Day of the Diaper


Have you ever wanted to do something totally crazy? Something that makes no sense, maybe even something gross? Something no one who knew you would guess you wanted to do? Something you have to do because you get butterflies in your tummy just thinking of it? I have one of those. I can’t explain why, but I love diapers.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a mature young lady, or so they say. I’m ten years old. I raise my hand in class, and I participate whenever I can. I’m good at math, and I read fast – I even read the whole Harry Potter series last summer. I pledge allegiance to the flag every morning (even though I’m originally from Vietnam). I got an A for my report about raccoons. I’m a good girl with glasses. I’m not a baby.

But I want to wear diapers. I don’t want to use the toilet at all. I lie in bed awake, thinking about that fluffy cotton wrapping my crotch and padding my butt. I think about the possibilities! Doing it standing up. Doing it crouching, or on all fours, or lying in bed or on the couch. Peeing and – I’ll say it – pooping my diaper anywhere I want, any time, knowing it will all stay in there. If it’s a good diaper, it won’t leak.

The idea makes me tingle. Sometimes I dream about it - before waking up and running to the bathroom to pee. And in my dreams, there’s someone there. A shadow, but not a scary one. A warm shadow of a guy. A grownup, but not really. He’s more like a really young grownup. I lie down before the shadow and spread my legs. He reaches for the straps of my diaper to change me, and I feel a nervous, growing force inside. I know that when he finally touches me, I’ll explode somehow. But I always wake up before he does.

I wake up into a world where big girls aren’t supposed to wear diapers. Where I can’t let anyone know I want them so badly. If my parents knew, they’d ground me forever and send me to a psychologist every day. If the kids at school found out...I don’t even want to think about it.

This is the story of how I found some diapers, and how one day I had enough time alone to try them out. It didn’t quite go as planned...

I found the diapers through total dumb luck. There’s a younger boy with autism named Charlie a floor down from me, and he wears diapers. One day, while I was fetching the mail, I saw Charlie and his parents coming back from some trip. They were juggling a bunch of things that they couldn’t all bring in at once.

In the confusion, they left an open box of white, older kid diapers outside their door while they went inside to deal with some random part of the coming home craziness. Who knows, I heard frustrated voices and Charlie whining. Without thinking, I tiptoed up and swiped three diapers. I was wearing a sweatshirt, so I wedged them in between the sweatshirt and the T-shirt so mom and dad wouldn’t see them when I got back.

I hid the diapers under the mattress for two and a half weeks. I’m glad I took only three of them. One to use, one for a change, one more for a rainy day.

As I’d find out, it would be a rainy day when my opportunity came. It was late August, hot and sticky. Dad was out of town at a conference for programmers, and my mom had to go to work. Normally she’d drop me off at a friend’s, but Daphne was on vacation in Florida, and Meg was still at camp (my day camp ended earlier.)

“I’m leaving you at home for the day. I have a busy day. I expect you to clean out the sink, clean your room, take out the garbage,” blah blah blah. It was the first time I would ever be left alone! I was so excited, I didn’t want to let mom down. If I was going to try the diapers, I needed to do everything else perfectly.

She left while I ate breakfast. I decided to have two extra helpings of cereal with yogurt instead of milk, and two bananas. “You have quite the appetite!” mom said as she gathered her things to go to work. She loves seeing me eat.

“I’m hungry,” I replied.

“See you later. Remember-”

“Clean out the sink, clean your room, take out the garbage,” blah blah blah


Then she left. My first thought was it’s diaper time! But then I realized mom might come back for something she forgot – phone, wallet, some papers, who knows. I waited twenty minutes. It felt like forever. Finally, when I felt the coast was clear, I slipped into my room and pulled out the diapers. I lay down in front of my mirror, and pulled off my sweatpants and yellow panties.

With round glasses and big black eyes, I don’t think anyone would expect a little bookworm like me to be so naughty. I giggled, admiring my funny little girl body as I lifted my legs up into the air and slid the diaper under my butt. When I brought them down, my butt made contact with the cotton, and I almost melted. I could see my cheeks turning a deep red in the mirror, I was blushing so hard. I savored every moment, the sound of the straps, the crinkling, and then it was on. I was diapered.

Weee!!!! I got up and pranced around my room, dancing with my plushies, prancing around celebrating. I felt like Gollum getting his ring back from Frodo. They’re mine, I thought, my very own, my precious diapers!

I rubbed the front and down into my crotch, pressing the cotton in. I felt so sensitive, burning, my privates and my butt waiting impatiently for the moment when I’d have to go. Then, perfect timing, I had to fart. Oh my god, was I going to poop? Nope, just a fart. But it made me bite my lip with excitement at what I knew was coming later!

Then I remembered my obligations for the day, and that brought me a little down. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy the diapers if I had all of that hanging over me, so I cleaned out the sink, cleaned my room, and then took out the garbage.

I live in an apartment building. An old one. And to take out the trash, you have to take the cramped elevator down to the scary basement. As I entered the elevator, I was looking down to make sure my diaper wouldn’t peek out from my sweatpants, and almost bumped into him.

He lives upstairs. He’s young, almost like a teenager, with short blond hair and a cute, angular face. But he’s no teen, he lives by himself and goes to work. Except today he was here, in the elevator, taking a laundry down. Maybe he got fired? He smiled, and I know I blushed. I nervously pressed the “B” button a million times, then rearranged the trash bags to cover my hips, afraid he might notice the diaper through my sweatpants. Feeling foolish, I finally just waved and whispered “hi.”

“Hi, I’m Will,” he said.

“L...Lilly.” I think I stumbled on my words. He smiled. It didn’t help that he was really handsome.

“Nice to finally meet you. I’ve seen you around.”

He remembers me. “Yeah. I live here...” I had no idea what to say. He just had this easy-going smile. He probably didn’t get fired, he was in too good a mood. We got to the basement, and there was Carlos the superintendent sifting through the garbage, rearranging trash cans. I tossed the trash while Will went off to the laundry room, then I got back to my apartment to quickly finish doing blah blah blah. By then, I really had to pee.

I decided I wanted to do it in bed. So, after turning out the lights and closing the shades, I lay on my back in bed and pulled the covers tight. I held Skippy, my arctic fox plushie, close to my chest, then bent my knees and kept my feet planted flat on the sheets. My heart was pounding. This was it.

I could feel my urge to pee at the breaking point. Goosebumps erupted all over me. But it didn’t come out. I was scared. I pushed, and a short trickle entered my diaper. I held the front with my left hand, trying to feel the wetness, but those few drops had gotten lost in the padding so thick.

I waited longer and the urge became more intense. Finally, I felt a flow inside of me bursting to the surface, and I knew it was just about to happen.

It happened. I felt warm flow all around my privates. I gave a push and the flow became a gush. The cotton immediately got thicker and warmer, and before I knew it all of my skin was covered in a hot wet ocean of pee.

I decided to stop, and when I did, I could feel all the stray droplets left over, rolling around and over my vagina and onto my butt-hole, where they stayed the way drops stay on a drain just used. I lay there, experiencing the ticklish feeling. But then my butt-hole started to tickle too much, so I scratched it through my diaper, let out a deep “haaaaaaahhhh” and finished peeing, feeling the flow wash all over my vagina to cover my tushie.

When I was done, I rolled out of bed. I was totally soaked, but not a drop had leaked out of the diaper. My diaper sagged down, tickling my thighs with warmth as I walked. I looked in the mirror and saw my wetness. I clutched the front of my diaper and stood there for a minute or two, rubbing. I was going completely crazy. Eventually I wanted to be dry again, so I grabbed the second diaper and strapped it on. I got tummy butterflies seeing the yellow wetness inside my first used diaper, Most of the pee had gone to the back.

I decided I might try to draw, or read a book, or watch some Minecraft walk-throughs. I tried all of these things, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I was obsessed with my diapers, and I couldn’t stop rubbing myself through them.

Before long, I had constructed a fort in between my bed and a chair, holding my plushies, wearing heart sunglasses and an old blue dress that’s too small on me like some kind of crazy party girl at a tropical beach, rubbing the front of my diaper, laughing and sighing and moaning with total delight. Crazy diaper girl, I whispered, or little diaper baby, pee and poo my diaper, not potty trained...need a diaper...

I shoved my left hand into my diaper and rubbed my privates in every direction. And that’s when I felt it. It was a rumbling, shifting inside. My butt-crack was suddenly sweaty and felt all loose and hot, then I felt pressure building down there. I pushed a little and farted, but the pressure just got bigger. I felt something hard. I had to poop!

I stopped rubbing and took my hand out. I waited for a minute. By then I couldn’t stop farting. But I was too scared like before to really do it. But just like before, I grew braver, and the pressure got higher, and I decided it was time to push it out.

I rearranged myself in a kneeling position and held Skippy close to my chest. I could feel my passage opening, but still I waited, just a little longer, then...

With a deep breath, I gave a push and felt it start to come out, pushing my butt-cheeks apart with a crackling, splatting sound. A great lumpy warmth covered the inside of my crack. Then, a moment later, the tip of my poopie met the diaper and I felt this unbelievable pressure I’d never felt while pooping before. Part of my poopie actually went back up my butt! But I gave another push, and I felt it give way.

At first I was scared it had somehow broken through my diaper, so I reached around to check. I felt a bulge back there, but the diaper was just fine. It was really holding up. I pushed harder and felt the most incredible warm feeling as though a big warm pancake were growing out of my poop hole and across my butt.

And then I peed again. Oh, so warm! It flowed down into the seat of my pants, rippling over the poop and making the inside of my diaper tighter, so it was harder to give those few last pushes. The room smelled like a baby’s dirty diaper. Finally, I pushed the last bit out, and I knew I was finished.

For a while I knelt there, stunned, breathing hard. It felt so incredible. I did so much poop, warm poopie covering my butt. My butt hole kept opening and closing. I pawed the front of my diaper for a minute, and as I sat there, I started to think.

It’s not that it didn’t feel good - it did. But while changing my wet diaper was super quick and easy, I knew changing my poopie diaper would be much harder. What if I dropped a wipe, or even the poop itself on the floor? And how was I going to hide these diapers? Cleaning up would be work, and my secret diaper game suddenly wasn’t as much fun. I needed someone who could change me. That was the missing piece.

Like I said. I don’t want to, like, be a baby. But frozen, feeling confused and a little helpless, I did feel like a little babyish. My eyes filled with tears.

Who? Who would want to change a ten year-old girl’s pooped diaper? Who would want to wipe a little girl’s privates clean, when she should have had the sense to do her poop on the toilet like a big girl and leave everyone else out of her bathroom business? I felt silly. I was going to have to do it myself, and I knew it was in the cleanup that I might leave some clue behind!

Oh, but how could I let my silly fears ruin my fun! After crying for a bit, I tried to pull myself together and cheer up. After all, I’d finally gotten what I’ve always wanted. Finally.

I reached back to feel the bulge of poop in my diaper. It wasn’t quite as big as it felt on the skin of my butt. Still, it was big. I waddled over to the mirror and lay down, careful not to land on my butt - I didn’t want it to mush everywhere. I wasn’t ready for that yet.

I lifted my legs and unstrapped the diaper. The poop looked like a wad of playdough you mushed down with your hands, except it was dark brown and had a longer piece at the top like a wizard’s hat - the last part that came out. My butthole was covered with a small piece of poo and there was a circular smudge around my crack. But nothing got into my vagina or pee hole. What a relief. That wouldn’t be much fun!

I strapped the diaper back on, then danced my way to the bathroom. Walking in a poopie diaper is funny. I’m sure I looked hilarious.

It took forever to wipe myself clean on the toilet. I wanted to use wet wipes, but I was scared mom would notice that the package got empty so fast. I used toilet paper with warm water instead. As I wiped, I kept admiring the lumpy poop inside the yellowed padding of my diaper. And that made me tingle again.

I decided to rub my front with one hand and wipe with the other at the same time, enjoying the feeling coming from both places, massaging where I pee and poop all at once. Finally, when I saw no more brown on the paper, I flushed. I kept rubbing until a wave came over me. My pussy shook. I’m just going to say it: I came really hard.

Maybe changing my poopie diaper on my own wasn’t so bad.

Now I had to decide what to do with all that poop! It was the wrong shape to go down the toilet. What if I clogged it and couldn’t get it unclogged? So I wrapped my poopie diaper and the wet one from earlier in a small plastic bag from the kitchen, then another and another. Three bags would be enough. I showered, washing my crack and definitely washing my hands! When I got out, I put my final diaper on.

It was about noon, and I was hungry. I microwaved some some rice, meat, tofu and pickled vegetables from last night and watched the first fort-five minutes of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. By now I was so used to my diaper, I totally forgot I had one on until I got up and felt the thick padding move under me. I had one more chore: get rid of my dirty diapers.

Back to the elevator, fortunately alone this time. Back to the basement. And there was Carlos the superintendent. He saw me holding the sagging triple bag and smiled. “Tha’ trash? Here, I take for you, you don’t gotta grab the nasty lid okay?”

And that’s when things got really bad. I totally freaked out. I imagined he’d feel the diapers inside, know what they were and immediately call my mom. “No, I...” and I gestured toward the laundry room. Suddenly, he got a call, which he answered in Spanish. I went toward the laundry room and took a turn toward the exit that leads to the side alley and the Back.

The Back. Kids are not supposed to play there. You can’t get back in from the side alley through the door by the laundry room unless you wedge it open with a rock. It’s a small alleyway between the building and a barbwire fence protecting the courtyard of the building next door. To the right was the street, up some stairs. To the left the alleyway turned a corner and led to the Back, a tiny concrete square that looked like a prison yard.

I ran toward the street, but the gate to the street was locked from the inside. Then I realized I hadn’t wedged the door by the laundry room with a rock! In despair I ran toward the Back, hanging a left through a short, dark passage - the kind of arched passage you see in castles, except much dirtier. Alone, I started to cry.

What had I done? I was trapped outside. None of the keys work for these doors, my mother had warned me. Someone was going to find me sobbing with a bag of dirty diapers. How could I be so stupid? I could have just given Carlos the bag. Stupid Lilly! He wasn’t going to mush them around to try to guess what’s inside, people don’t do that with garbage!

And now someone was going to find me. They’d call the police and have the poop inside tested to prove it was mine, and I’d be sent to a crazy people hospital forever.

I stood there in that dark passage between the side alley and the Back, scared and alone. I could see that the Back was so dirty and horrible, not even weeds could grow there. Pigeon poop covered everything. It smelled truly horrible, not like my dirty diapers, which smelled bad in a good way.

And to make matters worse, the light was dimming. The sun off the concrete outside the passage suddenly got duller and grayer. Shadows of air conditioners and trees in the courtyard of the other building died. A rumble came from the unseen sky.

The rain came quick and hard. I shrieked as the water began to pour into the passage where I stood. Within a minute the concrete around me became like a polluted ocean. I stood on my tippy-toes - I was only wearing sandals, and the gross mixture of water and all the ickies on the concrete nibbled my toes. The trashy smell of the Back grew stronger. I thought, what if all the rain mixed with the crud brought a horrible pigeon poop Back monster to life? A stinky monster that punishes big girls for pooping themselves for fun. I tried to be brave. I love my diapers, I thought to myself, and I'm not letting a stinky monster make me feel bad because I do!

But no Back monster came, just more rain. The storm weakened to a drizzle after a while, but didn't stop. Eventually, I walked into the Back, to see if there was a door. It was really terrible. The pigeon poop ran up the walls of the our building and the back of the building on the next street over, a still waterfall coming from electrical boxes. The pigeons gathered like moldy peaches come to life inside them. One was dead. Two were dead, actually. One on the ground, rotting, another’s head hanging out of one of the boxes.

I shivered with disgust. My dirty diapers weren’t gross to me (as long as the poop stayed in the diaper, of course), but the Back was truly disgusting. Was Heaven punishing me for being a gross girl by reminding me how really gross things can get? (And how did anyone let the Back get so bad anyway?) The shoulders and front of my little dress were starting to get pretty wet. All the little drizzle drops were starting to connect up into a splotch of water.

There was an emergency door up some old, rusty metal stairs. I walked up them to check it out, scared the stairs would crumble. Half way up, I slipped, fell down and landed on my butt, my blue dress now wet and dirty.

I cried in frustration and embarrassment. How could this get any worse? And now I needed to pee again. There were windows looking out to the Back. Most had their shades down, but I didn’t want anyone to see me. So just in case, I went back into the passage and wet my diaper there standing up. I could feel it wash around my inner thighs and butt. But I was so uncomfortable, I couldn’t enjoy it. I just felt like a baby. A lost, cranky baby. My last diaper, and I couldn’t even have fun using it.

And now someone was coming. It was Carlos the super, I was sure. He’d ask for the bags, take them in his old wrinkly hands and mush them. Maybe he’d sniff it. He’d say “this is diapers!” loudly and the whole world would hear him.

The footsteps got louder. Whoever it was was about to round the corner.

It was Will. He smiled his easygoing smile. “I was in the laundry room and I thought I heard someone crying out here. Was that you?”

“Yes,” I murmured.

“Are you okay, Lilly? Where’s mom and dad?”

“Dad’s out of town at a conference. My mom’s at work. I’m home alone.”

“Okay sweetie,” he called me sweetie. I thought I would die. “How come you’re out here?”

“I...” I couldn’t think of a good story, I was so frustrated and cranky and just done. So I just blurted out what happened. I love diapers, I’m wearing one and I had two used in the bag, including a pooped one, and I had wanted to throw them away but the coast wasn’t clear because Carlos was by the trash and I panicked because I thought he’d check the diaper bag and find out so I ran outside and locked myself outside.

I was sobbing again by the end. I thought he’d be grossed out, but instead he patted me on the back and said it was okay. “Why don’t I take you up to my apartment. We’ll get you cleaned up, and we won’t leave any mess for your mom to find.”

I hung my head, ashamed. “You probably think I’m the grossest girl ever.”

“At least your parents didn’t catch you. My dad did.” And he told me about how, when he was a teenager, he once got caught rubbing his thingie while company was over. He had forgotten to lock the door, and his dad had opened it and several people holding beer and plates of food saw him. He wasn’t peeing and pooping himself, but he really got caught. “Your secret is safe with me."

"I'm not caught?" I asked, wiping away tears. "You're not a catcher?"

"Nope, not a catcher. I mean, who am I gonna tell? C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up. I’ll take care of these dirty diapers.”

Will took the bag of diapers in one hand and held mine with another, and guided me back to the entrance by the side alley. He remembered to wedge it with a rock. When we passed the trashcans, he casually tossed the diapers out. Then we took the elevator to his floor.

His apartment was so cool, with posters for metal bands and cool fantasy dragons and warriors. He liked anime, but weird ones. Not like Sailor Moon or Madoka Magica which I love.

He gave me a towel and another plastic bag. “Take that dirty dress off, I’ll get you a t-shirt to wear.” I went into the bathroom and stripped down to my wet diaper. He knocked, opened the door a crack and I saw his arm reach through holding a black t-shirt. Slayer, which is I guess some band. I put it on and stepped out.

“Wow, you look cool!” He said. “I’m going to go put your dirty dress in the washing machine.”

When he got back, we sat on the couch in his living room and talked for a while. I told him about how I love Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica, how I like science class and language arts but hate mean girls who do dance. He talked about playing in bands and giving music lessons and how hard it was to make it in the city as a musician. He even told a story about doing a “gig” that involved a dance routine, and that dancer was mean too. A “bitch.” I laughed. And meanwhile, most of his friends had moved out west, and he felt alone. Being an adult was tough.

“Can we be friends?” I asked Will.

“I’d like that,” he responded quietly. I think he really meant it. I was getting really comfortable with him, and he wasn’t any less cute than before. I realized I was still wearing a wet diaper. It was kinda itchy.

“So you don’t mind that I wear diapers?” I asked again.

“No Lilly, I don’t. I think you’re a wonderful, intelligent girl. If anyone deserves to play in diapers, it’s you.” I blushed like crazy. I had to ask.

“My diaper’s wet. Do you want to change me?”

His face turned a deep red. “Ummm,” he mumbled.

“It’s okay, you don’t have-”

“I would love to change your diaper, sweetie. Why don’t you lie down on my bed, and I’ll do it.”

“I’m sad that this is my last diaper.” To which he said,

“I can fix that! Give me ten minutes. You go ahead and get cozy on my bed.” So I waited ten minutes while he left. I looked around the apartment. So many cool young guy things. About seven minutes in, I felt that my tummy shift. I had to poop again! Was I going to poop my diaper in front of Will? did I want to?

I went to his bed, but first I drew the shades down. I wanted privacy, and I figured he did too. We was so cute and nice. I know I shouldn’t talk to strangers or go to their home, but if he wanted to be mean to me, he would have done it by now. Yes, I wanted to poop my diaper in front of him. But only if he said yes.

When Will came back, I was lying on his bed. He came in with a pack of Luvs for older girls, plus powder and wipes. “Hi sweetie, I got you your very own pack of Luvs. Sixteen diapers. Plenty to play with. And your dress is in the dryer.”

“Yay,” I squealed. “You’re the best, Will. You’re my new best friend.”

“You’re my new best friend, Lilly,” said Will as he took out a fresh diaper and brought it and the wipes and baby powder to the bed. He hopped on the matress, and now he was kneeling by my spread legs.

This was it. The dream. That shadow I always saw kneeling in front of me, reaching for my diaper, it was Will. Had I been dreaming about him the whole time? Did my soul see the future when I began to have diaper dreams?

“Will, I have to poop again.”

“Okay, go ahead. Why don’t you just do it right here.” Without changing my position, I gave a push and started to fart. “Would you like me to leave the room ‘till your done?” he asked?

“No,” I whispered. I liked him. And I think I realized he liked watching me in diapers. “You can stay. Will you hold my hand?”

“Of course,” and he took my right hand, brought it up to his lips and kissed it. Now I felt so warm, so tingly and comfortable, and a little bit in love. I had to do it in front of him.

I gave a push. My poop was harder this time, and my pee came first. It wasn’t a very fast stream, it kind of just rolled over my privates like water down the side of a building. It felt like a sheet of hot liquid. Another push, and my butt hole opened up. This time, the poop didn’t mush into a pancake when it hit the cotton - it was too hard. Instead, it kind of curled into a C shape. I could feel one end of the “C” dig into my thigh a little. More farts, then I was done.

Will had held my hand the whole time, locking his gorgeous eyes on mine. Aside from closing my eyes to push, my gaze never left his handsome face. And as he reached out to undo the straps on my diaper, I felt familiarity wash over me the way my pee washed over my butt. He was the shadow from my dream! It was Will. I was sure of it now.

He undid the straps and opened my diaper. I giggled. He could see me naked! He lifted my legs up and pulled the diaper away slightly, then began wiping my butt. I giggled again as the wipe traced circles on my skin. It felt so much more exciting and ticklish to have him do it.

He pushed the wipe into my crack to get my butt hole. I felt a silly itch growing there, my little puckered hole opening and closing. I think he knew he was driving me nuts, because he smiled and definitely wiped longer than he needed to. “You have such a cute tush,” he teased and pinched one of my butt cheeks. I laughed. I do have a kinda round butt for an Asian girl.

Then he wiped my pee hole, and moved up to wipe my clitoris. He knew about that, and I lay my head back and sighed as he took way too long to get that part dry. I knew he wasn’t really wiping and I didn’t care.

He did it gently and slowly for a few minutes. I cooed and sighed and even moaned. I felt a growing tingle and - oh god - I came. No one had ever seen me do that before. To think that a grownup guy, even a cute one, would see me come like that! My back arched, my legs shook. He just kept wiping. More arching, more shaking. Then, it was over. He folded up my dirty pooped diaper and took it to the bathroom. I followed him to see him plop the poopie in the toilet. Then he turned to me.

“Can I give you a kiss?” I asked. “Of course you can, sweetie,” he whispered back. He bent over, and I gave him a long kiss on the lips. When I look back on it, I feel silly I didn’t open my mouth. But I'd never frenched before and didn't want to mess it up.

We cuddled on the couch for a bit, me still naked under the t-shirt. He stroked my hair while I clutched his arm with both of mine. Finally, he asked “when does your mom get home?” Oh no, I had totally lost track of time!

“Five o’clock!” It was 4:45. I lost track of time!

“Then I think it’s time to go back downstairs. Here, take some diapers in a plastic bag. I’ll keep the rest for you, then you won’t have to hide a whole box.” He gave me a black shopping back with seven diapers inside. Perfect for another couple of “sessions” alone at home. Before I left, we exchanged Periscopes, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Keep the T-shirt,” he said.

I ran downstairs to the laundry. My dress was almost totally dry - good enough. I got back to my apartment with a few minutes to spare, so I changed into my original outfit I’d worn when Mom left. Then I hid the diapers under the mattress. When she returned, she discovered nothing.

She never found the diapers. She never found out about Will. But one day, on the Friday of my first week of fourth grade, she called me into her room. “What is this?”

She was holding the Slayer shirt!