William H Boys Academy

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I teach 1st grade PE at the William H. Boys Academy, which I love. I get to watch 5-6-year-old boys get all sweaty during class, and then sit in my office and watch all that sweet meat shower after class. It is great, I have jacked off to the sight many times.

One day during class, I was in my office getting a head job from our French teacher Mr. Sims when I heard "Come on, get him." One student yelled and then others yelled the same thing, as I got up to go check it out.

"Maybe another day, Bob?" Mr. Sims said with a smile.

"You can count on it, Jack" I said as I put my cock back in my shorts and went out to the gym floor.

There were 7-8 students throwing balls at little Jake Miller, a skinny student who didn't have many friends. And there he was, blocking them with the ball he had in his hand. Then he would quickly fire the ball at one and pick up another and fire at another one. Smack! He hit the kid in the leg, knocking him down. He got up cursing and left the court.

They would keep throwing the balls and he would dodge them or block them, and then hit another kid with the ball and he would be out.

Miller was doing quite well until Frankie Fetcher stepped up holding two balls. He fired one, whack! It hit the ball Miller was holding, knocking him to the ground. Then Frankie quickly fired the other ball, SMACK! It hit Miller right were it hurt the most.

"Aaauuugghhh" Miller gasped as he rolled on his side in pain, holding his cock.

"Mr. Fetcher, principle's office now" I ordered. He looked at me and then left.

I went over to Miller, who was still holding his cock and moaning in pain, rolling on the floor.

I sent the other kids to the showers and helped Miller to my office. After a few minutes of him resting on a couch in my office, I asked him "How you feel now, Mr. Miller?"

"Better, but damn did that hurt" he said as he pulled his shorts out and looked down at his cock as he made a face. "Great, it's all swollen" he said.

"Let me see" I said as I pulled his shorts down. His cock was red, as was the skin all around that area. There I was on my knees, looking at the bald, beautiful little cock.

"Aaahhuuu" he gasped as I took his cock in my hand and moved it, checking him all out.

"Mmmm" he moaned when I took his balls in my hand and gently rubbed them.

"I don't see any problems with it" I said as I rubbed his little cock between my thumb and forefinger.

His head was leaning back as he looked at the ceiling. He jumped when I took his cock into my wet mouth and licked his shaft, and then I sucked on the head as I rubbed his thigh and freed my cock.

"Tasty" I moaned as I took his balls in my mouth and sucked them and played with them with my tongue.

As I looked up at him his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavier. I knew I had him right were I wanted him. Then I stopped and stood up when he opened his eyes my cock was mouth-level to him. I pulled his head forward and he opened his mouth and took my cock.

"Yes" I softly moaned as his hot mouth engulfed my cock. He licked and sucked me the way I did him. He was amazing for someone who had never sucked cock before.

He looked surprised to see that I had no hair, and I wondered if was because he had done this before. But then I figured he may have seen his dad's.

When I pulled my cock from his mouth, he looked at me puzzled as I lifted his legs, got into position, and inserted my cock into his ass.

"Uuuuhhh" he took a deep breath. His eyes got big as I entered his 5-year-old love hole and buried all my cock in him. He whispered, "Oh God forgive me" and as if he knew what to do, he locked his legs around me.

I pushed the rest of my cock up him. He would hold his breath, and then I had a hard time shoving my cock up him. It would hardly move, so I pulled back out and shoved with all my might.

As my cock drove up his ass, it stopped for a second and then his ass loosened as I took his boy-cherry. When that happened he moaned, "God yes" and then started moving his hips with me.

What a feeling. He wasn't as tight as before, but tight enough. He squeezed my cock for all it was worth. His eyes were once again closed as he moaned in pleasure to the anal fucking he was getting.

I stood up holding him and then bounced him up and down on my throbbing cock. He wrapped his arms around my neck and then I leaned my head forward and kissed him. I was bouncing him faster and harder on my shaft, and I could feel it building in my balls. He looked into my eyes with this erotic look on his face, and then he kissed me passionately.

As we shared our passionate kiss, I brought him down one last time on my cock and held him with all my cock buried in his ass. He opened his eyes wide before closing them back as we continued to share a deep, passionate kiss, and I sent what seemed like an endless supply of hot, sticky cum into his waiting bowels.

As we broke our kiss, he looked at me with this look of pure bliss on his face as my cock pulsed and pumped load after load into him. When I finished I placed him back on the couch and then pulled my deflated cock from him and cum oozed from his ass. His eyes were rolled up into his head and his little cock was twitching. I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth

"Uuuhhh" he moaned as his body tightened, making cum squirt from his ass onto the couch and my legs. Then his body relaxed and I received his sweet boy-cream, which I hungrily took.

When he finished I pulled him down and kissed him. My tongue poked at his mouth and he opened it and I shared his cum with him.

We swallowed the cum, and then broke our kiss as I looked him with a smile.

"See you Monday?" I softly said. He nodded his head yes.

"Would you like to do this again?" I asked him as I pulled his shorts back up. He smiled and nodded his head yes.

I climbed up on the couch by him, smiled at him, and kissed him. "See you Monday" I said.

He smiled at me, got up, and headed to the door. Then he turned and looked at me. "See you Monday, Mr. Hook" he said as he ran out the door.

Jack entered my office and looked at me with a smile as he closed the door. "Was he good?" he asked as he dropped to his knees and freed my sticky cock, taking it into his mouth.

"How's he taste?" I asked with a laugh.

Jack removed my cock from his mouth. "Delicious" he said, and then went back to sucking it.