, Jeff let me color in the coloring books," she giggled. "Mommy, can I come back tomorrow?"

"Sweetheart, you need to get some rest, because we are all going to the ranch this weekend and you are going to be one busy little girl," I laughed.

"Jeff, are we booked?" Pillar asked and I nodded. "I have to go beg Ralph for an invitation this weekend."

As Pillar quickly excused himself, he took time to tell Colleen what a wonderful little girl she had, then was headed for Ralph's office. After giving Colleen directions and instructions for the ranch, I told Patty I would see her Friday afternoon. It was a little early and since Helen and I both had cars at the office, I sent Helen on home and would follow shortly. On the way out of the building, I ran into Ralph and Mr. Pillar, who was smiling, and Ralph asked if we had enough girls for the weekend to add one more guest. With a laugh, I told him we could probably handle a couple more guest, that we would have fifteen girls there.

"Jeff, Ralph was telling me that there are teachers for boys," Mr. Pillar asked, and I nodded. "Could I bring my twelve year old Son?"

"That's up to Ralph, we have seven Mothers coming," I smiled.

"Feel free to bring him, if he can keep quiet," Ralph smiled.

Chapter 10

When I walked into the house, Helen told me that we were now expected at Sandy's house for dinner to meet Sandy's family and she asked what the Mom was like. In all the years I had lived on the street, I had never met Sandy's Mom and couldn't remember ever seeing her as I drove by their house. So, after getting cleaned up, Helen, Jenny and I walked down to Sandy's house to meet her parents and Sandy's Dad greeted us at the door. It was when we walked out onto the patio to meet Sandy's Mom, that I almost lost it, she was Connie, the woman from Damien's school.

"Jeff, Helen, it's so good of you to come," Connie came to us and hugged both of us. "I can't believe we have been neighbors for all these years and just now getting together. I mentioned to Damien that we were neighbors and he said you were great people."

"How would that prick know?" Connie's Husband Tom stated.

"Tom, it was my fault that I misunderstood what I saw," Connie quickly replied. "Once I took time to know Damien, he is a very good person."

"Well, I still don't trust him," Tom replied. "There's still something strange about the man."

A shake of her head and Connie headed into the house, then came back out and asked Tom if he would run down to the corner market and pick up some mustard. Before he could move, I just told Connie we had a new bottle at home and I would run back and get it. That there was no use going clear down to the highway and asked if there was anything else she needed. When I reached the house and opened the fridge, there were four wine coolers setting in the fridge that had been there forever. At Tom and Connie's I had noticed they drank wine, so I slipped a little white pill in one, grabbed the mustard and headed back.

With the one wine cooler in position, I walked out onto their patio and handed it to Tom, who realized it had been opened. Quickly I apologized for giving him that one and explained that I had cracked it to make sure they were still good, then explained how old they were. Without any hesitation, Tom just took a big slug, then smiled and said they tasted fine. Then, he teasingly chastised me for letting good wine sit around for so long, and wanted to show me something in his den.

Once in the den, what Tom really wanted, was to know more about Damien, because after Connie's interview, she seemed so much different. We talked about Damien and Tom had finished his cooler, and a few minutes later was staring at the wall. The programming was impromptu but thorough and by the time I finished, Damien was an okay guy, Connie and Sandy were mine to use any way and any time I wanted and Tom would do anything I asked of him, no matter what, when or where. Then, I added one more little twist, he would be finding his little Sandy more and more attractive to him, sexually and with his trust in me, would talk to me about it, for my advice.

When Tom and I came back out onto the patio, he didn't seem any different and both Jenny and Sandy were there and he hugged Sandy. The ten year old cutey gave him the funniest look, that he laughed off and the girls were off on something else. When Jenny was telling Sandy that she was going to be gone this weekend, Sandy wanted Jenny to spend the night. So I suggested Sandy spend the night at our house instead and Tom thought it was a great idea. Then, when I suggested Sandy and Connie might both go to the ranch with us this weekend, Tom thought that was an even better idea. It was Sandy, that asked if Beth could come over tonight also but Helen told her that maybe the next time.

Everyone sat down to eat and Connie was a very good cook, and Helen asked her for a couple of tips, which made Helen an instant friend. Since Jenny had been to the ranch, she was telling Sandy all about going horse back riding and seeing animals. That there was a pool that was supposed to be finished this weekend and there were five girls that lived on the ranch that even though they were older were super nice, and one named Crystal was a little older than them but a lot of fun to be with.

Since it was getting late, for a school night, I suggested Sandy gather her pajamas and clothes for school tomorrow, which brought a funny look from Jenny. Then Jenny giggled and told Sandy she would help her get her stuff together. For a moment, I wanted to laugh at Jenny, because my ten year old slept in the nude, as did Helen and I, and so would Sandy, starting tonight. While the girls were off to Sandy's room, Helen asked about Beth and her Parents, and both Connie and Tom weren't to pleased with them as Parents. They seemed to care very little about what Beth did, or how she dressed and so on. Still, they admitted they were nice people and Connie suggested a get together with them next week.

The girls were back and both little blondes were excited about tonight and ready to head back to our house. When Tom asked Sandy which pajamas she was taking, Sandy said her baby dolls and Tom laughed. It seemed to bother Sandy, until Tom told her that she looked great in those and it made the ten year old give her Dad a funny look. Yet, it was soon passed off and we were walking back up the street to our house when Sandy said she should have brought her bottle of water. With a giggle, Jenny assured her that we had water and even juices and they could have a glass of orange juice before bed.

It wasn't long and I realized Tom was right, ten year old Sandy looked great in her baby doll pajamas, then so did Jenny in her nightgown. The girls were ready for bed, so I gave them each a small glass of orange juice, then waited a few minutes before going in to say goodnight. On the floor, by the bed, Sandy was sitting there staring at the wall, so I told Jenny to leave us alone for a little while. When I left the room and told Jenny she could go back in, it wasn't long before I heard a squeal and Jenny came running out.

"Daddy, Sandy wants to know if we can sleep with you?" Jenny giggled.

"Of course, but not in pajamas," I laughed and Jenny headed back to her room.

It wasn't but a moment and there was another squeal, then several giggles and both girls came down to the living room stark naked. Like Jenny, Sandy had swells on her chest to show the beginning of breast, almost to the point of needing a training bra. Suddenly, both girls were pulling me out of my chair, so Jenny could show Sandy how to undress me for bed. Instead of Jenny doing the undressing, she was telling the sweet little Sandy how to do it. When Sandy finally pulled my underwear down and off, she was looking right at my soft cock.

"Oh Jenny, it's so beautiful," Sandy gasped.

"You can touch it, then kiss it," Jenny assured her. "You'll like doing that, then once you have kissed and licked it, I'll tell you how to suck it and that's the best."

The beautiful little ten year old blonde never left her knees so Jenny knelt down beside her. The two ten year old's looked like Sisters except Sandy's blonde hair was cut short, where Jenny's was almost waist length. As Sandy gently handled my cock, I told Helen to get some pictures on my digital when Sandy began sucking it. The ten year old had soft lips and her kissing and licking was beginning to make my cock grow, which she thought was fantastic. Now, Jenny was teaching her how to suck my cock, and assured her that all guys liked their cock sucked and Sandy would be doing a lot of that.

As ten year old Sandy slipped my hardening cock between her soft, virgin lips, it felt fantastic, then she began using her tongue to wash it as Jenny directed her. Soon, her little blonde head was moving back and forth as she sucked my cock in and out of her mouth and Helen snapped several pictures of it. Already, the little nude beauty had me aroused and I began moving my hips and fucking her pretty little face. With a smile, Jenny told her that when that happened, the man was about ready to give up their juice and that was the best part.

One of my thrust was a little to hard and went to deep into Sandy's mouth, gagging her, but Jenny was helping her put her hand around the base of my cock so it didn't happen again. The little nymph was sucking harder as my hips moved faster and Jenny was telling Sandy how to cup my balls with her free hand. Then Jenny was giggling that Sandy was already having orgasms and it was quite obvious the ten year old was. Then, my cum was exploding into the ten year old's mouth and she was swallowing fast and hard until she had drained my cock. Still, the little nude was sucking harder, trying to get even more, until I backed her off.

"Jenny!" Sandy squealed. "That was fantastic, his stuff taste great."

"It get's even better," Jenny giggled.

"I don't know how it can get any better than that," Sandy gasped.

With the cutest little giggle, Jenny pushed me down into my recliner, then moved Sandy so the nude ten year old was standing in front of my legs. Quickly, Jenny spread Sandy's legs then pushed her even closer to me until she was straddling my legs and told her nude friend to sit down. With the cutest giggle, Jenny told me that Sandy was all mine now, until we went to bed. The nude ten year old Sandy was very aware of my stiff cock sticking up between us but I pulled her face towards mine and softly kissed her sweet lips. A gasp and another kiss and Sandy was trying to get even closer to me but it wasn't time yet. Gently, I pushed her back a little and bent down to kiss and nibble her puffy pink, little nipples and the little nude beauty cried out and pushed her chest to me. Carefully, I slipped a hand down between us and between Sandy's spread legs to fondle and feel her soft vaginal lips as I nibbled her little nipples. Within moments, the little nude beauty was rocking her hips back and forth and I could feel her girl juices covering my fingers.

My little girl's ten year old friend was ready, so I picked her up and carried her to the kitchen, which surprised Jenny but she was right beside us. When I set Sandy on the table and pushed her back down onto it, she spread her shapely little legs without realizing it. After leaning over her, I kissed Sandy passionately on the lips, then each little breast, and down to her hairless vulva. With the tip of my tongue, I traced those soft, virgin pussy lips until I reached the ten year old's crinkled little ass hole. On the way back, I slipped my tongue between those soft lips and licked up until I felt her virgin opening, where I rimmed around it.

After tasting Sandy's sweet little girl nectar, I tried pushing my tongue into her virgin cunt and she was arching her hips, trying to push herself onto my tongue. By moving my tongue up just a little, I found Sandy's little clit and began teasing it with the tip of my tongue, then sucked it between my lips and toyed with it some more. The little blonde nude's body was pulsing and her hips moving as she squealed and gasped. Suddenly, her naked body went rigid, and she began begging Jenny to make me stop, something was happening to her and she didn't know what it was.

"Just let it happen Sandy," Jenny told her. "Don't fight it."

"Aww, ahh, ooooohhhhh!" the naked ten year old blonde squealed as her body arched off the table, then crashed back to began throbbing and jerking. Quickly, I stood up, spread her tight vaginal lips, placed the tip of my cock to that little opening and shoved it inside her virgin cunt.

"Oh, OOOOOHHHHHH it hurts!" Sandy cried, then I pushed my cock through her hymen.

Until I had stretched Sandy's tight vaginal sheath to take all seven inches of my cock, the little nude blonde cried out in pain. Once my balls were touching her, I stopped and just held myself there, only leaning over to kiss her sweet little lips. A minute or so later, she quit crying and I pulled my cock out until just the head was inside her, then pushed it all the way back in. The ten year old let out a loud moan, her hips bucked up and her body began to shake with orgasms. Now, I just began fucking her and Sandy was soon a writhing mass of orgasms, her little mouth was open to scream but nothing but moans were coming out.

Since the ten year old was now in orgasms, I began fucking her harder and faster, then pulled her shapely legs up between us so I could get even deeper into her beautiful nude body. The harder I fucked her the harder Sandy hit orgasms and the more her beautiful little body convulsed. Soon, I was jack hammering my cock into the ten year old and she was moaning in a high pitched voice. My own orgasm was there and I rammed my cock into Sandy's cunt even deeper and held it there, every jet of cum sent the ten year old blonde into an even higher orgasm, then she passed out.

With Sandy out like a light, I pulled my cock out of the naked ten year old, rolled her over with her legs hanging off the table, spread her tight little ass cheeks and pushed my cock into her virgin ass. The ten year old hadn't even felt it so I began slowly butt fucking her until she came back around. There was no complaints, she just began hitting orgasms again, so I began fucking her butt even harder and faster. My thrust were buffeting Sandy's small body back and forth but she didn't care, then my orgasm hit again and I filled the ten year old's guts with cum.

"Sandy, you liked it!" Jenny squealed.

"That was fantastic," the ten year old cooed. "Now, I know it can't get any better than that, I couldn't stand it any better than that."

"Daddy, after we wash your cock can I teach Sandy how to ride?" Jenny asked.

"Of course you can," I bent down and gave Jenny a kiss. "Sweetheart, I am really proud of you for not being jealous."

"Well, I guess I am, but Sandy is my friend and I can have you any time I want," Jenny replied with a big smile.

"Jenny, I'm jealous, you are so lucky," Sandy squealed.

"Well, maybe you girls can figure out a way to get Sandy's Dad to take care of her," I suggested.

My cock was beginning to slip out of Sandy's ass, so we headed up to the bathroom so Sandy could see how to wash a cock that had been up her ass. As Jenny showed her, she also cautioned Sandy that it wasn't the best thing to suck a cock after it had been up your ass. That any time it had been in your pussy though, you always sucked it clean, but Sandy saw the blood on my cock and was a little grossed out. Quickly, Jenny explained that the only reason there was blood was because Sandy had been a virgin, and there wouldn't be blood again, or any pain. The knowledge my ten year old Daughter had, surprised, then I realized she was very intelligent.

In the bedroom, Helen joined us and at first Sandy was a little bashful, until I told Jenny and Sandy I wanted to watch them eat each other's cunts, then once Sandy was ready, Jenny could teach her to ride my cock. Since this was something Jenny was unsure of, Helen taught them what to do, then guided them through it for the first few minutes. After that, the two little girls were eating each other into a state of constant orgasm, until Jenny lifted up and nodded to me. Once Sandy was up and straddling my hips, Jenny helped her to set down onto my cock an impale herself.

"Jenny, it feels so good inside me," Sandy cooed.

"It does, I know," Jenny said, then giggled and Sandy looked at her. "You were grossed out at your blood on Dads' cock, well, I just ate his sperm out of your cunt."

"Jenny, that sounds gross," Sandy squealed.

With a look of disbelief at the two nude ten year old beauties, I gave my cock a little push and anything Sandy had been thinking about was gone and she hit a small orgasm. Quickly, Jenny was telling Sandy how to lift and lower herself on my cock and that she liked it because it gave her some control. Then I confused the ten year old Sandy by reaching up, grabbing her by the nipples and pulling her down onto my chest. This didn't slow Jenny down, she just helped Sandy by lifting her hips from that position, then letting them back down.

Soon, the naked blonde ten year old was riding my cock and having strong orgasms and to help her out, every once in a while I would thrust my hips up, impaling her even deeper. Finally, Sandy managed to get back to a sitting position but by then she was hitting such hard orgasms that she was losing muscle control of her own body. When she finally sent herself over the edge and again passed out, I just laid her back on my chest and Jenny stretched Sandy's legs out and that was where the little ten year old blonde went to sleep.

As the alarm clock went off, I was startled awake by the fact I was cumming hard, then realized Sandy wasn't on my chest, but sucking my cock. Once she had drained me dry, I pushed her away, then rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. It turned into a hectic morning, with both Helen and I needing to shower before going to work and both girls before they went to school. Still, we managed breakfast then Helen and I were dropping the kids off at school and Sandy would pick her stuff up at our house after school.

The day was happily routine, except for two men that wanted to book reservations for the ranch but I wouldn't confirm until I had a chance to check them out. That afternoon, Drew called and the next weekend there would be a company picnic for one of the other divisions of our company. When I told him Helen, Jenny and I would be there he seemed very pleased and said he would see us tomorrow night. The next call was from Carl, and another of his companies was having their picnic on the same day as Drew's but I figured Helen and I could make both of them.

When Helen and I made it home that evening, both Jenny and Sandy were there but so was little Beth and she didn't seem happy. The nine year old was sure that the two older girls had left her out of the sleep over last night because Jenny was becoming Sandy's best friend. Since I was concerned about how unhappy both Jenny and Sandy were, Beth and I had a little talk in the den, just the two of us, over a glass of orange juice. The little nine year old Beth was a real sweetheart, but I didn't want to do anything with her this week, until her Mother called Helen and wanted to know why Beth couldn't go with Sandy and Jenny this weekend.

If anything, the little nine year old brunette was a fantastic cock sucker and with both Jenny and Sandy coaching her, how could she be otherwise. Still, by the time I had my cock buried in her tight little cunt, the nine year old was in tears and wanting to go home. Once the initial pain wore off, Beth became almost insatiable and the programming took full effect, she just knew she didn't want to do anything else but fuck. Now, all three little girls were excited about going to the ranch, and I was so proud of Jenny. Because she made it known that they may not even see each other for the whole weekend, that they would each be with a man and maybe in different places.

"I don't care," Beth shyly said. "If I get my own man for a whole weekend it will be worth it." she giggled. "Jenny, is it always this great?"

"Well,.. It sure has been for me," Jenny replied.

It dawned on me, that now we had more girls than men that were coming, so I cautioned the girls that they might have to share a man. Still, that was okay with them, they could learn from the girl they were with and maybe be even better at fucking the next time. Since there couldn't be a sleep over tonight, Beth asked to suck my cock one more time before she had to go home and she did a fantastic job. Once both Sandy and Beth were gone, Jenny apologized about Beth and I told her it wasn't something she did wrong, it just happened but worked out okay.

At the office, I called Ralph and told him I was going to the ranch after lunch, to make sure everything was ready, then told him we had two more girls. It was fine by him, because Damien and a friend of his had wanted to go, now they could. After lunch with Helen, I headed for the ranch and she would bring Connie, Jenny, Sandy and Beth up with her, after school. When I made it to the ranch, Jim and Lilly were happy to see me and show me what had been finished and the pool was one. It was huge and Jim laughed because the water was still fairly cold but his girls had been in it last night. There were no cabins finished but Lily was sure we could just spread blankets out on the lawn and there were the large air mattresses for inside.

The fence was complete and Jim and I went to the guard house and that was exactly what it looked like, only a lot larger than I expected. There were two rooms and the back room looked more like a locker room and where the girls and women would leave their clothes. It was also Jim's idea that instead of using the van to bring the girls down in, he would bring the team and wagon up and bring them all down at once, including his. It was a great idea, I would let all the male guest in, keep the girls up at the guard house, then when everyone had arrived, close the gate and bring the girls down to a waiting, horny bunch of men.

There was a bathroom and three stall shower in the guard house and all it needed was a make up bar but for now several blow dryers were the best we could do. Since it was almost three now, I just stayed at the guard house and it wasn't but a few minutes before a van arrived. Since I had no idea who the two men in the van were, I was going to send them away, then the driver handed me a letter from Carl, they were the cooks. After I opened the gate, they drove on down to the ranch without asking any questions but Drew had told me they knew what was going to happen.

The next rig arrived at four and had five of the prettiest little girls in it and I told Kelly to park the van and bring the girls into the guard house. With fifteen year old Kelly, were twelve year old April, thirteen year old Becky, twelve year old Tami, and eleven year old Crystal. A few minutes later, all five girls were in the locker room, stark assed naked and taking showers and trying to get me to join them.

It wasn't but a half hour later when the little blue jeep arrived with fifteen year old Brooke, her twelve year old Sister Heather and their Mom June, and they too were soon in the guard house getting ready to shower. When Derrick came through next, Brooke had to run out into the guard window and press her bare tits against the window for him. Soon, all the girls wanted to do this but I told them what Jim and I had planned, and they thought it would be great. All they asked, was that when guest arrived, one of them be able to stand naked in the doorway, so the guest could see them through the window.

The next people to arrive, were Ralph and Drew and both men had to leave their cars to visit the locker room and for a minute I though the girls were going to keep them there. It was when Paul arrived with his Son, that I really had a laugh, because Kelly was the one standing in the doorway and Paul's Son Jeremy almost broke his neck trying to get a good look at her. Just after Paul and Jeremy went through the gate, Helen arrived with Connie, ten year old's Jenny and Sandy and nine year old Beth.

The girls were quickly taken into the guard house because there was another vehicle coming and I didn't recognize it. Quickly, I told all the girls to stay back, until I knew who they were and asked the driver where he thought he was going. With a smile, he said the ranch and handed me a letter from Ralph, so I smiled back. There were three men in the vehicle and one young boy and before I could get the gate open, Brooke was standing stark naked in the window waving at them.

Right behind the rig, were two more, one was Kim with her Daughters, nine year old Jasmine and eight year old Jade, the other Vicky with her Daughters, eight year old Amber and ten year old Grace. All the girls and two Mothers were in the guard house and getting ready to shower when Joanne pulled in with her Daughter, thirteen year old Shelly. They were followed by Carl and his two boys, who were given real eye fulls by Heather and April. As Carl drove through the gate, I could see him laughing at his two Sons, one twelve the other fourteen.

When Colleen arrive with seven year old Patty, all the girls just went ape over how cute Patty was and made her feel that she was among friends. They were followed by Carrie and her thirteen year old Daughter Mandy, but Carrie was met with some coolness by the other Mothers. What did surprise me after seeing the shabby way Mandy had been dressed last time, she now was better dressed than her Mother, yet Carrie was still dressed very nicely. Now, I had seventeen naked young girls and seven naked, good looking Mothers in the guard house but there were still a few more guest to arrive. It didn't take long though and the last to arrive were Damien and another man and it was Sandy that stood in the doorway this time, then suddenly went screaming into the locker room.

"Jenny, Beth, our Principal and Mr. Carruthers, our teacher are here!" Sandy squealed.

"Looks like the three of you may be getting A's for the rest of the year," Kelly giggled.

As Damien pulled through the gate, Jim was arriving with the tour trailer, being pulled by a team of horses and I had let seventeen men and seven boys through the gate. After I locked the gate, all seventeen little naked girls and seven naked Mothers came out and boarded the trailer. Where some of the girls were anxious the others were also but a little nervous, yet the worst one's were the Mothers. Before we were halfway down to the ranch, Kelly, Brooke and Becky had everyone relaxed and looking forward to a fantastic weekend.

Once we could see the lodge and all the cars, it was the Mothers that were becoming embarrassed, while the girls giggled and squealed. All these naked little girls were going on about how they hoped the men were nice and all but it was Shelly that giggled and hoped they lasted a long time. It made me laugh, to see the look on her Mother's face and I thought Joanne was going to die from embarrassment. One thing I had noticed, when Shelly and Joanne had arrived, Shelly was dressed in something besides black and the Mother and Daughter seemed much closer, a startling difference from the first time I had seen the two.

As we entered the parking area of the ranch, there were seventeen well dressed men and seven well dressed young boys standing around watching the wagon arrive. It was obvious that some of the boys were embarrassed by seeing all these naked beautiful, girls and women but none of the men were. Before the wagon had stopped, the men were beginning to crowd around but it was little Patty that made everyone laugh. She just had to stand up on the seat and look around at all these men.

"Mr. Pillar!" Patty squealed. "Here I am."

The naked little red headed seven year old climbed up on the side of the wagon and almost jumped into Pillar's arms. She was talking a mile a minute as the other men began selecting naked girls out of the back of the wagon. Soon, there were just naked Mothers left and the only boy not embarrassed was Jeremy and he took June's hand and led her out of the trailer. Beside the trailer, little Patty was just realizing there was a boy standing beside Pillar and wanted to know who he was.

"This is my Son, Robby and he's twelve year old," Pillar laughed. "He's here to learn how to have sex with a woman."

"Robby, you are going to have a lot of fun," Patty giggled, then asked to be let down. Once down she went to the trailer and took her Mom by the hand, led Colleen over to where Mr. Pillar and Robby stood. "Robby, you can be with my Mom, she's really nice and doesn't she looked great?"

"Well, I guess so," the boy bashfully said.

"Robby, it's okay to look," Patty giggled. "Here, you can touch her boobies," she grabbed the boys hand and put it on Colleen's bare breast. "Aren't they soft? Feel how different the skin feels around her nipples." She held that hand to her Mother's full, bare breast, then put Robby's other hand on her Mother's pubic hair. "Isn't that the softest hair you have ever felt?" she asked and the boy nodded. "Do you want me to show you where you are going to put your thing?"

"Sweetheart, that I think your Mommy will teach him," Pillar laughed, then smiled at Colleen. "He's a good boy but shy, be gentle with him."

"I don't know," Patty giggled. "Mommy has only had sex once with Jeff, maybe we had better stay and help."

With a big laugh, Pillar assured the little red headed seven year old that her Mommy would know everything to teach Robby, but Patty wanted it to be real good for Mr. Pillar's son. A stark naked Lilly was standing on the front porch ringing a bell and yelling that supper was ready. So, Pillar took Patty's little hand and started leading her towards the lodge, and a very bashful twelve year old Robby just started walking, then stopped and held his hand out to Colleen. As Colleen took the boys hand, I noticed that the one fourteen year old boy had ended up with Joanne and he seemed very pleased with the older woman. Then, I noticed the most beautiful woman in the group was by herself and that was Carrie. The stunning, five foot six, blonde beauty was just standing there, unsure of what to do, so I just took her hand and led her in to supper.

"Jeff, what do you want me to do?" Carrie asked.

"Just relax and be ready if someone wants you," I smiled at her. "Carrie, I wanted to tell you how nice Mandy looked today. You have a very pretty young girl."

"Thank you," she blushed. "Thanks to you, I have realized that and I'm so proud of her."

We found a table, then went through the buffet line and took our plates back to the table where we ended up sitting with Helen and a young boy about twelve. When Helen gave me a funny look, I just smiled and asked what her dates name was. He was Greg, one of Carl's youngest Sons and he reached across and shook my hand. Yet, I couldn't help but notice the boy staring at Carrie's large tits and I laughed a little. They were larger than Helen's but they sagged where Helen's didn't, and Carrie's nipples were high on her breast where Helen's were centered.

"Helen, I don't know if you remember me," Carrie softly said. "We used to work together. I just wanted to apologize for being a real bitch and tell you I really did appreciate you trying to be my friend. At the time it didn't mean a lot, but since Jeff has worked with me, I realize your friendship made me a little better person."

"Well,... thank you," a baffled Helen replied. "I always thought you were a nicer person than you let on."

"Well, I am going to be better from now on," Carrie blushed. "God Helen, I just can't believe how beautiful you are in the nude."

There was a blushed smile from Helen, because it was an honest comment from a beautiful woman, but I agreed with Carrie. Yet, as I looked around the room, all of these women were beautiful, even the older woman Joanne, yet not in the class of my Helen. It was the girls that surprised me, they were fast getting over being embarrassed at being naked around men that were dressed. Still, that would change right after dinner, because I knew Ralph, Carl, Drew and Damien would have their girls undressing them and that would start the weekend out.

It didn't surprise me to see Ralph with thirteen year old Shelly, Joanne's Daughter, or Carl with thirteen year old Mandy, who was Carrie's Daughter, these were the girls they had asked for. Yet, most of the men that had already been with the girls, chose new girls, including Derrick. When Ralph loudly announced that it was time for dessert, everyone looked at him, then he set thirteen year old Shelly on the table in front of him and laid the little brunette on her back. When Carl did the same with the blonde, thirteen year old Mandy, others began doing the same, and Jeremy was having June set on the edge of the table for him. Across the table from us, Pillar was setting seven year old Patty on the table and his Son Robby looked lost.

"Dad, what do I do?" Robby asked.

"Carrie, go help him," I whispered.

Quickly, the beautiful, naked blonde woman went around the table and knelt down beside twelve year old Robby and began whispering to him. Moments later, Robby asked the red head Colleen to sit up on the edge of the table and lay back. When the twelve year old spread the woman's legs wide, Colleen was very embarrassed but said nothing, she just let him. Now, Carrie was showing the boy how to spread the woman's pussy lips and where he wanted to lick and suck. Then, showing him how he could stand and lean over Colleen to kiss her nipples and suck on them.

Once the twelve year old Robby began kissing and sucking on Colleen's firm breast, the red head blushed deep enough that her whole body turned as red as her hair. Yet, moments later she was gasping with pleasure, her hands gripped the edge of the table to keep from pulling Robby's head to her chest. When Robby began kissing his way down over Colleen's flat stomach, the red blush stayed on Colleen's skin but Robby never noticed. He planted several kisses on her red pubic hair, then on her cunt lips and Colleen moaned with pleasure.

As Carrie talked Robby through licking Colleen's slit, it was very obvious when the twelve year old boy found the woman's clit because Colleen's hips arched off the table. Once Robby was doing his thing, Carrie moved on to help one of the other boys, then back to help the boy that was with Helen. Already, there were moans and squeals of pleasure coming from all over the room, but it was Colleen's hips that were pounding her bare ass on the table the hardest. Probably the next hardest, were Connie's and then Helen's, but they paled to most of the young girls. The one that was the most vocal though, was the oldest woman there, Joanne and the boy eating her cunt was really enjoying himself.

Chapter 11

A few at a time, couples began moving out onto the lawn, even still most of the women were still basking in the glow of many hard orgasms from having their pussies eaten. Already, Shelly and Mandy were stripping Ralph and Carl, and the other's followed suit. Soon, Colleen was kneeling in front of a naked Robby, sucking his cock and enjoying the taste of his cum as her little Daughter was enjoying the taste of Robby's Daddy's cum. Almost shyly, Carrie came to me and asked if she could suck my cock, so I smiled and nodded. It didn't take the woman long to get my clothes off and she sucked my cock like she was starved. While Carrie sucked my cock, I watched the boys and several of them were almost funny, once they began moving their hips, they were almost pounding their cocks into the women's mouths.

Yet, I knew none of them would last long, except maybe Jeremy and I was right, about five or six thrust of a boy's hips and he was pumping his cum into a woman's mouth, yet the women didn't stop sucking. Like the girls, these Mothers kept sucking until all of the boys had shot a second load of cum into their mouth, then they sucked them hard again. It was Jeremy, that pulled his cock from June's sucking mouth, pushed her back onto the lawn, knelt between her legs and shoved his twelve year old cock into the naked woman's cunt. Next to go onto her back, was Helen and she guided a boy's cock to her cunt, then moaned with pleasure as he pushed it into her cunt.

Soon, the lawn was a sea of naked, fucking bodies, men on little girls, boys on women and poor Carrie was still sucking my cock. Once I dumped a load of cum down Carrie's throat, I pulled out of her sucking mouth before she could get me hard again. Even though she was expecting me to fuck her, I wasn't going to, instead moved back onto the porch. From the porch, I could see Colleen on her back and twelve year old Robby was between her legs, pumping his cock into the beautiful red head's cunt and she was convulsing with orgasms.

The moaning, gasping, squealing and sobbing had finally stopped, men and boys were pulling their cocks out of cum filled cunts and everyone was taking a breather. Shortly, I saw Jim head for the barn, then come back and talk to Carl for a moment, then both of them went to the barn. When Carl came back by himself, he called for everyone to go out to the barn and I walked Carrie out there myself. Everyone was up in the loft, which was more like a mezzanine around the open area on the floor of the barn. On the floor of the barn was a funny looking bench, just wide enough for a person to lay on it but not quiet long enough to support a whole body.

The lights went out in the upper part of the barn, leaving only a light that bathed the bench and a small area around it. When I walked the stunning blonde beauty, Carrie, into the light, she looked around in surprise but I told her to lay on the bench. Once she was on the bench, Jim came in and passed a strap over Carrie's naked chest, pinning the blonde beauties arms to her side, pushing her full breast up to make them even larger. It was Carl, that led the naked, thirteen year old Mandy in and had her kneel in front of her naked Mother, then Carl spread Carrie's legs wide. Without any hesitation, Mandy moved between her Mother's spread legs and began licking that brunette hair covered cunt. Within minutes, Carrie was having fantastic orgasms from her Daughter eating her cunt, her hips were bucking and her tall, slim body was jerking and thrashing.

When Carl moved Mandy back away from her Mother's cunt, Jim stepped in and attached a thick metal band over Carrie's naked body, just below her crotch. Moments later, a nude Lilly entered the light, leading a dark brown horse, then right up to Carrie's exposed cunt. For a second, the stallion sniffed Carrie's dripping crotch, then he began prancing and trying to move forward, under his belly a fourteen inch by two inch thick cock bounced and danced. Now, Lilly let the stallion moved forward, his front legs passed over Carrie's hips, then Jim and Carl each took one of Carrie's long, shapely legs and spread them apart.

It was Lilly, that reached under the stallion to hold his long thick cock, and guided it to the naked Carrie's lust slickened cunt. That huge head covered most of the space between Carrie's legs and began pushing against the blonde beauties cunt lips. A cry of fear came from Carrie's lips as she realized what was going to happen to her, but the stallion lunged forward, battering the head of his cock against Carrie's defenseless cunt. The fourth time, Carrie let out a scream of pain, as the huge horse cock head penetrated her cunt, then the stallion humped forward. A good six inches of two inch thick horse cock filled Carrie's cunt, and both Carl and Jim turned loose of Carrie's legs.

Without waiting for Carrie to adjust to his huge cock, the stallion just began fucking the beautiful blonde woman. Every hunch of the stallion's hips drove a little more of that massive cock into Carrie's cunt, until the nude woman was taking almost ten inches of two inch thick horse cock. From all around the loft, there were gasp and squeals, as the stallion began setting up a rhythm of fucking, yet constantly trying to get even more of his cock into that tight female cunt. The only thing stopping him, was the band of steel over Carrie's upper thighs.

As the stallion continued to pump his huge cock into Carrie's now obscenely stretched cunt, a change came over the nude beauty. Suddenly, Carrie was moaning and crying out for more cock, her hips were thrusting to meet the stallion's cock and she was trying to scrooch herself down farther in the restraints to give him better access. In the loft around the barn, men had bent young girls over the railing and were thrusting hard cocks into young cunts and asses. Women were on their knees, so the boys could fuck them from behind as they watched the erotic scene below them.

On the floor of the barn, the naked blonde woman was beginning to sob with orgasms as the stallion began to fuck her a little faster. The light played off that stallion's huge, slick cock, as it stroked in and out of Carrie's widely stretched cunt. The stallion's chest smashed and smeared Carrie's full breast as her stiff nipples were drug through his coarse hair. Suddenly, the stallion began jack hammering his cock into Carrie's cunt, the woman began babbling with orgasms as her beautiful nude body thrashed on the bench. Suddenly, every time the stallion thrust into her cunt, streams of horse cum squirted out around it, then the stallion was backing off.

"Make him keep fucking me, please, don't let him stop," Carrie begged.

The stallion pulled all ten inches of his cock out of Carrie's cunt with a sucking sound that everyone could hear, then he was being led away. On the bench, the naked blonde beauty was trying to get her hands to her cunt, but couldn't reach it. Then, the naked Lilly was leading another pinto stallion in, and Jim was readjusting the restraint two inches higher over Carrie's thighs. As the pinto was led between Carrie's spread legs, he sniffed her cunt and his huge cock almost sprang out. It was massive, a good fifteen inches long and two and a half inches in diameter.

On the second thrust, the pinto's huge cock penetrated Carrie's cunt, stretching her legs even wider, she screamed in pain but immediately began having orgasms. Her hips pumped to meet the stallion's thrust, impaling herself farther and farther onto his huge cock until there was almost twelve inches of two and a half inch cock buried inside the young woman. Now, the pinto began fucking her, and Carrie was screaming out orgasms constantly, her beautiful nude body jerked and thrashed on the bench, her long shapely legs wrapped around the stallion's flanks.

Every thrust of the stallion's cock pushed Carrie's nude body up the bench, and each time he pulled back, it drug the blonde beauty down the bench. Soon, Carrie was being buffeted back and forth as her shining body convulsed with orgasms. Every time the stallion thrust that huge cock into Carrie, little bits of the first stallion's cum still squirted out of her cunt. Then, the pinto was jack hammering his cock into her and Carrie was wailing with orgasms and suddenly, huge streams of horse cum were squirting out of her widely stretched cunt. The blonde beauty was so far gone that she never realized the stallion had with drawn his huge cock and she was still humping the air as if he was still fucking her.

"She won't be worth fucking," Ralph softly told me. "I can't believe she took all twelve inches like that."

"I bet she realizes it in the morning," I replied.

"I doubt it, besides, Jim will put the last stallion right back on her in the morning," Ralph replied, as he thrust deep into Shelly's cunt and filled the thirteen year old brunette with his own cum. "Oh Jeff, Steve is here and he's a Doctor, so how many of these girls are we going to ring?"

"Well, I would prefer that it only be Kelly, Brooke and the Mothers' but what about Joanne," I replied.

"We really want all the thirteen year old's and up," Ralph replied, so I smiled and nodded. "We'll do it tomorrow morning, so we have all day to make sure everything is right. We might as well keep Joanne, Brandon seems to really be enjoying her so maybe the other boys will also."

When I glanced down, thirteen year old Shelly had already moved around and was now sucking Ralph's cock and I could see her beautiful little breast. Tomorrow, she would have rings in her nipples and I had to admit they would probably look good there. It also made me understand why the group wanted at least twenty four girls for the ranch. There would be times when one of more of them would be taking girls off the ranch, on trips with them. Something else hit me, I had been planning on fucking Carrie tonight, to relieve my own tensions but now that was out. There would be at least a couple more girls here by next weekend.

For almost a half hour, the naked blonde beauty on the bench, thrust and humped her pelvis in the air, trying to get that horse cock back in it. Finally, everyone began leaving the barn, some headed to the pool, others the lodge and some to the lawn. As I walked back towards the lodge, I saw Kelly and the man she was with coming my way. When they reached me, Kelly introduced me to the man, his name was Steve and I realized he was the Doctor.

"Where is your date," Steve asked.

"I shorted myself," I bashfully admitted.

"Well, that isn't right, why don't we share Kelly, she is fantastic! If she doesn't mind, she could give me a blow job while you fuck her cunt or ass," Steve recommended.

It made me like the man right away, he was giving Kelly the choice, but the little brunette beauty didn't even hesitate, she just grabbed my arm on one side and Steve's on the other and was leading us up onto the lawn. As we walked, Kelly told me that she had asked Steve about being able to handle one of the stallions and he thought it would be safe for both she and Brooke, and the women but not the younger girls. If we were serious about putting the younger girls to stallions, find a couple of miniature studs, then work the child into it slowly, as Jim was doing with Carrie. Surprised, I asked Steve if that wouldn't ruin the girls for enjoying men and he said only for about a week, if they only took a stallion once or twice a weekend, the width of their vaginal sheath would shrink but not the length.

"Forget it," Kelly exclaimed. "I'm not going a week without a man!" she giggled.

Over on the lawn, there was a switch of partners and it made me laugh, Robby was fucking seven year old Patty in the ass, while his Dad Pillar fucked Colleen in the ass. With a smile, Pillar explained that this would make it a little easier for Patty to take him up the ass, since she was a virgin there. Even Steve thought this was a great idea, because of Patty's seven year old age and small size. While Steve and I double fucked fifteen year old Kelly, we talked about what the girls could do, for their age and what I should do a different way.

When I told Steve about having the goats for the younger girls, he was against it, because a goat's cock was raspy and could be very abrasive to the lining of the uterus. It could ruin a young girl for life, if the goat went to long or thrust to deep. So, I logged that away and asked about penetrating Jade and Patty's cervix and he just smiled. It didn't surprise him at all, young girls of that age weren't totally developed and their cervical openings stretched fairly easy. When they reached the age of ten or so, the opening became much stronger and could still be penetrated but it was much more painful.

Once we had both relived ourselves in Kelly, I asked her if she would get all of us something to drink. While she was gone, Steve asked what kind of drug I was using and when I told him, he smiled. He had a friend that used a similar drug and found that using a taped message, played over and over for an hour, worked better and went deeper into the subconscious. He went on to tell me how this guy had taken over fifty cheer leaders to his own private island, where they happily and willingly became whores, because of this drug. Something else I logged away and it could easily be done, actually even better than me trying to remember everything I needed to program.

"Jeff, I actually suggest that you redo the programming in everyone, just to make sure it doesn't fail," Steve suggested. "Make how many ever tapes you need, set the girls up in groups and do how many ever you can at one time."

In my mind, I already knew there would be four tapes, one for the under ten year old girls, one for the older girls, one for women and one for men. Over by the barn, I could make out Jim and Lilly bringing Carrie out of the barn and they were having to support the beautiful, naked blonde so she could walk. A little scared, I headed over there, only to find the reason Carrie couldn't walk, was she was still having orgasms. When I told Jim about the goats he just smiled and said they were gone, because he was having trouble training them anyhow.

"Oh gawd, I can't stop cumming," Carrie gasped. "That was so fucking fantastic."

With a laugh, I just scooped the naked beauty up in my arms and carried her to the lodge and set her in a recliner, where her beautiful body continued to jerk and spasm. It was Jim that said he couldn't wait to see how Kelly handled a stud, because she loved horses so much. When I told him what Steve had said, he just suggested it be done Sunday afternoon, then she would be ready for the next weekend. Softly, I replied that one a weekend was enough and we would wait and see how Carrie handled the weekend.

It was turning dark out and as I went back out onto the porch I saw something that bothered me, headlights, up by the gate. It didn't take me long to dress, then Jim and I took the ranch buggy up without the head lights. Sure enough, there was a car load of young kids at the gate, wanting to see Kelly but Jim told them Kelly was gone for the weekend. Then, they wanted to know if they could join the party, so I told them if they wanted to work with a chain gang for the rest of the weekend, it was fine with Jim and I.

Moments later, the car load of kids were headed up the road but both Jim and I sensed a problem and opened the gate to drive to the top of the hill. Sure enough, on the other side of the hill, the car had stopped and the kids were getting out, and moving around the hill towards the fence. We knew it was just curiosity but also it could be very dangerous for us, so we moved around the fence line to where Jim figured they were headed. As we walked, Jim explained that they were friends of Kelly's and not really bad kids. The three girls were really cute but all under sixteen and the two boys good looking and both just sixteen.

There was a draw they would have to come down, to get closer to the lodge if they wanted to see what was going on. An idea hit me, most kids on a adventure like this, wouldn't turn down a cold beer, and we had about a half hour before they would reach the draw. It didn't take but a few minutes and Jim I were back with a cold six pack of beer, that I had dropped a pill in each one, and we left them in a cooler, sitting on the back of the buggy, in the draw. Since we might need help I sent Jim back for Paul and Derrick, then we hid above the draw to wait for the kids.

Minutes after Jim left, there were three flashlights coming down the draw, hushed giggles and soft voices. Once they spotted the buggy, they spotted the cooler and thought they had hit the bonanza and began passing the beer out. One of the girls couldn't have been over fourteen, and wasn't going to drink a beer until the others goaded her into it. For a while, I was really scared, then the younger girl guzzled her beer, just like the others and before Jim made it back, I was programming all five kids. When Jim, Paul and Derrick arrived, it scared the hell out of the five kids and they were willing to do anything to keep out of trouble.

The first thing I told them, was to strip and leave their clothes laying right where they were, and only the one younger girl protested but stripped anyhow. Then, we marched them down to the barn and into the area where the breeding bench was set up. In the light, I was very surprised, the two girls were fourteen, very well built and pretty, the one was fifteen and built like a brick shit house. The two boys were as Jim had said, handsome young men and all five kids were embarrassed at seeing each other naked. The only women we had that weren't busy, were Lilly and Carrie, so Jim went after them while we decided what to do with the rest.

"Should we just kill them right here?" Paul somberly asked.

"I guess we could," I replied. "I'd like to see how well the girls kiss before we do." all the girls began to cry. "What's your name?" I asked the youngest one, a sweet little brunette.

"Brandy," she sobbed. "We didn't mean any harm, honest."

"Doesn't matter what you meant, you caused it," Paul sternly stated. "You, what's your name, he asked the brick shit house.

"Annie," she whimpered. "Please, let us go, we won't say a word to anyone."

The other fourteen year old was named Rose and she was obviously of Hispanic descent but still a beauty, with full breast and a thick black pubic patch. When I beckoned the fourteen year old Brandy over to me, she began sobbing but I didn't smile. All I told her was how well she kissed depended on what happened to them. When I took the little brunette beauty in my arms and kissed her, she gasped then turned her beautiful face up to me for another kiss. Her lips were soft and warm, her breath smelled like beer but that was okay and when I kissed her passionately the second time, her firm young body melted into mine. Beside us. Annie was kissing Paul and the fifteen year old brunette goddess was moaning with surprise.

It was the fourteen year old Rose that surprised me, when Derrick kissed the black haired beauty, she almost passed out, then hugged him so tight and was kissing him back. Just then, Lilly and Carrie entered the barn, neither of them wearing clothes and both boy's mouths were on the floor. Yet, when Carrie kissed the one and Lilly the other, both boys would have walked bare footed through broken glass for another kiss from these two beautiful, naked women. Still, I noticed they were both covering their cocks in embarrassment, yet the three girls were trying to display their charms. The boys name's were Jack and Aaron and when I asked their ages, Jack had just turned sixteen and Aaron was only fifteen and a half.

"Jeff, I have a hot little honey that I left humping the air," Paul whispered, and Derrick nodded.

"Thank's guys, I think I can handle it from here, with Lilly and Carrie's help," I smiled. "Jack, Aaron, you are both virgins, aren't you?" and both boys bashfully nodded. "It's nothing to be ashamed of but I think we should remedy that. Annie, which one is your boyfriend?"

"Neither of them, they're just friends," the stunning fifteen year old blushed.

"Well, Jack, why don't you show Annie how well you kiss," I suggested, "and Aaron, show Rose how well you can kiss."

Like most teenage boys, they were clumsy kissers but Carrie helped Jack while Lilly helped Aaron and the third time of kissing these beautiful, naked young girls, both Annie and Rose were melting into the boy's bodies. Next, was kissing and sucking breast and nipples, which I demonstrated on Brandy and the little naked brunette almost had an orgasm on me. The boys were next and the two older women were excellent teachers but I saw both boys erections beginning to quiver, while the two girls moaned and held the boys heads to their bare breast.

"Annie, Rose, I want you to pay close attention as Brandy shows you how to undress a man, then suck his cock," I stated.

"Sir, I've never done that, in fact I've never seen a naked man until tonight," Brandy gasped.

"You want to now though, don't you?" I suggested.

"Oh yes," the naked, fourteen year old beauty gasped.

With trembling fingers, Brandy began undressing me and had very little trouble, until she started to pull my underwear down. She was to busy trying to see my cock when it cleared my underwear that she kept getting the waist band hung up on my hips. Once she finally had my shorts down past my crotch, the naked, fourteen year old beauty gasped and wanted to stop right there. Finally, I told her to take them all the way off, then she could touch my cock as she kissed and licked it. Her soft hands trembled as she picked up my limp cock, then her tongue snaked out to wash across the head.

"It's so beautiful," Brandy gasped. "How do I put it in my mouth?"

It was a stupid question but I knew what the fourteen year old was asking and told her just to lick it a little more, then suck it in. It was Lilly, that knelt on the other side of the naked brunette beauty and began coaching her. The head of my cock slipped into the softest, warm mouth, her tongue washed and licked around the head of my cock and the underside of the glans. As my cock slid deeper into that warm, virgin mouth, I could feel the little brunette's body almost shaking. Off to the side, both the fifteen year old Annie and fourteen year old Rose, were licking their lips as they watched intently as Brandy was almost worshiping my cock. The thought of the way Brandy was sucking my cock, gave me an idea but it would have to wait until later.

My cock was beginning to grow, which brought a little squeal from Brandy but the naked beauty went right back to sucking and licking. As her soft brunette hair began moving back and forth, I began moving my own hips, and fucking the fourteen year old's beautiful face. Her head began moving in time to my hips, as I would push my cock into Brandy's mouth, she would be sliding her mouth onto it, as I would pull back, she would be sliding it out. Faster and faster, I began pumping my seven inch cock into the brunette's soft little warm mouth, soon I was bouncing the head of my cock off the back of her throat but she wasn't gagging.

Since I was a ways from having an orgasm, I told Annie she could start sucking Jack's cock and Rose could start sucking Aaron's while Lily and Carrie coached them. Soon, the naked fifteen year old and naked fourteen year old were sucking the two boys cocks and I knew neither boy would last long. The first to cum was Aaron but I told Carrie just to let Rose keep sucking him until he had cum again, the same with Jack, because he was filling Annie's beautiful mouth with cum also. All three naked teen girls were hungrily sucking cock now and I felt my own cum rising from my balls. When the first jet exploded into Brandy's fourteen year old mouth, the teen was already swallowing and never lost a drop. Still, I let her keep sucking until my cock was dry, then hard again, before pulling her off and to her feet.

"That was fantastic!" Brandy gasped as she hugged me.

With the naked little brunette beauty standing in front of me, with her back to me, we watched as Annie and Rose each swallowed another load of boy cum, while I reached around Brandy to fondle her firm breast. Once both boys were hard again, I told them to pull their cocks out of the girls mouth, because now they needed to know how to pleasure the woman. This brought some funny looks from both boys, but I just moved Brandy over to the breeding bench and lay her on her back, then spread her legs wide with her feet on the floor.

Gently, I spread the naked, fourteen year old Brandy's virgin vaginal lips and showed Jack and Aaron how to find a girls clit and vaginal opening, which embarrassed Brandy. Then, I leaned up over Brandy and kissed her soft, sweet lips, making her moan with passion, then the hollow of her neck and down to her firm, proud breast. As I licked and sucked her now rigid nipples, the brunette's shapely hips began to lift and push against my groin. Slowly, I kissed my way down across her flat stomach to her little pubic slash, than kissed the beginning of her vaginal crack.

My little fourteen year old was already gasping and moaning as her beautiful slim body twitched and spasmed. When I kissed her on those petal soft pussy lips, Brandy arched her hips and cried out with her very first orgasm. There was no hair along the fourteen year old's cunt lips and I easily slipped the tip of my tongue between them, then spread them open with my finger tips. As I licked and teased Brandy's clit, the brunette beauties's body went almost rigid, then she moaned deeply and her lithe body jerked rapidly for several times.

Once I had sent Brandy through an orgasm, I began playing with her virginal cunt opening, trying to insert my tongue in her cunt. The nude fourteen year old launched into another series of body jerking, then relaxed for only a moment before she started jerking again. Her juices were flowing heavily and I went up onto my knees and placed the head of my stiff seven inch cock against that tiny, virginal, fourteen year old opening. One good steady shove and the head of my cock popped inside Brandy's cunt, another and the fourteen year old was no longer a virgin.

The nude beauty had cried out in pain as my cock entered her, than again as I ripped away her hymen but that was all. Moments later, she was lifting her fourteen year old hips to get even more of my seven inch cock inside her little cunt. Since she was ready, I began making long, slow strokes and Brandy's nude body began jerking as she moaned with orgasm after orgasm. Now, I began picking up the speed, thrusting my cock into her fourteen year old cunt harder and faster and Brandy was pumping her hips up to me harder and faster, matching my every cock thrust.

The nude little brunette fourteen year old was jerking out orgasms constantly now, her moaning was getting more high pitched and her hips were beginning to misfire. It was okay, because my own orgasm was coming fast and hard and I buried my cock deep inside the little brunette beauty and began spraying the insides of her cunt with potent sperm. Each jet, seemed to send her higher and higher into her own orgasm and her moans had become almost nothing more than squeaks. Then, as my orgasms finished, she just collapsed and lay there, her arms lifted towards me as if she was trying to hold me.

"Far our fucking fantastic!" Annie gasped.

For several minutes, I leaned down over Brandy and held her as she held me, while she came down from her orgasms. Then, I looked over at the boys and asked them what they were waiting for, they had cherries to pick. Even still, both boys seemed hesitant but Lilly and Carrie took them under their wings and Jack and Aaron were soon eating pussy and sending Annie and Rose into ecstasy. Quietly, I asked Brandy if she was ready to suck my cock clean and the nude fourteen year old scrambled off the bench to kneel in front of me. There were no preliminaries, she just sucked my cock into her sweet mouth and began working it clean.

When fifteen year old Annie and fourteen year old Rose lost their cherries, Annie was the one that gasp the loudest, then immediately began having orgasms. The fifteen year old Aaron and sixteen year Jack, were soon fucking the two teens like they really knew what they were doing. Both girls were in constant orgasm, and as I expected, the two boys hit their orgasms long before the girls were really ready, but they were still happy. Now, I held Brandy and fondled her firm proud tits, while we waited for the other four to come down from their orgasms.

"Okay, I want all five of you to call your Parents and ask if you can spend the weekend up here," I told them, handing Brandy my cell phone. "You don't argue, beg or plead. If they say no, you will go home as if nothing had happened."

As Brandy talked to her Mom, the only question was what she was going to do for clothes, and suppressing a giggle, she told her Mom she could wear some of Kelly's. When her Mom evidently questioned her staying and wanted to talk to Lilly, Brandy handed Lilly the phone. When Lilly closed the phone and nodded to Brandy, the fourteen year old was so excited she kissed me. One by one, the rest of the kids called home and both Annie and Rose used the same line about clothes as Brandy had. Still, the only one that didn't have to go home tonight, was Brandy and the other four were very disappointed, but they could come back up and spend Saturday night.

"Don't argue," I softly told them. "We will expect you back tomorrow night."

"The only way I will get to come back up is if my Mom brings me up," Annie almost cried.

"You Mom as pretty as you," I asked Annie.

"Oh yes!" Jack exclaimed, then blushed.

"What about your Dad?" I asked Annie.

"We haven't seen him in years," Annie stated.

"Well, call me before you start up here and I'll talk to your Mom," I replied. "Now, you four had better be headed home. Brandy and I will go up and open the gate for you."

"We have to find our clothes first," Rose giggled.

That was no big deal, I knew exactly how to find the ranch buggy and their clothes were right there, so we all started walking up the road naked. We easily found the buggy and the kids started getting dressed, including Brandy, and I asked her why she was dressing. With the cutest little giggle, she wasn't sure, then threw her clothes on the front seat of the buggy. Since the buggy was a two seater, with a deck on the back the other four could sit on, I just hauled them up to the gate, then out to where they had left their car. At their car, Annie said she couldn't believe what she had done tonight, then neither could Rose, or that she had let Aaron fuck her.

"Annie, Rose, that is the last time either Aaron or Jack will fuck you, or any other boy for that matter," I stated. "In fact, you will remember having sex tonight, and can't wait until you get back tomorrow to have sex with an older man. Both Aaron and Jack will be having sex with older women and they will enjoy it as much as you girls will with older men. From now on, having sex with boys will actually be a turn off for you girls, unless you are told to."

The kids were gone and I started the buggy and headed back to the ranch with a very naked Brandy sitting beside me. We stopped at the guard house long enough to put her clothes in the changing room, then went on down to the ranch. As we walked up onto the lawn, there were naked bodies every where, in pairs and inside the lodge wasn't much better. Still, I had staked out a bedroom for myself but now decided I wanted to fuck Brandy where everyone could watch. We found a vacant mattress and I lay the naked, fourteen year old down on it, then lay beside her for a little kissing, then I had her move up onto her hands and knees behind her. When I spread her cute ass cheeks and shoved my cock up her virgin ass, the brunette fourteen year old let out a squeal of pain.

"Brandy?" a voice said and Kelly looked up from the cock she was sucking.

"Hi Kelly," Brandy gasped. "We were caught sneaking in and I'm sure glad we were."

With a giggle, Kelly went back to sucking cock, while I fucked Brandy's cute ass until we both had an orgasm. Then, it was inside to wash my cock and back to the mattress where I made love to the little fourteen year old brunette beauty for about an hour. Then, I taught her how to ride my cock while I played with her firm proud breast. After several more orgasms, Brandy went to sleep on my chest, with my cock still buried deep in her cunt and her body jerking out orgasms. For a few minutes, I thought about the messages I was going to record on endless tapes, but sleep over took me very soon, I could do that later.

Chapter 12

Saturday morning, the ranch came alive a few couples at a time and most of the newer girls were a little embarrassed waking up with cocks in them. Still, it only lasted for a few minutes, except for fourteen year old Brandy, when I had brought her down last night, she never realized how many people there were laying around us. After leaving Brandy and Kelly to talk, I found Ralph and told him about the other four kids coming back this afternoon, or early evening. It gave him an idea, his Wife had always wanted to come to something like this as had Carl's, so Ralph called them and Aaron and Jack had dates for the night. The two girls would be used by someone, or maybe a lot of guys, so that was no problem. Then, Ralph was asking Steve if he had enough rings for the three extra girls, and Steve assured him he did.

Just then, Lilly came out and said there was a phone call for me, so I went in and answered it. The call was from Annie, her Mom was bringing she and Rose up in about an hour but wanted to see the ranch before she would allow the girls to spend the weekend there. Within minutes, Jim and I were headed up to the guard house to figure a way to slow Annie's Mom down. Out past the guard house, in the timber, was an old snag that Jim had been meaning to cut down and it just happened to fall across the road. Since there was no way to communicate between the guard house and the lodge, Jim left me a small radio and he took the other one back to the lodge with him.

It wasn't an hour later when Annie's Mom arrived with the two girls, Annie and Rose, and I was sitting on the fallen tree. Of course I had a little cooler with several cold beers and watched as Annie's Mom stepped out of her car and walked over to the log with a very indignant look on her face. She was a very beautiful woman, five seven, like Annie built like the proverbial brick shit house and she knew it. Most of all, she also had an attitude of superiority, the kind that turned most men off.

"You mean we drove this far, on these hot dusty roads, just to have you blocking the road!" the woman sourly stated.

"Mom! This is Jeff and he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet," Annie quickly said.

"Yeah, what ever, if he was that nice he'd be offering me one of those cold beers and apologizing for letting that tree block our way," the Mother stated.

"Jeff, this is my Mom Sheila and she's not always this rude, just when she has to wake up early," Annie introduced her Mom.

"Glad to meet you Sheila, and here is a cold beer, guess that is the least I can do. Jim will be back with a chain saw to get this tree out of the way," I handed her a bottle, that as I twisted the cap off for her, I dropped a pill inside.

The woman drank beer like a sailor and soon half the bottle was gone, so I suggested that Annie and Rose walk up to the gate and see if Jim was coming, if he wasn't they could wait for him there. In a snobbish way, Sheila told them not to be riding on anything that would get them dirty and be careful where they stepped because there was probably horse shit all over the place. The girls hadn't been gone but a couple of minutes when Sheila drained her beer and asked if there were any more, but there was just the one I had been holding.

As this stunning beauty was saying how no one could live in such a desolate place, her eyes began going glassy and I waited another minute or so. The programming I put into this haute woman was even stronger than what I had put in Carrie or June and I took my time doing it. By the time she had come around, I had moved the dead tree out of the way and told her I would drive her car to the gate. When I asked her if she didn't find it beautiful up here, there was a pause, then she agreed with me. Once we parked, Sheila asked if we weren't going to drive down to the ranch, because she didn't want to walk.

"Sheila, all of us are going to walk down to the lodge and you three girls are going to walk down there naked," I smiled at her, then motioned Annie and Rose over. "You girls and Sheila will go into the guard house and undress in the dressing room. Then, we'll walk down to the ranch."

"We're going to walk all the way naked?" Sheila gasped.

"Well of course," I replied. "When we get there you will have a beautiful cock waiting for you."

"I will?" Sheila smiled. "I hope it's a big one."

"Oh yes, and you'll love taking every inch of it in that sloppy cunt of yours," I stated.

There was some giggles from the two young girls but they followed Annie's Mother into the changing room and soon came out stark naked. It was as Aaron had said, Sheila was built like something else and had an over all tan on her five foot seven inch body. Her breast were a D size and hung gently on her chest, at the top of her long legs was a splash of brunette pubic hair. Yet, I found Annie even more beautiful than her Mother, because Annie's was an honest beauty and her full breast were firm and proud.

For the mile walk, Sheila kept going on about how beautiful it was up here and how fortunate Jim and Lilly were to live here. When we walked into the yard, Kelly and Brandy both squealed and ran to hug Annie and Rose, then a shocked look crossed both their faces when they saw the naked Sheila. When I asked where Jim was, Kelly said he was at the barn, so I walked over there, leaving Sheila and the two nude beauties on the lawn after telling them they would take care of any man that wanted them.

In the barn, Jim was getting the breeding bench ready and when I asked him how long it would take to make another one, he just smiled and walked to the back of the barn. When he asked for my help, I followed him and there was a second breeding bench, but it wasn't quite finished. As I told him about Sheila and how I had promised her a big cock, Jim smiled but warned me that both horses couldn't be breeding at the same time. It could cause them to start fighting and he wouldn't have any control over them. When he asked me to let him do it his way, I just smiled and asked when he wanted Sheila.

"I think that Damien guy wants to do something first, then we'll put a stallion to Carrie and after she's out of the way, then Sheila. For now, I want to use the smaller stallion on Sheila, since this will be her first time," Jim explained.

Now, I couldn't wait to watch the morning activities, yet found out that the two boys, Ralph and Carl's Wives and two more guest were on their way. It meant I had to go back to the guard house until everyone was here and it sort of pissed me off. A half hour later, I was at the guard house and no one had shown up yet. There was giggling and screaming coming from the road to the lodge and I looked down to see five or six horses coming up the hill. It took a second look, but two of the horses were the stallions, with Ralph riding one and Damien the other.

When the horses stopped at the guard house, Ralph swung Annie off from behind him and she ran to the guard house, where she gave me a big hug, then told me I had to see what was outside. In almost a net hammock style affair, slung under each stallion, were the two women, Carrie under one and Sheila under the other stallion. Both women were deeply impaled on horse cocks, their ankles hooked to straps over the horses butt, that kept the two women pulled back onto the horses cocks. There was no protection to keep the horse cocks from penetrating to far and I could see that Carrie was already taking a good twelve inches of two and a half inch cock.

Under the other stallion, Sheila had a good ten inches of horse cock buried in her cunt and both women were jerking out and crying with orgasms. With a smile, Annie said her Mom was loving that huge cock and by afternoon, Jim figured she would be taking the biggest share of it. This was the way the two women were going to spend the rest of the day, being constantly fucked by the two stallions. As Ralph moved his stallion to go back to the ranch, I noticed any movement of the stallion pushed his cock in and out of Carrie's overly stretched cunt and it was the same with Sheila. Then, all the horses were headed back down to the ranch and Annie was still standing there, stark naked and stunningly beautiful.

"Annie, why are you here?" I asked.

"Ralph told me I was to take care of you," she smiled and began unbuckling my pants.

Before I could say anything, my pants were around my ankles and that stunning brunette fifteen year old was attached to my cock. She was actually sucking my cock as she helped me take my pants off my feet, and she was very good at it. Where ever I moved, Annie shuffled on her knees to move with me, never letting my cock out of her eagerly sucking mouth. There was a car coming up the hill and I realized it belonged to Ralph's Wife, and Carl's Wife was with her so I motioned them through but they just had to stop and tell me how beautiful that young girl looked on my cock. Shortly after the two women went through, I couldn't hold back any longer and filled Annie's sweet mouth with cum, that she greedily drank.

The naked, fifteen year old brunette beauty continued sucking my cock until it was hard again, then I just knew there had to be a better place for it. Quickly, I pulled my cock out of Annie's mouth, pulled her to her feet and turned her to the window and bent her over so her full tits were hanging outside the window. In one smooth motion, I buried my cock to the balls in her still tight cunt and the nude fifteen year old hit an immediate orgasm. Now, I pulled her back in just enough that I could reach around and fondle those full, proud tits as I began fucking her.

We had been fucking for a few minutes when I saw another car coming and it matched the description Ralph had given me, then the license number, when it was closer. With a hard thrust, I pushed Annie far enough forward that her beautiful tits were again hanging out the window and when the car stopped, two men were looking with their mouths hanging open. The passenger gave me his name and I smiled and waved them through but he just had to reach out and cup Annie's full breast before the car moved.

Once the two guest were through, I pulled my cock out of Annie's cunt and went out to close the gate. When I came back in, I realized the fifteen year old was still having hard orgasms, and hanging onto the window with her long, shapely legs spread, so I rammed my cock back into her cunt. A few minuted later, Jack and Aaron arrived, and between thrust I told them to park their car, then come in and get undressed. When the two boys saw Annie, they both gasped and when they came out of the locker room, both of them had raging hard ons.

"Take those hard ons down to the lodge, there are a couple of very nice women waiting for them," I told the two teens.

Since there was no reason for me to stay at the guard house any longer, I watched the two naked boys trotting down the road, then began pounding my cock into Annie's tight cunt. By now, the fifteen year old beauty was jerking so hard with orgasms that she was having trouble holding herself up. It was okay, because moments later, I was filling that tight little cunt with cum and it threw Annie into a convulsion of orgasms. After letting Annie rest for a few minutes, and I dressed, we left the guard house and began walking back to the lodge.

There was something new when we walked up onto the front lawn, all the girls over thirteen and women, except Carrie and Sheila were wearing bright gold one inch diameter rings in their nipples. With a wave, Steve called me over with Annie, and she was set on a stool, facing Steve. Calmly, Steve told me to hold Annie's hands behind her back and one arm around her shoulders. With a cotton ball, Steve swabbed the nipples of Annie's breast, then attached what looked like a funny pair of pliers around her aureole and clamped them shut. It made Annie's nipples pop out and even bigger than they were before, and it must have really hurt because she was jerking and trying to get away.

"Jeff, keep telling her that it doesn't hurt," Steve said, so I did.

When Steve picked up that needle, that looked like a needle for sewing leather, I didn't know if I wanted to watch, but I did. He held the tip of Annie's nipple between two fingers, then stretched it out almost an inch, until it was flat. Then, right at the base of Annie's nipple, he pushed that needle clear through her nipple and just left it there and picked up a gold ring. The rings were thicker than I expected them to be, almost an eight inch thick with an opening just a little wider that Annie's nipple was squeezed flat like it was. After sliding that open section of the ring over Annie's nipple, Steve actually used the ring to push the needle out of Annie's nipple. Then, he turned the ring through her nipple until the opened end was on the outside and with another funny looking pair of pliers squeezed the ring shut.

Leaving the ring in the pliers and holding it up and out from Annie's nipple, Steve took a tiny torch and melted the end of the rings together. Quickly, he placed an ice cube on the hot section of the ring, then unclasped the pliers holding the ring, then the pliers over the aureoles of Annie's breast. The same process was done to Annie's other breast and the fifteen year old now had one inch diameter gold rings in both her nipples. It surprised me at how little blood there was, but Steve still gave Annie and injection to ward off any infection. Also, I couldn't believe how erotic it made the nude fifteen year old beauty look.

"Everyone has been told not to be tugging on them," Steve informed me. "I'll show Annie how to take care of them. Of, Jeff, you can turn lose of her now," he laughed. "Annie, are you okay?"

"Yes," she answered as if she wasn't sure, then tilted her proud tits up so she could see the ends. "I like them!" she squealed.

With that, Annie turned, threw her arms around me, hugged me and kissed me, then had to show me her beautiful pierced breast again. With a smile, she said it hadn't hurt quite as bad as she thought it was going to, then asked if she could go show Kelly and Brooke. A pat on her bare ass and I told her to go ahead, because her breast looked great now. Once Steve explained how to take care of her nipples until they healed, Annie was off to find the other girls and Steve was smiling. It was then, that Ralph was bringing Aaron and Jack over to Steve, to put little rings in their nipples, so customers would know they were not guest.

Once the two boys were finished, Ralph and Carl's Wives were there to take care of them, then Ralph handed me a package and said Steve had them brought up with the two Wives. Inside were a half dozen endless tape cassettes and there was a portable boom box of Kelly's that I could use to record on them. Since I pretty well had what I wanted to use down pat, I went after Kelly's boom box and she even had a microphone for it. By late that afternoon, while every one had been having fun, I finished three of the tapes and asked Steve to listen to them. He thought they were perfect, now it was just a matter of getting all the girls together for an hour, then the nine women.

It worked out very well, a little after I finished the last tape, everyone was gathered on the lawn, so I took all the girls into one room in the lodge and each of them was given a little glass of wine. There was a toast to how well they had handled themselves and even little Patty drank her wine. Since I had doubled the amount of pills to each girl, they would be out of it for a good forty five minutes. I just turned the boom box on and let it play for forty minutes, then went back in and shut it off. All the message did, was reinforce what I had previously programmed, except adding the worshiping the male cock, and doing what ever they were told to do, by either Ralph, Carl, Derrick, Drew, me, or anyone they had been put with by one of us.

The young girls came out of the meeting refreshed and ready to fuck, so I took the nine women in and we also toasted their success. Both Carrie and Sheila had to have help to make it into the lodge because they were still having such hard orgasms from the stallions. By the time the women came out, they would give up their lives to please and enjoy doing it, and even though they were now programmed to be better Mothers, they would gladly watch their little girls die, if it meant pleasing the group.

There was no intentions of any of these girls dieing, but it instilled a message that we could do what ever we wanted with the girls and the Mother's would support us. After dinner, I redid the programming on Aaron and Jake, then on Jim and one evening I would reprogram Connie's Husband because we could use him to help out on the ranch. When we were back at work, I was going to order several walk men and I could use them when there were new females brought into the group.

Since my work was done, I wanted to enjoy myself an we had an extra girl but I wanted one in particular, Kelly. For some reason, she was my first young girl and still my favorite, next to Jenny and Helen. There had been only one hitch, Jim still wanted to see Kelly take a stallion but if we let her, there was no way she'd enjoy me fucking her tonight. It would have been easy just to tell Jim no, but at the same time, I owed it to the man. So, I agreed that he could put the smaller stallion to Kelly in the morning.

Instead of taking horses, Kelly and I just went for a walk, and I loved being with the brunette beauty, seeing her lithe, naked body, feeling her hand in mine. Out past the pool, there was a secluded little spot on the other side of the creek, where Kelly and April used to camp. There were still blankets here and I lay Kelly down on one, then lay beside her. We cuddled and kissed, and even though I wanted to suckle and kiss those proud, fifteen year old breast, I didn't because I didn't want to hurt her.

Maybe it was knowing what Kelly would be doing in the morning, but I made tender love to the naked fifteen year old beauty and she came like there wasn't going to be a tomorrow. It made me realize that the new programming made these girls enjoy sex much more and hit orgasms so much easier. As I pounded my cock into Kelly, the naked beauty sobbed with pleasure as her body was wracked by constant orgasms. Then, we just lay together, listening to the sounds of lust coming from the lodge and front lawn. Again, we made love and by the time we were spent, it was dark and I just pulled a blanket over us and went to sleep with Kelly in my arms.

It was the sound of giggling that woke me up, and it was several of the younger girls watching Kelly sucking my cock but it didn't slow the fifteen year old down. When she finished swallowing my cum, she moved up to lay beside me and see what I wanted her to do next. A glance at my watch and it was already nine thirty, so I just told her we should be headed back to the lodge because her Dad wanted Kelly to put on a show. With a cute little smile, Kelly was up and pulled me to my feet and we walked back up to the lodge. We had company as we walked, five naked little girls, the youngest seven year old Patty, the two eight year olds and two nine year olds.

Walking in onto the lawn, I almost laughed, both Ralph and Carl's Wives were walking very carefully while Aaron and Jack both had cocks that were bright red. Just at the porch, Jim came out and told Kelly she was going to the barn and asked everyone to follow for Kelly's show. Without hesitation or complaint, Kelly followed her Dad and Lilly walked with her. When Jim and Lilly led their fifteen year old Daughter into the open area of the barn, instead of climbing to the loft, everyone just gathered around.

When Jim walked the naked, fifteen year old brunette beauty to the breeding bench, all the color drained out of Kelly's beautiful face, yet she lay down on the bench. There were no straps to hold Kelly down but Jim did put the depth restraint in place as Lilly brought the smaller stallion in. Then, there was a real turn of events, the stallion refused to breed Kelly, he did sniff her cunt, then just backed away. Even when Lilly tried to make him move over Kelly's naked body, the stallion wouldn't do it.

"Jim, you're just going to have to wait, those poor stallions are totally fucked out," Steve laughed.

"I guess so," Jim laughed and helped Kelly to her feet. "It's Carrie and Sheila's faults," he laughed and both women blushed.

There was someone tapping me on the shoulder and I turned to see Damien standing there, and he whispered something to me. With a smile, I nodded and looked around the barn, then asked Jim to lower one of the ropes an remove the breeding bench. While Jim was doing that, I sent everyone up into the loft, because they would just be in the way down here. Just as Connie started to climb the steps, I called her over to stand beside me.

"Connie, do you remember trying to get Damien in trouble?" I asked and she blushed and nodded. "Don t you think you should be punished for trying to hurt someone as nice and good as Damien?"

"Yes," she meekly replied.

With that, Damien led the nude woman to the center of the barn, where one of the ropes was dangling and quickly tied Connie's wrist together. When Jim began tightening the rope, it pulled Connie's hands over her head, then moments later the naked woman's feet came off the floor. Slowly, Jim lifted Connie by her wrist until her feet were about two feet off the floor, her naked body gently swinging. When Damien walked into the center of the barn, he was carrying a flogging whip, a short whip with thirty or forty strands of leather. It was the kind of whip that didn't cut the skin but still hurt like hell.

There was no question that Damien was well practiced with a whip, his first blow caught the naked Connie just below her bare ass and she screamed with pain. The next blow hit her just above the ass and below her shoulder blades, and as she kicked and screamed, her body began turning. Before Damien finished, he delivered thirty blows to Connie's naked body and there wasn't an inch of her skin that wasn't striped, including her full breast. What blew me away, was Connie was having orgasms from being whipped, her body jerked and thrashed as if she was in pain but there was cunt juice almost flowing down her legs. When Jim let her down, Connie collapsed onto the floor, where her beautiful naked body continued to jerk and twitch for several more minutes.

That was the end of the entertainment, everyone took a girl for one last fuck, then began slowly heading home. It was Steve that asked about taking Annie to a function during the middle of the week and I told him it was fine. Then told Annie she would go with him and do what ever Steve asked of her, no matter what and she understood. It was then, that Mr. Pillar asked if he could rent one of the thirteen year old's for a party and I agreed, then told him to pick one out. It was his Son that picked out Carrie's thirteen year old Daughter, Mandy and Pillar explained that it was his Son's birthday party, and she would be entertaining just him for the night.

"Robby, why don't you take Colleen and entertain all your friends," I suggested.

"I could do that?" the boy gasped and I nodded. "Alright, thank's Jeff."

"Colleen, you will be entertaining at a birthday party, Mr. Pillar will tell you when and where and how many boys will be fucking you," I told the beautiful red head. "Maybe you should practice a strip tease routine for them."

"Jeff, could I leave Patty with you that night?" Colleen asked.

"Just bring her along, I'll entertain Patty," Pillar smiled and the little seven year old squealed as Pillar picked Patty up. "Sweetheart, can you swim?"

"Well, a little," she giggled.

"Then, I will teach you to be a better swimmer that night," Pillar promised and gave her a little kiss.

"Alright," Patty squealed. "Do I need a swimming suit, my old one is awful small."

"When I pick you and your Mommy up we'll just stop and buy you a new one," Pillar laughed.

After all the guest had left, it was just the seventeen girls, two boys and nine Mothers and we went in for lunch together. After lunch I started taking pictures of each of them, in various provocative poses. Once I had all their pictures, I dressed and we walked up to the guard house as a group, where they showered and dressed to go home. Once all the girls and Mothers were dressed, I told them they would all be back here by four thirty next weekend, and the ones that had appointments during the week, not to forget them.

As Helen, Jenny and I were getting ready to get in our cars, I asked Jenny if she had a good time this weekend and the ten year old smiled and giggled. When I asked Helen, she blushed and said any better and she would be in the same shape Ralph's Wife was. For a few minutes, we stood in the parking lot and talked because Connie, Sandy and Beth had came with Helen and Jenny. Then, Jenny wanted to ride with me, and know if Sandy and Beth could ride with us also. Of course they could and all three girls piled in my car and I looked at Connie, who was setting in Helen's car, very gingerly.

"Connie, you okay?" I asked.

"Oh yes, except every time I sit down," she smiled. "Jeff, is being whipped like that supposed to make a person climax?"

"Some people is does, yes," I laughed.

"Does it mean I'm sadomachistic?" she grimaced, then smiled, "I guess that wouldn't be all that bad."

"Jeff," Sandy leaned over the back seat as we were driving. "If I get horny during the week, can I come to your house and spend the night with you?"

"What about your own Dad, wouldn't he take care of you?" I asked.

"I used to think he wouldn't but the last couple of days, he was fondling me in ways that would have made me very uncomfortable before, now they make me excited," she giggled.

"My Daddy has always been that way," Beth giggled. "Is he going to be in for a big surprise, if it's okay?"

"Maybe I had better come down and talk with your Mom and Dad this evening, before you let him know he can fuck you," I replied.

"Jeff, I know I can't just walk up to my Dad and ask him to fuck me, how do I let him know he can?" Sandy bashfully asked.

"When he touches you, let him, then let him know it feels good," I replied. "When you go to shower, don't wear clothes either way, just make sure you don't ever do this in front of other people though, that goes for all of you."

"Jeff, we know that," Beth giggled. "Will I be able to have sex with my Daddy after you talk to him?"

"Hopefully," I smiled.

All the way home, the three little girls giggled, squealed and carried on about what a great weekend they had and couldn't wait to go back next weekend. In the driveway, both Sandy and Beth had to give me hugs and kisses and these weren't the kisses of nine and ten year old's and I hoped the neighbors weren't watching. There was no doubt that Sandy beat Connie home and it wasn't much longer after I went in the house that there was a knock on the front door and when I opened it, there stood Beth with her Mom and Dad. It surprised me, Beth's Mom was younger than I had expected and a fantastic looking woman, while her Dad was a little older than expected.

"Mr. Rush, all Beth can do is rave about what a great weekend she had, so we thought we would come down and thank you," Mr. Marshal said as he extended his hand to me.

"I am pleased," I replied, "I think she's looking forward to going back next weekend," I smiled at Beth. "Won't you come in? At least we can offer you something cool to drink, I think," I laughed and looked for Helen. "That's Helen, in the kitchen and of course you know my little Jenny."

"Come in," Helen said, "I was just getting some sodas out, could I interest you in some?" she asked. "I have to apologize, because that is the hardest thing we have. Neither Jeff nor I drink, except for an occasional beer."

"Well, if you haven't got beer, soda is fine," Beth's Dad laughed. "My name is Frank and this is my Wife Peggy."

Since Helen was doing something in her room, she asked Peggy to join her, while Frank stayed in the living room with me. Maybe twenty minutes passed, the two women had been in and out, then I noticed Frank's eyes beginning to glaze over and Helen called me into the other room. Sitting in a chair was Peggy, and her eyes were glassed over and she was staring at the wall. When I looked at Helen, she just smiled and held up my empty pill bottle, then wanted to know if I wanted her and the girls to go out back for a while.

"Helen, how many pills did you drop in their drinks?" I asked. "How did you know to use them."

"I used two in each drink, and I saw you put them in Beth's juice the other night," she smiled.

"Does Jenny have a recorder with a head set?" I asked. And Helen said she did.

While Helen went to get Jenny's walkman, I went for my little boom box, that also had head phones. Once I had both ready, Helen took Jenny and Beth out back while I slipped a tape in Jenny's walkman and put the head phones on Peggy. In the living room, I put the head phones from my boom box on Frank and started it also, then went out back with the girls. When Beth asked what her Mom and Dad were doing, I said they were listening to music. When Beth couldn't believe this, I just smiled and admitted I was doing something that would make it easier for them to accept what she was doing.

"Will it help make my Dad so he can help me keep in practice for the weekends?" Beth hopefully asked.

"I think so," I smiled, "And your Mom also."

When I went back in to remove the head phones, I again looked at Beth's young Mother, she was beautiful and would be a great asset to our organization. It almost made me laugh when Peggy came walking out of the back room. She was saying that she had been talking to Helen and all of a sudden she was gone. When Frank came around, he just went on with the sentence he had been saying as the drug hit. When Jenny and Beth came in, the nine year old Beth had to go sit on her Daddy's lap, and of course push her little sex into his crotch. There was no question that Frank was aroused but I wanted to push things a little farther, to see how well the programming had taken.

"Damn Frank, I can't believe how sexy your little girl is," I laughed. "I bet you have a hard time keeping from fucking her?"

"Well, yes, yes I do," he blushed.

"Daddy, you want to fuck me?" Beth giggled.

"Yes Sweetie, I do," her Daddy answered.

"I'd sure like to watch that, wouldn't you Peggy?" I asked.

"Oh yes," Peggy gushed. "She needs to know what it is like to be fucked by a man."

"Well, maybe you had better wait until the middle of the week," I suggested, "she needs the exercise to be ready for next weekend. Peggy, aren't you awful warm in all those clothes?"

"It is warm in here, would it be okay if I took my clothes off?" she stupidly asked.

"Sure, but then I'm going to fuck you while Frank, Beth, Jenny and Helen watch," I told her.

All Frank told me was to fuck her good because he had always wanted to watch Peggy be fucked by another man. It only took moments for the brunette beauty to strip out of her clothes and I out of mine, and Peggy was ready to fuck. Still, I just wanted a blow job first and the nude beauty quickly knelt in front of me. Hungrily, Peggy sucked my cock until I blew my cum down her throat, and like all the girls and women, kept sucking until I was hard again and pulled her off. When I pushed the naked brunette over onto her back and knelt between her spread legs, her cunt was already dripping with arousal.

Easily, my cock slid deep into Peggy's cunt, but it soon became obvious that the woman had never had seven inches of cock before, or it had been a long time since she had been fucked. On the chair, I could see that Frank had a hard on that was trying to tear through his pants, so I told Beth she could go ahead and suck her Daddy's cock. As I pounded my cock into her Mother, Beth sucked her Daddy's cock and Peggy and Frank hit their full orgasms at the same time.

Once my cock slipped out of Peggy's cunt, I made her suck me clean, then they dressed and we retired to the back yard. Over soft drinks, I told Peggy what she would be doing every weekend and Frank that he would be there also, manning the gate. Both Parents seemed more than happy with this but I think the happiest was Beth, she was going to be allowed to fuck all she wanted, while at the ranch and her Daddy once a week.

Chapter 13

When Helen and I made it to work Monday morning, my first appointment was only a half hour away and it was Damien. When Damien arrived, there were two other men with him and he introduced them as the Superintendents of Schools, from two different towns. Quickly, Damien explained that they weren't part of his group but he would vouch for their desire to have young girls. Since I was out of pills, I had to trust in Damien but these men talked openly and there were six of them that wanted a party Wednesday night. The other four would be principals from their schools, two junior high and two high school.

"What age girls would you like at this party?" I asked.

" Twelve to fourteen," the one man replied. "We have no preference to hair color or skin color."

"Actually, we can't even believe this is going to happen," the other man almost giggled. "Would you happen to have any pictures we could choose from?"

With a smile, I put the disc from my camera into my computer and opened the pictures from the weekend. After several minutes, I thought the two men were going to cum right there, but they began choosing. After some looking, they chose twelve year old brunette April, thirteen year old blonde Mandy, twelve year old blonde Tami, fourteen year old brunette Brandy, twelve year old blonde Heather, and the one man just had to have ten year old blonde Sandy.

When I asked Damien if he was coming, he just smiled and said he would just take one of the girls at the ranch but I knew he would take Crystal. When one of the men asked if we supplied girls by request, I replied that it depended and if he would explain. One of the Principals that would be there, was hung up on a girl in his school and wanted her so bad that it had almost cost him his job. At the same time, they couldn't blame him, because the girl was a thirteen year old, blonde bomb shell, probably the prettiest girl around.

"Well Jeff, sounds like you need to counsel this girl," Damien laughed, then explained.

"That can easily be arranged but her Mother has raised quite a stink but we managed to cover it up," the one man explained.

"Have you a vacant office in your administration building?" I asked, "a very private one?"

Then we went over how we had duped Connie and I knew it would work here also. With a smile, I told the one Superintendent that I would be there tomorrow afternoon and he could have the Mother and Daughter there, introduce me and I would take over from there. There was no Father to worry about, so after I told the men to be at the ranch by five Wednesday evening, I left and headed down to find Derrick. He refilled my pill bottle and told me Ralph had given him the privacy to develop anything else we needed. These pills would put the subject into an even deeper trance, where it completely made them vunerable and open to suggestion and touching them wouldn't bother the trance.

It was just after lunch when I reached the administration building, where I was met by Mr. Barr and ushered into a private office. Moments later, a stunning, five foot five blonde woman entered, followed by an equally stunning five foot two, blonde thirteen year old. Both had fantastic bodies and looked like almost perfect proportions until you reached their breast, which were just a little large for their frames. As I rose to meet them, I was afraid my cock would be stiff but was happy it wasn't.

"Mrs. Cool, Samantha, this is Mr. Rush, from the State office of education," Mr. Barr introduced us.

"Please ladies, have a seat," I motioned them into chairs. "Mr. Barr, thank you but your presence is not required," I dismissed him curtly. "Ladies, I am here for you and to help you," I smiled, "first, since the district is footing this, let me offer you a soft drink."

"That's the least this place could do," Mrs. Cool stated.

Quickly, I split a can of soda into two pre cooled glasses and slid them across the desk to Mrs. Cool and her Daughter Samantha. When I asked if I could call Mrs. Cool by her first name, she smiled and said it was Rita, and it was fine with her. As they began telling me about Mr. Jenkins accidentally fondling Samantha, I listen and wrote notes, as I should. Still, shortly after they finished their soda, both Rita and Samantha went glassy eyed, so I put my papers aside and took out my two new walk men. While the tapes played, I walked out to talk to Mr. Barr and killed a good forty five minutes.

"Rita, after hearing you out, and looking over Mr. Jenkins records, are you sure you want to press charges, he seems like he has Samantha's best interest in mind," I asked.

"I guess you are right, no, we don't want to press charges, do we Sweetie," Rita looked at the little copy cat stunning beauty.

"No Mom, he actually only touched my breast," Samantha reasoned.

"Samantha, that's nothing, men are going to be seeing you naked, touching your breast, your pussy, having you suck their cocks and fucking you in the cunt and ass," I stated.

"Really," the blonde thirteen year old beauty gasped, as she squirmed in her chair.

"Oh Sweetheart, won't that be great," Rita gasped. "You are so lucky."

"Well Rita, you're going to be doing the same, only you will be teaching young boys how to please older women," I told her. Now, Friday afternoon, I want you both to be at this address, it's a ranch and you tell no one where you are going," I handed Rita a map.

"We'll be there," Rita assured me. "Is there anything special you want us to wear."

"Only clothes easy to get out of," I laughed. "Now, young lady, I think you owe Mr. Jenkins a hug and an apology." I told the little thirteen year old.

"Okay," she chirped. "What if he touches me?"

"Let him, just let him know that he can't do any more than that until next week," I laughed as she blushed.

"Mom, what do we do about Barbie?" Samantha asked.

"We'll find someone to leave her with," Rita replied.

"Who's Barbie?" I asked.

"She's my eight year old," Rita smiled.

"Rita, I want you to bring Barbie to me, I'll arrange for her to get out of class," I instructed.

Maybe fifteen minutes later, Rita returned with a living breathing doll, by the name of Barbie, and this kid was a stunning blonde beauty, who in a few years would look just like Samantha. After Rita assured the eight year old that I was a very nice man and here to help her, she left me alone with Barbie. Since the young girl had no idea why she was here, I just smiled and told her we needed to talk about Samantha and I knew little Sisters kept a lot of secrets about older Sisters. The stunning little beauty giggled and I poured her half a soda and the rest in my glass, then fifteen minutes later, went out to talk with Rita, Samantha and Mr. Barr.

Once I had removed Barbie's head phones, she went on chatting about what Samantha was like at home, until I laughed. Then, I told her it sounded like Samantha was a normal, older, Sister and she agreed with the cutest giggle. Since I was done, I called Rita and Samantha back into the office and told them I would see them all Friday afternoon. Quite happily, Barbie followed Samantha out the door, and Rita stopped long enough to assure me they would be there Friday afternoon.

When Rita, Barbie and Samantha left, Barr walked in and I just smiled at him, then told him he'd better plan on renting the ranch for the next Wednesday night also. With the biggest smile, he told me that if this Wednesday night went as he expected, we could plan on them renting the ranch a lot. Then, Barr asked me to walk through the Junior High School with him and we looked in on several classes, where he introduced me as a counselor.

When we would leave a class, he would ask me if I had noticed certain girls and I had, because they were all blondes and very pretty. Then, we went across to the High School and made the same tour, and again it was the beautiful blondes that he was interested in. When I asked about the grade school, we walked down the block and toured it also, then he informed me there were six schools in his district and I had access to all of them. All it would cost, was one free night a month at the ranch and I promised to talk to my boss about it.

With a smile, Barr hinted that maybe Samantha could be there tomorrow evening, at the ranch. Sadly, I told him it wasn't possible, but would guarantee that she would be there the next week and he could claim her, but it wasn't for him but the Principal, Mr. Jenkins. He asked how many girls we actually had working the ranch and I told him nineteen.

"Jeff, you really need more than that. What about pregnancies, and monthly problems. An operation that size should have thirty girls available," Barr suggested. "Why don't you plan on picking up a few more out of my District and the rest out of Wale's District. I can call him and arrange for you to go over there tomorrow."

"That's great, but the Parents need to be involved, because of the logistics and I would prefer girls without Fathers," I replied.

"The problem is?" he laughed. "Jeff, we can supply you with all the family information you need. You just let us know what girls you want it on."

"Hey, you seem to have a great eye for beauty, you just tell me what girls you want, or can give me," I replied.

"Okay, what do I get for that?" Barr laughed.

"One free night a week, at the ranch, for you and Wale's," I replied.

"Are you serious!" Barr exclaimed and I nodded. "Plan on being back here Thursday afternoon, for the afternoon."

When I made it back to the office, there was just time to call the girls for Wednesday night and tell them to be at the ranch, then Helen and I went home. When she asked if we were going to the ranch tomorrow night, I told her she and Jenny didn't have to go, unless they wanted to. If I was going, so were they, and Jenny was all excited about it, then giggled and said not to count on Beth going, the girl was going to be with her Dad tomorrow night.

After my session with Rita and Samantha, I was a little horny and when I asked Helen if we could go to bed early, she just smiled and nodded at Jenny. My little ten year old, blonde beauty was already stark naked and waiting in the hallway to the bedrooms. When I started stalking her, Jenny squealed and ran for my room, jumped up on the bed and hid under the covers. I was laughing so hard by the time I made it into the bedroom, because she was giggling under the covers. When I woke up the next morning, Jenny was still happily impaled on my cock and I was no longer horny but very tired. My ten year old beauty and I had fucked and sucked until almost one in the morning.

It was just after lunch when my phone rang and I figured it was Helen, telling me that Rita and Barbie were here. Instead, it was Ralph and he was sending a man by the name of Albur, down to see me. He wanted something I would be against but Ralph told me to fulfill what he wanted, because it was important to him. When this Mr. Albur walked into my office, he was dark complected, dressed extremely well and seemed pleasant. We exchanged pleasantries, then I asked him to sit and what I could do for him.

"Mr. Rush the man I work for is a very powerful man, very rich and get's what he wants," Mr. Albur replied. "Your employer and my employer have had many meetings together at my employers home, so they know each other very well." he was explaining but I just wanted him to get on with it. "My employer wants a little white girl, around eight to ten, natural blonde, pretty, one that will hold her beauty through the years and a virgin."

"For the night, or weekend?" I asked.

"For his own, our country is a little far for just a night or weekend," he smiled. "The girl will be well taken care of and treated very well, but she will be the property of my employer."

"Uhh, let me digest this, he wants a sex slave," I was shocked, but guess I shouldn't have been.

"If that is what you want to call it, yes," Albur smiled. "What happens to this girl, once she leaves your hands, is of no concern to you, but for it, you will receive fifty thousand dollars."

"You mean the organization," I was shocked.

"No, you personally, and your employer has approved," Albur replied.

"When would you want this girl?" I asked.

"My employer will be here this Saturday, we would come to this ranch to pick her up," Albur replied.

"Mr. Albur, none of our girls are virgins, I assure you," I stated, then saw his look.

"I have been told you have access," he laughed. "Your employer has all the confidence in you. We will see you Saturday afternoon," and he left.

Suddenly, things had spun out of control for me and I was on the phone to Ralph, wanting to know what the hell was going on. After calming me down, Ralph explained that Albur's employer was the king of a small country, that we did business with, in the millions of dollars yearly. Softly he reminded me that I knew things like this could happen, and the group had relented on the sadist actually killing one of the girls, on the ranch. As I hung up the phone, I realized the Mothers had been programmed to give up their Daughters and would. For several minutes, I sat there, then knew that when I went back to the school administrative offices Thursday, what I would be looking for.

"Jeff, there is a another gentleman here to see you," Helen buzzed.

The man came in and was very cordial, and we talked for about a half hour and he was part of a group that wanted to rent the facilities at the ranch. When I asked him how many guest, he smiled, twelve adults and twelve young boys, horny young boys that thought they knew all about sex but had never experienced it. When I told him weekends were out, he smiled, they would be using the ranch after school was out and wanted to know if there was a place where they could camp for a couple of nights. When I told him about the cabins, he still wanted the boys to experience camping, cooking over open fires and fucking.

"Well, school lets out in two weeks, how about a Monday through Wednesday, in three weeks?" I suggested.

"Three days and two nights, perfect," he smiled. "Now, will your girls be able to teach the boys about sex?" he asked.

"What we usually do, is provide women for the boys and they are the teachers," I answered.

"You have to be kidding me, that would be fantastic! Are they good looking women?" he asked.

After bringing up some pictures on my computer, the man was almost drooling and asked if they could choose the girls they would be with. They could but needed to expand their choices to allow for inconveniences and such. Also, at the time, I would have to use a few of the older girls because we didn't have that many women yet and that was fine by him. That would put Kelly, Brooke, Brandy, Annie and Rose with the boys and by then Annie, Brandy and Rose would be experts. Everything was perfect, so he gave me a complete list of names, so they could check through the gate, then asked if there was a way the girls could just wonder into their camp, to surprise the boys and that was easy.

After Mr. Tanger left, Helen and I left to head for the ranch, so we could be there ahead of the Wednesday night group. After we picked up Jenny, Connie and Sandy, we went straight to the ranch and stopped at the guard house. Once Helen, Connie, Sandy and Jenny had stripped, I had Helen take the car, and girls on down to the ranch, while I manned the guard house. Shortly, thirteen year old Mandy arrived with her Mom, Carrie, and before they were stripped, fourteen year old Brandy arrived with Jack, then twelve year old Heather arrived with her Mom June and fifteen year old Sister Brooke. Since April, Sandy and Tami were already down at the ranch, once everyone was naked, I just sent them on down also.

"Brandy," I stopped the little brunette beauty. "How are you getting your Mom and Dad to let you come out like this?"

"They know Jim and Lilly and like it when I'm away, because they can do their own thing," she blushed. "Our house is fairly small and I can hear them when they're fucking," she giggled.

"What does your Dad do for a living?" I asked.

"When he can find work, he's a stone mason," she replied.

"What about Rose's family?" I asked.

"It's just Rose and her Dad, and he's a really nice guy," Brandy smiled. "He spends a lot of his time away though, and wants Rose home when he is home."

"Thanks Sweetie," I said, giving the little beauty a kiss and fondling her full breast.

With a giggle, Brandy ran down the road to catch up to the other girls, and I went back into the guard house. Just at five, a van pulled up and in it were Barr, Wale and Damien, so I smiled, opened the gate and let them through. It was Wale, that asked me if I could ride down with them, and on the way he told me everything was ready for my visit tomorrow. He had three girls and their families coming in and was sure I would be happy with his selection. When we pulled into the yard, the van was surrounded by naked little beauties and the six men were having trouble deciding which one they wanted to look at.

"George," one of the Principals laughed. "You only need to have two families come in," he pointed at Brandy.

"Oh shit," Wale gasped. "Well, I guess I can cancel her appointment."

"No, I want to meet her Parents," I replied, then laughed. "You're not a blonde lover, like Barr?"

"No," Wale chuckled. "I like them all. That one is George's dream girl," he laughed.

"Can I have her?" the one Principal asked.

"Long as the others don't mind," I smiled.

"Mr. Long!" Brandy squealed as the Principals stepped out of the van.

As Mr. Long put an arm around the naked, fourteen year old, brunette beauty, Brandy slipped an arm around his waist. With a laugh at the embarrassed teen, he told her his name was Mike when they were away from school like this and he loved how nice she looked. With an embarrassed giggle, Brandy said she was naked, and Mike smiled and told her she looked great that way. The rest of the five men each found their girl for the night and as I figured, Damien was walking with his arm around the naked, ten year old Crystal. The six new men were still trying to take in all the beautiful, naked girls and women, which made everyone laugh, and when Mr. Barr saw Connie, he pulled her to him and gave her a little kiss.

"Connie, you don't know how long I have been wanting to do that," Mr. Barr smiled. "Is one of these your girl?"

"Yes, the ten year old you have your arm around," Connie laughed. "That's my Daughter Sandy."

"Well, maybe we could make this a Mother Daughter night," Barr laughed, putting his arm around the naked Connie.

When I looked around for Helen, she wasn't there but Jenny told me that she and Carrie had went in to help Lilly with dinner. By now, everyone was on the front lawn and girls were beginning to strip these new men, and when their shorts came down, each of them revealed a nice, long, stiff cock. A very excited Sandy just had to make it easier for Mr. Barr to go in for dinner, the ten year old was already kneeling in front of him and sucking his cock. It started the other girls and Brandy immediately had Mike's cock in her mouth and the man was walking on cloud nine.

Since everything was under control, after dinner, Helen, Jenny Kelly and I went looking for a place for Tanger's group to camp. Just over a knoll from the pool, was another small creek and up the creek a little ways a beautiful meadow. From the knoll, it was actually only a couple hundred yards from the lodge, yet out of sight of the lodge. This would give the boys a real camping experience, yet close enough to use the pool and eat at the lodge. When I told Kelly that she, Brooke and a couple others may be with young boys of that group, she was fine with that and thought it might be fun to be a teacher.

By the time we returned, all six men and Damien were buried balls deep in their little girls and couldn't believe how sensual these children were. For being new, both Mike and Mr, Barr thought Brandy and Sandy were excellent sex partners. After all six men had filled heir little girl with cum and returned to normal, it was off to the pool for a group swim. What surprised me, was the rest of the girls, they stayed away, to give the seven couples their own time together. After their swim, it was another round of fucking, then the men had to leave because there was school tomorrow.

"Jeff, we want every Wednesday reserved for us, and their may be ten of us," Wale laughed. "Once school is out, we will be spending the night though."

Suddenly, I realized these girls were going to be living at the ranch through the summer and it was something I needed to talk to Jim, Lilly and Ralph about. Far as Jim and Lilly were concerned, they saw no problem, there were plenty of beds, the cabins were almost finished and all they asked was some more help. The answer to help was simple, Ralph might let me transfer Helen, Colleen and Joanne to the ranch for the summer, and Carl let me have Carrie, Kim and Vicky for the summer.

"Jeff, did you notice that your house is almost finished?" April asked.

"No Sweetie, I didn't, I was to busy talking, on the way down," I laughed.

There was nothing to do but walk up and look at what was supposed to be my office on the ranch but I was surprised. Instead of an office, it was actually a small house, with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen dining room and a nice bathroom with a shower. There was one separate room, with an outside door, and a door into the main part of the house, that was to be my office. All that was left to finish the building, was paint and it would actually be ready for the weekend and all the cabins for next weekend.

By the time we were back to the lodge, the men were dressed and kissing and fondling girls goodbye. After the men left, the girls and I said our goodbyes and walked up to the guard house, where the girls showered and dressed. Within two weeks, all the work would be finished on the ranch, which would clear the workmen out before school let out for the summer. Then, I realized there was even electricity to the guard house now.

The next afternoon, I was at Wale's Administration building and Brandy's Parents were waiting outside my office. When they came in, I could see a worried look on their faces so I quickly put them at ease, telling them Brandy was in no trouble and I poured each of them a small glass of soda. When I programmed them, it was a simple program, that Brandy would be brought to me any time I wanted her and that at times she may be spending nights away from home with strangers, but it was okay. That even though they would know what Brandy was doing, they would be proud of her for doing it but keep that pride just between themselves and Brandy.

While I waited for my next session, I talked with Wales about the people that were coming. It was just a Mother and two little girls, the Mother was actually a grade school teacher's aid and he thought maybe I could use the Mother at the ranch also. When the Mother walked in with two of the cutest little girls, one six, the other eight, I almost lost it. Like most of the other Mother's she was a stunning beauty and couldn't have been over twenty five. The two little girls were just darling and like their Mother had long, dark hair, blue eyes and beautiful smiles, except the six year old was missing two teeth.

It didn't take long to start the programming, the Mother's name was Eve, the eight year old Trish, and the six year old Natalie. Like their Mother, both little girls were skinny but sexy looking and I loved their long, dark hair, that hung down to their waist. The only thing I wasn't looking forward to, was teaching Natalie, it had been so hard fucking seven year old Patty, so I worried about taking a six year old. Once the programming was finished, I told Eve that I would be calling her to bring the girls to the ranch and when I did, she was to come when I told her to.

"Mr. Rush, is it going to hurt real bad when a man sticks his thing in me?" little six year old Natalie asked.

"Come here Sweetheart," I pulled the little six year old up on my lap, put my hand under her little dress and began stroking that tiny cunt through her panties. It wasn't long and the tiny girl was beginning to squirm and push down on my hand. "Yes, the very first time is going to hurt real bad, but only the first time. Every time after that if will feel even better than my rubbing you like this," I rubbed a little harder and her tiny body jerked twice.

"Will it feel this good all the time," she gasped.

"No, it will feel better than this every time," I laughed and kissed the top of her little head.

"I don't care how bad it hurts the first time then," Natalie squealed.

"Mr. Rush, will you show me?" eight year old Trish asked.

The little eight year old not only gasped but after a few strokes of her virgin cunt, she had an orgasm. Now, Trish couldn't wait to have this sex and didn't care how much the first time hurt. It hit me, and I told Eve to bring the girls to my office tomorrow morning and gave her the address, then I would want them at the ranch tomorrow evening before five. When Natalie asked if her Mommy was going to be doing this, I assured her that her Mommy was going to be very popular with the boys, while she and Trish were going to be very popular with the men.

Before leaving that office, I called Barr and asked him to cancel my appointments for tomorrow and reschedule them for Monday. When I explained why, he just laughed and said it would be done, so I headed back to my own office and there was another group of men wanting to talk to me about scheduling time on the ranch. At my office, Helen had a message from Jim, my office was done and ready to use and it was even furnished and a new computer. That would work out great, because I realized there were four virgins to be taken care of tomorrow and I was good but not that good.

"Jeff, just have the six and eight year old's come to the ranch and keep them with you tomorrow night," Helen laughed. "Since Ralph has been such a great boss, let him have the thirteen year old. Now, do you have a blonde for that Albur guy?"

"Oh shit, I had completely forgotten about him!" I exclaimed. "Wait, yes I do, the eight year old, Barbie. She'll have to do, because I can't think of any one else and she's the only other virgin, if I let Ralph have her older Sister, Samantha."

"Don't want to do this, do you," Helen touched my arm.

"No, but I guess I knew something like this would happen," I grimaced.

A quick phone call to Eve and I had Natalie and Trish coming to the ranch, instead of here to the office. The last group of men were taking Thursday nights on the ranch and there were eight of them but they weren't choosy about the girls they were with but preferred younger ones. Their first night would be next week and they knew it would not be all night. If they liked what they received, then they could schedule again and the following week they could stay all night. There was another call, to Ralph, and I had a job for Brandy's Dad, driving a small bus from the edge of town, to the ranch, then he could help Jim around the ranch also.

Once Helen and I made it home, there was a call from Rose and she had a problem over the weekend, her Dad was home and wanted her to stay home also. A thought hit me and I invited Rose and her Dad to come over, so he could meet me and we could set up times when Rose was free. When Rose and her Dad, Al arrived, he was a nice guy but his work kept him away from home and left Rose on her own and he didn't like it but it was the best he could do. When Helen brought us cold soft drinks, I looked at her and she mouthed the words bus driver and I smiled.

"Al, what does your work pay, if you don't mind me asking?" I asked.

"Enough to live on, because so much of it goes back out in lodging and meals while I'm out," he replied, then his eyes began going glassy and Helen handed me a walk man and head set. "I would like to find something closer to home, but I really don't have the skills," he went on an hour later.

"Well, we're looking for a bus driver and ranch worker," I smiled. "The pay is okay but you'll be closer to Rose but you'd have to watch her being fucked and taken by other men."

"I wouldn't mind that," he smiled at Rose.

"Daddy!" Rose gasped, then giggled. "Do it Daddy, then maybe we can have some real time together when I'm not with other men."

When Al began talking about older men wanting to be with young girls, he openly admitted that he couldn't understand. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Helen take Rose out of the living room, then listened as Al went on about his subject. There was no doubt, he believed this, as had I at one time but possibly he would change his mind and even if he didn't it was of no matter now. Then, fourteen year old Rose walked back into the room, stark ass naked and took a little pose as she smiled at her Dad.

"Daddy, do I look better this way, or when I was dressed?" Rose asked.

"Oh shit!" Al gasped, blushed and stared at his stunning little beauty. "Sweetheart, you are so beautiful. When did you get such a beautiful body?"

"Daddy, I've had it for some time," Rose giggled, then moved over to sit on her Daddy's lap. "Daddy, isn't Jenny beautiful too?" and ten year old Jenny walked in stark naked also.

"Holy shit!" Al exclaimed. "She is so beautiful. I can't believe this."

"Daddy, since you can't do this on the ranch, Jenny has a gift for you," Rose giggled, then began unzipping her Dad's pants.

"Rose, what?" Al gasped.

"Relax Daddy, let Jenny give you her gift," Rose smiled, pulling her Dad's pants down and out from under him, then his underwear. "Daddy, you have the most beautiful cock," the fourteen year old gasped.

Before Al could catch himself, Rose had his pants and underwear off and spread his legs to look at his cock. Then, Jenny moved in between Al's legs and began kissing and licking his cock. Suddenly, the man was gasping and tried to put his hands on Jenny's head, but Rose stopped him and told him that wasn't allowed. As Jenny's little blonde head began bobbing up and down, the poor man was almost tearing the arms off the chair he was sitting in. Suddenly, his head went back and Jenny's head stopped and I could see her throat working as she swallowed Al's cum. When Rose bent over and kissed her Dad passionately, the man lost it again but Jenny didn't mind.

"Was it good Daddy?" Rose giggled.

"It was fantastic," he gasped. "Are you that good also?"

"Well, not quite but I'm getting there," Rose giggled. "When we get home you can find out."

"Rose, don't make your Father wait," I laughed. "You can show him while we decide if he's going to work for us."

With a smile, Rose dropped off the arm of the chair and between her Daddy's legs and began sucking his cock, so I continued talking about what would be expected of him on the ranch. As Rose's head bobbed up and down, I had Al's attention until he started cumming again, then after he finished, but Rose still continued to suck his cock. Finally, Al asked her to stop, so he could tell me he would take the job, and it made me laugh. Tomorrow, I wanted Al to meet me at my office in the morning and we would find a large van or small bus. He could use it to bring Rose and Brandy to the ranch tomorrow afternoon, along with Annie, if she needed a ride, then decided he could also bring Jenny, Beth, Sandy and Colleen up with him also.

"Daddy, are you ready to leave?" Rose asked.

"I guess so," Al looked at me and I nodded. "Why are you in such a hurry?"

"Because, I want to see you totally naked and sleep with you tonight," Rose smiled so innocently.

When Al placed a kiss on Rose's cute bare ass, the fourteen year old giggled and ran to put her clothes on, but when she came back out, it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Once Al and Rose had left, I felt depressed, I had intended to give Brandy's Dad this job, yet I knew Al would do an excellent job for us. Then, I saw Jenny giving me that look, so I pulled my little blonde ten year old up onto my lap and gave her a kiss. Then, told her she wasn't getting any tonight because I had a busy night ahead of me tomorrow night.

When Al arrived at my office in the morning, he had already found a twenty passenger bus that was in great shape and not yellow. Also, there was a place on the edge of town that was a public park and ride, where the other Mother's could leave their cars. Already, I was happy with giving Al the job and when Ralph walked in introduced Al to him. After talking with us for a minute, Ralph just told Al to go buy the bus and sent him to accounting for a check.

"That was a stroke of luck finding him," Ralph stated, after Al left.

"Not really, that was Rose's Dad," I laughed. "This was a way to assure that we have Rose at the ranch when ever we want her."

"Well, even still, I would think Jim would need another man to help out also. We want an out door barbecue built and some decorative water falls, you know, give the place an expensive look yet enjoyable," Ralph said.

With a smile, I told him about Brandy's Dad and with a return smile, Ralph said to hire him and set it up so the two families lived on the ranch. The cabins were finished and two out of the twelve were two bedroom, they could have those until something better could be put up. An idea hit me, put larger cabins in different areas of the ranch, where they could be hiked to and spend the night, or in the winter snowmobile to. Let Al be the care taker of one and Brandy's Parents take care of the other one. All Ralph said was to get started on it and make them four bedroom units, with dining rooms and kitchens.

"Jeff, have we a girl for the King?" Ralph asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Jeff, I know you're not pleased about this, but we have something great going and we need a way to pay for it. Granted, this isn't going to pay for it but between this corporation, and Carl's, we are putting out a lot of money that we can't hide," Ralph explained. "We don't own the ranch but could set it up as a lease, which would help. Still, there will be no return from it to show a profit from the lease."

This was something I hadn't thought about and had to agree with Ralph on, then suggested we show the sale of Barbie as a live stock sale. It was an answer, and we could also show the use of the ranch as rental for retreats and such. Now, it reminded me that I had to call Wale and have him do something to show Barbie had transferred out of his school district. The phone call to Wale helped and he had a way to show that Barbie had run away and no one knew where, all we needed was for her Mom to collaborate the story.

Chapter 14

Since Jenny was coming up with Sandy, Beth and the others, on the bus, Helen and I headed to the ranch shortly after lunch. The first thing we did was inspect the new office and it was perfect. Then, I went over the guest list and it was mostly corporate officers, Damien and a few of his guest, Pillar and some of his friends. It surprised me to see Paul's name on the list with the word guest behind it, but he was one of the founders and very entitled to bring guest. There were six younger boys coming and a couple of Wives, so in all we would have twenty four people. Two of the boys were Paul's son Jeremy and Pillar's son Robby, so I knew they were taken care of.

It had been made clear, that everyone wanted to show their guest Carrie and Sheila with their stallions, so that would be done tonight. It was getting close to time, so I headed for the guard house and Helen went with me so she could leave her clothes there. The first car to reach the parking area, was June, with fifteen year old Brooke and twelve year old Heather. The next car, came up much slower and I wondered about it, then realized it was Eve, with six year old Natalie and eight year old Trish. When the two little girls saw me, they began waving excitedly, jumped out of the car and ran to the guard house.

"We're here Mr. Rush," six year old Natalie excitedly said.

"Mommy thought she was lost," eight year old Trish giggled.

"Sorry we're late," Eve apologized.

"You're not late," I assured her. "Just take the girls in the back door, strip and you'll be told what to do after that."

Without any hesitation, Eve took Trish and Natalie into the back room and I could hear the other girls squealing over how cute Trish and Natalie were. There were no cars coming, so I stepped back into the room and saw Eve standing there naked, she was a perfect addition to the group of Mother's and some boy was going to be very pleased. A horn honked, and I looked out to see a blue bus coming, and it pulled into the parking lot and stopped. The first out was Jenny, then ten year old Sandy, followed by nine year old Beth, fourteen year old Rose, fourteen year old Brandy and fifteen year old Annie and all the girls were already naked. Then, Sheila, and Connie, who were stark ass naked also.

There were almost to many people in the changing room, so I told the girls they could go ahead and walk down to the ranch, and Helen knew that Trish and Natalie were to be with me tonight. The girls hadn't made it a quarter mile, when another car pulled up and this was the stunning blonde beauty with her thirteen year old Daughter Samantha and eight year old Daughter Barbie. After I told Rita where to park, they walked back over to the guard house and into the back room. All three were appropriately nervous but when I told Rita and Samantha to undress, Barbie started to also but I told her she didn't have to.

"Rita," I called her out to the booth area. "Barbie won't be going home with you Sunday."

"Okay," she said but I could see the puzzled look on her face.

"She has been sold to the King of a foreign country but Monday you will report her as a run away, " I honestly told her. "She will be well taken care of an I am told have a good life."

"Okay," she smiled. "Do you want me to tell her?"

"No, I will," I replied. "I'll also have her write a note saying why she is running away."

"That shouldn't be to hard, she's always threatening to run away and a couple of times has," Rita replied. "One time, she even made it onto a bus and to the next city before the police found her. It's so hard being a single, working Mother but I do my best."

For a moment, I was speechless, I just realized how beautiful this naked, blonde Mother was, then thirteen year old Samantha was standing naked in the doorway and she was just as stunning. Her thick blonde hair hung down to her shoulder blades, her breast were the size of soft balls cut in half and she was getting a nice growth of blonde pubic hair. Then, I saw Barbie standing behind Samantha and I knew that even though she didn't have breast, she too was going to be a stunning beauty.

"Rita, you and Barbie can go ahead and walk down to the ranch, I want to keep Samantha with me," I said, then saw a car coming. "Wait a minute and you'll have someone to walk with."

It was Carrie and her thirteen year old, blonde bombshell Daughter Mandy, and they parked and started walking towards the guard house. Once they were inside, I introduced Carrie and Rita, then Carrie and Mandy stripped and the four of them walked on down to the ranch together. With a smile, I looked at the thirteen year old beauty, Samantha and just reached out and fondled her firm, proud breast, causing her to gasp with pleasure. There were no cars to be seen, so I took Samantha into my arms and kissed her passionately and the thirteen year old blonde beauty melted.

Of course I had to taste Samantha's beautiful breast and she gave them to me eagerly, but there was another car coming. Over the next half hour, all the girls, Mothers, Jack and Aaron arrived, next would be guest. When the two boys started out to follow the girls and women down to the ranch, I laughed at Samantha, she was doing her best to see what a cock looked like. Since there weren't any guest expected for another twenty minutes or so, I told Samantha that she could take my pants off, if she really wanted to see a cock.

For a young girl that wasn't around men that much, it only took the thirteen year old Samantha moments to get my shoes, pants and underwear off. Then, she was kneeling in front of me and all she could say was how beautiful my cock was. Finally, I told her she could kiss, lick and suck it and I would teach her as she went. The kissing and licking was fantastic, and Samantha was soon sliding my cock into her virgin mouth, her tongue washed around the glans and along the underside of my shaft. Her tiny nose buried in my pubic hair, then she began pulling her mouth back and sucking at the same time.

"Sweetheart, don't suck quite so hard," I gasped.

The little nude blonde decreased her sucking pressure and used her tongue along my shaft as it slid in and out of her soft, warm mouth. My cock was now reaching it's full seven inches and the thirteen year old was having trouble taking it very deep. When she stood up on her legs, but never let my cock out of her mouth, I couldn't understand what she was doing. Now, the nude beauty was bent from the waist but when she sucked forward on my cock, it went down her throat and her little button nose was again buried in my pubic hair. Even though I couldn't see Samantha's face, I didn't care and she was rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet, faster and faster. It was all I could take and my cum exploded into her sweet sucking mouth, and the little nude blonde sucked it down greedily. There was a car coming, so I pulled her off my cock and she gave it one last suck before standing up.

"Mr. Rush, your sperm taste fantastic," she squealed and hugged me. "I love sucking cock and drinking sperm. Thank you," she kissed me and hugged me again.

It wasn't but a few minutes later when Kelly, April and Brooke came riding up on horses but they were bringing a small cooler with cold soft drinks in it. Of course, the girls had to introduce themselves to Samantha and she and April hit it off right away, but she still liked Kelly and Brooke also. When the girls left, there was a question but she seemed embarrassed to ask it, but I told her any questions were okay.

"Jeff, why do the older girls have rings in their nipples?" the nude beauty asked.

"So we will know they aren't guest," I replied. "You will get yours tomorrow."

"Alright," she exclaimed, then blushed.

The rig coming was a van and I recognized it as Paul's, so I knew Jeremy would be with him and I grabbed the clip board laying there with the list of names on it. With a pencil and the clip board in Samantha's hands, I told her to go out and see who was in the car. If they were on the list, check them off, then tell them to pull through the gates, park and come back inside to undress. The nude, blonde beauty was very embarrassed, but walked out of the guard room with the clip board and approached the passenger side of the car. Poor Jeremy was sitting there gasping as Samantha leaned over to his window and I could see the red of embarrassment on her shoulders.

"Your names, please?" a blushing, naked Samantha asked.

Once Paul gave their names, she found them on the list and checked them off, then told them where to park and that they would have to undress before walking down to the ranch. For a moment, I thought Paul was going to crap at having to walk, but he smiled and told Samantha that the only way he was walking that far, was if her could kiss her breast first. A look at me and I nodded, then Sam walked around to the driver's window and offered Paul her beautiful, firm breast, that he gently kissed, then pulled through the gate and parked.

Over the next half hour, all the guest except Ralph had arrived and Sam had checked them all in, and sent each of the men and boys down the hill with hard cocks. The nude, thirteen year old brunette beauty soon over came her shyness and even having men reach out windows to fondle her softball size breast. Several, even patted her perfect bare ass, as they left to go down the hill, which made Samantha giggle and blush. Proudly, she told me there were only a couple guest left, then blushed.

"Mr. Rush, I never realized that all cocks would be so beautiful," Samantha giggled.

"Sam, you can just call me Jeff," I told her. "Now, who do we have left?"

It was just Ralph and his Wife and I could see their car coming, so Sam grabbed her clip board and stood outside the guard house waiting for them. When Ralph almost crapped it made me laugh, but it was his Wife that embarrassed Samantha, because she wanted to feel the thirteen year old's breast. Once Ralph and his wife had undressed, Sam told me that was the last of the guest but I could see her staring at Ralph's nine inch cock. When Ralph walked into the guard room, I thought Sam was going to throw herself at his feet, but she didn't.

"Now, you've met Ralph and he is your date for the night," I told her.

"Really?" she squealed. "His Wife doesn't mind?"

"No Sweetheart I don't, because I will be with one of the boys," Claire laughed.

"Come on Sweetheart," Ralph put an arm around the stunning nude thirteen year old blonde. "Although, I won't guarantee that you'll make it to the ranch a virgin."

"Okay," Sam nervously giggled.

After closing and locking the gate, I followed Ralph, Claire and Samantha down to the ranch but before I made it to the lodge, seven year old Patty came running up with six year old Natalie and eight year old Trish. Evidently, Patty had promised the two virgins that once they had sex with me, they could have dates with the other guest. With a laugh, I told Trish and Natalie that Patty was right and they wanted to fuck right now. Still, there was something else I needed to take care of first but I promised the two little virgins that they were going to have a good night.

As I started towards the lodge, six year old Natalie took one of my hands and eight year old Trish took the other, the two little nude beauties weren't letting me out of their sight. On the lawn, Samantha was introducing Ralph to her Mom, Rita and little eight year old Sister Barbie. When Ralph asked the stunning little eight year old why she was still dressed, all Barbie knew was I had told her to stay that way. A look from Ralph and I just told him I would explain, but it had to do with Mr. Albur and he understood totally. Now, I had to assure Natalie and Trish that I would be right back, but that I needed to talk to Barbie for a minute and took the blonde eight year old beauty aside.

"Sweetie, the reason you are still wearing clothes is because you have been sold to a man from another country. He will be here tomorrow to take you home with him, and you will be living there with him as his sex slave," I explained

The little blonde eight year old beauty didn't answer but just dumbly nodded her head, so I gave Barbie a little kiss and told her to enjoy the rest of the night. We were being called into eat and both Trish and Natalie were right by my side, and I noticed Barbie was walking beside Trish. Both the naked little six year old and eight year old, walked ahead of me through the buffet line, then Barbie behind me and once we had food, I found a table for the four of us. We were soon joined by joined by the naked eight year old's Amber and Jade, and their dates for the night.

"Why do you still have your clothes on?" Amber asked Barbie.

"Because I am being sold tomorrow," Barbie softly answered.

"Being sold," Jade exclaimed.

"Yes, some man from another country bought me and is going to take me there to live with him as a sex slave," Barbie repeated what I had told her.

"Cool," eight year old Amber squealed. "You get to have sex every day then."

"You're so lucky," Jade gushed.

Suddenly, the sad look left the little eight year old blonde beauties face and Barbie smiled a little. By the end of dinner, it had spread that Barbie had been sold and all of the girls under ten had to tell her how jealous they were. With this new air of importance, Barbie took on a whole new attitude and Amber asked if Barbie could watch her and Mr. Drew have sex. The eager look on the little blonde's face wouldn't let me say no, and Barbie was off with Amber and Mr. Drew.

When I moved over to the side of the porch and sat in a chair, I had a shadow on either side of me, both Trish and Natalie were watching all the other girls enjoying fucking and sucking. It was Trish that pointed out a couple to Natalie and they both giggled, because it was their Mommy and she was being fucked by a boy. They couldn't believe how much their Mommy was enjoying herself, and I saw them both looking at my cock.

"Think of a number between one and ten," I told the two little nude dark haired beauties.

"Five," eight year old Trish quickly said.

"Four," six year old Natalie replied.

"It was three, so Nat, you get to suck my cock first," I smiled.

"Alright!" the six year old squealed and moved between my legs. "Mr. Rush, you will tell me how, won't you?"

Carefully, I walked the naked, dark haired six year old through kissing and licking my cock, then sucking it. The only problem was my cock's thickness, she couldn't get it in her mouth without scraping it with her teeth. Then, I saw an answer, twelve year old Robby was just coming out of the house, looking for some one, so I motioned him over. When I asked him if he would mind teaching a young lady how to suck cock, he gave me a funny look, then I pointed at the six year old Natalie. The boy caught on quick and looked over towards Rita and said he would be with her in a while.

"Jeff, could I borrow your young lady, I would sure love to teach her how to suck my cock," Robby asked.

"Hear that Natalie, and I think you could get his whole cock in your mouth but you would have to be careful not to scrape it with your teeth," I told her.

"I could do that," she giggled, then stopped. "Mr. Rush, I thought we were only supposed to be with older men?"

"Well, since you are still learning, I will make an exception this one time, because I think you need to know how good it feels to have a whole cock in your mouth," I explained.

When twelve year old Robby took a chair next to mine, the six year old Natalie quickly moved between his legs. Just as quickly, eight year old Trish took Natalie's place between my legs and just began doing everything she had heard me tell Natalie to do. The eight year old's mouth was tight on my cock, but she managed to work her little tongue around the glans and along the shaft. Even though she was only getting about three inches inside her mouth, it felt fantastic. Soon, both Trish's head and Natalie's little head were bobbing up and down, then I saw Robby lift his hips to the six year old and her little throat was working rapidly. Once Robby came down from his orgasm, he pulled Natalie's head off his cock and gave the six year old a kiss for such a great blow job.

"Thank you Mr. Robby, you have a real nice cock and your stuff taste really good," Natalie chirped.

Now, the six year old moved over so she could watch her older Sister finish sucking my cock, and was telling Trish how good the juice tasted. My own orgasm was there and I let my cum explode into the eight year old's sucking mouth, and there was plenty. Even still, the dark haired beauty never lost a drop and was going to keep sucking until I told her to stop, before I came again. Off to the far side, I saw Derrick coming up the steps and realized he had come in late, but knew he had a key to the gate. Since he hadn't picked out a girl yet, I motioned to the eight year old still sucking my cock.

"Hey Jeff, that isn't fair, you have two beautiful little girls, aren't you going to share," Derrick stated, then laughed.

"Well, I guess I could let you use Trish for a while, but she's never been fucked before," I warned him as I lifted Trish's pretty face off my cock.

"Well, I don't know," Derrick smiled, then tousled Trish's dark hair. "You know it's going to hurt the first time?" he asked her and she nodded. "Are you going to scream and cry when I put my cock in that beautiful little cunt of your's, the first time?"

"Only if it hurts real bad, but Mr. Rush said it only hurts for a little while," Trish assured Derrick. "You really have a pretty cock, can I suck it?"

With the biggest smile, Derrick moved over to the chair Robby had been sitting in and spread his legs for the little dark haired eight year old. Beside me, six year old Natalie looked at me with hopeful eyes and I picked the naked little cutey up and set her on my lap. When I kissed those tiny, soft lips, the little girl's eyes went wide and she gasped, so I kissed her again and this time she was trying to kiss me back. After I let Natalie kiss me, I moved my lips to those little pink buttons on her chest where I kissed each one, then fastened my lips over them and began sucking on one. She began crying for some reason then the girls tiny body began jerking and I realized she was actually having an orgasm.

Beside Natalie and I, her eight year old Sister was gulping down jet after jet of Derrick's sperm and from the lodge, Jim and Al were bringing a strong table. The table was set up on the lawn and Jim whispered to me what it was for, then to Derrick. Both Derrick and I picked out naked little lovers up and laid them on the table, one at each end. We spread those tiny little legs, then moved in between them to bend down and kiss and nibble tiny lips, flat little breast, then bald little vulvas.

Everyone had gathered around to watch the eight and six year old's lose their virginities, but like me, Derrick wanted Trish to be well prepared. As we began licking tiny little tight vaginal lips, both six year old Natalie's and eight year old Trish's naked little bodies were already beginning to heave with orgasms and great feelings. When I found that tiny six year old clit and sucked it between my lips, I felt that beautiful little nude body arch off the table, so I moved to clasp my lips around the opening to her tiny vagina and began sucking it. Her sweet juices were flowing heavily and instinct was causing Natalie to thrust her hips to my tongue.

It was time, I stood up between Natalie's tiny six year old legs, rubbed the head of my cock up and down her tight little vaginal slit, then centered it to that tiny virginal opening. After grabbing Natalie by her bare, six year old little hips, I began pushing my cock into the tightest little cunt but it wasn't going, only bending. A hand reached in between us and wrapped around my cock to help keep it straight and I glanced sideways to see Eve, Natalie's beautiful, naked Mother. As I began straining to push my cock into that six year old cunt, I saw Derrick's face and it was contorted by straining, but holding his cock straight was Rita, Samantha's naked Mom.

It seemed to take for ever before the head of my cock began oozing so slowly between those tight little six year old cunt lips. The tiny girl's cunt lips all but disappeared, as they were spread so wide they became paper thin, but the head of my cock was yet to be inside her so they would spread even more. Taking a moment's rest, I glanced down at the sweet little six year old face and it was contorted with pain, her tiny mouth was open but nothing was coming out. This initial entry needed to be done and over with, and I looked up at Derrick and told him hard and fast.

At the same time, we both shoved our cocks against those tiny immature vaginal openings as hard as we could. When the head of my cock popped inside the six year old's cunt, she let out a little squeal, then another as I thrust my cock through her hymen. This little vaginal sheath was so tight that I was having trouble even pushing my cock any farther into her and I was beginning to sweat bullets. Suddenly, I realized Eve's hand was moving off my cock shaft because it was resting against Natalie's tiny crotch. Instead of continuing to push my cock into the six year old, I stopped and pulled it back just a little, then pushed it back in.

Slowly but surely, I rocked my cock back and forth in that tight little six year old cunt, and now had three inches inside Natalie. What made me feel the best, was those tiny hips were trying to move and there was a smile on her pretty little face. Every time I pulled back it became easier, so when I pushed back in, my cock slipped little farther inside the six year old. Now, there was four inches and I was pushing against her cervix with the head of my cock but kept up the stroking, pulling out until the head of my cock was just inside her cunt lips, then pushing back in until I banged into her cervix, then I would push just a little more.

"Steve," I gasped. "How much can she take?"

"The way you are going, all of it. Next time you push up against her cervix, hold the pressure and if you feel like your entering her vagina again, keep the pressure up," Steve told me.

When I pushed the head of my cock against that six year old cervix, I held it there and began putting a steady pressure against it. Suddenly, I knew the feeling, it was the same feeling as when I penetrated seven year old Patty's cervix. Just like Patty, my little six year old Natalie was beginning to scream with pain and I wanted to join her. There was a pop and another inch of my cock slid inside the naked six year old as that tight rubber band feeling restricted behind the head of my cock.

Within a minute of being inside six year old Natalie's womb, the pain was over for her and my cock was again stretching even deeper into her tiny body. Several times, I pulled and pushed the head of my cock through her cervix to make sure it stretched also. With a little more steady pressure, the naked little six year old soon had a chocolate pubic patch, which made everyone laugh. Still, it was Eve that said her little girl now had three legs, then so did eight year old Trish.

Both Derrick and I were now balls deep in the six and eight year old and I began slowly fucking my six year old Natalie. Each stroke was full length and the second one brought a little gasp from the deeply impaled naked beauty. The third, a gasp and squeal, then it was as if the six year old's tiny body exploded, her small body began jerking and thrashing with orgasms so hard I was having trouble keeping up with her. Instead, I just began fucking the tiny girl faster and harder, until her little body was trying to over load from orgasms. Soon, Natalie's naked little body was almost rigid, her tiny cunt trying to clamp down on my thick, seven inch cock but she was lubricating to heavily.

Harder and faster I fucked the naked six year old, until her long hair was flying from side to side and she was babbling. Beside her, Natalie's eight year old Sister Trish, was squealing like a little kitten that had it's tail stepped on. As I pumped my cock into that little girl, I began to wonder just how jaded I had become, I was enjoying fucking a six year old girl and tomorrow I was selling an eight year old girl into sexual slavery. Even worse, I was beginning to think of even more things I could enjoy doing but right now it was jetting my cum into this precious little six year old.

For several strokes, I just pounded my cock into Natalie's six year old cunt and the little girl was so far out of it with orgasms that she didn't even feel my cum filling her cock packed womb. Beside her, eight year old Trish was sobbing with orgasms, tears spilling from her beautiful brown eyes, until Derrick slammed his cock deep inside her. The naked eight year old let out a cry of pain and so did Derrick. Quickly, I told him to keep stroking her because he had penetrated her cervix. It was Steve, that put his palm on Natalie's naked belly and nodded in agreement, and also told Derrick to keep fucking the eight year old for a while.

"I'm not Jeff!" Derrick panted, his cock starting to slide out of the eight year old's cunt.

Quickly, Paul had Derrick pull out of Natalie and he thrust his eight inch cock deep into the screaming eight year old and just began fucking her. Five strokes later, Trish was still screaming but it wasn't in pain, her orgasms were rolling through her cock filled, eight year old body so hard they were beginning to hurt. What amazed me was Paul's cock, it was burying itself balls deep inside the eight year old on every stroke. Still, fucking a little girl cumming that hard soon took it's toll and Paul was also filling Trish's little uterus with cum. It made little difference now, her cervix was stretched and would now stay that way with regular fucking.

"Mr. Rush, can we do it again?" little six year old Natalie whispered.

"Are you sure?" I asked and she nodded eagerly. "Why don't we let someone else enjoy that beautiful little cunt of yours?"

"Okay," Natalie giggled and pointed at Ralph with his nine inch cock.

As I made room for Ralph to step between Natalie's little legs, I noticed the stunning, blonde, thirteen year old Samantha standing there and a little smear of blood on the inside of her thighs, Ralph had popped her cherry. There was still one cherry left and I pulled Samantha close, bent her over the table, spread those beautiful ass cheeks and buried my cock in her virgin ass. The naked thirteen year old squealed once, then began pushing her ass back to me to be fucked harder and deeper. By the time Ralph dumped his load of cum into six year old Natalie's womb, I was filling thirteen year old Sam's ass with my cum.

When the little six year old came down from her orgasm it was obvious that she was wasted, then she had worked very hard. Still, she was asking if anyone else wanted to put their thing in her, but I saw Steve shake his head. With a laugh, I told Natalie that she has been poked enough for one night and if she wasn't sore in the morning I was sure someone else would want to fuck her. Since Natalie didn't know what to do now, it was Kelly that asked if the six year old wanted to go swimming. It surprised me that Kelly was free, then I realized Brooke was free also.

Before the three girls could get off the lawn, Jim was telling everyone the barn was the place to be and was leading the two naked women, Carrie and Sheila to the barn. Once everyone was in the barn, I noticed that there were now two breeding benches and was able to ask Jim about it. The larger stallion was the dominate one and he was sure that if he was brought in first, the smaller stallion could be brought in beside him. Made sense to me but then I knew Jim was an expert with animals, so I trusted his judgement.

"Jeff, since Kelly and Brooke haven't been selected for this weekend, could I use them instead of Carrie and Sheila?" Jim asked.

"You really want to watch your Daughter take a stallion, don't you," I laughed.

It was the least I could do for Jim and had already agreed last weekend but the stallions wouldn't cooperate. Besides, if I could fuck a six year old and sell an eight year old, why not watch a couple of fifteen year old's be horse fucked. When Jim called Kelly and Brooke out, both girls were surprised but offered no resistance and were soon strapped to the breeding tables. It made me feel better when Lilly smeared a heavy coat of lubricant into both fifteen year old's cunts, and Jim set the restraint bars over their thighs.

The larger stallion was put to Kelly and the smaller one to Brooke and both girls screamed in pain as their fifteen year old cunts were penetrated by ten inches of thick, hard horse cock. Yet, within a few strokes, both girls were screaming again, only this time it was from orgasms. The harder those stallions fucked the two fifteen year old's, the harder they came until they were both delirious from orgasms. When the stallions began pumping the girls full of horse cum, neither one of them had large enough cunts to hold it, so every following in stroke shot streams of white horse cum out of their cunts.

Even after the stallions removed themselves, Kelly and Brooke continued to lay on the benches as their beautiful, naked, fifteen year old bodies writhed and jerked in orgasm. Just when I thought it was over, two men picked Kelly and Brooke up and carried the still cumming fifteen year old's out of the way. Then, Damien and one of his buddies, entered the light with Carrie and Sheila and both beautiful, naked, women were quickly attached to over head ropes by their wrist. Once both the naked Mothers had been lifted a foot or so off the ground, Damien and his partner began putting them in funny harness sets. It pulled their legs out straight and to the side, leaving them in a sitting position, suspended by their wrist.

The two naked women were lifted even higher now and Damien and his partner were each carrying something very heavy and bulky, covered in black cloth, into the lights. These objects were set on the floor under the two suspended women, and then the cloths pulled off and everyone gasped. There were now two ivory colored phalluses, three inches thick and two feet long, perfect in detail, standing erect under the two naked women. From a container, Damien liberally smeared lubricant all over both phalluses, then into the two beautiful women's cunts.

Both Damien and the other man stepped out in front of the two women and took them by their wide spread ankles to keep them from spinning. Slowly, the two naked beauties were being let down, until their cunts brushed against the head of those long, three inch thick dildos. As their cunts settled onto the end of those giant dildos, the two men used the women's ankles to make sure the dildo's were against their vaginal opening. Everyone gasped, and the two women cried out in pain as the heads of those monster dildos began penetrating their cunts, spreading their legs even farther apart.

Once the whole three inch long head was inside the naked women's cunts, the ropes began lifting them back up. Just as the tip of the heads were visible, it was as if the ropes broke and the women dropped violently back onto those three inch thick dildos. After a moment, the rope went tight again, pulling them back up until the heads of the dildos were visible, then the rope dropped again. As both women screamed in pain, they dropped another two inches this time before the ropes came tight and stopped their downward progress. After a moment, the ropes began pulling the naked beauties upwards until we could see the heads of the dildos, then dropped them again, arresting their fall after their cunts had been penetrated another two more inches.

The lifting and dropping of the two naked women onto the dildos, went on for several more minutes, until both Carrie and Sheila had ten inches of three inch thick dildo in their cunts. Now, the rope began lifting and dropping them faster and faster, stopping them as they reached their ten inch mark. Within moments, both these beautiful, naked, Mothers were beginning to orgasm and it was almost severe orgasms. Then, I noticed that every time they dropped, a little more of those gigantic dildos were going up inside their now overly stretched cunts.

Both naked women were so far out of it by now, that they didn't realize they were taking even more of those huge three inch dildos. Maybe even the audience didn't but Damien announced that Carrie and Sheila were now taking fourteen inches of three inch dildo. By the looks on the two women's faces, I knew they really didn't care and to the side I saw the fifteen year old's Kelly and Brooke licking their lips in anticipation. Once rivers of female cum began streaming down the two dildos, both women were so far gone that they were delirious. As they were lifted off the dildos, their was a loud sucking sound and all around the loft were young girls squealing and gasping from their own orgasms.

The two women's cunt gaped open obscenely as men helped them out of the barn and that was the end of tonight's show. On the way back to the lodge, my six year old lover took one of my hands and the eight year old Barbie took the other. Instead of going to one of the cabins, I took the two girls up to my office and Barbie asked if she could sleep with Natalie and I. She asked if she could sleep without her clothes on and I agreed, because Natalie was also asking if she could practice sucking my cock. That was the way I went to sleep, with a six year old attached to my cock and she had managed to get the head inside her little mouth.

Chapter 15

It was a beautiful Saturday morning on the ranch, naked little girls everywhere and naked men following them. The few girls that hadn't been chosen by men, had each evidently still spent the night with a couple, and been included in the fucking and sucking. Ever so proudly, Jeremy, Paul's Son, admitted that he had fucked two different women last night. For me, I hadn't fucked one, but had a little six year old's mouth attached to my cock most of the night and I knew Natalie had swallowed several loads of cum.

Since everyone needed to rest up from last night, several groups set out to explore, all leaving stark naked. Those that weren't exploring, were down at the swimming pool, or lounging on the lawn in front of the lodge. It made me laugh to watch thirteen year old Samantha and eight year old Trish, because they were both walking a little gingerly. Still, both of them couldn't wait to start fucking again today, and already my little six year old was telling me how her cunny felt just fine but very empty. So, I promised her that after lunch we would make her cunny feel full again.

We had just finished lunch and everyone was outside, when a helicopter buzzed the ranch, then moved back towards the pasture below the lodge. All of the girls went screaming into the lodge and I watched to see who came out of the chopper. It was Mr. Albur, and following him was a man in long white robes and a head piece of an Arab. They walked up to the lodge, where Mr. Albur shook my hand and introduced me to his employer, King Sasheen. This King was a younger man than I expected not over thirty five, and seemed very friendly and warmly shook my hand.

"Mr, Rush, is my property ready to meet me," the King asked.

"I believe so," I replied and called for Barbie.

All of a sudden, the King was just staring, his mouth was moving but nothing was coming out. Then, I noticed that several of the younger girls had come out onto the porch and the red haired Colleen came out to tell me that Barbie was getting her hair combed and brushed, to look nice for the King. Moments later, Colleen's little red haired, seven year old Patty came out to stand beside her Mother and the little eight year old, stunning beauty Barbie came out and stood bashfully on the porch, by my side. With a gasp, the King sank into a chair and looked up at me.

"Mr. Rush, where did all these beautiful females come from?" he asked.

"They all work here on the ranch," I replied. "Your Highness, this is Barbie, and so that you will know she is a true blonde, this is her thirteen year old Sister and this is her Mother," I motioned Samantha and Rita forward.

"Mr. Albur!" the King exclaimed. "You told me the child would be a waif!"

"Your Majesty, I assumed she would be," Mr. Albur was very embarrassed.

"Mr. Rush, what is a waif?" Barbie nervously whispered.

"Beautiful Flower, a child is a waif without any family, I believe you would call them an orphan," the King answered for me. "Mr. Rush, I was led to believe something different than this but I am afraid a deal is a deal," he smiled. "Still, since I asked it is my decision to take less than what is offered, is that not right?"

"Your Majesty, we still stand behind our gift," I replied, but he wasn't looking at me, but the beautiful, red haired Colleen.

"Does that mean you don't want me?" Barbie was almost in tears as she asked the King.

"Little Flower, do you love your Mother?" the King asked Barbie as he set her on his lap.

"Well, yes," the eight year old replied.

"Would you not be lonely without her?" the King asked.

"Well, we used to fight a lot, but since we started coming to the ranch, I like my Mommy a lot better and I would miss her and Samantha," Barbie thoughtfully replied.

"Then, you would not be happy living with me and never being able to see your Mother and Sister again," he asked. "To spend you life naked and being led around public places naked, or having people watch as I fuck you. When I am at meetings, you would be under my robes sucking my cock. Or when we are at the palace, having my Sons constantly fucking you or having you suck their cocks. Or would you prefer to stay here with your Mother and be fucked and suck cocks here."

"I would still go, if that is what I am told to do," she softly replied, but he leaned down and whispered in her ear and Barbie giggled, then looked at me. "Since I am the most beautiful flower here, I think," she paused and the King again whispered to her. "That his Majesty should be able to trade me for one girl and one woman," Barbie looked at the King who nodded and gave her a little hug.

"Well, who should he trade you for?" I asked Barbie, and the King again whispered to her, then she whispered something back and he nodded.

"I should be worth Patty and her Mommy," Barbie giggled.

"You mean give up Colleen and Patty," I replied with a serious look. "Well, I guess we can do that."

"Oh oh, I don't know what to say!" Barbie exclaimed as she looked at the King.

"You have done well Little Flower," the King told her as he gave her a little kiss on the forehead.

Yet, without letting Barbie off his lap, the King asked Patty to come and sit on his lap, and he called her his Little Jewel, which made the seven year old blush. When he asked Patty how she and her Mommy would like to live in a palace and be treated very nice, the red haired seven year old didn't know what to say. She had no idea what a palace was and asked if it was like a house, so he told her it was like a very nice house, with servants, swimming pools, tennis courts and two young boys that would think she was the most wonderful Jewel in the world.

"My Mommy would be there?" Patty asked and the King nodded. "What would my Mommy do there?"

"Well, when you and I are at the palace and my Sons are playing with you, I will be playing with your Mommy," the King explained.

"Will I be doing all the things Barbie was going to do?" Patty asked.

"Oh yes my Little Jewel, that will be your purpose," he gave her a little kiss on the head. "Now, are you a good cock sucker and good fucker?"

"Well, everyone seems to like having sex with me and I enjoy the taste of that sperm stuff and really like sucking it out," she bashfully replied. "What do I call you?"

"You will call me Your Majesty, and my Sons you will call Prince Saad and Prince Rupa," he smiled.

"How old are these boys?" the seven year old asked.

"Prince Saad is nine and Prince Rupa is eleven, but they are men in their own rights," he laughed.

"That's good, because we aren't supposed to let the boys fuck us unless we are told it is okay," she explained in her little girl way.

"It is okay if they fuck you and you suck their cocks, I assure you," the King laughed. "Now, my Little Jewel, I would like to take your Mommy for a walk, then we will be back for you, is that all right?"

"Yes, Your Majesty," she smiled.

With a kiss to each of the little girl's heads, the King let Patty and Barbie off is lap, then motioned Colleen over to him. With the beautiful, naked red head walking beside him, they walked out towards the barn, and past, but on the way back, Colleen was walking just a step behind the King. When they were back on the porch, Colleen came to me and asked if this was what I wanted her to do and I told her it was. That she and Patty were now sex slaves and would be going with the King and serve him in any manner he wanted.

When Colleen rejoined the King he asked if someone would clean out Colleen's apartment and Mr. Albur would see that it was all sent to the palace. When I assured him it would be done, he snapped his finger and Mr. Albur opened a brief case, removed a collar and immediately put it around seven year old Patty's neck, then took out two chains, about three feet long. One chain was attached to Patty's collar, the other snapped into one of Colleen's gold nipple rings, both the collar and chains were solid gold.

As the King said something about leaving, Colleen bent down and whispered something to Patty and the seven year old took a place one step behind the King. With both chains in his hands, the King now led the naked red haired Colleen and her naked seven year old Daughter off the lawn and started out towards where the helicopter was sitting. At the gate, he stopped and asked me to walk with them, so we could talk and I walked out to the fields with them.

"Mr. Rush, from what I have seen here today, you have an excellent set up and are very good with your females. In fact, so good that there will be others that want to obtain one of them," the King confided. "Have you given thought to a breeding program? You have some most exquisite females, better than most I have ever seen, as the Mother of the Little Flower and her older Sister, even Little Flower in her time."

"Well, not really," I replied. "We just sort of expect there will be some pregnancies the way we are doing things now."

"That would be a waste," he softly assured me. "If you were to breed the Little Flower's Mother and older Sister to a beautiful blonde man, think of the child you would get. At three years old, a female child like that would be worth several hundred thousand dollars," and I almost choked. "I like that you do not ring the younger girls, that makes them worth more and I think you should plan on having a livestock auction I the near future. I will send you the names of people that would attend and plan on attending myself."

"Your Highness, right now that is beyond what we had planned," I explained why this ranch had been set up the way it had.

"If you want to be wealthy and have the power to protect yourself, you will follow my advice. The kind of people you will be selling to are the kind your government wants to keep happy," the King smiled and motioned Patty and Colleen onto the helicopter. "We will again talk in a few weeks, and I thank you sincerely for what you and your employer have given me."

As I walked back to the lodge, the helicopter was lifting off and I was in deep thought over what the King had advised me of. The first thing I did, was get Ralph, Drew, Carl, Damien and Paul aside to tell them what the King had asked for. As we started to discuss the ideas, I realized I had never said goodbye to Patty and Colleen and it didn't bother me in the least. Now I began to worry that I was getting that jaded already, but my thoughts were cut short by Carl. He had an employee in his company that was blonde, and very pretty, for a man and in to body building but he was gay. Right now, I needed the advice of an expert and asked that Steve sit in on this meeting, since he was a Doctor.

With Steve there, we were beginning to realize this wasn't what the ranch was intended for, yet, we were beginning to see a much greater picture. As for breeding, Steve saw no problems with that and would gladly be our medical officer, because he had some ideas he would like to try. All he needed was a chemist and a company that would allow the chemist to use their labs. With a smile, Ralph told him just to talk to Derrick, and then threw out the question of pregnant teenagers drawing more questions than we wanted to answer.

"I guess we could always home school them," I mused.

"Fantastic idea!" Drew exclaimed. "Not only would that solve one problem but it would keep a staff of girls here on the ranch."

"We could just build a school," Carl added. "Put it in that meadow, over across the creek, and a dormitory. What about teachers?"

"That's where we talk to Wales and Barr," Damien said. "We've already one teacher, Connie, and I'm sure Jeff could convince a couple more."

"True and we already have a principal," I laughed at the look on Damien's face.

"Damien, how big of a building would we need for forty students?" Ralph asked.

Suddenly, we were talking a rather large investment, beyond what had already been invested and we would also need the help of the two school superintendents. It was going to be a tedious task and right now, these guys just wanted to fuck little girls and decided I could start on this Monday. As we broke up our little meeting, I wanted to walk over to the meadow Carl had mentioned and on the front porch, I was caught by eight year old Barbie, who was still wearing her clothes.

"Mr. Rush, does this mean I get to be fucked now," the eight year old blonde beauty asked.

"Well, yes, but it isn't going to happen if your wearing clothes," I laughed. "Get rid of them, then you can go for a walk with me."

The eight year old was stark naked in seconds and her body was as beautiful as her face, and now she was ready to go where ever I was taking her. As we walked across the creek, I took her hand and helped her across the creek, on the other side she kept my hand in hers. We found the meadow and it would be perfect because the lodge and buildings of the ranch weren't visible from the meadow. So, I logged that away in my mind and that the meadow was large enough for a building big enough for a school and dormitory.

After seeing what I came for, I noticed that eight year old Barbie was very interested in watching my cock. So, after we crossed the creek again, I took her little hand and wrapped it around my cock, so she could lead me to the lawn. Before letting Barbie suck my cock, I looked for Trish and Natalie and the eight and six year old were already with other men. By the time we reached the porch, the blonde eight year old Barbie was actually stroking my cock, so I told her just to start kissing and licking it.

With a little squeal, the nude beauty knelt in front of me and lifted my cock in her little hands. When the eight year old began kissing and licking, she didn't need any instruction, evidently she had been listening as I taught Natalie and Trish. Without being told, she sucked the head of my cock between her so soft little lips and began licking around the head of it, then along the bottom of the shaft. For being only eight, my cock fit Barbie's mouth very well and I realized she as talented as her older Sister and Mother. Now, I just relaxed and enjoyed having my cock sucked so wonderfully and realized the naked eight year old was enjoying doing it.

Something caught my eye, out in the pasture there were girls under the stallions and by the hair colors, it was the two fifteen year old's Kelly and Brooke. Even from this far away, I could hear both nude beauties screaming with orgasms. My mind began going over the kinds of entertainment we could offer and I realized we would also need a stage in the barn, with a PA system. It blew my mind away, I was already planning on selling little girls and breeding older girls to have babies that we would sell. Instead of breeding and selling cattle, we would be breeding and selling little girls, specially trained in the art of sex.

The naked eight year old's head was sliding back and forth on my stiff, seven inch cock and I could see her blue eyes looking up at me. It was enough to make my balls tingle and I began fucking Barbie's beautiful little face. The first jet of cum took the eight year old by surprise, but she recovered and swallowed it, then five more after it and like all the girls continued to suck for more until my cock was hard again. When I finally pulled my stiff cock from her little mouth, Barbie had a very disappointed look on her face

The table was still on the porch, so I picked the naked eight year old up and set her on the table and she lay back without being told to. There was a smile on Barbie's beautiful face as she spread her legs wide for me and when I stepped between them she sighed. Still, I wanted to taste her lips and her pussy, before I took her virginity and when I bent over Barbie and kissed her soft sweet lips, her beautiful, naked body jerked several times. Quickly, I moved to those flat little pink swells of her breast and began licking and sucking on her tiny little nipples and it made her hips lift and undulate.

After paying attention to both Barbie's flat little breast and tiny nipples, I kissed my way down her flat stomach, to that tight little slit that was the beginning of her vaginal lips. There was a low, throaty moan and the eight year old's naked little body began pulsing and jerking. My tongue traced her tight little cunt lips down to her crinkled little ass hole and Barbie went into one orgasm after another. By the time I was licking between her tight little pussy lips, the eight year old was lubricating so heavily that it was as if she had wet herself. Still, her virgin juices were like sweet nectar and I lapped and licked her clit and vaginal opening, sending her into multiple orgasms.

As I put the head of my cock between Barbie's tight little cunt lips, she was already trying to push her cunt onto my cock. A flip of my hips and the head of my cock popped inside the little virgin eight year old, her blonde head came up and she gasped in pain. She had been easier to penetrate than I had expected, then she was running rivers of female juices. So I thrust my hips forward and tore through that virginal membrane and several inches of my seven inch cock was inside that very tight, little cunt. As Barbie squealed in pain, I pushed another inch of cock into her unused cunt, until I felt her cervix, and just began applying a steady pressure.

By the time the nude little blonde eight year old had all seven inches of my cock inside her cunt, she was smiling and lifting her hips to get even more of my cock inside her beautiful body. Instead, I pulled out until just the head was inside her vaginal entrance, then stroked all the way back in. Before my balls touched Barbie's little ass, the eight year old exploded with orgasms, her little hips were pumping hard and fast, her long blonde hair flying from side to side. The little nude beauty was hitting orgasms so hard and fast that her thrust were misfiring, so I pulled her shapely little legs up between us.

Since I now had full control of Barbie's naked little body, I began pounding my cock into her tight little cunt as the eight year old began babbling from orgasms. Harder and faster, I pounded my cock into her innocent body, until she was sliding back and forth across the table. She was reaching the point of being beyond control when the vision of Barbie in a few years, with a baby swollen belly hit me and it was over. Sperm by the bucket fulls jetted into that tight little eight year old uterus and she screamed in ecstasy.

Once my own orgasm had subsided, I pulled my still stiff cock out of Barbie's eight year old cunt then leaned over and kissed the naked little beauty. It took a lot longer for Barbie to come down from her orgasms, then she just had to suck my cock clean and didn't care if there was blood on it. Once my cock was well cleaned, I pulled the little blonde beauty off it and, then helped her off the table. Once off the table, Barbie wanted to do it again and with a laugh I pointed Derrick out to her and told the eight year old to go get him.

Out by the pasture, I saw Ralph, Paul and Drew walking together and went out to join them. The topic was finding enough girls for an auction, without creating concern about so many girls coming up missing in our area. When Damien joined us, he had an idea, the network of school people extended a lot farther than just the four towns we had worked in so far. He was sure that Wales and Barr were part of this group also and would ask them Monday morning. The next topic, was pregnancy and no one realized we may already have several pregnant girls, so it was off to find Steve.

Shortly after talking to Steve, he made a call, then we sent Al into town for the things Steve had called about. Over the next few hours, we gave each of the girls old enough to conceive, pregnancy test and they all came up negative. On a chart, Steve began putting down the time the girls had their periods and it would tell him when they could become pregnant. A few were border line right now, Heather, Becky and Mandy, so we told them no more sex for the next week, which didn't make them happy. It brought home the need for a larger staff, even if we decided against the auctioning of slaves, or start a breeding program.

As the weekend before, the two stallions wanted no more to do with the two fifteen year old's Brooke and Kelly and neither Carrie or Sheila wanted to give up their huge dildos, so the two fifteen year old's were also going to be sexless for the next week. By the time I caught up to the virgins I had brought up, not one of them had a virginity left and had worn out several men. We finished up the weekend after everyone left except for the group that had been talking earlier and they gave me the go ahead to recruit more staff and follow up Damien's suggestion of talking to Barr and Wale.

Since I was do at Barr's district in the morning, I called ahead and asked Wale to meet me there also. Since Barr was a blonde lover, I wasn't surprised to have two Mothers waiting to be counseled and both had beautiful, blonde Daughters. The one woman's Daughters were eight and ten, very pretty by the names of Cami and Corrine. Since the Mother was very plain looking, I programmed her to supply the girls when wanted and the girls were programmed as the other girls were. The next Mother was very pretty, extremely well built and her Daughters, Cathy and Anna were carbon copies, even at eleven and thirteen.

After programming Alice to work on the ranch, I programmed her Daughters, Cathy and Anna to be like the other girls. Once I had instructed them to be there the next Friday afternoon, I went to my meeting with Barr and Wales. As I told them about the suggestions we had been given over the weekend and the fears we had, both men smiled, then went to use telephones. When they came back, they were smiling even more and took seats around the desk and I knew this was going to cost.

"Jeff, if we could get you into districts a hundred miles away, how could you convince a family to let you have their girls?" Barr asked. "Never mind," he smiled, "Once your school is up and running, then you have a reason for girls to be sent there. If they are at your school, then they aren't missing. For your auction, we could find girls that are in unstable homes, on the verge of being run aways and such."

"Our network runs for over a thousand miles, and many of the girls we are suggesting would be better off as sex slaves. Your working girls and breeding girls would be out of your students, and a lot of men would pay dearly to spend a weekend with pregnant young girl," Wale smiled. "We can assure you, that a thirteen year old can be seven months pregnant and still enjoy sex and be enjoyed."

"Okay, what will this cost us?" I asked.

"A lot, our group has use of the ranch, more than what we have now. If you have enough students it could be on a come and go basis," Barr explained. "See, for us, the ranch is a safe place, and the only ones that would be getting in free, would be the two of us. As it is now, every time our group meets, there is the risk of the girl squealing on us because all we can use is the threat of expulsion to make her cooperate."

"Okay, you have it, but how many students do you think we should have?" I asked.

"Well, a prestigious ranch like yours should have at least sixty to seventy students, considering a dozen of them will be pregnant at any given time," Wales replied. "Also, twenty advisors and teachers. Your dorm rooms should be large enough to accommodate the student and her guest, and maybe a separate dorm for the merchandise."

"Now, I have one male teacher, blonde very handsome and likes little girls. If you can use him, it can be arranged," Barr added. "By the way, he has two Daughters that are also blonde and stunning little beauties. I believe one is seven and the other is nine."

"I have a couple of female teachers that I would love to see them and their Daughters on the ranch," Wale wistfully said. "Also, having certified teachers would give your school state certification and the state examiner is one of our group."

"Just tell your people that they will be the grocery store and with your help, we will supply the groceries," Barr laughed. "I don't know why, but thinking about watching a little girl being sold is making me horny."

"Okay, let's say there are eighty students, how many teachers would the state require?" I asked.

"Four, and six would give you a special status, like a prestigious school," Barr answered. "We can even supply the books, supplies and curriculum so the state would even help support your school."

"No, I really don't think we want the state involved," I replied and both men agreed.

Now, all I had to do was talk to Ralph, Drew, Carl and Damien, they wanted the students on the ranch for the summer. So I let the two superintendents know, but had less than two weeks to start gathering students. By the time I made it back to my office, there was a call from Mr. Tanger, the youth group leader and he wanted to confirm his group reservation in two weeks. There would be two extra boys and he gave me the names and hoped it wouldn't be an inconvenience. After assuring him it wasn't I went ahead and scheduled a meeting with the group and they wanted it at the ranch. The only thing Ralph and Carl asked for, was that Barr and Wale be there, along with Steve.

With the addition of Jenny, Sandy and Beth, we had enough girls so everyone in the meeting would have warm cunt to store their cocks in. By the end of the meeting, I was to cancel all events at the ranch, except, weekends and evenings, for the next month. Since I had Tanger's number in my cell phone, I called him and simply explained, but that we would give his group the following weekend and they could have from Friday night to Sunday until four. The man was thrilled and would let me know first thing in the morning if they could be there, if not they wanted the first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after the ranch reopened.

Since the youth group wanted women, it would be easier with the addition of Rita, Eve and the new Mother Alice. That would give the owners enough younger girls and I was going to invite Barr and Wale to help break the four new girls in, Cathy, Anna, Corrine and Cami but I would take eight year old Cami. Then I smiled, there was no need to call the two men, they would be here tomorrow night with their group anyhow. Next, my smile went away, Ralph suggested I start gathering our new students and that meant traveling over the next two weeks. Still, I had an idea, since we had free girls for the coming weekend, I cut the owners out and called Barr to have him arrange for the people I would be meeting, to come to the ranch this weekend also.

It was a select group of nine people, including Barr and Wale that were arriving at seven Friday night. The youth group had arrived before the girls and were sent to the lower pasture to camp along the stream, because the meadows were already filled with the foundation for the new school and dormitory. As the girls and women started arriving, I held Sam with me, and told Alice that Helen would explain her duties to her, then Rita and Eve. The four new little girls had no problem stripping and walking down to the ranch with the other girls and Sam was ready to assume her duties as guard.

The first people to arrive, were Brandy's Parents but they were now living in one of the larger cabins but her Dad still appreciated the naked, thirteen year old, blonde beauty checking them in. The Barr-Wale's group arrived in two vans and Samantha walked out with her clip board to check them in and I thought Barr was going to lose it. He couldn't decide if he wanted to break in a new girl, or fuck Sam for the weekend, until I reminded him that Cathy, Anna and Corrine were all blondes also. The naked, stunning beauty, Sam, led the group down the road to the ranch and by the time they were there, each of these men were pointing the way with long, stiff cocks.

The three new girls were lined up and Barr selected little ten year old Corrine, while Wale selected thirteen year old Anna., so I sent eleven year old Cathy to be with Derrick. The rest of the group didn't have choices, instead the girls picked them, yet not one of them seemed the least bit unhappy about it. As the group drifted off to see the ranch, Al caught up to me to tell me about the youth group. When those twelve naked women and twelve naked girls walked into their camp, he thought those young boys were going to lose it. Still, when Al left their camp, all the boys and men were stark naked also and happily pairing off.

"Jeff, I bet those boys never even realize that a couple of those women can take a three inch thick by fourteen inch long cock," Al laughed.

With Jim, Al and Tony, Brandy's Dad, we walked over to see the foundations for the school and dormitory and it was huge. Still, Jim said the construction foreman said it would be done in a month and they had over forty people working on it. There wasn't much to see yet, and when we turned to start back I almost ran over little eight year Cami. The naked little blonde was staying right beside me, in case we were to do something, so with a smile, I took her little hand and we started back towards the lodge.

These new school people were ecstatic over the girls and had all enjoyed having a great blow job already, now they were headed in for dinner. With a tousle of Cami's soft, blonde hair, I told the naked eight year old that we would be doing lots of things together, after we ate dinner. To keep my promise, after dinner I took a seat on the porch and let Cami between my legs where I taught her how to suck my cock. Since I wasn't the only one, it gave me a chance to talk to several of the school board members and superintendents from the far away schools. Each of them invited me to spend a couple days at their schools and one that it would take me several days to visit his schools because there were nine of them.

Between these schools, it was obvious that I could pick up at least thirty more girls but they weren't sure about families. By the time I reached their offices, they would have more definite answers for me and would allow me to choose the girls I wanted to interview. Even though I was listening, my mind was on the excellent blow job being given me by the little blonde eight year old. It blew my mind away, that Cami was having orgasms just from sucking my cock but there was something more important right now, I was cumming.

The naked little blonde eight year old sucked the cum out of my cock, then continued to drain it dry and hard again. Across from me, one of the men said she was dripping juices and he couldn't believe how strong Cami's orgasms had been. Since there was more to talk about, I pulled Cami's beautiful face off my cock, gave her a kiss, then picked her up and set her on my lap. My erect, seven inch cock was between us and she used her little hand to caress it. When Kelly knelt down and whispered something to Cami, the eight year old nodded eagerly and began lifting herself up off my lap.

As the naked eight year old lifted up, I felt a pair of hands brush across my legs and one took hold of my rigid cock. Then, Cami was letting herself back down and I felt my cock being guided, then the head touched a very slick vaginal opening. Since I realized what fifteen year old Kelly was doing, I just let Cami sit on the end of my erect, seven inch cock. After a few minutes, the little nude, blonde beauty gasped and I felt the head of my cock slide inside her virgin opening. If it had hurt, Cami wasn't letting it show, then she began sinking a little and I felt her hymen slowly tearing away and this time she gasped in pain.

Only moments after my cock ripped through the eight year old's hymen, she sank a little farther down onto my cock, until she was resting on my legs. There had to be at least four inches of hard cock in Cami's tight little cunt because I could feel the head of my cock pushing against her cervix. It was Kelly, that helped Cami get her knees under her and then helped the eight year to start lifting herself up and down, fucking herself on my cock. Before she had made three strokes, Cami's naked little eight year old body began jerking with orgasm. She pushed her flat chest against mine and let it slide against my skin as she continued to lift herself up and down.

The naked eight year old's tiny nipples were hard as nails and like little fire brands burning my chest as he lifted herself up and down on my cock. Carefully, I scooted a little closer to the edge of the chair, so more of my cock was available to the child and moments later, Cami had five inches of cock buried in her little tight cunt. Since talking was out of the question for a few moments, I held the naked eight year old to my chest and stood up, then walked out to the lawn. There were blankets spread and I knelt down, then lay back on one until Cami was sitting on my groin, well, suspended a little above it.

It only took the naked little beauty a moment to get her knees back under her and she began lifting and lowering herself on my cock. Each lower, pushed a little more cock into her little cunt and soon Cami had seven inches of my thick cock buried in her little eight year old cunt and womb. Already, the eight year old was beginning to thrash and jerk with orgasms, so I pulled her down onto my chest so she didn't fall over sideways. Then, I noticed one of the other men kneeling behind Cami's upturned butt, then she let out a loud gasp and I felt a cock sliding up the eight year old's virgin ass.

For a good ten minutes, the other guy and I double fucked the eight year old as she thrashed and jerked with constant orgasms. The feeling of that other cock sliding in and out of that beautiful little body with mine was becoming so erotic that I lost control and began filling that little eight year old uterus with cum. It must have been the same for the guy with his cock up Cami's ass, because as my cock pulsed out cum, so did his.

The little eight year old was so far out of it, that she never even realized the cock had been pulled out of her ass, or that mine was still buried in her little cunt. The guy helped me up so I could leave my cock inside Cami, then I carried her that way back up onto the porch. For another fifteen minutes, I sat there with Cami on my lap, my cock still in her little cunt, until she came down from her own orgasms. Finally, those big blue eyes looked up at me and smiled, so I bent down and kissed her soft sweet lips.

"Nothing should be that good," she cooed.

When one of the men asked what it was like to double fuck, I just asked Cami to show him, so she slid off my cock and walked over to the man and took his hand. He and another man walked out onto the lawn with the eight year old and she was soon double impaled again. The next thing I knew, someone was feeding a cock into her mouth and now Cami was triple impaled and hitting orgasms like a freight train. When several of the other girls wanted to try this, there were more than enough willing men to accommodate them. Since I was satisfied, it was time to walk down to the lower pasture and see how the youth group was doing.

There were men, boys, girls and women everywhere and each of them with someone and Jim and I could have stole that whole camp and they wouldn't have noticed. Finally, the only one that realized we were there, was Targer and he disengaged himself from twelve year old April long enough to come and talk to us. All the man could do was rave about how wonderful these girls and women were and he guaranteed their reservations for every Monday through Wednesday as soon as we could give it to them. Since no one wanted to talk to us, Jim and I left them to their fucking and headed back to the lodge.

By Sunday, there had to be the largest amount of sore cocks ever but not one man was complaining. When the youth group left at four, the girls and women walked up as far as the gate with these men and boys and that was where the group finally dressed. The next time, they planned on leaving their clothes at the guard house. When Helen, Jenny and I reached home, I packed a bag for the next week and would be leaving first thing in the morning. Since the boys had fucked Helen until she was sore, I wasn't going to bother her, but when my little ten year old climbed into bed with me and began sucking my cock, I knew it was going to be a long night.

Chapter 16

When I arrived at the biggest school district, I was well stocked with pills, a dozen walk men and a dozen tapes fit to what I figured I would need. The first thing I did, was rent a motel room, then went to the district office where I met with John Cause, from the school people's weekend. Together, we toured the high school, junior high and grades schools, where I saw girls that made me drool and John found out their names. In each class, John introduced me as the recruiter for the Pine Ridge Ranch, a prestigious school for gifted young girls.

When John pointed out two different teachers, it amazed me, there were never any teachers like that when I was in school! With a list of names, John set me up in a special room in the grade school to start with, where I interviewed seven luscious young girls from six to eleven. With John's help, after the interviews the girls were to bring their Parents and families to the District Office that evening and I would interview them also.

There were three offices set up and a little wet bar in each one and as a family would arrive, I would come out and greet them, then go back in and set up glasses. The first family was a Mother, Father and two of the girls on my list, one six and the other eight, but they had also brought their four year old and I politely gave them small drinks while we talked. By the time this family was in head sets, another family was waiting and I took them into the next office, this one was a stunning blonde Mother with a equally stunning blonde ten year old Daughter. This one was easy, the Mother was pretentious but soon wearing a head set as was her beautiful ten year old.

The third office soon held a family with a red headed eight year old, a beautiful red headed Mother and a luscious red headed twelve year old Sister from the Junior high. When I sent the first family out, there was another family there to fill the room, a Father, Mother and stunning, eight year old, blonde Daughter. Then, I picked up two nine year old's both beautiful, one brunette and one blonde, and there was something very sexy about the little brunette. One of the nine year old's was merchandise, but I wasn't to sure about any of the others.

Then, John threw me a curve and asked me to interview a nice looking lady, to tell her about the Pine Ridge Ranch, then told me she was the head of the local social services, in charge of child placement. By the time she walked out of the office, there would be several young girls to see me tomorrow evening. Suddenly, I realized how easy this was going to be and decided against going to the high school because there wasn't much call for the older girls. It was late when John and I left the offices and since neither of us had eaten, we went for a late dinner.

"Jeff, you amaze me," John said over dinner. "Does the social worker realize what is going to happen to these girls?"

"Yes, she knows that they will be auctioned off as sex slaves, to never be seen again," I replied.

"You know, you screwed up, we could have kept a couple of girls for our own entertainment tonight," he laughed.

"Believe me, the thought had crossed my mind," I laughed.

By the time I made it to the next district, John had called ahead and explained about the social services coordinator and when I reached the next district, I was introduced to the director for that district. By the time I was home, the ranch would have way over seventy some students, not including the twenty seven we already had and four new teachers. Of these new students, twenty would be sold and I could get more as I needed them.

The teachers would be coming to the ranch once the school was finished, so they could help set the school up. Each family would be waiting for a phone call then the one's where we were taking the Mother also, would move to the ranch, the others would be sending their Daughter's to the ranch and they would all meet the ranch bus at a prearranged place. Two of the teachers were bringing two Daughters and the other's one each and they knew what they would be teaching and their little girls doing.

There were still a few girls to pick up locally, plus the one male teacher with his two girls from Barr's district and the gay man from Carl's office. When Barr set up the interview with Mr, Coin, the blonde teacher, it went very smoothly, and once the meeting was over he was bringing his seven and nine year old in after school. When those two little girls walked into that office, I almost lost it, they were stunning beauties for their ages and their Dad watched as I put the head phones on them and smiled. One was named Summer and the other Autumn and I wanted to rape them right there but knew I wouldn't, I had a better plan. Their Daddy was going to teach them all about having sex, so they would be ready to start entertaining Friday night at the ranch, while he had a chance to meet and fuck some of the other girls.

The next stop, was Carl's office, where I met Daniel, a very attractive natural blonde man that was obviously gay. Yet, after programming, he would breed young girls, just to show them who was the boss, so I sent him to see Steve for a virility check. It made me think about Coin's, so I arranged for Steve to check him out also. It was the call from Barr, that sent me back over to his office and we walked across the street to the high school. In a class room, was a very attractive senior boy and Barr said the other kids called him Horse and he was a geek. In another class room, was a stunning little fifteen year old blonde beauty and Barr said this was Horse's little Sister and there was a thirteen year old Sister just as beautiful and blonde, in the junior high..

My first meeting was with the three kids and I programmed them all at once, then the next day, with their Parents and the kids Mom was also a stunning blonde beauty. It surprised me, their Dad was Sandy haired, almost to the point of being blonde himself. So, I programmed both Mom and Dad, then sent the Dad and Son to see Steve and be checked out. Still, both the Mom and Dad were a little old for our needs but at least they would be supportive and if we needed the Dad he would be available.

The next day, I went out to see Wale and the two teachers he wanted to see on the ranch with their Daughters. One look and I could definitely see why, these women were young and stunning blonde beauties. Neither of them could have been more than twenty six or seven, so I asked Wale how old their girls were. The one, Gail, had two Daughters, one six (Susie), the other four (Abby), the other teacher, Pamela, had a six year old Daughter (Hope) and neither were married. When I expressed my concern about the four year old, Wale just said she could learn from watching her Mother. Within an hour both teachers were programmed and I would meet with them after school to interview their little girls. Since this school was out on Friday, I told Gail that I wanted them on the ranch Friday afternoon.

Friday evening, at the ranch, all the new local people were there and our ranks had swollen quite a bit. Both Barr and Wale were there, along with our group and as usual, Samantha checked everyone in. As the one family stripped to walk down to the ranch, I saw why the other kids called the senior blonde boy Horse, the kid was hung like a stallion, then so was his Dad, and the boy's name was Shawn. When Steve arrived, he gave me a report on Shawn, Thad (Shawn's Dad) and Daniel, the gay man and each was virile. With a smile, Steve assured me they would be extremely virile with his help. Now, he also had in his report that two Mother's and the new fifteen year old Sister, should be close to conception time, the older women were Rita and one of the new teachers, named Gail.

The six new little girls were turned over to group members to be broken in but I held the fifteen year old blonde Daughter back. The girl's Brother, Shawn, I turned over to Rita to teach how to fuck, and the Dad, Thad, I gave thirteen year old Heather for the night and Daniel, I put with thirteen year old Samantha. At first, I was going to put Coin's, the teacher, with one of his Daughter's then decided to put him with twelve year old Heather instead. Before the four breeders were turned loose with the girls, Steve gave each of them an injection but the results would take twelve hours.

As the breeders happily went with their partners, Steve and I talked and it didn't surprise me. The injections would increase both the breeders virility and sex drive, yet Steve didn't want to start full doses until they were actually living on the ranch. With a smile, he said the breeders would be constantly horny, and they would need to be controlled when not in use. That was simple, I would just implant that in their minds and the problem was solved, so Steve could start the treatment any time he wanted.

All around, there were little girls squealing and gasping as they lost their virginities and one watched with great anticipation, the fifteen year old Daughter, Julie. Still, I assured her she would get her time but it would be tomorrow and she would be bred by her Brother to make her pregnant. At first, she seemed a little concerned but it passed so I told her she could suck my cock, if that would help. We now had fifteen Mothers and thirty three Daughters on the ranch and for this weekend, only twelve men and five boys to service them.

As the stunning fifteen year old nude beauty, with the full globe breast, knelt at my feet, I instructed her on how I liked my cock sucked. Within minutes, she was taking most of my cock in her mouth and I began fucking that beautiful face. As I fucked Julie's face, I noticed her shapely hips beginning to move in time with her mouth, like all the other girls, she exuded sex and loved having it in any form. As I flooded the fifteen year old's mouth with my cum, she drank it greedily, then I pulled her up to me and kissed her soft sweet lips.

After diner, Rita came to tell me that the breeder boy was already doing very well and she was enjoying him. With a smile, I told her it was time to put him with his Sister and Rita looked at me sort of funny. The boy was hung like a horse and taking any girl for the first time was going to be painful. There was nothing I could do about that, the girl would just have to handle it because I wanted her pregnant and not take a chance on it being by anyone else.

Everyone gathered around the breeding table, in the barn, and watched as Shawn led his fifteen year old Sister Julie in. The stark naked couple made a fantastic looking pair and I could see Shawn's erection as he helped Julie to lay back on the breeding bench. The kid had a cock that was nine inches long and a good inch and three quarters in diameter. With a nod to Rita, she moved forward to coach Shawn on helping Julie to be ready to accept his cock. The boy started by kissing his little Sister passionately and Julie responded back just as passionately.

When the naked fifteen year old's hips began to undulate, her Brother moved to kissing and sucking on her firm, rounded breast and Julie hugged her Brother's head to her breast. Slowly, Shawn kissed his way down his Sister's smooth, taunt belly, to plant several kisses in her thick blonde pubic patch, and already, Julie was lifting her cunt to him. Then, he was kissing her lightly hair covered vaginal lips and Julie was going into orgasm and thrusting her cunt to his lips. After licking and sucking his Sister's cunt, Shawn stood up, spread her slick, virgin cunt lips and placed the head of his huge cock against her virgin opening.

When that eighteen year old stud began pushing his cock into his fifteen year old Sister, the virgin Julie began screaming with pain. Even still, she was begging him to put it in faster, so Shawn powered his hips forward, Julie let out a strangled scream and was no longer a virgin. At six inches, Shawn's forward cock movement stopped so Rita told him to keep pushing and while Julie cried in pain, Shawn stretched her cunt. When the boy's balls lay in the crack of his Sister's bare ass, he rested and Julie sighed. Now, Rita told the boy to start fucking his little Sister and that was what Shawn did. Yet, after a few minutes, no one was sure whether Shawn was fucking Julie, or Julie was fucking Shawn.

The fifteen year old, nude beauty was pounding her newly opened cunt onto her eighteen year old Brother's cock. Her beautiful body heaved and shook as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her well tanned body until she was almost babbling incoherently. Quickly, Rita showed Shawn how to lift Julie's legs so they were between Shawn and Julie, and now he was penetrating his little Sister even deeper. The boy was pounding his cock into her so hard that Julie was being shoved back and forth on the bench, then Shawn's head tilted back, he thrust all nine inches of his cock into his little Sister's cunt and held it there, while he filled her with his cum.

"Shawn, that is what I want you to be doing all weekend with Julie," I told him after they both came down from their orgasms.

"Alright!" Shawn exclaimed. "Constantly?"

"As often as you can," I smiled. "When you two go back to school Monday, I want it to be uncomfortable for Julie to sit down and you to zip your pants," I laughed.

For the rest of the weekend, every time I saw Shawn and Julie, they were fucking and the fifteen year old blonde beauty couldn't get enough of her Brother's cock. It was a great weekend for me, I was able to spend time with Jenny, and I enjoyed leisurely fucking her for the rest of the weekend. Our studs were the ones that really enjoyed themselves though and even though Daniel would go back to being a gay man on Monday, but he was a raging woman fucker over the weekend.

Before leaving for home, I assigned the new girls to as many of the week night activities as I could and Al would pick them up on the bus. Before Shawn and Julie left, I told Shawn he and Julie could sleep together during the night but at school, they were just Brother and Sister as usual. Everyone would be back next Friday afternoon for another weekend and I assured the girls that there would be more men here for them to entertain and more boys for the women. Just as everyone was getting ready to walk up to dress, the youth group came up from where they were camped. There were twelve very exhausted women and twelve very happy young girls, but twenty four extremely pleased group members.

Still, the boys of the youth group were excited by what they were seeing and Mr. Targer asked if some of the boys could have girls next time, instead of women. There was no problem with that but I reminded him it would be a month at least, unless they were willing to come on a weekend. It only took a look through his group and they would be back next weekend for sure and asked that they have the same camp site. The only question I had for him, was why they had never used the pool?

"Mr. Rush, I don't think anyone ever stopped having sex long enough to swim," Targer laughed.

Since the boys of the youth group realized they could have girls the next time, there was nothing to do but walk up to the guard house with the girls, so they might find a girl they wanted to be with the next weekend. Still, it surprised me, only five of the boys chose girls to be with, the other seven chose women to be with and there was almost a fight over who was going to be with my Helen. In the parking area, I stood and talked to Steve for a while, I wanted to know if Carrie and Sheila could become pregnant after being with the stallions. He saw no reason they couldn't and if we were going to be breeding blondes, they were two of the most perfect ones to breed.

"You know though," Steve smiled. "We should really be breeding a few red heads, beautiful red heads are hard to find and I would think they should be worth more."

This was a real thought, and something I needed to look into because I remembered how fascinated King Sasheen was with Colleen and Patty being red heads. Enough that where he had asked for a virgin, he readily took two whores because they were red heads. It was a project I started on Monday morning and by that afternoon, I was headed back to the far school districts to look at three girls, then meet with their Mothers and Parents. At our local district, Barr had a high school boy that was a red head as was his Brother and Mother, but didn't know about the Dad.

Looking for red heads in that large of a school system was like looking for a needle in a hay stack, so I called the Child Placement supervisor and she was a great help. That afternoon, I met with a Mother and two young girls, nine and eleven and all three were stunning beauties. They had the white skin of a natural red head, the Mother had a great body but wasn't a large woman and she was single and around twenty seven. By that evening, she and her girls would soon become members of the ranch and then would no longer be on welfare.

Since the one case worker was so helpful, I contacted the other one I had programmed and she also was able to supply me with another welfare Mother. This Mother had three kids, a boy of eleven, a girl of ten and another eight year old girl. The three females were very pretty but not stunning and the boy was quite handsome, the Mother had brought a picture of the children's Father and he had been a red head also. When the case worker asked where I was staying, it made me a little leery but I told her and with a smile she wanted to being another family by my motel room.

It was just after six when the case worker arrived at my room, and when she made sure I was alone, she brought three girls into my room. All three were striking red heads, to the point of being auburn, the oldest was sixteen, a fifteen year old and a fourteen year old. When the case worker guaranteed they were from natural red heads, I wondered, then one of the girls called her Aunt Bess. The woman was actually giving me her three nieces and of course I accepted and would let her know when I wanted them.

"Mr. Rush, you need to take them back with you," the case worker stated. "They are in danger here, their Father would steal them in a heart beat."

"Please Aunt Bess, don't let our Dad have us," the youngest one almost sobbed.

"Our Father killed our Mother but he's not going to get away with it," the oldest one stated but there were tears in her eyes.

"Will the girls be needed to put the Father away?" I asked the case worker.

"No, they weren't there when it happened but there were witnesses and they are looking for the Father right now," she explained. "You are putting them in protective custody, then school."

Quickly, I understood what the case worker was telling me, these girls were ready to disappear and I could have them. Since I hadn't eaten yet, I asked if the girls had and neither had they. The chances of the Father being close around were slim, so after the case worker left, I took the girls to dinner, then back to my room. After giving each of them a small glass of juice, I was going to see about getting them a room just for them. To stall, I used the bathroom, then made a phone call and by them all three were staring out into space. Once they had the head phones on, I did make another call, to let Helen know what I was bringing home.

As I watched them listening, I looked at their beautiful bodies, the oldest, seventeen year old Brianna was built very proportionally and I guess her breast to be about a thirty four C in size and she was probably about five foot five. The middle girl, fifteen year old Vanessa was built almost like her older Sister and about the same breast size and maybe an inch shorter. The fourteen year old, had the perfect figure, with thirty four B breast, a small waist and only about five foot two.

I wanted to see just how beautiful they were and with these new pills I knew I could do about anything I wanted with them. Still, I couldn't take that chance and let the tapes do their work for a good hour or more. Once I removed the head sets, it wasn't but a few minutes and all three girls began coming around and continued with what ever they had been talking about earlier. It was getting late but I let them watch some television for a while, then noticed Kyla was getting tired. There were two queen sized beds in the room and that was enough for all four of us.

"If you girls are about ready for bed, why don't you jump into the shower first," I suggested.

"We don't have any clothes to change into," Brianna bashfully replied.

"Then you will just have to sleep in the nude," I simply replied. "Two of you can sleep in one bed and one of you will sleep with me."

The first to head for the bathroom, was fourteen year old Kyla, so I told the girls I was going to run out and pick them up some tooth brushes for it the morning. It only took me a few minutes because there was a convenience store just across the street and I also found them a hair brush to share. When I returned, Kayla was just slipping into one of the beds and looked up at me and smiled. In the nude, this fourteen year old was stunning, then fifteen year old Vanessa walked out of the bathroom, and she almost took my breath away.

When seventeen year old Brianna walked out, she was still drying her hair and I looked from one nude beauty to the other. They all had globe breast with no sag at all and the two older girls were the size of softballs, while the fourteen year old's were the size of tennis balls. She showed no embarrassment at being nude, then neither had Vanessa and Kyla, so I headed in to shower myself. When I came out naked, all three girls were looking at me and blushing, but it was Brianna that made me smile.

"Oh gawd, I've seen cocks but Mr, Rush, your's is so beautiful," Brianna gushed.

"Bree, are they all that beautiful?" fourteen year old Kyla asked.

"I don't know, I just feel like they will be from now on," the seventeen year old gushed. "Mr. Rush, who gets to sleep with you?"

"Well, since you are all going to be bred to have babies, who is close to their period?" I asked.

"Well, Vanessa and I are probably at our fertile point," Brianna hopefully replied. "Kyla just finished hers about two days ago."

"Then, Kyla sleeps with me," I smiled and she gleefully squealed. "The reason is, we want your babies to be red headed also so you will be bred by a red headed male."

"Mr. Rush, Bree and I have never had sex, well, neither has Kyla, so can we watch you and Kyla?" Vanessa bashfully asked.

"Of course, once we reach the ranch you girls will be having sex in front of people all the time. When you are bred, it will be a public thing, so there is no reason you can't watch Kyla and I," I answered.

With a smile, I pulled the covers off the one bed to expose Kyla's beautiful, naked, fourteen year old body, and loved that small red triangle of pubic hair. As I lay down beside the younger girl, she seemed very nervous, so I just leaned over Kyla and kissed the softest, sweetest lips. As the young girl moaned with pleasure, I again kissed her but more passionately, then moved to her firm, tennis ball sized breast where I kissed and suckled them until I felt her hips lifting off the bed. Since I wanted this fuck to last, I decided it was time for Kyla to suck my cock, and lay back on the bed with my cock looking at the ceiling.

The only thing that held the fourteen year old up, was Vanessa and Brianna had to admire my cock and touch it to see what it felt like. Then, Kayla went onto her knees and I spread my legs for her, so she moved between them and knelt over my cock. Those soft, sweet, Irish lips kissed all along my cock and even my balls, then licked their way back to the end of my cock. A soft kiss on the tip of my cock and Kyla gently sucked it into her soft, warm mouth as she licked and touched her tongue around the head and glans. As my cock slid deeper into her mouth, Kyla's long red hair was covering her face but Brianna pulled it back out of the way so she and Vanessa could see.

The more Kyla sucked my cock, the faster the fourteen year old's head bobbed up and down on it. She was taking it deeper and deeper and moaning as her slim body began jerking with orgasms and her hips lifting up and down as if she was fucking the air. Both Vanessa and Brianna were sitting on the side of the bed, so I gently reached out and cupped one of Brianna's full breast in one hand and one of Vanessa's full breast in the other. Both girls breast were firm and smooth, and I used my thumbs to massage their pink nipples making both girls push their chest to me.

As the fourteen year old Kyla continued to suck my cock so wonderfully, I pulled seventeen year old Brianna down so I could kiss her sweet lips, then her fifteen year old Sister Vanessa. It was obvious that both girl wanted to keep kissing, yet at the same time watch their little Sister suck my cock. The cock sucking was at an end, my cum was exploding from my balls and into Kyla's still sucking mouth. All three of us could see the fourteen year old swallowing and I let her have jet after jet of my cum. When I had no more to give her, the naked fourteen year old continued sucking out the dregs, then until my cock was hard again and I pulled her off my stiff, shiny cock.

"Oh, that was so fantastic!" Kyla gasped and stroked my cock with her hand.

"Kyla, what does sperm taste like?" Vanessa eagerly asked.

"A little on the salty side but excellent," Kyla dreamily answered.

"Mr. Rush, can Vanessa and I try sucking your cock, we can't get pregnant doing that?" Brianna asked.

"You have a point," I smiled. "Let me finish showing you what sex is like, then after I have recovered you can each take a turn sucking my cock."

Gently, I pushed Kyla back onto the bed and again leaned over her beautiful, naked, alabaster body to kiss her soft sweet lips then down to her firm breast. After licking and nibbling all over both her breast, her lithe hips were already beginning to undulate again. Now, I kissed on down along the soft smooth skin of her flat belly, to that thick little bush of red pubic hair, where I planted another kiss on it's silky strands. Over the edge of her crotch to lick and kiss the length of her so oft vaginal lips before tracing y tongue back along it's length.

Already, the virgin fourteen year old was secreting female juices like a fountain and I lapped up their sweet taste as Kyla pumped her hips to my lips. Between those so soft, hairless vaginal lips, I found the hard little bud of Kyla's clit and sucked it between my lips as her hips arched high off the bed and she cried out with her very first hard orgasm. Now, I moved to rim around the opening to her virgin womanhood again sending the nude fourteen year old into a spasm of orgasms. For a moment, I slipped my hands under her bare butt and lifted her cunt up to lap up her sweet virgin juices and her soft voice was begging for something, even though Kyla had no idea what it was.

One more kiss on her sweet lips, so the nude beauty could taste her own juices, then I positioned the head of my cock between those soft pussy lips. Already, Kyla's hips were thrusting, trying to push herself onto my hard cock, to fill a need she didn't understand. A flip of my hips and the head of my cock stretched that tiny vaginal opening to pop inside the fourteen year old's cunt. She cried out softly, then another thrust and she was no longer a virgin but this time she cried out a little louder. After resting a moment to allow her to adjust to having a cock in her body, I began pushing even farther into her tight cunt.

The fourteen year old, red headed beauty only needed a little stretching of her vaginal sheath and my balls lay against her puckered ass hole. Now, I began slowly working my cock back and forth, each stroke a little longer than the last. Before I even made a full stroke, Kyla was hitting orgasms on both the in and out stroke of my cock. The longer my cock strokes, the longer her orgasm lasted and when I began full stroking the fourteen year old, she was in constant orgasm. Harder and faster I fucked the little red headed fourteen year old, my orgasm fast approaching as I pounded my cock into that tight little cunt. Jet after jet of cum exploded into Kyla's newly opened cunt as she wailed in orgasm, then it was over and I lay beside her to cuddle her naked, flawless body as she came down from her multiple orgasms.

"Oh gawd, Mr. Rush you have to fuck me!" Brianna cried.

"Me too," Vanessa added.

There was no way I could even attempt to fuck either Sister for a while, but asked them if they saw how I had licked and sucked Kyla's pussy, and they had. Quickly, I had Vanessa lay on her back and Brianna move over her so her knees were on either side of Vanessa's head. As I explained how to lick each other's cunts, they began trying it and soon, both the fifteen year old and seventeen year old were cumming like freight trains. After both girls reached the point where neither of them could stand having their pussy's licked any more, they collapsed in a heap on the other bed.

"Still isn't as good as this," Kyla smiled as she fondled my cock.

"They'll find that out this weekend I am sure," I laughed at the fourteen year old.

"I sure hope so," Brianna said. "Mr. Rush, can we have sex after we're pregnant?"

"From what our Doctor has told me, clear up until your eight month," I replied.

"Who'd want to fuck a pregnant fat girl," Vanessa asked.

"A lot of guys," I answered.

"Then, I hope I get pregnant right away," Kyla giggled. "I couldn't have even begin to imagine how great being fucked would be, until now."

"If we don't take the first time, can we have sex until it's the right time again?" Vanessa asked.

"Of course, that's what you will be at the ranch for, to please men and boys and have babies," I laughed.

It was Vanessa that jumped up and went to the bathroom to return with a warm wash cloth and washed my cock clean of Kyla's juices and virgin blood. Now, the fifteen year old and the seventeen year old knelt naked on either side of me and took turns sucking my cock. It was Vanessa that caught the first jet of cum, but quickly pulled off and to the side so Brianna could have the next one. Only Brianna wasn't quite fast enough and the next jet hit her in the chin, but she slipped my pulsing cock into her mouth and caught the next jet. The two girls traded back and forth until I finished cumming, then licked the cum off each other's faces. Both girls loved the taste of cum, and hoped they were able to suck a lot of cocks from now on.

A kiss for each of the three stunning read headed beauties and I told them we had a long day ahead of us. As the crawled into bed, I teasingly told Kyla that my cock was cold and she gave me a funny look. After laughing at her, I had the fourteen year old kneel over my hips, then let herself down on my cock and as she impaled herself, her Sister's thought this was neat. Then, using her tiny, stiff, nipples, I pulled Kyla down onto my chest and pulled the sheet up over us.

"Oh yes," Kyla purred, "this is the way to sleep."

Chapter 17

With the three luscious red heads in my car, we headed back to my town, then on up to the ranch, so they could stay with Jim and Lilly. Who greeted the girls warmly and made them feel at home and I knew the other girls would go out of their way to make these new girls feel accepted. There were workmen across the creek and moving around, so I told the girls they were to stay dressed while the workmen were around. That Jim or Lilly would tell them when they could undress and run around that way. With another kiss for each of them, I was off and would see them again tomorrow night.

There was still time today, so I headed to Barr's district office to see about the red headed boy. We arrived at the school just as classes were getting ready to let out and the boy was as Barr had told me, very much a red head, eighteen and graduating this Friday night. In another class room, we saw the boys little Brother, who was sixteen and no doubt this was a family of red heads. With a smile, Barr said he would have the boys and their family in for an interview in the morning.

"Anything new for tomorrow night?" Barr asked as we crossed the street.

"I think you are going to be pleased," I laughed. "There are three new red heads but not for general sex yet. From what I can gather they are to close to being fertile and I want Steve to check them out first."

"Well, we'd better get that boy then," Barr laughed.

"Hey, I want all three of them," I stated. "We'll have a few more red heads here when we open the school."

The next morning, I met that Slater family, Ben, the oldest boy, Bobby the sixteen year old boy and their Mother who had beautiful red hair. When I asked about the Father, the Mother said she was a widower and talked about how she couldn't control the boys and lived on a fixed income. Over the next few minutes, I became very aware that this woman was going to be very happy when both boys were gone. When I brought up the idea of enrolling Bobby at the Pine Ridge Ranch, she was more than pleased, long as it didn't cost her anything. With a smile, I slid three glasses of drink across the desk and we toasted the hope that Bobby could make it into Pine Ridge.

By the time the family left, I had two new red headed studs and a Mother that would be happy to see them gone. So, I headed back to my own office and apologized to Helen for not calling more than I did. With a smile, she told me she understood and wanted to hear about the girls I had brought back. We were talking about them when Ralph walked in and just sat down with us to hear about the three red headed Sisters also. When we were finished, Ralph told us the school and dorms would be finished the first week of next month and ready for occupancy by that weekend.

"Ralph, I want to wait until it is definite before I go bringing almost a hundred kids onto the ranch," I told him. "I would like to bring all the teachers in before that so Damien can work with them and they can help with the settling in of kids."

"Fantastic idea," Ralph smiled. "Jeff, do you own your house or are you renting?"

"I rent, why?" I warily asked.

"Well I see no reason for you to be paying out rent when you have a perfectly good place to live and work out of on the ranch," Ralph smiled. "Your house and office sit high enough above the lodge that you can do your business without anyone seeing what is really going on below. You know, interviewing new customers and such."

"I guess we could do that," I replied. "Is there a reason?"

"Well, yes, we are buying Jim and Lilly out and the board members want you on site for the day by day operation of the business, while Jim and his crew continue the operation of the ranch itself and helping you," Ralph explained. "Far as we are concerned, Jim and Lilly will live there for as long as they want and we expect Jim to farm the ranch as he always has."

"That sounds like a great deal," Helen replied. "Besides, that way the board doesn't lose five good whores," she giggled.

"Hey, your old man is one of those board members," Ralph laughed and slapped my shoulder. "Jeff, would you go over to the other office complex with me, I want you to look at a woman over there?"

Just the fact that I was now one of the board members made me feel so much better and at the other corporation office, Ralph had me look at a beautiful woman, with dark auburn hair, but she had to be in her middle to late thirties. It wasn't the woman herself but the pictures of three darling girls on her desk that was important. On the way hack, Ralph explained that the woman was the head of accounting for that office and they were coming up short money. He and Drew knew it was this woman doing it and she was going to be headed for jail, so they thought maybe we could just take her girls.

"Do you have solid proof?" I asked.

"Enough to have her arrested, to convict her I'm not sure," Ralph replied.

"You realize, once I program her, she'll tell us what ever we want to know," I smiled.

The next morning, I interviewed the woman, then we walked across to another office where she signed over all rights to her children to Ralph and his Wife. Then, the police came and took her away and she confessed to everything, plus some stuff no one knew about. That afternoon, Ralph brought three very pretty, auburn haired young girls to my office, the oldest was eleven, a nine year old and a six year old. When Ralph took them home, I knew the eleven year old was going to lose her virginity before morning. On the way out the door, he recommended that I contact Mr. Albur to see when King Sasheen was coming back with his friends.

When Helen and I made it to the ranch Wednesday evening our girls were already there, having come up with Connie, on the bus. There were fourteen of the Barr-Wale's group there and they were having a great time, as were the girls they were with. When Helen and I walked over to the new building site, there were walls and the beginning of a roof and Jim said they planned on getting done sooner than expected. Even still, I wasn't going to call all of our new students in until it was definite.

When we walked back over to the lodge, Steve was there and had just given Brianna, Vanessa and Kyla their check ups. He had very little doubt that Brianna and Vanessa would be at their fertile stage this weekend and Kyla by next weekend. When I asked him about Ben and Robby, Steve said he gave them their first injections today and by the weekend they should be able to make a house pregnant. There was one thing Steve wanted, and that was to work with the new teachers so they could chart the girls temperatures daily. All I told him was to take that up with Damien but I thought it was a great idea.

"Oh, Jeff. Those two red heads aren't going to have an easy time of it," Steve smiled. "You remember that boy called Horse, we'll call these two ponies. Hell, that sixteen year old is hung as well as I am," he laughed.

Just then, we heard a giggling squeal and little four year old Abby came running down towards us, stark naked and being chased by Damien. With a laugh, Damien caught the naked little girl and swung her up to sit on his shoulders, then walked over to see what we were talking about. First, he had to tell us that the little imp Abby snuck under the table and was trying to suck his cock.

"Abby, you keep that up and one of these men is going to fuck you," Steve laughed.

"Well, I keep hoping," Abby giggled. "Mr. Jeff, why can't I fuck like the older girls?"

"Yeah, Mr. Jeff, why can't she fuck like the older girls?" Steve laughed.

"Sweetheart, I don't want you to be hurt," I smiled, then Steve whispered something to her.

"Well, if you do it, then you know I won't get hurt and Doctor Steve thinks you are the perfect size for me," the tiny four year old stated.

"Doctor Steve has never had his cock mangled by a six year old cunt, let alone a four year old," I muttered. "Sweetheart, how about this weekend, if there is a younger boy in the youth group we see if he would like to fuck you?"

"All right!" Abby squealed. "Then can I fuck with you?"

"Yes Sweetheart, then I would fuck you," I laughed.

As the naked little four year old ran squealing towards the lodge, I wanted to throttle Steve but knew he wouldn't have put Abby up to this if she couldn't handle it. As we all walked back towards the lodge, Abby's six year old Sister, Susie, was riding Barr's cock like there was no tomorrow. Her small body was jerking and thrashing with orgasms so bad she was having trouble holding herself upright on Barr's stomach. Then I realized, Barr was a lot better endowed than I was and if Susie could handle it I knew Abby could handle mine.

In my office, Steve and I went over the list of girls that were coming in and which ones would be breeders and which entertainers. When I suggested we make a breeder out of fifteen year old Brooke, Steve wasn't to sure, besides we needed a blonde on the horses. Especially if we were going to breed Carrie and Sheila, and he made me think of priorities and Steve was right. It wasn't long before Jim, Al and Derrick were in my office with us and Brandy's Dad Tony was on his way in. Each of them had projects they wanted to undertake, that would make the ranch more inviting, or operational for our purposes.

Since these projects could be managed without outside help, I gave them the go ahead and one was a series of waterfalls down the creek, past the lodge. In several of the out lying pastures, they wanted to make stone fire places so when guest and girls went horse back riding, they could have a place for picnics. Since the youth group seemed to be a permanent group, Jim wanted to make them their own camp area so he could have the lower fields back to farm.

After I gave them all the go ahead, the three men were happy as little beavers and Derrick was next, but his request was simple, he wanted to live in one of the cabins. With a smile, Steve said he would share a cabin with Derrick, so he could be closer to the operation so he didn't have to make that the fifteen mile trip from the city. Then, Steve mentioned that Damien had talked about living on the ranch also, and one of the cabins was a three bedroom. It was a great idea but what I really figured was Derrick, Steve and Damien wanted to be close to a ready supply of pussy, and I didn't blame them, so I okayed that also.

My cell phone was ringing, it was Albur with an answer from King Sasheen, the King and six others would be here in three weeks and expected some nice merchandise. They also were spending a few days and wanted some great entertainment. Now, I was beginning to understand why Ralph, Drew and Carl wanted me living on site, so after closing up my office, I found Helen and told her we would be moving to the ranch once Jenny was out of school. That would be the next Monday because I didn't want to try moving in over the weekend with a ranch full of guest.

This weekend would just be a small group, the board members and a few of their friends, so on Friday, I went to the ranch ahead of everyone so I could talk to the construction people. At the rate they were going, we could expect to be moving the living items into the dorm by the first of next week, then into the class rooms by the end of the week. There were six classrooms that would hold twenty kids each and enough dorm rooms for a hundred kids, so we were well taken care of for space.

From my ranch office, I called Barr, Wale and the two Superintendents from the far away cities and told them what we had for class sizes. Next Wednesday, there would be four truck loads of school supplies at the ranch and we needed a place to store the supplies. They guaranteed me there would be everything we needed to teach kids from first through twelfth grade. My next calls, were to all the teachers, telling them to be here by the next Friday and expect to be here to stay. When one asked where she would live, I told her in the dorms with the rest of the girls.

The sounds of giggling drew me to my office window and there were thirty five naked little beauties and twelve beautiful, naked women walking down past my place, towards the lodge. When Helen detoured to come into the office, I met her with a kiss and told her what was going on over the next two weeks. When she asked if there was time to see where we wanted our things put, I smiled and told her how small the group of men would be this weekend. There was no way this house would hold all of our household, but we wouldn't need the kitchen things but Helen was disappointed because she enjoyed cooking for Jenny and I. Suddenly, I almost panicked, there was no one watching the gate, then Helen laughed at me.

"Jeff, relax, Samantha has the gate covered, and Al is watching out for her," she told me. "She found the clip board with this weekends guest list, so she's prepared and knows the cars by now. In fact, here she comes now."

"Well Helen, how do you like your new home?" Ralph asked as he walked into the office.

"I figured I would be living in the dorms," Helen softly replied.

"Well, I figured you and Jenny would be living here with Jeff," Ralph smiled. "Helen, with as many women as your man has recruited, you will probably be spending more time as a secretary that an entertainer. Then," he laughed. " Yet those boys from the youth group sure seem to want you with them," Helen blushed. "Even that is only a few days a week. Besides, this way you can keep track of who is coming and what they will need in the way of entertainment, which should be a big help to Jeff."

"It sure would," I realized. "There is no reason Jenny can't walk to school from here and that would free up a space for one of the other girls in the dorm."

"Oh thank you both!" Helen gushed. "It's so nice to know I am needed and not just wanted."

"You are both," I laughed as I put my arms around her from behind and fondled her bare breast so Ralph could see.

"Now you two are making me horny," Ralph laughed. "I'll see you at dinner."

With a smile, Helen turned in my arms and kissed me, then began to slide down my body, undoing my pants as she went. Soon, my beautiful woman was sucking my cock like no one else could and I was spraying huge amounts of cum down her throat. Once Helen finished, she took my hand and led me out and down towards the lodge. At the gate to the lawn, we could hear someone crying and Helen led me around a bush where we found four year old Abby, curled up in a ball, crying her tiny heart out.

"Sweetheart, what is wrong?" I asked, picking the tiny, naked beauty up in my arms.

"Mr. Jeff, the boys didn't show up, now I'll never get to have sex," she sobbed.

"Sweetheart," Helen took the naked child from my arms, "tonight, you can sleep with Jeff and if you promise to be real careful, he will fuck you. But if it begins to hurt to much, you have to promise to stop and tell him, okay?"

"Okay," she whimpered, then looked at me. "Mr. Jeff, I know you won't hurt me any more than you have to, and I know having sex hurts the first time but that will be okay. Can I go tell my Sister Susie?" Abby asked.

"Why don't we keep it a secret until in the morning," Helen suggested. "Then you can surprise everyone."

"Okay," the four year old excitedly giggled, then Helen let her down and Abby took my hand. "Mr. Jeff, I'm going to be the best fuck you have ever had!" the tiny beauty stated.

The naked little four year old walked so proudly beside me but I still look over at Helen and gave her a dirty look, but all she did was giggle at me. As we entered the lodge, it was very obvious that my new little girl friend wasn't turning loose of me. What we did see, bothered me, there were no empty tables to eat at and a line waiting to get to the buffet. Still, that would change once the dorm was up, then I began to wonder if there was going to be a cafeteria in the dorm, so I asked Carl. With a laugh, Carl assured me this was only temporary because there was a cafeteria in the school but this would be for guest and their dates. The school cafeteria would have it's own cook staff and they were people that Carl had hand picked from some of the finest diners around.

"Carl how do we know they can be trusted to keep their hands off the girls and quiet about what goes on here?" I asked.

"Easy, each of them is wanted by the law, for petty things and here they are safe. As long as they are here, they don't have to worry about the law, if they screw up and are kicked off the ranch, they go to jail. If they talk about what goes on here, they die, it's that simple," Carl explained. "We now have to much invested in this place to have it ruined by someone's loose talk."

Somehow, it wasn't really a comforting feeling but yet Carl's open honesty set me at ease, we did have to much invested here. Even I had to much invested here, my whole life now and there was no turning back. Finally, there was a place opening up, so Helen and Abby went through the buffet line and Helen brought me my dinner with her's and Abby's. After dinner, we again walked over to the school and it looked like it was a finished building, so we went inside. There were six class rooms, very large, and four dorm rooms two on each floor, then a dining room, kitchen, gym and rec room. In all, the building was set up to be comfortable and keep boredom at a minimum.

"Mr. Jeff, will I go to school too?" Abby asked.

"I don't see why not Sweetie," I told her. "You can start in the first grade, since we don't have a kindergarten."

"Alright!" the four year old squealed.

Back at the lodge, there were naked girls everywhere but only a dozen men so most of them were entertaining two girls at a time. It was the women that looked bored, there were no boys this weekend, so they were sitting around talking with each other. My cell phone went off and when I answered it, I almost panicked, there were two boys waiting at the gate, that hadn't been put on the list because they weren't guest. Jumping in the little buggy, Abby and I ran up to the gate to let Ben and Bobby Slater in, our two red headed studs.

When I told the two boys to strip and leave their clothes in the locker room, they both looked at the naked little four year old Beth and blushed. With a laugh, I reminded them that there were forty eight naked women and girls at the lodge and another dozen naked men. Both boys were still embarrassed but Abby made it even worse, she just had to inspect each boy's limp cock, then tell them how pretty they were. Instead of making the boys walk down to the lodge, I put them on the back of the buggy and let them ride.

"I sure hope you boys are ready to get mobbed," Abby giggled.

"Mr. Rush, what does she mean?" Ben asked.

"There are a whole bunch of horny girls and women down there," Abby giggled, "and the size of your cocks is going to make them drool."

Of course, when we pulled into the drive, all the free girls came running out to the buggy and staring at the naked eighteen and sixteen year old boys. Still, seeing all these naked beauties had an effect on Ben and Robby and both boys were soon trying to hide very large erections. With a laugh, I told the girls these boys weren't for them, and the group of disappointed beauties went back to the lawn. When I asked the boys if they had eaten dinner yet, they hadn't so I whispered to Abby and she led them into the lodge by their erect cocks. After a few minutes, I went in and joined the two boys, who were still in awe of all the naked beauties they were seeing.

"Ben, Robby, have either one of you ever had sex?" I asked and both boys blushed and shook their heads no. "Then, tonight you will each be with a women that will teach you how to please a female during sex," I motioned two women over, Vicky and Kim. "These will be your teachers tonight, listen to them and learn what they teach you."

With a laugh, I realized sixteen year old Robby was dropping all the food off his fork, while eighteen year old Ben looked like he was having an orgasm. Still, the two dark haired beauties sat down at the table with the two red headed boys and began talking with them. It was later, when I saw Ben and Robby again, and both boys had their cocks buried inside very satisfied women. Coming down from the cabins, was Steve with two beautiful naked red heads and I could see his smile from clear down here.

"What are you smiling about," I laughed as Steve came in the yard with fifteen year old Vanessa and seventeen year old Brianna.

"It's been a good week," Steve replied. "Both Carrie and Sheila are pregnant and by tomorrow night or Sunday afternoon, so will Brianna and Vanessa. If you don't stop those two studs, Vicky and Kim might be pregnant also."

"Their just teaching," I smiled. "Are they potent?"

"Extremely and the injections are putting mostly female sperm in their balls," Steve smiled. "Jeff, I'm not going to ring these nipples," he patted Brianna and Vanessa's breast, "until after they are pregnant. We don't want to cause any trauma."

That was fine by me, and out on the lawn, both Ben and Robby were pulling stiff cocks out of Vicky and Kim. With a smile, Steve said they would stay that way for a long time and could dump sperm forever. With a smile, I told Vicky and Kim to clean the two stud's cocks, then bring them to the barn. With a smile, I told the fifteen year old Vanessa and seventeen year old Brianna, they might as well start breeding tonight, if we wanted to make sure they were pregnant by Sunday night. Both red haired beauties smiled nervously but let me take them over to the barn and everyone followed.

In the barn, Steve and I lay both red heads on the breeding tables, spread their legs and moved between them. We both leaned over the girls naked bodies to kiss their soft sweet lips, then down to suckled those firm, rounded breast until both girls were lifting and thrusting their shapely hips. Almost together, Steve and I began kissing out way down over those smooth, alabaster skinned bellies, to plant kisses in thick red pubic hair. When I kissed Brianna's lightly haired vaginal lips, the seventeen year old arched her hips and cried out in orgasm. By sucking on that virgin clit and rimming her virgin vaginal opening, I brought Brianna to several more orgasms, until her cunt was running fluid. Then, I stood up and stepped out of the way, as Steve was doing with fifteen year old Vanessa.

Both the sixteen year old and eighteen year old studs were more than ready and moved between the fifteen year old and seventeen year old brood mares legs. Both studs centered their cocks to those virgin openings and thrust forward at the same time. Eight inch by inch and three quarter cocks opened virgin cunts and tore away hymens in one thrust as both red haired mares screamed out in pain. Both studs then laid over the deeply penetrated beauties and kissed away their tears, then leaned back up to gently fondle full breast.

As the mare's faces began to smile, the studs began stroking their cocks in and out of them, slowly at first but moving to faster and longer strokes. Moments later, both mares were thrusting their newly opened cunts onto those long, thick cocks, trying to get even more of them inside their bellies. Their alabaster bodies jerked and rippled with orgasms, as they cried out in passion and ecstasy. Harder and faster the studs fucked those beautiful naked, red haired mares and they were fucking right back, just as hard. When Bobby thrust his cock deep into Brianna and held it there, Ben was thrusting his cock deep into Vanessa and holding it there as they both filled their mare with potent sperm.

Once all four of them came down from their orgasms, Steve told them just to keep going, and the studs started fucking those beautiful mares all over again. The rest of the group was beginning to filter out of the barn, so I told Bobby and Ben that they were to keep fucking the two girls for the rest of the weekend. As I started out of the barn, I returned and told them not constantly though. For a minute, I watched the four red haired kids and I knew we were going to get some beautiful foals out of them.

As I left the barn, I could hear Brianna and Vanessa screaming out orgasms and it really turned me on, then I realized my little four year old was right beside me. With a smile, I took her tiny hand and we went back to the porch at the lodge and there was still a table there. Gently, I picked the tiny four year old Abby up and set the naked little beauty on the table, then moved in to kiss her so sweet and innocent little lips. For a moment, I thought the tiny child was going to cry, and she did when I began kissing those tiny little pink dots called breast. As I kissed down her flat little belly, her tiny hips were already undulating and I kissed her bald little pubic mound and she gasped and lifted her hips to bring her tiny cunt to my lips.

Carefully, my tongue searched between those tiny, so soft vaginal lips until I found the four year old's little immature button. Yet, when I stroked my tongue over that button, Abby began mewling like a kitten and pumping her tiny hips. Ever so gently, I washed and licked that super sensitive button, until the child was writhing and twisting in my hands. Carefully, I moved to lap the juices that flowed from her tiny cunt and tasted like the sweetest wine, but this was driving the tiny child wild with orgasms. She needed a cock, yet I was still afraid of giving her mine, so I sat down and lifted Abby off the table to sit on my lap.

Hands reached between my legs, to hold my rigid cock up straight and I felt the tip of my cock slide between Abby's extremely tight vaginal lips. It centered over her tiny virginal opening and now the four year old's weight rested solely on the tip of my cock, pushing into her vaginal opening. Even though I knew there was no way my cock would penetrate a four year old this way, I wanted Abby to think she was doing something. Gently, I rocked her back and forth and her tiny little face was twisted with lust, then suddenly, her little blue eyes shot wide open and I almost lost it. The head of my cock had actually slipped inside the four year old's tiny vaginal opening.

Slowly but surely, Abby was sinking down on my cock, her little mouth was open as if she wanted to scream, but nothing was coming out. The head of my cock was resting against something inside the four year old, but I could feel it slowly giving way around the head of my cock. A small squeal of pain escaped Abby's sweet little lips, then she began sinking even farther down onto my cock. Four inches of my seven inch cock was now inside the tiny girl and I could feel the head resting against her cervix and her big blue eyes were full of tears.

Again, there was that spreading feeling and the four year old began squalling in pain, as a rubber band snapped tight around the head of my cock, just behind the glans. Five inches of my seven inch by inch and three quarter's cock lay buried inside Abby's tiny body but I knew she wouldn't take any more. Her tiny little butt cheeks were sitting on my legs, and she was soon smiling. Remembering what it was like to take Patty, I lifted this tiny child up until the head of my cock popped out of her uterus, then let her back down. Again, my cock head slowly oozed into Abby's uterus until that rubber band was snapped around the shaft of my cock, but this time it wasn't as tight.

Several more times, I lifted the tiny four year old until the head of my cock popped out of her uterus, then let her slide back down onto it until I was back inside her baby basket. Each time, it became easier and soon, Abby looked up at me and smiled, then tried lifting herself up and down. It wasn't that easy, until Helen helped Abby get her knees under her, but the four year old wanted more.

"Mr. Jeff, I want it all inside of me, please?" the tiny four year old begged.

Gently, I cradled that tiny body to mine, then stood up from the chair and walked out onto the lawn. With Helen's help, I lay down on my back then helped Abby to a sitting position. The tiny four year old was still sitting two inches above my groin and Helen helped Abby get her feet down, so she could lift herself up. Once Abby had lifted herself until two thirds of my cock was out of her tiny cunt, she just let herself drop. Now, there was only an inch of my cock holding the four year old up off my groin. One more time, Abby lifted and dropped, this time her tiny ass cheeks rested on my groin and she looked at me with a funny expression.

"Mr. Jeff, I feel like I want to get sick to my stomach," Abby gasped.

It made several of the girls gathered around and Helen giggle, but they could sure understand what made Abby feel that way. Without a doubt, the head of my cock was buried so far up inside the four year old that it was pushing against her stomach. After a moment, that look left Abby's face and she tried lifting herself up, then smiled and let herself drop. After about four of these repetitions, the naked four year old squealed and her tiny body began jerking. Now, she began lifting and dropping as fast as her little legs would allow, until her tiny nude body was actually pulsing with orgasms and she lost control of her muscles.

For almost five minutes, the four year old sat there with my cock buried deep inside her tiny body, jerking and shaking with multiple and continuous orgasms. When I realized how far gone Abby was, I pulled her down to lay on my chest, and stroked her bare little back. Gently, Helen and Kelly pulled Abby's legs out from under her and stretched them out normally. The tiny four year old now lay on my chest, her tiny cunt still full of cock and she was still experiencing orgasms.

"Mr. Jeff, they're not stopping," Abby sobbed.

Three or four humps of my cock inside the tiny girl and I began filling her tiny womb with sperm. Each jet crashed the four year old into another hard orgasm, until I thought she was going to pass out. Then, it was over and I let my cock begin to shrivel inside that tiny body and Abby began slowing down on her orgasms. After maybe fifteen minutes, her big blue eyes opened and she smiled at me so sweetly.

"No wonder the big girls want to do this all the time," Abby giggled. "You know Mr. Jeff, we did this wrong. I'm supposed to suck your cock before you fuck me."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yup, I watched all the other girls do it and they always suck the man's cock first," she assured me. "Even my Mommy sucks the boys cocks before she lets them fuck her."

"Well, next time you can suck my cock first," I told her.

"Okay," Abby smiled. "Mr. Jeff, would it be okay if we waited until tomorrow? I don't know if I can stand to feel so good twice in one day."

"It sure would, Sweetheart. Maybe tomorrow you might asked Derrick to fuck you," I suggested.

"Can I?" she squealed.

"Well, you're one of the girls now," I laughed.

As my cock oozed out of that tiny four year old cunt, Abby just smiled, turned around on my belly and began licking my cock clean. If it hadn't been so sore from her tiny cunt, I might have been excited again. When the four year old actually sucked my soft cock into her mouth, there was a real look of triumph on her beautiful little face. Once I was clean, I told Abby it was time for her to be finding a bed and Kelly offered to take her upstairs. When Helen helped me up off the lawn, she pulled me into her arms and told me I was a good man. With a smile, I kept Helen wrapped in my arms and walked her off the lawn and up to our cabin and that was where we spent the night.

Chapter 18

By the time Helen and I left our cabin to walk down to the lodge, it was later than I expected and there was sounds of squealing coming from the barn. We made a quick detour through the barn and eighteen year old Ben was fucking seventeen year old Brianna and sixteen year old Robby was fucking fifteen year old Vanessa and both girls were hitting continuous orgasms. When I called them studs and mares, Helen gave me a dirty look and said that was degrading, mares didn't have orgasms. Still, she had a point and I would quit using those terms. As we walked out the other side of the barn, we could see Carrie and Sheila talking by the gate and Helen waved to them.

"I can't believe their both pregnant, these are going to be two beautiful little girl babies," Helen gushed. "Are you going to sell the babies or keep them?"

"I'll wait until they're at least four years old before I decide that," I laughed.

It was Carl, that questioned why Helen and I weren't home packing up our house but I told him we would start moving up Monday. There was nothing here that he and Ralph couldn't handle, so they told me to take several of the women, Al and Tony, go down and start moving. With all the help a person could need, Helen and I headed back to the house and while everyone was packing, I sent Al to rent a Uhaul. By Sunday afternoon, Helen, Jenny and I lived on the ranch and I think Jenny was the happiest about it. Still, she couldn't wait for Sandy and Beth to move to the ranch but that was planned for next weekend.

"Jeff, they're out of school, why not let Sandy and Beth stay here with the rest of the girls," Lilly said. "Then just Connie and Tom will have to move up here next weekend."

"That's a great idea, but they might need some help," I replied.

"Hey, we moved you in two days," Al laughed. "Maybe Tom could become our guard on the gate, except Sam is so cute at it."

"He has a point," Drew stated. "There should be a full time guard on the gate, and not that beautiful little blonde. If we are going to go full time, we need to screen who is coming in."

Even though I wasn't sure Tom would want to give up his job, there was a definite need and between Tom, Tony (Brandy's Dad) and Thad, (the blonde breeder Shawn's Dad) we could man the gate full time, with Al filling in. As it was, there was a pickup coming down the hill and all the girls ran for the lodge. The pickup turned out to be the construction foreman and he needed to check over a few things with me. One, was he supposed to supply the beds and furnishings for the dorms? The other was the two mobile homes put behind the school, for the school staff to live in. We would take care of the dorm furnishings and we did want three mobile homes set in the back part of the meadow, away from the school, to house staff in.

Before Ralph and Drew left, I talked to them about staffing the school and we would also need an on site janitor for the school. There was a young man that was doing janitorial work at one of our other companies, he was a single Parent, that Drew thought I should interview. When I chuckled that he must have Daughter's Drew blushed, then he said there was another young man in the mail room that was raising a Daughter by himself, maybe he would make a good guard and part time custodian.

Monday morning, I drove into town and went to a major store that could furnish everything we needed for the dorms. When I told them for a hundred students, they were busting their balls to help and the dorms would be furnished by Friday. When they could even supply all of our janitorial needs, I just smiled and nodded and now it was to the other company to interview the janitor and mail room worker.

The janitor was a young man, late twenties and after our interview he was bringing his seven and nine year old Daughter's to the ranch that evening. The man from the mail room was in his early thirties and was bringing his nine year old Daughter and eleven year old Son to the ranch Tuesday evening. Both men realized what they were bringing their little girls for and that they would be moving to the ranch that Saturday. For a while, I was trying to think of what I was going to do with a ten year old boy, then realized the older women would love him. He and Bobby would be the most popular boys in school and I decided to program him as a stud.

By the time I made it back to the ranch, there were three big three big trucks leaving and the signs on their doors said modular homes. After parking my car behind my place, I walked over to where the crew was cleaning up around the school, because they were done. There were two big semi vans there, from the company putting in the dorm furniture but I walked on back through the screen of trees to where the three modular homes sat. They were completely set up and ready to move into, including furniture, so that part was done. Each modular was three bedroom, so I could also put the janitor and guard in them.

The man from the furniture store couldn't understand why we were putting in sixty queen sized beds, unless these were some very special kids. With a smile, I told him only the best, and each was here on scholarships. He just shook his head and told me they only delivered half of the dorm, that the other half would be in tomorrow and they would finish up. When I walked through the finished dorm, it was perfect, even to having curtains over the windows, comfortable couches in the day room and several television sets. In what we called the study area, were several long tables and a dozen computers for the girls to use.

Back outside, the construction foreman wanted to know if we were doing the landscaping, or wanted him to have someone do it. With a smile, I told him we wanted the area to look natural and would put it back that way. The crew was done, all that was left was to finish the class rooms and that they would do tomorrow, then the school was ready, except for books and students. With a smile, I told him the books and such were on their way and the students would be here soon. A handshake and he told me tomorrow by noon, all his people would be off the ranch but if we ever needed anything else to let him know.

As I crossed the creek, there were a dozen saddle horses coming down from the upper pastures and I stopped and waited for them. Someone stopped beside me and I realized it was the foreman and he was watching the horses also. Suddenly, I wanted to panic, then realized all twelve girls were dressed and relaxed. Soon, the girls were all around us and all happy, giggling and excited, they had seen a bunch of elk in the upper pasture. It was Kelly, that leaned down and whispered that she made the girls keep their clothes on, so I patted her hand and they were off to the barn.

"Damn, I sure wish my girls could attend a school like this," the foreman said, as he was pulling out his wallet.

"They are very pretty young ladies," I remarked, looking at the pictures. "How old are they?"

"Well, this one just turned eleven and the oldest one will be thirteen this fall," he proudly replied.

"Why don't we go over to my office and you can tell me about their grades," I smiled.

"You're not taking boys, are you?" he asked. Showing me a picture of a very handsome twelve year old. "He and the oldest girl are twins," he proudly stated.

An hour later, all three of the foreman's children were coming back up that morning, with he and his Wife, so I could tell them about the school. After the foreman left, I checked with Helen to see if the school men were still coming tonight and they were. They would be very pleased to know that they could spend the night. Now, we had to watch for the new guard and his kids to arrive.

When the guard arrived with his nine year old Daughter Sarah, and eleven year old Son Tim, there was a look in Helen's eyes, so I smiled and programmed the two kids. When I told the guard that we were keeping the two children for the night, he just smiled and went back to town. The little brunette Sarah was not the stunning beauty like most of our girls, but she was cute and sexy looking and when I started undressing her, she blushed so beautifully. It seemed to bother her a little more that her older Brother was being undressed right beside her, and he kept watching her as I removed her clothes.

"Timmy, you're not supposed to be looking at me," Sarah stated.

"Oh yes he is Sweetheart," I told her, as I slipped her blouse off her shoulders. "He's supposed to watch so he can see how beautiful you are. You can watch as he is undressed so you can see how beautiful his cock is," and I pushed her pants and panties down together, exposing a cute little bald pussy mound.

"Sarah," Tim gasped. "Jeff is right, you are so beautiful that way."

"So are you," Sarah blushed to her now naked Brother. "You're cock is so pretty."

The boy had a four inch cock that at first embarrassed him because it was so stiff and on the verge of exploding. With a smile, Helen asked Sarah if she wanted to kiss her Brother's cock and the nine year old bashfully nodded. The smile on Helen's face as Sarah knelt naked, in front of her eleven year old Brother gave me an idea, we would let Tim take Sarah's virginity. Once the naked nine year old Sarah had kissed her eleven year old Brother's cock, I could see him trembling.

"Sarah, slide his cock into your mouth and lick it with your tongue as it goes in," I whispered, and that was all the encouragement it took.

As that four inch by one inch cock slid into the nine year old's sweet mouth, the eleven year old boy gasped and his hips moved forward. Suddenly, he was warning his little Sister that he was going to shoot, but Helen just told him to let it go and then told Sarah to be ready to swallow. The naked, kneeling nine year old kept sucking and the boy's naked body jerked twice and we could see Sarah swallowing, and like normal, she wasn't stopping but Tim was about to collapse from pleasure.

"Sarah, you can stop sucking for a moment," I told her.

"Do I have to?" she asked. "That stuff taste so good and I love sucking his cock."

"Just for a minute of two, Sweetheart," Helen smiled. "Then you can suck him off until he shoots again. But we want you to enjoy this even more."

We took the two naked children into the master bed room and had eleven year old Tim just lay back on the bed. With Helen's help, nine year old Sarah knelt on the bed, with her knees on either side of Tim's head. As Helen told Sarah she could lean down and suck Tim's cock this way, I was lifting Tim's head just a little, so he could see his little Sister's bald vaginal lips. As I coached the boy, he kissed those soft little cunt lips and Sarah's nude, nine year old body jerked. When I told Tim how he had made her jump, the eleven year old smiled and teaching him to lick and suck his little Sister's bare cunt became very easy.

Soon, both nude children were thrusting their hips, Sarah to get her cunt closer to her Brother's lips, Tim, to fuck his little Sister's sucking mouth. Both children were lost in a world of sexual pleasure and twice Tim's body jerked as he filled his little Sister's mouth with cum. The nine year old Sarah seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm but her pretty face never quit sucking her Brother's cock. Before the two kids totally collapsed, Helen and I pulled them apart and we put Sarah on her back, then helped Tim to kneel between Sarah's legs. While I held Sarah's virgin little cunt lips apart, Helen guided Tim's four inch cock to that virgin opening. We didn't have to tell Tim what to do, Sarah thrust her hips up, catching the head of her Brother's cock, and that caused Tim to thrust his cock into his little Sister's cunt.

"Tim, it hurts!" Sarah cried. "Tim! That really hurt!" she squeaked as he took her hymen. "Don't move, please."

"Relax Sweetheart," Helen softly told Sarah, "the pain will leave real soon."

"It's already going away," the nine year old gasped. "Timmy, you aren't supposed to do this, only a man is supposed to do this to me," she grunted.

"It's okay this time," I smiled at her. "Next time I will fuck you, but right now you just enjoy having Timmy fuck you."

"Okay," the nine year old half smiled. "Mr. Jeff, I'm beginning to feel good inside," she gasped.

When Helen whispered to Timmy to pull his cock out a little ways, then slide it back in, his nine year old Sister let out a funny squeal and her naked little body spasmed several times. It gave eleven year old Tim the idea and he began stroking his cock into his little Sister's cunt with longer strokes. Each stroke made the nine year old gasp and lift her hips to meet her Brother's in strokes. Soon, the two children were fucking harder and faster, and Tim was almost pounding his cock into Sarah's nine year old cunt.

Since we knew the eleven year old Tim was going to last a little longer, I showed him how to pull Sarah's legs up between them. He first thrust into Sarah's cunt made the nine year old squeal and her naked little body jerk with orgasms. With a smile, I watched as Tim began playing with his little Sister's flat boobs, toying with her tiny nipples. When he began pulling on Sarah's nipples and stretching them out, I didn't say anything because Sarah wasn't complaining. In fact, she just started cumming even harder, but I finally had to tell Tim not harder than he was pulling now.

The naked nine year old Sarah was almost in a frenzy of orgasm and her eleven year old Brother Timmy was pounding is cock into her cunt with a fury. It wasn't going to last and Helen and I watched as Timmy slammed his cock into his little Sister as hard as he could, then held it there. Both children gasped and jerked as Timmy dumped a load of Brother cum into his little Sister's cunt, then he collapsed on top of her. When the two came down from their orgasms, they looked up and both blushed, standing there watching them was our ten year old Jenny, then eleven year old Crystal, ten year old Sandy and nine year old Beth.

"He didn't do all that bad," Jenny giggled. "Dad, can we take them to the lodge and introduce them to the other kids?"

"That's a great idea Sweetheart," I put an arm around her and hugged my little blonde. "Sarah, you come back before dark, so I can fuck you, and Helen probably wants Tim here to fuck her."

"Hey, Sarah, isn't it?" Jenny said. "You have to suck his cock clean before we go."

At first, the nine year old was embarrassed that all the girls were standing there watching her as she sucked her Brother's cock. With a smile, Sandy told her she would get used to having people around during sex and they all understood. After the four more experienced girl introduced themselves, all the kids were off towards the lodge giggling and squealing. So, Helen and I walked on down to the lodge for dinner, and laughed at Tim because the other girls were embarrassing him. They all just had to look at his cock a little closer, then weren't all that impressed with it, but thought it was still pretty.

"Jeff, I have an idea," Helen said. "Since the eight year old and younger girls are so hard to break in, why don't you let Timmy be their first, then an older man the second. That way they would be a little stretched and enjoy their first man a little more and the man might enjoy them a little better."

It was a great idea, because we would have a several more very young girls coming and it would help make their first times more enjoyable for them. As we were going up the steps to the lodge, I noticed one of the Principals was paying a lot of attention to Sarah. Quietly, I called the nine year old over and asked if she would like to spend the night with that man and he would teach her a lot more about having sex. The guy had been with Jenny and she had told me how gentle and helpful he was, so he would be good for Sarah's first man. Maybe it was a cop out, but I knew I had an eleven year old to take care of tomorrow afternoon, then her twelve year old Sister but I was thinking about letting the twin Brother take care of the twelve year old.

"Jeff," Damien caught me. "One of the guys wants to know if the boy can suck cock yet. He's into boys a little, I think he just wants to experiment."

"Something I never thought about, we've geared ourselves towards girls and I understand a lot of men do like little boys also," I replied and Damien agreed. "Timmy," I called the eleven year old over. "Mr. Damien is going to introduce you to a very nice man, that is going to teach you how to suck a cock and take a cock up your butt. Most young boys enjoy this, so learn real well."

The boy just nodded and went with Damien, and the next time I saw Timmy, he had a mouthful of cock and really seemed to be enjoying himself. It made me wonder about how many Brothers there were to the girls that were coming in Saturday. When I saw Helen, she just gave me that funny look, I had gave away our fucks for the night. So, I just smiled, gave her a kiss and told my sexy blonde that she would just have to take care of me tonight. Still, I had some things to figure out, we were going to have almost ninety young girls here and only sixty beds in the dorms. With a giggle, Helen said to put a little girl with an older girl, that way they could learn how to please by watching.

It wasn't going to be that bad, if there was the market the intention was to sell at least thirty young girls over the summer. Still, we needed a place just to house merchandise, if there was going to be a market for them, because they would bring a better price if they were virgins. It made me think about the ten rooms in the upstairs of the lodge, we could put three girls to a room and that would take care of thirty right there. Now, I just needed to decide what we were going to sell and what we were going to breed and what we were going to keep for the guest on the ranch.

Since the workmen were out of the dorms and school, I talked to Kelly, Brooke, Helen, and the women that were staying on the ranch. After the rest of the beds and furniture were delivered tomorrow, we would set them up and put the bedding on, so they would be ready for the weekend. When Helen asked if I was really going to house the teachers in the dorm, I told her I was, that they would be closer to their students that way. Besides, if a guest wanted to use a teacher, they would be that much more available.

It was a fantastic night, I had almost forgotten what a lover Helen could be, and when we walked down to the lodge for breakfast, she was giggling like a little girl. When the truck came in with the rest of the bedding, it was shortly followed by two more smaller trucks with the school supplies. Since Kelly, April, Tami, Becky and Crystal, were the only ones that had clothes readily available, they dressed and helped unload the school stuff. By noon, everything we needed for an actual school was stored in the class rooms, even more new computers. Just before lunch, the furniture truck pulled out and we walked back to the lodge for lunch, to give them time to get off the ranch.

With thirty some girls, women and several boys, it didn't take long to get the dorms set up and several of the girls were going to move into the dorms this afternoon. It was fine with me, there was no reason for them to be sleeping on the lawn and floor of the lodge, when there were beds available. The only girls that wouldn't be living in the dorms were Jenny, she would be living with Helen and I, Kelly and April, who would be living in the lodge with Jim and Lilly. None of these girls were going to auction and the ones that would be bred, would still live in the dorms.

"Jeff!" a naked, ten year old Sandy squealed. "There is a truck coming!"

Like a bomb, it dawned on me, this was the truck delivering groceries for the school and lodge, and it would be coming once a week. Since I was the only one wearing clothes, I ended up helping unload the truck, but the girls put the food away for the school. Since deliveries were going to be a common thing, I began to rethink leaving the girls in the nude all the time. It was fifteen year old Brooke that came up with an answer, sheer negligees, that from a distance would look like dresses, but up close would be transparent. Since Helen understood what Brooke meant, I told Helen to use the computer to order enough negligees for all the girls and boys.

"I have to wear a dress," eleven year old Tim gasped.

Just then, I saw the construction pickup coming and I almost panicked again before realizing he was by himself. Leaving the girls to finish up, I met him at the front of the school and he told me that his Wife and kids were at my office. It was simple, I just rode back over to the office with him, then went in to meet his wife, two beautiful daughters and good looking son. They were all light brunettes and the twelve year old had breast that looked like the size of lemons. The mother was attractive and well built but we had no use for her but I still offered them all cold soft drinks. While the three kids and their mother were being programmed, the father and I went back over to the school.

The contractor thought the inside of the school was fantastic and when I told him this was where his kids would be living, he was pleased. We took a tour outside and I told him I wanted playground equipment installed and he could do that himself, with Al and Jim's help. The kids had to put in their two cents on what kind of equipment they wanted but he listened to them and I nodded in agreement. Of course, all the naked kids running around almost gave him a hard on but it was time to go back to the office.

While I talked to the mother and explained that this was where her children would be living and going to school from now on, all three children looked on apprehensively. The mother was very pleased, after her husband explained how nice the school was and they were both ready to leave. A few hugs and telling the children to do what ever they were told to do, both parents were gone and I had an eleven year old and two twelve year old's waiting to be told what to do.

"What are your names?" I asked.

"I'm Gary," the twelve year old boy replied.

"I'm Mary," the stunning, twelve year old girl replied.

"I'm Jessica," the beautiful eleven year old answered.

"Well, the first thing you need to do is undress," I told them.

"In front of Gary," Jessica squealed and Mary joined her.

"Yes, he's going to be seeing you both naked, being fucked by older men and I might even let him fuck you," I replied.

"I am!" Gary exclaimed.

"Sure, you can fuck any of the younger girls, when I say it's okay," I laughed. "Which one of your sisters do you want to fuck tonight?"

"Jessica," he blushed and she squealed.

"Well, none of you are going to be fucked if your wearing clothes," I laughed. "I want to see how beautiful you are."

As the three kids began stripping, I was pleased to see that Gary was the least modest, until his little four inch cock popped out stiffer than a nail. Yet, the eleven year old Jessica was a total beauty, her soft tanned skin, and innocent swimming suit lines. On her chest, were puffy lumps that pushed her quarter sized aureoles and tiny pink nipples out prominently. At the top of her legs, was a tiny slit, showing the beginning of her vaginal lips and her mons was slightly puffy also.

A look at Mary almost gave me a hard on, the twelve year old had the breast I expected, the size of lemon halves, with puffy pink aureoles and little nipples that were swelling as I watched. Between her legs, was a patch of pubic hair, a little darker than I expected but still blonde enough that I could see the beginning of her vaginal slit through it. The little blonde beauty was just taking on the shape of a woman, yet still very much an innocent young girl. With a smile, I decided Mary wasn't going to be innocent much longer and motioned her over to me.

Bashfully, the twelve year old beauty stood stark naked in front of me as I reached out and gently cupped those small puffy breast. They were so firm and smooth and I use my thumbs to manipulate her tiny hard nipples. The young beauties head tipped back, her eyes closed and a low throaty moan escaped her mouth. Softly, I told Gary that I wanted him to do to Jessica, exactly what I was doing to Mary, then I bent down and kissed the twelve year old blonde beauty and she melted into my arms.

There was a gasp from beside me and it was the eleven year old blonde beauty, Jessica and her older brother was gently massaging her hard little nipples with his thumbs. When he kissed his little sister's soft lips, it was quick, like a young boy, then he just had to do it again. This time, there was a passion to Gary's kiss and his little sister was panting hard and leaning against him, their naked bodies rubbing against each other.

All three naked blondes youngsters had been taken as far as I wanted them for right now, and I sent them over to the school to find beds. Tonight, I would sleep in the dorms and I was trying to decide if I was going to let Gary spend the night with Jessica or let one of the older girls train him first. With a smile, Helen reminded me that I had let Tim take Sarah for the first time, so I smiled and asked her if she would coach Gary as she coached Tim. Together, Helen and I walked over to the school and the three new kids were meeting the others and had lost their shyness and several of the girls had helped them find beds. When I asked Mary which bed she and I were sleeping in, she blushed a little but took me to her bed.

"We'll start after dinner," I told her, then told Gary and Jessica they could start after dinner also and that Helen would help them.

"Jeff, we need a bed in the center, where we can watch as the new girls are deflowered,"the naked twelve year old April said.

"April, you won't be staying in the dorms," I laughed.

"Why not?" she asked.

"You and Kelly will be staying in the lodge with your parents," I replied.

"Oh, okay, but can we still come and watch?" she asked.

"Of course," I replied and she hugged me.

As Helen and I walked back over to the lodge, I asked her about the negligees and there would be a hundred here, of different sizes, by Monday. That meant there would be a hundred naked kids running around over the weekend, then that was okay. While Helen went on into the lodge, I went back up to my office and checked the schedule for the weekend. We would have about twenty five guest here and hopefully they wouldn't add to the confusion and as I checked the names, I realized it was the board, Damien and the four school supers, who would be a great help. Then, Monday afternoon, the youth group would be here and I set aside twenty five girls and women for them to chose from.

Next, I checked the list of teachers and their kids, that would be here tomorrow and scheduled the new daughters to be with the guest for the Saturday night. There would be four teachers and seven daughters for the weekend guest to have, even though there would be seven virgins. A wicked thought crossed my mind, I wanted the four teachers introduced to horse cock next week, and all their students to watch. Now, I had to start thinking about a live stock sale and walked over to the barn to see the stage Jim, Tony and Al had built. It was perfect and at one end of the barn floor, so it could be seen from the loft or floor.

Back in my office, there was a message from Mr. Albur, the King and his guest would be here next weekend and instead of six guest, there would be ten. They hoped to see at least twenty pieces of merchandise and I wouldn't disappoint them, because I knew there would be at least that many coming in the Saturday group. Now, I had another idea, let the King and his guest play with the staff girls, keep the girls to be auctioned off out of sight until the auction, or just before the auction.

Since it was time for dinner, I joined Helen on the way to the lodge and was pleased to see Gary, Mary and Jessica coming from the school with the other kids. The twelve year old Gary made me laugh, the kid was still sporting a boner from walking with all those naked young girls. When Helen and I chose a table, we left room for the three children, then had them sit with us. Of course, twelve year old April and thirteen year old Samantha had to join us also, then my ten year old Jenny. The conversation over dinner, was about who was coming for guest this weekend and when I told them the new girls would be used first, April, Sam and Jenny were disappointed.

"Is having sex that much fun?" twelve year old Mary asked.

"Wait until you've had it," Jenny giggled.

"You won't be able to get enough from then on," April giggled. "Jeff, can we share the boys when there aren't guest to use them?"

"I've told you girls, I don't want the boys worn out," I laughed. "Don't worry, there are going to be plenty of guest starting Monday."

"Alright," Sam squealed.

"Samantha, why do you and several other girls have rings in your nipples?" Mary asked.

"It means I'm thirteen or older and can be bred if Jeff decides. It's also so if a guest wants to take us off the ranch they have a way to lead us," Sam explained, then looked at me. "When is someone going to take me out?" she giggled.

"Well, we haven't really advertised the fact that it can be done, but will starting this weekend," I laughed. "Besides, who would want to take a blonde guard out?" I teased.

"Hey!" Sam giggled. "All of my guest ask for me again."

"That's because you almost scream when you hit an orgasm," April giggled.

Now, the girls were going on about how everyone sounded during sex and how the guest liked the way they enjoyed being fucked or sucking cock. The only one not asking questions but listening very close, was eleven year old Jessica, and before long I could see the naked blonde beauty squirming in her seat. Of course, Jenny just had to ask Gary how he was going to like having a cock shoved up his butt and a panic look crossed the twelve year old boy's face. It was April, that told him not to worry, that it wasn't that bad and eleven year old Tim and sixteen year old Bobby had enjoyed themselves and even got off on sucking cock.

"You mean I have to learn how to suck a cock also?" Gary gasped.

"Well sure," Jenny giggled. "The other boys and all of us girls enjoy it, so will you."

"It's almost as much fun as eating pussy," Samantha giggled.

"What else do I have to learn?" Gary gasped.

"Well,.. The rest comes sort of naturally," April thoughtfully replied. "Are you going to fuck one of the women tonight?"

"I don't think so, Mr. Rush said I could fuck Jessica," Gary blushed.

"Fantastic!" April squealed. "We'll help you. Is that okay Jeff?"

"Well, I don't know," I said, but couldn't suppress my smile. "Of course you can."

"Who's going to fuck you Mary?" Sam asked.

"Mr. Rush," she blushed.

"Far out," Jenny exclaimed. "My dad is the best and you are going to love him."

"We all do," April giggled and both Sam and Jenny giggled at me.

It was Jenny, that decided she would be Mary's coach, since Sam and April were going to coach Gary and Jessica. When they asked when, I just told them after dinner and the three girls became excited, which I think eased the tension for Mary and Jessica. Still, Sam was telling Jessica how Gary being her first would make it a little easier when she took her first man, but it still might be a little uncomfortable. Yet, Sam felt that men made her feel better than a boy, both April and Jenny agreed, which crushed Gary's ego.

When several of the other girls came over and asked if Mary and Jessica wanted to go horse back riding, they politely said they probably shouldn't. It was Kelly, that asked if she and Brooke could fuck the stallions again, this weekend but I told her no, because I had other plans for them. It was Brooke that figured out it must be for some of the new girls coming and just asked which ones. When I told them we had four teachers coming in tomorrow and I wanted them broken in well, Kelly thought it was a shame. So, I asked them if they had a better idea, then listened to their answers.

"Wouldn't it make better sense to breed the teachers, that way the students could watch a pregnancy from conception through birth," Kelly suggested.

"That would be a great learning experience and help them to understand what they will be going through, when their time comes," Brooke added.

Their ideas made much better sense than just being wicked, so I told them the stallions were their's for the weekend. When Mary asked if a stallion wasn't a horse, both Kelly and Brooke giggled, that told her they were better than any man, except for me. The nude, twelve year old Mary's eyes were getting big and Jenny laughingly assured her I wasn't that big.

Chapter 19

We were through eating and the older girls grabbed my hand, Gary's, Mary's and Jessica's and began pulling us out the front door. As we went, they were yelling for everyone to follow and we went across the creek and over to the school. On one end of the bottom dorm was a bed, set out in the middle of the room and everyone gathered around it. The eleven year old Jessica and her twelve year old Brother Gary were taken to stand by another bed at the head of the row and April had the naked eleven year old kneeling at her brother's feet, looking at his four inch cock..

The first thing Jenny did was teach the twelve year old Mary how to undress me and when that little blonde saw my cock she gasped. In almost a squeal, she said it was so beautiful, and her little hand cradled it so gently. With a laugh, Jenny told Mary she might as well stay on her knees to suck my cock. As Jenny coached, those soft sweet, virgin lips began kissing around the head of my cock, then her little pink tongue snaked around that glans. My ten year old Jenny was teaching twelve year old Mary exactly how I loved having my cock sucked.

Gently, I fondled the naked blondes head, as her soft lips closed over the end of my cock and sucked her head inside. Her tongue washed around the head, then along the bottom of the shaft until I felt the head hit the back of her throat. Now, the twelve year old was slowly drawing my cock out of her mouth, sucking hard enough that her cheeks hollowed. All the way out, until just the head was between those soft sweet lips, then reversed and sucked it back in until it bumped into the back of her throat. As I looked around, there were at least twenty naked young, stunning beauties, watching as my cock was sucked. With a smile I realized the ranch had become a man's dream place, and it was going to get even better.

The naked twelve year old's head was beginning to move faster and faster as she sucked my cock in and out of her mouth so wonderfully. My hips began to move and as I fucked Mary's beautiful face, I realized her hips were moving in time to mine, as she fucked the air. Beside us, eleven year old Jenny was sucking her big brother's cock and the twelve year old Gary no longer cared who was watching. He was already shooting a load of cum into Jessica's mouth and the eleven year old beauty was swallowing fast and hard.

Proudly, I watched as Samantha and April encouraged the nude, eleven year old beauty to suck another load out of her Brother's cock. From what I could see it didn't take much encouragement for Jessica to keep sucking. On her knees at my feet, with my cock sliding in and out of her beautiful face, twelve year old Mary was about to get her first load of cum. As I pushed my hips forward and stopped thrusting, Jenny told Mary to be ready to swallow. The nude twelve year old caught my first jet of cum and it slid right down her throat, then she backed off a little, so she could taste it as she swallowed. Five heavy jets of cum, and Mary kept right on sucking and went back to sliding my cock in and out of her face.

Gently, I stopped Mary's beautiful blonde head and pushed her back off my rigid cock, and pulled her to her feet. The twelve year old was ready to fuck, but I wasn't and leaned down to kiss and nibble those lips that had paid such great homage to my cock. Gently, I pushed the naked beauty back onto the bed and as she went down, she spread her legs wide for me, female juices glistened off her hairless little vaginal lips but before I tasted them, I wanted to taste those lemon sized, puffy breast. Those puffy little aureoles were so soft and tender to my lips and the nude twelve year old moaned in ecstasy as I nibbled her tiny erect nipples.

As I licked around those puffy aureoles, the naked twelve year old beauty grasped the bed covers in her hands and squeezed them tight. Her hair covered vulva pushed against my belly as I kissed my way down between those firm, cone shaped breast and across her flat, taunt belly. When I planted a kiss in that silky patch of blonde pubic fur, Mary began gasping in fear, then her nude body jerked out her very first orgasm. My tongue slid down along those tight little vaginal lips, as the twelve year old pushed her cunt to my face. Between those lips, I found an erect, hard little clit and used the tip of my tongue to thrash it, sending Mary into wave after wave of orgasm.

Now, I was moving up over that beautiful, nude, twelve year old body, my cock brushing against those lust slickened cunt lips. My ten year old daughter's hands reached between Mary and I, to guide my cock to Mary's virgin cunt. The tip of my cock found the pocket of her vaginal opening and I started pushing forward, feeling the tightness of her vaginal opening as my cock head spread it open. There was a gasp of pain, as the head of my cock slipped inside that twelve year old cunt, to rest against her virgin barrier. Already, the nude blonde beauty was hitting another orgasm, despite the pain and I gave a quick thrust, ripping her virginity away forever.

Five inches of my seven inch by inch and three quarters cock slid deep into that naked little girl's twelve year old cunt before I felt her cervix. Now, I just continued to push as Mary gasped in pain but continued to orgasm. Six inches, then my balls lay in the crack of her beautiful ass and I leaned down to kiss her soft, sweet lips. Her baby blue eyes were begging for something, of which she had no comprehension, then I began stroking my cock in and out of her tight little cunt. Her beautiful, nude body arched off the bed as she cried out with a strong orgasm, then another as my cock banged into her cervix.

Slowly, at first, I began fucking the naked, blonde twelve year old, building speed and power, until I was driving Mary back and forth on the bed. Her beautiful face was twisted with lust, her sweet mouth open to scream but nothing was coming out. I pulled those shapely legs up between us and began pounding my cock into that lust slickened cunt as Mary's naked body jerked and thrashed with orgasm after orgasm. The harder I pounded my cock into the twelve year old, the harder she hit her orgasms, until her body was almost quivering with orgasms.

One last powerful thrust, and I buried my cock balls deep in Mary's cunt and began filling the naked, deeply impaled twelve year old with my seed. The naked beauty screamed out one last orgasm, then collapsed into unconsciousness, so after I quit cumming, I lay alongside her, keeping my cock buried deep in her cunt. Gently, I fondled those firm, hard breast, using a thumb to roll and massage her puffy aureoles, until those baby blue eyes opened and she began crying.

"Oh Mr. Rush, that was so fantastic," she sobbed. "Will it be this way every time?"

"It is for me," Jenny giggled. "Now, when he pulls his cock out, you have to suck it clean and hard again, unless he tells you not to." "Why is he going to take it out?" Mary sobbed. "Don't worry, you'll get another one tomorrow night," Jenny laughed.

"I sure hope so," eleven year old Jessica squeaked from the other bed.

Both naked little beauties were cleaning cocks and I never said anything about her stopping, so Mary soon had my cock hard again. On the other bed, eleven year old Jessica was still sucking on her twelve year old Brother's cock but it was obviously hard, so I told both girls that was enough. When I told the naked twelve year old Mary to get on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed, she did so without question and April and Samantha were doing the same with eleven year old Jessica. When I knelt behind Mary's beautiful bare ass, Gary knelt behind Jessica's cute bare little ass.

Both naked blonde beauties squealed when their ass holes were filled with cock but within a few strokes both were hitting orgasms. Soon, they were pushing their asses back onto our cocks and I noticed Mary was rubbing her firm, puffy breast on the covers as she did. The beds were creaking loudly as we pounded our cocks into those virgin asses and Gary was soon exploding his cum into his little Sister's guts and I followed, pumping mine into twelve year old Mary's guts. Even though butt fucking was enjoyable, it wasn't my favorite and as my cock began to deflate I pushed Mary forward and off from it. The naked twelve year old swung around to suck my cock clean, but Jenny stopped her, then explained loud enough for both Mary and Jessica to hear.

As the girls went for warm wash cloths, I looked at the rest of the naked girls standing around and smiled at the eagerness on their beautiful faces. After looking for the nipple rings, which denoted thirteen years or older, I told Becky, Mandy, Shelly and Brooke that they would be in charge of seeing that the new girls found beds and toured around as they came in. That they could have the other girls help, but I wanted all the new girls made as comfortable and to feel like they were among friends, as possible.

"Can we go horse back riding?" twelve year old Tami asked.

"There isn't a lot of time left, just don't be out after dark," I told her.

In a flurry of beautiful naked bodies, a dozen girls were off to the horses dragging Gary, Mary and Jessica with them. Yet, they weren't gone a half hour and returned giggling, riding the horses made Mary and Jessica have orgasms. Still, the girls went for a walk and were back long before dark, so the cook made up a huge batch of popcorn and found several cases of cold sodas for the kids. In one of Troy's new rock fire pits, we built a campfire and sat around it singing and telling stories. After the campfire, I took little eleven year old Jessica and Helen twelve year old Gary back to the dorms and spent the night with them, in their new beds.

The eleven year old blonde beauty felt a lot of discomfort when my much larger cock entered her little cunt and she was still awful tight, but it sure didn't slow Jessica down. Within minutes, she was wailing out orgasms and almost bounced us both out of bed. It was time to teach the naked eleven year old how to ride a cock and there was plenty of help. Soon, Jessica was riding like an expert and hitting such hard orgasms that she almost passed out like her older sister Mary had. When she woke up on my chest, with my cock still deep in her little cunt, she just smiled.

"Mr. Rush, I think I'm going to like it here," she whispered.

Around noon, I walked up to the guard house and waited with the new guard Mike, because the new teachers would be arriving over the next few hours. The first to arrive was Pamela, a beautiful blonde, with her six year old, blonde daughter, Hope. When Pamela seemed a little nervous, I asked her why and she said it was because she had to leave her four year old behind. She and Gail's daughter Abby were friends and when Gail brought the girls to the ranch, her little Stephanie lost her only friend. Minutes later, I was keeping six year old Hope with me and Pamela was going back for her four year old.

It made me think, and when the next teacher arrived, I asked if this was all of her children, and with the next one also. So, I had all five of them strip and walk down to the ranch, where someone would meet them and take them over to the dorms. There were two seven year olds, a six year old and a five year old in this group, the two teachers were extremely pretty, and their daughters very cute. It wasn't an hour later when Pamela returned with the cutest little blonde four year old and I just told her to strip herself and the little girl, then she, Hope and Stephanie could walk on down to the ranch. The tiny four year old never questioned her Mommy, because Hope was already naked and took her Mommy's hand as they walked on down the road.

Since the school people, board and their friends were due to arrive at any time, I called down to Steve to check on the four teachers and their fertility. By the time I reached the lodge, Steve had examined the teachers, including Gail and Pamela and two of them would be fertile this weekend, Gail and one of the newer ones. Without waiting, I went and found Coins and Shawn, two of the blonde breeders and assigned them to the two fertile teachers. There was a little time before dinner, so I took four year old Stephanie to my office and programmed her, then we went to dinner and I paired her with twelve year old Gary. Shortly after dinner, four year old Stephanie was ready for one of the men and she didn't care which one because she and Abby were fucking just like the big girls.

The rest of the new children went to men virgins and I made sure that the supers from the farthest school districts had their pick first. It was George, from the farthest district, that ended up with Hope and he was sure the six year old had mangled his cock. With a laugh, I told him he had better get used to it, because there would be another sixty some virgins here in tomorrow and of that thirty of them had to be fucked this weekend. That wasn't to mention the dozen beautiful mothers coming with them but the younger boys would take care of them, unless they were ready to breed.

Since I had arranged for buses to pick up the new girls and mothers in each of the cities, Al would meet these buses at the county road and bring the passengers to the gate. Then, he would go back and meet the next bus and I had scheduled them an hour apart. The first bus was arriving, and I had Samantha, Kelly, Brooke and Shelly at the guard house with me. They would help Helen and I process the new females onto the ranch, then take one group at a time down to the school. The girls getting off the bus ranged anywhere from six to fourteen and there were four mothers and they all looked a little confused. Still, once I had their attention, everything was okay and we sent them into the changing room.

As each of the women went into the changing room, Helen asked if they had left any children behind and none had. It worried me that we would run into another situation like the one teacher and if we did, I had Tony standing by to drive them back and pick those children up also. The sweetest looking little six year old came up, took my hand and asked if I remembered her. With a smile, I told her yes and I would spend some time with her later. Most of these girls were blonde, and a couple of red heads but none of the red heads were breeding age, just happy fucking age. The five girls that were thirteen and over, and the mothers, would be taken to see Steve before going to the dorms.

As the first group filed off down the road, there wasn't one of them that wasn't beautiful and one fourteen year old was built like the proverbial brick shit house. One eleven year old caught my eye, she already had breast that were C size but not an ounce of sag to them. Then, there was a sweet looking little ten year old, that reminded me of my Jenny, with long blonde hair, down to her waist. I called her and the eleven year old with the big boobs aside and made notations beside their names, then two of the little red heads, one around nine the other eight.

By the end of the afternoon, there were a hundred and twenty naked, beautiful females running around the ranch and I finally had them all together in one group. From my list, I called out thirty five names and sent them to the lodge to wait for me there. The rest I introduced to the staff and turned the meeting over to Steve, Derrick and Helen. Who would instruct them about what guest were and what guest could do with them and where they could do it. As I walked up the steps to the lodge, I could see teachers and board members already bringing naked, new girls back. In the main room of the lodge, Kelly and I stood in front of the group of thirty five girls and they ranged in ages from six to twelve. There wasn't a one of them that didn't have a beautiful body and face, none of them had a blemish on those beautiful bodies.

"Mr. Rush, why are we here?" one older girl asked.

"This group of girls will not be engaging in sex with the guest of this ranch. Each of you are to be sold at auction as sex slaves. Most of you will be going to great owners and all of you will be trained in the art of sex, so you can please your new owners," I explained. "You will watch the other girls having sex and performing sex with the guest but you will not become involved. Now, Kelly, Brooke, Shelly and Helen will be your teachers, you will listen to them and do exactly as you are told."

That was all there was and the three girls and Helen took them to the upstairs bedrooms in the lodge and put them four to a room. When they came back down, each of them had a red felt pen mark on their chest, in a capital L and were headed over to the dorms so they could watch other girls lose their virginities. By the time I made it to the dorm, one of the six year old livestock girls, had her head between a guest legs watching his cock pistoning in and out of a virgin cunt. Beside her, Kelly was explaining exactly what was going on. Since we had more girls that weren't being used, I spread the livestock out between April, Heather, Tami, Crystal and Samantha and Sam was an eager volunteer.

"Jeff, are these the youngest girls you acquired?" Ralph asked.

"There are a four and two five year olds," I replied.

"What about even younger, so we will be adding to our herd while we are waiting for babies?" he asked.

"How young?" I asked.

"Hell, as young as you can get them," Ralph laughed and I gave him a funny look. "Hey, we know you have been super busy and have provided some fantastic toys, but remember we have a lot of these girls that will be leaving us in a few years. We just thought their replacements ought to be on the ranch already."

"Guess I hadn't thought about that," I blushed.

"Well, the rest of us could have been a little more helpful," Ralph laughed. "Why don't we plan on selling about sixty head and keep our pleasure stock at around forty five to fifty?"

"I have no problem with that but I hope you know how to find buyers," I replied.

"We'll find the buyers, you find the replacement stock, we might even be able to sell a few on the mothers," he laughed. "Jeff, you have done a fantastic job and Helen needs to be congratulated also."

"Well, I could head out Tuesday, but what about the groups that are coming in?" I asked.

"Can Helen and Lilly handle that end?" Ralph asked. "We could have Damien stay around to help with the school and maybe Steve would help Helen and Lilly? Also, there are a few of these mothers that Steve doesn't feel like they are good breeders, could we use them with the stallions and Damien's whips? They could make good entertainment on our busy nights."

"I sort of promised Kelly and Brooke that they could have the stallions this weekend, but they would understand and they are busy training the livestock," I replied.

"That would be great, because I think Steve would like to breed Brooke and even Kelly," Ralph said.

Myself, I wondered if maybe we weren't going a little over board on the breeding, at this rate most of our older staff would be pregnant at the same time. My opinion was to just breed the mothers for now, besides the girls we have already bred, then in six months, breed a couple more, of the older girls and so on. With a smile, Ralph slapped my shoulder and told me I was right and headed out to find Steve. With a smile, I stopped Ralph and told him that breeding the rest of the teachers should be a class project, so the students could watch from conception to birth.

One thing I noticed, was that before Ralph left the dorm, he picked out a very pretty little girl to take with him. Since I wanted to go back to my office, I looked for the little six year old that had just arrived and found her on the end of Carl's cock. With a smile, I looked around and found my own ten year old Jenny and asked if she wanted to go up to the office with me. There wasn't even the slightest hesitation as Jenny took my hand and we headed for the office.

With my little blonde ten year old sucking my cock so perfectly, I called both my social services people to ask about younger girls, between the ages of two to four. If I would take mothers and children both, between the two of them they each assured me I could have a dozen by Thursday. As I jetted a load of cum into Jenny's loving mouth, I told them I would be there Monday and Tuesday for one, Wednesday and Thursday for the other. After a kiss, I asked Jenny if she would run over and bring both her Mom and Lilly back to the office, so we could go over the arrivals of guest for the next week. As my little blonde beauty ran out the door, I realized she had become very well tanned from being naked all the time, it was a healthy look.

After making sure everything was taken care of for the coming week and guaranteeing I would be back by Thursday night, Jenny and I headed for the dorms. Everywhere we looked, there were naked children and in the dorms, every bed was full and the sounds of happy children being well fucked, filled the air. The sounds of men's cock sliding in and out of tight little pussies was very obvious and by almost every bed was a little naked girl, anxiously waiting her turn to be fucked. In the back of the dorms, the boy's were fucking women, who were enjoying themselves even more than the little girls. In another bed, I was sure our one stud teacher, Coin's was trying to make one of the new fourteen year old's pregnant.

There wasn't even room for Jenny and I, so we were going back to the office, when Jenny grabbed the hand of a beautiful little brunette eleven year old. Even though I didn't remember the girl, I was glad to see her because for eleven, she was very well built. Her shoulder length brown hair, framed a very pretty face, she had small breast like small oranges and a slight covering of fur on her vulva. On the way out of the dorm, I could see the live stock and there were a couple by each bed, watching and learning how to please with their bodies.

As we walked back towards the office, the little eleven year old brunette couldn't take her eyes off my cock. It made me laugh, when Jenny told her she could hold it while we walked, but she would have to suck it when we reached the office. When I told Jenny that I thought her and I were going to fuck, she just smiled and said Brenda hadn't had a chance to be fucked yet, so Jenny would be her coach. The little brunette beauty was probably not quite five feet tall, thirty two, twenty eight, thirty two and the cutest smile when she blushed. Still, she walked proudly beside me, holding my cock in her soft little hand, as she led me to the office.

"Mr. Rush, I promise to be a very good fuck partner," Brenda promised. "I watched real close in the dorms."

"Sweetheart, I just know you are going to be an excellent cock sucker and a great fuck," I smiled at her. "Beside's you are going to have one of the best coaches on the ranch," I smiled at my ten year old Jenny.

"You're lucky Brenda, the rest of us had to get our first fuck in public," Jenny giggled.

"I don't care," the little brunette beauty replied. "Well, unless I'm not a good fuck, or cock sucker. Then, I might be embarrassed to do it in public."

With a smile, I told Brenda she would have to turn loose of my cock now, because we couldn't fit through the doorway like this. She giggled a little and let go of my soft cock, than followed me in through the office and to the bedrooms. Once there, my little ten year old Jenny asked me to lie on the bed, on my back, then began telling eleven year old Brenda to climb up on the bed and kneel over my head. Really, I wanted to start the little brunette out with kisses and suckling her breast but since Jenny was calling the shots, I let her go.

There was no hair along that soft, tight, little pussy slit and I licked my tongue along it's length. The eleven year old brunette let out a sensual squeal, and began leaning down over my cock. It took me by surprise, when Jenny slipped a pillow under my head, so I could lick and suck Brenda's pussy a little easier, and I slipped the tip of my tongue between those tight little cunt lips. Already, the naked eleven year old was kissing and licking my soft cock hungrily, and when I found her little clit, she just gulped it into her sweet mouth. Before I realized it, the nude brunette beauty had actually started sucking my cock, her little tongue dancing and flitting around the head and along my hardening shaft.

Easily, I again found the eleven year old's clit and began rolling my tongue over it, as her beautiful body began jerking out orgasms. Carefully, I sucked that hard little clit between my lips and gently bit it, but wasn't prepared for the violent orgasm that screamed through the eleven year old brunette's nude body. The young girl almost ripped my cock off before I felt her swallow it and her cute little nose bury in my groin.

The eleven year old's head began bobbing up and down on my cock, every time she went down, the head of my cock entered her throat. As I began rimming the tight little opening to her virgin sex hole, Brenda's hips began pumping her cunt to my mouth. The eleven year old was shaking and jerking with orgasms but continued sucking my cock like a pro. When my own orgasm approached, I heard Jenny tell her to get ready to start swallowing. Jet after jet of hot cum exploded into the eleven year old's sucking mouth and she swallowed and sucked as if she was on a feeding frenzy.

When there was no more cum to shoot, Brenda kept sucking for the dregs, then just sucking because she was enjoying it. Her little cunt was gushing sweet female juices and I was afraid the nude, eleven year old beauty was going to collapse any second. Once my cock was stiff again, I heard Jenny telling Brenda to quit sucking and turn around so she was kneeling over my hips. It only took a moment, and I could see the little brunette's brown eyes as they searched for something. Then, Jenny was spreading those tight little lust slick cunt lips and telling Jenny to start letting herself down.

When the naked eleven year old began letting herself down onto my stiff cock, I felt the head began to push against her virginal opening. Suddenly, the nude beauty just let herself drop, my cock rammed into her tight little cunt, through her hymen and began sinking deep into her belly. There was a sound that came from Brenda's throat, a guttural gasp and her beautiful, naked, eleven year old body began to convulse with orgasms. From the side, I could hear Jenny telling Brenda to lift and drop herself onto my cock, if she wanted to get all of it inside her cunt.

As the eleven year old began lifting and dropping on my cock, I could see between her body and mine and my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. On every lift, my cock seemed to pull a part of the eleven year old's cunt out with it, on the drop, her tight little cunt lips slipped up inside her. The little nude, brunette beauty was lifting and dropping faster and faster, I could feel the head of my cock banging into her cervix, and couldn't believe it didn't hurt. Yet, the eleven year old's body was jerking like a rag doll as she cried out with orgasm after orgasm.

"It's to much, it's to much," Brenda cried out.

Still, the eleven year old never quit pumping herself onto my cock, only going harder and faster, until her shapely hips were almost a blur. My own orgasm was there and I was sure when the first jet exploded into Brenda's eleven year old cunt, it would blow her off my cock. Instead, the naked brunette began squalling like a baby, her beautiful body jerked and heaved, then she collapsed forward onto me, her little stiff nipples jabbing into my chest. Moments later, Brenda began lifting and lowering her hips from the laying position, gaining speed and power with every lift. Then, I realized she had passed out and the eleven year old was fucking me involuntarily.

For almost another twenty minutes, the naked, eleven year old beauty humped herself onto my cock, driving it deeper and deeper into her nubile body. Soon, she was cooing like a baby, as orgasms again screamed through her beautiful body. It blew me away, I thought about the girl's mother and hoped she was here, because I wanted more little girls like this on the ranch. Carefully, I pushed Brenda up to a sitting position and held her there by her hard, rounded breast, using my thumbs to massage those hard little nipples and the rubbery aureoles around them.

"Mr, Rush, Mr, Rush, I think I'm going to die," Brenda gasped. "I can't stop having those fantastic feelings and they're getting so hard they hurt."

One last load of cum, and I pulled the naked eleven year old up towards my head and off my now soft cock, then held her to my chest and in my arms. For almost ten minutes, Brenda lay on my chest gasping for air, her beautiful, naked body still jerking with orgasms. With Jenny's help, I rolled Brenda off me, and then put her up on her knees and moved behind her, where I spread her tight little ass cheeks. When I pushed my cock through her sphincter, the nude brunette never flinch in pain, instead she just began having hard orgasms all over again.

After dumping a load of cum into Breanda's ass, I rolled her over so she was again laying on my chest but left my cock buried in her buttery rectum. It wasn't but a few moments and I felt the eleven year old begin pumping her ass onto my cock, then realized Jenny was laying between my legs, eating my cum out of Brenda's cunt. Wrapping my arms around the naked eleven year old, I began massaging those small hard breast, tweaking her nipples and even stretching them up. Nothing slowed the nude beauties orgasms down, if anything it made them stronger.

"Jenny, that's enough, we have to let her come down, before she blows her mind," I said.

With Jenny's help, we rolled Brenda off me and I pulled my cock out of her sweet ass, then lay the naked eleven year old beside me. Gently, I stroked her bare body, and gently kissed her soft, sweet lips until she finally began breathing easier. After what seemed like for ever, she looked at me and smiled, then giggled.

"I know it can't get any better than this," she giggled. "Can I suck your cock some more?"

With a giggle, Jenny explained about not sucking a cock that had been up an ass, until it had been thoroughly washed. Both nude beauties were off the bed and running to the bathroom, then returned with a hot soapy wash cloth, then one with just clean water. So lovingly, the two girls washed my cock, then once it was clean they both gave it a kiss. Since Brenda was now totally down, I suggested we all go over to the pool for a swim, then we could come back and fuck some more.

There were quite a few around and in the pool but there was still plenty of room, and I just threw Jenny and Brenda into the pool, then jumped in after them. One thing I had noticed, that the men weren't sticking to any one particular little girl, they were fondling and playing with all of them. Both Jenny and eleven year old Brenda happily became subjects of this and it wasn't long before I heard Brenda gasp, Drew had caught her in such a way that he was able to push his cock into her tight little cunt and just began fucking her.

"Careful that you don't drown her," I laughed at Drew. "She hits orgasms so easy."

"I guess so," Drew laughed.

Carefully, he left Brenda impaled on his cock, had her wrap her legs around his waist and carried her to the shallower part of the pool. There was a young beauty swimming by me but I had seen the red L on her chest but grabbed her by the breast anyhow and pulled her back to me. As my cock slipped between her tight ass cheeks, she was trying to lift herself up so it went between her legs. Softly, I told her that the only cock that went there, was her owners and that would be a while. After I let the livestock go, I looked around for Jenny and Brenda and neither one of them were in the pool. Then I saw Brenda walking up towards the dorms with Drew and Jenny with some one else.

There was a naked little four year old sputtering as she tried to keep going under the water, so I moved over to her. Gently, I picked the naked child up and held her on top of the water, then began teaching her how to swim. Several times, her tiny hand stroked over my cock and I knew she was trying to feel what it was. When I stood her up in shallow water, I noticed there was an L on her chest, so I just continued teaching her how to swim. It wasn't long and as the tiny girl was stroking her arms and kicking her legs, I let go of her and she actually swam half way across the pool. With the cutest little squeal, she turned and swam back to me, until she bumped into my stomach.

"Mommy, Mommy, I can swim!" the four year old squealed.

"That's fantastic," a beautiful young woman replied.

The woman couldn't have been more that twenty two and I remembered her as one the case workers had supplied. With a smile, I noticed the red L on her chest also and she was going to make an excellent investment for some man. When the little four year old climbed out of the pool and ran to her Mommy, I followed and sat down beside this stunning blonde beauty. She smiled nervously at me and I just smiled back and told her there was nothing to be nervous about.

"Mr. Rush, will whoever buys my little girl, take good care of her?" she asked.

"I can't guarantee that but for the kind of money they are going to spend on her, I can't imagine them not taking excellent care of her," I replied. "I think you are going to be well taken care of also," I smiled. "Now, that little beauty needs some more practice swimming."

With a smile, the nude woman took her little four year old into the pool and began practicing with her. With a smile, I began walking back up towards the school and was soon joined by fourteen year old Brandy, who said no one wanted to fuck her. With a smile, I told her I did and put an arm around her beautiful, naked body. For some reason, I preferred the girls between eleven and fifteen, with breast but still girls instead of women. Then, I snickered to myself, I loved fucking them all, even the four year old's, I just liked having breast to fondle while I fucked but preferred small breast.

In the dorm, the beautiful, brunette Brandy and I found her bed and no one else was using it. As the fourteen year old began sucking my cock, I realized each of these girls were excellent cock suckers because they were programmed to love sucking cock. That was the same reason they were excellent fucks, because I had programmed them that way. Once Brandy had drained my cock, I suckled her full breast for a while, then mounted her and began just fucking her. The fourteen year old was soon lost in a world of pleasure and in so, was giving me great pleasure. When we woke up in the morning, Brandy was laying on my chest, my cock still impaled deep in her luscious body and she had fucked me all night long, in her sleep.

Chapter 20

Early Monday morning I headed for the bigger cities and to meet up with the first social services woman. She was surprised that we had opened the ranch earlier than expected but didn't question it. Instead of renting a motel room, I stayed in the spare room of Donna's house and she brought the mothers and daughters to see me there. The first mother couldn't have been much over nineteen and had two little girls, one two and a half, the other four. The mother was very pretty, extremely well built and her little girls were so cute. Once I had programmed the mother, I told her to strip and in front of her little girls, I fondled her naked body, then had her suck my cock.

"Emmy, Dawn, I want you to stand on either side of me, so you can see what an excellent cock sucker your Mommy is," I told the two and a half and four year old.

"She really likes doing that," four year old Dawn told me.

"Yes, and she will teach you how to do it also," I smiled. "Where you are going to be living now, all the girls love sucking cock and being fucked."

"What is being fucked?" Dawn innocently asked.

With a smile, I pumped a load of cum down the mother's throat, than told her to lay back on the bed. As both her little girls watched, I knelt between the mother's legs and pushed my cock into her cunt. Within moments, the mother was squealing about how great it was, her shapely hips were bucking and jerking. With a knowing smile, Dawn assured her two and a half year old sister Emmy, that their mommy was really enjoying this. After I finished with the mother, I told her to have herself and the girls ready to leave Thursday afternoon and never told her where.

The next mother had three girls, one eighteen months old, two and a half and four, and like the first one, she was a beauty but not quite as well built. There were two more mothers to interview and instead of doing anything with the second mother, I waited until all the interviews were done. Then with six tiny girls, from two to five watching, I made all the mothers strip, played with their naked bodies then put one mother to sucking my cock, then fucked another while all these little girls watched. It surprised Donna when I took all four families and I assured her that her efforts were greatly appreciated. Each of these mothers were welfare cases and most of the little girls were from different fathers.

Suddenly, the thought of social diseases hit me but Donna assured me they had all been screened very recently. Two of these young mothers used to have problems with drug use, but were soft drugs, such as marijuana and they had been clean for at least two years. When I asked if the other social worker, Alice had done the same screening, Donna assured me she had, that it was also part of the welfare system. That she and Alice would make sure any women and children they sent to me, were clean but couldn't guarantee wholesome.

After arranging for all the mothers and their little girls to be at Donna's by noon Thursday, I headed to the next city and again stayed with Alice. That afternoon, Alice had two young mothers at her place and five little girls between them, from eighteen months to four. Once the two mothers were programmed, I did as I had at Donna's and stripped both mothers, to play with their naked bodies, then had one suck my cock and the other I fucked. At first, all five little girls were wide eyed, but soon lost in how much their mothers were enjoying themselves.

That evening, there were two more mothers at Alice's house and between them four little girls and one little boy. As in the afternoon, the little girls ranged from two years to four years old and the little boy was five. One of these mothers was a stripper, blonde and beautiful but I saw something she could do beyond entertaining, she could teach the livestock how to flaunt their bodies for the buyers. What really surprised me though, was the stripper, when I fucked her it was as if I was fucking a virgin, then she admitted that she hadn't had sex since her two year old had been born.

When one little four year old girl wanted to look at my cock, I smiled and told her she could look at the little boys. This totally embarrassed the five year old boy, until his mother told him it was okay. To make the boy feel better, I had the mothers strip all their little girls, then had the boy lay on the floor while all four naked little girls gathered around him to examine his cock. It surprised me when the five year old began having an erection and even more so when a few minutes later he had an orgasm. Of course at five, he didn't ejaculate but now I have a three inch by three quarter inch cherry breaker for the little girls.

"Can Joey do to me what you did to my mommy?" a little four year old sweetheart asked.

"Once we are to where you are going to live," I assured her. "We'll have one of our older girls teach him to be better, then you can let him show us how well he learned, okay."

"Okay," she giggled bashfully.

With a smile, I realized there was no need to program these little girls yet, let them grow up thinking ranch life was normal. When they reached six or so, then I would program them, which would make them even better entertainers. As I let the two mothers take their kids home for the evening, I told them they were to be back here by ten in the morning. Then, Alice told me there would be two more mothers here in the morning, with four little girls and I started counting, there were twenty one little girls from eighteen months to five years old, going to the ranch, and one five year old stud.

Just after all the mothers left, Alice was smiling about something, then there was a knock on her door. Moments later, she was letting the sweetest little ten year old girl in, with beautiful red hair, and bringing her over to where I was sitting. Her name was Megan and Alice said she needed to be sheltered, then smiled at me and brought me a small glass of juice and detracted Megan for a moment. As Megan sat under the headphones, Alice explained that she was the daughter of a severe drug user, who kept trying to sell the girl for drugs. So far, it had yet to happen and Alice had the girl examined yesterday and she was still a virgin.

"I just wanted you to have a little enjoyment before you left," Alice smiled. "Then, you can take her with you." she smiled, then blushed. "Jeff, would it be okay if I ate her pussy?"

"By all means," I smiled. "I didn't realize you were gay."

"I'm not, I just wanted to see what it was like," she blushed again.

"Alice, there is nothing to be embarrassed about," I assured her. "Let's go wake her up and see what you're going to munch on," I laughed.

The ten year old red head was soon coming back around and looked at us then smiled. When I asked Megan to remove her clothes, she blushed a little but began undressing. The girl's clothes were rags and not very clean, so I suggested she let Alice take her into the shower, and Megan smiled. It didn't take Alice long to undress and she had no embarrassment at doing it in front of me, then she and Megan headed for the shower. When I heard that little girl gasp, then squeal, from the shower, I knew Alice was playing with Megan's pussy.

When the little red head came running out of the shower, there was a glow about her alabaster skin, and a naked Alice followed her. For a middle aged woman, Alice had a nice body and wasn't unattractive, so I was surprised she was single, until tonight. The way she looked at the little naked ten year old though, wasn't as if she was drooling but as if she appreciated the young girl's beauty. With a smile, I asked Alice to lay on her back, on my bed, then helped the naked, ten year old Megan to kneel over here head. Even though Alice didn't understand what I was doing, she did realize there was a hairless little vaginal slit right in front of her lips.

Even though Alice's attempts at eating ten year old pussy were experimental, the naked little Megan was already gasping as her skinny little body pulsed and throbbed with pleasure. Carefully, I spread Alice's legs and whispered to Megan to lean down onto Alice's body and look at her cunt. When I spread the older woman's cunt lips, I told Megan just to start licking there as Alice was licking her. Within minutes, both woman and girl were shaking with orgasms and on the verge of going out of their minds. Finally, Alice couldn't take any more and just rolled the little red head off her bare body.

"Megan, doesn't Alice deserve to have her boobies kissed for making you feel so good?" I asked the naked ten year old.

There was no answer, Megan just crawled over to Alice and began kissing the older woman's full breast. Gently, I told Alice to tell Megan where it felt the best and how to make her feel even better. As Alice began coaching Megan, I could see the older woman's body beginning to respond again. The ten year old was enjoying what she was doing, but I had other plans for her, and told to her what I wanted. With a smile, I told Alice that I appreciated what she had done and she didn't have to stay for the rest.

"No Jeff, I want to watch your cock enter her, please," Alice interrupted.

With ten year old Megan on her back, in the middle of the bed, her legs spread wide, Alice gently spread Megan's hairless little cunt lips with one hand and guided the head of my cock to that virginal opening with the other. The ten year old's cunt was so tight that my cock was bending so Alice wrapped a hand around it to keep it straight. The opening to that tiny little cunt began slowly spreading and I could see Alice using a finger to rub Megan's tiny clit. Farther and farther that ten year old cunt spread, until Megan was squealing in pain, yet humping her hips up to me.

There was an audible pop as the head of my cock entered Megan's virginal opening, and I was resting against her hymen. A quick, short thrust and Megan was no longer a virgin so I slowly pushed my cock deeper into her little skinny body until I felt her cervix. There was still several inches of cock to enter the little girl and I could feel her cervical cap molding over the head of my cock. As I began pushing even harder, I felt that spreading feeling as her cervical opening began spreading over the head of my cock and the ten year old howled in pain.

Entry into Megan's uterus was a quick pop and then another inch of my cock slipped up inside the naked ten year old. Still, I continued to push more cock into her, stretching that tight little ten year old uterus until my balls rested against Megan's puckered little ass hole. Even though the ten year old was in pain, I pulled the head of my cock back until it popped out of her uterus, then pushed it right back in and repeated this process several times. Finally, I stopped and let Megan's vaginal sheath and uterus become accustomed to my cock being in them.

"I can see the out line of your cock in her belly," Alice whispered. "How did you get so deep?"

"I'm inside her uterus," I smiled.

Slowly, I began deep stroking the naked ten year old and on each stroke my cock popped in and out of Megan's uterus. Still, the little red head was already beginning to have orgasms, her small hips pumping her cunt onto my cock, trying to get even more of it inside her. Since she was no longer in pain, I began fucking Megan harder and faster, driving her skinny little body back and forth on the bed. By the time Megan was babbling, I folded her legs up between us and began power fucking her until she was screaming out with orgasm. That was when I noticed Alice had her hands between her legs, playing with her own pussy and she was having orgasms right along with Megan.

When I thrust deeper than ever into Megan's still tight little cunt, and filled her with my cum, she screamed out orgasms with each jet of cum. There was another cry of orgasm and that was from Alice, the woman had gotten herself off and was thrashing around on the bed like Megan was. For a while, I just lay beside Megan, gently stroking her naked chest with the little egg sized bumps on it. Once the little red headed beauty was down, I kissed her little lips and told her it was time to suck my cock. The ten year old didn't even hesitate at seeing her virgin blood and my cum on my cock, and just began licking it clean.

"Wet your lips Sweetheart, then let them slide over the head of his cock," Alice whispered to the ten year old. "Don't let your teeth scrape it though."

Softly, Alice was teaching the ten year old how to suck my cock and was doing an excellent job of it. She even pulled that red hair out of the way so I could watch my cock slide in and out of Megan's pretty little face. Since I still wanted to do one more thing, I stopped Megan and told her to straddle my hips, facing my feet. Once she was in position, I spread her tight little ass cheeks and guided her ass hole down onto my cock. For several moments, the ten year old just balanced on the end of my cock, then her sphincter began stretching, a small cry of pain and she was sliding down onto my cock, With my cock buried deep in Megan's virgin ass, I pulled the naked ten year old back onto my chest. This left her legs spread wide and I could see Alice staring at the ten year old's gaping pussy opening.

"Go ahead and eat her clean," I told Alice.

The woman didn't need to be told twice and almost dove between the ten year old's legs to start licking her pussy. Within moments, Alice had Megan hitting orgasms and the ten year old was beginning to thrust her hips to Alice's tongue. As Megan lifted and thrust her hips, she was fucking my cock in and out of her ass hole at the same time. Now, the naked ten year old was hitting orgasms caused by two different things and it was driving her wild. With a hard thrust, I drove my cock even deeper into Megan's bowels and filled her guts full of sperm, then told Alice to stop eating the ten year old's cunt. It was time to let the little red headed sweetheart come down because I knew she was totally wasted.

It took a while before my cock went soft enough to slip out of Megan's tight little ass, then I moved the skinny ten year old to the side and went to the bathroom to wash my cock. When I returned, the ten year old had crashed but Alice was sitting beside her gently stroking Megan's white skinned back. As I sat down on the side of the bed, Megan's big blue eyes opened and she sleepily asked if we could do this again. The clock said it was a lot later than I expected, so I lay down and rolled the naked little ten year old up onto my stomach, then lifted her up enough to slip my cock back into her tight little cunt. With my cock firmly embedded, I let the ten year old back down, to lay on my chest, then let her go back to sleep.

"Jeff, are all the girls at this ranch this passionate?" Alice softly asked.

"I don't know about all of them, but this isn't unusual," I replied.

"What a wonderful life they must have," Alice smiled. "Any time you need more girls, let me provide them. It has to be a much better life than many of my cases have."

"You must know, we are going to be selling a lot of our girls. Still, the two I have sold are in wonderful places where they are treated extremely well," I replied.

"Just being fed and treated well, will be better than what most of my cases receive," Alice smiled and stroked Megan's bare back. "This child right here, hasn't had more than a meal a day, in several years. Tonight, was the first time she has ever felt loved and hasn't gone to bed crying. Your ranch has to be better than that."

"That I guarantee, she will have decent food, three times a day, snacks, education, love and support. Well, lots of love, that's for sure," I smiled.

"Then she is already a thousand times better off than she was when she walked through my door," Alice smiled.

With a stroke of Megan's red hair, Alice pulled a sheet up over Megan and I, turned out the light and left the room. Several times during the night, I felt Megan's hips lifting and lowering, in her sleep she was fucking herself on my cock. When I woke in the morning, the ten year old had propped herself up on her elbows and was just watching my face. Those big blue eyes looked bright and happy, and I leaned down to kiss her cheek.

"Mr. Rush, can we just stay like this?" she softly asked.

"No Sweetheart," I replied and her face fell. "We have to get ready to leave because today you are going to a place where you will wake up like this a lot," I smiled. "You are going to have lots of friends, lots of men loving you and a great place to live. First though, I have to interview another lady and her children, then we will be leaving."

"Well, I'm ready to go right now," she excitedly said.

Together, Megan and I went in and showered then she put on the clothes that Alice had washed for her and we had breakfast. After eating, I called Al to bring the bus and it would take him an hour or so to get here. Just after breakfast, a lady with two little girls arrived and while I programmed the mother, Megan entertained the woman's two little girls, one two years old the other three years old. An hour later, I loaded nine mothers, twenty three little girls, under the age of five, and one five year old boy onto the bus. Instead of putting Megan on the bus, I let her ride in my car with me, so I could play with her little pussy on the way back to the ranch.

At the guard house, we unloaded the bus and in the locker room all the mothers undressed, then undressed their children. There were several of the little girls that weren't sure about undressing but since all the other girls, mothers, Joey and Megan were doing it, so did they. We made the mothers walk but Jim brought the wagon up for the little children to ride in, and they thought this was fantastic. The look on Ralph's face when I unloaded twenty three naked tiny girls out of the wagon, was fantastic. There were already older girls there, to make the new ones feel at home and the little ones were soon separated from their Mothers and didn't seem to mind. Then, I noticed the little red headed ten year old was still standing close to me, unsure of what to do, then I saw Jenny.

"Hi," Jenny said to Megan. "What's you're name?"

"Megan," the little red head bashfully replied.

"Come on Megan, I'll show you around," Jenny giggled and grabbed Megan's hand. "You're going to love it here, there's so much to do and we are going to have the neatest school. There aren't any beds left in the dorm, so you can stay with me. Have you had sex yet? Because if you have, the guest will be here tomorrow night and you're going to love it."

"Jenny," I called after her. "Megan hasn't had lunch yet."

"Okay Daddy," Jenny giggled.

"Mr. Rush is your Dad?" Megan gasped.

"Yeah, isn't he the greatest?" Jenny giggled, and drug Megan through the gates and up to the lodge.

When I entered the lodge for lunch, Jenny and Megan were just leaving the buffet line and looking for places to sit. They never even noticed I was there because they were carrying on like they had known each other forever. Since there was an open seat at their table and Helen was sitting with them, I just sat down beside Helen, so we could go over what had been going on over the past four days. Every time Jenny and Megan looked at me, they would both break out in giggles, then blush. After Helen filled me in, I realized the ranch was pretty well booked for the next few weeks and we were going to have a lot more guest than I ever expected.

"Daddy, Megan and I are going swimming, then we'll be home because you have to let Megan give you a real blow job before the guest start arriving," Jenny said, then she and Megan were off.

"Oh, Jeff. Mr. Albur called and you can expect to sell about forty head of live stock this weekend," Helen told me.

"Any particular ages?" I asked.

"He said if we weren't bothered by it, a few under the age of five and a couple of women that we didn't want," Helen softly replied. "I don't think the women are for sexual slavery."

With a smile, I told her we could live with that and I would give up a couple of the young mothers I had brought with me today. There was the one mother that I wanted to keep around for a while, to teach the live stock how to display themselves for sale. We already had thirty head marked for sale, so it was just a matter of choosing a few more but Helen warned me I wasn't going to find any more virgins. Still, I now needed to program a couple of the tots that I had brought back and went looking for Derrick to get an idea of dosages. It was going to be simpler than I thought and a dozen at a time I verbally programmed all twenty three little girls I had brought back. It was simple, they didn't need their mommy's any more and would do anything they were told and let a man do anything he wanted to their bodies and they would enjoy it.

The young mother that was the stripper was brought to me and I told her what I wanted from her, then began sending girls and mothers over to the barn. Of the tots I had brought back with me, I sent three of the four year olds, two three year olds and one five year old over to the barn. By the end of the afternoon, there were fifty young girls and seven mothers in the barn, learning how to dance, and show their bodies off. After several hours of learning, I called all the new live stock together and told them they were probably going to be sold this weekend. None of them complained, even though a few of them weren't pleased but that part I didn't care about.

After dinner, I was treated to an excellent blow job by Megan and the girl loved sucking cock and drinking cum. Even more so, that she was ready to entertain guest now and then she and Jenny were off with a dozen other girls to go horse back riding. Over in the barn, the stripper was working with the live stock again and would have them there again tomorrow afternoon. For a while, I watched her working with the live stock and even crude as they were, it was giving me a hard on. The youngest girls were the cutest and they became embarrassed so easily but it made them even cuter.

Later Friday afternoon, guest began arriving by the car load and there was soon fifty men and ten women looking for little partners for the night. Still, I held back a dozen girls for the King's party, that would be here Saturday morning, and there were still a dozen or so girls left over. Just before diner, I was met by a tiny group of unhappy, naked, four year olds, they had found out that four year old Abby was entertaining and they wanted to be entertainers also. With a laugh, I told them they would be ready to entertain by next weekend, that if their first time wasn't done right, they wouldn't enjoy entertaining. It placated them, because Abby agreed with me and told them how bad it hurt the first time for her. After dinner, I found my ten year old Jenny and told her I wanted her to teach Joey how to fuck like a pro.

"Daddy, it's to late," Jenny giggled. "Ralph's Wife has him."

"Well, he'll be well trained by the end of the weekend," I laughed and Jenny giggled. "How is Megan doing?"

"Fucking like a pro," Jenny giggled. "Daddy, I have to go, my date is waiting for me."

"What have we started?" Ralph asked as he joined me. "We have a hundred and twenty five girls here and not one for us," he laughed. "I hear the youth group is now up to forty. Have we enough women for twenty boys?"

"I think so," I shook my head. "Do you think we need more girls?"

"No, I think it will level out and with what we're selling and keeping, it should be enough," Ralph replied.

That night I slept by myself and wondered where I had went wrong because even Helen was getting fucked. Actually, the sounds of little children enjoying being fucked echoed around my office, all night long. It was around ten Saturday morning, when three helicopters landed in the lower field and a dozen men began walking up towards the lodge. They were being led by King Sasheen and I went out to greet them. Following the King, on her chain, attached to her nipples, was a stunning looking Colleen, beside her with a gold collar around her neck, was an equally stunning seven year old Patty and both mother and daughter were stark naked, except for some very expensive looking jewelry.

The first place I took them was the barn, where in the stalls there were forty naked children from two to fourteen, and ten naked women. It took almost an hour for these men to look over the live stock and there was even some arguing over who was going to buy what. When I announced that there were a few of the young girls in the pens that weren't virgins, no one seemed to care. When one of the men asked if they could physically examine the live stock, King Sasheen shook his head to tell me no. At the lodge, I assigned a young girl to each of the King's guest but the King himself didn't need one, he had Patty.

"It looks like you are treating Colleen and Patty well," I remarked to the King.

"Little Jewel, do I treat you well?" King Sasheen asked the seven year old Patty.

"Oh yes," Patty giggled. "The Princes aren't real happy with me though. They think I am over sexed but they don't tell me no," she giggled. "Mr. Rush, they even take me to school with them."

"Colleen, how are you doing?" I asked.

"If all Masters are like his Majesty, then sex slaves are very lucky," Colleen blushed.

"Mr. Rush, if all the slaves you sell are as talented as my Colleen and Patty, then you will have an unending market for your live stock," the King laughed but hugged Colleen to him. "We will be buying another pair for my two brother's sons, so there won't be jealousy among the cousins."

Just in the time the King, Colleen, Patty and I talked, most of the King's guest already had young children's mouths attached to their cocks. The King was surprised, but pleased that I had put several children of such a young age in the auction and also introduced me to one of his guest. This man wouldn't be buying during the auction, but after the auction would give me a fair price for any livestock left over. Quietly, I told him we would discuss what we would sell after the auction, because I had not intended for such a large auction, that was the reason I had put several that weren't virgins in the group.

"Mr. Rush," the King smiled. "Those are the live stock I prefer, after buying the two that I have."

"Your Majesty, we have been teaching all the live stock the art of pleasing a man," I replied. "They know what to do, how to do it but just haven't done it."

"Yes, but once they have done it, they only become better at it. My nephews no nothing of sex, they will need slaves that can teach them, and already know how to please. I did not notice my Little Flower in the pens."

"No, we didn't put Barbie up for auction," I laughed.

"What a shame, she would have been perfect for two of my nephews," he replied, as he openly stroked Colleen's bare breast and lifted his robe for Patty to crawl under.

There were several younger girls in the pens that I felt would be just fine for the King's nephews and if he preferred, we could have them trained before they left tomorrow. As we talked, the front of the King's robes rose and fell because little Patty was sucking his cock. Several of the other men began agreeing with the King, they also wanted slaves that were experienced, but we only had so many boys that could help. The best I could tell them, was that the girl they were now with, would help them train their new slaves over the night. This was more than okay with these men, but there were several that didn't care what the girl knew and I realized they weren't buying for sex slaves.

"Mr. Rush, if we buy a slave or two and don't need them trained, would they run off during the night, or would we have to restrain them?" one man asked.

"They will stay here, that is the way they are programmed," I replied.

"Well then, let us begin this auction," the King laughed.

With a smile, I asked that they give me a few minutes and went to find Jim and the stripper mother. They were close by and Jim assured me that everything was ready in the barn and he would get Tony to run the spot lights. It bothered me a little, because one of the Jenna's (the stripper) little girl was in the auction but I figured to just hold the little girl out, to please Jenna. All the bidders took their dates and headed for the barn to find better seats, but I felt all the seating was the same, because there were no chairs. Then, I followed and Jim, Tony and Jenna caught up to me.

"Jenna, I want you to hold your little girl back, maybe we won't have to sell her," I softly said.

"Oh thank you, Mr. Rush," she almost sobbed.

Chapter 21

In the barn, all the buyers were gathered around the stage and Jim yelled to let the auction begin and a flood light opened on the first stall. From the stall, Jenna took out a young girl, around nine and pointed to the stage. The girl had light brunette hair, about shoulder length, and a beautiful body, that she flaunted all the way up onto the stage, for which she received applause from the buyers. Once on the stage, the spotlight followed her as she walked around the stage, like a stripper, showing her beautiful little body off. In the middle of the stage, she stopped, turned her back to the buyers, spread her legs and bent over. As she looked between her legs at the buyers, she spread her hairless little cunt lips, so they could see her sex and ass hole.

"This is Tanya, she is nine, a virgin and can't wait to please her new owner," Jenna's voice came from the side.

"Thirty thousand!" a voice yelled.

As eight year old Tanya, wet her finger and slid it between her tight little cunt lips, Jim began auctioning her off. The next bid was thirty five thousand, then forty and forty five, and Tanya put her finger in her mouth and was sucking on it. Suddenly, someone yelled seventy thousand and Jim couldn't work up any more money, so he called Tanya sold. The naked nine year old walked over to the steps and stood at the foot of steps waiting for her new owner. Next, was a sweet looking little blonde, around six or seven and she bashfully went up onto the stage and did her routine, which became even better as the buyers applauded her. The first bid was by the King and it was fifty thousand dollars, but someone out bid him by five thousand right away.

The little blonde seven year old went for eighty thousand to the King and he sent Patty to get her from the stage. Next, was one of the young mothers, around twenty four, blonde, small breast with large nipples and gold rings through them. Her routine was even sexier than the young girls but the opening bid was only thirty five thousand. In a whisper, the King told me it was her age, but she would go a little higher. The young nude mother went for forty five thousand and I realized that was gravy money. Instead of taking her out into the crowd, the buyer put a letter on her breast and put her back in one of the unused stalls.

For the next several hours, young girls strut their bare bodies on the stage, showing their bare vaginal slits, puckered ass holes, unblemished skin and the girls that had breast showed them off to the buyers. Most of the livestock moved close enough to the edge of the stage that the buyers could reach out and touch their bare skin. Even feel the softness of their vaginal lips, or the ones with breast would bend down so the buyers could cup and feel their breast. The livestock was driving the bidding into a frenzy without realizing it, they were just enjoying the attention.

One of the four year olds was on the stage and she did her best but was so bashful and clumsy, yet received applause and brought fifty two thousand dollars. Out in the audience she stood in front of her buyer, and he fondled her tiny little flat breast, then softly asked if we had a doctor on staff. He wanted the four year old's nipples ringed, but wanted it done by a doctor and would pay for the service. When I told him we had a doctor and he was in the lodge, the man picked the four year and carried her out of the barn. Before the auction was half over, the man was back, there were tears in the four year old's eyes but she had bright, shiny gold rings in her tiny nipples.

One man bought six girls from the ages of nine to thirteen, to put in his whore house, but he would sell their virginities in the house. So, all six girls were put back in one of the stalls, and he would take them out later. It pleased me when three of the young mothers went as personal slaves, but not the several that would not live much longer. Still, it wasn't for me to care what happened to them after they left the ranch. There were nine girls and two women that didn't sell and I walked over to the stall with the one buyer. There was a two year old in the stall, Jenna's little girl and I told Jenna to take her out.

The buyer walked into the stall, and examined each and every girl and mother, their cunt, ass and mouths, then offered me thirty five thousand each. With his offer, that meant the group had made a little over two million dollars today and I told him it was a deal. As we walked up to the office to close the deal, he asked when the next auction was going to be. For now, I hadn't even thought about a second one because I just wanted to get this one out of the way first. With a smile, he told me he would buy any livestock left over from every auction and would guarantee me sales of at least thirty head a month. In return for this favor, he received a discount of five percent on all the livestock he purchased.

"Mr. Rush, you are providing excellent quality merchandise and you would be surprised at the market there is for quality," he explained. "I believe King Sasheen explained the political benefits for you, and this would just make it even stronger. Many of the people I would bring are the kind the government wants to have as friends and allies."

"You have my attention, but my say so alone isn't enough. Can I let you know tomorrow, before you leave?" I replied.

"Sure, but for now, I want to sample that beautiful little brunette you sold me. Is she a virgin?" he replied.

"I believe her name is Danielle and she is a virgin," I laughed.

After receiving his check, the rest of the buyers were there to settle their purchases, then wanted to get on with having fun with them. It surprised me when most of them wanted their slave's nipples ringed, but they explained it identified them when they were abroad. Almost all of them asked if they could send a friend to the next auction and like I told the wholesaler, I would let them know before they left tomorrow. The last livestock was paid for and I went to tell Ralph, Drew and Carl how much money we were sitting on, and that it was all in cash.

We discussed having monthly auctions but Drew and Carl were leaning towards one every other month. They were worried about that many girls and young women coming up missing every month, but I told them what the wholesaler and King Sasheen had both said about the political benefits. In the end, I gave in to Drew and Carl, because Damien agreed with them also, we would have a sale once every two months. All they asked was that I try finding the livestock in different cities than where I was finding them now. Once our breeding program was up and running, we could possibly provide livestock from that, but I reminded them that was years down the road.

After leaving the board members, I went back to call Donna and Alice and both had good news for me. They knew the people in other state health agencies and was sure they could talk to some of them for me, without using my name. We hadn't been off the phone for more than twenty minutes and Donna called back first, she had a case worker in the next state that would provide up to fifty girls and their mothers, for a thousand dollars per girl. After talking to Donna, Alice called and had a similar proposition from a different state, where I could get up to a hundred girls at once, for five hundred per girl. Both were sure they could find the same thing in other areas also, so I was off to talk with the board again.

When I caught up to the board, they were with King Sasheen and several of today's buyers, and I didn't want to say anything in front of these men. Instead, I listened as they were telling Ralph and Drew that they needed to put in a landing strip, long enough to land jets on. All it had to be was hard packed dirt and at least three quarters of a mile long and I knew just the area we could do it. When Ralph asked if we had a place like that, I told him we could have a strip two miles long, if they bought the section of the ranch that adjoined this one. It was mostly scrub land but the runway would end just about where the helicopters were sitting. With a smile, Ralph told me he would take care of it and have the runway in before the next livestock auction.

An hour later I wanted to laugh, where we had sold virgins, there were very few leaving the ranch, but the buyers were more than pleased. It made me realize we would need a few more boys, under the age of ten, so they couldn't impregnate the livestock. Now, instead of breeding for livestock, we could just breed for replacement entertainers. My thoughts were interrupted by Kelly and Brooke, wanting everyone to come and watch them with the stallions. Soon, there were fifty guest lined around the loft of the barn, watching in awe as the two fifteen year old's took stallion cocks into their cunts.

"Have they tried the initial mount without restraining bars?" a guest asked.

"No, and they won't," I replied. "I don't want one of our girls torn up."

"Hey, I know some people that would pay a hundred grand, just to watch that while they enjoyed your little girls," the guest laughed.

"You're one of them," the King laughed.

"Yes, as long as it isn't my little girl," the guest replied.

"The next auction," Drew remarked. "I'd love to see that also."

Now, these men began talking about fantasies, and how those fantasies could now be fulfilled. One, was the hunting down of a young girl, then raping her for several days, and this had been Carl's fantasy. When one of the buyers suggested having a picnic with the girl as the main course, I almost gagged, he was talking about cannibalism. Still, Drew said for the right price, an area would be found where they could roast a girl, or woman. Then turned to me and asked if we had a secluded area that a huge barbecue pit could be built in.

"Drew, I'm not sure this is something we want to do," I replied.

"Jeff, this whole place is about living out your fantasies and if we are going to support what we have started, we will need the income that fantasies provide," Drew replied.

"Jeff, what you people consider fantasy here, in other parts of the world aren't even given a second thought. Still, they are kept away from even the average person that could afford to do something like that," Sasheen added.

"Have you been to one of these barbecues?" I asked him.

"Yes, and they are quite erotic," he smiled. "It was held on an island and everyone brought their sex slaves, except for me and a few of my guest," he nodded at several of the buyers. "There were even families there, with children and they all watched as a woman was prepared for the spit and were quite excited by it."

"I'm sorry, this is a new concept to me," I said and everyone laughed.

"Jeff's biggest thing when we started this, was just to fuck one of the girls here on the ranch," Ralph explained.

"I will have Albur bring you some CDs to look at, they are considered fantasy, but you have the facilities and they are things that would bring a great deal of money onto the ranch," Sasheen told me. "The spilling of blood seems to bring some men to the height of sexual excitement and they would pay dearly to participate in a adventure like that. In fact, I would invite a very special guest to attend your first one. If he enjoys himself, you will have the utmost protection for the ranch."

The King's last statement struck a chord with Ralph and Drew, they didn't want to risk losing everything they had invested into the ranch and I could understand that. Still, I was put off by what these men were suggesting and it was going to take some real convincing to get me to participate. Still, I was a partner with no real money invested, but I owed it to the board to be open minded and try and accept what they were asking. When Carl mentioned that this could be a once a year event, it made it a little easier but they were asking for things that couldn't be done all at once.

As I thought about these proposals, I couldn't help but smile, one of the two year old girls was very interested in watching a guest cock slide in and out of a eight year old's cunt. My thoughts were interrupted by some commotion up by the lodge, so I excused myself and headed up to see what was going on. At the lodge, Jim had some blonde woman pushed up against the side of the building and was strangling her, until I pulled him back a little bit. With some bitterness, Jim explained that this was his sister in law and she had come to take Becky, Tami and Crystal off the ranch, Jim's and Lilly's nieces.

"You bastards will be rotting in jail when I get through with you!" the woman screamed, but it was slurred, as if she was drunk.

Off to my left, I could see thirteen year old Becky in tears, then Al was there to see what was happening also. Quickly, I told Jim and Al to take the mother up to my office and keep her there, I would be there in a few minutes. When I went to Jim's niece Becky, she turned and walked away, but I quickly caught up to her and told her we needed to talk. The little blonde beauty turned and asked me why her mother was allowed here, and that there was no way in hell she or either of her sisters were leaving with her.

"What would you like me to do?" I asked, taking the naked blonde beauty into my arms.

"Make her go away and never come back," Becky sobbed.

"Find your sisters, we need to talk about this and quick," I told Becky and she was off and back with Tami and Crystal in minutes. "Okay, Tami, Crystal, do you feel the same way about your mother as Becky?"

"My mother is Lilly," eleven year old Crystal coldly replied.

"That's my mother also, you can kill that other bitch!" twelve year old Tami exclaimed and both Becky and Crystal nodded in agreement, so I walked down to where Ralph and Drew were still with Sasheen and his guest.

"Ralph, we have a problem! Remember Jim and Lilly's nieces and how we worried about their mother showing up?" I asked.

"Yes, and I told you not to," Ralph replied.

"Well, she's here and the three girls want nothing to do with her," I replied.

"Jeff, you don't have a problem," Sasheen replied. "We'll just drop her out of the cargo hold, over the ocean," he smiled. "It would be a shame for her not to have a few good cocks before we do that though. As long as it isn't mine, if that was the woman we saw screaming at you, I would be afraid of catching a disease," he laughed.

When I reached the office, the woman was still irate almost irrational and Jim explained it was the booze. With a smile, I sent Al to the lodge for a pot of coffee so we could sober the woman up and Jim looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Still, when Al returned, we sobered the woman the best we could, then I told Jim and Al to take her to the barn and gag her, then hog tie her until later but not to hurt her. The woman screamed all the way across the road and into the barn, then minutes later her screaming stopped and a few minutes after that Jim and Al came out of the barn.

An hour after dinner, the loft of the barn was full to standing room only and everyone was watching the table in the middle of the barn floor. A woman started screaming and from the shadows Jim and Al drug the mother out into the light. While the two men held her, Tony ripped her dress off, then her bra and panties and a real sense of excitement rippled through the crowd. For being in her thirties, the woman was very well built, with large breast that bounced and swung as she tried to free herself from Jim and Al's grasp. She kicked at Tony and everyone could see the thick blonde pubic bush that ran between her legs as she kicked.

Once the woman was stark naked, Jim and Al drug her to the breeding table as she screamed, swore and begged, they strapped her naked body to the table. Once she was secured to the table, the two men spread her long, shapely legs wide and Lilly stepped between them to smear a heavy coat of vaseline into the woman's cunt. Now, Tony took Jim's place and Jim left the light but returned leading the largest of the two stallions. The stallion looked at the nude woman and immediately began prancing as his huge thick cock began jutting out from under his belly.

The woman screamed, pleaded and begged as Jim led that stallion closer to her while Al and Tony held her long shapely legs. As the stallion's front shoulders passed over the woman's legs, they spread them wide and held them tight. That huge, thick horse cock bounced and danced as he tried to find the woman's cunt, so Lilly reached in under him to guide the head of the stallion's cock to her sister's cunt. As the stallion bucked his hips and thrust forward, he at first couldn't penetrate the woman's cunt, then there was some give. As the woman screamed in fear, pain and agony, that three inch cock head began spreading her cunt lips from the inside of one leg to the other.

Now, the stallion began hunching his cock into the naked, screaming woman, with some power and slowly but surely the head entered her cunt, than the shaft was following. Once a few inches of cock shaft was inside the woman, the stallion began fucking her hard and fast, more and more of his two foot cock was disappearing inside the woman as she screamed and howled in pain. Then, everyone realized the restraint wasn't in place, and there were some gasp of surprise.

Deeper and deeper that stallion cock penetrated the woman's cunt, until everyone could see her belly rising as the cock went in and falling as it pulled out. The woman had almost quit screaming now, and every time the stallion pulled his cock back, blood flowed from the woman's cunt. Now, there was almost eighteen inches of that two foot long and two and a quarter inch diameter cock inside the woman and she was having trouble breathing as the stallion punched his cock into her lungs.

The sheath of the stallion's cock was pounding up against the woman's cunt lips, her heavy breast flopped and danced from the stallion's thrust. Then, the stallion was dumping huge loads of horse cum into the gasping woman, and when he pulled his cock out and backed away, blood flooded from between the woman's legs, from her gaping cunt hole. For several minutes, the naked woman's body jerked and twitched, then lay still on top of the table. From all around the loft, there were the sounds of young girls hitting extreme orgasms as guest punched their little pussies full of cock..

For several hours, the naked woman lay dead on the table but no one noticed, because there was an orgy like nothing I had ever dreamed of going on in the loft. Finally, Jim, Al and Tony removed the naked body from the table and carried it down to King Sasheen's helicopter. Suddenly, I realized my own cock had exploded several times and I just now realized eleven year old Crystal was attached to my cock. I had been doggy fucking the little blonde beauty senseless as she watched her mother fucked to death, and she was hitting orgasms so strong she was having trouble holding herself up. When my own orgasm hit, it was so strong I thought it would blow the eleven year old off the end of my cock.

The orgy continued through the night, young girls crying out in passion and lust, naked little bodies humping grown men's cocks. Grown men fucking like wild animals, again, again and again, pumping sperm into little girls like it was water. Even I was doing it, and by morning I knew I had fucked Crystal at least a dozen times and each one led to a raging orgasm. When we finally left the barn, my cock was sore and Crystal was walking a little funny, then so were most of the girls. On the porch of the lodge, I collapsed into a chair beside Ralph and he looked like he was in worse shape than I was.

"That's the last one of those, for a while," Ralph gasped.

"You mean we aren't going to do that once a week?" I asked.

"No!" he exclaimed. "Even if these little girls could take it, I couldn't and I don't think they can either."

"What about all these other things you wanted done?" I asked.

"Ask Drew, we thought he was having a heart attack last night," Ralph looked at Drew.

"One barbecue a year, three snuffs a year and why should we chase some poor young girl when we don't have to," Drew stated and even Ralph and Damien agreed.

"Maybe you could figure out some other forms of entertainment, like the way the livestock performed to be sold," Damien suggested. "Besides, if we did last night every weekend, it would become boring and wouldn't draw a crowd."

After breakfast, the King and his guest were getting ready to leave and it surprised me when even he echoed the boards sentiments about spacing these things out. Yet, he felt we needed to have them soon, to start something that guest would look forward to. Since I had gained a great deal towards not having this weird shit become a full time thing, I agreed. Still, they all felt we should be having monthly auctions, even if we only sold a dozen head of livestock each time and that I could live with. Still, the first thing I needed to get done, was the runway for landing planes and I would start on that in the morning.

A thought crossed my mind and we would have auctions on the second weekend of every month and the King thought that was perfect and would pass the word. At each auction, we would announce the upcoming events and when they would be, so the word could circulate. Since Drew, Carl and Ralph wanted to get the ranch protected, the barbecue would be at the next auction, so I had three weeks to get things ready. It amazed me that they could get forty head of livestock on those helicopters, then most of them were girls and weighed very little. On the way back to the ranch from seeing them off, I realized my ten year old Jenny had been one of the coaches for the new slaves. As I put my arm around my little blonde beauty, I realized even she was walking a little gingerly.

"I thought you were only coaching?" I asked Jenny.

"That guy was so wound up, he'd fuck his new slave then fuck me and he did that all night long," she giggled. "Daddy, I hope we do that a lot more, it really turns the guest on."

The first thing Monday morning, Ralph called and said the section of land we needed was ours and it would be fenced in by Wednesday. Immediately, I sent Jim, Al and Tony out to began clearing the ground for a landing strip, but we needed a road grader to finish it. The road grader arrived Tuesday morning and by Wednesday we had a dirt runway almost a mile and a half long. There was a product that we could spray on the runway that would make it almost like landing on concrete, so I had Jim put it on. A few lights along the runway and in a week it would be ready to land on.

When we came in Wednesday night, the youth group was just leaving and were raving about what a great time they had and couldn't wait to get back next week. There were also about thirty guest arriving and Helen was letting them pick their own girls for the night. Then the school people arrived and they also picked out girls for the night, so we had fifty five girls booked for the night. That night, everyone was treated to a strip tease show, directed by Jenna and it was a roaring success. The new gowns had turned out just perfect, they were white from a short distance, but closer than that, they were transparent and actually showed off the girls bodies.

By Friday night, we had seventy guest booked for the auction and barbecue and of the seventy, forty were looking to buy livestock. The first thing Monday morning, I headed to meet up with Donna and Bess, and they were going to introduce me to a friend of theirs in the neighboring state. This woman's name was Madge and after an interview over coffee, she guaranteed me the delivery of up to twenty children and their mothers a month. By the end of the week, I had over forty children from eighteen months to fourteen years old and fifteen mothers that would be on the ranch the Friday afternoon before the auction.

When Ralph worried that I had over stocked the auction, I reminded him we had a buyer for any that didn't sell off the stage. The three thousand dollars that I had paid in bribe money would easily be recouped just off the mothers alone. Feeling very happy with myself, I settled in to enjoying a few of these young girls myself and was eyeing a really pretty twelve year old. Just after I filled the twelve year old's cunt with cum, Mr. Albur arrived with the CDs the King had promised. When I saw him eyeing the twelve year old, I just smiled at told him to help himself to any of the girls.

When Albur returned, he had one of the new girls, a sweet looking nine year old and she was already trying to get him out of his clothes. After slipping the CD into the computer, I pulled the twelve year old onto my lap and slipped my cock up her ass. Together, we watched images unfold on the screen and I wondered if this had been a good idea. The first was a group fucking of a sweet little brunette around fourteen, and she was sucking six different men's cocks, then each man fucked her. Once they were through fucking her, they tied her hands behinds her, led her over to a tree where a hangman's noose dangled from a limb. The young girl was stood up on a box, the noose put around her neck and the box kicked out from under her. As the girl kicked and thrashed, the six men stroked their hard cocks until she quit.

On my lap, a very excited twelve year old was almost pulling my cock off with her ass muscles as she bounced up and down on my cock. Every time she went into an orgasm, her sphincter closed over my cock like a vise and she was hitting orgasms fast and furious. When the screen went black, she asked if we could watch it again, because it was so cool. When I asked her if she realized the girl died, she did and couldn't believe how the girl on the screen's body jerked and thrashed with orgasms before she croaked.

"What if that had been you?" I asked her.

"What a way to go, one huge orgasm," she blushed. "Mr. Rush, are you going to do that to me?"

"I hadn't thought about it," I replied.

"Well, if you do, I guess it would be okay but I want to suck and fuck a dozen men first," she thoughtfully said.

The screen came back on and this time I wasn't sure I even wanted to watch, because the name of the clip was Cannibals. Yet, the little twelve year old and even the nine year old on Albur's cock were getting off on what they were watching. Now, they had all kinds of questions, like would they still be alive when people ate them, because they thought that could be kind of neat. Or did having the pole put through their body kill them, because they weren't to sure they wouldn't like being fucked by a pole that size and that long. These were questions I couldn't answer and just the thought of what was happening sent a load of cum deep into the twelve year old's guts.

"Mr. Rush, are we going to do that here, because if we are it's okay if you do that to me," the twelve year old beauty gasped through another orgasm.

"Wouldn't you prefer to stay around here and be fucked all the time?" I asked.

"Well, yes, but if you would want to do either of those things to me, it would be okay," she replied.

"You could do it to me," the nine year old gasped as she jerked out an orgasm on Albur's cock.

"I don't think so, little one," Albur gasped, sending a load of cum into the naked nine year old. "Because I hope Mr. Rush allows me to come back and enjoy this beautiful little pussy of your's again."

"Okay," she giggled, "because you really made me feel good."

After we sent the two young girls on their way, Albur and I talked and I found he was not a bad man, just tried a little to hard to please the King. When he thought we should never use one of our regular girls for these events, I understood why he was saying that. Because most of our older girls had a following of men by now, ones that asked for a specific girl when they came. As we talked about doing something like this, I realized it was something I couldn't do, but I could watch. With a smile, Albur assured me the barbecue would be handled by the people that wanted it, because it took a great amount of skill. To execute a girl by hanging took no skill at all and if we wanted, it was something he could do when the time came.

"Oh, here is the money for the girl to be barbecued," he handed me fifty thousand from his brief case. "They want a girl around eleven or twelve, with breast that are developed, rounded and quite firm, would that be a problem?"

"No, I think I have one coming that will be exactly what they want. Does hair color make a difference?" I asked.

"Not really, color and amount make little difference once they go onto the spit," her replied. "Have you a place ready?"

"Yes, the boys made a pit bit enough to roast a cow," I replied. "Oh, and the landing strip is finished and we have marker lights on it also."

"That is very good, because his Majesty would like to take back a dozen head of livestock between the ages of six and ten. He would also like to have five young women, over the age of eighteen but under the age of twenty five. They are to be gifts to some of his loyal supporters," Albur explained. "He is not concerned with hair color, just that they be sexy looking."

"Does he just want to buy them outright?" I asked.

"Oh no, he enjoys the auction process to much, and I doubt anyone can outbid him," Albur laughed.

"Then, you may tell him there will be twice that many young girls and women in this auction," I replied. "The women will be mothers though."

"So much the better," he smiled. "Mr. Rush, I must be going now, but will see you next Saturday morning. I deeply thank you for the use of the girl."

"Mr. Albur, instead of calling me when the King needs a message given to me, bring it in person. A good messenger deserves a good fuck, don't you think," I laughed.

"I would think I may be needing to bring you a lot of messages," he laughed and shook my hand.

When Ralph came in a little later, I told him about Albur's messages and a big smile crossed his face. If the King was going to bid for what he wanted, it would guarantee we would get out money back that I had spent. For a few moments, I began to wonder if Ralph wasn't getting greedy, then he handed me the bills for everything we had done to get the ranch ready. For all we had made at the last auction, we were still in the red, but like Ralph said, this coming auction alone could put us into the black. The daily guest paid well and that would be our bread and butter, with profit to spare after the auction. From then on, we would have it made, if we averaged seventy guest a week.

With a big smile, Ralph suggested I recruit another dozen girls, that were exactly what the King would want. Also, make sure we had at least half of the older girls he had asked for, between eighteen and twenty five, because we had sold most of the young mothers at the last auction. When I worried about over stocking, Ralph just smiled and told me he had over worried. If they didn't sell, we had the extra beds in the dorm to take care of them until the next auction. Still, he suggested I make sure the older girls were well built and very pretty.

With a smile, I picked up the telephone and called my social services contacts, telling them what I wanted. An hour later, Al and I were headed to the next state with the bus and would be back Friday afternoon. When Madge met us, she took us to the home of a friend of her's that was out of the country for a while. It sat on the out skirts of a major city and was well secluded from prying eyes. That afternoon, I interviewed a dozen beautiful well built young women and was very pleased. They were all in some kind of trouble but nothing with drugs or alcohol.

Actually, all twelve young women were quite innocent, naive and easily manipulated, that was what had gotten them into trouble. They had been taken advantage of and ended up in financial trouble, or minor scrapes with the law. The way Madge put it, they were trying to do anything to survive, short of selling their bodies. There were at least another dozen extremely beautiful young girls, from two years old to fourteen and one fourteen year old that would be perfect for the barbecue. Somehow, I ended up not taking any mothers this time, but had programmed the mothers not to miss their children. Most of them were actually happy to get rid of their children, because they hindered their life styles.

It was late Thursday evening when we pulled into the ranch to unload the bus at the changing room. None of the new livestock complained at having to ride the bus on down to the ranch naked and it gave me a chance to really examine what I had brought back. The one fourteen year old wasn't what I had hoped for, but there was a brunette twelve year old that was. She wasn't skinny, but well built, with more than the beginnings of womanly curves and breast the size of softballs. There were several other extremely beautiful younger girls, that I sent to the dorms to become entertainers along with four little girls five and under.

The first thing Friday morning, I sent Al back after the forty head of livestock that I had gotten the first part of the week and they would be back by early afternoon. Already, Jenna had the group I had brought in last night, in the barn and was teaching them to dance and display themselves for sale. When the one twelve year old asked why she wasn't being taught to dance or entertain, I told her she would be entertaining in a different way, one that required no teaching.

Chapter 22 Just before lunch, Al returned with the forty head of livestock I had programed earlier in the week and I met him at the guard house. There were several tiny girls, one barely a year and a half and a couple two year old's, a three year old, two four year old's and a five year old. Of these, I sent the year and a half year old, one two year old and the three year old to the dorms, the rest would stay as livestock for the auction. Then I saw the nine year old and one eleven year old, they were stunning beauties and going to stay that way as they grew older.

There were several of the girls that were already entertainers, that didn't come close to these two girls beauty and body, so I had Helen move the two entertainers to the livestock sale and make these two new girls entertainers. When Helen asked about replacing several other girls, with girls from the Thursday's load, I agreed with her and told her to take care of it. When Ralph gave me a funny look, I assured him that the first thirty eight girls we had acquired, would never leave, this was their home but changing the newer ones allowed us to have new blood and virgins.

"Actually, I would think if we just kept the original twenty girls, we would have fulfilled what we intended to," Ralph said. " Even to selling off Brooke, Heather, Becky, Tami and Crystal and I know they are part of the original ten. Still, they have no parents here and I would like to keep the girls that have parents working on the ranch."

"I can live with that, but let's do it this way. If we ever need livestock and have none available at that moment, then we could turn them into livestock," I suggested.

"As always, a perfect idea," Ralph smiled.

For the next week, the livestock was taught the art of pleasing men and practiced their dance routines. By that Wednesday, most of these girls were having orgasms just watching and when I watched one of the dance practices, it almost made me cum right there. All of them were curios about who they might be sold to and all the entertainers told them how most of the girls sold loved their new owners. When they wanted to know when they would get to have sex, they were told that most slaves didn't make it off the ranch virgins and they would be coached through their first night.

It was just after noon Friday when that first plane buzzed the ranch, followed by two more, I had Jim take the wagon over to the runway. He ended up making three trips because not only were there men, but women and children that were family of the guest. Among this group of family, were several boys in their early teens, several younger boys and three younger girls. Once everyone was at the lodge they all wanted to inspect the merchandise right away. With a laugh, I told them there would be no inspections until tomorrow morning, then the auction would be tomorrow night. Still, I forewarned them that all of the young livestock were virgins, with only a few exceptions, but all of them had been trained in the art of pleasing. With a wink at Colleen and Patty, who looked even more beautiful than the last time they were here.

"Mr. Rush," may we just have a peek?" King Sasheen laughed. "Better yet, why do we not have the auction tonight, I have a lot of livestock I plan on taking back with me and I could care less if they are virgins," he laughed again. "Well, I guess we can wait until tomorrow," he again laughed.

"Well, not all the buyers are here, but if they all make it in by dinner, we could have the auction after dinner," I laughed. "Who do I turn the one girl over to, for the picnic?"

"The women will take care of her for now," a man smiled.

"Would the boys like to have women for the weekend," I asked.

"No, they will be helping prepare the girl for the picnic," the man answered. "We want her as full of sperm as we can get her."

With that, the man handed me an envelope, payment for the use of the ranch and it contained another twenty five thousand dollars. When I told him it wasn't necessary, he just smiled and explained that having a place like this to use, was worth more than what they were paying. We walked on up to the lodge and the twelve year old girl was standing on the porch waiting. When I pointed her out, the five women thought she was just the most beautiful thing and went right to her.

At first, the twelve year old, with the long brunette hair, wasn't sure what to think of all these women gushing and fussing over her. To let her know, I told her that she now belonged to these people and they could do what ever they wanted with her. When they began fondling and feeling her naked body, starting with her tenniss ball sized breast, she realized it was okay. Then they began feeling her arms, thighs and butt and the naked little beauty was beginning to enjoy this. One of the women pulled out a syringe and alcohol swab, cleaned the girls arm and gave her an injection. One of the men explained to me that the injection was to stop the flow of gastric juices into the twelve year old's stomach.

The dozen or so kids that came in with the guest, were now crowding around the naked twelve year old, wanting to know if she could go play with them. One of the mothers told them in a little bit, then led the nude twelve year old off the porch, while another mother brought a chair for the twelve year old to sit in. With the twelve year old leaning forward in the chair, her long brown hair was swept over her head and one of the women took out a pair of barber clippers. While one woman held the twelve year old's hair out, the other used the clippers and starting at the girl's neck, began cutting off her hair.

While all the other entertainers watched in awe, the twelve year old's hair was cut so close that it looked like a crew cut, but then the woman took out a can of shaving cream and lathered the young nude girls head with it. Then, she used a razor and shaved the twelve year old's head perfectly clean, then shaved off her eye brows. Once the excess cream had been wiped away, they had the twelve year old stand up and spread her legs wide. Shaving cream was lathered on her little pubic patch, and the woman shaved the girls thick patch of pubic hair off. With everyone watching, it was obvious the now bald, twelve year old nude girl was very embarrassed.

Once all the shaving cream had been wiped off the naked, bald twelve year old, two of the women put on latex gloves and began smearing a dilapatory cream all over the twelve year old's naked body. They let the girls stand there for five minutes, and with pans of warm water from the lodge and big soft mitts, they began washing the twelve year old's nude body clean. Once all the cream was off, they again washed the girls body with soapy mitts, then rinsed her off with clean water, then dried her with fluffy towels. The naked twelve year old now stood there without a hair on her body, including eye brows.

"Now, she can go play with you kids for a while," one woman told them.

"What's your name?" a girl asked.

"Darcy," the hairless nude beauty asked.

"Darcy, let's go play at having sex," the girl told her. "We can watch you be fucked by our brothers."

The now, totally stark naked twelve year old was taken by the hand and led to the edge of the lawn, where the children made her lay down on her back. A dozen pair of little hands roamed over her hairless body, feeling every inch of it and it was having an effect on the twelve year old. As of yet, none of these children had undressed, but the boys were now removing their pants and shorts, while the little girls were removing their panties but kept their dresses on. One little girl lay down between Darcy's's legs and began licking her virgin cunt, while the other girls began sucking and licking on her firm little breast.

"Can you tell me where the pit is?" a man asked, interrupting my thoughts. "The barbecue pit," he repeated.

"Sure, I'll show you," I replied.

The pit had been erected in a meadow across the creek and below the school, far enough where not everyone would know what was going on. With a smile, the man told me he was the chef and when we reached the pit he was very impressed. There were three long picnic tables and one shorter table that was sturdier than the others. The only thing missing was the spit rod, that went across over the top of the pit and could be turned. It was at the shop, so we walked back up to the shop and he wasn't to impressed with the rod.

The pit rod was a piece of one inch steel, about eight feet long, and a crank handled welded to one end. Still, the man just picked the rod up and took it to a bench grinder, where he sharpened the opposite end to a rounded point. Once the point was what he wanted, he found another piece of iron, that he made into two U shapes, about a foot apart, then welded them to the rod about a foot and a half from the handle.

"Prefect," the man replied. "Sorry if I wasn't happy at first, but then I realized this is something totally new to your folks."

"True," I tried to smile.

"I know," he smiled. "It takes a little getting used to. I'm going to take this over to the pit. Would they allow me to have a little cooking oil, from the kitchen. I don't want this to start rusting."

After assuring him the kitchen would give him what ever he needed, we walked back over to the lodge. On the lawn, the bald, twelve year old beauty, was being three wayed by the boys and her orgasms were extremely obvious. All three boys must have came at once, so they turned the girl over onto her back and one of the younger boys knelt between her legs. As the boy pushed his little cock into the girl, one of the girls in dresses, knelt over the blonde girls face, to have her pussy licked. As the young boy fucked the bald girl, she licked the other girls cunt until all three of them were rocking with orgasms.

For the next several hours, the group of children fucked the bald nude constantly, then one of the women told them it was time to start getting the girl ready for tomorrow. Several different apparatuses were brought out and twelve year old was taken to the edge of the lawn, and a chair was set in front of her. Several buckets of water were set on the edge of the lawn and several coils of vinyl tubing were set in the water to warm. Once everything seemed to be ready, the woman had the twelve year old lay back on the grass again.

While one woman straightened out the vinyl tubing, another tipped the nude twelve year old's head back, then held her hand out for the tubing. It was clear tubing, maybe a half inch around and she began feeding it into the twelve year old's mouth. At first, the young girl choked but the woman softly talked to her and the tubing began sliding down the girls throat. After what looked like several feet of tubing was down the naked girl's throat, the tubing was attached to a small pump and a tube ran off the lawn. Moments later, fluid began squirting out of the tube and it didn't look none to pleasant. After several minutes, the pump was shut off and the woman began flushing water down the tube, into the girl's stomach, then this was pumped out also. The process was repeated several times before the tube was pulled out of the naked twelve year old's throat and she was allowed to stand up.

Now, the twelve year old was bent over the chair, with her head resting against the back of it and two women moved in behind her bare ass. Another tube was prepared, only this one almost an inch in diameter, with a small cone on the end of it. The end of the tube was lubricated with cooking oil, and the one woman spread the twelve year old's ass cheeks. The other woman inserted the tube into the nude girl's rectum and began feeding foot after foot of that tube up the girl's ass. Once the woman was satisfied with the amount of tubing in the twelve year old's ass, a bag was attached to the end of the tube, that held almost a gallon of warm, soapy water.

Slowly, but steadily, the one woman squeezed the bag of warm, soapy water up the naked twelve year old's ass. As the girl whimpered and danced, the last of the gallon of water was squeezed into her stretching stomach. Both women were assuring twelve year old Darcy's that she was doing fine and asked her to try and hold the liquid in for a while. The tube was removed and the naked twelve year old, with no hair and a grossly distended belly was paraded around the lawn for everyone to see. Then, she was led off the lawn, told to squat and let the fluid out and even as embarrassed as Darcy's was, she did it. When she began farting air, everyone laughed but the women just told the twelve year old it was okay.

Again, the tube was fed up Darcy's's twelve year old ass and this time the hairless young girl had a gallon of clear water pumped up her tight little ass. After several minutes of walking around, Darcy's was allowed to evacuate the water, then the process was started all over again, with another gallon of clear water. When Darcy's evacuated the last gallon of water, everyone of the family members praised her for how well she did. Now, the six men began removing their clothes, then stood in a line and told Darcy she needed to suck each of their cocks until she had drank two loads of sperm from each man.

As the hairless twelve year old began sucking those man cocks, she soon began enjoying it more and more. By the third man, she was pumping her hips in time to the bobbing of her head, and after sucking two loads of cum out of a man's cock, she eagerly moved to the next man. Several of the entertainers were more than eager to help Darcy's suck those cocks, but the women told them they were just for Darcy's. They hoped by dinner time that Darcy's's stomach would be full of cum and I suddenly realized she had no way to digest the cum.

"That's the way we want it," one woman whispered to me. "We want all of her cavities as full of sperm as we can get them. It adds a great taste."

By the time Darcy's finished all six men, it was time for diner but she wasn't hungry, which didn't surprise me. Since she didn't want to eat, the people had her stay under the table and suck off the three older boys while they ate. When one would cum, she would just move to the next one and once she had sucked off all three, she could suck off anyone that wanted their cock sucked. By the end of dinner, the nude twelve year old had sucked off almost ten men and it was obvious that her jaws were getting very tired. One of the men commented that it was awful hard to fill a girl up with sperm but this was the only way they could get enough sperm into her.

"If we could milk the two stallions, that would give you almost a gallon of horse sperm," I suggested. "I don't know if horse sperm is what you would want though."

"That would be perfect," the one man that finished the spit rod stated. "We can enjoy her through the night, then first thing in the morning pump her full of horse sperm."

With that, the family eased up a little and just began fucking Darcy's and enjoying her hairless, twelve year old nude body. By morning, the twelve year old was walking a little gingerly as she was led down to the barbecue area. Two of the women had milked the sperm from the two stallions and at the barbecue area had Darcy's lay back on the stout table. Tubes were again run up Darcy's's ass and almost half the horse sperm was pumped up inside her guts. Another tube was pushed deep into her cunt and the rest of the horse sperm pumped into her cunt and womb. To keep the sperm from running out of her cunt once the hose was removed, a small apple was forced into Darcy's cunt, like a bottle stopper.

Once the twelve year old's cunt was plugged, the two women brought out another vinyl tube but this one was only a quarter inch thick, They spread the twelve year old's cunt lips and began fishing around with that tube, then it began sliding up inside Darcy's body. I knew it wasn't in her cunt, then I realized they were shoving it up her piss hole. Once the tube was in place, pee began dribbling out the end of it, onto the ground. After the last of the pee was out, a small pump was hooked to the tube and a cup of water was forced up into Darcy's bladder. After the pump was unhooked, the water streamed out a lot faster than the pee, then the women flushed the twelve year old's bladder one more time.

Now, the three women began bathing the nude twelve year old again, actually using light brushes to clean every square inch of her body, including between her toes. While the women scrubbed Darcy's's nude, hairless body, the men started the fire in the barbecue pit. By the time Darcy's's hairless body glistened, the fire was a hot bed of coals and the one man was oiling up the pit rod. The women helped Darcy's to kneel on the table, with her head hanging off the one end and her legs spread, just a little, keeping her shapely ass in the air. All around the barbecue area, were other guest and entertainers, watching in amazement at what was happening.

It took two men to lift that pit rod up and hold it in place as one of the women carefully spread Darcy's's ass cheeks. The sharp tip of the rod easily slipped inside the twelve year old's ass and the one man began slowly pushing even more of it up inside Darcy's's naked body. When the nude beauty gasped in pain, the women told her she was doing fine and held her shoulders to keep her from moving. A good foot and a half of that pit rod was already up the twelve year old's ass and the one man would move the rod a little this way or that.

Again, Darcy's gasped in pain and her breathing became a little ragged as almost two feet of the rod was now inside her body. Slowly, the man worked the rod around as one of the women lifted Darcy's's bald head up, so it straightened out her pretty neck. There was a bulge showing in the twelve year old's throat, then she gurgled a little and the end of the pit rod was coming out her mouth. Softly, one of the women told the twelve year old to breathe through her nose, as a good foot of the rod slid out of her mouth.

Now, the two men and three women gently laid Darcy's down on the table and the men picked up her legs and set her knees in the U shaped brackets. These held her legs about a foot apart at the ankles and one man tied her knees in place with cotton twine. The other man used another piece of cord to tie Darcy's's arms to her side, then the women began coating Darcy's's hairless, naked body with oils. When the twelve year old's back, legs and between her ass cheek shined with oil, they turned her over and began coating the front of her naked body.

Special attention was paid to the twelve year old's firm breast, then as her brown eyes seemed to search for help, the two men picked up each end of the spit rod. Easily, the two men carried the rod with the impaled twelve year old on it, over to the barbecue pit and set each end in the Y shaped holders. The heat off the coals was intense and the one man began turning the pit rod as the other brushed Darcy's naked, cooking body down with sauce. It was more than I could take, I knew the twelve year old was being cooked alive, so I turned to walked back up to the lodge.

All around me, guest were fucking the shit out of young girls, who were screaming with orgasms and even the family had stripped, the boys were fucking their mothers, the dads fucking their daughters. Still, I had an auction to get ready for an only an hour to do it in and I needed to find Jim and Jenna to make sure everything was ready. At the lodge, I found Jim and he told me Jenna was at the barn going over routines with the livestock. We talked for a bit and when Ralph and Drew joined me I wasn't real happy, but they seemed to be.

"Another weekend like this and we'll have paid for the new land," Drew congratulated me. "Jeff, is something wrong?"

"He's having guilt feelings about the barbecue," Ralph softly told Drew.

"Jeff, we are in the entertainment business, the kind that needs protection that we can not yet afford," Drew explained. "The man running the spit down there, can guarantee that we are never bothered by the law. For what we have going here and as easily as you can procure girls, what does the loss of one or even two girls a month hurt. Especially if it guarantees that we can keep the rest of the girls safe and busy."

"Guess I hadn't thought about it that way?" I replied. "Even I realize we have jumped from a home operation to a multimillion dollar business."

"It wasn't intended to happen this way," Ralph replied. "Since it has, we can't stop now and there is no turning back. The best we can do, is stay in control of what is happening and so far you are doing a fantastic job."

"Guest are beginning to drift up from the barbecue, is the auction ready?" Ralph asked.

"Sure," I replied, seeing Jenna coming out of the barn. "Give us about twenty minutes."

They gave us a half hour and forty some very nervous livestock waited in the stalls of the barn as guest filled the loft. One by one, livestock strutted around the stage, showing off their pussies, breast and cute asses. The cutest was the one two year old and to show off her tiny pussy, she just bent down and rested her head on the floor, then spread her tiny vaginal lips wide. It blew my mind away, when she sold for forty one thousand dollars, but when Jenna told her how well she had done, the tiny nude girl squealed and clapped her hands with glee. The most precision performance came from a fourteen year old and she actually had the audience drooling and getting very turned on, but it was worth it, she brought seventy six thousand dollars, from a buyer for an asian whore house.

By the time the auction was done, the King had bought fourteen girls and paid an average of fifty five thousand dollars for each one and seemed very happy about it. In all, we sold forty three girls and women and I figured we made over two million dollars in live stock sales. It did make me realize that we had something to protect, but I still wasn't happy about young girls being put to death just for the fun of it. For now though, I would keep my opinion to myself and headed to the safe in my office with a huge amount of hard cash.

Outside the barn, was the smell of meat barbecuing and I had to admit it smelled very good, nothing like I had expected. Earlier in my life, I had smelled a burn victim and the stench was nauseating, nothing like this. Once the cash was locked away in the safe, I walked down to the lodge for lunch and to let Ralph, Drew and Carl know how much we had made. My little Jenny was coming up from the picnic grounds with her guest and she seemed to be excitedly talking about something. When she saw me, she left her guest to come running to me and at first I thought something was wrong.

"Sweetheart, are you okay?" I asked my ten year old.

"Sure Daddy," she smiled. "We just came up from the picnic area, it will be several more hours before the girl is ready to eat. Daddy, if they ever cook me, I hope I'm still alive to watch them eat me."

"Jenny, why would you wish something like that?" I asked.

"So I could see how much pleasure my body brought them," she simply replied. "I think Darcy was alive for quite a while but I don't think she is any more. Several people were sure that she was smiling though. Daddy, are you going to eat some of her?"

"No, I don't think so," I replied.

"My guest doesn't want to either, so I won't," the little blonde beauty replied. "Daddy, are we going to hang a girl? Ruth told me about the video you watched with her. She said it really turned her on, and you too."

"That, I'm not sure of," I replied.

With a disappointed look, Jenny was off to be with her guest and I went on into the lodge to find the rest of the board. They were all very impressed with the final total but soon more interested in the little naked beauties attached to their stiff cocks. As I walked out of the lodge, I spotted the girl that had gotten me into this mess, fifteen year old Kelly. The brunette nude's beautiful body still gave me a hard on and when she saw me, there was a big smile and she was coming to me.

"Hi handsome, want to be my date?" Kelly asked with a shy smile.

"Very much so," I replied, hugging that beautiful nude body to me. "Kelly, what do you think of what is going on in the picnic area?" I asked her as we walked off the porch.

"I just hope that if that is done to me, that I'm pregnant when it happens. That way the guest will get to enjoy my baby also," she replied. "That would be an added surprise," she giggled. "Jeff, Jenny told me that you have a CD of different things that could be done here. Could we go look at it?"

Since I couldn't see anything wrong with it, Kelly and I walked up to my office as she held my cock and I one of her firm, proud breast. When the CD started, the first was about cooking a young girl and that made the nude fifteen year old very excited. Since I had seen the rest of the CD, I moved Kelly around so I could slide my cock up her ass and enjoy her that way, as she watched the CD. For some reason, the next segment turned the fifteen year old on even more and when they kicked the box out from under the girl and she hung there, Kelly began hitting orgasms so strong she almost choked my cock off.

"Kelly, why does that excite you so much?" I asked, after she came down.

"Didn't you see how much those men enjoyed that?" she gasped.

"Well, yes, but think about this, that girl will never please another man," I stated.

"True, but look how many she pleased at one time," she replied. "Honestly, I don't think I would want either to happen to me, but if it did, that would be okay. Still, I would love to have a man's cock in me when he watches things like that happen. April said that when they put Darcy on that spit, her guest had his cock in her cunt and came so hard it almost hurt. Still, she was having such a hard orgasm from watching it that it made her scream from it."

With a smile, I remembered seeing twelve year old April at the picnic area and I did hear her screaming with orgasms. Then, I began to realize that this was the way I had programmed these girls and if I couldn't handle it, then it was my problem. Since we had a picnic area now, I asked Kelly if she wanted to take the horses and go look for an execution area. With a small squeal, she was off my cock and after a warm cloth to clean it, because she knew just the perfect place. Still, she wanted to be back in time to watch them take Darcy off the spit and I agreed to that.

For the first time, I rode horse back in the nude and again loved watching the naked fifteen year old riding naked beside me. The way her firm pointed breast gently bounced and the way she would lean back so I could see her brunette muff. When we reached the middle meadows, I realized we were only a ten minute walk from the lodge and school. On the near end of the meadows was a little rise and a huge cottonwood tree and Kelly was sure this would make a great place to hang little girls. Still, these kind of trees were soft and the branches broke easily, but Kelly had another idea.

"Jeff, why don't we just build a gallows up here?" she asked. "Then, on the other end of the meadows we could put a impalement pole, if someone wanted to execute a girl that way," the nude was excited. "Then, during the winter, we could do these things in the barn, where it would be warmer."

"You have someone in mind that you want to see hung?" I asked.

"Well, I would hope you could bring in a girl we don't know. One with bigger tits, that would flop and bounce as she croaked," Kelly thoughtfully replied. "We could even do one of the mothers and let her daughter be the executioner. Doesn't that sound wicked?" she asked, then giggled.

There wasn't any need to ask, the fifteen year old nude, brunette beauty was already going to her knees in front of me and taking my hard cock in her soft mouth. As my cock slid in and out of her beautiful face, I brushed her soft hair back out of the way so I could watch. In my mind, I could actually see the gallows, and a woman flopping and jerking as her life left her nude body. My orgasm hit like a freight train and I was sure I blew a hole in the back of Kelly's mouth.

The fifteen year old didn't need to suck me hard again, my cock never shrank and I pulled Kelly to her feet, to kiss her passionately. As the nude fifteen year old pushed herself into my naked body, I could feel her hard nipples burning holes into my chest. I had to have this girl and as I pushed her down, followed her to kneel between her spread legs. Her cunt was soaking with juices and my cock easily slid deep inside her cunt. As I began pounding my cock into her, I could feel Kelly's body already jerking and twitching with orgasms.

As I described what I was seeing, the nude fifteen year old began convulsing with orgasms, as she pounded her cunt onto my cock. Harder and deeper I fucked Kelly, until my own orgasm ripped away the lining to her vaginal sheath and she screamed in ecstasy, then I collapsed on top of her. Even though I had just shot the hardest cum of my life, my cock still wasn't going soft and Kelly rolled us over so she was on top. The nude beauty began riding my cock like a wild woman, pounding herself down onto it until she couldn't hold herself upright any longer. Then, she collapsed on my chest and continued to ride my cock, until we both screamed out gigantic orgasms, then we collapsed exhausted, into each other's arms and just lay there.

"Jeff, would you butt fuck me while they take Darcy off the spit?" Kelly softly asked.

"Of course," I replied and kissed the side of her face.

"Would it be okay if I didn't want to eat any part of Darcy?" she bashfully asked.

"Well, I don't plan on it, so why should you have to," I replied.

When we arrived at the picnic area, the twelve year old Darcy's naked body was still on the spit and slowly being turned. Every part of her skin was a golden brown, and her tiny nipples a little darker. The two picnic tables had been pushed end to end and the man turning Darcy's body said she was done. Quickly, Kelly went to her hands and knees in front of me and I knelt behind her and spread her ass cheeks. As they were lifting the naked twelve year old off the barbecue pit, I pushed my cock deep into Kelly's fifteen year old guts.

The two men laid the well cooked twelve year old on the two tables so she was on her back, her breast pointing up and all the family gathered around the table. As the one man began pulling that long, metal spit out of Darcy's ass, I felt Kelly explode into orgasms like I had never felt. The whole group took places around the table, all looking at the well browned, naked twelve year old's body, then the one man began carving the cooked flesh from Darcy's body, starting with those firm, baseball sized breast.

Even though I didn't want to, I couldn't stop watching as plates were passed around with pieces of Darcy's cooked body on them. My own orgasm was exploding into Kelly's guts and it wasn't stopping. All around us, young girls were screaming out orgasms as men grunted and yelled out their own orgasms. Still, when the family asked anyone that wanted to, to join them, no one did and soon we were all leaving the area, to let them dine in peace.

Even though I wanted to be repulsed by what I had seen, it wasn't happening and I almost hated myself for it. When I looked around, I saw the expressions on many other faces, they too were glad it was over also but every man still had an erect cock. Before we even made it back to the lawn area, men had pushed willing little girls to the ground and were fucking them silly. Still, Kelly and I went on to the lodge, where I needed something to drink but we didn't allow alcohol on the ranch. Beside us, King Sasheen was walking with one of his new naked, live stock and he looked over at us and smiled.

"I can never stay for the eating part," he softly said.

His words meant a lot to me, I wasn't the only one affected by that part, then I also noticed the rest of the board was on the lawn, including our sadist Damien. Slowly, I began to realize, they accepted what had to be done to preserve what we had started and now I was also. With a smile at the naked, fifteen year old beauty beside me, I motioned Kelly on into the lodge so we could get something to eat. Once we had our food, we found a place to sit and Helen joined us but no one mentioned what had happened earlier.

"Jeff and I found a place for executions," Kelly softly told Helen.

"I just hope it's none of our own that are executed there," Helen softly replied and Kelly agreed with her.

"There won't be any of our girls, unless someone screws up real bad," I smiled.

When we were leaving the lodge, Helen was walking out with Kelly and I when one of the older boys from the picnic asked if he could have Helen for the night. When she smiled and agreed, I was surprised, yet I wasn't and watched them walk off together and he was cupping Helen's naked ass as they walked. For the rest of the night, I fucked Kelly both lovingly and violently and she fucked me back in the same ways.

Late the next morning, I watched as all the livestock was being loaded on the planes and for some reason wondered what had happened to the rest of Darcy. Then, I noticed the one family was carrying a bag onto their plane and let it go at that. With a smile, King Sasheen walked with Helen and I and said we didn't have to do that again for another year. Yet, he would be back if we had a snuff party and I was to let him know ahead of time, also, to plan on another auction in a month but this one wouldn't be as large. We would only need twenty to twenty five head of livestock. Then, they were gone and Helen and I walked back towards the lodge and she took my hand.

"Did you have a good time last night?" I asked her.

"I guess," she smiled. "Jeff, there was a funny smell about that boy, he was a good fuck though but not compared to you."

"Oh," I laughed. "Flattery will get you into my bed any time," I hugged her and Helen hugged me back as she giggled like a little girl.

Chapter 23

After a wonderful night of great sex with Helen, Monday brought a new feeling to me and a new out look on life. Still, there wasn't much to do since there were no special events booked but the ranch was almost full to capacity with guest for the rest of the week. The youth group arrived right on time and Helen was still one of the boys favorites and later that afternoon Jenna. The young mother had put on a strip tease show for the youth group, and as the girls and women stripped, they went to be with a boy or a man from the group. When Helen did her strip tease act, I almost shot my load right there and soon there were several of the youth group boys willing to fight over who had her for their two nights. Leave it to Helen though, instead of letting the boys choose her, she chose a boy and one she hadn't been with yet and all the arguments were over.

Wednesday afternoon, there was a call from King Sasheen, he had reached home and his gifts had been warmly accepted and made him a hero, even among several he knew were enemies. He had a small group of men coming to the ranch, the following weekend, and they wanted to buy about twenty girls to start a whore house in his neighboring country and wanted to know if this would be okay. They wanted all younger girls, from six to ten and two mothers to watch over the girls and help in the house. All the little girls were to be virgins, because by auctioning off their virginities, they could recoup some of their original investments. Yet, they wanted them to know what to do and how to do it, and I told him that would be fine, but they would cost sixty thousand each.

A quick phone call to Marge, Alice and Bess and I would be on the road again but back by Friday afternoon and Helen would set up a training week while I was gone. Before I could even get out of the office, there was another call, from the man that did the barbecue. He was having a friend from Malaysia calling me and gave me the name and a safe word. The man wanted to buy some of our girls and the caller would let him explain. It wasn't twenty minutes later when the buyer from Malaysia called and he seemed very impressed with what he had heard of our operation. He wanted to buy ten girls, between the ages of ten and thirteen, to put in his whore house, so he could have some white girls that spoke English. He then threw me a curve, he did not want virgins, in fact preferred they have some experience but didn't hesitate when I told him sixty thousand each. He seemed very happy and asked if he could also come the next weekend and I felt it was okay because it was a slow weekend.

"Jeff, ten girls from what we have won't short us," Helen assured me. "Actually, we could sell some of the less pretty girls and they are still as sexy as the others."

It made me think, Helen was right, our first thirty or forty girls were stunning beauties, well built for their ages and intelligent. After them, I had just acquired girls, taking almost what ever I could get. Now, I could be more choosy and had a week and a half to find them in, so I headed to meet up with Madge at her office. On the way back I would stop by to see Alice and Bess. The twenty I needed for the whore house buyers and two mothers, were easy to come by, twelve from Madge, four each from Alice and Bess. Since school was out, the three women had me do the interview in their offices.

Each of the twenty were between six and ten years old, cute and the two mothers were very pretty. It was the little girls that I felt for, they seemed so happy to be going some place nice and away from the shabby lives they lived. The nine and ten year olds were already to the point of becoming hardened by life but not to far for our purposes. It didn't surprise me when most of these girls parents were glad to see them leaving and I felt sorry for these children. Yet, in a way, they were going some place where they would be appreciated and I understood they would also be schooled, so they were going to be better off.

For the ten girls to replace our current pleasure girls, I wanted to do home interviews. To see how these girls lived, what their families looked like and get an idea what they were going to look like five years from now. All three women agreed and I called Al so he could bring the bus and pick up the twenty little virgins, two young mothers and take them back to the ranch, so they could start their training. Now, I started my home interviews but had to devise a way to get pills into my subjects, which was going to be easier than I expected, I just carried a couple two liter bottles of cola with me. They would stay in the car until I had made my decision, then I would bring them in, along with special glasses and we would have a family toast to the girl selected to attend Pine Ridge Ranch.

At first, I thought there weren't any girls I would want, these kids in the ten to thirteen year old range, from these poverty families because they were already becoming hard cases. Still, the third family I interviewed, had two sisters, one eleven, the other thirteen, both light brunettes and stunning beauties. In her day, before the booze, so was their mother and I loved the smiles and giggles of these two girls. They were both under five foot tall, and neither weighed over a hundred pounds, the oldest I assumed to have breast about the size of softballs, the youngest the size of small oranges. Once I had programmed both girls and their mother, I told them there was one final thing I needed to look at and that was their naked bodies. Suddenly, both the eleven and thirteen year old's became very shy, but I hadn't expected less.

"Oh come on girls, show him your beautiful bodies," the mother exclaimed. :Shit, you run around here half naked all the time anyhow."

Both young girls blushed at their mother's words but began removing their blouses to reveal ratty bras that were a size to small for each of them. Yet, I found it erotic the way their young, firm, breast bulged out over the tops of their bras. Next, was their shorts for one and pants for the other and both girls wore white cotton panties, that they filled out so nicely. The thirteen year old reached behind her back and was having trouble unsnapping her bra, because it was so tight, then her mother reached out and undid the snaps for her. As the thirteen year old hunched her shoulders forward and slipped the bra straps off her shoulder, she was using one hand to cover her breast.

"Stupid twit!" the mother exclaimed. "He's going to see them anyhow, get your arm down."

A crimson blush crossed the thirteen year old's face as she dropped her arm and the bra slid down her arms to her wrist. The girl had a thirty two C chest, with breast the size of softballs and no sag to them what so ever. Beside her, the eleven year old had slipped her bra off already and as I figured she had breast the size and shape of hard balls, with the prettiest little pink nipples. Still, the eleven year old wasn't any more than a thirty B chest, but again, that was what I had expected. With a smile, I reached out and pulled the thirteen year old closer to me, then bent forward to kiss her coral, quarter sized aureoles, which made her little nipples spike.

"Oohh yes," she gasped.

Already, the eleven year old was trying to get closer to me, so I pushed the thirteen year old back a little and pulled the eleven year old closer to me. Instead of kissing those little pink aureoles, I instead hooked my fingers into the waist band of her panties and pushed them down off her shapely little hips. As her white panties fluttered down her shapely legs, I ran the back of my hand over her tiny patch of sparse silky soft pubic hair. This caused the eleven year old to gasp also and there was no hesitation when I pulled her closer to me and made her straddle my legs.

Now, I kissed each of the eleven year old's little pink areolas and as I did, slipped my fingers between her shapely legs. Gently, I stroked the softest pair of vaginal lips and within moments felt them become wet with excitement. When I looked up into the girls beautiful face, her head was tipped back and she was pushing her breast to my mouth. Carefully, I slipped a finger into her vaginal opening, far enough to feel her hymen, but it was enough to send the eleven year old into her very first orgasm.

As I let the naked eleven year old move away from me, her naked, thirteen year old sister immediately took her place. As I kissed the thirteen year old's breast, I also stroked her thick patch of silky pubic hair before slipping a finger between her legs. Those petal soft pussy lips were already wet with excitement and I easily slipped a finger into her vagina to find her hymen. The way the thirteen year old's naked body jerked, and her look of surprise, I knew this was also her very first orgasm but it wouldn't be her last.

"I would love to be there to see them fucked for the first time," the mother gushed.

"Once they leave this place, you will never think about them again and if anyone should ask, they have gone to live with your sister," I told the mother.

"Does that mean we've been accepted?" thirteen year old Rachel squealed.

"Yes, you have both been accepted and by this time next week will be having sex with grown men and constantly having orgasms while you are doing it," I laughed. "Now, you can both get dressed and I will call to let you know where and when to meet the bus that will take you to the ranch."

"Mr. Rush, will sex feel better than what we just felt?" the thirteen year old asked.

"Yes Sweetheart, so much better that you'll think it's going to make you die from pleasure, but you won't," I smiled, then pulled each of them to me and kissed them.

"Mr. Rush, what if I can't wait," eleven year old Kyla bashfully asked.

"Well, you just have to wait, it won't be that long and until then what you are going to do on the ranch is our secret," I answered and both still naked girls nodded.

Both the thirteen and eleven year old were more than anxious to get to the ranch and I had an idea, so before they dressed I took a couple digital pictures of each of them. They were for the guest, so they could see what beautiful young girls were coming to attend school on the ranch. When I left, both girls just had to rub their bodies against me and have one more kiss apiece, and I was off to my next appointment. The next two appointments were with pretty young girls, yet still not the beauty of my ten year old Jenny, so I moved on to the next one.

This was a mother, that turned my stomach and her daughter was very pretty but the epitome of a juvenile delinquent and a mouth that would make a sailor blush. She was very well built, and about five three and thirteen years old, with full breast and long dark hair. There was no question both mother and daughter were lying to me during the initial interview and it pissed me off, so I let them toast their success and being accepted at the ranch. After I programmed them, they became very honest and the mother at one time had been a stunning beauty but having the daughter ruined her chances of ever making anything of herself. As she took her own failures out on the daughter, the daughter's life spiraled down with the mother's.

When I told the daughter she had been accepted, a whole new girl appeared, and when I asked her to disrobe, she did so quickly. For thirteen, the girl had a woman's body, and was probably five four, thirty four C, twenty seven, thirty four, and her breast reminded me of soft melons, that had been played with a lot. When I felt her pubic hair, it wasn't all that soft and as I stroked her hairless vaginal lips, she hardly became excited but enough for me to slip a finger between them. As I eased my finger into her cunt, the young girl finally became aroused and instantly began trying to fuck my finger. After I had my finger into her cunt, up to the second knuckle, I realized she wasn't a virgin.

"When did you loose your hymen?" I asked.

"A couple of years ago, one of Mom's boyfriends popped my cherry while she was passed out drunk," the girl almost bragged.

"Have you been sexually active since then?" I asked.

"Yeah, all the guys seem to enjoy fucking me," Shannon giggled. "Will that affect my acceptance to this goody two shoes ranch?"

"Well, ... I guess not," I smiled. "You'll be notified when and where to meet the bus, but before I leave I want to take a couple of pictures of you."

"What about me?" the mother asked, as I snapped several pictures of her naked daughter.

"Once your daughter leaves for the ranch, find the highest building you can and jump off the roof," I stated in disgust.

As I left their apartment, I wished I hadn't accepted the girl but it was to late now and I headed on to my next appointment. My next appointment, was in the suburbs, at a small house where a young girl of ten was living with her Grandmother. The girl had long, dark hair, the most beautiful face and a smile that made your heart jump but what impressed me most was her manners. It was a short interview and grandma gladly helped toast the girl's acceptance to Pine Ridge Ranch. Instead of having the girl disrobe, I told the grandmother I would be back to pick her up later in the day, and take her to the ranch myself.

There was only one more appointment in Marge's area and there were two young girls in the family, one nine, the other twelve, both sweet, beautiful and the twelve year old was already beginning to show the signs of a fantastic body. It was obvious that these two were going to grow up beautiful because their mother was a stunning beauty. After they had been programmed, I found out even more, the mother was a recovering drug addict but kept back sliding. Still, I wanted both girls and soon had them naked and sitting on my lap, so I could fondle their beautiful, bare bodies.

The nine year old seemed embarrassed that she didn't have breast for me to play with but I assured her she had enough for me and all the men she would be with. Still, I did like the twelve year old's breast, they looked like someone had cut a tennis ball in half and placed the two halves on her chest. Both topped with the coral colored aureoles and tiny pink nipples. Between her legs was a tiny slash of blonde pubic hair, that was silky soft and led to the softest vaginal lips. Both girls became instantly aroused when I played with their tight little slits and bashfully admitted they had never seen a penis before, but they knew what they were.

What seemed to touch me most about the nine and twelve year old blonde beauties, was the way they craved my attention. Yet, I had already made arrangements to pick up the ten year old and was sort of regretting that decision. Still, I promised both girls that when they reached the ranch, I would be there to greet them and we would spend the night together. When they asked if I would be having sex with them, I told them I planned on it and they both squealed with glee.

"Mr. Rush, when will we be at this ranch?" nine year old Simone asked.

"Well, today is Tuesday, probably Thursday," I smiled.

"What do we need to bring?" twelve year old Ashley excitedly asked.

"Just the clothes you are wearing when the bus picks you up," I laughed.

After a few pictures, I gave both girls kisses and pats on their beautiful bare asses, then headed back to pick up the little ten year old dark haired Tess. When I reached Tess's house, the little ten year old brunette looked fantastic, her hair had been brushed out and she was wearing a light green short and top outfit. Since we had a ways to drive, I took her hand and led Tess out to my car and she didn't ask any questions, just let me take her. We had a two hour drive to reach Alice's and so we stopped for dinner along the way and Tess seemed apprehensive.

"Sweetheart, what's wrong?" I asked the ten year old.

"Mr. Rush, I've never been in a place where you eat," she shyly answered.

"Well, there is nothing to it and I'll help you order," I smiled and that was all she needed.

Inside the cafe, Tess was so polite and quiet but I could see the same thing in the ten year old that I saw in Simone and Ashley, she craved the attention I was giving her. Her meal was fish and chips which Tess thought was out of this world and she used a fork to eat her fries. On the way out after our meal, she confided that she had been very scared but it was okay since I was with her. Back in the car, Tess became a little tired, so I let her lay down on the seat with her head in my lap, and I unbuttoned her blouse enough that I could put my hand inside and play with her puffy pink aureoles. It wasn't long, and her little hips were undulating across the seat and I could hear her softly gasping as her little nipples became steel rods under my fingers.

For a moment, I thought about letting ten year old Tess take my cock out and play with it but we were at Alice's house. While I took a small bag out of the trunk, Tess stayed very close to me and then Alice was coming out the front door to greet me, and when she saw the little brunette ten year old, just smiled at her. Quickly, I introduced Tess to Alice and told Tess we would be staying with Alice tonight and part of tomorrow.

"Sweetheart, have you had dinner yet?" Alice asked Tess.

"Yes Ma'am, Jeff took me to a really fancy place, where they brought the food right to our table," she politely answered.

"Oh Sweetheart, you are so adorable," Alice laughed and brushed her hand over Tess's long brunette hair. "Let's go inside and get you comfortable."

With a smile, Alice took the ten year old Tess's hand and I followed them into the house, admiring the little brunette beauties tight little ass as she went up the steps in front of me. With a hush of embarrassment, Tess asked if she could use the bathroom and Alice pointed it out to her, then told her she could take a shower while she was in there. When Tess said she didn't have any clothes to change into Alice just smiled and told her she wouldn't need any tonight, then in the morning she could put back on what she was wearing now.

"Ma'am, I have never used a shower before," Tess bashfully told her.

"Well,.. Why don't we just shower together and I'll show you how it works," Alice suggested and I agreed.

When I heard the toilet flush, then the shower start, I knew Alice had left the bathroom door open, in case I wanted to come in. Still, I just waited and about twenty minutes later, I saw Alice pushing Tess down the hallway, the ten year old's hair had been brushed out and she was covered in a beach towel. Behind her, Alice was stark naked and for an older woman, she was still very attractive. When Alice stopped Tess, she had a big smile on her face and I could see Tess's pretty face flush from embarrassment, then Alice lifted the towel off to expose the ten year old's naked body, and it was stunning.

The little ten year old brunette's naked body was flawless, her chest had the very beginning of breast, yet they were still in the puffy stage and just starting to round out. Softly, I whistled and told Tess how beautiful she was and that she was going to have guest just drooling to be with her and a beautiful smile crossed her beautiful face. When I held my arms out to her, the ten year old slowly walked over to me but didn't resist when I pulled her up onto my lap. Then, I shifted her around so she was straddling my legs and facing me, so I could see her beautiful face.

Gently, I stroked a finger over her beautiful cheeks, along the bridge of Tess's nose and along the softest pair of lips. My hand trailed down to caress those puffy little mounds, that would soon be breast and the young girl gasped in pleasure. Her tiny nipples almost jumped out in erection and I took them between my fingers and used them to pull Tess closer to me, to I could kiss those soft, sweet lips. The first kiss made her gasp, but when she kissed me back it was the kiss of a little girl and I loved it. The second kiss made the ten year old cry and she threw her arms around my neck and hugged her naked body to me.

"Sweetheart, wouldn't you like to feel your naked skin against mine?" I softly asked the ten year old and she nodded. "Then take my shirt off."

Little fingers unbuttoned my shirt and small hands pushed my shirt off my shoulders and I let it slide down my arms and onto the back of the chair. Again, I used Tess's tiny nipples to pull her back to me and kissed her passionately and she melted against my chest. Her tiny nipples were like stiff, molten pieces of steel, burning into my chest and I hugged her close, cupping her little bare butt and lifting her just enough that it brought those beautiful little buds of flesh to where I could kiss them. Each kiss on those tiny breast brought a gasp from the naked ten year old, her shapely little hips began moving back and forth with excitement.

Since Tess was so small, it was easy to slip my fingers from under her bare butt, between her legs to where I could softly stroke her so tight little pussy lips. It always amazed me at how soft the skin was along these preteen vaginal lips and as I applied just a little pressure, Tess began humping my fingers. She began lubricating heavily and my finger tip easily slipped between those tight little lips and the first thing I felt was a tiny little bump. The next thing I knew, this precious ten year old brunette was crying out in fear as her very first orgasm ripped through her nubile young body.

"Oh Jeff, oh Jeff," Tess gasped. "What happened to me, it was so wonderful."

"Sweetheart, that is going to be happening to you a lot from now on, and they are only going to get better," I smiled at her.

For the longest time, the little sweet, brunette ten year old, rested her head against my chest as her naked little body jerked and shook with orgasms. Once they began subsiding, Tess looked up at me and had the most incredible look on her beautiful face. She was sure nothing would ever make her feel that wonderful again and I doubt she believed it could ever get any better than what she had just went through. With a smile, I gave her a kiss, and she kissed me back, and I asked Tess if she was ready to feel even better that what my finger did to her and she nodded.

"Then, you need to finish undressing me so you can find out how much better it is going to be," I smiled.

Carefully, I helped the ten year old up off my legs and held her for a moment as she wobbled on unsteady legs. Her naked little body was so beautiful and I just had to caress those puffy little mounds one more time, then stood up in front of Tess. The ten year old fumbled with my belt for a moment, than it was free and she worked on the clasp for my pants. Just as my pants came free, there was the cutest little giggle and Tess thought she had better take my shoes and socks off first. Once my shoes and socks were off, she easily slid my pants off my feet and began pulling down my under wear. When she raised back up from removing my underwear, she was looking right at my semi hard cock.

"Oh Jeff, that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen," ten year old Tess gasped. "Can I touch it?"

"You sure can, it would even like you to kiss and lick it, then suck on it for a while. If you suck real well, it will give you some good tasting sperm to drink," I told the naked child.

The ten year old's little hand wrapped around the shaft of my semi erect cock and her soft little lips gave the head of it butterfly kisses. It was such a great feeling that I let myself down onto the carpet, onto my back and the stunning little brunette beauty moved between my legs without ever turning lose of my cock. Immediately, she went right back to kissing and licking around the head of my cock, then sliding it into her sweet little mouth. The still naked Alice knelt beside ten year old Tess and began telling her how to use her little pink tongue to tickle and tease the shaft of my cock as she sucked it in and out of her warm mouth.

As the naked, brunette beauties head began bobbing up and down as my now stiff, seven inch cock slid in and out of her mouth, I felt her naked little body shudder a little. It only took a moment to realize Alice had slipped her hand down over Tess's bare butt and was stroking the ten year old's little pussy slit. Moments later, the ten year old's butt was going up as her mouth went down onto my cock, then down as her mouth pulled back on my cock. After all the naked little girls I had seen, I was ready to explode and put my hands on that soft brunette hair to hold her mouth on my cock.

When the first jet of cum exploded into the ten year old's mouth, she immediately swallowed it and was sucking hard for the next one, so I turned lose of her head. By the time Tess had swallowed the fifth jet of my cum, I realized her own naked little body was jerking with orgasms. Still, the ten year old continued to suck on my cock, keeping it rock hard and I wanted to give her another load of cum to drink. Then, I realized what I wanted even more than that, was to taste her little virgin pussy, so I pulled that little brunette head off my stiff cock and pushed Tess down onto her back, on the floor.

Quickly, I rolled over between Tess's ten year old legs and looked at her bald little pussy slit. There were already drops of moisture on it and I moved my lips to that soft little slit. As my tongue washed from the top of her vulva ten year old vulva, to the rosebud of her ass hole, the brunette beauty let out a wail and started jerking out orgasms. So far, I hadn't even licked between those tight, soft little lips and the tip of my tongue pried it's way between them and found her tiny clit. Once I had her clit between my lips, I began sucking on it, like it were a penis, and thrashing it with the tip of my tongue. The naked ten year old's beautiful body began thrashing around on the carpet as she wailed in orgasm, so I moved the tip of my tongue to her virginal opening.

As I rimmed her vaginal opening with my tongue, Tess exploded into one orgasm after another as her little hips tried to push her virgin cunt onto my tongue. The ten year old's vaginal juices were like sweet wine and I lapped and sucked at her vaginal opening for even more. After several minutes, I felt that naked little body slump onto the carpet and looked up over her flat stomach and realized Tess was out of it. Gently, I began kissing my way up over that flat stomach, to those puffy little swells of breast, where I paid homage on both of them before kissing her beautiful little face.

As I kissed Tess's forehead, I felt her little legs being spread wide, then a hand slipped between us to spread the ten year old's virgin cunt lips. Then, another hand reached between my legs to guide my cock head into the pocket of the ten year old's vaginal opening. Once I felt that tiny opening, I began pushing forward, the nude beauty was so far out of it that her vaginal opening began spreading over the head of my cock, until the glans of my cock head was starting inside her. Suddenly, there was a strong resistance and I pushed even harder until I felt the shaft of my seven inch cock beginning to bend. There was an audible popping sound and my cock thrust deep into the ten year old's virgin cunt, taking her hymen with it.

"Oh Jeff, it's to big, it hurts so bad," Tess wailed. "Please, take it out, it hurts."

The little ten year old's cunt was so tight that it hurt but I held my cock where it was, inside Tess's naked body and I could feel her cervical cap wrapped over the head of my cock. As Alice knelt beside us and tenderly stroked the little girl's face, she assured her the pain would go away soon, but Tess had to relax a little. Carefully, I pulled my cock back a little and Tess gasped but didn't cry out, so I pushed it back against her cervix and held a steady pressure. Slowly, I felt that tiny opening grasping the head of my cock, like a gigantic rubber band and Tess began wailing in pain again. For several moments, the ten year old cried out, than I felt that cervical opening snap over the head of my cock and around the shaft.

As I looked down on the little stunning brunette beauty that lay naked under me, I could see my cock entering that tiny cunt and her vaginal lips were spread almost to the insides of her thighs. There was still a good inch of my cock to put in her and I assured her the worst was over and soon all she would feel was great pleasure. That tight ring was cutting off the circulation to the head of my cock but it was also slipping farther down the shaft. Soon, Alice smiled and told Tess she now had pubic hair, and the ten year old just had to lift her head to look.

"That was sure a lot of pain, just to have hair down there," Tess gasped.

"No, this was why there was all that pain," I smiled, and pulled my cock out until it popped out of her uterus.

"Ouch, that hurts," she cried.

"Once you get used to it, it won't hurt at all," I assured the naked ten year old, then pushed the head of my cock back inside her uterus.

There was a squeal of pain, but it wasn't as loud and on the next in and out of her uterus Tess just grimaced. The third time, the stunning brunette beauty looked up at me in amazement, so I made a long stroke of my cock and this made her gasp. Again, I pulled my cock out until just the head was inside the ten year old's cunt, then shoved it all the way back in, until I was again in her uterus. This time, there wasn't a gasp, but a low moan and I felt those slim hips lift that tiny cunt to my cock. Another long stroke and Tess pushed her cunt to meet my cock and as it entered her uterus I felt her beautiful naked body jerk.

"Now, was it worth the pain?" I softly asked.

"I'm not sure but if it get's any better it will be," the ten year old gasped.

With a smile at Alice, I began deep stroking my cock into the naked ten year old's tight little cunt and the movement became easier because Tess was lubricating heavily. Faster and harder, I fucked the young girl, her hips were thrusting that tight little cunt to my strokes, trying to get even more of my cock inside her. Then, Tess began moaning, her naked little body began convulsing with orgasm after orgasm, so I pulled her shapely little legs up between us. When that last half inch of cock pushed into Tess's uterus, the ten year old never even noticed, so I began power fucking her, so hard I was driving her across the carpet.

"Oh yes, oh yes," Tess squealed.

That was the last coherent thing Tess said, from then on she just babbled because her orgasms were coming so hard and strong. Harder and deeper I plunged my seven inch cock into that ten year old cunt, pushing her uterus up into her stomach until her vaginal sleeve gripped my cock like a velvet glove. Her stunning, nude body was convulsing with orgasms and she had lost all control of her muscles until it was as if I was fucking a rag doll. Still, it was a rag doll with an extremely tight cunt and I was enjoying myself to much, to the point my own orgasm was hitting.

When I thrust my cock as deep as it would go into the nude ten year old body, Tess cried out in orgasm, then the first jet of cum exploded deep into her uterus and she screamed with the most intense orgasm she had felt so far. Each jet of cum exploded the stunning ten year old brunette into another intense orgasm, until Tess passed out on my cock. For several minutes, I lay over that naked ten year old, with my cock still deeply embedded in her body, then I carefully lay beside her so my cock didn't come out of her cunt. When Tess opened her big brown eyes, I was softly caressing her puffy little breast and I felt her move her hips a little, as if she was trying to fuck herself onto my cock.

"Jeff," Tess almost whispered. "I thought you were trying to kill me with pleasure," she smiled. "Will it be like this every time now?"

"Yes Sweetheart, from now on, every time will be just like this," I laughed and tweaked a tiny nipple. "Now, I am going to take my cock out of you and you need to suck it clean. It will have some blood on it but it will be your blood, from loosing your hymen."

"Can we just do it one more time first?" she asked, then smiled.

"Sweetheart, while you clean Jeff's cock, can I clean your pussy?" Alice asked, and I nodded at Tess.

"I guess so," Tess replied.

Quickly, Alice lay on her back, on the floor and I helped Tess to kneel over Alice's head, then I straddled Alice's hips and pulled the naked ten year old Tess down to my cock. The young girl opened her mouth and with one hand pulled my cock to her and into her mouth, then all of a sudden, her naked little body exploded. Between her legs, Alice had started eating the ten year old's cunt and Tess exploded into orgasms. She began rocking back and forth to suck my cock in and out of her mouth, and on the out rocks was grinding her little cunt into Alice's face. Once my cock was clean, I pulled it out of Tess's mouth and away from her, which wasn't easy, then the ten year old hit one gigantic orgasm and collapsed on top of Alice.

"That was great too," Tess gasped when she came back around.

"Well, I think you should do that to Alice, to show her how much you appreciated her eating your pussy," I suggested to Tess.

After putting a couple of pillows under Alice's butt, I had Tess kneel between Alice's legs where I spread the older woman's cunt lips open to show the ten year old where the most sensitive places were. As the nude little ten year old began licking Alice's cunt, I noticed her cute little ass was sticking up in the air. Carefully, I knelt behind Tess and spread her tight little ass cheeks and placed the head of my slippery cock against Tess's virgin ass hole and pushed. The young girl's body jerked forward, grinding her face into Alice's cunt and my cock was inside her ass, so I just held it there for a moment, letting Tess adjust to something of that size in her ten year old ass.

Once Tess pulled her face back from Alice's cunt and began licking it again, I pulled my cock back in her ass hole, then slowly pushed it in until all seven inches was inside the ten year old's ass. The buttery feel of her rectum felt fantastic on my cock and I slowly began fucking Tess's ten year old ass with long deep strokes. A few of these strokes and I felt that small body jerk with orgasm and at the same time Alice cried out a strong orgasm. For several minutes, I fucked Tess's ten year old ass, the young girl was now constantly hitting orgasms and must have really been into eating Alice's cunt.

"Oh Jeff, make her stop, I can't take any more!" Alice cried out.

With my hands under Tess's chest, I used her puffy breast to lift her up and push her forward onto Alice, then began pounding my cock back up her ass. Harder and harder I fucked the ten year old's ass as her little nude body jerked and thrashed under me. Each thrust drove her little vulva into Alice's cunt and the older woman cried out that it felt like Tess was fucking her. Both Tess and Alice were jerking out climaxes right and left, and mine was coming, so I slammed my cock deep into Tess's guts and filled her with my sperm. As Tess collapsed onto Alice, I just fell backwards and lay on the carpet, gasping for air. Soon, I was aware of Alice gasping and looked up to see that Tess was sucking Alice's tits, but I was to tired to care. Instead, I went to the bathroom and washed my cock after being up Tess's ass, then went back into the living room.

Chapter 24

The naked little brunette ten year old was laying on the floor, her legs obscenely spread and beside her the older woman lay about the same. When Tess looked up and saw me, she closed her legs, sat up and smiled. When I asked if she was ready for bed, Tess nodded and I put my hand down to her, then helped her to her feet. She held my hand tightly as I led the naked ten year old back to the bedroom I used and picked her up, to lay her back on the bed. When I lay down beside her, Tess smiled and I began gently caressing those puffy little starts of breast, moments later, her little hand took hold of my cock and I smiled at her.

"One more time?" I asked.

"Oh yes," Tess gushed.

"Well, I have something different for you to try, it's called riding a cock and I think you'll enjoy this."

With a smile, I helped Tess to kneel over my hips, then held my cock up straight while she spread her little cunt lips and set her vaginal opening onto the head of my cock. When the naked ten year old began sliding down onto my cock, she let out a little squeal of pleasure but a little gasp as my cock penetrated her uterus. Still, once Tess was fully impaled on my cock, she looked up at me and giggled, she had hair down there again. With a laugh, I took hold of her tiny, erect nipples and pulled her down to lay on my chest, then told the naked ten year old to lift and lower her hips a few times. About the third time, Tess didn't need any encouragement, she was pumping her cunt onto my cock for all she was worth.

For almost twenty minutes, the stunning little brunette ten year old pumped her little cunt onto my cock, until she was having such strong orgasms that she couldn't control herself any more. Carefully, I lifted my hips and told Tess to put her legs out straight, then let her back down and pulled a sheet up over us. For several minutes, I stroked the ten year old's bare back and butt as she still lifted and lowered her cunt on my cock. Finally, she just couldn't go on and lay on my chest, her little nipples burning holes in me.

"Jeff, I better get off, because I'm getting so sleepy," Tess softly said.

"Sweetheart, you just go ahead and go to sleep, I love having my cock in you like this," I kissed the top of her soft brunette head.

"Jeff, can we do this again tomorrow?" she asked.

"Well, we will still be doing it tomorrow, when you wake up," I chuckled.

"Alright," she giggled, then lay her head on my chest.

Several times that night, I felt the ten year old's naked body jerk and twitch as she went into orgasm and early in the morning I filled her little uterus with so much cum it was leaking out. The alarm clock went off and I looked up into that beautiful, ten year old face and those big brown eyes and the cutest smile. Somehow, Tess had gotten her knees under her and was gently riding my cock and must have been for some time because I was getting ready to cum. The first jet hit inside her cunt when she was up, and the ten year old quickly dropped so my cock was fully impaled inside her.

"I really like it when you shoot your stuff up inside me like that," she gasped.

"Great, but Sweetheart, you didn't have an orgasm," I smiled at her.

"Jeff," she giggled. "I've had so many of those things I don't think I can have any more," she laughed. "Besides, I really like just having your thing inside me."

"Sweetheart, it's called a cock," I smiled. "Now, we have some things to do today, so we need to shower and get ready."

In the shower, I gently washed the naked little brunette's stunning ten year old body and she was a little tender between her legs, but that was to be expected. Yet, it was Tess that lovingly washed my cock and even had to give it a little kiss before we stepped out of the shower. There were two families to interview in Alice's area, then we would go on to Donna's area this afternoon. As a treat for Tess, I took her and Alice to breakfast, then we went to my first appointment and after Alice introduced me, she went back out to the car with Tess.

This was a different kind of family, a father that was already drunk at nine in the morning, a mother that was trying to take care of her kids and three darling young girls. The girls were eight, eleven and thirteen, all honey blondes, extremely pretty and well built, the thirteen year old was even talking about becoming a cheerleader but knew it would never happen. Even I could understand, their clothes were shabby, the house a mess and no way to be proud of their home or family. Beyond all of this, all three girls were nice, courteous and polite but cringed every time their Father looked at them.

The Dad staggered out to the kitchen table where I was talking to the girls and started to back hand the eleven year old and as he did, I dropped a pill in his drink. After the eleven year old picked herself up off the floor, he began telling all three girls what sorry excuses they were for daughters. Then, he slugged down his drink and walked back into the other room and was soon passed out cold. Quickly, I told the girls and their Mother that the girls had been accepted at Pine Ridge and went to the car for some soda and special glasses.

After slipping the head phones on all three beautiful little honey blondes, and their mother, I went in and slipped a set on the father. Once I was sure the father was well programmed, I added to it, telling him that he would never see his girls again and it was all his fault. That the best thing he could do with himself was crawl into a bottle and disappear. Then, the mother I told she would blame the father for the girls leaving and it would be so hard on her she would lose her mind. Once the girls were programmed, I took them out to the car with Alice and Tess and would deal with them when we reached Donna's this afternoon.

"Jeff, I didn't intend on you having to take the eight year old," Alice whispered.

"It's fine," I whispered back. "At least with us she'll be better taken care of and will get an education. I honestly believe the father would have turned them into useless and wasted people."

"I'm not sure the oldest one isn't there already," Alice replied. "She's turned to a fantasy land to help her survive."

Once on the road, I was amazed at Tess, she was making the other three girls feel right at home and soon it looked like they were the best of friends. There were nine of the ten girls we needed to replace already secured, still I would look at the next family that Alice had lined up. To keep the four girls out of sight, we took them back to Alice's and left them there, then went to the next appointment and when I walked into the house, I knew this young girl was going to be accepted. She wasn't blonde but eleven years old, and a stunning brunette beauty equal to Tess's beauty.

Like many of the other mothers I had interviewed, this one had been a fantastic looking woman in her day and still was. Her problem was she had become hooked on drugs, had contracted aids and still couldn't or wouldn't clean herself up. After programming both the mother and daughter, I added to the mother's telling her to get off the drugs and do something with her life before the aids took her. That without her daughter she had a chance to enjoy what life she had left and I wanted her to use the opportunity to her best. Once the programming was finished, I told the mother where the bus would pick the little girl up and to have her there at nine in the morning.

"Jeff, why don't we just take her with us, then I can bring all four girls to meet the bus," Alice suggested.

The little eleven year old beauty went with us and several times I saw Alice licking her lips, and laughed at her. When I asked her how many pussies she was going to eat tonight, she said none, because bad as she wanted to, that wasn't part of her job. With a smile, I told her to have fun, that teaching the four girls how to enjoy another woman wouldn't hurt anything. When I asked if I could leave Tess with her also, Alice smiled and agreed, the ten year old could help her teach the others.

When we reached Alice's house, the other four girls just took the new girl in as a friend and made her feel at home. When I asked Tess if she would like to spend the night with Alice and the other girls, she squealed with excitement. Before leaving, I told all the girls that they were to do what ever Alice told them to and that she was going to teach them a few things. A hug and kiss from Tess and I was headed for Donna's and on the way called the ranch to have Al meet me at Donna's with the bus.

Instead of going to Donna's home, I went straight to her office and we left from there to do two interviews. The first one was of two sisters, ten and twelve, brunettes and very pretty young girls, and their mother was just as pretty. After talking to the girls for a few minutes, then the mother, I decided to take the girls and we had our usual toast, then I started the programming. As the program ran, I asked Donna if we could take the girls to her house for the night and it was fine with her. We would come back for them after our next appointment and just keep them with us.

The next appointment was two young girls living with their grandmother, who I at first took to be the their mother. The woman was a stunning red head that could have passed for thirty five but was sixty and her nine and twelve year old granddaughters were equally as stunning. Their hair wasn't bright red but more a dark red and I loved their smiles and alabaster skin. Once I had programed all three, I asked the two girls to remove their clothes, so I could see how pretty they really were. At first, both were bashful but the twelve year old more so than the nine year old, because she had breast about the size of tennis balls and a slash of dark red pubic hair and the boys were really beginning to notice her.

"Jill, no boy in his right mind couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are," I told the twelve year old. "At the ranch, you won't have to worry about boys noticing you, it's going to be the men," I laughed and pulled her to me.

Gently, I kissed the end of her rounded breast, right on that pink aureole and it made the nude twelve year old gasp. Then, I looked at the stunning little nine year old Erin and pulled her to me on the other side, and kissed the pink aureole on one of her flat little breast. My hand caressed each of their bare, cup cake butts and I told them that they were going to enjoy being with men and having sex of all kinds, because they were passionate. The nude nine year old beauty wasn't sure what passionate meant but she knew she enjoyed having her boobies kissed. With a smile, I told the grandmother that she was now free to enjoy her life because I was taking the girls with me.

"Like this?" Jill squealed.

"If I want you to go that way," I smiled. "For now though, I want you to dress so we can leave."

"Mr. Rush, when will we find out what sex is like?" Erin asked.

"Well, I haven't fucked a beautiful young girl since last night and I really like the looks of that cute little pussy of yours," I laughed.

"What about me?" a worried Jill asked.

"When we get to the ranch, I think there will be a very special man, just for you," I assured her.

By the time we arrived at Donna's, both girls were talking and seemed anxious, then they met the other two brunette girls that we picked up on the way to Donna's. When I expected some kind of jealousy, there was none, in fact the girls seemed very happy to be together. When Erin bashfully asked if the other two girls had experienced sex yet, they both had disappointed looks on their faces and told Erin they hadn't. In a little whisper, Erin asked if we waited until we were at the ranch, if there could be a special man just for her. When I asked her why she wanted to wait, she said she didn't want to make Robin and Susan feel bad.

"Robin, Susan, would it make you feel bad if you were able to watch Erin have sex?" I asked them. "Then you would know what it is going to be like when you have sex the first time."

"Erin, can we watch, please?" little ten year old Robin begged.

"Please, Erin?" twelve year old Susan added. "We want to know what it's going to be like."

"Okay," the little nine year old red head blushed.

"Then, all of you need to get undressed," I laughed. "Before Erin and I have our sex though, I'll want to examine each of you first."

"Mr. Rush, you've already examined Erin and I," twelve year old Jill giggled. "You can examine us again though, any time you want."

Without any hesitation, Jill and Erin began stripping and within moments I was surrounded by four little naked, stunning beauties. It surprised me to see that twelve year old Susan had a nice set of tapered breast, that fit her beautiful body, and a small triangular growth of brunette pubic hair. Even ten year old Robin had the beginning swells of small breast and the two brunettes were stunning beauties as were my two red heads. The examination consisted of kissing each girl several times, as they sat on my legs facing me. Then, kissing and suckling each of their breast as I fondled those soft little vaginal lips between their legs.

The last child I examined, was nine year old Erin because her examination was going to become even more intimate. The sweet little red headed nine year old responded passionately to my kisses, like a nine year old. Yet when I slipped my hand between her legs and began fondling those silky soft vaginal lips as I suckled her flat breast, her little head tilted back and a soft moan escaped her beautiful throat. Both Erin's tiny nipples were like spikes and I could easily slip a finger between her dripping pussy lips. The nine year old's clit wasn't prominent but I easily found it and began rolling it under the ball of my finger and the stunning little red head exploded into orgasms.

Before I even moved the tip of my finger to Erin's nine year old vaginal entrance, her bare butt was moving back and forth on my legs. When I told her it was time to undress me, so she could suck my cock, Erin had help, the other three girls eagerly pitched in to help get my shirt, shoes and pants off. Yet, they made me proud, they left removing my shorts up to Erin and the nine year old never hesitated as she slid them down off my hips and down my legs.

"Oh, Jeff, your cock is so beautiful!" twelve year old Susan gasped.

The stunning brunette twelve year old's sentiments were echoed by her ten year old sister Robin and Erin's twelve year old sister Jill. The only one that wasn't saying anything, was Erin and her eyes were glued to my soft cock and only after I told her she could touch it, did her little hands move. Ever so gently and lovingly, the nine year old lifted my soft cock with closed fingers and the softest lips kissed the tip of my cock.

"It feels fantastic!" Erin gasped. "It's so soft and smooth."

Again, the nine year old red head kissed my cock and it jumped in her hands, which made the nude beauty squeal. As my cock began to grow in her hands, Erin began licking and kissing all along the stiffening shaft to the base, then back to the head. Since I knew she had no idea what to do next, I told her just to let it slip inside her mouth, then lick around the head with her tongue. There was something ultra sexy about this little girl's mouth, so soft and warm and without telling her, Erin began sucking my cock even deeper into her mouth.

When Erin began lifting herself up, I couldn't understand what she was doing, then I realized she was tilting her head back and the next thing I knew, the nine year old had swallowed my cock. She swallowed it until her cute little nose was buried in my pubic hair but she wasn't backing off. There was no way the nine year old could breathe this way, so I put her hands on my hips and told her to push herself back, then suck my cock back into her mouth. As she rocked back, I heard her inhale and breathed a sigh of relief myself, but I could see an excitement among the three older girls.

"Jill, I can see his penis in her throat," Susan squealed.

"Erin, doesn't that hurt?" Jill gasped.

The red headed nine year old didn't answer, she just pulled herself back and swallowed my cock again. Soon she was moving faster and faster, her little tongue whipping around the head of my cock when it was in her mouth, then along the shaft as she swallowed it into her throat. Without my telling her, Erin was now fucking her own face onto my cock and it was fantastic. The feeling building in my balls was fantastic and I thought about forewarning Erin but didn't. My cock head was in her mouth when the first jet of cum exploded out of it and the nine year old just swallowed it down. Then, she just used my cock like a straw and sucked down the next five or six jets of cum.

"She's swallowing something," ten year old Robin squealed.

"It's Jeff's sperm," Susan squealed. "It must really taste good. Does it Erin?"

The little nine year old wasn't letting my cock out of her mouth to answer, instead she was trying to suck out any sperm there was left. My seven inch cock was staying hard, so I pushed the little red head back until my cock slipped out of her beautiful mouth. Quickly, I picked her up and carried that stunning nude body over to the kitchen table and set her on it, then pushed her back down onto it. Without doing anything else, I spread Erin's nine year old legs and knelt down onto my knees, so I was looking right at her cute little hairless pussy.

Even with the nine year old's legs spread wide, her little vaginal lips were so tight that they weren't opening, but I could see the female lubrication on them. Like a hungry man, I leaned forward and began lapping up her little girl juices, causing the stunning little red head to gasp and moan. When my tongue slipped between those soft, tight little lips, I found that tiny opening and just began sucking out Erin's juices. The poor nine year old was already humping her hips as huge orgasms began tearing through her nubile body.

When I switched to using my tongue to toy with Erin's little clit, the nine year old's nude body went rigid and she flooded juices into my mouth. When her nude little body relaxed, I locked my lips onto her clit and just began sucking, sending her body rigid again. The nine year old was so far gone that her little naked body was actually having convulsions, and I lifted up over her and placed the head of my cock against that tiny virginal opening.

It was nine year old Erin, that thrust her hips up, pushing the head of my stiff seven inch cock into the opening of her tiny vagina, until about half of my cock head was inside her. For a moment, I just held the head of my cock in her cunt, then applied a little pressure and as I pushed Erin thrust her hips again. As the glans around the head of my cock popped inside the nine year old's cunt, she let out a little wail but thrust her hips up again and this time it was a louder wail as her hymen was torn away.

The little red head's cunt was so tight, it felt like my cock was in a velvet vise but I started pushing forward. Already, through her tears and pain, Erin was having an orgasm and her little hips began pumping, pulling my cock even deeper into that virgin cunt. The other three girls watched with mouths open as my seven inch cock began disappearing inside Erin's nine year old cunt. Already, the head of my cock was being cupped by her cervical cap and there were still an couple inches to put inside the child's cunt.

"Sweetheart, it's going to really hurt for a few minutes, then the pain will go away and the pleasure you get will be even better," I whispered to the little red head.

With hard, steady pressure, I pushed the head of my cock against Erin's cervix until I felt that even tinier opening beginning to stretch. The nine year old was bawling with pain now but even still her little hips kept pushing her cunt onto my cock. The opening was beginning to restrict around the head of my cock and I knew it would only be moments before the glans was inside Erin's uterus. When that constriction snapped over the head of my cock, I kept pushing, trying to get it a little farther down onto the shaft of my cock.

It was almost several minutes before my balls lay in the crack of the nine year old red head's ass and in her skinny little abdomen was the outline of my cock. The other three girls just had to feel my cock through Erin's belly, and that in itself was a fantastic feeling. When I pulled the head of my cock out of Erin's uterus, then pushed it back in, the nine year old gasped but it wasn't in pain. Suddenly, her little hips began pumping, trying to get even more cock up inside her skinny little body, so I just began fucking her.

Every time the head of my cock popped through Erin's cervix, the nine year old wailed out an orgasm, so I began speeding up my strokes and making them longer. As I deep stroked the naked child, her head began flailing from side to side, tears rolling from her eyes and her little naked body was jerking out constant orgasms. Now, I began power fucking the little girl, driving all seven inches of my cock deep into her nine year old, white, belly. It only took a second to pull Erin's legs up between us and when I slammed my cock into her she took another inch and she exploded with orgasms. Soon, the nine year old was babbling and her naked little body was convulsing with orgasms. It was time, I slammed my cock even deeper into that skinny little body and began filling the nine year old's uterus with cum.

"YYYYYEEEEEESSSSS!" Erin cried out. "DDDOOONNN' 'TTT STOP!" she begged.

With the last jet of cum exploding into her uterus, nine year old Erin passed out from the pleasure and her naked body went limp. Gently, I let the little red head's legs down and lifted her up off the table, leaving my still stiff cock buried in her tight little cunt. There was a chair right there, so I just sat on it and Donna moved Erin's legs so they were on either side of mine and I held the stunning little nude beauty to my chest. As I looked around, all three of the older girls were anxious and giving me pleading looks and twelve year old Jill was actually trying to rub her little red pubic bush up against my arm.

"Jill, Susan, Robin," I softly said. "You're time will come and much sooner than you expect," I assured them.

"Jeff, I don't think I can wait," Jill almost cried and ten year old Robin agreed.

"At the most, you only have to wait until Friday night," I laughed.

"Jeff, can we do that again?" a sleepy Erin asked.

"You'll get fucked again, but not tonight," I laughed. "Now, you need to suck my cock clean, then I have to make a phone call."

The nine year old had no problems with sucking my cock clean, the problem was, Erin didn't want to stop. Finally, I made her stop and called Al, to have him meet me at Donna's first thing in the morning, then we would pick up the rest of the girls. He would bring Tony with him to drive my car back and I was going to ride the bus with the girls. When I hung up the phone, Donna was chasing the girls into the shower, then to bed and I realized they were all going to be in my bed with me. After the girls finished with the shower, I took mine and as I dried off I could hear the three older girls asking Erin if it was as good as it looked.

"Well, it hurt really bad at first but all the hurt was really worth it. I wouldn't have believed anything could feel that fantastic," Erin squealed.

Without dressing, I walked into Donna's spare bedroom and all four girls were sprawled on the bed, stark naked and looked so very sexy. Yet, I knew that I couldn't have one more without making the other two feel bad, so I just lay in the middle of all that naked, young, flesh and cuddled them to me. When I felt someone caressing my cock, I realized it was twelve year old Susan and I asked the little brunette beauty what she thought she was doing?

"Jeff, Jill and I have seen them in books, because we have sex education in our grade. We have never felt one before and it feels fantastic," the twelve year old explained.

"If you girls make my cock hard again, I'll have to stick it up Erin's butt," I laughed.

"Okay," ten year old Robin giggled.

"No it's not!" Erin exclaimed. "I am so tired and if I am going to get fucked in the butt I want to enjoy it."

"Spoil sport," twelve year old Jill exclaimed.

Still, I let both Jill and Robin fondle my cock to see what I felt like then told them they needed a good nights sleep because we had a long day ahead of us. All four girls did as I told them and I woke up in the morning in a dream world, surrounded by naked, preteen pussy. Shortly after we were all up and dressed, Al and Tony arrived but they carried in several boxes for me to look at. In the boxes were school uniforms, an idea Helen had, because Jenna had done a strip act with a uniform and it had went over fantastic. Even I liked the idea, it would be better for the girls to travel in, so we soon had these four girls in school uniforms and they were sexier than ever.

The uniforms were short sleeved white shirts, with little ties, pleated light and dark blue plaid mini skirts, with matching vest and white panties. By time the two red heads and two blondes were in their uniforms, I was ready to take them back out of them and fuck all four of them. Still, we headed back to pick up Tess and the other four girls at Alice's, then on to Madge's for the last girls. It was ten year old Tess, that launched herself into my arms to kiss me hello, then she and the other girls changed into their uniforms right there on the bus.

It was when we reached the pickup point in Madge's area, that the thirteen year old juvenile delinquent Shannon surprised me. The dark haired, stunning beauty was still cussing like a sailor and almost rude to the other girls but the other girls were trying to accept her. Still, once on the bus I saw where she wasn't going to get along with the other girls and she didn't want to put on a uniform, unless I told her to. When Madge started to make Shannon change, I told her it was okay, that Shannon wasn't going to be at the ranch all that long anyhow.

By noon, we had fifteen stunning beauties on the bus, all wearing the blue plaid school uniforms and if any of them bent over, their white panties were clearly visible. As we traveled back towards the ranch, I noticed a lot of people looking at the bus, Al had Pine Ridge Ranch Academy printed on both sides of the bus. We stopped at a fast food place for lunch and all the girls trooped inside, they were polite, quiet and very surprised, but all drew looks from the patrons because of their beauty. What took both Al and I by surprise, was the politeness and manners these girls used, except for thirteen year old Shannon.

As the girls boarded the bus, each had to give me a kiss for treating them to such a great lunch, including Shannon. Once we were on the road, they all crowded around because they wanted to hear more about the ranch and if they were going to get to have sex like Tess and Erin did. With a smile, I told them that there was a special party being arranged for those that hadn't had sex yet and it was tomorrow night. That tonight, would be spent assigning them beds and letting them meet the other girls and explore the ranch.

"Jeff, is this really a ranch, where they have horses and everything?" thirteen year old Rachel asked.

"Yes, there are horses to ride, and it is a real ranch but you girls are the cattle," I teased Rachel.

"Jeff, Shannon said sex hurts real bad, the first time," one of the other lovelies said.

"Yes, it can, but ask Tess or Erin if it hurts to bad to enjoy it," I laughed.

Suddenly, ten year old Tess and nine year old Erin were very popular and I watched as Shannon skulked to the back of the bus. While the other girls giggled and squealed about the red headed nine year old and brunette ten year old sucking cock and drinking sperm, Al and I laughed at them. Still, to a girl, except Shannon, they couldn't wait to have their turn at sucking cock and having their pussies licked. When we reached the guard house, all the girls were excited and when I told them they were to go into the back room of the guard house and undress, not a one of them argued. As the girls came out of the guard house, Al was putting their uniforms back on the bus, then Tony opened the gate and let the bus through and the rest of us followed.

Chapter 25

All fifteen stunning, naked, beauties and Shannon walked down the road to the ranch and squealed and gasped over how beautiful the ranch was. When we reached the lodge, the other girls were waiting and it surprised the new girls to see so many naked young girls. Without even being asked, the other girls came out and began greeting and introducing themselves to the new girls, and even the twenty head of livestock were there, and they were all naked. These little six to ten year old girls didn't seem to mind that they were naked and just mixed in with the other girls.

"Everyone," fifteen year old Kelly shouted. "Let's take the new girls over to the dorm and get them situated. Then, we can show them around."

Without my saying anything, Kelly, Brooke, April, Jenny, Becky, Tami and Crystal were leading the new group of stunning beauties over to the school. Already, Al had taken the bus over with the new girls uniforms on it but I told him they didn't get their clothes unless they left the ranch for some reason.

"Damn Jeff, where did you find such gorgeous creatures," Ralph asked, as I walked up to the lodge.

"Our welfare connection," I smiled. "All three of them assured me there were still more. It makes me rethink our breeding program."

"Me too," Ralph smiled. "We could be using them instead of breeding them. Still, there are a few guys that have asked to be with pregnant teens."

"I'm not suggesting stopping it all together, but just the commercial aspect we had planned on," I replied.

"Well, the few boys we have would sure be useful with the women that want to visit the ranch," Drew said, as he joined us.

We talked for a while longer and reached the agreement to stop our commercial breeding and just breed a few thirteen year and older girls for customers that wanted pregnant teens. Now, the two guys filled me in on what I had missed while being gone and asked if the uniform idea to travel in, was okay with me and it surely was. The twenty head of preteen livestock was having to be watched carefully, because they already wanted to have sex and Drew wasn't sure some of them were going to make it to next weekend without finding a way to be fucked. That, I could handle and wanted to know if they had selected ten girls for the other buyers.

"You keep replacing them with stunning beauties like these and we could sell another ten," Drew laughed. "Maybe even twenty."

"Oh, Jeff, we have the protection we wanted from last weekend and we don't have to do it again," Ralph smiled. "They would like us to supply a girl but to be roasted someplace else."

"I don't know why, but I find that a relief," I replied and they both agreed. "What about the hanging the one group wants to have?" I asked.

"That also will be a one time thing," Ralph stated. "Unless it goes over better than the barbecue did."

"Yes," Drew added. "That barbecue was fascinating but once was enough for me. Maybe I just enjoy loving these young girls to much."

"Isn't that what they are for?" Damien added, joining us.

"Damien, do you agree about last weekend?" I asked in disbelief.

"Don't you dare laugh, but yes," he replied. "There were several members of my group here and even they were repulsed afterwards. Maybe it's a conscience thing."

"Well, I'll tell you guys something to make you feel better," I laughed. "There are thirteen of the sixteen girls I brought in, that are still virgins and looking forward to joining the ranks of entertainers. Two need to have their nipples ringed first though."

With a laugh, I was off to find the thirteen year old's Rachel and Tiffany and send them to see Doctor Steve. As reward for having their nipples ringed, they would get fucked afterwards by either Drew or Ralph. Me, I was going to take Tiffany's eight year old Sister, Alexis, for the night, and that would only leave a dozen to lose their cherries unless Steve wanted one also. Then, I saw Damien putting his arm around the luscious, twelve year old red head Jill and now there were only eleven virgins left. Then, I saw eleven year old Tim, who was the guard's son and motioned him over.

"Tim, see that younger girl, the little honey blonde," I pointed Alexis out to him and he nodded. "I think she would really like to spend the night with you."

"Thank's Jeff, I'll take great care of her, I promise," Tim assured me.

Just above the lodge, I saw eighteen year old Ben Slater and his sixteen year old brother Bobby coming towards the lodge. They were our red headed breeders and had nothing better to do, beside's, they were excellent teachers. Both boys were gentle and considerate, beside's being well endowed. When I motioned for the two boys to join me, they came running and I pointed out the beautiful, blonde, twelve year old Ashley and the stunning brunette beauty, twelve year old Susan. As the boy's introduced themselves to the girls, they were also talking to the one eleven year old brunette, Ginger and blonde beauty, eleven year old Kyla.

Moments later, the two boys were escorting all four girls towards the dorms and I just shook my head. Then, I saw Simone, Ashley's nine year old little sister who was another blonde beauty, walking off with Jeff and Alexis. The only virgins not taken were eleven year old honey blonde Carmen and the ten year old brunette beauty Robin. Just as I walked up to ten year old Robin, Steve walked out and I pointed to eleven year old Carmen. With a smile, Steve just walked up to the stunning eleven year old honey blonde, put his arm around her and they were talking.

"Well Robin," I smiled at the little ten year old brunette beauty. "It looks like it's just you and me tonight."

"Alright!" Robin squealed.

"Who do I get to fuck?" thirteen year old Shannon asked.

"Well, you' ve already been fucked and I don't want you having sex until the Doctor has examined you, and that's not a request," I stated, as the dark haired beauty glared at me.

Just then, I saw Derrick and Carl coming in from the barn and told them if they wanted a couple virgins they better catch up to the boys. That was all it took and both men were headed to find the three boys and I led Robin up to the dorms. In the dorms we saw Tess and Erin and both were giving the other girls the high five about losing their cherries. They took time to tell them just to do as they were told, then I saw my ten year old Jenny, with her guest and another man, moving up to stand beside ten year old Tess. A few words from Jenny and Tess blushed, giggled and held her hand out to the other man. Just as we entered the dorm, it was time for supper, so Robin and I went to the cafeteria and it was full of naked girls and their guest.

In line for their dinner, were the two new thirteen year old's Rachel and Tiffany, with Drew and Ralph and both stunning beauties had been crying. It was easy to see why when they turned to smile at me, in each of their beautiful breast, their nipples now had gold rings. Their smiles told me it was now okay and they even seemed very proud of their new nipple rings, because both thirteen year old's lifted their breast so I could have a better look at their gold rings. As the two thirteen year old's left the dinner line, both Carmen and Alexis were squealing over their sister Tiffany's new rings and they thought Rachel's were really neat also.

When Robin and I found places at a table, there were no single girls around us, every girl that I could see, had a guest with them. It made me laugh, no wonder the board was so anxious to break in the new virgins, they had over booked themselves's right out of a pussy for the night. Still, I knew each new virgin would be broken in gently and would enjoy their first night with a man. Once Robin and I finished our supper, we walked out onto the porch and the naked, ten year old beauty kept looking at my crotch.

"Robin, you've already seen my cock," I laughed.

"Yes, but this time when I get to see it again, it's going to be for me," the little brunette beauty giggled. "Jeff, when do the other girls start having sex?" she nodded towards the older entertainers.

"Once they are through with dinner, if they haven't been fucking already," I replied.

"Oh oh, someone is going to get their cock sucked," Robin giggled.

Just out past the porch, the little eight year old, amerasian beauty, Jade was taking a man's pants off. With a whisper, I told Robin that it wouldn't be long now, because Jade really liked to fuck and would suck the man's cock dry in no time, and asked her if she wanted to watch. With a blush, ten year old Robin said she didn't want to watch, she wanted to do it with me, but wanted me to teach her how to be very good at it. When I laughed and told her she couldn't do it with my pants on, the ten year old squealed and began removing my shoes and socks, then my pants. With an expression of anticipation, Robin pulled my under wear down and gasped when my cock came into view.

Small, soft hands ever so gently fondled my soft cock because Robin never left her knees after removing my pants and underwear. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and smiled, then leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock with her soft little lips. Her little pink tongue traced along the shaft of my cock, starting at the base, then around the glans, before sliding the head into her warm, moist little mouth. As her brunette head began moving her mouth back and forth on my cock, I smiled, the ten year old had yet to ask what to do. She had been listening as I taught Erin how to suck my cock.

Several times, Robin tried to suck my cock to deep and ended up gagging herself, so I moved her hand onto my shaft and told her how to use it as a stop, so she didn't gag. Instead, Robin took her hand away and began lifting her butt up, trying to tilt her head back straight as she had seen Erin do. When my cock head bumped into the back of the ten year old's throat, I felt her swallow but as my cock head entered her throat, Robin began gagging again. Softly, I pushed her head back, and lifted her chin up to where I could see her face.

"Sweetheart, not every girl can take a man's cock into their throat," I smiled at the ten year old. "Just do what you can and that will make it special for me, okay?"

"If I keep practicing, could I do it eventually?" Robin hopefully asked.

"I'm not sure but probably," I laughed and stroked the satin smooth skin of her cheek.

The naked, ten year old brunette beauty went back to sucking my cock, as I had helped her and I was enjoying it immensely. Then, suddenly, there was the most fantastic feeling around my cock, the ten year old had began humming as she sucked. It was as if my cock was trapped in a moist, soft tunnel with a vibrator and when I exclaimed how great that was, I saw Robin smile. Within moments, she had me so excited that I began fucking her face and I could see that this was turning the stunning ten year old nude beauty on. When I would push my cock into her soft little mouth, she would push her hips forward and when I would pull it out, her hips would go backwards.

The naked little ten year old brunette beauty had me so excited with her humming around my cock, that I couldn't hold back any longer, I thrust my cock into her sweet mouth and began pumping it full of cum. Jet after jet of cum exploded into Robin's mouth but the ten year old never gagged, instead her stunning, naked body jerked and jumped with orgasm that matched each jet of cum I exploded into her. Once Robin had swallowed all my sperm, she like all the others, continued to suck for more, until she had my cock drained and ready to fuck again. Still, I had another idea and pulled the precious little brunette's mouth off my cock.

"Sweetheart, I'm going to give you a choice," I smiled at Robin. "Would you like to have a fuck right now and maybe one later. Or would you rather have a fuck later, that last all night?"

"Robin, take the all night," my ten year old Jenny giggled as she went down on her guest cock.

"All night," Robin bashfully answered.

"Okay, then would you like to go horse back riding and see what the ranch looks like?" I asked her.

"Can I?" she squealed. "Jeff, I've never ridden a horse before."

"Saddle a couple more," Jenny's guest said, "if it's okay, Jenny and I will ride with you."

It was my second time to ride nude and it wasn't as dangerous as I had thought, but Robin was having the time of her life. We had just crossed to the upper meadows when I heard Jenny giggle and point at Robin, the ten year old brunette beauty was having an orgasm. With a laugh, I asked my little blonde beauty what she was giggling about, because her stunning little nude body was beginning to jerk also. It was the expression on Robin's face, like she couldn't believe what was happening to her, so Jenny told her that most of the girls enjoyed orgasms from riding.

"Wait until you start riding my Dad's cock," Jenny gasped. "He'll give you orgasms like you could never believe."

"Who's your Dad?" Robin asked, and Jenny laughed and pointed at me. "Alright, my first friend here is Jeff's daughter."

"Jeff, you've taught your Daughter well," the guest reached over and offered me his hand. "My name is Rob."

"Glad to meet you Rob," I replied, shaking his hand.

"Jeff, why is there a gallows down there?" Rob pointed to the middle meadows.

"We have a group coming in next weekend that want's to see a hanging," I replied.

"You mean you are going to hang one of these beautiful creatures?" Rob asked in disbelief.

"We cater to what our guest want, and it may be a one time thing because it's not something we want to do," I replied.

"I hope it's that bitch Shannon," Robin softly said.

"Yeah, what's with her?" Jenny asked Robin. "I tried to be nice to her and she told me to fuck off."

"I don't know," Robin answered. "We tried to be nice to her on the bus and she punched Jill in the boob. I can't believe it, we finally are in a place where people want us and she tries to wreck it for the rest of us."

"Robin, I promise you, Shannon isn't going to ruin anything for anyone," I assured the ten year old. "Maybe we should hang her, just to teach her a lesson."

"Daddy!" Jenny giggled. "She won't remember it, she'll be dead."

"That would sure teach her," Robin giggled.

"Maybe she needs to pull a train," Rob laughed and both ten year old's looked at him. "A train is where a group of men take turns fucking her and making her suck them, all night long."

"She'd enjoy that!" Robin squealed.

"Hey, so would I," Jenny giggled.

As we rode, I noticed that Robin's little chest had puffy swells topped with tiny nipples and her pubic mound was barely visible. Still, if the ten year old leaned back a little, her tight little vaginal crack was visible, where it started low on her pubic mound. A little farther and Rob asked me why the older girls had rings in their nipples. So, I explained that our original intention had been to allow guest to take them off the ranch for over night and they would be led by the rings.

"You mean, if I was having, say a poker party, I could use one of the older girls to entertain my guest?" Rob asked.

"As long as they weren't the kind of guest that would bring us trouble," I replied. "Also, that we had one free on the night you wanted her."

"Who did you want?" Jenny giggled at Rob.

"Well, I would probably like the older girl, I believe her name is Kelly," Rob replied, without any embarrassment. "There's just something about that girl that makes me feel sexy."

With a smile, I agreed, because of all the girls on the ranch now, Kelly still was the only one that gave me a hard on, just thinking about her. The way her nude body moved, her pointed breast gently bounced and bobbed, the way her tight ass moved. Yet, of all the girls, Kelly wasn't the prettiest, yet she was the sexiest and probably the most sensual. So, I decided to talk to Paul about Rob and if Paul cleared Rob, I would let him take Kelly for an evening. This would give us an idea of how take out's would work and if they would be profitable. Also, if any of the girls could handle entertaining a group of men, it would be Kelly, Brooke, Annie, Rose or Brandy, our older girls.

As we arrived by the barn, there was a campfire going and a couple dozen people gathered around it with naked little girls. Someone had a guitar and they were singing campfire songs and having a great time. When Jenny asked Rob if they could go over there for a little while, I saw Robin smile but she said nothing. When I asked if she would like to go to the campfire for a while, the stunning ten year old brunette beauty smiled brightly. Once the horses were put away, we moved over to the campfire and I noticed most of the girls were impaled on men's cocks, as they sat around the fire. It only took Jenny a moment, after Rob sat down, to impale herself on his cock, then together they enjoyed the campfire.

"Jeff, can I try that?" ten year old Robin softly asked, pointing at Jenny and Rob.

"Sweetheart, you need to be ready for something like that, otherwise it will hurt to bad," I replied.

"Please Jeff? If it hurts to bad I will stop?" the naked ten year old asked.

With a smile, I sat down and leaned back against one of the logs around the campfire. Almost in a scramble, ten year old Robin stepped over my hips and began squatting over my erect cock, I had forgotten that she had watched me fuck Erin and knew what to do. Another thing I hadn't counted on, was how well lubricated she still was from riding horses. As the head of my cock touched those silky soft little pubic lips, the stunning brunette beauty guided it between her vaginal lips. Beside her, Jenny whispered for Robin to move the cock head back and forth before putting it to her pussy hole.

The naked ten year old's vaginal slit was well lubricated and she moved the head of my cock to her virgin opening, then began letting her weight down on it. For a minute or two, she just hung there, then I felt Robin push down a little and the head of my cock began spreading her virgin opening. The glans was almost inside Robin's cunt when she pushed down again but this time she dropped a couple of inches and I tore away her hymen. The little brunette threw her hands over her mouth to muffle her scream, but everyone still heard. As she slowly began sliding even farther down onto my cock, the people around us began applauding for Robin.

"Way to go Robin!" Jenny cheered.

"Relax now, Robin," Erin yelled. "Just enjoy having a cock inside you."

The stunning little nude brunette continued to sink down onto my cock, until there was only two inches left to go in her cunt. The ten year old's cervical cap was stopping any further penetration though and when Robin tried pushing herself down, I stopped her. After sitting up a little, I was able to reach around and fondle Robin's puffy little breast mounds, and moments later felt her slim body jerk out a small orgasm. Inside her cunt, I could feel that tiny opening in her cervix beginning to stretch over the head of my cock. Suddenly, the ten year old gasped out loud and sunk onto my cock another inch and a half.

"Just relax now," I whispered to Robin. "Let yourself adjust and get used to having my cock inside you."

The group was singing a campfire song and I just joined in and moments later so did Robin, the stunning little brunette had a terrific voice for a ten year old. A few minutes later, I felt her small body jerk violently and she stopped singing to lay back against my chest. Once the ten year old had recovered from her orgasm, she again joined the singing and that lasted another few minutes before she hit another hard orgasm. It fascinated me, without any work on my part, this stunning little brunette was hitting hard orgasms almost constantly. Yet, I looked around the group and so were most of these little girls, even the fifteen year old's Kelly and Brooke were hitting orgasms from just sitting on men's cocks.

Yet, I felt something different, ten year old Robin's cunt was extremely tight, yet it was as if her vaginal sheath was trying to milk my cock. There were actually contractions, starting just inside her vaginal opening and rippling up towards her uterus. She had leaned her bare body back against my chest, as my fingers toyed and played with her swollen bumps of breast flesh. She would try to sing with the others, but eventually, her naked little body would began to jerk and shake as another hard orgasm rolled through her. Still, I let her go on this way, because she seemed to really be enjoying herself and I was able to hold off my own orgasm to enjoy her tight little cunt.

An hour or so later as I looked around, there were six of the new girls here and each was also impaled on a man's cock and there was no question they were enjoying themselves. It was a look from thirteen year old Rachel, and the stunning blonde beauty smiled dreamily at me, she was deeply impaled on Ralph's cock and gently rocking back and forth. Across the fire from us, I could see the stunning red headed Jill and she too was enjoying a cock, but I couldn't tell who's. My thoughts were brought back to my own stunning beauty, the little ten year old brunette was having another orgasm and it felt like she was trying to rip my cock off.

"Sweetheart, would you like to go to your bed now?" I asked Robin. "Others are beginning to head to the dorms."

"Do I have to get off your cock?" she dreamily asked.

"Only for the short walk to the dorms," I laughed. "Then we'll put it right back in."

"Are you going to shoot your stuff inside me first?" Robin asked.

"Not yet, but don't worry, it's going to happen several times tonight," I assured her.

We were walking up to the dorm and I realized Jenny and Rob were walking with us and also Tess and her guest. The three stunning ten year old's were walking in front of us, whispering and giggling, then I heard Robin squeal something about up her butt and all three of us guys laughed. Someone was running towards us and I realized it was Robin's twelve year old Sister Ashley and she ran up to me, and the stunning nude brunette beauty threw her arms around me.

"Jeff, thank you so much for bringing us here!" Susan gushed.

"You're welcome Sweetheart," I replied, giving her a little kiss. "Are you having a good time."

"Oh yes, Bobby traded me with one of the guest, so I could experience being with an older man and it's fantastic," Susan squealed. "Have to run, my guest is waiting for me. How are you doing Robin?"

"So far, it's been very good but Jenny says it's going to get even better," Robin giggled. "Susan, Jeff took me horse back riding!"

"Alright!" Susan squealed, gave her little sister a hug and was off.

"Jeff, how do you do it?" Rob asked. "You bring these girls here and they love being here."

"This last group, came from disadvantaged homes, most of them really weren't wanted and here, they are," I explained. "I think you and all of us, realize how special these girls are and we treat them that way, for that they treat us special."

"Jeff, my name is Brian and I heard about this ranch through a mutual friend, Madge," the man introduced himself. "Before I leave, we need to talk, I have a position similar to Madge's, only higher. I can't think of a better place to send disadvantaged young girls. What is your school going to be like?"

As I explained the quality of teachers we had and the leadership in the school, both Rob and Brian were impressed, but the three ten year old's didn't seem to be. Still, both men thought we were giving back more than we were taking from these children and asked if we were going to send them on to colleges when the time came. That was our plan, but it was a few years away, except for Kelly, Brooke, Annie, Jack and Ben Slater. With a laugh, Rob said that was where he came in, he awarded scholarships within our state, and if we were ready to release eighteen year old Ben Slater, he would be in college this fall.

We were at the dorms and ten year old Robin had taken me by the cock and was leading me to her bed. Already, the sounds of squealing, gasping and sexual moaning were filtering through the dorm, along with the sounds of beds squeaking in sexual rhythm. It didn't surprise me when Tess's bed was right next to Robin's and as I lay Robin on her bed, Tess was being laid on her bed. For now though, I wanted to ignore everything around me and concentrate on the stunning little nude brunette ten year old, laying beside me. To taste her lips, her puffy little mounds of flesh and her female juices before I put my cock back in that tight little cunt and took my pleasure with her.

When I kissed Robin's ten year old lips, she gasped in surprise and kissed me back, they were so soft, sweet and tender. Her eyes, nose, ears and the hollow of her neck, all tasted so good and for some reason I thought this was how you were supposed to taste a young girl. Those swelling mounds of flesh on the ten year old's chest were hyper sensitive and as I licked and sucked on them, it drove Robin into one orgasm after another. Down that thin, stunning nude body to her hairless pubic mound, where I licked at the beginning to her vaginal slit, then followed it down between her shapely little legs.

The naked little ten year old was already gushing female juices and even though she had taken my cock, they still tasted sweet. Her little clit slipped between my lips and as I nibbled on it, Robin exploded into convulsive orgasms. Since I had enjoyed her charms, I began moving up over her small, naked body, until the tip of my cock rested against her slick, tight pussy lips. A gentle shove and the head of my cock was between Robin's cunt lips and entering her vaginal opening. Before I could push again, the ten year old thrust her hips up, impaling herself deeply on my stiff seven inch cock, her next thrust pushed the head of my cock through her cervix into her uterus.

The naked child was humping herself onto my cock so hard that she was banging her pubic bone into mine. Carefully, I wrapped the stunning brunette beauty into my arms and rolled us over until Robin was on top, then lifted her up with my hips and helped her get her knees under her. Now, I taught the ten year old how to ride a cock and she went wild, pounding her little cunt up and down on my long, thick cock, each thrust reaching deeper into her uterus.

Soon, that stunning, nude ten year old body, was writhing and flopping with orgasm, until Robin couldn't hold herself up any longer. That was when I pinched her tiny nipples between my fingers and pulled her down onto my chest. Even still, without my telling her, Robin's hips continued to lift and drop her cunt onto my cock, her orgasms weren't even slowing down in the least. The naked beauty had taken me over the edge and I jammed my hips up, burying my cock even deeper yet into the child and began filling her uterus with my cum. Only after the last jet of cum exploded into her ten year old uterus, did Robin scream out in ecstasy, then collapse onto my chest.

Gently, I brushed Robin's long, silky brunette hair out of the way, then stroked the soft, satiny skin of her back and down to her hard little butt. The ten year old's body was still jerking out orgasms but she wasn't moving and I realized she had gone to sleep. It was fine with me, because I too was tired, but with all the sounds of lust in the room it was impossible to sleep. Then, I felt those little hips lifting and lowering, the ten year old was fucking herself in her sleep, keeping her nubile young body in constant orgasm. Another half hour and sleep did over take me, yet several times during the night, I woke to having orgasms and the ten year old was still fucking herself on my cock.

Throughout the night, the dorm was filled with the sounds of fucking and little girls having orgasms and being fucked. By daylight, I realized that most of these young girls had been crying out with orgasm in their sleep, as had the stunning little brunette laying on my chest. With some effort, I managed to get my cock out of Robin's cunt and make my way to the bathroom, then back to lay beside the little ten year old beauty. Even though there was no cock in Robin, the ten year old's hips continued to move as if there was. Since I could see around the dorm now, I saw most of the other girls were still moving as if they were having sex also.

An hour later, I wasn't the only man awake, several others had managed to get out and do as I had, use the bathroom. It was Rob, the man with Jenny, that came and sat on the bed beside me, to ask if it would be impolite to sneak over and have a cup of coffee. When I asked him if Jenny was still asleep, she was, but I suggested her just go ahead and wake her up to let her know where he was going. While Rob did that, I gently woke Robin up and told her that I was going to the lodge for coffee and when she felt like getting up, she could shower and join me there.

"Can't I go with you now?" Robin sleepily asked.

"Sweetheart, you haven't really slept that much," I gave her a little kiss. "Don't worry, we're going to be together a lot, I promise."

"Okay," the naked little girl replied and her eyes closed.

As I stepped out of the shower, the man Brian, that was with Tess, was just coming in and I asked him if he was going over to coffee. When he felt he shouldn't leave Tess without her knowing where he was, I assured him that it would be okay. To make it better, I went into the dorm and lifted the sleeping beauty Tess, out of her bed and set her in Robin's bed. On the way out of the dorm, Brian joined me and we walked naked over to the lodge where there were about ten others already drinking coffee on the porch. The conversation was about how loving and fantastic our girls were and one guy couldn't believe he had fulfilled one of his fantasies, to have sex with a pregnant teen.

"Which one?" I asked.

"A fantastic red head by the name of Vanessa," he replied with a big smile.

"Did knowing she was pregnant make the sex any better?" Brian asked in a funny way.

"Well, at first but no," the guy bashfully admitted. "She was worth every penny, even if she hadn't been pregnant. I take it you're not to fond of these teens being pregnant?"

"Not really," Brian honestly replied. "They're not prepared to be mothers, their babies don't do well because of it and a teen giving birth is ruined for having sex because it stretches their vaginal and uterine muscles so bad they can't come back."

"Isn't that what they are for?" the guy asked.

"If that is really all you want, you would have just picked up some kid off the street," Brian smiled. "You wanted a weekend with a loving and caring young girl, that you couldn't get any where else."

"You know," the guy blushed. "You are right. What this place has to offer can't be found any place else. These young girls love pleasing men and they only ask that we show them some loving in return," he thoughtfully replied. "Actually, it's to bad Vanessa's pregnancy can't be terminated."

"If she's fifteen, it will probably be okay but not easy on her. She was built for sex at this age, not birthing," Brian stated. "Jeff, was this girls pregnancy intentional?"

Over our coffee, I explained how we had started a breeding program but were now having second thoughts. We wanted to maintain a quality on the ranch and insure having beautiful females in the years to come. Even though Brian understood, he assured me there were thousands of young girls out there that could excel on the ranch, because we evidently had a way of conditioning them. He could line us up with as many as a hundred a year, any one of them equally as pretty as Jenny, Susan, Robin and Tess. With a smile, Rob added that we could graduate our girls and send them out into life and they would succeed better than most, provided we taught them about the outside world as they grew.

"Brian, I just have to ask, how do you understand so well?" I asked him.

"Before going to work for the state, I was a noted child psychiatrist. I worked with the children of the rich and famous," he smiled. "Now, I work with the people who treat the children of the street people and people of lesser means. I find this much more rewarding."

Behind our table, I saw Ralph, Drew and Carl nodding their heads in agreement and I knew there were going to be some more changes coming but also that they would be for the better. Before we could get any farther in our discussion, Tess and Robin were running up to sit on our laps and find out what we were going to do next. They were soon followed by Jenny and several more girls and we all soon had naked children on our laps. It didn't surprise me when thirteen year old Susan walked up to hug Ralph, that he put an arm around her and started walking up towards the clinic with her.

By noon, every girl of conceiving age was on birth control and any that Steve thought could be pregnant, were tested and taken care of. After lunch, I took Brian and Rob up to my office and while Robin, Tess and Jenny sucked our cocks, I made arrangements to harvest young girls from Brian's areas and Rob to work with Damien on setting a better school curriculum. With all honesty, I told Brian that many of the girls we harvested would be sold and he saw nothing wrong with that, because some of them would be kept here on the ranch.

The openness with which Brian talked made me feel comfortable, so we took an afternoon walk with the girls and I again asked Brian how he understood so easily. With an embarrassed blush, he admitted that he had taken the position with the state, hoping it would put him in contact with young girls and he might coerce them into having sex with them. So far, it had only made it even harder to be around little girls and he couldn't really go back to the rich little brats he used to work with. It was Marge that knew about Brian's desire for little girls and suggested the ranch to him and at first he wasn't going to come but then figured he had nothing to lose.

"Jeff, I see cases of abused and battered little girls every day and it tears at my heart. Then, I visit a place like this where there are young girls that live to have sex with men like me. These are healthy, happy, gorgeous, vibrant young girls and I wish many of the case I see could have been here before someone started hurting them," Brian explained. "I don't know how you do it and don't want to know, because I see the best of two worlds here. Even the girls you sell, probably go to better places than many of the cases I see."

"Maybe we could take some of those cases here," I suggested.

"For them, it's to late. The girls in those cases would be no better than the one thirteen year old that none of the other girls like. I head your Jenny say something about wanting to see her croak and have to admit that's probably the best thing for her. Someone has taken all the tenderness and love out of that girl and in my experience, it never comes back and they spread their feelings it like a cancer."

"Maybe I shouldn't have brought her here," I stated.

"No, I'm talking about the outside world," Brian smiled. "Girls like her become heroines to other disadvantaged girls and they emulate what she is and does. It's there escape from the reality they live in. I would venture to guess that this girl is sexually experienced and proud of it," I nodded in agreement. "Then I can tell you she isn't experienced because she wanted to be. She was probably raped and molested against her will, then made to feel it was what she wanted. After a bit, she accepted that but still carries a hatred inside her that she can't get rid of."

"Brian, all of these girls were basically coerced into sex and living here," I replied.

"True, but what they are doing now, in their minds is what they wanted before it happened, and then it happened because they wanted it to. Otherwise, they chose this, maybe unknowingly but weren't forced into it, and that is a big difference," Brian explained farther. "Jeff, I hate to be rude but I only have an hour or so left and I'd like to have sex with Tess one more time."

"Is there a reason you have to leave, outside of the ranch?" I asked.

"I only paid for the one night," Brian replied, "and it was worth every penny."

"Well, if you are willing to try one of the other girls, so Tess can get used to being with different men, you can stay until Sunday as a supplier," I laughed at his look. "A friend of yours will be here around five this afternoon."

"Alright!" Tess squealed. "Brian, there are some really nice girls and you'll love them!"

"Jeff, will I be with someone else tonight?" ten year old Robin asked.

"Yes Sweetheart, but he'll be very nice and you'll enjoy being with him," I assured her.

"Okay," she blushed. "Can I go with Tess and help her find a girl for Brian?"

With a nod, the two stunning, nude, ten year old's were dragging poor Brian down towards the school and he was laughing. In my office, I checked the guest list for the weekend and we would have plenty of free girls, as I had expected. Still, I made sure that each of the newer girls were scheduled to be with someone for the weekend. Then, it was off to see what else was going on and I saw Brian walking towards the lodge with Tess, Robin and the little nine year old oriental beauty, Jasmine.

Chapter 26

When the guest arrived Friday evening, I watched with a smile as Madge, Alice and Donna walked down the road together. The three women were here for the very first time and I had already scheduled the two sixteen year old boys, Bobby and Aaron and the one fifteen year old Jack to be with them. As the three women entered the lodge, the three nude boys walked over to them and introduced themselves and that they were theirs for the weekend. The look on all three women's faces made me laugh and I knew Donna and Madge were staring at the boys stiff cocks. As I walked by the three women, I told them I hoped they were on the pill and that they left the ranch bow legged.

Outside, I went around the lodge and up to the little clinic Steve had set up, to see what he had found out about the thirteen year old Shannon. When I walked in, Steve was fucking a young nine year old and didn't stop, just asked if he could help me. His examination of the juvenile delinquent Shannon, wasn't very promising, the thirteen year old had genital herpes. He didn't want her having sex with any of the guest but she could suck all the cock she wanted and he hadn't ringed her nipples until he had a chance to talk to me. As Steve dumped a load of cum into the writhing nine year old, I just laughed and told him to leave Shannon's nipples unringed.

By dinner time, all the girls from the last trip, except Shannon, were with new men for at least the night. Everywhere there was sex going on, there were livestock girls watching and learning. It made me feel a little bad because these poor young girls were getting so worked up from watching, that they were ready to explode themselves. In my office, I went over the list of the ten experienced girls that we were going to sell to the whore house and had to agree with every one. When Helen came in, she went over the list with me and then showed me another list, with about thirty more names on it.

"What are these for?" I asked Helen.

"If we sold these, that would bring us down to about sixty girls," she explained. "Unless you think we could get away with selling the janitor's and guard's girls, that would take us down to around fifty seven. Then, what do you think about Cami and Corrine?"

"They're young and part of our original group," I replied. "Why?"

"They just don't seem to fit in is all, they enjoy having sex but aren't thrilled about going to school or helping out. You know, things like that," Helen explained.

"Well, they are young, if I remember right, Cami is only eight and Corrine ten, maybe it's their ages" I replied and Helen shook her head. "Then, we'll sell them if we can. Right now, we only have sales for the ten you have on your list and I agree with them."

We left it at that but I couldn't argue with Helen's reasoning because she spent more time with the girls than I did. Although, I did know that the board wanted to keep about seventy girls on hand but I could find new girls to replace the ones on the list with. With a copy of the list, I just started walking around the ranch and when I would see a girl on the list, stop and watch her. By the time I returned to the office, I had to agree with every name there. They were excellent livestock and any buyer would be pleased with them but there were prettier girls available out there and I wanted only the prettiest and sexiest taking care of the ranch guest.

On Saturday night, Jenna put on another strip tease show for the guest and it even gave me a hard on watching it. Never would I have believed an eight year old could be so provocative and move like that. In all, there were six girls that did strip teases and I was sure my little ten year old Jenny was the best performer there. It was when we put the stallions to some of our mothers, that I thought Madge, Dona and Alice were going to lose it, they applauded louder that any of the men. The climax of the show, was little five year old Joey got it on with four year old Abby, the five year old was already turning into quite a cocks man.

By the end of the weekend, Brian was comparing notes with Madge, Donna and Alice, and the three women were raving about the ranch and the children on it. The only thing Brian felt, was we needed more younger girls and didn't understand why we weren't letting the twenty livestock girls have sex. Once I explained, he thought it was a great idea, but still that we should have entertainers in the four to eight year old range and he was going to see what he could find. The three women thought we needed a few more boys in the eleven to thirteen year old range but were very pleased with the older boys performance over the weekend.

When the three social workers left, I had a feeling I would be hearing from them soon but wouldn't be able to do anything about it for a while. Yet, Monday morning I received a call from King Sasheen, his friends that wanted the twenty little girls and wanted to know if they could pick them up early. When I asked how early, he said tomorrow afternoon, because they were already in country and getting ready to leave. This way they wouldn't have to turn around and come back over the weekend.

The next morning, I met the King's plane and escorted Sasheen and two men up to the lodge, then sent Helen after the twenty head of livestock. For several minutes, the two men examined the group of six to ten year old naked girls and the two mothers and couldn't believe how willing these little girls were to be examined. The little nude beauties spread their legs without being asked, allowed these men to fondle their little bald pussies and inspect their ass holes. A few minutes was spent talking with each little girl and making friends with them and that gave me a great feeling.

Once the buyers were finished examining their livestock, they handed me a brief case with one million, two hundred thousand dollars in it and were ready to leave. As I told the girls to follow these men, that they now belonged to them, I saw Sasheen talking to one of the buyers, then the man approached me.

"Mr. Rush, you didn't charge us for the two mothers," he stated.

"I thought they were just part of the deal," I laughed.

"We are in your debt then," he smiled and shook my hand. "I believe we know a way to repay you, but I can't tell you now."

"Your Majesty, I thought you were going to be here this weekend for our neck tie party?" I asked him.

"My friend, I had forgotten," he apologized. "I will be back but as I said, my neighbors were with me and we were headed home so we might as well take this group with us."

"Mr. Rush, will you be having another auction soon?" one of the buyers asked.

"Well, yes, in two weeks," I smiled, thinking of the thirty girls we could divest ourselves of. "Still, all the livestock in this auction will be experienced."

With a smile, Sasheen loaded the group and the twenty naked little virgins and two naked mothers were on their way to becoming whores. Now, I needed to run into town and drop the cash off with Ralph or Drew, then would be free for the rest of the week. At the office, Helen was doing something on the computer and a thought hit me, I told her to get dressed and we would go to town. After dropping the money off to a very pleased Ralph and Drew, I took Helen to lunch and she was extremely pleased by this and it gave me another idea. We stopped by the place where Al had bought our first bus and they had another full sized bus for sale. After telling them how I wanted it painted and the signs put on, Helen and I headed home.

Once home, I had Helen order enough of the school uniforms so we could outfit seventy girls, of different ages and the mothers and teachers. It would take a week before they arrived but that was okay by me and I headed off to tell Al about the new bus and when it would be ready. There were guest arriving and the youth group was getting ready to leave, so I stopped to talk with Tanger and see how things were going with the youth group. The man still had nothing but praise for our ranch but the boys were beginning to want girls instead of women and I saw nothing wrong with that. He thought the boys were preffering the younger girls because they had more in common and now the boys knew how to treat them because they had been taught well by the women.

The newer girls were extremely popular with the repeat customers, because they were new and I knew the next time they would be back with their favorite entertainers. There were request for four older girls to be taken off the ranch for the weekend and Paul had approved each man so I approved it also. The four were Kelly, Brooke, Brandy and Annie and they were the oldest girls and I trusted them completely, so I went off to find them and let them know. The four nude beauties were extremely excited and I saw signs of jealousy about the girls getting to leave the ranch, still it just made me smile.

With a smile, I walked on to the lodge where I met Helen and after we had assigned entertainers to guest we had dinner together, then went for a horse back ride, just a naked Helen and I. When we returned the pool was full of naked children and men but we paid little attention to them and went to the office where I fucked Helen until she thought she was going to become a babbling idiot. One thing for sure, those little boy cocks weren't stretching Helen's cunt at all. We had just came up for a breather when there was a commotion outside and I almost ran out there naked and with a stiff cock.

In the drive, several of the entertainers that were on the list, were getting on the older girls about being able to leave. They were accusing Kelly, Brooke, Brandy and Annie of sucking up to me and that it wasn't fair. The guest were at a loss for what to do, so I just stepped in and told the list girls that they too would be getting to leave in a couple of weeks. That broke up the problem for now, but when Helen and I went over to the lodge for coffee, these girls were bragging about how they were going to be able to leave the ranch also. It was when April, Heather and Becky came to me, that I whispered a little secret to them. Now, any time one of the list girls began bragging, these three just told the other girls that their turn would come also.

The weekend guest started arriving Friday evening and I was surprised when two planes landed on the runway, then realized one of them was Sasheen. The other one had to be the buyers from Malaysia, so I headed out to meet them. There were actually a man and a woman, both seemed very nice and together with King Sasheen and four of his friends, we walked up to the lodge. The one buyer, Mr. Lee, was apologizing for coming early but I quickly told him it wasn't necessary, that I would point out the ten girls we would sell them.

"Would there be any problem with trying a couple of them out before we finalize our agreement?" Mr. Lee asked.

"None what so ever," I assured him. "You know which girls are for sale, just help yourself. We even have a few boys to entertain the lady."

That we had boys on the ranch also, really impressed Mr. Lee and his partner Miss Yang was more than willing to check these boys out. With a smile, I again pointed out the four girls that had caused the problems in the parking lot and Mr. Lee went right to them. It wasn't long before one of them was sucking his cock while he fondled another one's cunt. On the porch, Miss Yang was having her pussy eaten by Ben Slater and the eighteen year old had her begging for mercy. Since the two buyers were being well entertained, I found Carl, Ralph and Drew to let them know the buyers were here. We all walked out so I could introduce them to Mr. Lee and Miss Yang, who had great big smiles on their faces.

"Mr. Rush, you have fantastic merchandise here," Mr. Lee smiled. "Miss Yang would like to buy boy and I would like to buy five more girls. Problem is, we only brought enough funds for ten we originally wanted."

"Can you write us a check?" Drew asked.

"If you would accept check, I will guarantee it to be good," Mr. Lee promised.

"Okay, we will take the cash for the first ten and a check for the other six," I replied and Lee was all smiles.

"Mr. Rush, you know why this check is going to be good?" Mr. Lee asked and I just shrugged my shoulders. "Because we are going to be back. There is no place we can find merchandise like this and my partners will be wanting more."

"Well, we are having an auction in two weeks and putting twenty girls in the sale," I told him.

"We be here, bring lots of money," Lee almost cackled.

With that, I walked around with Mr. Lee and pointed out at least another dozen girls that he could choose from for his extra five. Once he had made his selection, I told these five girls and the original ten to go to the plane with Ben, that they now belonged to Mr. Lee and his associates. When the girls started to give me funny looks, April popped off that at least they were getting off the ranch. An hour later, there were fifteen less girls on the ranch, one less boy and smirks on the faces of April, Heather and Becky. Still, I didn't like the smirks so I decided April could give me a blow job and that would get rid of her smirk.

The twelve year old brunette beauty was an excellent cock sucker and had learned to deep throat and give a man an excellent orgasm. As I exploded several huge loads of cum down's the naked April's throat, I could almost see her smiling. Once she had sucked my cock dry, the little brunette beauty stood up and wrapped her arms around my waist, then kissed my cheek. When I asked her what she wanted she just smiled and gave me a loving look, she wanted to spend the night with me since she hadn't in a long time. It was a request I wouldn't refuse and told her that after supper we would find each other.

"Jeff, do we have to be in the dorms?" April quietly asked.

"Aren't you living in the lodge?" I asked in return.

"Well, I have a bed in the dorms also," she answered.

"How about we spend the night at my place?" I smiled.

Her answer was a little squeal and she was off to swim for a while and would see me at supper and I was off to my office. After removing the girls that I had just sold from the roster, I made a revamped list for the auction next week. The guard was calling on the radio, there were a group of five men coming in late, so I walked out to meet them as they came down the road. It was the group that I had secured Shannon for and walked with them to the lodge, where I pointed Shannon out. Quietly, I explained that the girl had herpes so she hadn't been sexually active and was a little wild anyhow.

"That's no problem," the one man replied. "We came prepared," he opened the back doors of their van.

Inside the van were various instruments and devices that I had seen on different websites and they were all painful. After the rest of the men were out of the van, I walked them over to the lodge where the stunning brunette, thirteen year old Shannon was standing on the porch. When I told the stunning dark haired, thirteen year old beauty that she had five guest to please, Shannon became very excited. Still, in her smart ass way she had to ask if there was only five and one of the men said it depended on how well she pleased them. While Shannon set about stripping her guest, I walked into the lodge and twelve year old April was waiting for me, stark naked and stunningly beautiful.

"Jeff, you still have your clothes on," the brunette beauty giggled.

"After supper, you can take them off," I laughed and gave her a hug.

"Jeff, I'm sorry if I let my attitude show when you sold the other girls," April apologized. "It's just that we get so tired of a few girls thinking they are better than the rest of us, when they're not."

"Sweetheart, it's okay and I understand. From now on, if a girl can't get along with everyone, she will be dealt with," I said, loud enough to be heard at the next tables.

"I hope it teaches Shannon a lesson," twelve year old Jill said from the next table. "I think she could be a very nice person, if she wanted to be."

"Jeff, is that why you sold the girls this afternoon?" ten year old Sandy asked, Jenny's friend.

"Yes, they weren't trying to get along," I replied.

The blonde ten year old Sandy was sitting at our table with her guest for the evening and I had forgotten how pretty the ten year old was. Then, she accidentally spilled something off her fork and it landed in her guest lap and the ten year old immediately slid out of her chair and under the table. Moments later, Sandy's guest gasped and a huge smile crossed his face, which made April giggle because everyone knew what Sandy was licking him clean under the table. When Sandy came back up to sit in her chair, her guest put an arm around her, pulled her close and kissed the side of the little blondes face.

Even though not all the girls were in the lodge, I looked around at the ones that were and these were most of our original girls. Each of them were guest pleasers, excellent entertainers and very popular, most of all, the went out of their way to help each other and any new girls that came to the ranch. More so, what I also noticed, was six of the last group of girls were in the dining room and acted like they had known the rest of the girls forever and were all best friends. This was what I wanted for the ranch and decided I would accept nothing less.

After dinner, I let April strip me, then naked we walked up to the guard house where I told the guard I would probably be selling his daughter. When he didn't care, it took some of the pressure off me, so we headed to the trailer houses to find the janitor and his reaction was the same. When April and I started back towards the lodge, the twelve year old reached down and put a gentle hand on my cock, as if she were holding my hand as we walked. By the time we crossed the creek, the twelve year old was leading me by an erection and it was down to where there was another campfire.

There was a little different entertainment tonight, there was a chair set up between the campfire and the guest but the seat had a huge hole in it. Under the seat was a cylinder and one of the five men was fastening a huge dildo to the end of a shaft coming out of the cylinder. The dildo had to be ten inches long and an inch in diameter but it didn't come up to the seat of the chair. Where the cylinder attached to the plate the chair sat on, there were several wires that led to a box one of the men was holding. The man touched a button on the box and that dildo pushed up through the seat of the chair, another button and it began expanding until it was almost three inches in diameter and still ten inches long.

One of the other five men, was stringing another set of wires to the chair as the dildo retracted down below the seat of the chair and deflated. The stunning, dark haired, thirteen year old Shannon was led into the fire light and a man pushed her into the chair. Quickly, the thirteen year old's legs were spread wide to either side of the chair and tied there. Her arms were pulled out to her side and strapped to the arms of the chair, holding her naked stunning body wide open to everyone gathered around.

The man with the wires attached a set of alligator clips to the end of three wires, then carefully spread Shannon's cunt lips wide apart. The thirteen year old let out a scream of pain when he attached one of those clamps to the thirteen year old's clit. Next, he grabbed one of Shannon's full breast and sucked on the nipple enough to cause it to start swelling, then he attached another alligator clamp to her swollen nipple and moved to Shannon's other breast. After both her breast were clamped off, the man moved back just a little ways and began playing with the switch box he held.

The man pushed a button and Shannon cried out as her beautiful full breast seemed to almost expand and lift straight up. As the naked thirteen year old's breast relaxed, the man pushed another button and the stunning beauty screamed again but thrust her hips out, then back. Now, the man began alternately punching the buttons, causing Shannon's breast to jump, then her shapely hips to thrust. Faster and faster, the man began punching those buttons and it was as if Shannon was fucking, her cunt was dripping lubrication and she was moaning out orgasms.

Once the man holding the box set a switch, the naked thirteen year old continued fucking the air and the man stepped up to Shannon and put his stiff cock to her lips. The stunning, naked, brunette beauty opened her mouth and began sucking the man's cock hungrily. As the man began fucking Shannon's beautiful face, there was a hissing sound and the dildo under the seat began rising. Once the tip of the dildo began pressing against Shannon's lust slick cunt lips, the girl was trying to catch it in her cunt. Within moments, that one inch cock was pushing deep inside the thirteen year old's cunt as she fucked it hard as she could. Then, that dildo began pumping in and out of Shannon's cunt as the man dumped his load of cum down the naked teenagers throat.

Another man took his place at putting his cock in the thirteen year old Shannon's mouth, for her to suck. Almost greedily, the dark hair beauty sucked the man's cock into her mouth as her nude body pounded her cunt onto that relentless dildo pumping into her cunt. There was a gasp, because that dildo had now swollen to about two inches in diameter and was pumping a good seven inches into the thirteen year old's cunt. Her breast were sticking straight out because the current was pulsing through them, in time to the dildo fucking her cunt. Soon, the stunning beauty was fucking and sucking like a mad woman.

Each of the five men took their turns fucking the stunning dark haired beauties face and the thirteen year old hungrily sucked each of them. Her naked body glisten in the firelight as she pounded her overly spread cunt onto the deep driving dildo. She was now taking eight inches of the dildo's length and it had expanded to it's full three inches. Her breast were so hard with lust that they had quit bouncing and it looked like Shannon's nipples were going to explode, they were so big. The last man dumped his load of cum down Shannon's thirteen year old throat, then back away as the stunning beauty begged and cried for more cock.

Slowly, the huge dildo began slowing down as it fucked all ten inches of three inch thick cock into Shannon's thirteen year old cunt. Then, it began shrinking and was soon back to being only an inch in width and had come to a stop just below the thirteen year old's wide spread cunt. Her breast were still swelling and her hips pumping for a cock that wasn't there, then one of the men pulled the naked teen forward just a little. The nude beauty let out a strangled scream and that dildo began pushing back up inside her naked body, yet everyone could see her pussy gash.

As the dildo pushed relentlessly into Shannon's naked body, the thirteen cried for it to be taken out. Yet, it continued until there was soon eight inches working it's way up into Shannon's guts, then slowly began expanding. The first man again stepped in front of Shannon and pushed his stiff cock into her pretty face and the thirteen year old opened her mouth for it. As the man fucked the stunning beauties face, the dildo in her ass began pushing it's way in deeper and faster. By the third man, the teen was taking almost ten inches of three inch thick dildo up her ass and she was pounding her own ass back onto it.

When the last of the five men finished fucking Shannon's face, he backed away and the dildo pulled out of her widely stretched ass hole, stopped and began shrinking. The electricity to her breast and clit stopped but the stunning nude beauties thirteen year old body continued to heave and jerk with tremendous orgasms. After almost an hour, the brunette beauty slumped in the chair, out cold and her full breast began to gently sag a little. Around the campfire was a virtual orgy going on, every little girl there was being fucked almost brutally and enjoying it. Cries, squeals and screams of orgasm filled the warm night air as little girls hit orgasms that were so intense.

The men released thirteen year old Shannon from the chair and carried her off somewhere, no one knew where or cared. They didn't care because all they were concerned about was the little pussy they wanted to plant their adult cocks in. Even Sasheen was pumping his cock into the red headed stunning twelve year old Jill and in turn she was trying to tear his cock off his royal body. Maybe I wasn't much better because I pushed my twelve year old April to the ground, knelt between her legs and rammed my cock deep into her cunt. Immediately, the twelve year old exploded into orgasms and was doing her best to drag my body inside her cunt.

The orgy continued through the night and once or twice I saw one of the five men with other girls but didn't see Shannon again that night. It was the next morning before I saw Shannon again, it was in the middle meadows and the thirteen year old was sucking one of the five men's cock. Beside me, twelve year old April seemed fascinated by the gallows at the end of the field, then so did the other thirty young girls that were standing around with their guest. Now, the stunning, dark haired beauty was sucking another of the five's cock and the other three had walked up onto the gallows. When Shannon finished sucking the cock, the last two men stood the thirteen year old up, tied her hands behind her back and began walking her to the gallows.

The gallows didn't have a trap door but in the middle, under the beam was a stool about two feet tall and over the beam hung a thick rope with a noose on the end. Beside the stool, the two men held a now struggling Shannon and the thirteen year old was crying. One of the other men held her long brunette hair out while another passed the noose over it, then down over the stunning beauties pretty face and around her slim neck. The two men holding Shannon lifted her up and stood her on the stool, while one of the other's took the slack out of the rope and tied it off. As the naked, thirteen year old beauty stood there, her full, now firm breast rose and fell as she sobbed, the heavy V of her pussy triangle seemed to draw attention to it.

In the audience around the front of the gallows, forty some naked men stood there withe erections while young girls watched in awe as their small hands jacked men off. Even twelve year old April was gently stroking my cock while her eyes were glued to the stunning nude brunette beauty, standing on that stool on the gallows. I realized this wasn't going to be a quick process, there was less than a foot of slack in the rope and when the stool was kicked out, Shannon's feet would almost touch the platform.

Before I had any more time to think about it, the stool was kicked out from under the stunning brunette thirteen year old's feet and she dropped about six inches. It was just enough to tighten the noose around her slim neck and cut off her air supply. Her beautiful body began jerking and thrashing, her legs were soon trying to run in place. Those now firm breast were bouncing and wobbling as the naked thirteen year old fought to breathe. Her shapely hips began a lunging motion, as if she was dry fucking the air, as her long legs spread and scissored. Her dark little pubic mound pumped back and forth for several minutes, then her face began taking on a blue color.

All around the gallows, men were shooting heavy, long streams of cum as they watched the thirteen year old nude fight for her last shreds of life. A stream of urine flowed down the girls legs, just before her body went slack and she just hung there. My own cum was exploding like nothing I had ever felt and it almost made me sink to my knees. The men on the gallows were offering to let anyone that wanted to, come up and feel Shannon's lifeless body but most of the guest and entertainers were walking away and many guest looked embarrassed.

Beside me, I saw that twelve year old April had turned her back to the gallows, so I turned and led her away also. What really surprised me, was seeing King Sasheen, he too was walking away, leading the nude, twelve year old red headed Jill away. We hadn't gone far when I realized Nancy, the girl that had sat on my cock when we watched the CD of a hanging and barbecue, was walking beside us, with her guest.

"Nancy, was it as exciting as you thought it would be?" I asked her.

"Kind of," she bashfully replied. "Jeff, would it be okay if I changed my mind about letting that be done to me?"

"Of course," I replied. "Why?"

"I think I would rather stay around to fuck and suck, because I can enjoy that for a long time," Nancy admitted.

"That is the perfect response," her guest added. "To me, it was a waste of a beautiful young girl that could have been fucking and sucking, making men happy that way."

"Well, at least she won't be trying to make our lives miserable any more," thirteen year old Rachel added from behind us. "If that is what happens to screw up's, I'm sure going to be a better girl and try to make everyone like me."

"Mr. Rush, I hope you don't plan on making this a regular thing," another guest stated. "We come here because you have loving, happy and sexy young girls that are tender and caring. To many of those things and they would become jaded and hardened from it."

"Point well taken," Drew replied, as he was with Rachel.

Before we reached the lodge, Sasheen had joined us and even he hoped we didn't do that again very soon and echoed the sentiments the one guest had made about out girls. This really surprised me, because I knew Sasheen had seen this and things even more jaded, and had enjoyed them. Yet, he admitted that what we had was special, that many of the things we did for entertainment was more erotic because the girls and women enjoyed doing them. Such as fucking the horses, or dropping on the huge dildos, the strip tease acts, things the entertainers enjoyed doing over and over again, yet something that couldn't be seen anywhere else.

"I'd love to bring my two boys here, but I wouldn't want them to see something like that hanging," another guest added. "I want them to know that sex can be more than fun and enjoyable, if you are gentle and considerate."

"How old are your boys?" April asked.

"Twelve and fourteen," he replied.

"I'll teach them how to be great lovers," she giggled.

"I'd bet you would, if they were allowed," he laughed.

"If they can live by the rules you accepted to come here, and you can afford it, they are welcome," I told him.

"Can I book them in for next weekend?" he quickly asked.

"Sure, but I'll forewarn you, there is going to be an auction next weekend," I said.

"Now, that could really be exciting," he smiled. "Who do I see about bookings?" he quickly asked.

With a laugh, I told him to find Helen and she would take care of him, but he also had a buddy here that wanted to bring his sons and was going to find him first. It was Drew's laugh that made me look, and he was telling me that sixty girls weren't going to be enough and I'd better be getting with Brian the first of the week. That was fine with me, besides, that gave me the rest of the weekend to fuck April and maybe even see how my newest eight year old Alexis was doing.

Chapter 27

Sunday night, the four older girls were back and excitedly had to tell me about their weekend. At first they had been very embarrassed, because they had been led into a huge party, stark naked and by their tits. After a while, they weren't embarrassed any more and everyone thought they were so beautiful. Yet, I could see some jealousy from the other girls, because the older girls had been away and were fucked every way but loose over the weekend. Still, several people had already asked to take younger girls off the ranch for evenings and weekends but I had a better idea.

The first thing Monday morning, I asked Helen to check on the uniforms for the girls and I wanted the skirts to be above mid thigh in length. The new bus would easily carry seventy girls and I began looking for things to do, as a group, off the ranch. After going over the auction list, we would be down to fifty five girls now and I felt Drew had been right, we didn't need seventy girls. Another ten like what we had, would do just fine so I called Brian to see if he was still serious about setting us up with some of his clientele. Not only was he still serious, he had twenty already picked out for me to interview and had a house I could use to do my interviews in.

"Brian, will the whole family be able to make the interview?" I asked.

"With twelve of the girls you won't have families, they are wards of the system that I am in charge of. The other eight are in foster homes and the parents are no longer involved with them. Jeff, each of these girls are as pretty as what you found the last time," Brian assured me.

It was a three hour drive to Brian's and he said the interviews could be scheduled for that afternoon, or tomorrow afternoon, which ever I preferred. With a laugh, I told him I could be there by one this afternoon and was on my way. As I was packing Derrick arrived and had a little surprise for me, instead of pills, it was now a powder and a dispenser that fit in the palm of my hand. In an instant, I could dispense up to six doses in different glasses with the flip of my thumb and no one would ever realize it. It only took a few minutes to gather the uniforms from last time, pack my walk men and tapes, fuel the little bus and I was on my way.

When I arrived at Brian's office, we left immediately and went to an estate on the outskirts of town, that I found out belonged to Brian. There was time and Brian had a quick lunch prepared and over lunch wanted to know how the hanging had went. He wasn't surprised by the reactions, because when people saw something on screen, they rationalized that it wasn't real. When they saw it in person, it became real, then horrible as the truth of what they were seeing set in. He also agreed that if it was a consistent thing, the girls would become hardened and jaded by it, instead of sweet and precious.

"Jeff, you have a ready market for young girls, keep only the sweetest and most precious for your guest, sell the rest," Brian advised me. "Also, sell only the next best to what you keep, except to turn over your stock every so often by adding someone new."

"We plan on keeping our original thirty five or so girls, no matter what. Of that, three will be leaving the ranch in three years, then a few every year after that," I explained. "We'll be losing more at a time though when the present twelve year old's hit college age."

"When that time comes, replace them with girls younger than they are now. You should have a ten year old for every fifteen year old you have now, a nine year old for every fourteen year old and a seven year old for every thirteen year old. Understand what I am saying?" Brian replied. "Start securing replacement girls when the present ones reach thirteen and you should always have a ready group of girls like you have now. The ones that don't work out, or fit in, sell."

"Well," I smiled after looking at the list of girls. "I hope you have six ten year olds, three nine year olds and six eight year olds in this group."

With a laugh, Brian said it was time to start finding out, because the front doorbell was ringing. Quickly, he took me to an office near the front door and there was a stack of folders and he handed me one, then pointed to a wet bar. While Brian went to let who ever it was in, I looked through the folder and there were pictures of a very beautiful young woman and handsome young man., the name on the folder was Christy. Moments later, Brian was bringing the sweetest looking little eight year old into the office and introduced us, her name was Christy. The darling little brunette was bashful but shook my offered hand, then sat in a chair in front of the desk.

We talked for several minutes and I found that Christy loved school, and being outside. When I asked her if she had ever been on a ranch, where there were horses, her face took on a sad look and she bashfully said she had only hoped to visit a ranch. With a smile, I told the stunning little brunette eight year old that she needed a soda and Derrick's dispenser worked perfectly. Within a few minutes, Christy was wearing headphones and Brian came in and told me I could move her to a back room because my next appointment was in ten minutes. Once the little eight year old was comfortable, I walked back to the office with Brian.

"Okay, she is stunning," I smiled. "The pictures, are those her mother and father?"

"Yes, and the next girl's name is Wendy and it should be the next folder down," Brian replied.

It was and as I studied the folder, this Wendy's parents were beautiful people but looked very young in the pictures. The ten year old had been in state care for eight of her ten years and was considered very intelligent, which made it difficult for her in some foster homes because she required activity. There was the door bell and soon a stunning little angel walked into the office but it wasn't what I expected. This little girl looked like life had given up on her and she really didn't care any more. After Brian introduced us and left, I waved Wendy into a chair, then looked at her folder.

"Wendy, this tells me that you must love school," I told her.

"Oh, I do, but there is no reason for me to," she blushed so beautifully. "People like me will never amount to anything, so why try."

"Well, that man out there seems to think you have great potential and has recommended you for the Pine Ridge Ranch, which is a school for gifted young girls," I smiled.

"Mr. Weller did that!" she seemed shocked. "He's the only one that has ever been really nice to me."

"That was because he saw something special in you," I smiled. "I think you need a soda and we'll talk about the Pine Ridge Ranch."

As I described the ranch, little Wendy's blue eyes flashed and there seemed to be a new life about her. A few minutes after she finished her soda, those big blue eyes closed, but before putting the head phones on her, I let Brian carry her back to the spare room where I put the head phones on her. Poor Brian was almost beside himself, he wanted to lift that skirt and see the ten year old's charms so bad. With a laugh, I reached down and pulled the hem of Wendy's skirt up to expose her white cotton panties, that molded to her little cunt lips. Another quick motion and I hooked my fingers into the waist band of the ten year old's panties and slipped them down off her hips, legs then off her feet.

"You can come back in and inspect the goods while I do my next interview," I laughed and Brian blushed but nodded.

It wasn't but a few minutes and Brian was leading the prettiest little red head I had ever seen into the office, her name was Cheyenne and she was nine. Her skin was white and her hair a dark red, almost a mahogany color, her clothes were shabby and old but I wasn't worried about that. Like the two before, I saw a defeated look in Cheyenne's eyes but when I smiled, those blue eyes sparkled. As we talked about the ranch, I saw the look of hope on the young beauties face and when I slid her a small glass of soda, she thanked me politely. For several minutes, the little red headed beauty fought the sleep that was over taking her, so she could hear more about the ranch and the other girls.

As I carried the stunning little red head back to the bedroom, I kissed her soft sweet lips and even in her drug induced sleep, the nine year old smiled. This would be my bed partner tonight and she wasn't going to make it to the ranch a virgin. In the bedroom, Brian was fondling Wendy's bare little pussy and the ten year old's hips were gently undulating. There was time and I wanted to see my little red head naked, so I quickly stripped Cheyenne out of her shabby pants and blouse, then her to small panties and admired that beautiful nine year old body. When I spread her little legs I could see the tightest pair of vaginal lips and gently ran my fingers over them, they were so soft and firm at the same time. Next, I wet my finger tip and ran it around those tiny coral buds on her ten year old chest and watched as her tiny nipples spiked under my caress.

"Less strip Christy also," I told Brian.

We had no more than stripped the little eight year old, when the front doorbell rang and I ran for the office while Brian ran to the front door. I could hear him talking to someone, then thanking them and the door shut. Moments later, he was walking into the office with the sweetest little blonde beauty and she was six years old, her name was Alissa and she was very glad to meet me. Since we had wasted time undressing the other three girls, I had to take time to look at Alissa's folder and loved what I saw. We just had to have a soda while we talked and she had to be the sweetest little girl I had ever interviewed. A few minutes later, I carried the six year old beauty back and laid her on the bed beside Cheyenne and we stripped her out of her clothes, then headed back to the office.

"Jeff, you haven't turned down one yet," Brian laughed.

"That's only four," I replied. "Are all twenty coming this afternoon?"

"Only half of them, they'll come in half hour intervals, and there are three sets of twins that will come together," he smiled.

"Could we bring them in faster, maybe three at a time?" I asked.

Without answering, Brian picked up the phone and made a couple of calls, then hung up just as the front door bell rang. This time, it was a set of stunning twin beauties by the name of Jane and Judy, brunettes and they were seven years old. They were daughters of a twin and the mother was also a stunning beauty and had even been a beauty queen. Soon, both twins were laying naked on a bed in another room and there were sounds of the front door opening and closing. When we went back out, I realized there was a waiting room and in it were several women with about a dozen young girls.

Quickly, I went through the next three files, then asked for Virginia, Molly, Tina and Sally to come in. For a moment, I was almost speechless, Virginia was a nine year old blonde, Molly and eight year old brunette, Tina a ten year old blonde and Sally a seven year old blonde and each was already a stunning beauty. Ten minutes later, all four were laying naked on the bed with the twins but there wasn't time to examine them. Still, I needed a break because the first three should be waking up and I needed their headsets. There was something to try, so I softy told the three that they were very sleepy and would sleep until I woke them up. It worked so well that I would use it on the rest of the girls, so I went to each of the already naked young girls and told them the same thing.

My next three were all ten years old, a blonde by the name of Bambi, a brunette by the name a Victoria and a black haired girl by the name of Tasha. All three of them were showing the signs of breast development and when we stripped them, each wore a training bra but Bambi and Tasha might have needed real bras. None of them had any pussy hair yet, but there were a few curves developing on them. There was no time to dwell because there were other's waiting and for some reason I found this very exciting. We were snatching these girls right out from under people waiting.

Next, was a pair of fantastic eight year old blonde twins named Nancy and Linda and a stunning little red head by the name of Yvonne, who was nine. It tickled me because the two twins talked like one person but were very polite and even though they didn't know Evonne, accepted her as a friend. As we carried them into another room, I realized that I had taken sixteen girls where I had only intended on taking ten but I couldn't help it, they were all perfect. Quickly, we switched headphones and headed back to the office where Brian went into the waiting room and I heard him dismiss someone, then he was leading four more young, stunningly beautiful girls into the room.

The first girl was ten, her name was Karen and she was holding a six year old's hand by the name of Elizabeth but she informed me that everyone just called her Liz. Both Karen and Liz were pure blondes and I loved the way they carried themselves, for their ages. The other two were eight year olds, a black haired girl named Raven and a light brunette by the name of Carol. It was Karen and Liz that fascinated me, and when I asked if they were sisters, Karen shook her head no, and Liz said they were buddies. As we carried the four little beauties back to the spare room and put them in head phones, I started to just leave them and Brian reminded me to put in the sleep suggestion.

"They'll be ready by the time I've woken the others," I reminded Brian.

"Well," Brian smiled. "There are eight more to go. I figured you might like to look at these next six."

"Brian, I've already taken ten more than I wanted to," I exclaimed.

"I know," he smiled. "I'm trying for a lifetime membership," he laughed.

Following Brian back out to the office, I took my seat behind the desk while he went into the waiting room and dismissed someone. The folders I was looking at had no names but the pictures of the mothers were fantastic, each one was a stunning beauty and none of them over fifteen. When I looked up from the last folder, standing in front of my desk was a row of eight sweetest little girls but I almost crapped. Two of these stunning little beauties were two, and two were three, two were four and two five year olds. There weren't that many free head sets, but my greed took over so Brian and I entertained these precious little beauties for a half hour, then they all had a small soda.

The two year old's were a blonde by the name of Sherry, a brunette by the name of Dena, the three year old's were a blonde named Lynn and a red head named Chelsi, the four year old's was a dark haired Dawn and a brunette named Terri, the five year old's were both blondes named Yvette and Gretchen. As I put the last two year old in head phones, I looked at Brian and told him he had earned his life time membership, but he smiled and said there were more where these had came from, when I wanted them.

The first two we woke, were Christy, Wendy and Cheyenne because I wanted time to play with Cheyenne and Brian with Wendy before we woke the others. It was quite obvious that Brian wanted to play with Wendy but he was waiting for my okay and I appreciated that. Softly, I told him just fondling for right now, then we would go from there after the other girls were awake. At first, the three little girls were very scared because they were naked but I just told them that was what pleased men, seeing them naked.

"All the time?" eight year old Christy asked.

"Well, only when you are told it is okay, or the rest of the girls are naked and with older men. We call these older men guest because they will be a guest to your body," I smiled.

"Mr. Weller, does it please you to see me naked?" ten year old Wendy asked Brian.

"Oh yes, very much and I can't wait to kiss and touch you," Brian replied.

"Good, because you have always been so nice to me," Wendy smiled and let Brian take her naked, ten year old body into his arm.

With a smile, I motioned the naked little eight year old to me and she came bashfully. When I tipped her beautiful little face up and kissed her on those soft, sweet little lips, I thought Christy was going to cry so I cuddled her in one arm and motioned the stunning nine year old red head to me and Cheyenne came eagerly. With a naked little girl standing on either side of me, I took turns kissing their soft little lips and stroked their naked bodies as I did. When I bent down and kissed one of Cheyenne's flat little pink breast, the nine year old gasped and pushed her little chest to me as I nibbled on her other tiny breast.

"Mr. Rush, you can do that to mine," eight year old Christy almost begged.

Already, Brian had a finger between ten year old Wendy's legs and was gently stroking her soft little pussy lips as the stunning beauty gasped with pleasure. As I kissed the eight year old's coral aureoles, I let my finger slip between Christy's legs to play along her soft, tight little vaginal slit. Within moments, the stunning eight year old's hips were moving, trying to get my finger tip even closer into her small body. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the red headed nine year old had already spread her legs a little and I moved my other hand between her legs to cup her child sex. Using the flat of my hand, I massaged Cheyenne's little pussy and within moments the stunning little red head was becoming very scared as her very first orgasm approached.

"Let it happen Sweetheart, because there are going to be a lot more of them and each one will be better than the last," I assured her.

The nine year old's orgasm hit her like a freight train, sending her to her knees as she gasped and squealed. On my other hand, the eight year old Christy was also having her very first orgasm and she leaned against me until her legs quit shaking. Once both my little nude beauties had come down from their orgasms, I watched as Brian held and caressed the ten year old Wendy through her very first one also. Now, I explained that the next time this happened, a man was going to be putting his cock in that little hole between their legs and they would feel some pain at first, but then the feelings would be even better than what they had just felt.

"I hope that happens soon," ten year old Wendy gasped.

"Girls, there are at least twenty other girls here that are asleep and I want you three to wake them up. They are going to be scared, like you were, when they find out they are naked but I know you can explain why, can't you," I told them and all three nodded. "Now, in the one room are eight very little girls, we want them to sleep for a while longer, okay?" they again nodded.

Once they had woke all the girls in one room, they were to bring them back here to Brian and I, then they could go wake up the next room of girls. As the three naked little stunning beauties took off, Brian was smiling at me. Tomorrow morning, he wanted to bring another dozen young girls for me to interview, between the ages of eleven and thirteen. When I told him we didn't need any more girls, he just said they could be livestock and we had room for a hundred girls. Then smiled, that way his boy could have a membership also and all I could do was laugh.

There were quiet little hushed giggles and I looked towards a doorway and there were several naked young girls standing there. They all had embarrassed looks and were covering themselves but I saw the need to be recognized for their nude beauty, so I smiled and asked them to come in. Without my saying anything, Brian exclaimed about how beautiful they were and soon there were even more stunning young beauties there, covering their bald little pussies. Yet, when Cheyenne, Christy and Wendy walked in and right up to us, without any embarrassment, the others began dropping their hands and moving closer. With a smile and nod, Brian excused himself by saying he would only be gone for a few minutes.

"Mr. Rush, is it true that men get pleasure out of seeing us naked?" ten year old Victoria bashfully asked.

"Yes Sweetheart, men will get pleasure out of seeing you naked, being with you while you are naked and having sex with you," I replied.

"We're going to be having sex with men!" nine year old Yvonne squealed.

"Yes, all of you are and you are going to find it will be so enjoyable that you almost can't stand it," I laughed.

"Karen, what is sex?" six year old Elizabeth asked.

"That's when a man puts his wiener in your coochie," ten year old Karen replied. "It hurts real bad though, I don't think it would be any fun."

"It only hurts for a few moments," I laughed. "Then, it feels fantastic. In a little while, Cheyenne and I will show everyone what it is like. I think Mr. Mr. Weller and Wendy are going to help with the demonstration also. Right now, we are just going to give you a little idea of what it feels like."

By that time, Brian had returned and when I called six year old Liz over to me, he called six year old Alissa over to him. For a moment, Brian waited to see what I was going to do, so when I set Liz on my legs, facing me, he did the same with Alissa. The naked little blonde six year old really knew nothing about kissing, but after my first kiss on her tender, sweet lips, she was ready for another. This time, I kissed Liz a little more passionately and she responded hungrily, so I let my hand caress it's way down her flat smooth stomach and slipped a finger between her legs.

As I kissed and nuzzled the tiny six year old, she gasped and moaned, but when I slid my finger along her satiny pussy lips, she pushed her little hips closer to me and spread her little legs even wider. With the tip of my finger, I massaged those tight little pussy lips, as I dropped my head to kiss and suckle the six year old's little pink boobies. Moments later, my finger slipped between those tight little lips because she was lubricating heavily, and I easily found her tiny clit. Moments later, the naked six year old beauty let out a cry and her little body began jerking rapidly, then she collapsed into my chest.

"That was so wonderful," the little six year old cooed. "What was that?"

"That, Sweetheart, was only the beginning of what you are going to be enjoying from now on," I smiled.

Beside us, six year old Alissa's naked little body was thrashing on Brian's lap so bad he was having to hold onto the stunning little blonde. Moments later, both little girls were asking to have it happen again, but I told them they could do it again, after we were at the ranch. Next, Brian took one of the blonde eight year old twins and I took the other, but didn't know whether I had Nancy or Linda and didn't care. By the time we had given half the girls their very first orgasm, there was the front doorbell and Brian was off to answer it. When he returned, he was carrying a dozen boxes of pizzas and told everyone to follow him out to the kitchen. On the way, I stopped and woke the little girls and after assuring them it was okay to be naked, took them to the kitchen with me.

There were twenty seven naked little girls, happily munching away on pizza and most of them had never eaten pizza before. When we were finished, I asked several of the ten year old's to take the little girls and wash them up, then bring them back to the room we had been in. When all the girls were in the room, the first girl I took on my lap was ten year old Karen and the stunning blonde beauty was eager to get these things called orgasms. When I kissed her, she kissed me back so my next kiss was passionate and I thought the stunning beauty was going to have an orgasm right then.

As my finger played along ten year old Karen's pussy lips, her shapely little hips began moving back and forth. Her little budding breast felt like they were on fire as I suckled and nibbled on them and her arms were wrapped around my head, holding me to her breast. When my finger tip slipped between her tight, hairless pussy lips and I found her clit, the ten year old lost it. She began sobbing almost uncontrollably as her stunning naked body was wracked with orgasms, and it became only worse when I slipped the tip of my finger inside her virgin opening.

The next girl on my lap, was two year old Brianna and the tiny nude beauty had no idea why I was kissing her but she liked it. When I moved to kissing her tiny pink nipples, she squealed with delight and her tiny legs spread wide to give me access to her most private parts. Within moments, my finger tip was between those tiny little vaginal lips and the two year old's hips were churning rapidly. There was only the slightest bump to tell me where her immature clit was but within a few strokes, Brianna was squealing as her tiny body shook and jerked with orgasmic pleasure. Soon, all twenty seven stunning nude beauties had went through their very first orgasm and were eager to experience even more. When I told them they would have to wait until they were at the ranch, there were several groans but that was it.

"Mr. Rush, when will we find out what a wiener looks like?" the black haired, ten year old Tasha asked.

"Well, let me see," I laughed and swung my finger around until it pointed at nine year old Cheyenne. "If Cheyenne can undress me, I'll show you what a wiener, or cock looks like and how it is used and enjoyed."

Quickly, Brian made the same ploy of just choosing one of the girls but of course it was ten year old Wendy and the stunning, nude, blonde beauty quickly went to him. We let the rest of the girls gather around us in two groups, so everyone could see, then Cheyenne began undressing me and Wendy began undressing Brian. We had to coach the girls a little bit, but they soon had us down to our underwear and as they pulled them down, there wasn't a girl breathing in the room. When my cock popped free, it was still soft, but poor Brian had a raging hard on and the rest of the girls squealed and gasped.

"Mr. Rush, they're beautiful," ten year old Victoria gasped and all the girls agreed.

Of course, the difference between my soft cock and Brian's hard cock had to be explained but the girls accepted this and urged Cheyenne to make my cock excited so they could see it hard also. Before I let Cheyenne start, I had every girl feel my soft cock, then Brian's hard cock, which almost turned out to be a mistake because a few didn't want to stop. Now, I told Cheyenne that cocks liked to be kissed and licked and the nine year old didn't hesitate to kiss the tip of my cock, then lick around the fore skin. When my cock started to swell, it brought squeals of delight from all the girls, then I explained to Cheyenne how to suck my cock. As Cheyenne leaned forward I looked at the rest of the nude beauties to see their reaction and if there were any, it was anticipation.

Quietly, I motioned one of the ten year old's forward to hold Cheyenne's long, auburn hair back away from her face, so everyone could see the nine year old's mouth. The nine year old's soft little lips pursed around the tip of my cock and I could feel the tip of her tongue licking back and forth across the piss hole. Then, she pulled back a little so the other girls could see what she was doing and after several licks again put the tip of my cock between her soft lips. With a sucking action, the nine year old took the head of my cock into her moist, warm mouth, as her tongue licked and teased around the glans. Then, she pushed her head a little farther, taking some of the shaft inside also, and that also received licks along the underside.

Slowly, the nine year old stunning auburn haired beauty sucked even more of my cock into her soft mouth, until I could feel the back of her throat against the tip of my cock. Just as slowly, Cheyenne began sliding my cock back out of her mouth, until just the head was between those soft lips, before sucking it back in. It was hard for her but the nine year old looked up at me with those blue eyes and I smiled down at her, so she began moving her head back and forth a little faster. She had me now and my hips began moving back and forth, as I began to gently fuck the stunning beauties face.

Beside us, I could see Brian's cock sliding in and out of ten year old Wendy's mouth and it was such an erotic sight. Like me, he was slowly pumping his cock in and out of the stunning blonde beauties face, as she moved her head back and forth in time to his pumping. All around us, naked young beauties were licking their lips and several were moving their heads in time to the cock suckers. All this bare flesh and watching Brian fucking the ten year old blonde's face was pushing me to the limit. My own hips began moving faster and faster but Cheyenne matched her head movement to my thrust.

Suddenly, my orgasm was there, I pushed my hips forward and held them there but Cheyenne was still moving her head, so I reached down and held it still for a moment. Hoarsely, I told her just to suck because I was getting ready to give her my juice, and that was what she did. The first jet exploded into her sweet mouth and had to bounce off the back of her throat but I could feel the nine year old swallowing. Each jet, she pushed herself farther onto my cock and I felt her small hand cup my balls ever so gently.

When the last jet went down Cheyenne's silky throat, the nine year old began sliding my cock in and out of her mouth, as she sucked the last drops of sperm from it. Finally, I gently pushed her head back, until my cock was free, then pulled her up to me and gave her a passionate kiss. That was when I realized that the nine year old's nude body was throbbing with orgasms, just from sucking cock. With a gentle hug, I pulled her close to me, so my stiff cock was pressed between us, against her bare stomach. Since Wendy was off Brian's cock also, the rest of the girls were asking them what it had been like.

"It was fantastic!" Cheyenne sighed.

"Better than that," Wendy added.

All I told Brian was the dining room table, so we walked the two naked beauties into the dining room, where Brian set ten year old Wendy up on one end and I set nine year old Cheyenne up on the other end. By the time I had spread Cheyenne's legs, the rest of the girls were gathered around either Brian or I and watching with great interest. With the nine year old's little butt almost hanging off the table, I pushed her down to where she was laying on the table. With my stiff cock laying on her flat abdomen, it almost reached from her crotch to her belly button, which made a couple of the other girls gasp.

Gently, I leaned over the nine year old, stunning auburn haired beauties nude body and kissed her soft sweet lips, then her ears and the hollow of her throat. Before going any farther, I told the girls that everything they were going to see, was a natural thing and there was nothing vulgar or disgusting about it, in fact it was extremely enjoyable. Then, I bent back down and began kissing and nibbling Cheyenne's little pink breast, which were flat and about the size of quarters. Within moments, the stunning auburn haired beauties arms were wrapped around my head, as she moaned and gasped with pleasure.

Slowly, I kissed my way down the nine year old's flat stomach, to her bald little vulva, where I inserted the tip of my tongue between the beginning of her tight little pussy lips. After just wiggling my tongue a little, I pulled it back and kissed that bald little pubic mound and Cheyenne's little hips lifted off the table. My kisses continued down along that silky soft vaginal plane as the nine year old began softly moaning, once in the center of her private place, I pushed my tongue out and it slipped between her tight soft vaginal lips. My aim had been perfect, the tip of my tongue went right to that pocket that held her tiny virginal opening but instead of pushing any farther, I just used the tip of my tongue to rim that tiny opening.

The naked nine year old's hips were pumping and thrusting, even though she had no concept of what she wanted, but her body knew. Slowly, I drug the tip of my tongue up to find the tiny nubbin of her clit that I washed and licked as Cheyenne's stunning nine year old body began exploding with orgasms. Sucking that tiny bump between my lips, I applied a little sucking pressure and felt the nude child gushing female juices against my chin. Gently, I lapped up those juices, then moved my tongue to the center of her vaginal opening and gently pushed, then smiled as the tip of my tongue entered her small body.

The child's jerking body was making it hard to enjoy her little cunt any longer so I stood and leaned over Cheyennes stunning nude body and gave her a kiss on the lips. As her small body jerked with orgasms, I centered the tip of my cock between those lust slicked pussy lips and felt the opening to her beautiful body. Gently, I began pushing, feeling the soft slick tissue of the child's vagina spreading out over the head of my cock, then the glans popped inside the nine year old's cunt. The tip of my cock rested against Cheyenne's hymen, so I made a quick, short thrust and ripped it away.

"Mr. Rush, it hurts, it's to big, please take it out!" the nine year old cried.

"It's supposed to hurt the first time Sweetheart, just bear with it and it will go away," I leaned down and kissed her beautiful face.

Slowly, as the child cried out, I pushed my seven inch cock even deeper into her nine year old body until I felt the tip against her rubbery cervix. There was still a good three inches of cock to put inside Cheyenne's cunt and I kept a steady pressure with my cock, enjoying the feel of her cervix stretching over the head of my cock. When I could feel that tiny opening in her cervix, I slowly pulled my cock out until just the head stayed inside the nine year old's cunt. When I slowly pushed it back in, until I again hit her cervix, any crying Cheyenne had been doing, stopped. Instead, a gasp came from her lips and she lifted her cunt to me and smiled.

"Like that?" I asked and she nodded eagerly. "It's going to hurt again but once this is over, there will be even better feelings."

"Mr. Rush, I'm sorry I cried," Cheyenne softly said.

"Sweetheart, it is okay, I know the first time hurts but I also know that once the pain is done it will never hurt again and you will be glad you went through it." I assured the nine year old. "Now, it's going to hurt really bad for just a few minutes."

I could feel the head of my cock centered in Cheyenne's cervix and began a steady pushing and could see the nine year old gritting her teeth. Then, that even tinier opening was slowly expanding over the tip of my cock and the stunning nude red head couldn't hold back the cries any longer. Just as she began sobbing, I felt that rubber band snap over the head of my cock and looked between our legs to see there was still a good two inches of cock to put inside her. With a steady pressure, I leaned into the nine year old, and was amazed at how thin her cunt lips were stretched. Then, I realized my pubic hair was blocking the view and moments later I could feel my balls laying against her ass hole.

Since I had totally embedded seven inches of hard cock in the nine year old's cunt, I just relaxed for a few moments, letting Cheyenne adjust to having a cock inside her beautiful nine year old body. When I felt that rubber band around the shaft of my cock loosen enough for the circulation to return, I began pulling my cock back a little. When the head snapped out of Cheyenne's uterus, I immediately pushed it back in and out, until the pain left her face. With a smile, I pushed my cock deep into her little body, then bent over and kissed her soft, sweet lips and was rewarded with a little smile.

As I straightened back up, I noticed Brian was just now pushing through Wendy's cervix, then that I had a two year old standing between my legs looking at my cock coming out of Cheyenne's cunt. Once the head was just inside her vaginal opening, I began pushing all the way back into the nine year old's uterus and heard her gasp. It was one of the ten year old's that pulled the baby out from between my legs, so I began speeding up my strokes into Cheyenne's cunt. Already, the naked nine year old was starting to have orgasms and her little hips were lifting off the table to get even more of my cock inside her.

"Oh Mr. Rush, please don't ever stop," Cheyenne cried. "Do it harder, please?"

With a smile, I began deep stroking the nine year old faster and harder until her naked little body was thrashing with orgasms. Quickly, I lifted her legs and draped them wide over my arms and pushed another half inch of thick cock into her body. The stunning little red head's hips were beginning to misfire as she sobbed out extremely strong orgasms and my own was fast approaching. As I slammed my cock deep into the little red head, the first jet of cum exploded into her uterus and Cheyenne let out a wailing sob as a huge orgasm swept through her stunning, naked body. Each yet of cum brought a wail from that stunning little girl until she suddenly collapsed and her naked body went limp.

"You killed her with pleasure!" a naked eight year old gasped.

"Me next!' the little naked two year old Sherry squealed.

As I relaxed over the naked nine year old, her blue eyes opened and when I bent down to kiss her, she threw her arms around me and covered my face with kisses. As I looked around the naked group of girls that were watching Cheyenne and I, several had female juices running down the insides of their legs. With another quick kiss, I stood up and began pulling my cock out of Cheyenne's cunt and it came out with a popping sound. With a smile, I told the nine year old that if it was that good, she needed to let me know by sucking my cock clean. On very rubbery legs, Cheyenne slipped off the table and went to her knees in front of me, and eagerly gobbled my cock in her nine year old mouth. Before she could make me hard again, I had her stop, then told her there would be more later.

The naked little two year old Sherry, was now standing right in front of me and her tiny little hands were playing with my cock. With a big laugh, I picked the little child up and set her on the table, where I told her that when we reached the ranch, there was a very special boy for her and the other little girls. This brought a squeal from all eight of the two to five year old's but I still saw the hopeful looks in the older girl's eyes. With a smile, I told them that by this weekend, each of them would have been with a nice man and it would be worth waiting for. That tonight, there was still a few things to show them and for that Brian and I would be using Cheyenne and Wendy.

Beside me, I noticed that Cheyenne now had her legs back and a smile that lit up the room, so I put an arm around her shoulders. The other girls had yet to ask her if she had enjoyed it, then that had been very obvious to everyone. With a little whisper, I told the naked nine year old stunning red head, that there was one more session of being hurt, then the hurting part would be over. All Cheyenne did, was look up at me, nod her head and smile because she knew that after the hurt there was great pleasure.

When I picked the nine year old up and laid her face down on the table, with her butt and legs hanging off, she spread her legs wide for me. Gently, I spread her tight little ass cheeks, then smeared the head of my cock in her still leaking cunt slit. When I put the head of my cock to her tiny, virgin ass hole, Cheyenne jumped a little but then lay very still. As I began pushing the head of my cock through her sphincter, she cried out a little, then did her best to relax. Once the head of my cock was in the nine year old's ass, I was amazed at how fast she adjusted to it, then began pushing it even deeper into her bowels.

Once all seven inches of my thick cock was buried deep in the nine year old's ass, I slowly began fucking her. Within strokes, I heard Cheyenne gasp and felt the stunning auburn haired beauty trying to push her ass back onto my cock. Moments after that, she screamed out her first anal orgasm, then just kept having them. The harder and faster I fucked the nine year old's ass, the higher and stronger her orgasms were. Her rectal chute felt like hot butter and didn't take long to pull an orgasm out of me, and as I jetted my cum into her guts, Cheyenne had another orgasm with every jet.

When I pulled my cock out of the nine year old's as, she immediately was going to suck it clean, so I explained and she was off like a rabbit for a wash cloth. Instead, I met her at the bathroom door, and together we took a hot shower because I loved washing naked little girl's bodies. Even this, gave the stunning nine year old small orgasms, and she lovingly washed my cock and was sure that it should be sucked dry. Once we were out of the shower, I dried that stunning naked body off, then led her into the bedroom we were sharing. There were two, huge king sized beds and soon Brian and ten year old Wendy were on the other one, after they had showered.

There was no need to prepare my nine year old, so I lay back on the bed and helped her straddle my hips. There was no need to tell her how to guide my cock into her cunt as she let herself down, Cheyenne was already doing that. Still, once Cheyenne was fully impaled, she looked at me and I smiled at her, because she was now lost, yet happy to have her little belly full of cock. When I pulled her down to lay on my chest, she came willingly, then I gently rocked her back and forth, causing my cock to slide in and out of her tight little cunt. That was all it took the nine year old began rocking herself and was soon hitting orgasm after orgasm, which was fine with me. Because I knew when she couldn't take any more she would just collapse on top of me and that was what I expected.

As Cheyenne rocked herself back and forth on my cock, I watched the rest of the naked young girls standing around the bed. Even though they were watching with rapt attention, I noticed several sets of drooping eye lids, the heaviest being among the babies. The first to give in was the one two year old named Christy and she just crawled up onto the bed and lay next to me. One by one, the girls followed, until there wasn't any more room on the bed, so they crashed on the floor. It wasn't long after the last naked young girl crashed, that Cheyenne collapsed on top of me, the nine year old had been hitting mind blowing orgasms for some time now.

It was Brian, that turned out the light but before he did I noticed his bed was covered with naked young bodies, each one a stunning beauty, just like the ones with me. He smiled, and I realized that Wendy was also laying on him and like Cheyenne was still deeply impaled on a man's cock. For almost an hour, I felt the little auburn haired beauties body jerking with orgasm, then she finally lay still. Yet, several times through the night, I woke to feel her naked body jerking and thrashing on mine as she fucked herself in her sleep.

Chapter 28

Never could I imagine a more perfect way to wake up, with a naked nine year old laying on my chest and my seven inch cock still buried deep in her tight little cunt. The stunning auburn haired beauty had fucked herself off and on all night long and I knew her little cunt was going to be sore this morning. As I looked around, there were still a dozen or more naked little girls sprawled on the bed and floor around me. Gently, I tried to slip out from under Cheyenne, but she woke with a smile and her naked little body jerked out another orgasm.

As I pulled my cock out of that tight little cunt, I noticed that Cheyenne winced a little, then she should, she had been riding my seven inch cock all night long. It slid in and out of her uterus so easy now, and she had orgasm's almost constantly while she was being fucked. Once my cock was out, the little nine year old auburn haired beauty scrambled around and used her hands to hold my cock. Before I could say anything, she had it in her mouth and was hungrily sucking it clean. So far I hadn't realized I was so close to having my own orgasm, until I felt the tingle in my balls and moments later, I was filling the stunning beauties mouth with cum. Without even attempting to gag, Cheyenne swallowed every drop of cum, then sucked out the dregs and would have kept sucking if I hadn't stopped her.

"Mr. Rush, can we shower together, like we did last night?" Cheyenne coyly asked.

"We sure can," I smiled and took her hand.

In the shower, I washed the nine year old's stunning nude body and when I washed between her legs, I knew she was a lot sorer that she had let on. Even still, Cheyenne asked if we could do it again, but I told her that she needed to rest because there might be other men that would want to fuck her tomorrow night, at the ranch. That if she fucked again right now, she would be to sore to enjoy herself then, and that would disappoint a guest. She accepted this because she really enjoyed being fucked, liked pleasing men and hoped they really liked her. With a laugh, I assured her they would love her, then toweled that stunning little nine year old body dry and sent her to wake up the rest of the girls.

All twenty seven other girls showered and the older girls helped the little girls, which pleased me. None of them dressed as they came out to see what we were going to do, and that was have breakfast. Over breakfast, they giggled and carried on about how great it must be to have sex and none of them could wait until they had it. Some of the older girls were going to let men fuck them until they had such strong orgasms it blew their heads off. Someone mentioned the initial pain, but none of them seemed to care about that, they just wanted to feel what Wendy and Cheyenne had felt. After breakfast, the girls cleaned up, then came out to the room Brian and I were in and we passed out school uniforms.

"Girls," I loudly said. "I want you to get dressed, then stay out of sight because we have people coming in today that might not want you to attend the ranch," I told them.

"If you girls want to, down stairs is a play room, with video games and music ," Brian said. "You can just stay down there until one of us comes for you."

With squeals and laughter, all twenty eight girls headed for the basement and Brian was telling me that the first five of the ten girls were in the waiting room. It was a rash decision, but I decided to interview all five of them at once, so Brian showed them into the office. When those five stunning little beauties stood in front of my desk, I almost had a hard on. The youngest was eleven, the oldest thirteen and these were the kind of beauties that made men drool. The thirteen year old's had breast, very nice breast, the eleven year old's had small breast and the twelve year old's were in between.

We talked about the ranch, the opportunities there and it excited all five girls that they would be able to attend a great school in a ranch style setting. When we were ready to have a soft drink, I realized I hadn't filled the dispenser and had to leave the office to do it. Instead of going back and filling glasses in the office, I just did it in the kitchen and took them in on a tray. It surprised the girls that I would do this for them and none of them hesitated about drinking their soda. A few minutes later, Brian and I carried the five young girls back to one bedroom, stripped them, put the head sets on, then headed back to the office.

"Jeff, you must have really been impressed," Brian laughed. "You never even asked their names."

"Shit, was I that obvious?" I replied, shaking my head.

"It doesn't matter now," he laughed. "The last five are in the waiting room already."

Before letting the next five girls in, I took time to see who the first five were, the first eleven year old was named blonde by the name of Michelle. A twelve year brunette named Lisa, a thirteen year old blonde name Kathleen, a twelve year old red head named Cindy, and the last was a twelve year old light brunette named Nicole. Each of these girls were stunning beauties and it made me wonder where Brian had really found them, then I looked at the pictures of their mothers, and each girl took after their mother.

The next five filed into the room, the first was a little brunette, eleven year old Danielle, then a thirteen year old blonde by the name of Summer, an eleven year old brunette by the name of Renee, another thirteen year old brunette by the name of Amy and the last, a black haired, eleven year old beauty named Valerie. Each of these girls was as much of a stunning beauty as the first five and they too were soon laying in one of the bedrooms, stark naked.

While we waited, I realized there was a problem, I had only brought thirty uniforms and had thirty eight girls going back to the ranch. Out of the thirty uniforms, there were none for the babies, so I decided to take them back in their own clothes and the ten teenage girls might be able to wear what was left. So, we just had to figure out sizes on the sleeping girls by measuring breast, checking their pussies out and checking for hymens. There was a variety of breast, from the size of small eggs to a very healthy C size set on the thirteen year old Amy. On the pubic areas, we had bald ones to full, thick triangles of soft brunette down. Still, what I noticed was, as we played with these naked bodies hips began to roll and the softly gasped and moaned from these new feelings as they were being programmed.

After about an hour with the head phones on, I let the younger girls wake the older girls up and they brought these girls out to where Brian and I waited. There was the usual bashfulness, which made the younger girls giggle and laugh and this didn't help the older girls embarrassment. It became even worse when the four youngest girls just had to look at these older girls naked bodies. The two and three year old's were amazed that these girls had hair down there, and those things on their chest. With a smile, I asked thirteen year old Summer to explain but the stunning blonde beauty was to embarrassed.

"Summer, there is no reason to be embarrassed, they are going to be seeing you naked all the time and even watching as you have sex with men," I told the blonde beauty.

It was twelve year old Nicole, the stunning beauty with the light brunette hair, that called both two year old's and three year old's over to her. She explained that as girls became older, their bodies developed and grew breast and pubic hair. That even the rest of these girls would soon have breast and hair also, then on ten year old Tasha's chest, showed them how her breast were already beginning to swell, and in a little while, the black haired beauty would have breast the size of Nicole's. She was bashful, but Nicole let each of the girls feel her A sized breast, then her pussy hair, which all four babies thought was so soft.

"Thank you very much Nicole," three year old Chelsea politely said, then turned to me. "Mr. Rush, you should fuck Nicole so she would know how much we liked her showing us."

"You do?" I teased, and all four little girls nodded their heads. "Should I do it right here?"

"Well of course," three year old Lynn giggled.

There was a panicked look on the stunning brunette twelve year old's face but I just smiled at her, reached out and took her hand. Gently, I guided her to stand in front of me, then tipped that beautiful face up and kissed her so soft and sweet lips. The nude beauty hesitated for a moment, then kissed me back as my hands stroked her bare back, down to cut her firm little ass. There was a chair close by, so I sat in it and pulled the brunette beauty to stand between my legs and bent forward to gently kiss the tip of her rounded breast, then lick around her small, pink aureole. One more kiss on the end of that rounded breast and there was a stiff little nipple for me to suck on.

As I kissed and nibbled on Nicole's beautiful little A sized twelve year old breast, the stunning nude beauty was already moaning with pleasure. My hand stroked down over her satin skin to find that thick little patch of silk between her legs, where I toyed my finger in it before slipping it between her legs to trace along the softest pair of vaginal lips. As the nude twelve year old spread her legs to give me access to her most intimate parts, I already felt a moisture building up on her vaginal lips. Easily, the tip of my finger slid between those tight lips and across her small clit.

"Mr, Rush, stop please, something is happening to me," Nicole moaned.

"Let it happen Nicole, it's wonderful," nine year old Cheyenne encouraged her.

Suddenly, the naked twelve year old's stunning nude body was jerking and twitching as Nicole cried out in passion. As I stroked her little clit, then moved to work my finger around the opening to her vagina, the stunning little brunette's hips began moving, trying to capture my finger tip in that virgin opening. Again, Nicole jerked through another orgasm, then collapsed on her knees in between my legs.

"Now she get's to suck his cock!" ten year old Bambi squealed.

"You'll love sucking cock," seven year old Sally assured Nicole.

Multiple little hands were helping me off with my shirt and shoes, then they all backed away and told Nicole that she had to remove my pants and under wear. The twelve year old brunette beauty undid my belt, then the pants and slowly began to slide them down off my hips and down my legs. Once I had stepped out of them, she began sliding my under wear down and after I stepped out of them, she was looking right at my limp cock. When one of the five year old's asked her if it wasn't beautiful, Nicole huskily agreed that it was. It was nine year old Cheyenne, that knelt beside the naked Nicole, and told the twelve year old how to start.

Soft little fingers held my cock so gently, then softer sweet lips touched the very tip and went into a kiss that started giving me a hard on. Her little tongue snuck out, to lick around the head and along the edge of the glans, before licking it's way down along the shaft. When the stunning little brunette beauty licked her way back to the tip of my cock, she again kissed it, then opened her lips just a little and sucked my cock into her warm mouth. As it slipped deeper into the nude beauties stunning face, her tongue licked and tickled along the shaft of my cock as it began growing in her mouth.

Once my cock was becoming erect, Nicole began slowly sucking her way back to the tip of my cock, then sucked it all the way back into her soft mouth, until her nose buried in my pubic hair. I could feel the head trying to push down into her throat, it was a fantastic feeling and the twelve year old wasn't gagging. Harder and faster, the stunning brunette beauty began sucking and working my cock in and out of her sweet mouth. She would take it in until the head was trying to go down her throat, then start sliding it back out.

As the first jet of cum exploded out of my cock, the nude beauty caught it in the back of her throat and just swallowed, then she moved out just a little and continued to suck and swallow but I knew she was also tasting my sperm. Each jet of cum was taken the same way, then she was trying to suck out sperm that wasn't there but I let her keep going until my cock was hard again, then gently held her head while I pulled my cock from her face.

"Oh yes," Nicole moaned, "I could do that forever."

When I picked the stunning nude, brunette beauty up and set her on the table, hands were already taking her feet and spreading her legs apart for me. As I stepped between her legs, I saw Cheyenne smiling, then move up to where she was beside Nicole's head. When I bent over the nude twelve year old and kissed her soft sweet lips, there was no hesitation in her kissing me back. Her arms tried to wrap around my neck, but I moved down to suckle and lick her firm little tennis ball sized breast. Already, the twelve year old's nude body was twitching with small orgasms, but I still moved on lower to plant a kiss in that silky patch of light chocolate pubic hair.

When I kissed between Nicole's twelve year old legs, and licked along her virgin pussy slit, the stunning brunette beauties hips lifted clear off the table. Almost immediately, her nude body began jerking with orgasm but I wanted to taste her sweet virgin juices. My tongue slipped between those firm, tight little pussy lips and I found Nicole's little erect clit, so I sucked it in between my lips. Suddenly, the nude beauty began moaning loudly as her stunning body began jerking and thrashing with ecstasy. She was so ready, but I still took time to lick around the opening to her vagina, then another lick or two for her clit before standing up.

"Okay Nicole, this is going to hurt real bad and it's okay to cry," I heard Cheyenne tell her. "The hurt doesn't last long and it is really worth it."

As I lubed the head of my cock between the twelve year old's virgin cunt lips, she was already trying to move her virgin vaginal opening to my cock. Once the head was in her vaginal pocket, I just began pushing and watched as my cock head swept the twelve year old's cunt lips wide. A firm shove and the head of my cock popped inside the twelve year old as she gasped with pain, another shove and Nicole was no longer a virgin but she cried out that it was to big. It must have hurt, but the nude beauty was already lifting her hips to give me her cunt and I was taking it, pushing my cock into her until I was almost balls deep.

It was obvious that the stunning little brunette was in pain but holding back her cries, so I leaned over her and gently kissed away her tears. When I raised back up, I slid my cock out of her cunt until just the head was left inside, then pushed it all the way back in until I felt her cervix wrap over the head. A little more stretching and I felt my balls laying in the crack of the twelve year old's ass, so I reversed my movement, then just began fucking Nicole's nude body. On the third stroke, the twelve year old exploded into orgasms so I just began fucking her harder and faster until I was pounding my cock into her cunt.

Every deep stroke was pushing her naked body onto the table, and every time I pulled back, it drug her towards the edge. When I began deep stroking with force, she began fucking me back as she screamed through orgasm after orgasm. All around us, I could see little girls moving their hips and wished that I had made them strip before I began fucking Nicole. Still, the ten older girls were still stark naked and I could see each of them undulating their hips in time to Nicole's. Suddenly, I slammed my cock into Nicole as hard as I could and held it there, pumping her little cunt full of my cum as she squealed with every jet. Then, it was over and I rested for a few minutes while Nicole came down, then pulled my cock out of her still tight little cunt.

"Nicole, you have to suck his cock clean," Cheyenne whispered. "Don't worry about the blood, it doesn't really ruin the taste of his stuff."

The stunning little beauty almost fell off the table but managed to get my cock into her mouth and suck it clean, then wasn't going to stop. Still, we had to get going but I could see the other nine older girls looking with wishful eyes. With a smile, I told then that once we reached the ranch, they would all get to experience sex and would enjoy it greatly, and the sooner we made it to the ranch, the sooner that would happen. Once my cock was clean, I called each girl to me and gently stroked their bare breast, then between their legs, and as I finished with one had her try on a uniform. A quick trip to the bathroom for Nicole and all ten of them were soon wearing uniforms but the three thirteen year old's didn't want to bend over in any way. Poor Amy's shirt was so tight across her breast that without the vest, her nipples would have been totally obvious.

"Mr. Rush, why don't we have uniforms?" five year old Yvette sadly asked.

"Sweetheart, you little girls aren't in school yet, but you will be wearing the same thing the older girls do, when we reach the ranch," I assured her and gave the five year old a little kiss. "It's really my fault because I didn't know Mr. Weller was going to have you here, but you are still going to the ranch and are part of this group."

"Okay," she replied. "Mr. Rush, who is that boy?"

For a second both Brian and I panicked, then I thought Brian was going to crap his pants and he immediately rushed a twelve year old boy out of the room. Unsure of what to do, but thankful all the girls were dressed, I walked to the other room to see if everything was okay. With a soft smile, Brian introduced me to his son, twelve year old James, and I smiled at the boy, because this kid reminded me of a true geek, even down to the glasses.

"Mr. Rush, what is Pine Ridge Ranch?" James politely asked. "I saw it on the bus outside."

"It's a school for girls," I smiled.

"Do all those girls go to that school?" he asked.

"Well, yes, they are going to be attending there," I replied.

"Oh, because Cindy and Nicole were in my class at school," James replied. "They'll do a lot better there, because in our school the kids made fun of them because they dressed funny and Dad told me it wasn't their fault."

"Jeff, I wasn't expecting James until later today, he's been on a youth trip and they returned early," Brian apologized.

"Well I'm glad he did," I smiled. "This way he can tell Nicole and Cindy goodbye."

"I better not, they really don't like me," James blushed.

"Excuse me a minute, I'll be right back," I said, then went out and asked Cindy and Nicole why James would think they didn't like him, in case I had a problem.

"Mr. Rush, James is nice but he's always trying to look up under our skirts and dresses," Nicole softly replied.

"And the problem is?" I laughed.

"Well, he's not a man," twelve year old Cindy blushed.

"He's Mr. Yeller's son, so that makes him a young man, right?" I asked.

"Well, sure," Cindy giggled and blushed.

"Is he nice other wise?" I asked.

"Oh yes, he really treated us better than most of the other kids," twelve year old Nicole assured me. "Other than trying to see out panties, or look down our blouses," she giggled.

"Well, that just makes him a normal young man then," I smiled. "Except he wouldn't know what to do with what he would find there. Maybe a couple of his very pretty friends might invite him to spend the rest of the week at the ranch and they could teach him what to do with a beautiful, naked young girl?"

"Mr. Rush!" Cindy squealed, then blushed and grabbed Nicole's hand. "You have to ask him Nicole, you know him better than I do."

When those two stunning little beauties asked that twelve year old boy, I thought James was going to die on the spot. When Brian gave me a questioning look, I just nodded my approval and he told James to have a great time, that he would see him Friday afternoon, at the ranch. When James hesitated, Cindy grabbed one hand, Nicole the other and they were dragging him out to the bus. A few minutes later, I had thirty eight horny little girls and a twelve year old virgin boy on the bus and we were on our way to the ranch.

For the first hour, that poor kid sat by himself, afraid to move or speak, until Nicole and Cindy just sat down beside him and began talking to him. By the time I realized we needed to stop to feed and relieve these kids, James was a little less shy but still wouldn't touch either one of the girls. There were no fast food places, that I could see, but there was one nice looking restaurant coming up, so I pull the bus into it's parking lot and stopped. When I mentioned that this was where we were going to have lunch, there were nothing but panicked looks throughout the bus.

"Girls, listen to me!" I loudly stated. "Behave like young ladies, you older girls will look after the little girls and help the younger girls."

"Mr. Rush, most of us have never been in a place this fancy," thirteen year old Summer explained. "How do we order?"

"James, I know you've eaten in places like this, would you help the girls with the menus?" I asked.

"Mr. Rush, if you go in first and tell them how many there are, they will set up a room for us, and probably give us selected menus," James replied. "That's the way our soccer coach does it."

Suddenly, the twelve year old James was a hero and even though he was a reluctant one I appreciated him also. The wait staff was more than willing and helpful, we soon had everyone seated and the eight babies with older girls and the ten oldest girls spread throughout the ten tables we occupied. The menus were simple and food quickly ordered and served, then the girls began filtering to the rest room and back. It made me smile, because James had managed to get a seat across their table from Nicole. Of course he just had to drop something, then lean down to pick it up and even I knew he was looking up Nicole's skirt, which was extremely easy to do, as short as it was.

It was the giggle between twelve year old Nicole and eleven year old Michelle and I knew they both realized what James was doing. Still, neither one of them had said anything and didn't let on when James was back up from under the table. Then, he hadn't been the only one trying to see what was under those short skirts, several other men had made second looks at the three thirteen year old's, trying to see under their skirts and it wasn't hard. It made me feel great, that the girls used great manners and when we were ready to leave the staff told me what a great group of girls I had. Then we were boarding the bus and I noticed James was walking behind thirteen year old Summer and just had to bend down a little to look up her skirt. The problem was, twelve year old Nicole was right behind him and saw what he was doing, and gave him a little push, then followed him down the aisle to sit with him and ten year old Bambi. From the driver's seat, I could see the three kids in the mirror and hear everything they said.

"James, why are you always trying to look up our skirts?" Nicole asked him, but didn't wait for an answer. "All you see is our panties and that can't be all that exciting."

"Well, it's probably all I'll ever get to see, besides the older guys say it's the thing to do," James bashfully replied.

"It's okay James," nine year old Cheyenne said from behind him. "Here, now you can see what they look like," she handed the twelve year old boy her panties.

For a moment, I thought the boy was going to lose it big time, then he turned beet red and couldn't decide what to do with Cheyenne's panties. It was Nicole that told him just to turn around and give them back, which he did but wasn't prepared for what Cheyenne was doing, the nine year old stunning brunette beauty had put her feet up on the seat and spread her legs, so when James turned around he was looking right at her bare little cunt. When Nicole asked him if that was better than looking at panties, I thought the boy was going to jump out the window.

"James, it's okay," Nicole assured him. "Would you like to touch her? It would be okay and I know Cheyenne would like it."

"You can touch me but if you do, I want to look at your thing," Cheyenne told the boy. "No one will know, except Nicole, we'll just move to the inside of the seat."

When the stunned twelve year old boy didn't answer, nine year old Cheyenne just moved out of her seat and around to stand in front of him, then sat down on his legs. With a smile, she took his hand and moved it down between her legs so the boy could feel her bare cunt. As the boy fondled and felt the nine year old's bare cunt, I could see her breathing become harder and faster. The next thing I saw, was Cheyenne disappear behind the seat and I knew she was taking the boy's pants down, then I saw them laying in the aisle, along with his shorts. A loud gasp made me look and I saw the funniest look on James face and he was partially arched up out of the seat because Cheyenne was sucking his cock. She wasn't down there very long because the boy being a virgin and excited, quickly shot his cum but Cheyenne swallowed every drop of it.

"Cheyenne, can I be next," Judy, one of the seven year old blonde twins asked.

"Sure, you want me to coach you?" Cheyenne asked.

Before the twelve year old James realized what was happening, the little seven year old Judy was sucking his cock into her little mouth. As Cheyenne and Nicole coached her, the stunning seven year old sucked James to another orgasm, then squealed about how great his juice tasted. When Judy relinquished James cock, it was two year old Sherry that just moved in, took it in her tiny mouth and began sucking like it was a bottle. It only took a moment for Nicole to teach her how to suck a cock and the two year old was soon a pro. By the time little Sherry had James sperm, she never wanted to stop but thankfully Nicole realized James was about spent.

"Now, wasn't that better than peaking under our skirts?" Nicole asked the boy.

"Oh fuck yes!" James exclaimed, then blushed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to use that word."

"It's okay, we understand," Nicole laughed and gave him a little hug. "Now, when we get to the ranch, you have three choices, me, Wendy, Cheyenne."

"Choices for what?" James asked.

"Which one of us you want to fuck, Silly," Cheyenne giggled.

"You're shitting me!" James gasped.

"No, but before you get to fuck one of us, you have to lick our pussies," Wendy giggled at the look on James face. "Hey, it's no different that us sucking your cock and we enjoy doing that."

With a laugh, I asked Nicole to come forward and we whispered for a bit, then with a giggle she went back to her seat. With the cutest smile, Nicole told the boy that all of the girls had seen my cock, and his Dad's, both stiff and hard, so he had to walk up and down the aisle so the rest of the girls could see how his cock was different than mine or his Dad's. For a moment, I thought the twelve year old was going to loose it, then he let nine year old Cheyenne remove his shirt and shoes, so he was totally naked. Very hesitantly, James stood up by his seat, then began moving forward as all the girls moved to the edge of their seats so they could see better.

At each seat, James was being told what a beautiful cock he had and it bolstered the twelve year old boy's confidence. Now, he was even letting the girls touch and feel his cock, which made his four and a half inch cock ram rod stiff. When James turned to come back to his seat, he wasn't prepared to see seven year old Judy standing behind me, stark naked and his cock began a jerking movement. It was my little two year old imp, Sherry, that stepped out in front of James and slurped his stiff cock into her tiny mouth. Her little head only made a couple of bobs then she was swallowing and James was holding onto the seats to steady himself.

"That was good!" the two year old Sherry squealed. "Can I do it some more?"

It was thirteen year old Kathy, that picked the tiny two year old up and set Sherry on her lap and whispered something to her. Now, the naked little blonde seven year old Judy, was beckoning James back to her and he was going. The seat right behind me had no back and was a little higher than the others, so when James reached Judy, the seven year old sat down on the seat and Nicole, Wendy and Cheyenne moved up to coach. They had Judy stand up and James sit down, then had Judy straddle James legs as they had done mine. For some reason, I wished this was being recorded so Brian could see it, then I remembered the cam corder in my bags.

On the second seat back, on the other side, was thirteen year old Kathy and I asked her if she knew how to run a cam corder. She wasn't sure but figured she could do it if it wasn't hard, so I had her get the cam out of my bags. It was pretty simple, just point and shoot, so I gave her some quick instructions and she began filming James and Judy. Already, the twelve year old was being told he had to kiss the seven year old Judy and by now James would try anything. Their first kiss was like children but Nicole told him to try it again and like he really wanted to kiss Judy. This time, I heard the naked seven year old gasp, and there was a big sigh out of James.

Under Nicole, Wendy and Cheyenne's instruction, James began kissing the hollow of seven year old Judy's neck and across her now bare shoulders. When Nicole helped her to lean back, James began kissing and sucking on Judy's little flat breast and it thrilled the boy when her tiny nipples spiked. Sensing he was doing something, James continued nibbling and kissing Judy's tiny stiff nipples and the seven year old's hips were beginning to move. It was Cheyenne, that whispered to me and asked if they should have Judy suck his cock again but I told her it wasn't necessary.

Once James helped the naked seven year old Judy off his lap, the older girls laid her on the bench, spread her legs and had James stand between them. When the twelve year old started to push his erect cock towards Judy's tight little slit, Wendy told him not yet. As the boy was directed, he leaned over the naked seven year old's stunning nude body and kissed her soft sweet lips, then down to her still stiff little nipples. The little girl was already thrusting her hips up and her bald little mound was bouncing off the twelve year old boy's belly. Then, he was kissing his way down that beautiful naked body and when he kissed Judy's hairless little mound, the girl hit her very first orgasm.

Spurred on by the seven year old's orgasm, James kissed her petal soft, virgin cunt lips, then the insides of her thighs as Judy's hips began thrusting to him. His small tongue slipped out and traced it's way along those soft little cunt lips and in the mirror I could see him tasting the girls virgin juice. His tongue disappeared between those little cunt lips and the seven year old's naked body arched and she let out a squeal as an orgasm ripped through her. The boy was so in to eating Judy's pussy, that Nicole had to lift his face away and remind him there was more to this yet. The twelve year old gave Judy's dripping little pussy one last look, then stood between the seven year old's legs.

It was Cheyenne that actually took hold of James four and a half inch cock and guided the head to Judy's virgin, seven year old pussy, while Wendy spread those tight little lips apart. When the head of the twelve year old's cock found that tiny vaginal pocket, a look of panic crossed his face. It was twelve year old Nicole that gently pushed on James bare butt, which that the same time pushed the head of his cock inside Judy's tight little cunt. When Judy cried out that James cock was to big and it hurt, Nicole just kept pushing the boy's ass and I heard Judy cry out as he ripped through her hymen. The next thing I saw, James lightly hair covered pubic mound was pressed tight against the seven year old's cunt lips.

After a minute or so, Nicole told James to pull his cock back out, until the head was just inside Judy's tight little cunt, then slowly push it back in. The twelve year old pulled his four and a half inch cock out a ways, then pushed it back in, and he took over from there. The boy was fucking the seven year old with long slow strokes and she was already hitting orgasms from it. Without being told, James began fucking the little girl faster and harder, sending Judy higher and harder into orgasm after orgasm. The seven year old began moaning loudly and her beautiful naked body jerked and shook with orgasm but the boy kept pounding his cock into her cunt.

The two naked children fucked for almost ten minutes and James was pounding his cock into Judy's precious little body like there was never going to be another chance. The seven year old was already babbling with orgasms when James thrust his cock into her cunt, hard and deep, then held it there. It was easy to tell when each jet of his cum entered Judy's tight little cunt because the seven year old squeaked each time. When James collapsed on top of Judy's naked body, both children wrapped each other in their arms and held on for several minutes.

With a smile, Nicole patted James bare ass and told him he did good, then whispered something to seven year old Judy and went back to her seat. When James finally stood up and pulled his now limp cock out of the seven year old's well fucked cunt, there was smears of blood on it. Before James had time to think about it, Judy was on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock clean. Before Judy could get James cock hard again, I told her that was enough, so she pulled her mouth off from it and stood up, only to be taken in James arms and kissed. Then I heard a tiny squeal and two year old Shelly was giving Judy a dirty look.

"Judy, you broke it!" the two year old exclaimed.

As everyone laughed, James was leading Judy back to an empty seat so they could sit together and the seven year old wasn't complaining. Still, I wondered what her identical twin sister Jane was going to think, or how James would tell them apart the next time. It didn't matter, we were already pulling off the county road onto the ranch road and in ten minutes or so we would be at the ranch. When I asked Kathy if she had it all on the cam, she smiled and said it had been easy and that she was so horny now it was unbelievable. When we reached the gate, I parked the bus and just told the girls to strip and leave the clothes in the bus, no one argued and soon there were thirty eight naked young stunning beauties and one naked young boy, following me down to the ranch.

Chapter 29

Just as we passed my office, April and Jenny were coming out of the office with Helen, so I had the girls take the group on over to the dorms and get them set up with beds. If the older girls were there they could turn the group over to them, if not take care of them but to keep them away from the guest for now. As Helen joined me, we watched the girls as they realized there were men here that were seeing them naked, but the one that made me laugh was two year old Sherry, she had just seen five year old Joey. With a laugh, I yelled at Joey and told him there were four of these girls for him to train and the naked five year old trotted right out to meet them.

"Jeff, I thought you were only bringing twenty girls back?" Helen laughed as she put an arm through mine.

"Well, it was Brian that became carried away and I just couldn't refuse them," I laughed. "The boy is Brian's and he's going to spend the rest of the week here."

"Well, I can see why you couldn't refuse, every one of them is a stunning beauty," Helen replied. "You realize, that puts us back up to eighty some girls, but to put you at ease, we can use seventy five easily," she giggled. "Do you realize you just sent a boy to the dorms with all those girls?"

"Jenny," I yelled. "Have one of the more experienced girls work with James."

"I'll take care of it," Jenny yelled back.

We went back into the office and Helen showed me where we were over booked until these new girls arrived. When I told her they were all virgins but four, she just smiled and said we could auction off the virginities like the whore houses did. There was time, so I down loaded the video that Kathy had taken and it was excellent, so I uploaded it to a CD to give to Brian when he arrived. Then, it was off to find the thirteen year old's I had brought and get them up to see Steve. When I told Kathy, Summer and Amy that they were going to have their nipples ringed, they seemed to be tickled by it. Then admitted they had seen the other older girls wearing nipple rings and this would help them to fit in.

There were a large group of girls gathered at one end of the dorm, so I went to see what was going on. On a center bed, Jenny was teaching James how to be a better lover and the different positions he could have sex in. This was all being watched with great fascination by the new girls, then I head a small squeal and looked over to see five year old Joey pumping his cock into two year old Shelly. The tiny two year old was fucking Joey just about harder than he was fucking her and the other five little girls were watching with anticipation. Just then, Jenna came in and I asked her how long it would take to teach the new girls from five to thirteen how to do strip tease routines.

"If you just want them to excite the men, a couple of hours. If you want them to entertain, a couple of days," she smiled.

"I want them to make a man spend every dime to be the one to take their virginity," I laughed, then explained.

"How about by dinner tonight, if I can have them now," she replied. "Can you hold off ringing these three's nipples until tomorrow?"

It wasn't a problem so Jenna rounded up all the new girls, including the four and older and they were headed for the barn. The look on five year old Joey's face was of relief, now he only had three more little girls to fuck today. The five year old enjoyed fucking but he enjoyed taking his time with them even more and I couldn't blame him, that always made it better. He was still fucking two year old Sherry, so I told two year old Dena, three year old Lynn and three year old Chelsea that if they didn't rush Joey, they could all spend the night with him. That way they could enjoy being fucked even better and if they did that maybe by the weekend be with even older boys.

As I left the dorms and headed for the barn, Helen joined me and asked why I was rushing the new girls. With a smile, I told her I had forgotten about tomorrow and asked if we had enough uniforms for all the girls and mothers. She assured me we did, so I went to tell Jenna that she didn't need to rush the dancing lessons. When I walked into the barn, all the girls were on the stage and each wearing a uniform but there were some differences in these, besides color. She was showing the girls how pulling on certain pieces would open that part of their garment, then they could drop it on the floor. While the girls practiced opening the uniforms, I called Jenna over to me and told her she had a couple more days to work with the girls.

"That's great, but I'll keep working with them because it takes their mind off being horny," Jenna laughed. "See anything you like?"

"I see a lot I like," I laughed. "Since you have the time, I need to take the thirteen year old's over to see Steve."

With a nod from Jenna, I called Kathy, Summer and Amy to me and told them they wouldn't need their uniforms. The three thirteen year old stunning beauties peeled out of the clothes and walked naked with me up to the dispensary. On the way, I told them that they would be getting their nipples pierced and rings put in them, and for doing so, they would get to have sex tonight. It was the full breasted Summer that put her arm through mine and asked if she could be with me tonight. When I told her she could, I saw the disappointed looks in the other two girls eyes but assured them they would be with very nice men also. Just then, Ralph joined us and Derrick was headed our way, so I whispered to Amy and Kathy that these were two very nice men.

It was the stunning blonde Kathy, that quickly went to Ralph and put an arm through his, which surprised me, but not when Ralph put an arm around Kathy's bare waist. It didn't seem to bother Amy, she just went to Derrick and took his hand, then asked him if she could be with him tonight, after she had her nipples pierced. When Derrick put his arm around the stunning brunette beauty and cupped her bare perfect ass, she just giggled. Together, we walked the three stunning thirteen year old nudes into Steve's office, where he was fucking ten year old Sandy. Without missing a stroke, Steve continued to fuck the little blonde, then pumped her full of cum. As Sandy sucked his cock clean, Steve asked if I wanted these three pierced and I told him that's what they were here for.

As Steve swabbed Summer's nipples and aureoles clean, the cold alcohol made them stiffen and swell, which was what I knew Steve wanted. Once Summer's nipples had been disinfected, Steve place a clamp on the end of her breast, that forced the thirteen year old's aureoles and nipples to protrude even more, then he picked up a large needle, held the tip of Summer's nipple and pushed the needle through her nipple, just in front of her aureole. I though the thirteen year old was going to pass out but she didn't scream, then Steve was putting the ring through and soldered it in place. The blonde beauties other nipple was done the same way, then Steve again swabbed both nipples down and this time Summer did squeal with pain, but I didn't blame her.

The one I felt sorry for, was thirteen year old Amy, the stunning brunette had smaller breast, that were rock hard and about the size of baseballs, with little nipples. Her breast were so firm that Steve had trouble getting the clamp on the end of them and when he did, they threatened to slide off. When he put that needle to Amy's nipples, it looked almost as thick as her nipples and he had a little trouble getting it through the first one. Even still, the brunette beauty never cried out, even after Steve was done and swabbed them with alcohol, then it was Kathy's turn. The thirteen year old blonde had those proud, pointed breast, with puffy aureoles that required an even larger ring than Summer and Eve had. Still, they were soon in and the little blonde only whimpered a little when Steve swabbed them.

"I'm very proud of you," I told Summer as we walked out of Steve's office.

"Thank you," she smiled. "It wasn't as bad as I expected but it still hurt. Mr. Rush, why did we need our nipples pierced?"

"Well, there are men that like to take you girls off the ranch to special parties and when they do, they lead you on gold chains that are attached to the rings in your nipples," I explained.

"Are these sex parties?" Summer asked.

"Yes, and so far all the girls have enjoyed them," I replied.

"Well, if I enjoy having sex half as much as Nicole did, then I want to attend lots of these parties," she giggled. "Are we going to have sex tonight?"

"First we are going to have something to eat, then just spend some time letting you get to know the other girls, then, I'm going to fuck your brains out," I teased the stunning thirteen year old blonde beauty.

"Mr. Rush," Summer gasped. "That isn't going to last very long, remember I'm blonde," she giggled and hugged me.

There weren't many of the older girls that weren't booked for the night but I was able to introduce Summer to twelve year old Heather, fourteen year old Rose and fourteen year old Brandy. The three girls took Summer and several of the other new girls under their wing and were going to show them around and introduce them to as many of the other girls as possible. With a giggle, Brandy promised me that I could have Summer back before bed time. The nude beauties were off and I went back to my office to figure out how many of the older girls we still wanted to get rid of, besides the twenty we were selling this weekend. It was hard, but I decided on ten more and that would be the last of the girls we would sell, unless there was a good reason. At dinner, it was Drew that suggested I wait on my list, until we saw how all of the new girls worked out first, so I agreed to that.

"Jeff, could you possibly leave thirty girls here tomorrow?" Ralph asked as he joined us. "The school people and the local group want to spend the day and tomorrow night."

"I sure can," I smiled. "Each of them know what we expect, so we'll just leave the thirty new girls here and they can break them in and the eight tiny ones can watch."

"Well, not all of them are going to be virgins," Ralph smiled.

"I know, all three thirteen year olds will be used tonight," I laughed.

"More than that, Drew has his eye on that black haired beauty Valerie, Paul has pair of seven year old brunette twins staked out, Carl is looking to pop the one called Alissa, the six year old and the last I saw of Paul's Son Jeremy, he had a pair of eight year old twins one in each arm." Ralph laughed.

"Jeff, I can't believe this last batch of girls, every one is a beauty and prettier than most of the girls we had," Drew smiled. "If they are as passionate as what that little Valerie is acting, then we have a gold mine."

With a smile, Drew told how he had just stroked eleven year old Valerie's cup cake breast and the naked beauty almost had an orgasm right then. With my own smile, I watched as Valerie walked up behind Drew and began rubbing her little breast all over his back. When he turned, her breast were right in front of his face, so he just sucked one into his mouth and the black haired beauty began trembling. After turning lose of the girl's breast, Drew asked her if she had eaten yet and she bashfully said she hadn't. The guy almost upset the table as he jumped up to take her through the buffet line, which made the rest of us laugh. Still, when the two little seven year old twins, Judy and Jane came in, Paul made a bee line to take them through the buffet line.

"Like Father like Son," Carl laughed. "Well, there's mine and I'm going to single her out of the herd."

Coming through the door was six year old Alissa with six year old Hope and eight year old Barbie and they had five or six of the new girls with them. They came to our table and I asked if they had eaten yet and Barbie said they ate at the dorms, but wanted the new girls to know what the lodge looked like. They were going over to the barn next, then across the meadows to where the youth group camp was. Once they had been there, then they were going swimming for a while. As the girls walked through the lodge, five year old Joey was coming through the door with his harem of little girls and of course all six little girls had to come and tell me how Joey had already fucked each of them once but they were going to do it some more tonight because it felt so good.

"Joey, do you remember the precautions about butt fucking?" I asked him.

"Sure," he smiled. "We're going to do that tonight, where there's hot water so they can wash my cock after were through."

"Mr. Rush, I know what butt fucking is," three year old Lynn said. "We watched a boy butt fucking Judy," she giggled.

"She was really liking that," three year old Chelsea added.

"How do you know he wasn't butt fucking Jane?" I asked.

"Because Jane's hair is just a little lighter than Judy's," Lynn giggled.

"Judy has a little red mark, right here," two year old Dena knowingly stated, as she pointed to her right butt cheek.

The observance of these babies surprised me, because they were right, but the hair color was only a minute difference in shade and Judy did have a tiny strawberry on her butt cheek. When I asked if they had eaten, they had, the older girls had taken them to the cafeteria in the dorm and the food was real good. They just wanted to see what was in this building before going back to the dorms so Joey could butt fuck each of them. It was Ralph that figured Joey needed the break and he didn't blame him, even still, the five year old had a perpetual hard on. The three thirteen year old's were coming in with Heather and Brandy and Summer left them to come to me to see if I was ready for her yet. As with the other kids, I wanted to make sure she had eaten and like the others had eaten at the dorm and thought the food there was great.

"Summer, have you ever been horse back riding?" I asked.

"No, but I would love to do that!" she exclaimed.

"See if the others want to go and then have Heather and Brandy saddle horses and I'll be there in a little bit," I told her.

It ended up with the five girls and I plus the two four year old's Dawn and Terry, the two five year old's Yvette and Gretchen. At first, I was disappointed but to listen as the four little ones squealed and giggled made it worth while. Also, watching Summer's full breast bounce and seeing that little blonde triangle, kept me stimulated throughout the ride. When we came back in, the horses were taken over by several more of the new girls and they had my Jenny and James with them. When I asked Jenny how James was doing, she just licked her lips and said the other girls were in for a great night. Then I realized that James and eight year old Raven were holding hands and ten year old Bambi was close to him also.

"Nicole, Wendy, Cheyenne, I thought one of you girls had claimed James for the night?" I laughed.

"We were going to but decided that would be selfish," Cheyenne replied.

"That's great," I praised them.

As were walking back towards the lodge, the naked thirteen year old Summer slipped her arm through mine and said she had really enjoyed going horse back riding. As we were walking by the lodge, I decided I wanted something different tonight and turned Summer around so we were headed towards my office. Just coming out of the lodge were Derrick and Amy and the brunette beauties full breast bounced and dance as she came down the steps. The new gold rings in her nipples accentuated the movement of her full breast and I found that very sexy. When I glanced down at Summer's B sized breast, I noticed that her nipples were a little puffy and decided we needed to have Steve look at them. There was nothing wrong, Summer just reacted a little different to the piercing but Steve still cleaned the rings and gave her a antibiotic shot anyhow.

When we reached my office, I just took Summer on through to the bedroom and began stripping, but she quickly asked if she could do that. With a smile, I stopped and the stunning thirteen year old beauty began undressing me and as she did, gave my body little kisses. By the time she was pulling my underwear down, I was more than ready for a blow job but wanted to take a shower first. Before I could say anything, Summer was kissing and licking the head of my cock and I could hear soft moans from her as she did. When that naked thirteen year old slid my cock into her mouth, it was a fantastic feeling. Her tongue licked and tickled around the glans, then along the length of me shaft until it bumped into the back of her throat.

"Mr. Rush, how do I get more of it in my mouth?" Summer bashfully asked.

"Well, let's take a shower and get the horse smell off, then I'll teach you," I smiled and gave her a little kiss.

In the shower, I gently washed the stunning thirteen year old blonde's beautiful naked body and in turn she lovingly washed mine. When I slipped a finger up her ass as I washed her butt, she squealed and jerked out her very first orgasm. When I pulled my finger out she looked up and breathlessly asked if that was what an orgasm felt like. When I told her that was it but not a good one, she almost drug me out of the shower. Once we were rinsed off and I dried her long, soft blonde hair, I took her to my bed and she lay down on it. When I just lay beside her, Summer was at a loss, until I leaned over her and kissed her sweet lips. The thirteen year old responded immediately and kissed me back passionately as she wrapped me in her arms. A few more kisses and I was ready to move on, but did it slowly, starting by covering her beautiful face with kisses, then her ears and the hollow of her neck.

By the time I reached Summer's full B sized breast, the thirteen year old blonde beauty was slowly lifting her hips and mewling like a kitten. As I licked and kissed around her newly inserted nipple rings, she gasped and I felt her beautiful naked body quiver again. When I told her to move around until she was kneeling over my head, Summer wasn't sure what I wanted but did it anyhow. Once she was kneeling on either side of my head, I adjusted her position a little, then kissed her petal soft, bare pussy lips and felt her naked body jerk. When she leaned down over me, I didn't tell her what to do, but she instinctively took my cock in her soft mouth and began licking and sucking it. The tip of my tongue parted those tight little virgin lips and licked back and forth across her clit and vaginal opening.

Before I even started toying with the thirteen year old's clit, she was sucking my cock greedily and when I captured her clit between my lips, I felt the head of my cock bump into the back of her thirteen year old throat, then she swallowed and my cock was in her throat. As I sucked and toyed with her little clit, Summer sucked and swallowed my cock repeatedly as her perfect naked body jerked and throbbed with orgasms. When I moved my tongue to toy with her vaginal opening, she began pumping her shapely hips, trying to pull my head inside her virgin cunt. Since my own orgasm was so close, I thrust my tongue into her cunt and my cock into her throat and began filling her with my cum. The nude beauty sucked and swallowed as her body jerked rapidly, then sucked my cock until it was rock hard again.

The thirteen year old was lubricating heavily and I loved the taste of her virgin juices, but now I wanted my cock someplace else and gently lifted Summer's cunt off my face. When she pulled her mouth off my cock and looked at me in surprise, I just told her to shift around until she was straddling my hips. It wasn't an easy process, her young beautiful body was still popping little orgasms but she was soon straddling my hips and looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes. When I reached between us and wiped the head of my cock along her virgin pussy slit, the thirteen year old let out a little gasp and began moving her hips.

The stunning thirteen year old blonde beauty knew what she wanted and where she wanted it and when the head of my cock found the pocket of her vaginal opening, she let herself down, hard. There was a small scream, then a look of pain as my cock tore through her hymen and deep into her belly. With a smile, I reached up and grabbed both of her nipple rings, then pulled her down to lay on my chest and told her just to give her cunt time to adjust. Moments later, she was softly kissing my neck and mewling as her body began to throb again, so I pushed her back to a sitting position by her breast, then told her to start lifting up and down.

The first time, Summer lifted far enough that she almost lifted off my cock but caught herself, and immediately dropped back down. From then on, she just took to riding cock like she had to riding a horse and was fucking herself into orgasm after orgasm. Every time her stunning body jerked out an orgasm, she would let out a mewl and before long her orgasms were becoming one long one. She was pumping herself faster and harder now, driving herself into a orgasmic frenzy, her firm breast gently bouncing and swaying in time to her fucking. Suddenly, she let out a high pitched whine, her naked body seemed to almost explode with orgasm, then she collapsed on my chest. As she lay there, still deeply impaled on my cock, I gently stroked her bare back and waited for her to come down.

"Mr. Rush, is it always that fantastic?" Summer asked.

"For you, it will be," I kissed the side of her beautiful face.

"Do I have to stop now?" she bashfully asked.

"No, I haven't reached an orgasm yet," I replied.

"Oh Mr. Rush, I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed.

"Don't be," I told her and gave her a squeeze. "Now, without lifting your chest, lift your hips a little."

A small gasp and the stunning thirteen year old was again fucking herself senseless on my cock and I knew she was going to last for a while. Gently, I lifted her chest up and showed her how to rock back and forth, so it drug her swollen nipples across my chest. If anything, this heightened the thirteen year old's orgasms and she was again in a orgasmic frenzy before collapsing on my chest again. Once she was back down, it started all over again, but this time when she reached her frenzy state, I buried my cock in her cunt and began filling her with cum. Each jet of cum sent the naked thirteen year old into a screaming orgasm and the last one knocked her out and she collapsed heavily on my chest and just lay there. That was how Summer went to sleep and several times during the night she fucked herself to a screaming orgasm, then collapsed back into sleep.

When I woke in the morning, Summer's head was laying on my stomach and my cock was in her mouth, she was sucking it in her sleep. Carefully, I woke the stunning little blonde beauty up so we could shower and I could get over to the dorms. After a shower, I dressed while Summer watched and told me how great last night had been. When I asked her if she was sore, she wasn't and was ready to prove it right then. With a laugh, I told her that she would be fucking other men today and that I wanted her, Amy and Kathy to keep an eye on the other virgins, to help them if they needed it.

On the way by the lodge, I saw Ralph, Drew and Paul, they joined us for the walk over to the dorms and did nothing but rave about the passionate and sexy girls they had been with all night long. There were no guest in the dorm but all the girls were there, so I yelled for their attention and they quickly crowded around me. After I separated the new girls, I told the others that I wanted them in uniform and to meet me in the drive after breakfast. Then, I told the teachers that they were to dress also and be with the girls. No one asked why, they just started gathering their clothes and I left Summer with the new girls and Derrick, telling them that Derrick would give them their customers for the day.

An hour later, fifty four beautiful young girls boarded the bus with their teachers, Helen and I and each one looked fantastic in their uniform. Each skirt stopped just above mid thigh and even the two pregnant red heads looked great. The blouses were see through but as long as they kept their vest buttoned no one could see anything. After everyone was on board, I stood between the seats and told the girls that today they acted like young ladies, then told them where we were going. There were squeals, and alright's but then they settled down to watch the country side roll by.

The first stop was at the state museum of art and antiquities, we divided the girls up into smaller groups and for two hours toured the museum. Several times, I saw the girls and they were behaving like young ladies but they were giving many of the men around us hard ons. Still, to a girl, they didn't flash themselves and if panties were seen it wasn't intentional. As we were leaving the museum, the director caught us on the steps and told the girls what a great group they had been and invited them back, any time they wanted to come.

The next stop, was the zoo and again we divided up into smaller groups, so it would be easier to move about. By the time we were through the zoo, I was so pleased, there had been squeals, laughter and genuine appreciation for what they were seeing. Several of the girls were allowed to feed different animals, and even go into cages with keepers. The next stop was lunch at a fast food place because that was where the girls voted to go, and as usual they were polite and well mannered. Then, it was to the aquarium, and again the girls enjoyed themselves tremendously. On the long trip back to the ranch, the teachers turned what the girls had seen today, into lessons and again the girls enjoyed themselves. When the bus stopped on the hill, not one of the girls complained about stripping and walking back to the ranch naked. We followed in the bus and as we were putting the bus away, Ralph, Drew and Paul joined us.

First off, the three men wanted me to know they had nothing but praise for the new girls and the way they had handled themselves today and that there were no virgins to auction off Saturday night. Then, they wanted to know how the day had gone and I told them just to ask any of the girls that had went. By dinner time, many of the girls had almost talked the three men's ears off but did it while sitting on their laps with cock's in their cunts. By Friday, the board decided that the girls' outing should be done once every two weeks, half the girls every other week. With a smile, I told them that once a month would probably be better, that way going off the ranch in a group would always be a treat.

When Brian arrived Friday afternoon, he brought a guest and his son with him, which was fine because the guest was paying. After I gave Brian the CD of James losing his virginity, we had to watch it on my computer and Brian's guest had to have one of his boy losing his virginity. With a laugh, I told the boy to pick out any girl he wanted and we would make a movie star out of him. He was a handsome boy, twelve and dark hair but a little shy, still James told him he had to strip to go out onto the ranch. When the boy, Greg was a little hesitant, James called him a sissy and the boy was soon stark naked and I saw why he was shy. The kid had a hard on that was a good four inches long, with a laugh, James told him that was perfect, the girls would really love seeing him that way.

"I mean it Greg, these girls love seeing a guy with a hard on. You'll be beating them off with a stick!" James assured him.

The two naked boys headed for the lodge and dorm but before they made it to the steps of the lodge, Greg was surrounded by stunning little naked beauties. The kid was so busy trying to see each of these naked girls that he didn't have time to be embarrassed any more. In a way, I felt sorry for him, how was he going to choose, each of these girls was a stunning beauty. Yet, they were gone about an hour and when Greg returned to my office he was holding hands with the sweetest little, now eleven year old, blonde, my Daughter Jenny. Still, I did my own double take, the little nude beauty was beginning to develop, where her chest had been flat, she now had little bumps the size of eggs and the prettiest little nipples.

Since I enjoyed using my cam corder but wasn't the best at it, I remembered Drew was an amateur movie maker, so we drafted him to do the video. He set the two kids up in the middle of the yard, where anyone and everyone could watch and be in the video, yet it was James that did the directing. He had already explained to Greg what he needed to do and how, but the twelve year old wasn't to sure about eating pussy. Twelve year old Greg and eleven year old Jenny lay side by side on a blanket, both stark naked. When the boy kissed Jenny, it was obvious he lacked experience but the second time he was in control.

Carefully, Jenny moved around so she was above Greg's naked body and gave him an upside down kiss, which he readily returned. As she began kissing down his chest, he was kissing her chest as it passed by but when Jenny stopped to kiss Greg's nipples, the boy not only kissed Jenny's swollen nubs but sucked them as well. It was obvious that my eleven year old blonde beauty didn't want to let Greg stop kissing and sucking her tiny breast but she began moving on down his body. When her small mouth reached the end of his stiff, twelve year old cock, she gave it a kiss and he kissed her still bare vulva.

As Jenny kissed and licked her way down Greg's four inch stiff cock, the boy kissed his way between Jenny's legs to lick and kiss her vaginal lips. It almost looked like Jenny was a virgin herself, her lithe eleven year old body began undulating as she slid that stiff twelve year old cock into her sweet mouth. Already, Greg had managed to slide his tongue between Jenny's cunt lips and when he realized how he could make Jenny move, was enjoying himself. Already, Jenny was sliding his cock in and out of her mouth and Greg's hips were beginning to lift and thrust also. Suddenly, both naked little bodies began jerking and twitching as Jenny hit her orgasm as she suck the cum out of Greg's stiff virgin cock.

Instead of pulling her mouth off Greg's cock, Jenny kept softly sucking it, nursing it back to being stiff and he was licking the female juices from between Jenny's shapely little legs. The stunning, nude blonde eleven year old, sucked the twelve year old Greg to two more orgasms, before she collapsed in a writhing mass on top of him. Both children were covered in a fine sheen of sweat and Jenny easily pivoted on top of Greg's nude body so he could hold her in his arms. On his own, Greg lifted Jenny up so he could kiss and suckle those little egg sized tit's and Jenny began putting her knees under her.

Once Jenny had her knees under her, she sat up straight, then lifted herself up so her wet crotch was over Greg's hard cock. Gently, Jenny began lowering herself down and when Greg's cock head slipped up against her thigh, she reached a small hand between them and guided it between her sopping cunt lips. As the tip of Greg's twelve year old cock seated in the pocket of Jenny's eleven year old vaginal opening, both children seem to move together. As Jenny let her body down, Greg was lifting his up to her, his four inch cock easily slipping deep into Jenny's eleven year old cunt. When Jenny let out a sharp gasp, everyone thought Greg had penetrated her hymen, even though most of us knew better.

As Greg's cock sank balls deep in Jenny's cunt, the eleven year old leaned forward and kissed Greg's twelve year old lips. As she began rocking back and forth, Greg began thrusting his hips up in time to Jenny's backward movement. Faster and faster, the two children began moving, a soft squishing sound came as Greg's cock repeatedly sliced into Jenny's cunt. The eleven year old blonde beauty was gasping as her stunning nude body jerked and throbbed with orgasm and when she couldn't hold herself up any longer, James whispered for Greg to roll over onto her and fuck her missionary style. The boy easily rolled so he was on top and I don't think he missed a stroke into her cunt as Jenny began moaning for Greg to fuck her harder and faster, the boy complied.

Now, along with that squishing noise, was the sound of Greg's pubic bone popping against Jenny's. Then the boy slammed his cock deep into Jenny's cunt and filled his eleven year old beauty with his cum as she cried out in orgasm. This time, it was Greg that collapsed on top of Jenny and she held him so tight in her arms, then let him slide down alongside her. When I looked over at Drew, the man was smiling from ear to ear, he had caught every second of it on the cam corder, despite having the red headed nine year old, Yvonne, attached to his cock.

"Mr. Rush, if I were to bring my boy here, could I have a video done of him like that?" a guest asked. "I'd pay an extra five hundred."

"I don't see why not," I laughed at Drew's happy smile.

On the blanket, Greg was ready to fuck Jenny again, but my little stunning blonde told him he needed to try someone else, so he could experience the difference. One of the newer girls was standing there, seven year old Sally, a sweet little blonde. When Greg had a funny look, Jenny just giggled and told him that even at seven, Sally might be more woman that he could handle. By the time Greg, well maybe Sally, got through fucking Greg, the boy was almost exhausted but Drew had another half hour of footage. Excitedly, Drew was asking Greg's dad if he could market the video rights to Greg fucking Jenny and Sally. The Dad saw no problem with it, and I could see the dollar signs in Drew's eyes.

It spawned a new sideline on the ranch, making videos and even several full length features. The girls loved doing it and became bashful movie stars but stayed the way they were normally. We would soon be hosting young boys at least one day a week and James would end up staying until the end of summer. At the Friday night, auction we also sold two mothers, Eve and Carrie and Drew put the whole auction on tape, including the pre auction where the buyers were allowed to inspect the merchandise.

Where I didn't see the reason for video taping the auction, when we watched the footage back, it was quite exciting. The way the girls were made to show themselves off, spread their tiny cunts open to the buyers, show off their breast if they had them. Then, once they were sold, go out and kneel beside their new owner. Of course, in this auction, there were only three buyers but by the end of the auction, we were down to eighty two girls, including the eight new ones under six.

The two mothers had been a surprise but the board agreed to the sales and I went along with them because the older girls were doing what I had wanted the mothers to do. Yet, even these older women did a fantastic job of selling themselves to the buyers. Now, Drew wished he had filmed the barbecue and the hanging, because those kinds of videos brought huge bucks on the market. It was Ralph, that suggested those events could be repeated, but maybe in private and I could find girls that wouldn't make it on the ranch, or in society to do the film. Soon, this new venture allowed us to rethink the number of guest we needed to maintain the ranch.

It was the two older red heads, that went to Drew with a special request that would make an excellent film. Even though Drew felt it was an excellent idea, he talked it over with Steve first, for his medical opinion, then we as a board agreed to it. We did it on Saturday night, in the barn with all the guest and girls watching as the two stunning red heads walked naked into the center of the barn floor. Both seventeen year old Brianna and fifteen year old Vanessa stood patiently until Jim and Lilly led them to the breeding tables. Both nude beauties were strapped to the tables, then the stallions were brought it.

The stallions were so used to breeding their human mares that they moved right to the tables and both girls legs were spread wide. As the stallions licked these red haired cunts, the two girls writhed with pleasure and the stallions began getting their long, thick cocks ready for their mares. Both stallions now had erections that were over two feet long and two inches thick, but Jim clamped the stop bars in place so the mares would only get about fourteen inches of that thick, heavy horse cock. Beside the tables, Drew was filming furiously, so he didn't miss anything and now everything was ready, the mare's were lubricating heavily, the stallion's cocks were fully erect and ready.

The two stallions were pulled back and the read headed beauties legs were pushed together, until the stallions started forward. Once the stallion's front legs passed over Brianna and Vanessa's hips, their legs were again spread wide. As those huge cock head butted against their tight pussy lips, both girls were becoming uncertain about going through with this. It was to late, both stallions began battering their cocks against those juice slickened cunts and the heads were spreading those seventeen and fifteen year old cunts wide open. Both mares began screaming in pain but the stallion's didn't care, they felt the heads of their cocks entering those tight little mares and began humping their cocks even deeper into them.

The audience watched in fascination as inch after inch of thick, heavy horse cock penetrated those seventeen and fifteen year old cunts.. Three inches, five inches, nine inches, then finally fourteen inches of hard horse cock buried deep in the young girl's cunts. The stallions didn't wait for any adjustment, they began breeding their mares with long hard strokes as the mares screamed in pain. Yet, that pain soon turned to pleasure and both red headed nude mares began pumping their cunts up to get even more of their lover's cocks. Their long, shapely legs wrapped around the stallion's withers as they pumped their cunts onto those huge cocks. Loud slurping noises filled the barn as those long thick cocks pistoned in and out of those teen cunts

Even though there was blood dripping from their cunts, Vanessa and Brianna kept fucking their stallions harder and faster, while their beautiful white bodies jerked and spasmed with orgasm. After fifteen minutes, both stallions began short humping their mares and pink cum began bubbling from those teen cunts. Then, the stallions were through, they had bred their mares and were backing their cocks out of those now gaping cunts. Torrents of pink, then red cum flooded from gaping pussies as the stallions walked away, nude white bodies lay on the breeding tables thrashing and jerking out orgasms that wouldn't stop.

Both Jim and I walked into the light and lifted the stunning nude red headed beauties into our arms and carried them out of the barn and up to Steve's office. After Steve examined both of them, he walked out onto the porch where I waited and told me they were okay, but neither one of them were pregnant any more. Then, Drew was there, raving about the footage he had shot and how it really looked like the stallions had fucked the two teens to death. It was seventeen year old Brianna that yelled out she felt like they had and if she didn't stop having orgasms soon, she was going to die.

It was almost a half hour later before the two young red heads could walk, even still they were popping little orgasms every step they took. Yet, there was a sadness about both of them, they had intentionally aborted their babies and didn't know how to feel about it. It was Drew, that assured them if was for the best, so they could carry on with their lives and Brianna would be leaving for college in a year and a baby wouldn't be the best thing for her. By noon the next day, Drew had sold thirty copies of the video for five hundred dollars each and if he did a snuff film, could sell them for several thousand dollars each.

Since the board was making money hand over fist, and we wanted to think about our girls, and decided that there would only be fifty girls working any given non school day and we were still making fifty two thousand dollars a day. When the school year started, the girls would only entertain at night and for that we would lower the fee, but still make ten thousand a day. Mostly, it would give our girls time to study and for themselves, and the now monthly educational field trips. Also, twice every summer, we had a fun field trips, one to an amusement and water slide park, then once to the ocean for a few days.

The big thing that made all the girls rethink what they were doing, was when the three teachers, Connie and Corin had their babies. They all delivered within a few weeks of each other and every girl on the ranch was there to watch one birth or another. They all loved the fact that each woman birthed a little girl, but realized none of them wanted to go through the pain of labor and delivery. The older girls immediately became more aware of their birth control and as the younger girls reached fertililty, helped them to maintain their birth control also.

Our slave sales were slowed down to one every other month and only twenty girls per sale, which were easy to find. Our eighty two girls and our dozen boys would stay with us until Brianna left us for college, followed the next year by Jack and Bobby, then Kelly, Brooke, Annie, Aaron, Julie and Vanessa. Each of the kids went on to college and better lives, many coming back to the ranch to visit and help when we needed it.

Within three years, the ranch operated under a permit from the government and it wasn't unusual to see well known dignitaries on the ranch, with stunning little girls attached to their cocks. The board and I became quite wealthy, and after fifteen years on the ranch, Helen and I decided to tour the world. It was fine, because I left the job of running the ranch with a very capable graduate, the one that started this whole thing, Kelly. The finding of new entertainers was taken over by Paul's son Jeremy, who was even better at it than I was and only the most beautiful, sexy and passionate girls attended Pine Ridge Ranch.