Zack Fang


As I perform my concert, I scan the crowed, and spot two girls, one looks about 14 and the other one looks about 6. I can tell they're sisters, and as I watch them during my concert I notice no parents show up and no older kids. Near the end of the show I let my stage hand know and he gave them a pass.

"Wow" June said as she took the passes,

"What?" Sandy says.

"We're invited backstage after the show. Maybe he'll fuck me" June said with a smile.

"Eeeeewwwww" Sandy say "why me?" she asks.

"I bet he knows were sisters, and didn't want you left alone" June said as she thought about having sex with a singer.

When the show was over, they were brought back to my dressing room. As they entered I smiled. The 14-year-old was wearing black pants, black boots, and a black fishnet shirt, and the younger one was wearing a cute pink dress. After they entered, the door was closed.

"I can't believe I'm backstage with Zake Fang" the older girl said.

"Big deal" the younger girl said. This made me start laughing as the older girl rolled her eyes.

"I take it you don't like my singing?" I asked her.

"It's too loud" she said, and I looked at the older girl.

"Do you like my singing?" I asked the older girl.

"I love it" she said, excited as I touched her hand.

"She wants to fuck you" the younger girl said in a snobby tone.

"Sandy! Oh I'm so embarrassed" the older girl yelled.

"Oh really, what's your name?" I asked the older girl as I touched her face.

"Ju…Ju…." she stuttered.

"Her name is JJJuuuunnnneeeeee" Sandy said with a smirk.

"So you want me to fuck you?" I asked June.

"I was kidding about that, Mr. Zack" June said nervously.

"Oh I would, if you wanted to" I said as I looked back at Sandy. "What about you?" I asked her.

"Eeeewwwwww" Sandy said. I just smiled at her.

"Wait a minute. You're not doing that to her" June said as she pulled Sandy towards her.

"No, I would not do that to her, but she is going to watch me fuck you" I said as I pulled June close and kissed her. "Why do you think I invited you back?" I asked her.

"Eeewwww can't I watch TV or something?" Sandy said. I stooped down near her.

"Sure, if you give me a kiss" I said. Sandy looked at me, and then kissed me. "OK, in that room there's a TV, DVDs and Xbox 360" I said with a smile.

"Cool" Sandy said as she went into the room. I turned back to June.

"If you say anything, I'll say you used your sister to make me have sex with you" I said as I started undressing.

"I changed my mind. We're leaving" June said.

"Either I fuck you or Sandy, and I don't think Sandy can take it" I said. June looked at me and saw my cock.

"It's only 7 inches. You can handle it, but Sandy, it'll rip that sweet pussy up" I said as I pulled June to me.

"Please, just don't hurt Sandy" June said.

"You do as I say, and I won't touch her" I said. "Undress" I said, and she did as she was told.

"Oh God" June screamed as I inserted my cock in her.

"Mmmm… Virgin. I like this" I said as I rammed my cock into her pussy.

"God, oh God" June screamed as I slammed my cock into her.

"God can't help you" I moaned as I slammed my cock hard into her womb with one big thrust.

"Ahhhhh" June screamed as her cherry was popped. I started fucking harder. "Uuuhhh uuuhhh" June moaned as she locked her legs around me.

"I like tight pussy" I moaned as I felt my balls boiling. I knew I was about to cum.

"God yes! Fuck Me! God, Fuck Me!" June screamed as her body tightened "Yeeeesssss" she screamed.

"Yes, here you go, slut" I yelled as I came in her teen pussy. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out from her orgasm. I pulled my still-hard cock from her womb, and head into the TV room. As I entered the room, Sandy started shaking.

"Come here" I said. She backed up but I quickly grabbed her.

"June, help me!" Sandy yelled as I pulled her dress and Pokemon panties off. "June! June!" Sandy cried.

"She can't help you" I said as I lifted her up and slammed her down on my cock as it disappeared into her little cunt.

"Daddy!" Sandy yelled as she grabbed my arms. Her eyes get bigger and her head leaned back. "Daddy, Daddy" Sandy yelled as I raped her little pussy. Blood started running down her legs.

"Oh yes, two virgins in one night" I said as I fucked Sandy while standing up. She looked so hot as she held my arms while she rode my cock.

"Daddy, Daddy" Sandy cried, soon turning to moans. I looked down at her and kissed her. She kissed me back. I laid her on the floor and slowly fucked her.

"Oh God, Sandy" June yelled as she entered the room naked.

"Yes" I yelled as I shot a massive load into her little pussy. Sandy was staring at June, but said nothing as I pulled my cock from her with a loud pop.

"You bastard!" June screamed. I grabbed her, pulled her to her knees, and shoved her face into Sandy's soaked cunt.

"Eat it" I ordered. June fought me but I held her in place. Soon she was eating her sister's cum-filled pussy. Sandy just lay there. I pulled June away when she'd cleaned Sandy and I shoved her to the side.

"Sit there and shut up" I yelled as I turned Sandy over. June watched as my cock disappeared into Sandy's ass. "She's a good slut" I moaned.

"Sandy, forgive me. Please forgive me" June cried as she watched me fuck her sister's ass.

"Yes! Yes!" I moaned as I filled Sandy's ass with hot cum. I pulled my cock from her and pulled June over. "Eat" I yelled, and June did as she was told and ate the cum from Sandy's ass.

When she was done I had her suck me off, and then I called the band in and for the next two hours we gangbanged the girls. We deposited them outside the arena and left.