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It's been in the news lately that scouts and brownies in England are a waste of time. Well, not in our town here in the southwest of England. Well, let me tell you a little about it. It is a bit similar to the same group worldwide, but ours as you probably guessed is a little - well, a lot different than other groups.

The boys start at 4 years of age and the girls at 5, right up to the age of 16. It is always run by males, age ranging from 17 to 50. It is so popular that we need to turn people away; especially those who we feel will not fit in our groups. These would be kids who would not want to put themselves out, especially who would not fit into our activities, or those with parents who are do-gooders and complain at the slightest things. All our kids have been selected carefully, or their brothers and sisters have already been through the ranks.

It all started about 5 years ago. It was a run-down group, not much going for it, dwindling members mainly because it had been run with two retired brown owls that would not turn it into the 20th century and plan to do other things. I took over the group with two buddies of mine and we ran it with the half dozen or so brownies who still wanted to stay on.

I can remember the first night. It all kicked off at 6:00p.m. Everyone was in the church hall and I did not have the first clue of what brownies or scouts was all about. The parents left and we had 90 minutes of teaching these kids all the good things they needed to know in life.

I locked the door and came back into the room with Terry, my mate, and I said, "OK girls, gather 'round in a circle," and when they did I dropped my shorts and took off my t-shirt. All I had on were my trainers. "OK girls, come closer, as I want to show you something." My dick soon became erect. "Girls," I said, "come and touch my cock."

Funnily enough, a few of them did. Some were unsure and some were just sluts. "Girls, please open your mouths and bend over, as I need to place this in between your lips. Now then, girls, this is only just a small sample of what you will be doing in brownies each week. If anyone does not want to stay, I suggest they leave now. If you all want to stay, take off your knickers and let's look at your cunts."

1, 2, 3 came off, followed by 4, a hesitant 5, and the sixth girl did not take her knickers off. "Susan, are you not taking your knickers off?"

She lifted her skirt and said, "Sorry, Mr. Smith, I have not got any on to take off."

Superb. Five little pair of knickers; 6 hairless twats. They all sat on the floor with their legs open and skirts all hitched up and Terry and I set off to work. Terry stripped off, showing his 6ft frame of muscle, his uncut prick of 8 inches, and big, hairless balls. Fuck he looked so fucking stunning I could fuck him myself, and have done it several times and he me. He loves it really rough, especially where little girls are concerned. I have told him to go easy until we get these little sluts wanting it and begging for it. I wanted to get my lips around those hairless twats, as I could only presume these were virgin cunts. All, that is, but I was suspect of the one with no knickers on.

Terry and I got stuck in licking their twats and fingering their slits open. Each one was masturbated until orgasm and I wanted to fuck at least one of them before I left, but I resisted so much. I asked them all to strip off completely and we both, Terry and I, fed our pricks to all eager mouths. Soon our spunk erupted, splashing a few faces and we got each girl to lick each other so they all got some ropey man-spunk into their mouths.

I called for 2 volunteers to suck our pricks clean of all the dripping spunk and 2 little lovelies crawled over on their hands and knees to get between our legs and drain the dripping leftovers.

"OK girls, get dressed. It's nearly time for the end of our first lesson at the new brownie group." All brownies when dressed stood in a circle and we took a brownie oath. I led the oath and made it up as I went along.


I told them all that we would meet here next week. Nothing was to be said to other girls or mummies or daddies, as they would not understand. What has happened here tonight is to be kept amongst ourselves.

Everyone left, I went over to the still naked Terry and kissed him on the lips.

"Fuck me Terry. Fuck me as hard as you like… as though you were wanting to split open one of them little whores' cunts."

A bit of spit on Terry's cock and a gentle push up my arse and soon it reached home. Terry called me a little brownie slut as he rammed my cunt open. He pulled my hair back as he rammed for home, and used me as his little bitch.

"Fucking take that, Bitch. Fucking take it, you fucking whore."

I knew he was close to cumming as he fucked me and rammed his shaft into my guts. I was wanking vigorously as the vicar walked in. Terry did not stop as he was on the verge, and I could not as the spunk was already erupting, splashing onto the floor.

The vicar said, "What the fuck?"

"Sorry Roger," I said to the vicar. "Just finished brownie class."

"Like that?" the vicar asked.

"Of course. I said I would; the little whores loved it."

"Great," Roger said. "I need to know all about it. Bend over, Mark."

As the vicar bent me over and rammed his prick up my spunk-filled arse, Terry cracked open 3 beers and I got fucked by Roger the vicar.