The Hoovers

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NOTE TO READERS: The Hoovers is the continuation of the My Niece Spends the Summer, it will show what happened after the Summer was over, and what happens to the others.

Part 1

A few days later I returned home with Jenn and Virginia as they have moved in with me. After what happened this summer I really didn't need them, but the other kids have things to do, and it is lonely coming home to an empty house. I make good money. I'm not rich, but I'm upper middle class. As we pulled into the drive, I saw Jimmy and Zack coming over. As I pulled into the garage, they ran in. "Jenn" Zack yelled. "Jenny" Jimmy yelled as he ran up to her and hugged her. He then gave Jenn a passionate kiss. "He your beau?" Virginia asked, looking at Jimmy, who broke his kiss. Jenn was blushing. Jimmy looked confused as did Zack, and I laughed. "Virginia wanted to know if you're Jenn's boyfriend" I said. Now it was Jimmy's turn to blush. I looked at Jenn, and she looked at Jimmy, then her Ma. "Yes'um he's my beau," Jenn said with a smile as she took Jimmy's hand. Virginia smiled at Jenn. "You's a bit young for that...but after what you's been doing I reckon you's old enough for a beau" Virginia said with a smile. "Where iz my manners, Jimmy? Zack, meet Virginia, my sister" I said. "Virginia, meet Jimmy and Zack, my fuck toys" I said with a smile. Jimmy and Zack smiled at her, and Virginia turned and greeted Jimmy. "Wow," Zack said, as Virginia turned towards him. She saw him just looking at her. "Wow what?" Virginia asked as she walked around to Zack. "Wow I'd like to fuck your ass," Zack said with a smile. Virginia walked up to him and grabbed his cock. "That sounds nice, but I can't. I got to get this car unloaded before we can do anything," Virginia said rubbing Zack's cock through his pants. Jenn nodded her head in agreement. Jimmy kissed Jenn and went to the car. Zack smiled and then ran to the car. "Where you want it at?" the boys asked. "I'll show you'ns" I said. The boys wasted no time in unloading the car, which didn't take long, as all they brought were their clothes. I got everything we needed, and once that was done I took everyone out for dinner. Jimmy laughed because the girls were all out shopping after dinner when we returned home. Virginia took Zack's hand and led him upstairs, and we all followed. "You's didn't think you's was just going to fuck Zack did you's?" I asked Virginia as she was undressing. She looked at us all. "I have never done it with more than one at a time" Virginia said. "We'll show you's" I said as we all undressed. I put Virginia in position and had Jimmy put his cock up her pussy. "Mmm" Virginia moaned. I then lubed her ass and had Zack stick his cock in her ass. "Gawd, that's it" Virginia moaned. I put Jenn where her Ma could lick her pussy and she did. Jenn looked at me, confused, as I walked behind Virginia. "Keep fucking her, but move over," I whispered to Zack. He did what I said, looking at me confused. I smiled and stuck my cock in Sis' ass with Zack's, and Virginia snapped her head up. "Gawd! Oh Gawd!" Virginia screamed as she felt two cocks fucking her ass. Jenn wanted to know what was going on, so she came to see. "Dayum, they's both got their cocks in Ma's ass!" Jenn said as Virginia moaned, along with me, Zack, and Jimmy, as Zack and I slowly fucked Virginia's ass. The feeling of Virginia's ass squeezing my cock and Zack's cock rubbing against my cock in her ass was great, and I started kissing Zack. "I ain't never seen anything like this" Jenn said as she fingered her pussy, and watched Zack and me ass-fuck her Ma. "It's called a D.P. - Double Penetration" I moaned. Jenn watched in amazement. Virginia's moans had gotten heavier, as had mine, Jack's, and Jimmy's. "I wants to have that done to me" Jenn said over the moans. "I'd like to do that" Zack moaned. "Sorry Zack, but it would be Car and Jim" Jenn said as she neared an orgasm from fingering herself. "I understand, Jenn" Zack moaned. "Besides, I got this sweet ass to fuck" Zack moaned. Virginia moaned and her breathing was hard. I knew she was close to an orgasm, and I could feel my balls filling with my milk. As I played with Zack's balls I could feel them getting hotter, so I knew he was about ready to cum. "Hold it back, Zack, hold it back" I moaned. Zack was holding back as his moans got louder. "Gawd!" Virginia yelled as she came. "Jesus!" Jim yelled as he unloaded into Virginia's pussy, with Zack and me still fucking Virginia's ass. We give one final thrust. "Yeeeesssss!" we yelled as we gave Virginia's ass the most intense load we had ever shot. We could feel our cocks rubbing together as they pulsed, sending load after load of cum up her ass. "Oh gawd, they're still cumming in her" Jenn moaned as she came. Zack and I were still filling Virginia's ass. "Gawd, that was great," I moaned as I pulled my deflated cock from Virginia's ass. Zack removed his deflated cock and moaned. "Shit man, I have never blown that much wad before" Zack said as he kissed Virginia in the small of her back. Virginia fell to the bed. "Gawd you'ns cum so much in me, I swear I can taste it" Virginia moaned as she lay on the bed, her asshole spread wide open and cum oozing out of it. "Gawd you's got to do me like that" Jenn said as she lowered her head and started sucking Zack's and my cum from her Ma's stretched ass as Virginia moaned. Jimmy put his cock in her face and she started sucking his cock as Zack and I lay there. I pointed to my cock and Zack slid down and started sucking my cock. "There's so much" Jenn said as she kept sucking the cum from her Ma's ass. Jimmy was moaning as I looked over to see him fucking Virginia's mouth. My cock had gotten hard from Zack sucking it, and I turned Zack onto his back, straddled above his head, and fucked his mouth. "Mmmm" Jim moaned as he fucked Virginia's mouth faster, then he shoved his cock all the way into her mouth, let out a load moan, and came down Virginia's throat. "You're so good" I moaned as I fucked Zack's mouth, my cock sliding in and out of his hot mouth and my balls slapping his chin. Each time as I fed him all 8 inches of my cock, it felt so good as Zack held tightly with his mouth and I pulled my cock out and then forced it back down. "Gawd look at him fuck Zack's mouth!" Virginia said as she sat on the bed watching while Jim sucked on her hard nipples and fingered her pussy. Jenn was sucking Zack's cock hard and fast. "Almost there" I moaned as I fucked Zack's mouth. I held back from cumming, as Zack's body stiffened and he rose up off the bed. Jenn kept her head on Zack's cock as she swallowed his load, and his body drops back onto the bed. "Ahhhh Gawd!" I yelled as I shoved my cock down Zack's throat and came. My cock pulsed and emptied several shots down Zack's waiting throat. When I finished I removed my cock and fell back onto the bed. "I'm going to love living here," Virginia said with a big smile. "I'm glad. I really like you being here" I said as I took Virginia's hand and we smiled at each other. Jenn laid on top of me and kissed me, and then looked at her Ma. "I love it here too, and not just because of the sex" Jenn said as she climbed down off me and walked over to Jimmy, who had finished dressing. Jenn kissed him, and then pulled him close and hugged him. "I'z going to marry you someday" Jenn said, which shocked me and her Ma. Zack just smiled, and Jim hugged Jenn back and lifted her off the floor. "You're damned right you are, because I'm never letting you go," Jim said as he passionately kissed Jenn. Virginia and I just smiled at them. Zack has gotten dressed. "It's been fun, but I best be getting home before my folks git worried" Zack said. I looked at the time and saw it was midnight. I called Zack's folks and told them he was helping me move my sister and Jenn in and we lost track of time. I'd bring him home right away. I then called Jimmy's folks and told them the same thing, and both families were nice and said they understood. I got dressed and took the boys home. They could have walked, as Zack lived 3 minutes and Jimmy 4 minutes walking, but this would help keep up the story. After I dropped the boys off I returned home. "So do you's have sex with them all the time?" Virginia asked, smiling. "As much as I can" I said. Jenn yawned and said her good nights, gave her Ma and me a kiss goodnight, and went to bed. "Tomorrow we need to enroll Jenn in school" I said as I grabbed a beer, and got one for Virginia. "Yes we do" Virginia said as she drank. "The school's just a block away. In fact, you can see the kids playing at recess from the back yard. In fact, my property touches the street were the school sits" I said as I drank. "Well, so Jenn just got to walk down the back yard" Virginia said. "Yep, and it will come in handy, pick up new toys" I laughed. "Just don't get carried away. You's got a good thing here, why chance it?" Virginia said. I nodded in agreement. "Well at any rate, it's like living next to the candy store" I smiled. "Yes, and I bet there's some teachers that want to fuck the kids" Virginia said with a smile. We finish our beers and went to bed, where we fucked again before falling asleep.

Part 2 - Jenn's Birthday

That Thursday we enrolled Jenn, well Virginia Josephine Miller into school. Jenn was feeling a bit blue, which I thought was because she would be going to a new school. "What's wrong, Jenn?" I asked, looking concerned as I fucked her. "Nuttin'" Jenn said, almost crying, through her moans. "Something's wrong, baby" I said, as I stopped fucking her to talk, because now Jenn was really worrying me. " is" Jenn cried, as she hugged me. "Yes'um it iz" I said, rubbing her back. "You's will have fun here. You's got new friends" I said. "Jimmy, yes. The others, I don't think they like me. They never come around, but to have sex" Jenn cried. "Uncle Car, can I be left alone?" Jenn cried. "Sure, baby" I said as I kissed her and headed for the door. I looked back at Jenn. "They are your friends, Jenn" I said. "I knows, it's just none will be here for my birthday" Jenn sniffed as she lay on her bed. I blew a kiss to her while I stood by the door. Jenn smiled and then I left and went downstairs. "What's wrong?" Virginia asked. "Nothing" I said, as Virginia looked at me. "You's finished awful fast" Virginia said. "So what's wrong?" she asked again. "Jenn's feeling blue. She thinks no one will show for her birthday" I said. "They wouldn't have, if it weren't for Jimmy" Virginia said. "As soon as he found out we were staying, he told everyone when Jenn's birthday was" she said, smiling. "I know, and she doesn't know they're coming, and it hurts me to see her so sad" I said as I hugged Virginia. "I know it does" she said. "Do you think the boys will get mad?" Virginia asked. I looked at her, confused. "Mad at what?" I asked. "I'm not going to have sex with them for awhile" Virginia said, looking at me. "Why?" I asked. "To make sure I have your child and not Zack's or Jimmy's" Virginia said with a smile. "I'm sure they'll understand" I said. Virginia smiled at me in the way she does to let me know I'm right. Over at the Thompson house, Tina and her dad went to get Tina's gift for Jenn. Jimmy was in his room, listening to records. Jimmy's mom entered his room and talked to Jimmy about Jenn and tried to get to know more about her. Jimmy looked at her, and then kissed her. "Jimmy, stop that" his mom yelled as she went to shove him from her. Jimmy moved his arm and her hand hit his hard cock. In the car, heading to the store, Tina slid over to her dad, lowered her head, and he heard his zipper. "Tiiiinnnaaaa Whhhaaaatttt??" he stuttered. "Mom, please. Mom, I need you" Jimmy said as he laid his mom back on his bed and lifted her dress. "Shhhh, it's OK Daddy" Tina said as she took his cock into her mouth and sucked it. He turned down an ally and parked the car. "No Jimmy, I'm your mother. This is wrong" she said, as Jimmy pulled her bloomers down. "Tina, this is wrong" he moaned. Tina kept sucking his cock, working her tongue. "It's OK, mom" Jimmy said as he kissed her. "You're not trying to stop me. You want it" Jimmy said as he freed his cock and pushed into his mom's cunt. "Oh baby, oh baby, suck your daddy's cock" he moaned as he reached up her dress and stuck his finger up her little pussy. "Jimmy! Jimmy! Fuck me! Jimmy" his mom said softly as she gave in to Jimmy. Jimmy started fucking his mother, slowly sliding his cock in and out of his mother's now wet cunt. Jimmy opened her shirt, freed her breasts, and started sucking them. "Oh god, your mother's going to be away next weekend" he moaned. "Oh God I can't help it, I have to fuck you" he moaned. Tina never stopped sucking. "Jimmy, oh Jimmy, stop please" his mom moaned. Jimmy was fucking her faster now. "God baby, you suck great. Better than mommy" he moaned as he grabbed Tina's head. "I won't stop, you'll have to make me" Jimmy said as he lifted his mom's legs and fucked her. Jimmy could feel it building, and so could his mom. "Oh Tina, Oh Tina" he moaned has he watched his daughter suck his cock like the little cocksucker she was. "Jimmy, no… please, no" his mom moaned as she wrapped her legs around him. "Oh god, I want to have my son's baby" she cried out. "I'm almost there, baby, I'm almost there" he moaned, as he pushed Tina down on his cock. "Ahhhh Yeessss, have my baby" Jimmy yelled as he came in his mother's cunt, his cock buried deep inside her, and then he pulled his limp cock from her. "Oh God, forgive me!" he yelled as he came down Tina's throat. She swallowed every drop. "Oh God, what have I done?" his mom cried, and Jimmy slid up to her head. "Oh baby, I have to fuck you" he moaned. "You just had sex with your son," Jimmy said as his mother looked at him. She opened her mouth and Jimmy put his cock inside, and she began suck him. They had sex for awhile, and then return downstairs just as Tina and Dad came home. Tina put her dad's cock back inside his pants, zipped him up, and they go to the store, and then return home. When they entered the house, her dad went to watch TV and her mom started dinner. Tina looked at Jimmy, who smiles and looked at his mom. Tina smiled and looked at her dad, and they both knew the other had done it. Friday Jimmy picked up his present for Jenn, and soon the big day was here. All the kids showed up at the house, which shocked Jenn. Jenn's Party was great. There was cake and ice cream, games, and then it was time to open the presents. "This is from us" the twins said. Jenn opened it up and her eyes got big. "You didn't have to get me something like this" Jenn said as she stood up and held a beautiful blue chiffon dress up. "It's beautiful. Thanks, Mandy and Mindy" Jenn said as she placed it back in the box and kissed them. "Here" Zack said as he handed Jenn his gift. She opened it and pulls out a card. "Go to the garage" the card read. Jenn went as everyone followed her. "Gawd Zack" Jenn said as she turned towards him. "You didn't have to spend so much money," Jenn said as she looked back at the bike. "I just fixed up an old one. Some work an' it was good as new. I'm good with tools" Zack said, and Jenn hugged him. "Yes you are" Jenn said as she kissed him, and we returned to the living room. "Here's mine" La Tona said shyly. Jenn opened it. She just stared and then looked up at La Tona. "It's beautiful" Jenn said as she pulled out a pearl necklace. "They're not real" La tona said with her head hanging down. Jenn lifted her head and kissed her. "They don't need to be," Jenn said as she hugged La Tona. La Tona smiled. I then pulled La Tona close to me and wrapped my arms around her. "Here's mine" Tina said. As Jenn opened it she smiled. "I reckon I might be the pettiest Girl at school" Jenn said as she pulled out a new pair of Mary Jane shoes. Jimmy walked up to Jenn, "Here's mine" he said as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a ring box. He opened it, and Jenn stood there, unable to move. Jimmy took the ring from the box, lifted Jenn's hand, saying "With this ring I promises to love you always. I promises I will always protect you, and I promises I will marry you, Virginia Josephine Miller." Then Jimmy slipped the ring on her finger. As I watched this I was all smiles. Virginia looked at them and then me and smiled. "Oh Jimmy, I love it and you" Jenny said, crying. The others girls were crying as well. "I feel bad 'cause I don't have one for you's" Jenny cried, as she hugged Jimmy. "That doesn't matter to me. All that matters is you" Jimmy said. Virginia went to her room and came back. After Jenn opened Virginia's and my gifts, which were more clothes, Virginia called Jenn over to her. "This was your father's" Virginia said as she placed a ring in her hand. Jenn looked down at it. "It's Papa's?" Jenn said crying as she looked at her Ma. "It's your Pa's wedding ring," Virginia said with a smile. "Ma, I can't take it. This was Pa's symbol of love for you" Jenn said. "No baby, you's are that symbol of his love. Your Pa would want you's to have it." Virginia said, crying as she hugged Jenn. Jenn then turned to Jimmy, wiped away her tears and walked up to Jimmy, taking his hand. "I promises to always love you's. I promises to always be by your side, and I Promises I will marry you's Jimmy Ray Thompson" Jenny said as slipped the ring onto his finger. Virginia told the boys that she would not be having sex with them for awhile, and as she then told them why, Jimmy and Zack, understood as they kissed Virginia. We all had sex, with Virginia having it with the girls and me, and then we learned that Jimmy had fucked his Mother and Tina had blown her Dad. We had more sex and then they all went home. The next day was the first day of school, and Jenn met everyone and walked to school in her blue chiffon dress, new shoes, necklace, and Jimmy's ring on her hand, holding Jimmy's hand, and she looked so beautiful.