The Hoovers Keyash's Initiation

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Winter came and went, and soon it was May 25th - Keyash's birthday. Keyash was having a birthday party that night. I was giving her present to her early. Later that day, there was some troubling news.

Keyash and I were in my room. As we undressed and she climbed into bed I asked, "Are you sure you want this?"

"Yes, Mr. Hoover" she said and I looked at her. "I mean Car" she corrected herself.

"That's better" I said as I kissed her.

"Wow" she said as she looked at my hard cock.

"Iz well be genital with youse" I said with a smile.

"Do all boys' thingy get that big?" she asked as she wrapped her little hand around it.

Keyash is quite beautiful, with her coffee-cream skin, but she's smaller than La Tona was at 5, so I was a little nervous about fucking her. I didn't want to hurt her, 8 inches for that little body!

"No sweetie, some are smaller and some are bigger" I said as I sucked her little nipple and rubbed her pussy.

"Mmmm" she moaned, I moved down and spread her legs.

"So nice," I said as I started licking her pussy. I spread her pussy lips and licked her, then I flicked my tongue over her little clit before I sucked on it.

"Mmmm, you do this better than sis and Jen" she moaned.

"I have been doing it longer" I moaned as I stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy and clamped my mouth over her pussy.

I worked my tongue around and hit the right wall, then the left, then the bottom, and when I hit the top, she moaned, "Mmmm…" Her eyes were closed tightly as she gripped the bed.

"There it is," I said after I licked it for a few seconds.

"There's what?" she moaned. "They never did that" she moaned.

"Your G-spot" I said as I licked and sucked her pussy.

"G-spot?" she asked.

"Yes'm" I said as I inserted my finger. "It's where you get the best feeling" I said as I touched it with my finger

"Uhhhh" she moaned as I went back to eating her out. I got her all nice and wet, and then stopped and slid up to her, inserting my cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhh… Ohhhhh" she moaned as my cock head was swallowed by her pussy.

"Eeemmmm" she made a noise and then closed her eyes tightly and made a face. I stopped pushing.

"Youse want me to stop?" I asked as I kissed her.

"Uhhhh," she moaned as she shook her head no. I pushed more until I touched her hymen. "Ohhhhhh" she moaned, and then I pulled back out and slowly fucked her. Her pussy soon loosened some more, making it a little easier to fuck her.

"Youse going to have some pain, but it won't last. Do youse want me to stop?" I moaned as I slowly fucked her.

"Mmmmm…" she moaned and shook her head no. On the next thrust I pushed hard, and then harder.

"It hurt! It hurts!" she yelled, as I pulled back and pushed again with no luck.

"I'm so sorry, Keyash. Forgive me" I said as I kissed her. I pulled back, and then with all my might rammed my cock through her hymen.

"God it hurts… it hurts!" she screamed as she held onto me tightly. Her grip loosened and she let out a deep moan. I pulled back out, leaving the head in. My cock was covered in blood as I started fucking her faster now.

"Keyash!" La Tona yelled as she started for my room. Virginia grabbed her.

"Honey, some gals you just push some you'd got to ram through" Virginia said as she held La Tona.

La Tona turned toward Virginia. "She sounds like she's dying" La Tona said as she cried into Virginia's chest. Virginia comforted her and let her know that I would never hurt Keyash.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't want it to be like that, but youse waz so dayum hard to pop" I moaned.

"I know you weren't trying to hurt me," she said with tears in her eyes, which I softly kissed away.

"Youse OK?" I asked, concerned.

"Yeeessss" she moaned as she kissed me and was now moving her hips with me. She let out a loud moan and closed her eyes tightly. Her body tensed up and then released, and she let out the sweetest moan as her body went limp and she had her first orgasm.

"Uhhhh… Ahhhhh" I moaned as I sent shot after shot of hot sperm into her tiny pussy. My cock paused as her little pussy milked it dry, and I then removed my limp cock and rolled onto my back.

"Is there something wrong with me?" she asked as she lay her head on my chest.

"No baby, some gals youse got to, well… just ram it in to pop their cherry. There's nothing wrong with youse" I panted as I held her and rubbed her shoulder.

"I was worried. It hurt so bad, and sis said she hardly felt anything, like Jen" she said, looking at me sadly.

"And I'm sorry youse had to have that much pain," I said as a tear rolled down my face.

"Don't cry Car, I'm OK" she said as she softly kissed my tear away.

"Happy Birthday" I said. Keyash smiled and hugged me, and just then the door opened.

"Keyash! Keyash!" La Tona yelled as she ran to her and hugged her. "I thought you were dying," La Tona cried.

"I'm OK, sis" Keyash said as she hugged La Tona back. "I just harder to pop than you" Keyash said, smiling now.

"What are you smiling at, Keyash?" La Tona asked as she pulled away.

"Car had to work to get my cherry. You were easy" Keyash said, laughing.

"I should smack you senseless for scaring me like that" La Tona said with an attitude. I grabbed La Tona, pulled her onto me, and kissed her.

"Youse know I would never hurt her. She wanted to keep going" I said.

"Yeah," Keaysh replied with an attitude, and gave La Tona a mean look. La Tona returned the look.

"Girls…" I said, and they both hugged me.

"We're sorry" they said.

"I want you to do my butt now" Keyash said as she slapped her ass.

"Another day Keyash, youse need to rest up. Youse think that was painful, youse haven't felt nothing yet" I said as I rubbed her brown spot.

"It's going to hurt that bad?" Keyash asked. La Tona looked at me, fighting back tears.

"I'm afraid so. Youse hole is so tiny. So let's get youse recovered from this, OK?" I said.

"You can't do it then" La Tona yelled.

"Hey, if I want my butt done, I'm getting it done" Keyash said as she stood up and stomped her foot.

"Honey, if she wants it, but the moment she tells me to stop, I'll stop" I said as I hugged La Tona.

"I'm afeared she'll keep going, even if it hurts too much" La Tona said.

"Not to worry. If I can't do it because I'm hurting her too bad, there's always Zack or Jimmy" I said.

"Maybe I should get one of them. You're big" Keayash said, rubbing her ass now that she thought about my cock going in there.

"That's probably a good idea, and once your ass is used to it, I can do you" I said with a smile. Keyash smiled back.

"You don't love her, do you?" La Tona said sadly.

"Of course I do. I love all youse kids, but I want to marry you and only you, La Tona" I said as I kissed her. She hugged me. Keyash made a face at that, and we laughed. Then we got dressed and headed downstairs. As we got to the bottom of the stairs, Carlos and Nadine were entering the house.

"Daddy, Daddy!" Keyash yelled as she ran and jumped into his arms he caught her.

"Keyash honey, you could have at least put back on your underwear" Carlos said as he handed Keyash to Nadine, his hand covered in cum.

"Daddy!" La Tona said as she pulled his hand down and started licking it. He looked at La Tona, and then over to Nadine.

"Naaaddddinneee" he stuttered as he saw Nadine sucking the cum from Keyash's little cunt, and looked down to see me sucking his cock.

"Oh, what the hell" Carlos said. He pulled me off his cock and turned me around. I dropped my pants, and Keyash watched as La Tona moved to Virginia's breast.

"Holy shit," Keyash yelled. Everyone looked at her. "That's fucking huge!" she yelled, her eyes locked on her dad's cock. Carlos and I laughed.

"Keyash, young lady" Nadine yelled as I let out a loud moan. Keyash watched and her eyes got big.

"There's no way the boys are doin' that to me. That's gonna hurt like hell" Keyash said. La Tona was now laughing hysterically.

"Keyash!" Nadine yelled as Carlos and I moaned.

"Keyash baby, youse don't have to have this done. I told youse it would hurt youse" I moaned.

"Good, because I don't like the looks of that" Keyash said, and then she suddenly turned toward her mom. "Daddy puts that in your butt? Are you nuts?" Keyash yelled.

By this time Carlos couldn't fuck me for laughing so hard, La Tona was on the floor holding her sides laughing, and Virginia was smiling.

"Keyash, stop with the fowl mouth, and my ass can handle your dad's cock" Nadine said proudly. As I was pulling my pants up, I looked at Carlos.

"But can she handle both our dicks at the same time?" I asked. Keyash, who was standing on the floor, turned toward her dad and me.

"No fucking way, both dicks in her at one time" Keyash said, shocked. The look on her face made us laugh even more.

"Keyash, who's been teaching this to you?" Nadine yelled. Keyash looked at her and pointed to La Tona.

"Sis and Jenn" she said.

"What have they been teaching you?" Nadine asked with a pause. "Never mind, I don't want to know. One more curse from you and you're grounded!" Nadine said sternly, and then looked at me and Carlos. "Keyash is right about one thing, no fucking way are both those big cocks going in my ass" Nadine said.

"Oh, the reason we're here" Carlos said, laughing. "I have been called back to the Army. I'm a captain now" Carlos said, concerned.

"Let's hope you won't be needed" I said. The girls were looking at him.

"Why, daddy?" they asked.

"To train the new soldiers. I was in the last war. They need people who have combat experience is what they say" Carlos said as the girls hugged him. But both Carols and I have a feeling that war is coming.