The Incest Family

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I lay in my bed crying as I hear my husband in the next room with his 6-year-old daughter. I had fallen and severely broken both legs, and was unable to do anything.

"That's it baby, suck Daddy's cock" my Husband moaned. "You suck better than that slut of a mother of yours" he said.

"Thank you, Daddy" I heard Beth Ann say. "I know Mommy can't please you like I can."

"No she can't" he moaned. "Daddy wants to fuck you now."

"Yes, Daddy! It's so good, Daddy" she moaned as I heard the bed squeak. "Harder, Daddy! Harder, Daddy!" she moaned as the bed squeaked louder.

"Baby, you're better than your mom" he moaned.

"Fill my pussy, Daddy. Fill it full of your baby-milk" she moaned loudly.

"Yes! Yes! Here it comes" he moaned, and the bed stopped squeaking.

"Fill me, Daddy! Fill me!" she moaned, and then they quit.

"Baby, I got to go to work" he said as I heard her door open and a few seconds later he left for work.

"Daddy don't need you, he has me" Beth Ann said as she entered my room. "Don't worry, Mommy. I still need you" she said as she climbed into bed and sat on my face. "Eat. You know you like the taste of your husband's cum from his daughter's pussy. Now eat!" she commanded. I wanted to refuse, but I did as I was ordered and ate his cum from her pussy.

Once I had cleaned her, she left. A little while later, she returned with a big smile on her face.

"Mommy, this Jimmy" she said as Jimmy stepped forward.

"Hello, Mrs. Johnson" Jimmy said as he undressed. Jimmy looked about 15, but Beth Ann said he was 12.

"No, Baby. Please, no" I begged as Jimmy climbed into bed with me.

"Go ahead Jimmy, Mommy just loves boy-cock" she said.

"God no!" I screamed as Jimmy's cock entered my pussy. He started fucking me and sucked on my breast. "No! Stop! No!" I yelled. Beth Ann just watched the whole thing.

"Are sure she can have kids?" Jimmy asked. I quickly looked at Beth Ann with tears running down my face.

"Mommy is only 22, so she still can have kids, Daddy says" she told him. "But no guarantees. Just that Mommy won't have another cock for a month to see if your seed planted" she said. Then she smiled at me. "Jimmy's daddy paid $200 for Jimmy to try and breed you" she said.

"Wwwwhhhy Beeetttthh Beth Aaaannn? Beth Ann?" I moaned as Jimmy fucked me.

"Because that's all you're good for is breeding! Daddy don't need you, he has me" she laughed.

"Yeeeessss!" Jimmy screamed as I felt his seed fill my womb. Load after load filled me, and then Jimmy got down and started to dress.

"Not so fast, Jimmy" she yelled as she led Jimmy up by my head. "Suck him clean, bitch!" she ordered. I turned my head and sucked him clean. When I finished, Jimmy got dressed and left.

"Now we'll wait and see" she laughed as she leaned into me. "I hope so. I got three men lined up who'll pay $500 to fuck you while you're pregnant, and one who'll pay $1,000 to fuck you then and watch his daughter eat his cum from you" she said with a smile.

"You're evil, Beth Ann" I cried as my father entered the room.

"There's Granddaddy's cocksucker" my father said as Beth Ann smiled as she turned and unzipped his pants, and then began sucking his cock.

"No, Daddy! How could you?" I cried out as I watched, and then Daddy pulled out some money.

"Pappy, you don't have to pay" she said, and then returned to suck his cock.

"I know, sweetie. This is for my turn to breed with her" Daddy said with a smile.

"$1000 Pappy? It's only $500" she smiled as she stroked his cock.

"I know, sweetie. The $1,000 is for two loads" Daddy said as Beth started sucking him again. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! My Daddy wants to impregnate me. "Here comes, sweetie" Daddy moaned as he came in Beth's mouth. She swallowed every drop.

"Delicious, Pappy" she said as she licked his cock clean. "I'll mark you down. Now, if Jimmy's seed takes it will be 11 months. We need the slut to recover" she said. Daddy just smiled as he put his cock back into his pants.

"Oh, hi Dad" my husband said as he entered the room.

"Hey, Sonny" Daddy said.

"Look, Daddy! Pappy wants to breed Mommy" Beth said as she showed him the $1,000.

"You horny old man" my husband laughed. "Three kids by Tina not enough?" he asked.

"My nieces and nephew are my brother and sisters?" I asked, shocked.

"Tina's been giving me kids since she was 16" Daddy said. My husband and Beth just smiled.

"But Mom has had three kids as well. You have been fucking both?" I yelled.

"Girl, I ain't fucked your mom in years. Those are your brother's kids" Daddy laughed.

"God No! No!" I screamed as I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"The moment I'm old enough, I'm giving Daddy a child, then Pappy, then Uncle Tommy" Beth said with a smile.

"Come on, Baby. Daddy needs some fucking time" my husband said as he and Beth left.

"Get used to it, 'cause you're giving me a child. I'm hoping Jimmy's seed doesn't take." Daddy said with a smile. "I rather it was by me, plus I get 10% of the money from all the men who fuck you while you're knocked-up!" Daddy laughed. "And I rather have it than Jimmy. Speaking of Jimmy, time to go get some boy-pussy" Daddy laughed and left.

I spent the night listening to my husband and daughter having sex. Sometime during the night I cried myself to sleep. I woke up in the morning to a voice saying, "Wake up, sleepy head. Wake up!" I opened my eyes to see Tina.

"Tina, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing. Mom's got the kids. I'm just here to eat that pussy" and with that Tina started eating my pussy.

"No Stop! Stop!' I begged, but Tina kept licking me. Then it was like I was someone else as I placed my hands on Tina's head while she ate my pussy. "God yes! Oh god, yes!" I moaned.

"I knew you like it. I have been eating Mom's pussy for years" Tina said as she went back to eating my pussy. Her tongue went deep in my pussy, and then she sucked on my clit.

"Mmmmm" I moaned. She then sucked on my lips and inserted two fingers in my pussy and fucked me.

"Say it. Say it, sis" Tina ordered as she fucked me.

"God, I want your pussy!" I could not believe I just said that, but Tina lowered her pussy onto my face and we 69ed. I devoured Tina's pussy. I had gotten good at it from eating my husband's cum from Beth's pussy. "YES!" I screamed as I had an orgasm as I finished eating Tina's pussy.

"YES! YES!" she screamed as I drank her nectar. When we finished, Tina came up and kissed me. "So, sis?" she asked.

"I hope Jimmy didn't knock me up. I want Daddy to do that" I said as I kissed Tina. "Thank you, can watch the kids tomorrow? I want to eat Mom's pussy" I smiled.

Beth entered the room and looked shocked to see Tina. "Aunt Tina" Beth said.

"Young lady!" I yelled. Beth jumped and looked at me. "Eat my pussy, then Aunt Tina's!" I ordered. Beth looked at me, but with the tone I used she quickly started eating my pussy. When I had an orgasm, Beth licked it up and then switched to Tina's pussy. Tina fed Beth her juices.

Things were just beginning. "Oh Beth, Mommy needs some pussy. Come here."