My Niece Spends The Summer

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Part 1
My Sister dropped off my niece, who is 6 now, to spend the summer with me. Jenny, or Jenn as I call her, is a beautiful girl. She has red hair, freckles, and the most beautiful green eyes you have ever seen.

Living up North, I have lost almost all my accent, but Sis who still lives in the hills as people like to call it (West Virginia) still has hers, as does Jenn. So, when Sis arrived and saw me, she just had to yell at the top of her voice.

"Howdy Car" my sis yelled as she all ways called me "Car" instead of Caral.

"Hello Virginia" I said shaking my head with a big smile.

"You's not look to happy to see us" Sis said in that voice she uses when she wants something.

"I'm always Happy to see you and Jenn" I said, smiling at Jenn who was standing behind her Ma.

I invite them into the house and sis looked around as did Jenn, this being the first time they ever been in my house, as I normally go visit them. They seemed surprised by it, as they have electric, running water, and indoor plumbing, so I could understand their amazement until Jenn spoke.

"Gawd, you's could fit our whole house in this here room, I reckons" Jenn said.

I laughed at that "Now Jenn, it's not that big" I replied.

"Daaayum near iz," Jenn said, smiling.

"You's watch that sassy talk, little lady," Sis yelled "I'z a belt you's one" Sis said as she raised her hand.

"Zakes 'live, Ma! I'z won'ts say itz agins" Jenn said. Sis lowered her hand.

I offered them something to eat and drink as I showed Jenn were to put her stuff for the time being, and then we went into the kitchen and I asked them what they would like.

Sis finally took some fried chicken and I ordered pizza for Jenn. As they sat at the table I kept looking at Jenn. She saw me looking at her.

"You's want a pitcher?" Jenn said, looking at me.

"No," I said. "But I swear you's gets prettier ever time I see you's."

Jenn blushed and tried to hide her face. Her Mom laughed and leaned over and gave Jenn a kiss on the cheek.

Soon the pizza arrived and Jenn and I ate. Sis even had a piece. As it was getting late, I showed them to their rooms. First I showed Jenn her room, and she was happy with it. As she started unpacking I showed Sis her room. Soon Jenn was in bed and Sis and I talked for a while, and then went to bed.

In the morning, Sis said her good-byes and left for home. That day I showed Jenn around the city and we went shopping. I bought her some new blue jeans and shirts she liked and some DVDs. We stopped and had dinner out, and then we went home and watched TV before going to bed.

She came down for breakfast the next morning, wearing her new jeans. They were tight and my eyes went straight to her little ass as she was getting something from the fridge for a few seconds. I thought nothing of it, and I asked her if she wanted to do anything today. She said no, and that she wanted to stay home and meet some of the kids in the neighborhood. I smiled at her and said, "Whatever you want."

Jenn made friends quickly with several of the girls and a few of the boys in the neighborhood, and for the next three days they all played like they had been friends forever. Then I heard yelling coming from the yard and went out to see what was going on. Jenn was standing over an 8-year-old boy, shaking her fist and yelling. I could see her shirt and jeans were torn.

"Ifs You's ever calls me a bitch aginz, I'lls whoops you's aginz" she yelled.

"OK, I'm sorry! Can I get up now" the boy asked. Jenn stepped away and nodded and the boy got up and ran home.

"What in the blue blazes is going on out here?" I yelled.

"That theres boy called me a bitch, so I whooped his ass," she said as she turned toward me. She was bleeding some and had a lot of scratches on her. Her hair was messed up and she was standing there with her hands on her hips and her hip out to one side, looking at the other kids.

"He called you a bitch?" I asked.

"Yes'um he's did" she says. All the other kids nodded.

I sent the other kids home and took her inside. I took her upstairs, had her get a change of clothes, and then took her to bathroom and had her strip. I started to put alcohol on her scratches to clean them and she made some faces, but didn't scream.

While I was doing this I noticed her body, and as I put some alcohol on a scratch near her nipple I blew on it so there wasn't as much of a burning sensation. I looked up when I heard her moan.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" I asked.

"No" she said as she looked away from me. "I liked it when you did that" she said.

I smiled at her and kept cleaning her scratches. I noticed her looking down at me and when she saw me looking at her she turned her head. She did this several times.

"Would you's like a picture?" I asked with a smile.

"Naw," she said, blushing. "Why's you's shorts like that?" she asked as she pointed.

I looked down and was so embarrassed. I had a hardon and I had a huge tent in the front of my shorts. I looked at her and realized that while on my knees tending her, my faces was only a few inches from her pussy. I look at her and said, "Pretty girls do that to me." It was all I could think to say.

"Oh" she says as she shifts her stance. Her legs are now spread and my eyes go straight to her hairless pussy. I can see her pink little slit as I look up at her and then back down at her pussy.

"Iz its sopost to do that?" she asked.

"Oh man, this is wrong!" I think to myself as I feel my dick jump. "Sometimes" I said.

She's as smart as a whip, and she stood there looking at me, and then she smiled and spread her legs even further apart. Now her pussy had opened up and all I could do was stare at it while my dick jumped more.

"So that's what does it," she said as she looked at me.

"What?" I said.

"You's want my pee-pee," she said, looking at me.

"No I….I…." I stutter "do not" I said.

"Ma told me someday boys would want my pee-pee. I'd never reckon you's would," she said as she stepped forward. Her pussy was so close that if I stuck out my tongue it would touch it. I couldn't take my eyes off her pussy. Then I reached out, grabbed her, pulled her close, buried my tongue in her pussy, and started eating her pussy.

"That feels so good. I'm glad you's want my pee-pee," she moaned.

I laid her down on the floor and started licking her faster. I started playing with her ass and then I stopped and looked up at her.

"Don't stop… Car… Car" she pleaded.

"I want to fuck you," I said as I removed my shorts and my member sprang to attention.

"Ma never said what that was," she said.

"It's when I put my dick in here," I said and I touch her pussy.

"That's awful big" she said, looking at it. "Will it hurt?" she asked, looking at me.

"A little" I said as I rubbed her pussy. "But I would never hurt you bad," I said, looking at her.

"If I say stop, you's will stop?" she asked.

"Yes, I would never do anything you don't want" I said.

"OK, you's can fuck me," she said.

With that I rubbed my precum on her slit and slowly pushed my dick into her. She was so tight. Then I gave one last push and she bit down on her lip, closed her eyes, and made a little noise as I broke through her hymen. A little blood leaked out and onto the floor.

A few seconds later, she relaxed and opened her eyes. She smiled at me as I slowly fucked her.

"I didn't hurt you bad, did I?" I asked through my grunts.

"Naw, it hurt just a little, like you said" she moaned.

I started fucking her faster. She leaned her little head back and moaned with each thrust, and then her little body started to tremble. She then stiffened for a few seconds and then relaxed. She let out a loud moan and her body jerked a couple times and I knew she had had her first orgasm. The thought of this was too much for me.

"Gaaaawd!!! Gaaawd!!!!! Yesssss!!!" I moaned as I filled her little pussy with my cum. I pulled out of her and cum poured from her pussy as I lay beside her, my dick still half-hard, covered in my cum and her juice. I kissed her and brushed her hair from her face.

"Dayummmm I never felt anything like that," she said.

"Gawd dayum you's were good," I said as I kissed her again.

She laughed a little as she looked into my eyes and then she got on top of me and slid her pussy down over my cock, kissing me on the lips.

"Your accent is back" she moaned as I started fucking her again.

"I reckon it is," I said. "This is gon' to be one hell of a summer" I grunted as I fucked her.

"yes'um it wills" she moaned.

"You know you's is sleeping in my bed all summer" I said as I neared another climax.

"We's going to fuck a lot" she moaned.

"Any time you's want" I moaned.

"I wants to learn it all" she moaned.

"You's wills. Ahhhhh here it comes, baby" I moaned as I filled her again. Cum leaked around my dick and gathered on my stomach. My balls were empty and my dick went limp. When she slid off she looked at the white stuff.

"What's that?" she asked.

"It's cum… man-milk" I said. I moved her head towards it. "Taste it," I said.

She stuck out her tongue and took some, then all of a sudden started licking me clean. She looked at my dick.

"You's can suck it like you's do a Popsicle" I said as I rubbed her ass.

She took my dick into her mouth and sucked it. I told her to work her tongue around and she did. Soon my dick grew in her mouth her eyes got wide as she felt it grow, but she kept sucking. I stuck my fingers up her pussy and got them covered in cum and then stuck them up her anus. She tightened up and her ass sucked up my fingers. Then I slowly fingered her ass. She never stopped sucking, and before long she was drinking a load of cum. She never missed a drop of it.

"That's two holes down, one to go." I told her as I removed my fingers from her ass. She looked at me confused. I pushed my fingers back inside her and told her, "here." She got a look of fear on her face, but I reassured her and told her it wouldn't be tonight as I kissed her.

I told her, "Let's wash up and go to bed." We cleaned up and she joined me in bed. I woke up in the morning with my dick buried in her pussy, fucking her good morning.

That summer was great. We had sex many times and Jenn learned a lot. I thought it could get no better until her friends joined and she learned something new. When Jenn went home I still had her friends, but that's another story.

Part 2
Later in the week, we were having sex as I licked Jenn's ass to sounds of her sweet moans, I was making sure her ass was nice and lubed up.

"Now time for the last hole" I said.

"Iz's won't hurt, will it?" Jenn asked, her voice shaking.

"Just a little at first" I said as I kissed her back.

"Ok if'em you's sure," Jenn said.

"I promise sweetie, just relax" I said, and she did as she was told and tried to relax. I positioned my cock, then slowly pushed into her tight little ass.

"Daaayum iz's hurt Car, iz's hurt" Jenn screamed. I stopped with about 3" of my 8" up her ass.

"Relax, you's need to relax" I said as a whisper in her ear and kissed the back of her neck. She relaxed more and I started pushing the rest of my cock up her ass.

"iz hurts…iz hur….Ahhhh…Mmmmm" Jenn cried, but her cries soon turned into moans, as my cock was now buried deep in her ass and I slowly started fucking her ass.

"Yeesss, Mmmm" Jenn moaned as she started pushing her ass back onto my cock.

"Jenn, oh gawd Jenn" I moaned as I started fucking her faster.

"Car, Car fuck me Uncle Car fuck me" Jenny screamed as she leaned her head back, then let out a loud moan and had an orgasm.

"Gawd, gawd, Jenn oh Jenn" I yelled at the same time as I planted my load deep inside her bowels. After two strong bursts and 1 small one, I pulled my deflated cock from her ass with a plop and rolled onto my back.

Jenn lay there breathing hard for a minute, her ass leaking my cum. She reached back, scooped some up, and sucked it from her fingers.

"That was amazing" I panted as I pulled Jenn close to me and kissed her.

"Dayum, after a few minutes that felt so good" Jenn said, breathing hard as she smiled at me.

"That's all three holes," I said with a smile as I held Jenn close to me.

She whispered in my ear, "I like the last way the best" and then stuck her tongue in my ear. I start laughing.

"What's so dayum funny?" Jenn says, angry that I was laughing at her.

"I'm sorry" I said as I kissed her. "I never would have reckon" I said.

"Reckon what?" Jenn said, staring at me.

"That my little lover was an anal slut" I said. My cock was hard again, so I lifted her and put her down on it. She moaned and looked at me.

"A what slut?" she asked as she started riding my cock.

"An Anal Slut" I said. "Someone who likes their ass fucked" I smiled at her.

"Oh yes, I like that much better" Jenn said with a smile.

I lifted Jenn off my cock and re-aimed it, then I lowered her back down and her ass swallowed my cock. Jenn moaned as she started riding my cock faster.

"I think I'm going to be fucking this ass a lot more" I moaned as I kissed and licked her little flat nipples.

"I hope so… gawd I love this!" Jenn screamed she rode my cock like a mad girl. Then I held her down, my cock all the way up her ass.

"Gawd! Gawd! I love you's!" I screamed as I emptied my balls into her ass. Jenn fell down on my chest, leaving my cock buried in her ass.

"I love you's too, Car" Jenn said as we passionately kissed. She finally climbed off my cock, and then I got the shock of my life when she turned and then took my cum and shit covered cock into her mouth and sucked it clean.

"Wow" I said as I watched her.

She cleaned it and then crawled up beside me and whispered in my ear. "I loves it when you's fuck my ass. It makes me so wet" Jenn said as she then sat on my face and I ate her pussy. Cum was still dripping from her ass so I locked my mouth over her ass and sucked it dry.

"Eeewww" Jenn laughed, "did it taste good?"

"Comin' from you's, anything will taste good" I said as we got dressed and went downstairs.

After a late breakfast, Jenn went outside and played with her friends. Time flew by and soon I called Jenn for dinner. She came into the house with her friend.

"Car, can Tina say for dinner?" Jenn asked, in that wanting voice like her mother's.

I smiled at the Jenn "Let's call to make sure it's OK with her Ma" I said as I got Tina to give me her number. I called and her mother said it would be fine. I looked at both of the girls and said, "OK she can stay." I kissed Jenn on top of her head and we sat down to dinner. Tina was looking around.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"Not really, I was just wonder who cooked" she said as she kept looking around.

"Me" I said, laughing.

"You can cook? My dad can't. I didn't think any boys could," Tina said, shocked.

"Yes, I cook. Not all boys can, but I'm sure your Dad is good at other things" I said as I started eating.

"Well he fucks me good" Tina said, and I almost choked on my steak.

"Your Pa fucks you's?" I said as I looked at Tina. I noticed that she was a lovely blond with deep blue eyes, around 7 years old.

"Yes and I like it. So does my brother Jim" Tina said, smiling.

"Does your Ma know?" I asked, my cock getting hard, thinking about her pa's cock ramming her cunt.

"No, mom doesn't know about it," she said. Jenn had been sitting and listening to us and smiling the whole time

"I told Tina you's fuck her ass. She never had that done" Jenn said with a smile. I noticed Jenn was rubbing her pussy, and so was Tina.

"You's won't tell on me, will you's?" I asked, now rubbing my cock.

"No, I will not tell" Tina said as she walked over and kissed me "Please fuck my ass" Tina said.

"I'm going to fuck more than your ass" I said as I rubbed her pussy.

"You can do anything you want to me" Tina said as she grabbed my cock.

"I plan on it" I say with a smile "come on, you'ens" I said.

"Both of us?" they said.

"Yes, I'm going to teach you'ens something new as well" I said as we headed for the bedroom. I had Tina and Jenn get undressed, and then get into bed. When they were in bed I told Jenn to rub herself while I licked Tina's ass and got her ready.

"Now, this will hurt some, but the pain will not last long" I said as I positioned my cock on her ass.

"I'm ready Car" Tina said.

"OK" I said as I started slowly pushing my cock into her ass.

"Jeaus! Jeaus! It hurts it hurts" Tina cried as she buried her face in the pillows.

"Just relax" I said as I stopped pushing until she relaxed more. Then I finish putting my cock up her ass, and I told Jenn how to position herself. She did as she was told and looked at me strangely.

"OK Tina, now lick Jenn's pussy" I told Tina as I slowly fucked her ass.

"What?" Tina moaned, looking at Jenn's pussy.

"Lick it" I said. Jenn started to move. "Stay put, young lady!" I said sharply, and Jenn did as she was told. Tina started licking Jenn's pussy as I explained what Tina needed to do. She followed my orders, and Jenn was soon moaning away.

"I never knew it could feel good for another girl to lick me" Jenn moaned. Tina just kept licking as I fucked her ass harder and faster.

"You like that, Jenn?" I asked, moaning.

"Yes" Jenn moaned, her breathing picked up now.

"Gawd Tina, here it comes!" I yelled as I shot my load up Tina's ass. Tina kept licking Jenn's pussy.

"Oh gawd" Jenn yelled as she tightly closed her eyes and came in Tina's mouth. I ordered Tina not to swallow, and she did what I told her. I pulled out and made Tina kiss Jenn. They kissed and shared Jenn's juices.

"Now you's may swallow" I said as I rubbed Tina's pussy. They swallowed.

"How did you'ens like that?" I asked, still rubbing Tina.

"That was great" Jenn said, kind of dazed.

"Yes it was. What did I do?" Tina asked.

I let Tina know she just ate pussy and swallowed pussy juice - female cum. Tina and Jenn were kissing, and I asked them how it tasted. Both yelled "Great!" and then Jenn asked if she could eat Tina's pussy. I told her later as I rolled Tina onto her back and pushed my cock into her cunt.

"Jeaus" Tina moaned as I pushed my cock into her. I stopped and looked at both girls.

"You'ens lied to me!" I yelled.

"What?" they screamed.

"You's lied to me. You's never been fucked. You're still a virgian" I yelled as I looked down into Tina's eyes, now filled with fear.

"You's can tell?" Jenn asked. I shift my look to Jenn.

"Yes" I said as I thrust hard.

"Jeaus! God! Forgive me" Tina screamed as tears rolled down her face. Jenn looked on terrified as I pull my blood-covered cock from Tina. I pulled Tina down towards me.

"Suck my cock, you bitch!" I yelled as I forced my cock into Tina's mouth, then mouth-fucked her.

"Car stop, you's hurting her! Stop!" Jenn cried.

"Shut up! This little bitch is going to see what happens when you lie" I said as I made Tina deep-throat me. She gagged several times before I blew a load down her throat, then I removed my cock. Tina just swallowed my load of cum, her pussy bloody, she started to puke.

"If you's puke, I'll make you's eat it!" I yelled. Tina swallowed to keep from puking, still crying. I started to feel sorry for her and hugged her.

"You's lied to me" I said softly as I gently rubbed her shoulder.

"I'm sorry Mr. Hoover" Tina cried.

"I had to teach you's a lesson. Had you's told me the truth, I would have took your cherry easily" I said, softly kissing her as she kept crying.

"I hardly felt anything. I'm so sorry, Tina" Jenn cried.

"Who's idea was it to lie to me?" I asked both girls.

"Both of ours," they said, crying.

"I'm sorry I got mad. I could have made that so pleasurable for you, Tina. I'm sorry" I said softly.

"It really hurt, Mr. Hoover" Tina cried.

"Call me Car, and I'm sorry. Will you's forgive me?" I said, looking sadly at her. Tina threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.

"I forgive you, Car" she said, smiling.

"Good," I said, as I lay her on her back and gently licked the dried blood from her pussy.

Part 3
After I cleaned Tina's Pussy, I looked at both girls. "I didn't like You'ens lying to me" I said to them.

"It wasn't a complete lie" Tina said sadly. Jenn shook her head no.

"How?" I asked Tina.

"Jimmy did fuck me," Tina said, "but I don't think he did it right" she said.

"You let your brother fuck you's?" I asked, then I thought, "well, she let me get that sweet pussy."

"No," Tina said.

"What do you mean, 'no'?" I asked, concerned. "Did her brother rape her?" I thought to myself.

"He came in my room shoved me on my bed. When I tried to get up he hit me. Then he pulled down my panties and stuck his thing in me" Tina cried. "I keep yelling, 'No! No!' but he would not stop" she cried.

"Your parents did nothing?" I asked, and felt ashamed as my cock was getting hard listening to her tell about being raped.

"They weren't home, and Grandma was asleep" Tina cried.

"He raped you's. Your brother raped you's?" I asked Tina.

"No" Tina cried.

"Oh baby, if you's told him no and he didn't stop, he raped you's. He may not have known how to fuck you right, but he raped you's" I said, holding Tina who was crying hard now.

"Jimmy raped me. No! No! Oh God, Jimmy raped me" Tina screamed and buried her head on my shoulder.

"Has he done that to any of your friends?" I asked Tina. Jenn's eyes got big. I think she was surprised that Tina's brother was like that.

"Uh-huh" Tina says and pointed to Jenn.

"What? I'll kill the little bastard!" I yelled as I looked over at Jenn.

"He didn't. He tried, but I whooped his ass, big time" Jenn said.

"He screamed like a little girl" Tina laughed.

"What he did was wrong, and even though Jenn whooped his ass, that little bastard's going to scream like a little girl for a whole other reason" I said as I kissed Tina on the head. It was nice to hear her laughing again.

"What's you… you's going to do, Car?" both asked.

I pulled the girls close and told them my plan. As they listened, Jenn started to smile.

"You won't hurt him bad, will you?" Tina asked as her eyes watered up.

"No sweetie, but he's going to learn a lesson" I said, "and I may just get a new toy," I thought to myself.

The girls agreed to help me, so we got everything set up and Jenn did her thing. She lured Jimmy over to the house and up to my room, where Tina was on the bed naked. When they entered the room I grabbed Jimmy.

"What the fuck?" Jimmy said as he tried to break free, but I was too strong for him.

"So Jim, you's like to rape girls, do you's" I asked as I taped his arms behind him and tossed him onto the bed.

"No, Mr. Hoover" Jim said, scared. "Let me go, or I'll tell my folks" Jim cried.

"You do, big brother, and I tell Mom and Dad how you raped me" Tina said as she kissed Jim on the lips.

"And I'll tell how you's tried to rape me, but I whooped your ass" Jenn said as she kissed him. Jim was shocked and said nothing.

"So Jim, how would your friends treat you's, knowing you's got whooped by Jenn and screamed like a little girl?" I asked as I grabbed his cock.

"You wouldn't… you wouldn't tell them" Jim said, but both girls nodded their heads 'yes' as Jimmy noticed his pants being removed.

"My, what a nice little cock" I said as I started rubbing his cock.

"You're gay" Jim yelled, and tried to fight back his moans of pleasure.

Tina laughed. "If he was gay," Tina said as she was now naked along with Jenn, "he wouldn't fuck me." I turned Jim around so he could see Tina sucking my cock.

"No, you fucking Pevert" Jim yelled as he tried to get free, but couldn't.

"Plus he fucks me, so he can't be gay" Jenn said as she helped Tina suck my cock. My cock was rock hard now, and they stopped and looked at Jim stroking my cock.

"Look, my little fuck toys, he likes it" I said as I pointed to his cock, which was now about 3" and rock-hard.

"Oh brother, why didn't you fuck me with that?" Tina asked. "Still not as big as Car's cock" Tina said as they moved for him to get a good look. Jim's eyes got big as he saw the size and then he saw Tina swallow the whole thing.

"Oh Jeaus, how's she doing that?" Jim asked.

"She's such a good deep-throater " I said as I face-fucked her in front of Jim. "But enough of that," I said as I pulled Tina off my cock "You'ens enjoy each other's pussies for awhile" I said. Jim turned his head to see Tina and Jenn 69 each other.

"What are you going to do?" Jim asked as I turned him back around.

"I'm going to fuck you's" I said Jim lifted his head up.

"What!" he yelled over the moans of Tina and Jenn eating pussy, and tried to break free, but he couldn't. I put him into position.

"I said I'm going to fuck you's" I said as I spread his ass.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO! GOOOOODDDDD! SSSSTTTOOPPPP! IIIITT HHURRTTTS!" Jim yelled as I slammed my cock up his ass. Jenn and Tina jumped up and ran over.

"Wow he got all 8 inches in there!" Tina yelled as I fucked Jim's ass hard. Tears rolled down his face.

"You's didn't lube him, did you's?" Jenn asked.

"Nope" I moaned as I kept raping his ass.

"Please stop, please stop!" Jim begged.

"I'll stop when I cum" I moaned.

"Wow, I thinks his cock got bigger" Tina yelled. Jenn looked to see if it did.

"It sure has at least another inch" Jenn said.

"You's like this?" I asked Jim as I rammed his ass.

"No! No! God yes! Fuck my ass, fuck my ass!" Jim moaned.

I leaned over to Tina and whispered, "Suck his cock." Tina smiled and took her brother's cock into her mouth.

"Oh sis, yes" Jim moaned.

"You like your sis sucking your cock?" I moaned as I fucked Jim's ass.

"Yes, god I love you sis. I want to fuck you!" Jim moaned.

I tap Tina's leg and she stopped sucking her brother's cock.

"You's love your sister, that's why you raped her?" I yelled as I thrust hard, feeling the cum building in my balls.

"She's so beautiful, I just wanted her so bad" Jim moaned. Tina looked at Jim and smiled.

"That's why you's tried to rape my Jenn?" I yelled.

"I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry" Jim moaned.

"Oh gawd" I moaned as I filled Jim's ass with my cum. Jim's eyes got big, then rolled in the back of his head and his body shook as he came on the bed.

"Jeaus" Tina yelled.

"Gawd dayum he cum without being touched" Jenn said.

"Don't let that cum go to waste" I said, with my cock still up Jim's ass. Both girls started licking up his cum. Tina then started sucking her brother's cock.

"After he fucks you's, I want a turn" Jenn said as he moved to Tina's cunt.

"I haven't said he could fuck my toys. He's got one more thing to do" I said as I pulled out of his ass. Tina stopped sucking him, and I turned Jim around.

"You's know what that iz?" I said with a big smile. He wasted no time in taking my cock into his mouth and sucking it clean.

"Good! Good! You's knows what to do" I moaned as he sucked. When had my cock cleaned, he let it fall out of his mouth.

"Yes" he said.

"Yes what?" I asked.

"Yes Master" he said with a smile.

"Lick it" I said, and Jenn started to move. "Stay put, young lady" I said sharply. Jenn did as she was told. Tina started licking Jenn's pussy, as I explained what Tina needed to do. She followed my orders, and Jenn was moaning away.

"I never knew it could feel good for another girl to lick me" Jenn moaned, and Tina just kept licking as I fucked her ass harder and faster.

"You like that, Jenn?" I asked moaning.

"Yes" Jenn moaned, her breathing picking up now.

"Gawd Tina here it comes" I yelled as I shot my load up Tina's ass. Tina kept licking Jenn's pussy.

"Oh gawd" Jenn yelled as she tightly closed her eyes and came in Tina's mouth. I ordered Tina not to swallow, and she did what I told her. I pulled out and made Tina kiss Jenn. They kissed and shared Jenn's juices.

"Now you's may swallow," I said as I rubbed Tina's pussy and they swallowed.

"How did you'ens like that?" I asked, still rubbing Tina.

"That was great" Jenn said, kind of dazed.

"Yes it was, what did I do?" Tina asked.

"Good you's may fuck them now" I said, looking at both girls as I lifted Jim up and freed his hands. "You's my fuck toy now" I said.

"Thank you, Master" Jim said. "Yes Master, anytime Master" Jim said with a smile.

As Jim started fucking his sister, Jenn started licking my ass.

"So who's the cute black girl?" I asked.

"La Tona" Tina moaned.

"I'd like her next" I said with a smile.

"She's only 4" Jim said.

"Even better" I laughed.

"You know she got a sister who's three" Jim said with a smile.

We all laughed and kept having sex, planning on how to get La Tona and maybe her sister.

Part 4
A week passed and we finally got La Tona to come over. La Tona's mom would not let Keyash come, because she was too young to look after her sister properly. Jenn brought her upstairs and told La Tona she wanted her to meet me. Jenn brought her to my room, and when they entered, I saw La Tona. She had caramel skin, beautiful light-brown eyes, and I found myself just staring at her.

"Uncle Car! Uncle Car!" Jenn yelled as I snapped out of it.

"Hello Girls" I said.

"This is La Tona" Jenn said, looking at me strangely.

"Hello, La Tona. What a pretty name. My name is Carla, but you may call me Car" I said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, Carla" La Tona said. "You have a big house" she said as she looked around.

"I reckon so" I said and La Tona laughed.

"I like how you and Jenny Talk" La Tona said with a smile.

As I saw her smile I thought, "Man, that smile could light up the darkest room." I smiled back at her, saying "You have a beautiful smile." I motioned for them to come over to the bed, and they did. La Tona kept back some, and I could tell she was a little scared. "I won't bite," I said, "unless you want me to." I smiled, and La Tona smiled and moved closer to the bed. I asked them to sit and they did.

"I reckon we'll have to play our game some other day" Jenn said, looking at me.

"Yes maybe tomorrow" I said, smiling at Jenn. I looked at La Tona and she was still scared.

"What game?" La Tona asked, but there was a hint of fear in her voice.

"It's a private game me and Car play. You would not want to play," Jenn said.

"I might," La Tona said, looking apprehensive.

"Well, in this game, Car puts his thingy in me" Jenn said looking at La Tona.

"That's not a game. You want to have sex" La Tona said, terrified as she started to get up. I grabbed her arm and easily pulled her back down. Jenn was looking at me.

"How do you's know about sex?" I asked, now feeling sorry for her because of how she acted.

"I'm not supposed to say," La Tona said softly. I look at her, worried. She must have seen or sensed that I was worried about her. "My uncle tried to do that to me, but Daddy caught him," La Tona said.

"What did your dad do?" I asked. Her father was a big man.

"He beat him so bad he was hospitalized. Later my uncle got sent to jail" La Tona said, shaking now.

"That's OK. You's don't have to do anything you's don't want to" I said softly as I hugged her. Jenn looked at me, shocked.

"I don't?" she cried, looking into my eyes.

"No, I would never make you's do anything you don't want" I said softly. Jenn looked at me, puzzled.

"You won't?" La Tona said with a smile.

"Never. You's can play with Jenn or go home, whatever you's want" I said. Jenn started to say something, but I stopped her.

"I want to" La Tona said, smiling at me.

"You's want to what? Go home?" I asked.

"No, have sex with you" La Tona said. This shocked and confused me as well as Jenn.

"I thought you's were afraid…" I said.

"I am, but the first time I saw you, you made me feel all funny inside" La Tona said, looking confused.

"I felt something when I saw you's as well" I said.

Jenn, who had been watching us and was quite confused, had this puzzled look on her face. Then she looked at us wide-eyed, got up, and headed for the door.

"Don't you's want to join in?" I asked. La Tona looked confused.

"Naw, you'ens need to be alone for this," Jenn said with a smile. I looked at her, confused. Jenn just smiled bigger. "Trust me, Uncle Car, you's will know why" Jenn said as she left and closed the door.

La Tona and I looked at each other, confused. She smiled and undressed, so I joined her. The sight of her young, hairless pussy made my cock grow even more. La Tona smiled at it as she got into bed and lay down. I lay beside her, and kissed her lips.

"Are you's sure?" I asked, not wanting to force or trick her in any way, which was confusing the hell out of me.

"I'm sure" La Tona said as she kissed me back. I kissed her again and smelled Jasmine.

"That's a pretty smell what is it" I asked, taking a sniff.

"It's my shampoo. It's Jasmine and wild flowers," La Tona said with a smile.

"A pretty smell for a pretty girl" I said. As I kissed her shoulder, I realized how soft her skin was and I planted kisses on her shoulders and then her chest. I licked her tiny nipple, and she let out a soft moan. Then I sucked on it. I switched nipples, and then I kissed down her stomach to her belly. I kissed all over her belly. She has an "outie" and she gasped when I licked and sucked it. She moaned, but said nothing.

I then spread her legs and kissed down each leg and back up. I looked up at her and she smiled back at me as I licked her pussy. She took a deep breath, held it a second, and then released it. A low moan came from her as I spread her pussy lips and inserted my tongue.

I felt her body shake with pleasure as I slowly licked her pussy. I then sucked on the right pussy lip and she gasped and wrapped her little legs around me. I sucked on her left pussy lip and she gasped again and tightened her leg-lock a little. I sucked on her clit and she moaned deeply. When I stuck my tongue up her little pussy, she tightened her leg-lock, lifted her ass, and shoved her pussy tighter against my face. I started rubbing her pussy as I ate her out, and with my other hand I rubbed my thumb over her asshole. Her moans were more frequent now, and she placed her hands on my head and pulled herself even tighter to my face. Her body started to quiver, and her muscles tightened.

"Oh Lord," La Tona yelled as her body stiffened and then relaxed. I licked a few more seconds and then looked up at her. She had this glow about her as I smiled at her as I brought her to her first orgasm. I slid up and kissed her lips.

"I'm going to fuck you's now," I whispered, as I noticed her body was warm to the touch now, and not cool like when we started. I slowly pressed my cock into her little pussy.

"Uhhh" La Tona gasped as the head of my cock entered her.

We kissed as I slowly pushed more of my cock into her. With each push she gasped, but never asked me to stop. I slid my cock into her until I felt her hymen. I slowly pulled my cock out, then back in until I hit her hymen again. I did this several times, and each time she moaned and squeezed me harder with her pussy. Her arms were wrapped around my neck as I slowly fucked her. The last time I reached her hymen I stopped.

"This will hurt some. I'm sorry" I said as I kissed her. I looked into her eyes and saw lust.

"That's OK," she smiled as she kissed me deeply.

I pushed my cock until I ripped her hymen. She let out a loud moan, but never screamed as I felt her pussy grip my cock. I felt her blood run down my shaft, and I pulled my cock out and pushed it back in. As I picked up the pace, she moaned more with each thrust. I could feel the cum building in my balls as I heard them slap against her body. I realized that I had all 8" buried in her, and as I kept fucking her I felt it rise up my shaft.

"Oh my gawd, I love you's" I screamed as I buried all 8" inside her and erupted, emptying all my cum into her young pussy.

"God I love you" La Tona screamed through her moans as her body once again shook and she reached another orgasm.

I let my cock finish emptying into her and then pulled my blood and cum-covered cock from her with a pop. La Tona was looking at the ceiling with a smile on her face as I rolled onto my back and looked up, breathing heavily. The smell of cum, blood, and sweat filled my nose.

"Gawd, that was the best I ever had" I panted, as Jenn opened the door and walked in.

"I never felt anything like that. It was like I was outside my body," La Tona panted as she turned her head towards me and we kissed.

"Was the sex good?" Jenn asked, looking at us.

"Oh yes! So that's sex," La Tona said, smiling.

"It was great, the best I ever had, but it wasn't sex" I said as I propped myself up on an elbow.

"What?" La Tona and Jenny said. La Tona started to cry.

I kissed her tears away and pulled her close to me. "La Tona, I didn't have sex with you's" I said softly. "I...I...made love to you's" I said as I kissed her passionately, then broke the kiss.

"Love to me?" La Tona said, confused.

"I love you's, La Tona. I know you're 5, but I love you's. I never felt this way about anyone" I said as I looked at Jenn sadly. Jenn looked at me, and then at La Tona.

"All I know is I feel so different when I see you, and what we did felt like I was in heaven" La Tona said with a smile.

"I knews it! I knews it" Jenn yelled as she slapped her leg.

"You's knew what?" I asked Jenn.

"That's you's loved her" Jenn said with a big smile. La Tona was looking at her, dumbfounded.

"And how did you's know this" I asked.

"You's looks at her the same way Ma and Pa looked at each other" Jenn said as she sat down in the chair.

"You's remember your Pa?" I asked shocked as I rubbed La Tona's shoulder.

"Of course I remember Pa. I was 4 when he died, but I remember him" Jenn said, and then she described her Pa in detail, what he looked like and how he always smelled like the stove.

"That was the coal dust on him" I laughed. "You's remember all that?" I said.

"Yes'm I do," Jenn said as tears started running down her face, and then she ran and jumped into bed, buried her face on my chest and cried. "I miss Pa so much, uncle Car." I placed my hand on her head and stroked her hair.

"I miss him too, sweetie" I said. La Tona watched all this, and started crying.

"I'm sorry you lost your dad Jenn" La Tona cried, Jenn sniffed and looked at La Tona.

"Thanks" Jenn said.

"You's OK?" I asked still stroking her hair.

"I'z OK" Jenn said as she started rubbing my cock.

"Jenn" La Tona said. Jenn looked at her. "Can I...can I eat your pussy?" La Tona asked as she hanged her head. I lifted her head back up so she could see Jenn removing her panties and spreading her legs.

La Tona climbed over me and got between Jenn's legs. She looked at Jenn's pussy, and I made her turn around and reposition so Jenn could eat her pussy.

"I don't know how" La Tona said softly.

As I started stroking my cock, I explained to La Tona what to do. Jenn started eating La Tona's pussy as I explained, and soon La Tona was eating Jenn's pussy on her own. I kept jacking off while watching them 69 and soon I felt the cum building up.

Jenn told La Tona to take my cock in her mouth, and La Tona looked at me. I mouthed, "It's up to you," and La Tona took part, then half, and then all and never choked on it. Jenn told her to move her head up and down on it and suck it like a popsicle. La Tona did, and each time she deep-throated me. On the last deep-throat I held her down on my cock.

"Ahhh Gawad" I moaned as I came in La Tona's mouth. She started swallowing and swallowed every drop. When I released her she pulled her head back up, stopped, and sucked the head of my cock like a baby bottle. She got the last of my cum out, and then released my shrunken cock and smiled at me.

"Oh my Gawad! How the hell did you's get that all down your throat?" Jenn asked.

"Did I do it wrong?" La Tona asked.

"No" I said. "It's just not too many people can get all 8" down their throat without gagging" I said as I pulled La Tona up and kissed her.

For the next couple of hours, all three of us had sex. Then before La Tona went home we made love again. I kissed her and told her, "I see you's tomorrow."

La Tona smiles and said, "Every day. You're my man now," La Tona looked at Jenn.

"We'll share him, but he's mine" La Tona said.

"That's fine, besides I like Jimmy" Jenn said with a smile.

La Tona kissed Jenn. "You go, girl!" The she grabbed Jenn's ass, saying "I bet he has fun fucking this." Then La Tona left and closed the door.

"I think you's made a monster, Uncle Car" Jenn said.

"I think so" I said as I grabbed her ass. "Fucking this would be fun" I said as I pulled Jenn close. "Well?" I said.

"Sounds fun," Jenn said as I released her. She dropped her pants and got on her knees. "I want you's to take me right here" Jenn said. I pulled my pants down and put my cock up her ass.

"Your ass is used to this now" I said as I started fucking her.

"I know. I wonder what La Tona's Dad's cock is like" Jenn asked.

"You'll have to find out," I said as I kept fucking her.

"Maybe I'll get La Tona to help me find out" Jenn laughed as we kept fucking.

Part 5
Well the Fourth of July came and went, then July flew by, and as it grew nearer to time to take Jenn home I was upset, as I had not gotten to play with the twins, Mandy and Mindy (age 8), or Zack (age 9). I had been having fun with Jenn, Jim, Tina, and La Tona, and then two weeks before Jenn went home, the twins came over.

"Uncle Car! Uncle Car!" Jenn yelled. I came out to see what she wanted.

"Yes, Jenn?" I said.

"Car, this is Mandy, and this is Mindy" Jenn said as she pointed. The girls looked at each other, and then at Jenn.

"I'm Mandy, she's Mindy. I'm Mindy, she's Mandy" The girls said in unison as they pointed to themselves and then each other. I looked at both girls. They were very pretty - blond hair and baby-blue eyes, and were wearing the same outfit. They looked identical.

"OK, I know who's who now" I said with a smile.

"Oh really?" they said in unison.

"Yes" I said as I thought, "I bet they fuck each other."

"Turn around" they said. I did as they said and they moved around for several seconds. "OK." I turned back around and look at them.

"Mandy" I said as I pointed.

"How can you tell?" they said. I smiled and place my fingerer on Mandy's nose.

"You's got freckles, right through here" I said as I rubbed where Mandy's freckles were.

"We don't have freckles," they said. I started laughing, and led them to the full-length mirror.

"See?" I said as I pointed.

They looked in the mirror and then at each other.

"I have freckles, you have freckles" they said, shocked. I looked at them and smiled.

"In any case, you's both very beautiful" I said.

"Thank you" they said. I kept looking at them, as did Jenn.

"What?" they said, looking at us puzzled.

"Do you's always talk in unison?" I asked with a smile.

"Yes" they said. Jenn looked at them. "Is there something wrong with that?" they asked.

"No" I said with a smile. I looked at them and then smiled again. "You's have sex together, don't you's?" I asked. They weren't shocked by my question, but Jenn was.

"Yes" they said, looking at me and then Jenn. "Why?" they asked.

"Well if you's do it together, maybe we can join you's" I said. They look at me and then Jenn.

"Jenn, yes. You know we don't like it with boys" they said. Jenn was shocked, not so much that they have sex as that they would talk about it with us.

"Have you's ever done it with a boy?" I asked, my dick already hard and pushing out my pants. The twins saw this and looked at it.

"No" they said as I started rubbing my cock.

"Then how do you's know?" I asked as I unzipped my pants and freed my cock. Their eyes got big, and Jenn was licking her lips. "Well?" I asked, now stroking my cock.

"That's a good question" they said. Then they jumped when Jenny started rubbing their asses.

"Care to try?" I said as I took their hands and placed them on my cock. They started rubbing it, and they looked up at me.

"Will Jenn come?" they asked, as Jenn was now kissing them both on the backs of their necks. I laughed.

"If you make her" I said with a smile.

Oh, we'll make her, many times" they smiled, and Jenn smiled as well.

I led everyone up to the bedroom, and we all got undressed. The twins were nervous as they looked at us. Their eyes got real big as they saw the size of my cock. Jenn laid Mindy down and started licking her. Mindy moaned, and as I laid Mandy down, Jenn looked at me.

"You's get to bust two cherries" she smiled, and the twins laughed.

"We did that with our tongues to each other" they said smiling as I place my cock against Mandy's pussy.

"Well, I'm your first real cock" I said as I pushed it in. Mandy moaned as I slid it in, and she gripped the bed sheets and let out a little yell.

"You OK, Mandy?" Mindy asked through her moans.

"Yes," Mandy moaned as I pushed it deeper, and then stopped. I looked at Mandy, and Jenn lifted her head and looked at Mindy. "What's wrong?" they asked.

"You're still a virgin" I said, and Jenn said the same about Mindy.

"We can't, we bled and everything. Are you sure?" they asked. I let them know I was sure and so did Jenn.

I then had the twins describe what happened. They described it, and I asked them how long they bled. I was told a couple of days. I could not help it - I laughed. The twins looked at me as did Jenn.

"You's Ragging" I said.

"What?" they and Jenn asked, confused. I pulled my cock from Mandy.

"That special time of the month" I said they still looked confused. "You's started your periods" I said as I walked to my dresser. The twins look at each other.

"We're not old enough to do that" they said, shocked.

"Some girls start at 8, some 10-11, most usually 9" I said as I put on a rubber and walked back to Mandy.

"Really?" they said and I shook my head yes. Mandy looked at my cock.

"Condom. I know you're 8, but you's started your period. No use taking chances" I said as I reinserted my cock into Mandy, and then I slowly fucked her as she moaned.

"Chinches for what?" Jenn asked as she went back to eating Mindy.

"A chance we would get knocked up" the twins moaned, and Jenn stopped again.

"Really?" Jenn said as she went back to licking Mindy.

"Just being safe. Most likely would not happen" I moaned as I fucked Mandy, and Mandy moaned in agreement.

"You're not very good at this" Mindy said as she pulled Jenn from between her legs, put her on the bed, the got between Jenn's legs.

"What you mean noooot" Jenn voice trailed off and she started to moan.

"Eating pussy is an art form" Mandy laughed through her moans. Mindy never removed her head, "and Mindy is the best" Mandy moaned.

"How many girls have you's…" I asked.

"Each other, Tina, some girls from school, oh and our Mom, Mindy's the best" Mandy moaned. Their mom? The sound of that got me hotter.

"You're going to have some pain" I said. Mandy grabbed the sheets as I popped her cherry. Mandy let out a scream when I broke her hymen, and then I picked up the speed.

"Oh Gawd!" Jenn yelled. Her body shook as Mindy made her cum, and she kept licking Jenn as Jenn started moaning again.

"Yessss!" Mandy moaned as she had an orgasm.

"Gawd Yes!" I moaned as I erupted into the condom. I kept fucking Mandy until my balls were empty. I then pulled out of Mandy, who was breathing hard, removed the condom, and moved up to Mandy's mouth.

"Open up" I said. Mandy did and I poured the cum into Mandy's mouth. She swallowed it and I then put my cock in her mouth and taught her how to suck cock.

"Gawd you're good" Jenn yelled as she came again. This time Mindy looked up at me.

"My turn" she said and they traded places.

I put on a new condom and started fucking Mindy while Mandy started licking Jenn. As with Mandy, I took Mindy's cherry, made her cum and filled my condom up. Mindy took it and put it into her mouth, closed it, and when she opened it the condom was clean. She then took my cock in her mouth. Meanwhile Jenn had cum two more times and was just laying there.

"Gawd good at licking pussy, good at sucking cock" I moaned as Mandy joined her. Jenn tried to move, but I reckon she was all tapped out as she just fell asleep. Mindy and Mandy sucked my cock.

"Gawd yes!" I screamed as I sprayed their faces. They turned to each other and licked the cum off their faces while I watched. "You's sure you's never done a boy?" I asked, panting.

"Never" they said, "but we'll do you." As Jenn slept I fucked both girls again, and I showed them anal sex this time. Both girls were turned on by this, and we went at it for a while longer. Then we dressed.

"What happened?" Jenn asked. The girls smiled, as I did.

"You fell asleep after we had you cum 4 times" the twins said as they kissed Jenn. Then they kissed me and said, "Thanks Car."

We all went downstairs and the twins left. I looked at Jenn with a smile.

"Dayum, they can eat cunt" Jenn said as she rubbed herself.

"They get a lot of practice" I said.

We laughed and went to get something to eat. When we came back home, there was a boy coming down our walkway.

"Can I help you's?" I asked, and the boy walked over to the car.

"Hey Zack" Jenn said.

"Hey," he said as he looked at me. "So how about I fuck you?" he said. This caught me off-guard.

"What?" I asked, and Zack smiled.

"How about I fuck you? Even better, both of you" Zack said.

"Sure" I said as I looked Zack over. He had some muscles, but nothing overbearing, black hair, and light-brown eyes. I had him go back up to the house as I put the car away and then I let him in.

"So did you start right away fucking Jenny?" he asked, looking around. "This boy just says what he thinks," I thought to myself.

"No" I said, and he looked at me, then Jenn.

"So you fuck her mom or you just go for kiddy pussy?" he said, smiling at me. By this time, Jenn and I are dumbfounded.

"I never thought Tina, Jim, and La Tona was into sex. Jenny, I new she was going to get you" he said. Jenn and I just stood there. "The major shock is you getting the twins. I have been trying since they were 5 - they always shoot me down" he laughed.

Jenn and I couldn't say anything. We just looked at him. He took hold of my cock, "Wow, this is what, 8- 8½ inches?" he asked as he rubbed it.

"8" I said as I grabbed his cock. "Mmmm" I said. "His cock must be 6 ½-7 inches," I thought to myself, "but thicker than mine." Zack undid his zipper, pulled out his cock, and turned to Jenn.

"Suck it, bitch" he ordered. Jenn got mad and tried to hit him. He grabbed her and shoved her to the floor. "I said suck it, bitch" he said again.

"I…mmmmm" Jenn started to say, but as soon as she opened her mouth he shoved his cock in and Jenn started sucking.

"I would not do that" I said as I pulled my cock out and started stroking it.

"She won't tryyyyyyyyy" Zack's words trail off, as Jenn bit down on his cock, he raised his hand to hit her, and she bit harder. "Dammmmmn youuuu, bitttchhhh" he moaned in pain.

"Never call a hillbilly a bitch, but most important is never let a girl you call that suck your cock" I said as I walked behind him. Zack could only stand there.

"I'll beat your ass" Zack said. Jenn just looked at him and added more pressure. "Ummmp" Zack moaned.

"You keep it up and she may bite it off," I said as I spread his ass. "And never threaten my niece" I said as I rammed my cock up his ass until my balls slapped his ass.

"Fuck!" Zack yelled as he felt his ass being stretched. I pulled back and rammed him again. "Fuck!" he yelled.

"That's what I'm doing," I said as I kept fucking him. Jenn let his cock go and stood up.

Then she punched him in the face. "If you's ever calls me that again, I'll whoop your ass so bad you Ma wont knows you's" Jenn said as she grabbed his cock and squeezed it hard. Zack yelled from the pain of that and my cock slamming his ass. I made Zack lay on the floor and I kept fucking him.

"So you's think you's can come in my house and treat my niece like that?" I moaned. I can feel it building. "You're not too bright for 9, are you?" I moaned. All Zack did was moan.

"Ahhhh!" I screamed as I came in his ass. After my cock shrank I pulled out and rolled Zack over, tears running down his face. Jenn stood over him, and I forced Zack's mouth open.

"Suck this," Jenn said as she started pissing in Zack's mouth. He had no choice but to swallow it, and when Jenn finished she held Zack down. He was surprised at how strong she was.

"Don't forget me" I said as I pissed on him. Jenn forced his mouth open and soon he was drinking my piss.

After he was done, his face was covered in piss, he had cum in his ass, and his cock was now deflated. "Roll over" I said. Zack rolled over. "I'm going to fuck you's again" I said.

"Yes Master" Zack said as I started fucking him. Jenn went and came back with a dildo, and she put it to Zack's mouth. "Yes Mistress" he said as he started sucking it.

I made Jenn trade places with me. "Suck it, and if you's tries anything, you's die" I said as I put my cock to his lips.

"Yes Master" he said as he sucked me. Zack sucked me and Jenn fucked his ass with the dildo. Soon I was cumming in Zack's mouth and he swallowed it all. As I removed my cock, Jenn got on the floor.

"You's like this, don't you's?" I said with a smile.

"Yes I do, Master" he replied.

"Good. Fuck me, slave" Jenn said as she showed her ass.

"Yes, Mistress" he said as he fucked Jenn's ass. I moved around so Jenn could suck my cock. We did this for a while. Zack spent the night and we had more fun.

Part 6
Well soon summer was over, and I took Jenn back home so she would be there in time for school. We talked on the way back to West Virginia.

Jenn wasn't happy at all about going home. She was going to miss all the sex with Tina, Jim, La Tona, the Twins, and Zack. We soon arrived at her house, and as we pulled up Virginia came to the door. Jenn jumped out and ran to her Ma.

"I'm home, Ma" Jenn yelled as she ran to her Ma. "Did you's miss me, Ma?" Jenn asked as she hugged her.

"Of course I missed youse, sweetie" Virginia said as she hugged Jenn.

"How's it going, Sis?" I asked as Jenn went into the house.

"Can't complain" Virginia said with a fake smile as she stood there in her shorts. I felt my cock twitch.

"Man you's look hot" I said as Jenn came back out and sat on the porch swing.

"I iz a bit warm" Virginia said. Jenn started laughing. Virginia turned to her and said, "What's so funny?"

"Ma, he means you's look good" Jenn said with a smile.

"Now that's stupid, why not just say that? And why would you say that anyways? I'm you Sister" Virginia said, confused as I walked up on the porch and hugged her.

"Yes, but you's a woman too" I said as I pulled her close and hugged her. She swallowed as she felt my cock pressing against her.

"What's gotten into you's?" Virginia said as she pushed me away. She looked down and saw the outline of my cock and she quickly went into the house.

"What's the matter, Sis?" I asked, smiling.

"You's crazy. I'm your sister" Virginia said as she turned away from me.

"Ma, you's crazy" Jenn said as she walked over to me. Virginia, heard a zipper and she turned and looked.

"Gawd Jenny, what are you's doing? That's your uncle!" Virginia yelled as she saw Jenn sucking my cock. Virginia just looked.

"That's not all I do to her" I said with a smile. "She ain't no girl anymore" I said as I pulled Jenn up.

"No! No! You's wouldn't, you's wouldn't" Virginia said as she started to cry.

"He would! He Did! All Summer" Jenn smiled as she kissed me.

"You's sick bastard get out of my house" Virginia yelled as she grabbed the phone. I quickly took it from her.

"I'm not done yet" I said as I started removing her clothes.

"Stop! Stop!" Virginia yelled as she tried to fight me. Then she noticed Jenn was also removing her clothes. "What have you's done to my baby?" Virginia cried.

"Nothing Ma" Jenn said as she pulled down her Ma's shorts and panties. Jenn looked at her Ma's cunt. "Mmmm" Jenn moaned as she stuck her tongue in her Ma's cunt.

"Jennnyyyy Stooopppp" Virginia moaned as her daughter's tongue started licking her. "Gawd no" she screamed as I started sucking her nipples.

"Gawd, the twins would eat you good" I said as I kept sucking her nipples.

"Twins?" Virginia moaned.

"Yeah, they're 8 and blond they eat pussy real good. They got me off 4 times while we did it" Jenn said as she licked her Ma's cunt.

"You's have sex with kids?" Virginia moaned.

"Just Jenn, the Twins, Tina who's 8, Jimmy her brother, he's 7, Zack, he's 9, and La Tona. Oh, La Tona, she is 5 and my favorite one" I said as I started lowering Virginia to the floor.

"He loves La Tona, Ma. She a black girl and man does she taste good" Jenn said as she moved. I laid Virginia on the floor.

"You're… you're… you're… Siiiccckkk" Virginia moaned as I shoved my cock up her cunt. "Oh gawd! Oh gawd! Fuck me" Virginia moaned. Jenn quickly undressed and then sat on her Ma's face. Virginia started eating her daughter's cunt.

"That's right, Ma, lick that cunt. Make me cum" Jenn moaned.

Virginia moaned as I fucked her, and I slowly picked up speed. Soon Virginia was moving her hips with me. Jenn turned around so she could watch me fuck her ma.

"Gawd yessss" I moaned as I came in Virginia's cunt. The sight of this made Jenny cum on her Ma's face. I pulled my cock from Virginia's cunt and turned her over. My cock was still hard and I pushed it up Virginia's ass.

"Gawd yes, oh fuck me, fuck my ass!" Virginia moaned. Jenny slid down and started sucking my cum from her ma cunt.

"I see were you's gets it from, Jenn" I moaned as I fucked Virginia's ass.

"I knew I had to get loving it up the ass from someone" Jenn laughed as she sucked her ma's cunt.

I fucked Virginia's ass until I blew a load up her. Jenn had sucked all my cum from her ma's cunt and started sucking my cock when I removed it from her ma's ass. It didn't take long for Jenn to get it hard again.

"Fuck Jenn's ass. I want to see you's fuck her ass" Virginia said. Jenn stopped sucking me and looked at her ma.

"I can do that anytime, why should I?" I asked, sucking on Virginia's nipples.

"I do whatever you's want" Virginia cried.

"Move in with me, you's and Jenn" I said as I kissed her. Jenn had started sucking my cock again.

"Can I watch you's fuck those kids?" Virginia asked, now rubbing her cunt.

"No, not for just moving in" I said as I look at Virginia.

"I'll do anything you's want, anything" Virginia said in a low voice. I hugged her and whispered in her ear.

"Have my baby" I said. Virginia turned her head, looked, and smiled.

"Yes I will" she said. Jenn stopped and looked at us.

"You's going to give me a baby brother or sister?" she asked as she moved up and hugged her ma and me.

"Yes" I said as I kissed Jenn.

"Well, you's better refill her. I done sucked all that out" Jenn said with a smile.

"But I want to see him fuck you's" Virginia said.

"Ma, you's will see plenty of that and back at Car's my friends are going to do you's as well, so get started" Jenn said as she stood up and sat down to watch TV.

I took Virginia into her room and fucked her several times that day and for the next couple of days. We loaded their stuff, notified Jenn's school, and they moved in. Dayum, life's been great ever since.

Now beyond this point you may not want to read, but as this ends my niece spends the Summer. I thought I would let you know what happened to everyone.

Jenn and Jimmy Got married in 1962. Well I should say, Mom and Dad. My sisters were born in '64, '65, '67, and '68, and I came in '66. Mom died in 2005 and Dad died in 2002.

Uncle Car married La Tona - Aunt Ton as we call her - in 1963, just after she turned 18. They had 2 girls in '65 and '67, and a son in '68. Uncle Car died in 2000, and Aunt Ton died in '98.

Keyash, La Tona's sister was brought in when she reached 5, and she gave my dad a daughter in '72 and Car one in '74. She got married in '76 and they lived in California. Her husband has the best job - he's a 2nd grade teacher.

Grandma Virginia had two boys by her brother Car in 1950, 54, and a girl in '58. Grandma died 1980 of cancer.

Tina went to college out west has never been seen again.

The twins, well in 1958 Mandy was killed during a robbery of a corner grocery store. Mindy was never the same and on the one-year anniversary she lay down by Mandy's grave, put a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

Zack died in Vietnam at 23.

I loved all the tales Uncle Car would tell me while we fucked. There were other kids and adults, but these 8 were special in Uncle Car's life, and I passed these on to the little ones. I got a lot of nieces and nephews to fuck - over 30. Damn life was good, or as Uncle Car would say, "Dayum, life is good."