My Job

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I have the greatest job in the world; I'm a Child Social Worker! Why is this the greatest job? Well, I like fucking kids, whether they're girls or boys doesn't matter, and being that most of my cases are with mothers who are addicted to drugs, getting them to let me fuck their kids is easy when I threaten to have Child Services take them away.

Now I wasn't always this way. I used to hate reading about people who sexually molested kids. But things changed, I started working for Child Services in 1980.

My first assignment was a single mother who was hooked on coke. I arrived at her place and she was totally wasted. When she invited me in, I got the shock of my life. There was a man fucking her 2-year-old daughter while another man was having his cock sucked by her 5-year-old son. Well, I notified the cops and they were arrested and sent to jail, and the kids were sent to a home.

I kept reporting them and watching as they were arrested and the kids sent to homes. Now this wasn't just young kids, they ranged in ages from babies to a 14-year-old girl, whose mother was breeding her so she could claim the kids and get more aid, which she used to by more drugs.

It was 1985 when my world changed, and I have been fucking kids ever since. I went to check on a new case of mine - a single black mother who was raising a 6-year-old daughter. I arrived at the apartment and knocked on the door.

From behind the door I heard, "Go away, we don't want none!" a little girl's voice said as I quickly looked at the case.

"Child Services. Open up, Ebony" I told her in a low voice as I looked at the door.

"No, go away" she yelled back.

"Fine. I'll just call the cops, then" I said. Just then, the door opened a little and I showed her my ID. She started to close the door. "I'll be back with the cops," I said as I turned.

"Please don't," I heard her say as I looked back and she had opened the door. I went in, and as I looked around the place was a mess.

I saw her mom passed out on the bed naked. I look at this apartment and noticed there was only one bedroom and one bed. "Where do you sleep?" I asked her. She was quite beautiful with her light skin and was wearing a t-shirt and nothing else.

"With my mom," she said. I walked over to the bed and looked at her mom. She was beautiful herself - her skin was a little darker than her daughter's and she was shaven. I moved back to where Ebony was and started writing things down.

"Who the hell are you?" I heard the woman yell. I turned to see her sitting up in bed. She didn't even try to cover herself. She sat there naked, looking at me. She had nice big breasts, and her hair was all messed up.

"Well?" she yelled again.

"Child Services" I replied as I wrote more things down. The woman wrapped herself up in her sheet. Some needles fell to the floor, and I just shook my head.

"Please, I just had a small relapse" she said in a voice that let me know she was still slightly high.

"I'm afraid we'll have to take Ebony. This is not a safe place for her," I said.

The woman and Ebony start crying, "No, not my baby! You can't take my baby!" She looked at me for a second. "I'll do anything you want," she begged me.

"Please don't take me from my mommy," Ebony begged.

"There's nothing I can do" I said. I was feeling heartbroken for Ebony as she stood there, tears running down her face.

She just kept bawling and saying the same thing over and over, "Please don't take me from my mommy."

"Please, I'll have sex with if you want" the woman begged. I look at her like she'd just lost what few brains she had.

"I'm not having sex with you, and you are losing your daughter" I said as I turned to go.

I stopped in my tracks when Ebony wrapped her arms around me and cried, "Please, tell Mommy how to fix this. I don't want to lose my mommy!" she cried into my back.

At this moment I felt my cock grow. "Oh god, I'm turned on by Ebony" I thought to myself as I pulled her off me. "There's nothing I can do" I said to her as I looked into her brown eyes and noticed that I could see through her shirt. I closed my eyes, turned toward her mother, and took a deep breath.

"Let me fuck Ebony and I'll fix this" I said quietly. It was like someone else was talking.

"What! You're fucking nuts!" the woman yelled. Ebony was just staring at me.

"I fuck her, she stays! I don't, she gets put in a home!" I said with authority as I shifted my gaze to Ebony.

"You're sick, she's a child" the woman yelled.

Ebony was crying as I placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's this or you go in a home," I said to her.

"Get out! Get out of my house!" the woman yelled. Ebony sniffed a few times and wiped her nose with her shirt.

"I offered you a way to keep her. Guess you don't want her," I said as I turned and started for the door.

"I'm not letting you fuck my baby," the woman said angrily. I just shrugged as I headed for the door. Ebony took my hand, and I stopped and looked at her.

"Will it hurt?" Ebony asked me.

Her mother gasped, "Ebony!" in shock of what her daughter had just asked me. I lifted Ebony's head up and look in her sweet eyes. "Just a little, but it won't hurt bad," I said.

"No way in hell! Get away from my daughter!" the woman yelled.

I took Ebony's hand and kissed it. "See? Your mother doesn't want you," I said softly to Ebony.

She looked at her mother, "You don't want me?" she said, her voice cracking.

Her mother clasped her hands over mouth. "Of course I want you, baby. You have no idea what he wants to do to you," she said.

I pulled out my cock. Ebony's eyes got wide as she looked at it. I reached under her shirt and touched her sweet little mound. I placed her hand on my cock. "I'm going to put this in here," I said as I rubbed her mound.

Her mom stood there, shocked, as I pulled Ebony in close to me. "Your mom knows this is the only way. She won't admit it, but she wants to eat my cream from you." I whispered in her ear.

Ebony looked at me, confused. "Cream?" she asked. I nodded yes, and she looked at her mother. "You want to eat his cream from my pee hole?" she asked her mom so innocently.

Her mother looked at my cock, shook her head no, and then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Yes! Yes! I want to eat his cream from you!" she moaned as she dropped the sheet covering her and started rubbing her pussy.

I led Ebony by her hand to the bed and removed her shirt. She was so beautiful with her light skin, almost coffee-cream in color, and her two little brown nipples. As I lay her on the bed, I looked at her. Laid out there, she was beautiful - everything about her, from her cute nose and her lovely smile down to her cute toes.

I undressed and Ebony watched and smiled at me. Her mom sat down on a chair that she had brought over and watched as I got into bed with her daughter. I lifted her leg and she giggled as I sucked on her toes. Then I switched to the other foot and did the same, and then I kissed her down her leg, placed a soft kiss in the bend of her knee, which made Ebony take a deep breath, and then kissed down to her mound and repeated with the other leg.

I smiled at her as I gently spread her legs, and then let my tongue explore her pussy. As I tenderly licked her, "Uuuhhh, Mommy!" she moaned as I found and sucked on her little clit. Using my tongue, I got her nice and wet.

"Uuuhhhh" she gasped and held her breath as I penetrated her forbidden fruit. I stopped and kissed her tenderly on her lips, and then inserted more of my manhood into her. Again she gasped.

I kissed her again and looked into her eyes. "This will hurt a little" I said softly.

She kissed me back and smiled at me. "Will I be yours?" she sweetly asked me.

"Always," I said with a smile as I deflowered her.

Ebony closed her eyes, took a deep breath, pulled her lips in, and held it as her body tightened and then relaxed as I took her innocence. She opened her eyes and let out a soft sigh.

"Wasn't bad, was it?" I asked. She smiled and shook her head no, and then I noticed the look in her eyes. It wasn't fear, or the look of desperation, it was something I never believed I would see in a 6-year-old's eyes - Lust.

She leaned up and kissed me, holding onto me tightly. It was like a woman talking when she said her in little voice, "I'm yours." She buried her face in my chest and moaned, "I'll always be yours" as I began fucking her.

I kissed her and moaned, "Always" as I started fucking her faster.

"Mmmmmm" she moaned with each thrust as she kissed my chest. Then the feeling of her moist mouth sucking on my nipple was more than I could take.

I cradled her gently as I let out a long, drawn-out moan and then filled her pussy with my cream. She tightened her grip as her body tightened and then relaxed and she let out a long, soft sigh as she had her first orgasm. It was like we were all alone. I could only see and feel her, and was snapped back from this blessing when I heard her mom scream as she had an orgasm from fingering herself.

I rolled over on my back, my cock still deep in Ebony's pussy. She opened her eyes and as she saw her mom getting into bed, in a soft voice she said, "Don't touch my man." Then Ebony fell asleep with a smile on her face.

"What about me?" the mother asked as I lay Ebony beside me. I pointed to my cock, and she took my messy cock in her mouth and sucked it. "I'll see to it you don't lose Ebony," I moaned as I smiled at the mother.