The Magic Ring

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When Billy Harper turned 10 years old, his parents got him his own computer for his birthday. He had begged them for months and told them it would improve his grades.

He also pointed out that he would have to have one eventually because when he got to Junior High they taught Basic computer skills. His last argument was that most of his classmates already had them and would be way ahead of him. He even promised to share it with his younger sisters.

His parents talked it over and decided he had a good point about not being behind the other kids, but made sure that he understood that he was going to share with his two sisters.

His birthday fell in the middle of May and because there were only two weeks of school left before summer vacation they had decided to wait until school started to hook up to the Internet.

Billy was really disappointed. The whole reason for wanting the PC was so he could surf the web and look up all kinds of games, music, and other cool stuff. Also he could chat with his friends.

His dad told him it was a waste of money to pay the $90 for DSL for three months when there was no school to worry about. Also it would give him time to get used to it.

Then his dad pointed out that his sister Katy was going to have a birthday the first week of June. They would have to get her something nice and money didn't grow on trees.

Billy wished he had a dollar for every time he heard the last part. He could pay for his own damned Internet!

Billy even tried to get his two sisters to help him convince their dad. He didn't really like having to ask for Katy's help as she always wanted something in return. He considered her a pest and hardly ever played with her. On the other hand, his 7-year-old sister Susie never bothered him and he didn't mind asking for her help.

What Billy didn't know was that both of his sisters thought the world of their big brother and looked up to him. Katy was also proud of him. All of her girlfriends were always telling her how cute he was and wanting Katy to help them be his girlfriend.

So Katy and Susie went to work on their parents to help out their big brother. They begged and pleaded for the last two weeks of school and they could tell that their dad was starting to wear down.

School finally let out for summer vacation and the park swimming pool opened. Billy and his sisters always got a family pass as it was cheaper for his parents and the pool acted as a cheap baby sitter. The kids all went to the pool on opening day, Billy with his friends and Katy and Susie with theirs.

Billy was with his three best friends, 10-year-old Jimmy, 11-year-old Mike, and 12-year- old Harry. They called themselves the four musketeers. They even had an old barn at the edge of town that they used for a club house.

Katy and Susie didn't have what you would call best friends. They had dozens of friends and liked them all. They did however seem to hang out more with the five or six girls that lived in their neighborhood.

Billy and his friends swam and played hard for the first two hours and then Harry suggested that they sit by the pool fence and rest for awhile. Billy didn't really want to quit as he really wasn't tired but Harry was the oldest and sort of the leader.

After about ten minutes Billy noticed that Harry and Mike were staring at all the girls and didn't seem to be interested in anything else.

"Why are you looking at those stupid girls?" asked Billy.

"They're not stupid, they're sexy." answered Harry.

"What do you mean sexy?" asked Jimmy.

Harry and Mike giggled and then Mike said, "Wait 'til you get older, then you'll understand."

"But you're only a year older than me." said Billy.

Then Harry spoke, "Wait 'til you two get your nut off. Then you'll know what we mean."

"What do you mean, get my nut off?" asked Jimmy.

The two older boys giggled and Harry said, "Should we tell them?"

Mike answered, "Sure, why not. You showed me, and they're our best friends and they won't tell anyone."

"Tell us what? What's the big secret?" asked Billy.

Harry answered. "Have you ever woke up in the morning with a stiffy and then when you go pee it goes soft?"

"Sure, lots of times. What's the big deal anyway?" asked Jimmy.

"Well, when you get old enough you can make your dick get hard by playing with it and it feels really good." said Harry.

"And when you do it enough times it will squirt white stuff out your pee hole and feel even better." said Mike.

"It feels even better when you think of putting your dick in a girl's pussy." said Harry.

"Why don't we meet at the barn this evening and we can show them?" asked Mike.

"Sure, why not? We can show them our magazines with all the neat pictures." said Harry.

"What kind of pictures?" asked Jimmy.

"Pictures of naked people having sex." said Mike.

"Wow! I'll be there!" said Jimmy.

"Me too, I guess." said Billy.

That evening the four boys rode their bikes the three blocks to the old barn and when they got there they hid their bikes inside like they always did. Then they climbed up the ladder to the hay loft.

Someone had used the old barn for storage and the hay loft was full of old furniture, even a large rug. The boys had spread the rug out and arranged the furniture so that it looked like a real club house. It had a large sofa, a matching chair and even a big dining room table. There was only one chair for the table but the boys didn't use the table much anyways.

When they got there they all sat down and Mike asked Harry if he should get the books. Harry told him to go ahead, that's what they were there for. Mike reached under the sofa and pulled out several magazines. He laid them on the table.

"How long have those been there?" asked Jimmy.

"For about three months now, ever since Harry showed me how to jack off." said Mike.

"What do you mean, jack off?" asked Billy.

"We're going to show you." answered Mike.

Since it was the beginning of summer the boys were dressed in their usual attire, shorts, shoes and no shirts. Harry and Mike both pulled their shorts and underwear off at the same time. Both boys were wearing nothing but their shoes.

"Why are you two naked?" asked Jimmy.

"Cause it's more fun this way. Go ahead, take off your shorts." said Harry.

"I'm not taking mine off!" said Jimmy.

"Me neither!" exclaimed Billy.

"Why not? We've seen you naked lots of times. What about today at the pool when you changed into your swim trunks?" asked Harry.

"That's different." said Jimmy.

"OK, don't do it then. Mike, let's show them the books." said Harry.

Mike opened up the book on top. It was a Hustler magazine and he started showing the two younger boys the naked women. After several pictures Billy said they were gross and Jimmy agreed. The boys said they had hair between their legs and looked nasty.

Mike picked up a Playboy magazine and showed the boys the centerfold. It was a younger looking girl about 19 years old. She didn't have much hair and the boys could see her pussy. She was also very pretty.

"This one really gets me hot." said Mike as he started stroking his 11-year-old cock.

"Yeah! Me too!" said Harry as he too stroked his dick.

It didn't take but sixty seconds and both boys' cocks were fully hard. Mike's dick was about 4 1/2 inches and Harry had about 5 inches which was quite impressive for a twelve- year-old.

"Let's look at the smaller books, the ones with the younger girls doing all the sex things. I get my nuts off better with them." said Harry.

"Me too!" exclaimed Mike.

Mike let the two younger boys see the front cover. It had a young girl about 8 years old standing beside a boy who looked to be 10 or 11. They were holding hands and smiling. Both were good looking and both were naked. The book had some writing on it that was strange to the young boys, but at the bottom in big letters it read "Kinder Love."

The boy's dick was soft and the girl had her legs together.

"What's so special about that? And where did you get these books?" asked Jimmy.

"We found them in a box at the landfill, but that doesn't matter." said Mike as he continued to jack off.

"Yeah, show 'em the good stuff!" said Harry as he too stroked his cock.

Mike opened the book and the first page showed the boy standing with a smile on his face and the girl was on her knees in front of him. She was sucking his hard little dick.

"Geez, why is she doing that?" asked Jimmy.

"'Cause it feels real good to the boy and he will shoot his cream. You know, get his nuts off. And the girl likes to do it too. Show them some more." said Harry.

The next page showed the naked girl lying on a sofa with her legs spread and a big smile on her face. The boy was licking her bald little pussy.

"That's gross!" said Billy as he rubbed the front of his shorts. He didn't realize that his little 10-year-old cock had gotten hard.

"Yeah, gross!" seconded Jimmy as he too rubbed his now hard cock through his shorts.

This did not go unnoticed by Harry as he grinned and said, "Show them some more, Mike."

The next page showed the boy rubbing the head of his cock in the little girl's slit. Then the following page showed his dick about halfway in. Then all the way in. Next was a rear shot with the young lad's little sack bumping against her cute little ass as he continued to fuck her.

"I wish I could be the one fucking her!" moaned Mike as he stroked his dick faster.

Billy and Jimmy were looking hard at the pictures and rubbing their dicks through their shorts.

"Why don't you pull your shorts down and stroke your dick with your bare hand? It will feel even better." said Harry as he grinned and stroked his cock faster.

Jimmy looked at Billy at the same time that Billy looked at Jimmy. They both got a sheepish look on their little red faces.

Mike turned the page and it showed the kids had changed places and the girl was on top. His cock was still buried in her bald little pussy.

"I don't care! This feels good!" said Billy as he pulled his shorts down and started stroking his cock like Mike and Harry.

"Me Too!" exclaimed Jimmy as he too pulled his shorts down and stroked his dick.

"OOH!! I'm going to blow!" moaned Mike. "Here it comes! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! His cock shot out four or five small ropes of cum.

Billy and Jimmy had watched the whole thing.

"Is that what you mean about getting your nut off?" asked Jimmy, as his eyes went back to the book and he continued to rub his cock.

"Yeah. Getting my nut, shooting my wad, cumming, squirting my cream. It's all the same and it feels so good I can hardly stand it." answered Mike. "Damn, I can never get past three or four pages of the fuck pictures!" as he continued to stroke his cock, trying to keep it hard.

Mike turned the pages and it showed a girl of about seven and a boy about twelve doing the same things. Licking, sucking, and then fucking.

"How can he get his dick in her? It looks way too big." asked Jimmy.

"One of the smaller boys probably fucked her first and stretched her pussy." said Harry. "But then maybe he took his time and was gentle with her."

Mike turned the page and it showed two girls and two boys. Each new page showed them licking, sucking and then fucking.

"These are the ones that get me, where there's several kids fucking. I think it's called an orgy." moaned Harry. "Ooh Shit! Here it comes! Aaauuggghh!!" yelled Harry. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! He shot six or seven large ropes of cum and they flew about three feet.

"How come you squirted more stuff than Mike, and where did you learn about orgies and things?" asked Billy.

"I shoot more stuff than Mike because I've been jacking off longer than him. The more you do it the more you can cum and the harder you can squirt. The stuff is called cum, sperm, cream, love juice and lots of other names. I learned this off the Internet. All you have to do is type in "porn" in the search box and it will give you thousands of pictures and stories. The stories are where you learn all the names for sex stuff." answered Harry.

"Would you show me some good story places if I ever get on the Internet?" asked Billy as he continued looking at the pictures and stroking his cock.

"I sure will, and I'll even show you how to disable parental lock so that your folks can't block the porn sites." said Harry

"I've just got to have the Internet!" exclaimed Billy.

Mike finished the book and picked up another one.

"How many of these do you have?" asked Jimmy.

"We have six of these small ones with the really good pictures." answered Mike.

"Jimmy, why don't you and Billy each look through a book on your own? That way you can control what you look at and how fast you want to go." said Harry

They each picked up their own book and began turning the pages. Both books were full of different kids doing all kinds of sex things. The two boys continued stroking their cocks.

"It feels good, doesn't it?" asked Mike.

"Yes!" answered both boys at the same time as they turned the pages and jacked off.

"Holy shit! Billy, look at this girl. She looks like your sister! I know it's not, but she looks like her!" exclaimed Jimmy.

Billy looked and sure enough she looked like his soon-to-be 9-year-old sister, Katy. His dick gave a lurch.

"Oooh, she is so pretty! If she just had blond hair like Katy!" moaned Jimmy. "I wish that was my dick in her pussy!"

Jimmy couldn't take his eyes off the picture of the little girl as she was being fucked by a boy of about 10.

"OOOOOHH! What's happening? It feels so good I can't stand it! I can't quit! Feels too goooooddd!" yelled Jimmy. His four-inch cock was jerking and twitching, but nothing was coming out the end. His little balls had drawn up into his belly and his ass cheeks were so tight it almost hurt. After he came down he felt really weak.

"Has any one got a pencil? I want to write Katy on the front of this one." said Jimmy.

"I have a mark-a-lot, but write at the top so it's not on the picture." said Harry.

Jimmy wrote on the front cover "Katy- page 6" and handed the pen back to Harry.

"How come I didn't squirt white stuff?" asked Jimmy.

"You may have to do it several times before you squirt and then it may be clear-looking for awhile. After that the more you do it, the thicker and whiter it will be." said Harry.

"I'm going to do it lots and lots." said Jimmy.

This brought a chuckle from both of the older boys.

Billy finished with the magazine and pulled his shorts up over his hard-on.

His hand was getting tired and it felt like his dick was going to be sore. It felt really good, but he didn't like being watched. Not the first time, anyways.

"Billy, why'd you stop? Don't you want to feel what it's like to get your nut?" asked Mike.

"Sure I do. I was afraid I was going to make myself sore. I guess I'm a little nervous with everyone watching." said Billy. "I'll try it at home and then I'll be able to do it here."

Harry told him it was a good idea and that they needed to head home before it got dark. He told Mike to hide the books under the sofa. He said it wasn't a good idea to take any home and maybe get caught with them.

Billy was just getting ready to ask if he could take one home when Harry said that. He wanted so bad to see more of the sex stuff and the pretty girls getting fucked.

The boys rode home and they had a good twenty minutes before dark. No one wanted to get grounded for not letting their parents know where they were at, and they weren't going to tell anyone about their secret club.

All the way home, Billy couldn't get his mind off the books. They all agreed to go to the pool the next day and then Billy's friends left for their own houses. They no more than got out of sight when Billy had idea. He still had fifteen minutes before dark and it was only three blocks back to the barn. He took off riding as fast as he could go.

It was starting to get dark when he got there and the old barn was kind of spooky. He almost changed his mind about going in, but he had to have one of the books.

He went up the ladder as fast as he could go, reached under the sofa until he felt one of the small books. About that time he heard a noise. It was probably a bird coming to roost but in his mind it could be a monster. He grabbed the book and flew down the ladder. He missed one of the steps and skinned his shin. The 10-year-old boy was scared shitless.

Billy rode as fast as he could, and about a block from home he tried stuffing the magazine down the front of his shorts. It stuck up past the waistband of his shorts and there was no way to hide it. He decided to go down the side of his house where the bushes were growing and try to make it to the garage and hide his book there.

He just pulled up and put his bike down when he heard his youngest sister yell at their dad and tell him Billy was home.

His dad yelled from the front door, "Get your young butt around here, young man. You're in a heap of trouble!"

Billy did the only thing he could do. He pushed the book back in the bushes and started for the front of the house. He was in a panic. For some reason he remembered the little boy in the movie "Christmas Story" and how everyone said if he got a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas that he would shoot his eye out. The kid had a BB bounce off and it flew back and broke his glasses. He thought fast and said that an icicle fell off the house and broke his glasses. The lie had worked and he stayed out of trouble.

This thought went through his mind in about five seconds. Why couldn't he think that fast? Things were going from bad to worse. First he peels the hide off his leg on that stupid ladd.........

It hit him! He went to limping real bad and taking little baby steps. He came around the corner of the house just as his dad headed his way. He took about three baby steps and fell to the ground.

"Oh my god! Susie, get your mom!" yelled his dad.

His mother came running out of the house and they both wanted to know what happened. He told them that he hit some loose gravel on the edge of the road and fell off his bike. He said he had to walk really slowly and didn't think he was going to make it home.

His dad was no longer mad and the only real problem he had was his mom kept insisting that they take him to the emergency room for x-rays. He insisted that he would be alright, that he just needed to stay off it for a few hours. His mom wasn't hearing it and she got her way.

They x-rayed his leg and the doctor said it wasn't broken. He cleaned the wound and told them to put an ice pack on his leg for three or four hours. Billy asked the doctor if he could go swimming tomorrow and his mom said "no way," that he needed to stay off his leg and let it heal. The doctor told Billy's mom that swimming might take the soreness out and maybe make it heal faster. Saved again.

On the way home, Billy realized that he got out of one problem and created another. His folks were going to have to pay for the x-rays and doctor bills. No Internet for him.

He started crying and said to his dad, "I'm really sorry I cost you all that money for doctor bills."

"Not to worry son. Our insurance pays 100% for emergency room visits and we're not out anything." said his dad.

Saved again!

Then his dad spoke again. "Son, I do have a little bit of good news for you. This morning I asked Katy what she wanted for her birthday. I told her that we couldn't spend over $150 on her since we bought the computer. She wanted to know if she could have anything she wanted. I said she could as long as it wasn't illegal. She said she wanted you to have the Internet and maybe a new bathing suit of her own choosing. Your mom and I agreed and I called the phone company this morning. They're coming tomorrow to hook it up. Your sister must really like you."

Billy couldn't believe his sister would give up her birthday money for him. Maybe she wasn't such a pest after all. He looked over at Katy and she gave him a huge smile.

Then it dawned on him. She did look like the girl in the fuck book. He felt his dick give a little twitch. Billy then realized the book was still in the bushes and he had to try getting it to his room without getting caught.

When they got home Billy's mom made him go to his room to watch TV and she put an ice pack on his leg. She mother-henned him the rest of the evening, checking on him every half hour or so and bringing him ice cream and cokes.

Finally his family went to bed and Billy waited about an hour. Then he slipped out the back door and started looking for his book. He searched for fifteen minutes or so and was starting to panic. Then he remembered he was close to his bike when he had shoved it in the bushes. It was dark when he had done this and he was sure nobody would have seen him. He went farther down the side of the house to where his bike lay. He found it within two minutes. He stuck it in his pajama bottoms and pulled the shirt over it. Then he slipped back into the house.

Billy made it back to his room without getting caught. He locked the door and put the book under his pillow. Then he pulled off his pajamas and lay down on the bed and retrieved the book. He looked at the cover and on the front was "Katy-Page 6".

He hadn't seen any of the pictures, except the one that looked like his sister. He started turning the pages and his dick got hard by the second page. He started stroking his four-inch cock and by the time he got to page six he could feel his little nuts draw up.

Then he got a really good look at the girl who looked like Katy. She was beautiful and Billy thought she had the sexiest pussy. The boy in the picture must have thought so too. He had the biggest smile on his face as he pushed his dick in her pretty little bald cunny.

On page seven he had it all the way in and on page eight Billy could tell he was pulling it back, only the head was buried. Page nine he was about 3/4 back in. Page ten he had bottomed out again. That's when Billy felt the super good feelings come over him.

"Uuuuugghh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" moaned Billy. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! His four-inch cock was spitting out little squirts of clear fluid. He continued looking at the fuck scene and stroking his cock. It was the greatest feeling that he had ever had. It was so intense that he was shaking all over.

He put the book under his pillow and cleaned the clear liquid off his dick and belly with his pajama top. He put on his bottoms and went to the bathroom. The bathroom was between his room and his sisters' room. He turned on the light and took a piss. Then he went back to bed. He looked at his alarm clock. It was 11:30 p.m. Within ten minutes he was asleep.

About 3:00 a.m. Billy woke up with a raging hard-on. At first he thought it was a pee stiffy, but when he rubbed it he realized he didn't need to pee. He pulled his pajama bottoms off and got his book. He turned to page eleven and saw the cum shooting out of the boy's dick and hitting Katy's little pussy dead center. Page twelve showed him back in and the 10-year-old boy's ass cheeks were clenched tightly. Billy could tell he was still getting his nut.

There were about thirty pages in the book and Billy was stuck on page twelve. Seeing the boy's cock buried and cumming in his sister's look-a-like was putting him close to cumming himself.

Billy finally turned to page thirteen and saw three little girls, one about 6 years old and the other two about 7. They were sucking the cocks of three boys that appeared to be about 10 years old. The 6-year-old had dark hair and the two seven-year-olds had blond hair. They looked like twins.

Page fourteen showed the girls lying on the sofa and the boys were licking their pussies. Billy could see the girls' faces better without the cocks in their mouths and the two little blonds were indeed twins. They were all three very pretty but what shocked Billy was the fact that the twins looked like his sister Susie. His dick gave a lurch.

On page fifteen the boys were rubbing their cock heads through the girls' little slits. Billy turned to page sixteen and almost got his nut. The boys had their cocks in about an inch. There was about three inches of shaft showing. He turned to page seventeen. They were about halfway in the tiny bald pussies.

Eighteen showed them with their cocks buried and their little balls against the girls' bottoms. Nineteen showed them pulling back out 'til just the heads were in. Page twenty they were half way in again. Page twenty one the girls were holding their pussies open and the boys were blasting them with cum.

Page twenty two the boys had their cocks buried and all three boys had their little ass cheeks clenched tightly. Billy could tell they were still creaming the girls. It was too much for him.

"Ooh my god! Here it comes again! Uuuugghh!" moaned Billy .Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Once more he shot a half-dozen small squirts of clear fluid. And again he shook all over and got that real weak feeling.

He hid the book under his pillow and as he was cleaning his cum off with his pajama tops he realized what Harry and Mike were talking about. Nothing in this world could feel any better.

Billy didn't know it, but Katy had got up to take a pee. When she entered the bathroom she noticed a light under the door from Billy's room. At first she thought he had fallen asleep and left the light on. She cracked the door and was going to tiptoe in and turn his light out.

That's when she saw him naked and rubbing his weenie. He was looking at a small magazine as he stroked his cock. She watched him turn the pages and he began to rub faster. This went on for about five minutes and little Katy watched as her big brother started moaning and squirting out juice from the end of his weenie.

Katy felt her cunnie twitch and felt a wetness start to form. She watched as he cleaned up with his pajama tops and hid the magazine under his pillow. Then she closed the door and slipped back to her room.

She still had to pee, so she waited about ten minutes and then returned to the bathroom. She turned the light on and made the normal sounds of going to the bathroom. She didn't want Billy to think anything different. She didn't need to worry, in the ten minutes she waited, her big brother was fast asleep.

For the last six months, Katy and almost all her friends had been playing with their own and each others' pussies. They hadn't done anything but use their fingers, but they all learned how good rubbing their little clits could feel and all of them had reached an orgasm. Of course they called it rubbing their nubbies and getting the "feel goods".

Even little Susie was playing the games with Katy and all their friends.

That's why all they talked about was boys and most of Katy and Susie's friends wanted to talk about Billy. They had formed their own secret club called the Nubby Girls. Unlike The four boys club, the girls had close to twenty members and they would meet at 9-year-old Mindy's house on Saturdays.

Her parents were always gone on Saturdays and they would let Mindy and her little sister, 6-year-old Becky Invite their friends over. They were wealthy and the size of Mindy's bedroom showed it. She had a giant queen-size bed, a large sofa that could also be made into a queen-size bed, and her own big screen TV. A desktop computer and best of all, Mindy and Becky both had rooms alike.

Katy and the rest of the girls liked Mindy and her little sister. They didn't think they were better than anyone else and they always wanted to share everything with their friends, including their pussies. Most of the sleepovers were at Mindy's and Becky's

When Katy returned to her room she thought of her brother and what he was doing as she rubbed her nubby till she got the "feel goods". Before she fell asleep she made up her mind that she had to see what was in the magazine that Billy was looking at. She was sure it was some kind of sex book. Maybe with pictures of naked people.

About 7:00am, Billy's mom knocked on the door and called his name. Billy told her to come in. She turned the knob and found that the door was locked. Billy realized that he had forgotten to unlock it. He quickly got up and unlocked it.

His mother asked him how his leg was feeling. Billy wasn't sure if it was a loaded question. If he said it still hurt she might not let him go to the pool. He decided that it was feeling much better and he told his mom that.

She said she was glad because his dad wanted Billy to go with him to Suttersville to pick up some yard supplies. It was loaded all right. He didn't want go with his dad. He knew they would be gone till noon and he wanted to be here when they came to hook up the Internet. But mostly he wanted to look at the last eight or nine pages of his fuck book and get his nut off one more time before he had to take back it back to the barn.

His mother left the room and Billy quickly grabbed his book and hid it in the closet in a shoe box under some baseball cards. He didn't want his mom to find it in case she chose today to change his sheets. Then he got dressed in some shorts and a t-shirt. He wanted the shirt so he could hide the book when he took it back to the barn. Also his dad would want him to wear it because of the stores having a 'no shirt, no service' policy.

Katy had heard her mom knocking on Billy's door and she had slipped into the bathroom and cracked the door to watch and see if Billy would find a new hiding place for the magazine. She was proud of herself for being so smart. She knew where his new hiding spot was.

Billy had a quick breakfast and then asked his dad if he could stay home and wait for the Internet people. His dad acted like he was hurt. He looked forward to their little father and son trips. Normally Billy liked to go with his dad but today he had a lot going on.

"Son, the DSL people won't be here till after 5 p.m. We are the last on their list and we we're lucky that they worked us in. I had to tell them it was a birthday present to get it this quick. You will even be able to go to the pool this afternoon with your friends." said his dad.

"That's great dad, let's go. I always have fun on our trips." said Billy.

That's what Billy's dad wanted to hear. He got a big smile on his face.

Katy waited till she saw Billy and his dad pull out of the driveway and she headed for the magazine. She found it and took it to her room and locked the door. She looked at the cover and saw the naked boy and girl. They were standing on a beach and had their bodies pressed together as they hugged and kissed. The girl looked to be eight or nine years old and the boy looked about ten. Then she noticed the writing at the top: "Katy-page 6".

She started looking through the first few pages. She saw the sucking and licking and she couldn't believe that they were doing that. She could tell they were having lots of fun and that it had to feel really good. Her pussy was tingling and getting really wet. This was the hottest thing she had ever seen. When she got to page six she saw the boy with his cock buried in a very pretty little girl's pussy.

Katy had never seen fucking before. Her friends at the Nubby Girls club were always talking about it, but she was sure nobody had seen it either. They knew a boy put his weenie in a girl's cunnie and it was called fucking. All her friends had talked about wanting to fuck Billy. She rubbed her pussy and realized she would really like to fuck her big brother also.

She wanted to show her friends the book, but she knew that they wouldn't get together until evening. They were going to the pool and then have a sleep-over and meeting at Mindy's. There was no way that she could keep the book that long. She knew she had to have it back in Billy's hiding spot no later than 11:00am, in case they got back early.

Then an idea hit her. She remembered scanning some pictures on Mindy's all-in-one printer. It would scan them and put them on the computer and then print them if you wanted.

She checked to make sure her mom wouldn't hear and then she called Mindy. When she told Mindy about the magazine and all the hot pictures Mindy became so excited that Katy could hardly understand her.

She finally explained about needing to get the book back and wanted to scan and print the pictures to show at the meeting and sleep-over. Mindy said to bring it over right away. She said she had new ink cartridges and plenty of photo paper.

She asked her mom if she could go over to Mindy's for an hour to help her prepare for the sleepover. Her mom said it would be all right but to be back by noon for lunch and to take Susie to the pool. She said OK and went to her room. She put the magazine in her back pack and headed out the door. She rode her bike and covered the three blocks to Mindy's house in record time.

When she got to Mindy's room and started to get it out of her bag Mindy grabbed it. Katy had never seen her friend so excited but she understood because she was also excited.

Mindy started looking at the pictures and was rubbing her pussy and moaning. When she got to the pages with the boy and girl fucking her hands started shaking and she kept saying "Oh my god" over and over.

Katy told her that she didn't have much time and they needed to get them scanned. She said they could print them later. Mindy said OK and they began with the cover page. Twenty minutes later they had scanned the whole book.

Katy was getting ready to head home and put the book back. Mindy asked her to wait a few minutes and see if they were going to print out OK. Within five minutes they had thirty one pages printed and they were just as good as the originals.

As Katy was leaving Mindy told her she was going to make several sets and staple them together so they were just like the magazine. She said they would keep all the copies at her house for meetings and that way they wouldn't have to worry about anyone finding them. Katy realized that Mindy was really smart. Katy made it home and got the magazine back in its hiding spot without getting caught.

It was about 11:30 a.m. when Billy and his dad got home. When Billy walked in Katy looked at her brother and gave him her biggest smile.

"I sure would like to fuck him, he's so handsome and sexy." thought Katy.

"I sure would like to put my dick her pussy, she's so pretty and sexy." thought Billy.

Billy knew he only had a half hour to get the book back to the barn before lunch. He put the magazine down the front of his shorts and pulled his shirt over it. He hopped on his bike and rode the three blocks to the barn in record time. It was a bright sunny day and the barn wasn't scary at all. In fact it looked warm and inviting.

He climbed the ladder and once he made it to the top he felt that he had got the book back without getting caught. He pulled it out and laid it on the table and turned the pages to where he left off before, page twenty three. It had all eight kids, the Katy look-alike, the twin girls, the little dark-haired 6-year-old and the four boys lying in a large circle sucking and licking each other. It was boy-girl, boy-girl, boy-girl, all around the circle. The boys were licking pussies and the girls were sucking dicks.

Billy's dick became instantly hard. It had been over eight hours since he got his last nut and he was really hot. He pulled his shorts down and started stroking his dick.

On page twenty four the kids had started fucking. The girls were on the sofa. They were on their hands and knees and the boys were fucking them doggie style. On page twenty-five it showed the four boys with their dicks at different depths. One with just the head in, one halfway, one three quarters, and one buried to his balls.

On page twenty-six the boys were on the sofa and the girls were on their laps. They were facing away from the boys and it really gave a clear view of the four dicks sticking up in the four beautiful little bald cunnies. Page twenty-seven had the same view, but the girls had risen up so only the boys' cock heads were inside their tight little pussies.

Billy's hand was shaking as he turned to page twenty eight. The girls were lying on the sofa with their little asses on edge. The boys had their dicks buried in the girls' pussies but the boys had switched girls. Everyone had a different partner. When he turned to page twenty nine he almost lost it. The girls had their hands on their cute pussies and they were spreading them open. The boys were shooting their cum in them from about an inch away.

Page thirty put him over the edge. The four boys had their cocks buried to their balls and Billy could tell by the way their ass cheeks were clenched tightly that they were shooting more cum in the girls' hot little pussies. It was just too much for him.

"Holy shit! I'm gonna cum hard! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" groaned Billy as he shot about seven really hard squirts of clear fluid. It flew about two feet and there was more of it than his first two times. Billy was so weak he fell backwards onto the sofa. He lay there and his whole body made little shakes and jerks.

"Harry was right, the more you do it the better it gets!" thought Billy as he staggered to his feet. He used his finger to wipe the cum off the end of his dick. He didn't have any thing to wipe it on, and without thinking he licked it off.

"Hey, that didn't taste bad at all." thought Billy as he squeezed a few more drops from his cock and then licked his fingers. He realized that it had to be close to lunch and he didn't want to get in trouble. He might not be so lucky this time. He rode home as fast as he could.

He had just laid his bike down in the front yard when Susie stuck her head out the door and yelled. "Billy, time to eat!"

After lunch, Katy decided to call Mindy and see how she did on the pictures.

Mindy said that she did five full sets and she had just now finished. Katy asked her if the printer messed up. Mindy said no. The pictures were so hot that she made the "feel goods" four or five times and then she giggled. Katy giggled also.

Katy asked her if she was going to the pool. Mindy asked if Billy was going to be there. Katy said yes and Mindy said she would be there for sure. Both girls giggled and hung up.

The kids spent the afternoon at the pool and when Harry suggested they check out the girls, Jimmy and Billy actually beat the two older boys to the fence. The boys were looking at the girls and the girls were looking at the boys.

As they were leaving the pool, Billy told Harry that his Internet was going to be hooked up when he got home. Billy told him that his sisters were going to Mindy's for a sleepover and asked him to stay all night and show him some good story sites.

Harry called his mom and she said it would be fine, but she wanted him home by 9:00am for Sunday school. He said OK and hung up. Ten minutes later, the installer showed up and thirty minutes after that the boys were on the Internet. He didn't set the parental lock and Billy locked his bedroom door.

Harry showed him some cool links and how to bookmark them in a hidden file so his sisters couldn't find them. Harry showed him a link with preteen mind control stories. They read several stories and Billy decided he liked the "mc" stories a lot.

They told how one boy found a green stone and as long as he had it on his person he could get girls to do what he wanted. It said it wouldn't work on adults because they were too strong-willed. Some stories told of magic sayings and others about kids being born with mind control powers. All of the stories had boys using "mc" to fuck little girls.

The boys stayed up till 2:00am, and Harry almost didn't make it home in time for Sunday school.

Billy spent the morning reading preteen "mc" stories, and in one story the author said his story was true. He had found a magic ring and it gave him powers to control young girls. He said that for some reason it didn't work on all girls, but worked on 90% of them. He didn't know why. He said he found it lying in an old vacant lot. It was in a small wooden box and there were instructions about the ring's powers written on some old brown paper.

It said to always store the ring in the box and make sure the instructions were always with it. Billy read the story twice. It told about how he used it to control young girls and get all the pussy he ever wanted. It was a really hot story with lots of sucking, licking, and fucking

But the part that got Billy's attention was the last part of the story. It seems the box fell out of the author's pocket and he could never find it again. He said he lost it in a small town in Ohio and if anyone ever found it and returned to him he would reward them with a million dollars. Billy lived in a small town in Ohio and he made up his mind if ever found the ring that he would keep it.

Katy and Susie got home about noon and they really looked tired. They had looked at the pictures and all the girls in the Nubby Girls club ended up licking each others' pussies until the wee hours of the morning. Then they sat around and talked about ways to get the boys to fuck them. They were afraid to just come out and ask. They didn't know if the boys would tell on them and they would be in big trouble.

Katy asked Billy if she could play on the PC for a while. He said sure, he was going to meet Harry at his house and wouldn't be back till around 2:00pm.

"Why are you coming back at 2 o'clock? You usually hang out with your friends on Sunday afternoons." asked Katy.

"You sure are nosy. If you really need to know, the four of us are meeting here and then going for a bike ride." answered Billy. "You can play on the computer all afternoon, if that's what's worrying you."

"Thanks Billy, you're so sweet." answered Katy. Billy felt bad about being snappy with his sister.

They were going to the barn but Billy wasn't about to tell Katy that. He got on the phone and called Harry. He told him he would be there in about twenty minutes. Then Billy started telling Harry about the Magic ring story. He told him the complete story. About the mind control and how the guy got all the fucking he wanted and the part about the lost ring. He asked Harry if he thought it was true and Harry said it could be true.

But then again Harry loved mind control stories and he was a dreamer. Then Harry asked Billy if Jimmy was coming to the club house and Billy said he didn't know for sure, but he had called Mike and Jimmy and they were going to try to meet at Billy's at 2 o'clock.

The two boys didn't know that part of the stuff the girls talked about last night was some way to find out if the boys would want to have sex with them. They decided to spy on them. Katy heard the complete phone conversation, about the ring and more importantly about the club. She wished Billy could find the stupid ring and use it to fuck her and her friends.

She couldn't think about that right now, she had to call Mindy and some of the other girls and report about the boys' club. They needed to find out where it was at. Mindy picked up the phone on the second ring and Katy began to tell her about what she had overheard. Mindy suggested they check out Billy's PC and see what web sites he had visited.

Katy heard her brother leave and invited Mindy over. As soon as Mindy arrived, they went straight to the history to see where he had been surfing. Billy was new with the PC and hadn't learned to clear the history, but Katy had been playing on Mindy's PC for the last six months. Mindy had taught her a lot. The girls found the "mc" story site that Billy had been on and they began reading the titles.

They came to the story called "The Magic Ring".

"Hey, that's the story Billy was telling to Harry on the phone!" exclaimed Katy.

"Let's read it." answered Mindy.

The girls read the story and found out what it was about but also learned all kinds of other neat stuff. Like what all the sex words meant and what they were called. Their cunnies were called cunts, pussies, and several other names. Boys' wieners were called cocks, dicks, pricks, etc. They learned about clits, slits, and that licking pussies was called "eating pussy", and what jacking off and sucking cocks was all about. There was fucking, eating pussy, sucking cocks, and every sex position imaginable was in the story.

Both girls were really turned on and Mindy wrote down the URL for the site. Then she checked the search box and saw that it hadn't been cleared also. It only had one entry, "Porn stories." Mindy highlighted it and then clicked "go". It came up with several thousand entries.

The girls decided they would spend a lot of time on Billy's PC, as it didn't have the parental lock on it like Mindy's did. They were going to read lots of sex stories and search for other porn. Mindy told Katy not to show Billy how to clear history and she fixed it so that it would only clear every seven days. The girls were going to spy on what Billy was doing.

They finished on the PC and decided to go to Mindy's house and look at the pictures they had printed out. They rode their bikes at a slow speed so that they could talk.

Mindy was the first to speak. "That mind control story sure got me hot. I wish we could do mind control."

"I wish Billy would find that ring and use it to fuck us." said Katy.

"I have an idea!" exclaimed Mindy. She really seemed excited.

"What is it?" asked Katy. "Is it a way that we can find out where the boys' club house is?"

"Yes, that's part of it, but there's more. Let's call an emergency meeting of the Nubby Girls club and I'll explain my idea." They rode faster and were soon calling all their friends to meet at Mindy's in one hour. It was about one o'clock when the girls arrived. The kids seldom went to the pool on Sundays, so most of them showed up.

Mindy explained that there were two parts to her plan. The first was to find the boys' club house. She said that they would spread out in teams of four in both directions from Billy's house. Each girl would be about two blocks apart.

Then Mindy had her sister get the two sets of FSR radios they had gotten for Christmas. Tina and Mary said they also had a pair. That made eight radios.

She explained that they would hide and keep in contact by radio as they watched where the boys were going. Then when they found it they would call in and meet a short distance from the club. Then she went into great detail about the second part of her plan. She said they would fill in the girls that weren't there, on the second part later.

Katy reminded everyone that the boys were going to meet at her house a 2 o'clock and that was just fifteen minutes from now. There were twelve girls and they divided up the eight radios and headed for their hiding spots. They were all excited. It was like a police stakeout to the young girls.

About 2:10 p.m. the boys went one block east and then turned north. This had taken the girls by surprise. The nearest girl was Tina and she was two blocks east. She got on the radio and told everyone about the boys going north. Mindy wanted to know why they would go in that direction. There was nothing up that way but farm fields. Then she told Tina to get back to where they turned and see which way they turned when they hit the last street.

Tina just made it to the corner in time to see the boys turn right. About five minutes later the rest of the girls met up with Tina and they rode the two blocks north. When they got there, the boys were nowhere in sight.

Katy spoke first. "There's just a few houses down the way they turned, and nothing but that old barn way out in the field on the other side of the road."

"That's it! The barn is their club!" exclaimed Mindy. She was so excited she almost yelled it.

"I don't see their bikes." said Mary.

"They hid them inside the barn." answered Mindy.

"What do we do now?" asked Sherry.

"We wait till they leave and then check the place out." answered Mindy.

The girls all went back to Mindy's house and started to work on plan B, while they waited for the boys to go home. They had plenty of time to work on their plan because the boys didn't return until almost dark.

The four boys had spent the afternoon getting their nuts off while looking at their preteen fuck magazines. About the fourth time Jimmy got his rocks off he had started squirting small quantities of clear fluid. Billy however noticed his cream was getting milkier and thicker towards the end of the day.

That evening Billy spent time reading more mind control stories. The more he read the more his 10-year-old mind convinced him that mind control was really possible. He remembered how Harry showed him how to use the search box and he typed in "mind control". He was amazed at the results. He read different articles about it until midnight and then read the magic ring story one more time. He decided that from now on he was going to keep an eye out for it.

The next day Billy's mom woke him up early. She had some errands to run and since he was the oldest she wanted him to keep an eye on his two younger sisters. Billy had planned on getting his nut off before he came down for breakfast but his mom was having him do all kinds of chores. Then his sisters showed up and he never got a chance to be alone.

All Billy could think of was the fuck books with the hard little dicks sticking in those pretty little pussies. Billy called up Harry and asked him if he wanted to go to the barn after dinner. Harry told him he had to take his little sister to the pool because his mom was going shopping. He said he could probably go the rest of the week, but today he was screwed.

Billy called Mike and Jimmy. Mike promised Harry he would go to the pool with him and Jimmy had to watch his sisters for most of the afternoon. Mike had asked Billy if he wanted to come to the pool and Billy said he just had to go to the barn, even if it meant going by himself. Mike told him he understood, and that he had gone there several times by himself after they got the books.

Katy was on the other phone listening to every word between the boys. When Billy hung up, she called Mindy. She told her that Billy was going to the barn after lunch and none of his friends were going with him. Mindy said it was a perfect time to start plan B. She asked Mindy to meet her at the barn in twenty minutes.

Katy told Billy she was going to Mindy's for a few minutes and would be back soon. Susie stayed there so Billy was stuck there also. Besides, he didn't dare leave her alone. If his mom came home and he was gone, she would have a cow. He also realized that he could spend all afternoon at the barn

Katy and Mindy arrived at the barn and hid their bikes inside. They saw that the floor was dirt and had some straw scattered about.

"This doesn't look like a very good place for a club house." said Katy.

"Maybe it's in one of these rooms." answered Mindy.

They looked in the two small rooms and saw they were full of junk.

Then Mindy noticed the hay loft and the ladder going up to it.

"I wonder what's up there?" asked Mindy. "Let's look."

When the girls got to the top they saw the furniture and rug on the floor.

"Hey, this is neat!" said Katy.

"Yeah, and the good part is you don't have to worry about grownups catching you." said Mindy.

"This must be where the boys keep their magazine." said Katy.

"Yeah, let's look for it." said Mindy.

Katy looked under the cushion of the chair and Mindy searched the sofa. Then they looked underneath.

"I found something!" yelled Mindy.

She pulled out a handful of books and reached under and got the last ones. They looked at the two large magazines and saw nothing of interest. Then they picked up one of the small ones.

"Ooh my God! They're the same kind as the one we copied!" exclaimed Mindy.

"Only they got different kids doing sex stuff." said Katy.

The girls knew they didn't have much time so they looked through the magazines quickly.

"We have got to copy these on my printer." said Mindy.

"Yes, but we can't take any now. Billy's coming after lunch." said Katy.

At the far end of the hay loft were some old bales of straw. They were stacked like a wall that made another small room. The girls put the magazines back and started work on plan B. They moved two or three bales so there were small gaps between them, just enough that they could peek through them while they hid behind them. The girls finished up and headed home.

That afternoon Billy headed for the barn. When he got there, he took his bike inside and laid it down. He started walking towards the ladder and something shiny caught his eye. The corner of it was barely sticking out of the dirt floor.

Billy bent down and dug it up with his bare hands. He thought maybe he had found a small treasure. When he got it out he saw it was covered in a silver paper and all taped up like a birthday present. It was all dirty and Billy couldn't tell how long it had been there.

"It must have got uncovered from us walking over it so many times." thought Billy as he began to tear the paper off. When he got the paper off he saw it was small wooden box and it was also dusty and looked really old.

He climbed the ladder to the loft and sat on the sofa and opened the box. It was half full of dirt. He dumped it out on the table and his eyes got as big as saucers. There in front of him, all covered with dirt, was a ring and an old piece of brown paper. The 10-year-old boy's hands were shaking as he picked up the paper and wiped the dirt off.

The paper read "This is a magic ring. It gives the wearer special powers. The person who has this ring will have mind control powers over 90% of the kids he or she comes in contact with. If it is worn by a male the control will be over females only. If worn by a female, control will be over males only. It will not work on persons over twelve years old. If the wearer tells anyone of the ring's powers, it will not work for 100 years."

"Heed these warnings. Never tell about the ring. You can only mind control for pleasurable things. It will not work to cause someone to harm themselves or others. Last warning. Always keep the ring in the box when not wearing it, and always keep the instructions in the box. Yours truly, George Samels, dated this 15th day of June, 1878."

Billy blew all the dust off the box and paper and put the paper back in the box. Then he picked up the ring and wiped the dirt off and tried it on. It would only fit on his largest finger. It had little red and green stones in it.

"I don't feel any different." thought Billy.

He put the box in his shorts pocket and got the books out and pleasured himself for the rest of the afternoon. Billy got his nuts off six times and he noticed his cum was thicker and whiter. It was about as thick as Harry's. Also he was shooting harder, his cream was flying two or three feet. He was real proud of himself.

When he got home he went to his room and hid the box in the closet where he had hidden the magazine. His sister Katy walked into the room and asked if she could surf the web for a few minutes.

"First, get me a coke." said Billy. Katy never said a word. She walked out and a couple of minutes later returned with a coke. He was wondering if the ring was working or if his sister was just being nice. He decided to try something else.

Billy walked into his sister Susie's room. "Susie, bring me 5 cookies from the kitchen." Again no response, she left and returned with 5 cookies.

He thought he would try something else. He decided to try something more bold and daring. He knew he could get into big trouble but he was hoping if the ring didn't really have powers that his little sister wouldn't tell on him. Billy's heart was beating a mile a minute. He was scared shitless.

Then he spoke. "Susie, I want you to see if mom and dad are watching TV. I don't want you to say anything to them. When you get back you are going to pull your shirt off and ask me to rub your titties and lick the nipples. This will be your idea, Susie. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Billy." answered Susie as she left her room. She was gone for several minutes and Billy got really scared. She was probably telling their parents and he was going to be in real trouble. He decided he would say that she must have misunderstood him.

Susie walked in and closed the door and locked it. Then she pulled off her shirt and said. "Billy, would you rub my titties? They're kinda sore, and maybe lick my nipples. Please."

"Are you sure you want me to?" asked Billy.

"Ooh yes!" answered Susie as she pushed her little flat chest at him.

Billy rubbed her nipples and gave them gentle little squeezes. Then he bent over and started sucking her nipples, going from one to the other. Susie started moaning and her breathing became louder. Billy's dick was hard, and just when he reached down to rub it, he heard someone coming down the hall.

He quickly handed Susie her shirt and she pulled it on just as he opened the door and almost ran into his mom. His mom didn't think anything about him being in his sister's room. They had spent time playing in each other's rooms all their lives.

Billy went to his room. Katy was still on the PC, and when he walked in she closed out the site she was on. He decided he would give the ring one more try.

"Katy, I'm going to take this empty coke bottle to the kitchen trash can. While I'm gone I want you to continue surfing the Internet. When I get back you will pull up your dress and show me your panties. Then you will ask me to rub your pussy. This will be your idea. It's something you really want. You will remember this, but you will never tell anyone. Do you understand?" said Billy.

"Yes, Billy." answered Katy as she went back on the Internet. Billy stayed gone for five minutes and then he came into his room and locked the door.

Katy stood up and walked over to Billy. Then she raised up her dress and said, "Billy, would you rub my pussy? I won't ever tell anyone. Please."

"Are you sure you want me to?" asked Billy

"Ooh yes! More than anything." answered Katy.

He looked at her panty-covered pussy and saw a beautiful little camel toe. This made his dick jerk and throb. His right hand went to her pussy and his left to her sweet little ass. He began rubbing her through her white cotton panties.

Katy started moaning. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

Then he spoke again. "I want you to pull your panties down to your knees and ask me to put my fingers in your slit. Then I want you to put your hands in my shorts and rub my dick. Do you understand?"

"I understand." answered Katy as she pulled her panties down and shoved her hand down the front of his shorts.

Billy rubbed his finger in her little slit and Katy began rubbing his dick. Katy was moaning loudly and her breathing had become ragged. Suddenly their dad knocked on the door and told Billy he wanted him to take the trash to the curb. He told him to drop what he was doing and get it done.

'"Shit, what rotten luck." thought Billy as he walked out the door.

When he came back his mom told him it was bed time and to tell his sisters to take a bath and get to bed. She said he could take his bath after them as he was oldest.

Billy told Susie what his mom said and then went back to his room to tell Katy. She wasn't there; she had gone back to her own room. Billy cut through the adjoining bathroom and found her sitting on her bed.

"Are you OK, Katy?" asked Billy.

With a huge smile on her face she said, "I'm fine. In fact I feel great." This made Billy feel a little braver.

"Katy, for the rest of the night you will do everything I tell you. You will think it's your idea and you will really want to do it. You will remember everything but you won't tell anyone. Do you understand?"

"Yes Billy, It will be my idea because I really want to do it." answered Katy.

"When you go to bed you will stay awake until mom and dad are asleep. Then you will come into my room and pull your night gown and panties off. Then you will ask me if you can sleep with me. Then you will want to have sex with me and do whatever I suggest." said Billy.

"Yes, Billy." answered Katy before he could ask her if she understood.

Everyone got their baths over and went to bed. Billy locked his door and turned on his bedside lamp. He grabbed a couple of comic books and started to read. He wanted to be awake when Katy came in. If she came in!

About thirty minutes after Billy heard his parents' door close, the bathroom door on his side opened. Katy walked over to the edge of the bed.

"I don't know what's the matter with me tonight, I can't seem to sleep. Can I sleep with you, Billy?"

"Sure sis, hop in." said Billy as he threw the covers off.

Katy pulled her shirt and panties off and lay down on the bed beside him. Billy took one look at her naked 9-year-old body and almost lost his breath. Then he looked at her tiny bald pussy and moaned.

"Damn, Katy, you have the prettiest pussy I've ever seen!"

Billy was lying with his underwear on and Katy grabbed them and pulled them off.

"OOH! Billy your dick is beautiful!" moaned Katy, as she put her hand on it and began stroking his four-inch cock. Billy started rubbing her pussy and kissing her tiny nipples.

They did this for about five minutes and Billy wanted to try the stuff he had seen in their fuck books. He got between Katy's legs and started kissing all over her sweet little mound. He did this a couple of minutes and then ran his tongue in her slit. Katy shuddered and moaned. After about twenty licks he hit her clit. Her hips jerked up like they were spring loaded.

"Ooh Billy that feels so good when you hit my little nubbin at the top! Do it some more, lots more! Please!"

Billy didn't need to be asked twice. He continued licking her tiny pussy, paying special attention to her clit. It didn't take two minutes until Katy was having her first orgasm with a boy's tongue.

"Uuuuuum! That's soooo goooood !" moaned Katy as she shuddered through her climax. Billy continued to lick her bald little pussy until she was close to another climax and then he put a pillow under her ass. He scooted forward on his knees until his cock made contact with her tiny mound.

He began rubbing the head of his dick against her slit and on the third time it parted. He felt the warm, moist slit against his cock head and it was wonderful. It was his first contact with a real live pussy and he would remember it the rest of his life.

"Billy, that feels really good. I love your dick on my pussy!" said Katy, as she too had her first contact with a boy. He rubbed his cock through her slit for about five minutes. Then he pushed the head against her tiny opening and began gently hunching at it. Katy began humping back.

Each time Billy hunched forward, the ring of her opening would squeeze the tip of his dick. It felt so good he didn't know if he could last much longer. Katy was moaning and her little cunny was really wet. She started humping back even harder. Billy's dick was pouring pre cum and he was moaning also. Suddenly his cock head popped in just past her tight little ring. It put him over the edge.

"Auuuuggghhhh!!!! Katy! Katy! Katy!" Groaned Billy as he blasted her with hot cum. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! He began pulling the head in and out as he shot rope after rope of his little boy cream. Billy fucked her with just the head for several minutes and then left it inside and started going deeper.

About six strokes and he had his four inches buried and his little nuts were bumping her tiny ass. He began making three-inch strokes and Katy was moaning louder as she fucked back at him. Katy's little pussy was so hot and tight that Billy could feel his balls start to tingle and he knew he was getting closer to blowing another nut.

Suddenly Katy tensed up and her whole body was quivering. She gave one long moan." Ooooooooohhhh!!! Billy! Billy! Billy!" as she began her second climax. That's all it took to cause Billy to have his second climax also.

"Holy shit! I'm there, Katy! AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!" groaned Billy as he filled her little 9-year-old cunny with his hot sperm. Billy's dick remained hard and he continued to slowly pump his four-inch cock in her preteen pussy.

That's when he heard the bathroom door open. His head jerked around and he was scared shitless. He thought his mom or dad had caught them. It was his sister Susie.

She was rubbing her eyes as she walked in and then she spoke. "Billy, have you seen Katy? I had a bad dream and I wanted to sleep with her." That's when she saw Katy lying under Billy and noticed his cock was sticking in her sister's cunny.

"Ooh my, what are you doing?" asked Susie as she put her hand over her mouth in shock. Then she turned and headed back towards the bathroom.

"Susie! Stop! I want you to come here." said Billy. She stopped, turned around and walked to the edge of the bed. Billy's dick had shrunk and he was almost in a panic. He hoped the power of the ring wouldn't let him down.

"Susie, I want you to take your nightgown off and lie down beside Katy. Then I want you to ask me to fuck you too. You really want to do this and it will be your idea. You will do everything I say and you will remember everything, but you will never tell anybody." said Billy.

"Yes, Billy." answered Susie as she pulled off her gown and lay down beside her sister.

Billy realized the ring was working and he felt more at ease. He looked at his baby sister as she laid there in nothing but her little cotton Barbie panties. Her legs were parted just enough for him to notice they were pulled up in her little slit and were showing a beautiful little camel toe.

He felt his dick respond. Instantly he had another hard-on. He reached over and rubbed her panty covered pussy. He did this for about two minutes and Susie spread her legs and moaned softly. He moved over to Susie and began kissing her tiny mound. He told Katy to kiss and play with her sister's tits and she popped a nipple in her mouth and started sucking.

Billy pulled the crotch of Susie's panties to the side and began running his tongue in her tiny slit. She began moaning and pushing her pussy against his face. He did this for a couple of minutes and then flicked the tip of his tongue across her miniature clit. Susie gave a jerk and grabbed his head and pulled it tighter against her bald little mound.

With Katy sucking Susie's tits and Billy eating her pussy, it only took two or three minutes for her to have an orgasm. She was really moving her 7-year-old ass up and down, trying to get more of his tongue.

"Billy! Billy! Billy! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" groaned Susie as she bucked and jerked through her climax.

Billy continued to lick her pussy for several minutes and he could tell she was getting worked up again. He grabbed the waist band of her panties and pulled them down and off. Then he grabbed the pillow that Katy had been lying on and placed it under Susie's tiny ass.

He moved up until the head of his cock made contact with her little mound and began rubbing it up and down her crack. About the fourth or fifth time it parted her slit and he felt the wetness and warmth of her 7-year-old pussy on the head of his cock. Both kids moaned at the same time.

Billy rubbed his cock in her slit for several minutes making sure to give her clit plenty of attention. He could tell she was really excited so he pushed his cock head against her tiny opening and began gently hunching against her. After a half dozen times Susie began humping back at him, only she wasn't being so gentle.

He could feel the ring to her opening squeezing the tip of his dick every time they hunched together and it was really feeling good to him. He was getting close to blowing his nut. His 10-year-old cock was leaking precum and Susie's cunny was getting really wet. This combined with the hunching, caused his cock head to pop inside her little hole.

"OOOOHHH!" They both moaned at the same time. Billy remained still and was getting ready to ask her if she was all right but he didn't have a chance. Susie pulled back and then humped up causing the head to squeeze back inside. She did this three or four times before he realized she was fucking his cock head and really enjoying it.

He began moving with her and it only took two minutes till he felt his little nuts draw up. Her little pussy was squeezing the head of his cock so tightly that it just felt too good. He couldn't hold off.

"Ooh Susie, I'm going to cum!" moaned Billy as he worked the head in and out of her 7- year-old bald cunny. "Aaaauuuggghh!!! Here it comes!" groaned Billy as he began squirting his cum in her tiny pussy.

Every time the head popped in he would shoot a wad of sperm. He shot eight or nine times and his little ass cheeks would clench tightly on every spurt. Billy decided it was one of his best cums yet.

Susie was getting really close to her second orgasm and she began humping harder against Billy. She was leaving the head inside and with her pussy full of slick sperm Billy's dick started going deeper. After a dozen strokes his four inches was buried and his little sack was bumping against her sweet little ass.

The two kids started a rhythm and five minutes later Billy could feel himself getting closer to his fourth cum of the evening. Little Susie was rapidly heading for her second. With Katy sucking her nipples and Billy pumping his four-inch cock in her 7-year-old pussy, Susie began her climax.

"Ooh Billy, I love you! Uuuuuuuuum!!!! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" moaned little Susie as she jerked and thrashed her way through her second orgasm. That was all Billy could stand. He looked down and watched his cock slide in and out of her tiny bald pussy and it put him over the top.

"Susie! Susie! Suuusssiiieee! ERRRRRRRGGHH! So good! So good!" moaned Billy. Spurt! Spurt! His ass cheeks tightened up as he shot rope after rope of hot cum into her preteen pussy. The two kids fucked for another five minutes and then collapsed in each other's arms.

Then Billy spoke. "I want you girls to go back to your rooms and in the morning you will remember everything and will always want to have sex with me. You will never tell anyone."

"Yes, Billy." answered both girls as they picked up their clothes and headed for their rooms.

Part 2

The next morning, Billy's mom was knocking on his door and yelling, "Breakfast in five minutes." Then she went down the hall and repeated at each of her daughter's doors.

Billy was sitting on the edge of his bed when Katy and Susie walked in.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." said Susie.

"Morning, sis." answered Billy.

"I sure had fun last night." said Katy. "I can't wait to do it again."

"Me too!" exclaimed Susie. "I want to do it lots more."

"Don't worry, we're going to be doing it from now on." said Billy.

"Oh goodie!" said Katy.

"Yeeeaaahhh!!" yelled Susie. As the girls left his room, Billy headed for the bathroom to pee.

"The ring really works good. I can't wait to try it on some of Katy and Susie's friends." thought Billy.

After breakfast, Billy called his three friends and asked them to meet him at the barn in half an hour.

They all wanted to know what was up but Billy just told them it was important and he would tell them in person. Billy knew he couldn't tell his friends about the ring because he remembered that it would lose its powers for a hundred years if he told anyone. He was never going to tell!

When the boys arrived at the barn Billy just asked them straight out if they would like to have some real pussy to fuck and suck. Of course the boys were all for it, but they wanted to know what he had in mind.

Billy told them he was willing to ask his sisters if they would bring some of their friends to the barn and if they said OK, they could "accidentally" show them the magazines and maybe talk them into fucking.

"I don't think that's a good idea." said Mike. "What if they said no and then told on us?"

"Mike's right." said Harry. "If they ratted us out we would lose our books and they would know about our club, not to mention how much trouble we would be in."

"What about if we hid all the books but one? Then if they told on us we could hide the book and just have the Playboy to give up." said Billy.

"Yeah, we could say that was the book they saw. We can say the girls were the ones that found it and we didn't even know it was there." said Mike.

"I don't know, that's taking a big chance." said Harry.

"What if I get them here and I do all the talking. I'll also take all the blame if things don't go as planned." said Billy.

"I'd like to have some real pussy but I don't think any girls are going to want to. They'll think it's nasty and tell for sure." said Jimmy. "Count me out."

Then Harry spoke. "Are you sure you'll take the blame? I'm the oldest and I would get in the most trouble."

"If I'm the one who talks them into coming and I tell them you don't know anything about it then you can't be blamed." said Billy. "This may be your only chance to have real sex before you get old."

"What do you think, Mike? I sure would like to fuck some real pussy and I sure can't ask anyone." said Harry.

"I'm willing to chance it if you are." said Mike.

"OK, let's do it!" said Billy. "Let's hide all the books but one. We can hide the Playboy in a separate place so if we have to show it to my folks it won't be with our good ones."

"You're sure smart for a 10-year-old." said Harry.

"I learned from you." grinned Billy.

"I'll help you hide the books so I'll know where they're at when things cool off." said Jimmy. "But I don't want to know when you do this."

"OK, it's just the three of us. When do you want to do this?" asked Harry.

"Just as soon as I can talk to my sisters, and if they agree to bring some of their friends it will be as soon as they can arrange it." said Billy. "Maybe this afternoon or tomorrow."

The boys hid the five fuck books and the Hustler magazine in the back of the barn. They put the fuck book that showed the most kids under the sofa cushion. The Playboy was hidden under the sofa.

When Billy got home he asked his sisters to go outside and play. Billy took them behind the garage so no one would hear what he had to say. He asked them if they wanted to join his club. He told them that it was Harry, Mike, and himself. The girls asked him where the club was. Of course they already knew.

Billy wanted to know if they wanted to join before he told them where the club was at. They both wanted to join and wanted to know if it was some place private so they could fuck. Billy told them it was, then asked them if they might want to fuck Harry and Mike also.

"I don't really want to do it with anyone but you." said Katy.

"Me either!" exclaimed Susie. This wasn't working out like he had planned. Then Billy remembered the ring.

"Katy, Susie, you both would like to have sex with me, Harry, and Mike. You will go in the house and get me a Pepsi and bring it back here. When you get back you will ask me if you can have sex with Harry and Mike, if it's all right with them. It will be your idea. You will really want to do this. You will also want to bring some of your friends. You will try to convince them to join the club and also have sex with us," said Billy. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Billy." said both girls at the same time. Then they went in the house and returned with his Pepsi.

"We thought about the club. Do you think Harry and Mike would want to fuck us too?" asked Katy.

"It sure would be fun if they did." said Susie.

"I'm sure they would." said Billy.

"Would you boys let some of our friends join?" asked Katy. "They may want to have sex too. We could talk to them and see how they feel about it."

"Have you ever talked to them about boys and sex and things?" asked Billy.

"They think boys are gross." said Susie. "But we could hint around and maybe tell them how much fun it is."

"We wouldn't tell them who we did it with unless they say they want to do it too," said Katy.

"OK, if you can find a few that you can trust and you know they won't tell, then I guess they can join." said Billy. "Just let me know who they are if you find someone who wants to join."

"OK, we'll see if some of our friends will meet us at Mindy's house and we'll let you know." said Katy.

The girls ran to Katy's room and made the call to Mindy. They were so excited they could hardly talk. By the time they got to Mindy's, she had called all the girls in the Nubby Girls club and several were on their way over.

Of course Katy and Susie told them about Billy licking their pussies and fucking them. There was no need to ask them if they wanted to join the club or fuck the boys. They had wanted this for months. They were so excited they could hardly wait. Some of the girls wouldn't be able to go the first time but all of them would be there soon. Katy got a list of the ones who could go after lunch and headed home.

She got Billy outside and they went behind the garage. She told him some of the girls were interested in joining the club but she wasn't sure if they would want to do sex stuff. She said a couple seemed a little interested and would think about it. Then she gave him a list of the girls that could come after lunch.

Billy took the list and began to read it. There was Katy, Susie, 6-year-old Amy, 9-year-old Mindy, her 6-year-old sister Becky, 8-year-old Mary and her 5-year-old sister Inna, 9-year-old Tina and her 7-year-old sister Patty.

Billy couldn't believe it. Counting his sisters that made nine girls. He was hoping for maybe six girls in total, which would be two apiece.

"I don't know, sis. That's a lot of girls." said Billy. "How are we going to fuck with that many there?"

"That's OK Billy, a couple of them seemed interested and the ones that don't want to can leave. They all promised not to tell about the club or what goes on there." said Katy.

"That's still a lot of girls to maybe rat us out." said Billy.

That's when Katy told him about the other eleven girls who wanted to join but couldn't be there after lunch. They wanted to come later, a few tomorrow and maybe a few the next day. She explained that a couple of them expressed interest in maybe doing some sex stuff. She told him it might take that many to come up with four girls who would want to do it. Billy realized she was probably right.

Billy told her about the barn and how to get there. Of course she already knew. He told her to have every one there at 1:00 p.m. He also told her to have everyone hide their bikes inside.

Katy called Mindy. Billy called Harry and Mike and said to meet at the barn. At 12:15 Harry and Mike called back and said they wouldn't be there until a little after 2:00 p.m. Harry said he had to go with his mom to help with the grocery shopping and Mike was going to help so they could get away quicker.

Billy wondered if they were staying gone for awhile to see if there was going to be any trouble. Since the girls were going to be there he decided he better show. He figured he was on his own.

About 12:30 p.m. Billy and his sisters arrived at the barn. Billy was surprised to find the other seven girls already there. They said they had been there about two minutes. Mindy said it wasn't a very good place for a club; it had a dirt floor and no place to sit. That's when Billy pointed to the hayloft and the ladder.

"Come on, let's take a look." said Mindy as she started up the ladder. The rest of the girls started up the ladder behind her. All the girls had on t-shirts and shorts and that's when Billy noticed their cute little asses. Billy was the last one up and all of the girls were saying how neat it was and it was a good place for a clubhouse.

Billy whispered in Katy's ear. "How are we going to know who wants to mess around?"

"I don't know. Maybe we can talk some of them into it. We sure can't force them. It's too bad you don't have some sex pictures." Katy whispered back.

Again he whispered in her ear, "There's a sex book under the sofa cushion. You can pretend you just now found it."

Katy nodded her head. Then she asked Billy if they could put the cushions on the floor so everyone would have a place to sit. Before he could answer she grabbed the cushions and tossed them on the floor. That's when she pretended to see the magazine.

"What is this?" asked Katy as she picked up the book.

"I don't know. It must belong to whoever stored this furniture up here. We didn't know it was there." said Billy.

He wanted to protect himself in case some of the girls freaked out. He watched as Katy laid it on the table and let the girls all see the cover. Then she turned the page. It showed two naked boys with hard-ons and two naked girls with their mouths on the boys' dicks. He heard some of the girls saying how nasty it was and he heard a few giggles.

Katy turned the page and it showed the two girls lying back on the sofa and the boys were licking their pussies. He heard someone say it was gross and another say it was sick. Again he heard a couple of giggles.

As Katy turned the pages she made sure every one had a chance to see each one. It turned from licking and sucking to fucking and ended up with three girls and three boys. When she finished the last page she closed the book. That's when Mindy and Tina picked it up and started through it a second time.

That's when 8-year-old Mary said she was leaving, that she didn't want to be in a club with nasty stuff. 7-year-old Patty said she was leaving also and hoped her mom didn't find out she looked at that sex stuff.

That's when Billy got scared. He figured one of them would tell. He hoped the ring would work. Just as Mary reached the ladder he decided to go for broke.

"Mary, Patty, stop! Come back here!" said Billy. Both girls came back and stood in front of him.

Then he spoke again. "Listen up girls, all of you. I'm going to go down below and pee. You are all going to look at the book again. You are all going to decide that you like it and want to do the sex stuff with me, Harry, and Mike. When I come back you will have talked it over and it will be your idea to have sex. You will do what I say and you will want to do it. You will have fun and will never tell anyone."

The he climbed down the ladder. He didn't really need to pee, but just in case the ring didn't work it would give some of the girls that might want to mess around a chance to try and talk the others into it.

He waited two or three minutes and he could hear whispering and giggles. He climbed back to the loft. When he got to the top his mouth dropped open. All nine girls had their hands in the front of their shorts and seemed to be rubbing their pussies.

That's when Mindy spoke. "Billy, will you do sex with me? Please, please."

"Do me Billy! Do me!" exclaimed 8-year-old Mary.

"I wanna go first." whined 7-year-old Patty.

"Everyone who wants to have sex raise their hand." said Billy. Nine hands shot up at the same time.

"This ring really works, I'll never doubt it again." thought Billy.

Billy spoke again. "Girls, I want you to take off your T-shirts, your sandals and your shorts. Leave your panties on for now."

The girls did as he said and within a minute they were standing there in their little cotton panties. All nine girls had their panties pulled up in their cracks and he was looking at nine little camel-toes. Billy's dick was hard within seconds. He had them all do a slow turn so he could look at their cute little asses.

Billy told 6-year-old Amy, 6-year-old Becky, 7-year-old Patty, and 5-year-old Inna to sit on the edge of the sofa and lean back. He told the rest of the girls to stand behind the sofa and watch until it was their turn.

Then he got on his knees between Amy's legs. He noticed that with the cushions off that his dick was at the perfect height to fuck the girls' sweet little pussies. He bent forward and planted several kisses on Amy's panty-covered mound. He licked her little camel-toe four or five times.

Next he moved in front of Becky and kissed and licked her panty-covered pussy. Billy noticed her faint little-girl pussy odor and it made his cock twitch in his pants. Next was Patty. He kissed her mound and licked her crack five or six times. She was the first one to moan.

Last was the pretty little 5-year-old Inna. He rubbed her mound with his fingers a half-dozen times then he leaned forward and planted several kisses on her tiny mound. When he ran his tongue through her panty-covered camel-toe, she shivered and moaned. He gave her a few extra licks.

Then he moved back to Amy and had her pull her panties to the side. Her little bald pussy was beautiful. He kissed it half a dozen times and then ran his tongue through her little slit. Amy pushed her cunny against his face and moaned. Then he began licking her slit and on the fourth or fifth time he hit her clit.

She grabbed his head and pulled him tight against her pussy. Billy continued licking her pussy and teasing her tiny clit. About three minutes later, the little 6-year-old was moaning and jerking through an intense orgasm.

Billy licked her for a few more minutes and then moved over to Becky. She already had her panties pulled to the side and was rubbing her clit with her finger. When Billy leaned forward she moved her finger and spread her legs a little wider. Then he kissed her bare little mound a few times and then buried his tongue in her slit.

He licked her several times and then went right after her clit. Becky grabbed his ears, pulled him tight and began moving her ass up and down. She didn't last two minutes. She gave a loud groan and her whole body went stiff. She shuddered through her climax as Billy attacked her sensitive little clit with the tip of his tongue. She went limp.

Billy moved in front of Patty and she too had been fingering her pussy. Billy kissed her mound and repeated what he had done to the first two girls. He licked her a few times and then went after her clit. She wrapped her legs around his head and smashed his tongue against her clit and began rocking her sweet little ass up and down. Two minutes later, she was shaking and shivering through a large orgasm.

Billy licked her until she let his head loose and then moved to 5-year-old Inna. Little Inna had been watching the other girls and was really turned on. She had her panties pulled to the side and was rubbing her little clit but she also had a finger pumping in and out of her miniature hole.

When Billy saw this he moaned and rubbed his cock. That's when he realized he still had his shorts on. He pulled his shorts and underwear off and he was completely naked. The girls all exclaimed what a pretty cock he had and how stiff it was. Billy blushed at their compliments. He got back on his knees and stroked his cock a couple of times, showing off to the girls.

Then he leaned forward and began kissing Inna's tiny bald mound. She moved her finger from her hole, but continued to rub her clit as Billy planted kisses all over her tiny pussy. Then he ran his tongue through her slit a dozen times and then went after her clit. Inna's little ass came six inches off the sofa. She began humping her tiny little ass up and down as fast as she could move it. She didn't last sixty seconds. She would tense up for three seconds and then rock her pussy against his tongue two or three times. Then tense up again. She did this over and over for about two minutes.

She finally slowed down and Billy moved back to Amy. By the time Billy got back to her, Amy was really worked up again. She felt like she was close to another orgasm. He had the little 6-year-old scoot her ass close to the edge of the sofa. Then he told the four girls on the sofa to take their panties off. They all had them off within seconds.

Then he spanked his four-inch cock five or six times on her hairless little mound. He didn't know why he wanted to do that but he decided it was fun. He began rubbing his cock head through her slit. He did this about a dozen times and then placed the head against her little hole and began making small hunches. Amy began hunching back and because she was so wet the head popped inside.

"Oooooh!" moaned both kids at the same time. Billy pulled the head out and then squeezed it back in. She was really tight and he couldn't believe how good it felt. Amy was feeling the same good feelings. He started pulling it out and squeezing it back in. He did this about twenty times and he felt his little balls draw up. He was going to blow his nuts. He wanted it to last a little longer but he just couldn't stop pumping his cock in her tight little opening.

"OOOH!! I'm going to cum! Here it comes!! Auuuggghhh!!!" yelled Billy as he continued pumping the head of his cock in and out of her vice-like opening while shooting rope after rope of his little boy cum. His dick remained hard and as he continued stroking her, Amy began pulling him deeper. About ten strokes and he had his four-inch cock buried and his little sack was bumping against her tiny bottom. This put Amy over the top.

"UUUUEEEEWW! Billy, help me! Help me!" groaned the little 6-year-old as she shook her way through her second climax. This really got Billy excited and he pumped his little cock in and out of her super tight pussy and felt like he could get another nut. He fucked her for another five minutes and as Amy came down he started getting hotter and hotter.

He finally pulled out and moved in front of Becky. The little 6-year-old had already got as close to the edge of the sofa as she could. Billy spanked his cock on her bald mound three or four times. It was his way of having his dick kiss her pussy. Then he rubbed the head in her slit for a couple of minutes just to tease them both. He moved the head down to her tiny hole and began hunching against the tiny opening.

He did this for about a minute and Becky began hunching back, but with twice the force. Suddenly the head squeezed in. Becky gave a little moan and pulled back. Just as the head came out she humped up and caused it to squeeze back in. Billy tried to regain control but the little girl was fucking his cock head in and out and he was hardly moving.

She was just as tight as Amy, and her opening was squeezing the head of his dick really hard. Every time the head would squeeze in he would almost blow his nuts. Finally Billy began moving with her and just as they had a rhythm going Becky started moaning. She was starting her climax.

"Billy! Billy! Billy! It's starting! Oooooh!" moaned Becky. This brought Billy to the top also and he felt the cum working its way up. The third time his cock squeezed in, the cum exploded out of the head.

"OOH shit! Shit! Shit! So good! So good!" yelled Billy as the cum spurted out of his dick. With each rope of cum his dick would go a little deeper and he was still shooting when his nuts started bumping her little ass. Becky was still climaxing and it caused Billy to shoot two more small spurts in the bottom of her pussy.

She continued having small orgasms and her little pussy was so tight that Billy's dick remained hard. Becky had her legs clamped on Billy and she wasn't ready to let him go. The two kids fucked for a good ten minutes more and by the time Becky was through Billy was ready to go again. She finally turned him loose and he pulled out.

He got in front of Patty and started to spank his dick on the 7-year-old, but she grabbed it and put it against her hole and began hunching up hard. This really excited Billy. He had never seen a girl so turned on before and he felt a tingling in his cock. He was losing control and began humping back at her just as hard. About a half-dozen hunches and his cock popped inside. He only got about four or five strokes with the head when Patty started pulling him deeper. Six strokes and she had his four inches buried. She exploded.

"Aaaauuuggghhh!!! Biiilllllyyyy!!! OOH! OOH! OOH!" yelled Patty as she started shaking all over. She was having the biggest and best orgasm of her young life. This caused a chain reaction. It brought Billy to climax also.

"Holy shit here it comes! EEEEEEEHHHH!!!" yelled Billy back at her. Spurt! Spurt! He was fucking her with three-inch strokes and was shooting a wad of cum every time he pushed in. He blasted her with seven or eight squirts of sperm before he finished.

Little Patty wasn't finished with Billy. She hooked her heels on his back and kept pumping away at him. Because she was still excited and her little pussy was tight and milking his cock, Billy remained hard. She fucked him for about ten minutes and she had her third orgasm of the day. She was moaning and jerking all over and this was getting to Billy.

He could feel the need to get his nuts off starting to creep up on him. She still had him locked in with her heels and just as he was getting really close she stopped moving. She just lay there and shivered. This put a halt to Billy's climax and the desire faded away. Just as he thought she was through and was going to let him go she took off again. She was pumping her little ass up and down as fast as she could go. If Billy hadn't got his nuts off three times already he would never have lasted this long.

As Patty was fucking away at Billy he noticed all the girls standing around were rubbing each other's pussies and actually kissing each other. This was new to Billy. He didn't know girls did things like that and it was really getting him excited. He looked over at 5- year-old Inna and saw she was still rubbing her clit and finger fucking herself while she waited her turn with him. This got him even hotter.

Another ten minutes had passed when Patty started having another climax. She was moaning and jerking and Billy felt his own climax starting to build again. He started pumping into her little pussy with increased speed. He was getting closer and closer. Just as he was almost there Patty locked up and held him so tight that he couldn't move. It caused his need to climax to fade for a second time. She held him like that for about two minutes and then dropped her legs like a limp rag.

It had been almost twenty-five minutes since Billy's last climax. Having worked up to a climax two times and not getting his nut was making him so horny he could hardly stand it. His little balls had completely recovered. It was just like he had never had sex at all. He was primed and ready. As he pulled out of Patty he looked over at Inna. The little 5-year-old smiled at him and licked her lips. This caused his dick to jerk a couple of times.

She was so tiny that Billy was sure he wouldn't be able to get his dick in her. He told her that he would just rub his cock on her and shoot his cream in her hole. Little Inna started getting tears in her eyes. She said she wanted to fuck like the other girls. Billy tried to explain it to her and make her understand. He told her that he wanted to fuck her too, but was afraid that he would hurt her.

That's when Katy spoke up. "The sex book showed pictures of a boy sitting on the sofa and the girl was sitting on the boy's lap. Why don't you let Inna be on top and that way she can control things. If it hurts her she can stop."

"That's OK with me. Inna, do you want to try it like that?" asked Billy.

"Oh yes! Let's do it like that." exclaimed Inna as she stood up so Billy could sit down. He sat down and Inna got on his lap facing him. She had her knees on the outside of his hips.

She grabbed his cock and began rubbing it against her tiny slit. The head parted her slit on the fourth time and Billy felt her warm, moist little crack as it stimulated his cock. Inna rubbed his cock in her tiny slit and Billy's hands were free so he put them on her tiny little ass and began rubbing and squeezing. His hands were not that big but he could still almost cover both cheeks with one hand.

Inna was starting to moan. She said she was ready to try fucking. She held onto his cock and rose up on her knees and tried to place the head against her opening. With her knees on the outside of Billy's hips she couldn't get high enough to get above the head of his dick. He could see the panic in her face. She tried again with no luck.

Billy saw that she was about to cry and told her she was going to have to get higher. That's when her expression changed. It was like the solution just hit her. She stood up with her feet on both sides of his hips. Then she squatted down and took hold of his cock. She had a huge smile on her face.

She rubbed the head in her slit five or six times until she was satisfied it was plenty wet. Then she held it against her tiny opening and began rocking her little ass up and down. Billy put his hands back on her sweet little ass and began rubbing it.

His eyes were glued to her little bald pussy. The head of his dick had her spread really wide and looked way too big to enter her. He couldn't help himself, it was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Inna began pulling up on his dick and rocking harder against it. Each time she would rock down the head would try to squeeze inside. It was just too big and her pussy had to be hurting her. It was almost painful to Billy, but it also felt really good. After about five minutes it looked like the tip was going a little deeper and he realized she had stretched herself a little.

Inna continued pulling on his cock and rocking harder against it. Billy continued rubbing her sweet little ass and watching the head of his cock try to squeeze inside the prettiest little pussy he had ever seen.

He didn't care that she couldn't get in, it still felt wonderful and if she kept it up he would get a really big nut. This thought had just crossed his mind when suddenly the head popped in.

"OOOOOH!!" exclaimed Inna. She froze like a statue. Billy was just getting ready to ask her if she was hurt. He was sure it must have hurt. The ring at her opening was squeezing the hell out of his cock. That's when he saw the smile on her face. She lifted her tiny ass up and as Billy's cock pulled free it looked like she was trying to turn wrong side out.

Then she held his cock against her and rocked down hard again. It didn't go back in. She rocked her little ass about ten times before it squeezed back in. This time when she lifted up and the head popped out she held on tight and rocked down again. It only took six times and it was back in. She did this several times until it was going in every second or third time.

It was getting to be too much for Billy, with her rocking up and down on his cock and the head squeezing in and out every two or three times, it just felt too good. He could feel his balls churn and his dick was really throbbing. His cock squeezed in and he felt his climax starting to overtake him. Then she pulled out and it popped back in on the second time. That's when it hit him.

"OOOH! OOOH! OOOH! Shit! Shit! So good! Soooo Fucking gooooood!" blubbered Billy. Spurt! Spurt!

He shot a rope inside and when his cock popped out he blasted the mouth of her pussy. It made her really slick and his cock was squeezing in and out every time. Each time his cock popped in he was blasting her with a rope of cum. He shot about a dozen squirts of cum in her tiny 5-year-old pussy. It was the biggest nut he had ever gotten.

With her being so tight his cock remained hard and Inna continued to rock on and off his dick. The cum had loosened her up and made her slick enough that his cock was going deeper each time he popped inside. Inna realized this and stopped pulling it out and concentrated on going deeper. She must have rocked up and down about fifteen times but she finally had about three of his four inches inside her tiny pussy.

She smiled at Billy and began moving her ass up and down making two-inch strokes. She was really tight and her little pussy was extremely warm. About five minutes of this and Billy felt like he was close to getting another nut. With his cock inside, Inna didn't need the extra height so she dropped down on her knees and continued to move up and down on his cock. A couple of minutes after that little Inna started moaning and she picked up speed. She was starting her climax.

"Ooh Billy! Billy! Here it comes!" moaned Inna. "OOH! OOH! OOH! OOOOOHH!!!" With the little girl quivering through her climax and her pussy so tight and hot, Billy started getting his nut.

"Holy shit! Inna! Inna! Sweet baby girl, I love you!" moaned Billy. "Aaaauuuggghhh!!!" Spurt! Spurt! He shot wad after wad of his hot boy cream deep inside the little 5-year-old. She continued to rock up and down on his cock and he blasted her with eight or ten squirts of cum. Billy and Inna fucked for another five minutes and his dick started going soft so Inna rolled off to the side.

That's when he heard Harry say, "Holy shit!" Billy looked around and saw Harry and Mike with their mouths hanging open.

Billy spoke. "Are you going to play or just stand there?"

"We'd like to play, if the girls would let us." said Mike.

"How about it girls, can Harry and Mike play?" asked Billy.

All the girls answered with a loud "Yes!"

Billy decided it was time to use the ring's powers again. He had his sister Katy sit on the sofa and lie back. Then he had 9-year-old Mindy sit beside her. Next was 9-year-old Tina, and his sister Susie was last. Then he put 8-year-old Mary in the large chair. He noticed that the five girls still had their panties on so he told them to take them off. The girls did as he told them.

Billy could hear Harry and Mike suck in their breath when they saw the five little bald pussies. Billy said, "Why don't you guys take off your shorts? Harry, I figured since you have the biggest cock that you can fuck Katy and Mindy. Mike, you can fuck Tina and Susie. Then if you want you can trade girls."

"What about me? Who's going to do me?" asked 8-year-old Mary.

"I thought I'd do you." answered Billy.

"Oh goodie!" exclaimed Mary.

Both Harry and Mike had looked at enough pictures that they knew what to do. Harry stepped in front of Katy and stroked his cock. Then he asked her to suck it. She grabbed his cock and began licking the head. Then she put it her mouth and started sucking on it. This caused Harry to moan.

Mike stepped in front of Tina and stroked his cock. He didn't have to ask her. She wrapped her hand around his dick and popped it in her mouth. Mike also gave a low moan. The boys let the girls suck them for a couple of minutes and then Harry moved to Mindy and Mike moved to Susie. Both girls started sucking their cocks at the same time.

Watching his two friends enjoying their first sex with a girl was getting Billy hard again. He stepped up to Mary and she grabbed his cock and began licking and sucking it. He let her do this for a couple of minutes until his cock was hard and throbbing and then he pulled out. He got on his knees and pushed her legs apart.

Then he kissed her mound several times. The 8-year-old put her legs over Billy's shoulders. Billy ran his tongue up her crack and it parted her slit and then made contact with her clit. She moaned real loud.

Harry and Mike looked over to see what was going on. They liked what they saw. Both boys dropped down and began licking their first pussies. They were doing each girl for about two minutes and the four preteen girls were moaning and really getting hot.

Billy licked Mary until she had an orgasm and then he had her turn over and get on her hands and knees. He moved behind her and began rubbing the head of his dick through her wet little slit. He did this for a couple of minutes and realized that Mary was getting turned on again. He moved down and began hunching against her tiny hole. She was really wet and on the ninth or tenth hunch his cock head popped inside her tight little hole.

He pulled it out and then shoved it back in. This felt so good to Mary that she began rocking back and forth causing his dick to squeeze in and out. Billy had his hands on her hips and didn't have to do much work; she was doing it for him. After five minutes Mary was so turned on that she started rocking harder and this caused Billy's dick to go deeper.

Sixty seconds later he was buried in her tiny bald pussy. Mary continued rocking her little ass and was making about three-inch strokes. She would rock forward until just the head was inside and then she would rock back until his little dick was buried. Both kids were getting close to a climax.

Harry and Mike had watched Billy put Mary on her hands and knees so they had the four girls they were playing with to do the same. Harry moved behind Katy and ran his hands over her cute little ass. After a minute or so he grabbed his cock and started rubbing it in her slit. He did this several times and then moved the head against her little opening. He just held it there and stroked his cock two or three times. Katy wiggled her ass and tried to push back, she was ready to feel him inside.

This excited Harry and he began hunching against her. Katy began rocking back, trying to get his dick to enter her hot little pussy. Even though she was wet and had been fucked by her brother, Harry's dick was not going in. Harry's cock was an inch longer and at least a half-inch larger in diameter than Billy's. Katy hadn't taken a close look at Harry's cock and now he was behind her and she couldn't see that it was bigger than her brother's was.

Katy began rocking back harder and Harry started hunching with more force. About the tenth time, his cock head popped inside her 9-year-old pussy. Both kids gave a moan and held perfectly still. Harry didn't move because he almost blew his nuts and he was enjoying the feel of his first pussy. Katy didn't move because the larger cock took her by surprise.

After about 30 seconds Harry got himself under control and Katy decided his cock felt really good. Harry put his hands on her hips and started to pull his cock out and push it back in. He didn't have to. Katy rocked forward, the head popped out, she rocked back and it squeezed back in. Before he could think about moving, Katy had his cock in and out of her pussy four or five times.

Mike had been stroking his cock as he watched Harry get his first pussy. He was so fascinated with the scene beside him that he almost forgot about Tina and Susie. He was getting close to blowing a nut when he finally came to his senses. Mike rubbed both girls on their little asses for a minute or so and then cupped each of their pussies and rubbed them for a couple of minutes.

He continued rubbing Susie's pussy as he stepped behind Tina and began rubbing the head of his cock in her tiny slit. He did this for two or three minutes and then stepped behind Susie. As he began running his cock up and down through Susie's tiny slit he reached his hand back to Tina and rubbed her bald little cunny. Both girls' pussies were getting really wet.

He did this for a couple of minutes and then moved back to Tina. Mike rubbed his dick in her slit for10 or 15 seconds and then placed the head against her little opening. Tina wiggled her ass and Mike began hunching her. The second she felt this she began rocking back at him.

Mike was leaking precum and Tina's juices were flowing. Her little pussy was really slick and about the fifth time he hunched forward and she rocked back, the head of his cock squeezed inside. Both kids gave a loud moan. Tina began rocking back and forth causing the head of his dick to squeeze in and out of her tight little hole.

Billy and Mary had continued to fuck and both kids were on the verge of their mutual climaxes. Billy was holding on to her hips as the little 8-year-old rocked back and forth. She was still making three-inch strokes and after several minutes of having his dick in her tight little hole he felt his nuts draw up in his belly.

"Mary, I'm going to cum! I can't hold back!" said Billy.

That put Mary over the top and she started having a huge orgasm. "Me too, Billy! Me too! Uuuuuuggghhh!!" moaned Mary.

"Here it comes, sweet Mary! OOH! OOH! OOH! So good! Soooo fuuucckkiinng good!" blubbered Billy as he filled her hot little pussy full of his little-boy cream. Every time she rocked back he would squirt a large wad of cum. He shot eight or nine times before his nuts were empty. The two kids continued to fuck and after a couple of minutes Mary quit moving and Billy's dick started going soft. It finally fell out and Mary rolled over and the two kids started watching Harry and Mike as they worked at fucking the girls on the sofa.

Katy continued rocking back and forth and Harry finally got the rhythm and was helping pump his cock in and out of her hot little pussy. After a couple of minutes she began pushing back harder and his dick started going deeper. Harry's 12-year-old cock was a lot fatter than her brother's was and it took about a dozen strokes before he hit bottom. He had his 5-inch cock buried and this brought both of them to their climaxes.

"OOOOH HARRY! I'm cumming!! I'm Cumming! OH! OH!OH!OH!" yelled Katy as she shuddered and jerked through her orgasm.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! Katy! Katy! Katy! UH! UH! UH!" groaned Harry as he shot several ropes of hot cum deep inside her bald little cunny. Harry's dick remained hard and he fucked her for two or three minutes until she went limp and collapsed. He pulled out and stepped behind Mindy and began rubbing his cock through her little slit.

Tina had continued squeezing the head of Mike's cock in and out of her 9-year-old pussy as she rocked back and forth. Mike had stood still and let her do all the work but it was starting to feel too good. He held on to her hips and began pumping his cock in and out as she moved back and forth. Her pussy was squeezing the head his cock so tightly that the pleasure got too much for him. He knew he was going to cum and he couldn't stop it.

"OOH Tina! Sweet Tina! I'm cuuuummmmiiinnnggg!!!! Auuuuggghhh!!!" yelled Mike. Spurt! Spurt! Every time the head squeezed in he would blast her with a shot of hot cum. He squirted six or seven times and continued to have dry cums. He was so excited that he started pumping harder and faster. Within five strokes he had his 4 1/2 inches buried.

When Mike started shooting off in her pussy and she felt his cock go all the way in, little Tina went into a full-blown orgasm. She shook all over as her pussy spasmed on his cock for a good two minutes. Then she went limp. Mike fucked her for another minute and then pulled out and moved behind 7-year-old Susie.

Even though Harry still had a hard-on he continued running his cock through Mindy's little slit. He wanted to give his balls a chance to recover so that he would have plenty of cum. He did this about five minutes and he couldn't hold off any longer. He just had to feel Mindy's hot little pussy as it squeezed his 5-inch cock and milked another load of cum from his balls. He pushed his cock against her little hole and began hunching her. His dick was slick with cum from his fuck with Katy and about the third time he hunched her his cock squeezed inside.

"Oooooo!!!" moaned Mindy.

She began rocking back and forth, pulling his cock in and out. Harry began fucking back and ten short strokes later he felt himself going deeper. Mindy was really coming back hard and within ten seconds his dick had stretched the walls of her pussy and worked all 5 inches in. Then she exploded! Her whole body was quivering like she had the chills and she was moaning really loud. The walls of her pussy were squeezing and spasming on his cock and it was too much for him. He was going to blow his nuts and there was no stopping it.

"Holy Shit! Hereeeeee-it-coooomes! So good! So fuckin good! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" yelled Harry as he emptied his nuts for a second time.

Mindy had gone limp and wasn't moving but Harry continued fucking for a couple of minutes. Then he felt his dick going soft and he pulled out. His legs felt weak so he sat down between Katy and Mindy and looked around. That's when he saw the four youngest girls eating each other's pussies. They were paired off in the 69 position. Harry thought that was so cool. He didn't realize that girls could pleasure themselves like that. He decided that from now on he was going to look around a little more while he was fucking.

Harry looked over at Mike and saw him move his cock down to Susie's little hole. He had been rubbing his cock in her slit and the little 7-year-old started wiggling her ass and pushing back at him. This made Mike really hot. He was ready to feel his second pussy for the day.

Just as he started to hunch her pussy, Susie pulled away and rolled over on her back. Before Mike realized what was going on she grabbed his cock and pulled it against her tiny opening. Then she hooked her heels on the cheeks of his ass and pulled him forward. The head of his dick squeezed inside and Susie didn't waste any time, she started humping like crazy.

This excited the hell out of Mike and he started pounding his ass down at her. It only took five strokes until his little balls were bumping her tiny ass. She was the last girl to get fucked and Susie felt like her cunny was on fire. As soon as she felt his cock deep inside her she went wild. She didn't last twenty seconds.

"EEEEEEEHHHHH!!!!Mikieeeeeee! OOOH! OOOH! OOH! OOH!" yelled the little girl. as she shook her way through the biggest climax of her young life.

Needless to say it overwhelmed Mike. He too went wild! He was pumping his 11-year-old ass up and down as fast as he could go. He was right behind her. Susie was in the middle of her orgasm when he blew his nuts.

"OOH MY GOD!!! AAAUUUGGGHHH!!" yelled Mike, as he pumped eight or nine ropes of cum into the bottom of her bald little pussy. The two kids fucked for a couple of minutes and Mike's dick went soft and he pulled out and sat down. He too felt weak in the legs.

After Harry watched the girls eating each other's pussies and the action with Mike and Susie he was starting to feel horny again. Just as he was getting ready to ask if someone else wanted to fuck, little Mary said she had to get home or she would get in trouble. That's when the rest of the girls spoke up and said they needed to get home also. They didn't want to get grounded and not be able to come to the club for awhile.

Harry was a little disappointed but realized it was after 5:00 p.m. and some of the parents would be getting home from work. Some of the girls said they couldn't come again for a few days because their folks only allowed them to play at a friend's house two or three times a week. They all wanted to come back as often as they could. About half the girls said they would be back the next day.

Mindy reminded them that two or three girls who weren't here today were going to try to be here tomorrow and the rest were going to try to make it in the next few days. They decided to leave in two separate groups so they wouldn't draw too much attention. The girls would leave first and then the boys. They would meet at the club at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow.

When Billy got home his sisters were in the front yard and little Inna was with them. All the other kids had left for home.

Susie spoke first. "I asked Inna if she wanted to sleep over and we're going to call her mom at 6 o'clock and see if she will let her."

"Why are you waiting till 6 o'clock?" asked Billy.

"That's when my mommy gets home." answered Inna.

Billy walked into the house and Katy followed him all the way to his room.

After they closed the door Katy spoke. "On the way from the club Inna told Susie she may not get to come tomorrow and she said she really wanted to be with you again. That's when Susie asked her to spend the night. Is that all right with you?"

"That's fine with me, maybe the four of us can have some fun tonight." said Billy.

"I'm kinda sore. Harry's cock was pretty big and if you don't mind I'd like to wait until tomorrow. I should be OK by then. But I'll do whatever you want." said Katy.

"How about Susie? Does she want to play?" asked Billy.

"Susie and Inna both want too. They can hardly wait." answered Katy.