Can't take our panties off

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13 year old Bill had started jacking off shortly after his eleventh birthday, but he had never had any real pussy, and that's all he ever thought about. Bill had 4 older brothers, they all had kids, and they always needed baby sitters. The fact that Bill had turned 13 was about to change the "no pussy" issue, he just didn't know it yet.

His oldest brother Charles had 4 daughters and he desperately needed someone to watch them for the weekend. His regular baby sitter was sick and he had called everyone he could think of. Everyone had plans and he had all but given up hope when his wife had an idea.

"Why don't you ask your brother Bill to watch them I'm sure he would like a little spending money," said his wife.

"You've got to be kidding! He's only a kid himself. He's just 3 years older than Cindy" answered Charles.

"It's legal for 13 year olds to baby sit in this state and lots of 13 year old girls are trusted to watch small children. They do it all the time" replied his wife.

"I don't know if he could handle them. Katy is only 4 years old, but she's really wild and 6 year old Tina hardly minds us. Patty wouldn't give him any trouble. She's well behaved for an 8 year old. But Cindy is 10, and she may resent a boy watching her even if it is her favorite Uncle Bill." answered Charles. "I guess I could ask them how they feel about it."

Charles called his four daughters in and asked them how they felt about their Uncle Bill watching them for the weekend.

Not only were the girls all for it, they where so excited that Charles thought they were never going to calm down.

Bill said he would be glad to watch his nieces and was sure he could handle them just fine.

Bill showed up Friday evening, and after several instructions, Charles and his wife left for the weekend.

They had just barely left the driveway when 4 year old Katy asked Bill if she could sit on his lap. She was standing between Bill and the TV and was blocking his view.

"I guess so." said Bill.

"Oh goodie, we can play dogs and cats!" said Katy.

All she had on was a pair of white cotton panties and they seemed to small for her. They were pulled up tight in her little crack and were showing a perfect little camel toe. This did not go unnoticed by Bill.

"Damn that's sexy" thought Bill.

Katy climbed on his lap but was facing him with her knees on each side of his hips.

"How are you going to watch TV with your back to it?" asked Bill."

"Don't want to watch TV, want to play cats and dogs." answered Katy.

"What the heck is cats and dogs?" asked Bill.

"You have to put your hot dog in my pussy cat." answered Katy.

All Bill had on was a pair of Nike shorts, and as Katy was speaking she was rubbing her panty clad camel toe on Bill's cock.

He was watching (and feeling) her little pussy on his dick, and it was having the effect that little Katy wanted.

Bill's dick was getting hard, and she was making him horny.

"Katy honey, I don't know how to play that and I think you should sit still or go outside and play." said Bill.

"Don't want to go outside. I want to play cats an' dogs!" answered Katy.

Before Bill could say anything Katy pulled the waistband of his shorts down, grabbed his dick, pulled it out and began rubbing it.

He started to say something and stop her when his dick gave a jerk and he realized it felt really good to have a hand on his cock other than his own.

"What happens if your sisters come in and catch us?" asked Bill.

"They won't, besides they like to play cats and dogs too" said Katy. "I'll show you how to play."

She grabbed his hand and placed it on her panty covered pussy and told him to rub her pussy cat.

The second his hand touched her between her legs, he thought he was going to shoot his wad.

"Mother fucker, that's sexy" thought Bill, as he began rubbing her tiny 4 year old pussy.

Bill had rubbed her for about 4 or 5 minutes when Katy pulled her panties to the side and told him to rub her bare pussy.

He put his finger in her tiny slit and did as she asked. After several minutes, Katy started moaning and said she was ready for the dog to get her pussy.

Bill was sure he knew what she wanted but decided to play dumb and let her lead the way.

"You'll have to show me" said Bill.

"Ok." said Katy and then she placed the head of his dick against her tiny bald pussy and began rubbing it up and down. About the 4th time the head slipped inside her tiny slit.

"Ooh fuck, that feels good!" moaned Bill.

He had never had anything feel so good in his entire life. Katy continued rubbing his cock thru her tiny bald slit and on the upstroke she would rub the tip on her little clit.

She began moaning and rubbing her pussy faster.

"Ooh Uncle Bill, I'm ready for some puppy dog cream, give it to me now! Please! Please!" begged Katy.

Then she pushed his cock head against her tiny hole and pulled it tight. Then she began hunching her bald little pussy against his dick and at the same time stroked his shaft.

Bill put his hands on her tiny panty covered ass cheeks and began rubbing and squeezing them. He couldn't take his eyes off her sweet baby pussy. The shaft of his dick kept her panties pulled to the side giving him a clear view of her little mound and his cock head wedged in her pussy with the crown spreading her tiny lips was the most erotic thing he had ever saw.

Looking at this and Katy working his cock was to much for him.

"Oooh sweet baby girl I'm going to cum!" yelled Bill.

Suddenly his dick exploded. "AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! Mother fucker so good! So fuckin' good! Sweet pussy, sweet baby pussy!" Spurt, spurt, spurt!

He was out of his head as his sperm filled her tiny hole full of his hot puppy cream.

Little 4 year old Katy had her orgasm at the same time and was still jerking and quivering as he emptied his nuts with the hardest cum he had ever had.

Katy continued to hunch his still hard dick and Bill realized he wanted more.

Suddenly the back door opened and little Katie jerked his cock from her pussy, shoved it back in his shorts, and at the same time she pulled her panties over her little cunt. This was all done within 2 or 3 seconds.

In walked 6 year old Tina.

"Oh it's only you!" exclaimed Katy. "I thought it was mom. I forgot that she left with daddy."

"What were you doing, playing cats and dogs?" asked Tina.

"Yeah, and his doggie is bigger and better than Jimmie's, and he has more puppy cream too." replied Katy.

"Who is this Jimmy?" asked Bill.

"He's our neighbor. He just turned 11 last month and just started making puppy cream just a little while before his birthday. He don't make as much as you, and I like lots of cream in my pussy cat" said Katy.

"How long have you been playing dogs and cats with Jimmy, and who all plays?" asked Bill.

Tina spoke up. "Jimmie's the only boy, but me, Katy, Patty, Cindy and our cousins Mary Beth, Pamela, Jenny, and 4 or 5 neighbor girls all play."

"Damn, he's the only boy? He's one lucky little shit" replied Bill.

"Not any more, we have you also" said Katy.

"Yeah you can be our new boy, all the girls are going to love your big dog and lots of cream!" exclaimed Tina.

Then Tina pulled her shorts and t-shirt off, but left her panties on. The little 6 year old had on a pair of blue cotton panties which she had pulled up in the crack of her ass. They looked like thongs in the back and showed her little pussy crack, making a sweet little camel toe.

"I want a turn now." said Tina as she climbed on Bills lap.

She didn't waste any time. She pulled Bill's dick out, pulled her panties to the side and started rubbing the head in her tiny bald slit.

Bill rubbed her tiny nipples with one hand and with the other he rubbed and squeezed her tiny ass cheeks. Tina rubbed his dick in her tiny bald pussy and with him playing with her tits and ass she was soon moaning and Bill could tell she was getting really hot.

He was right, 5 minutes later she shoved his cock head tight against her little hole and began hunching against it.

"Give me your puppy cream, I want it now!" moaned Tina.

She started stroking his shaft along with the hunching and she started shaking all over.

Bill put both hands on her bare little ass cheeks and kept his eyes on the head of his dick which had her tiny pussy spread wide with the crown.

Tina started having her climax and Bill couldn't believe anyone as young as she or Katy was capable of having an orgasm.

Rubbing her tiny ass, looking at her sweet bald baby pussy, and watching her jerk through her orgasm put Bill over the edge.

"Holy shit here it comes! Sweet baby girl, sweet pussy, so hot, so good! AUUGGHH!!!" yelled Bill. Spurt, spurt, spurt.

Bill shot load after load into Tina's tiny bald pussy. His climax was just as strong as it was with Katy. His dick stayed hard and he kept it against her hot little pussy for 10 or 15 minutes. That's when 8 yr old Patty walked in.

"Can I have a turn?" asked Patty.

"You sure can" answered Bill and Tina at the same time.

Tina climbed off and Patty stepped forward.

"Are you going to take off your dress?" asked Bill.

"No, mom won't let me and Cindy run around in our panties like Katy and Tina. She says we're too old. That's why some of us older girls wear dresses so we can play dogs and cats and not get caught" answered Patty.

Then Patty tucked the bottom of her skirt up under the waistband exposing her cute little cotton panties. Then she pulled her panties up in the crack of her ass so her tiny cheeks would be bare. This also caused them to wedge in her little 8 year old pussy and showing the sides of her tiny bald mound. Then she rolled up her shirt, tucking it under so her tiny nipples could be played with.

"Come here sweet little girl, let's play." exclaimed Bill.

Patty got on his lap just like the other girls had done. Bill could tell they all had done this several times with Jimmie and were well practiced at it.

"Do you girls always do it this way, sitting on Jimmies lap?" asked Bill.

"Only in the house, it looks like we're just sitting on his lap being silly. Sometimes when were in the shed or garage, we do it standing up" answered Patty.

Then she pulled her panties to the side and placed the head of his dick in her little slit and began rubbing it up and down.

Her 8 year old pussy was a little bigger than her two younger sisters and Bill's cock head was completely buried in her tiny slit. All he could see was the back of the crown as she moved it thru her bald little pussy. It seemed like it was hotter also and this was really getting to Bill.

"Damn Patty, your sweet pussy really feels good." remarked Bill.

He began running his hands over her tiny nipples and beautiful little ass cheeks.

Needless to say this started making little Patty really hot and horny and she began moaning and rubbing his dick faster through her tiny pussy lips.

After 4 or 5 minutes she started shaking and moaning even louder. "Oooh Bill, I'm going to do it. Give me your puppy cream! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" bellowed Patty as she began her orgasm.

Instead of just pushing his cock head against her little hole, Patty rose up on her knees and placed it in the mouth of her tiny opening and put weight on it as she hunched his dick. Bill could feel her tiny ass tighten up as she continued her climax and she was really hunching hard against his cock.

Suddenly, without warning his cock head popped inside her little hole. The ring to her opening was squeezing hard behind the helmet and it was to much for Bill, it put him over the top.

"Ooooh Myyyy GGGOD! Aaaargh!" yelled Bill as he began shooting her tiny bald pussy full of his hot cum. Spurt, spurt, spurt!

"So good! Soooo fuuuucking goooood! Sweet pussy, sweet baby girl, so hot, feels too good, can't stand it! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" blubbered Bill as rope after rope of hot cum shot deep into Patty's 8 year old pussy.

Little Patty started raising up and down causing his cock head to squeeze in and out of her miniature opening. This made Bill's dick even harder and he continued having his climax only nothing was coming out the head of his dick. His dick would jerk and pulse like he was still shooting and it felt just as good. It lasted a good 2 minutes and his balls were aching.

"I've never cum so hard or so long in my entire life." thought Bill. "I'm really in pussy heaven."

Patty kept up her assault on his dick for 10 minutes or so and Bill was just starting to recover when 10 year old Cindy came in the back door.

"Oh goodie, I see you got Uncle Bill to play dogs and cats" said Cindy.

"Yeah, and he's a lot better than Jimmy!" exclaimed Tina.

"Do I get to play?" asked Cindy.

"You bet your sweet pussy, you do." answered Bill.

This brought giggles from all 4 girls.

Cindy tucked her skirt up and under her waistband and pulled her t-shirt up and exposing her tiny breasts. They were just barely starting to form, just small swellings on her chest but Bill thought they were beautiful. She was wearing a tiny pair of bikini panties that just did cover her preteen pussy. The little triangle of cloth was only about an inch wide in the front and only an inch wide strap in the back.

"Want to be on top?" asked Cindy. "If someone comes we can pull our clothes back in place and pretend we were just acting silly."

"Sure that sounds like fun" said Bill.

Cindy sat on the edge of the sofa, leaned back and spread her legs. This caused the little patch of cloth that was supposed to cover her tiny bald pussy to pull to one side exposing her beautiful preteen mound.

Bill quickly got on his knees between her legs and moved closer.

"Oh yes, he does have a nice wiener dog" exclaimed Cindy as she grabbed it and pulled her panties to the side.

She didn't waste any time. She began rubbing the head of his dick on her sweet bald little mound and about the 4th time it slipped inside her tiny slit.

"Man that feels good and so fucking hot!" remarked Bill.

"Mmmmmm! It sure does." answered Cindy as she continued to move his cock thru her tiny pussy lips.

Bill put his hands on her tiny, just starting to form breasts and began playing with them.

"Ooh yes! That feels really good Uncle Bill." moaned Cindy.

Bill kept his eyes darting back and forth between her sweet little pussy and her beautiful, but small, tits. It was really making his cock throb and he knew it wouldn't be long before he filled her full of hot cum.

His throbbing dick didn't go unnoticed by Cindy, and it was really turning her on.

Cindy moved his dick against her tiny hole, hooked her heels on his ass and said "put your doggie in my pussy and give me lots of cream."

Then she hunched up and at the same time pulled against his ass with her heels. Bill's dick squeezed in just past the head and they both gave a loud moan. This brought lots of giggles from her sisters.

The sudden penetration triggered both their orgasms at the same time.

Holy shit! It's so fucking good! Aaaaaaarrrggghh!" yelled Bill. Spurt, spurt, spurt.

Each time his dick would squirt, they would both hunch together and Bill's dick would go a little deeper. About the 5th or 6th spurt, his 13 year old balls were slapping against her 10 year old bald little pussy mound. Bill continued to shoot his cum deep in her preteen hole. He emptied his balls for the 4th time, but kept having a dry orgasm like he did with Patty.

Cindy was also having the best climax that her young body had ever experienced. Bill's dick stayed hard and the two young kids fucked for another 10 minutes.

Then Cindy spoke. "That was the best ever, it was so good!"

"I told you he was the best ever." remarked little Katy.

"I'll bet Uncle Steve, John and Mark will want you to watch their kids now that daddy and mommy let you baby sit for us." said Patty

"Yes and I bet Mary Beth, Pamela and Jenny will be really happy, they like to play dogs and cats as much as we do" said Cindy.

"I have an idea, why don't we invite the neighbor girls over Saturday and Sunday? They love dogs and cats too" said Patty.

"How many are they?" asked Bill.

"Well let's see, there's Trixie, she's 4, Melanie, she's 5, Cathy and Brenda are 7, Becky is 8, Susie is 9, and Ruthie is 10.That makes 7 girls plus us 4." said Cindy.

"Wow! That's 11 girls, will Jimmy be coming?" asked Bill.

"No, Jimmy's on vacation for two weeks but we don't need him, we have you" answered Patty. "We'll only play with him when you're not around."

"Don't worry I'm going to be around a lot more from now on" remarked Bill. I'm really looking forward to Saturday and Sunday."

"By the way, why don't you girls take your panties off?" asked Bill.

"Can't take our panties off. We might get caught." said little Tina.

"Maybe we can change that some of the time" said Bill.

Part 2

"What do you think Uncle Bill, should I call our friends and invite them over to Play cats and dogs tomorrow?" asked Cindy.

"It's getting late. Maybe you should wait till morning to call." answered Bill.

"It's not too late, Uncle Bill. It's only 8:30, and every one gets to stay up late on Friday and Saturday nights." said Patty.

"You know your friends better than me. Go ahead and call if you think it will be OK." answered Bill.

Bill was really excited, but then it dawned on him. Even though he was use to jacking off 6 or 7 times a day, he may not be able to do 11 girls in one day.

Then Bill spoke again. "Maybe you shouldn't invite all seven girls. I'm not sure I can do it that many times. Maybe just ask two or three."

"Why can't you do everyone?" asked little Katy.

"I don't know if I could keep it hard for eleven girls and I don't want to disappoint anyone." answered Bill.

"Last summer when Daddy was working too many hours he was having trouble getting his weenie to stay hard and mommy had him get some pills from the doctor." said Patty.

"How do you know all of this?" asked Bill.

"We heard them talking about it. They were called Viags or something like that." said Cindy.

"Yes, And I know where he keeps them. You could take one of them, Uncle Bill." said Patty.

"I better not, He might miss it." said Bill.

"No he won't, he hasn't used them since last summer and he spilled the bottle and lost some down the sink. He don't even know how many he has left." said Cindy.

"Well, I guess it won't hurt to borrow one as long as no one tells." said Bill.

"Oh goodie! Can I call everyone and invite them over to play?" asked Cindy.

"I guess so, but I wished Jimmy was back from vacation to help out." said Bill.

Then Tina spoke for the first time. "Why don't we ask Melanie's brother, Tim? Melanie said she heard Jimmy and Tim talking and Jimmy has been teaching Tim how to play with his wiener. I think he also knows about cats and dogs."

"How old is Tim?" asked Bill.

"He's only nine but I'm sure he would want to play and wouldn't tell." said Cindy.

"He probably can't make puppy cream and that's the best part." pouted 4-year-old Katy.

"We played with Jimmy for along time before he could shoot cream and it was still fun. I'll ask Melanie to bring him." said Cindy.

"Ok, I guess you can call everyone." said Bill.

Cindy called all the kids and confirmed they could all come over Saturday morning. They watched TV until they all fell asleep on the living room floor. The next morning they all took showers and had breakfast over by 9:00. Cindy made everyone wash the cereal bowls and clean everything up so their parents would let Bill watch them again.

The kids started showing up about 10:00, and by 10:30 everyone was there including one extra. Ruthie showed up with her 3½-year-old sister Candy. She quickly explained that they both played with each other's pussies and That Candy wouldn't tell. She said she had to watch her while her mom cleaned the house. Melanie and Tim were the last to arrive and Bill noticed that 9-year-old Timmy had a stiffie poking against the front of his shorts.

"It looks like you're really looking forward to playing cats and dogs, Timmy." said Bill.

"It's too bad he can't shoot puppy cream." remarked Katy. "

I can too shoot puppy cream!" exclaimed Tim.

Bill couldn't believe he heard him right. "Tim, how can someone your age shoot cream?" asked Bill.

"About two months ago Jimmy showed me he could shoot white stuff out of his stiffie and told me how good it felt. Then he showed me how to jack off. He was right, It felt really good but I couldn't shoot white stuff. I would go until my stiffie would jerk and throb and it would feel so good I could hardly stand it, but nothing would come out. It felt so good that I did it several times a day.

Then about two weeks ago, it happened. This time when my stiffie started to jerk and throb, some clear stuff squirted out. It wasn't very much, but it felt even better than before. I did it 6 or 7 times the first day. After a week I started shooting harder and had more cream. It was still clear, but started getting thicker. Then last week I went to my room and started to jack off. It only took a couple of minutes and I could feel it starting to happen. I stopped and let the feelings ease up and then I started again. I did this several times and it got to where I couldn't stop. That's when it squirted out really hard and there was lots of it. Only this time it was white and thick like Jimmy's. I went right over to Jimmy's and told him.

We slipped off to the shed and both jacked off. Jimmy said I shot more stuff than him and it squirted further than he could. That's when he told me about playing dogs and cats and how much fun it was. He said when he got back from vacation he would see if the girls would let me play too. I been shooting cream 8 or 9 times a day for the past week. I would do it more, but it's hard to find the privacy for more." said Tim

"I can hardly believe you can shoot off, let alone that many times." said Bill.

"Here, I'll show you!" said Tim. He pulled his shorts off and was completely naked. He grabbed his little dick and began stroking it. It was almost four inches long, but wasn't very big around.

"Hold on Tim. No need to waste it. Save it for the girls." said Bill.

"It's ok, I can do it as many times as I want." remarked Tim as he continued stroking his little cock. Little Katy stepped in front of Tim and pulled off her dress. Her little panties were pulled up in her crack and were showing a beautiful little camel toe. Then she started rubbing her pussy with her finger, making her panties go deeper into her slit. She had her eyes glued to Timmy's dick as if she was in a trance.

This really got Tim excited. His eyes were fixed on her little panty-covered pussy and he began stroking faster. "Oh! Here it comes Katy! Oh! Oh! Oh! Auuuggghh!!!" moaned Tim. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

His little cock was shooting rope after rope of hot cum and it was squirting the two feet between Katy and himself, hitting her on the chest and belly. It probably could have gone 5 or 6 feet as it was really splattering her with force. There was also lots of it. More than any normal person could shoot.

"Damn, Tim! I never saw anyone cum so hard or so much. I don't see how your little balls could make so much." exclaimed Bill. Little Timmy just giggled and got a little red in the face but Bill could tell he was proud.

Cindy handed little Katy a paper towel and it brought her out of her trance. Then as she was cleaning the cum off she said. "Timmy you're going to be lots of fun!"

Suddenly Bill heard the rustling noise all around him and he looked at all the girls as they pulled their dresses, shorts and t-shirts off. They were all still wearing their panties. This was ok with Bill as what he was looking at took the 13-year-old boys breath away. All of the girls had their little cotton panties pulled up tight and were showing little camel toes. Even the little 3½-year-old Candy was showing a tiny camel toe. She was really slender for a girl so young and she was also very pretty. Bill realized that even little Candy turned him on, after all she was just 6 months younger than Katy. Bill knew he could only rub his dick on her and shoot her full of cream but that would be enough.

"Hold on everyone. I'll be right back." said Cindy.

About two minutes later she was back with a glass of water and one of her dad's Viagra pills. She handed it to Bill and he swallowed it and drank the glass of water. Bill still had his shorts on, but his hardon was pushing against the front and this did not go unnoticed by Cindy. She rubbed his hardon a couple of times and then put her fingers in the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down and off.

"Let's do it like yesterday, with me on bottom." said Cindy.

She sat down on the edge of the sofa, bent her knees back and spread her legs. Bill got on his knees between her legs and began rubbing her tiny tits. He moved one hand to her little panty covered camel toe and ran his finger up and down the crack. She was already hot from watching Timmy jack off and the rubbing made her moan. She reached down and grabbed Bill's cock and pulled him forward. She began rubbing the tip up and down through her little panty-covered crack. This caused them both to moan.

Cindy did this for two or three minutes and then she pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and began rubbing his cock against her bald little mound. About the fourth time, the tip parted her tiny 10-year-old slit and she rubbed it up and down, making sure to hit her clit on the up stroke.

"Oh Cindy your pussy feels so good on my cock." moaned Bill.

"And I love the feel of your puppy dog, I mean cock, on my pussy." said Cindy.

Bill heard lots of moaning and looked up to see all of the girls rubbing their panty-covered pussies as they watched him and Cindy and waited their turn. Then Bill noticed Tim standing there, watching and stroking his little cock.

"Tim, why don't you do someone?" asked Bill

"Cause I never played cats and dogs before and I want to watch how to do it." said Tim.

"Why don't you do Katy? She knows how, she was the first to show me how to play." said Bill.

"Come on Tim, lets play." said little Katy. Then the little 4-year-old sat on the edge of the sofa right next to her sister, bent her knees back and spread her legs. Tim got on his knees between her legs, but this put him too low to reach her pussy with his cock. Bill saw the problem and suggested they take the cushion from the other side and put it on top of the one Katy was laying on and then Tim could do it standing up. The two kids did as Bill suggested and this time when Katy laid down it put her at the perfect height.

Tim stood between her legs and Katy grabbed his dick and began rubbing it against her panty covered camel toe. She did this for two or three minutes and both Kids started moaning.

"Oh Katy this feels soooo good!" moaned Tim.

"You think this feels good?" asked Katy.

"Oh yessss!" answered Tim

"Then try this!" said Katy as she pulled her panties to the side and put his cock against her wet little slit and began rubbing it up and down. On the third time, Tim's cock parted her slit and he felt the warmth and wetness of his first pussy.

"Oh my goodness, That feels better than anything I've ever felt before!" groaned Tim.

Cindy was busy rubbing Bills cock through her 10-year-old slit as he tried to watch her and Tim and Katy. Cindy had also been watching the action next to her and it was making her so hot she could hardly stand it. She moved his cock against her tiny hole and began hunching up at it.

"Give it to me! Give me your puppy cream!" yelled Cindy.

"Holy shit! I'm really close!" groaned Bill as he hunched back at her.

Suddenly without warning, his cock head squeezed in past the ring of her tight little opening.

"OOOHHH!" They both moaned at the same time.

Cindy pulled back enough that the head popped out and then pushed it back in. She began fucking just the head in and out of her tiny bald pussy. Having the tight little opening squeezing the head of his dick so hard put him over the edge.

"Mother fucker, here it comes! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh Shiiiittt!!" Spurt, spurt, spurt. "So good, So gooooddd! Sweet Baby girl!" yelled the 13-year-old boy as he filled her preteen pussy full of hot cream. His dick stayed hard and he continued to fuck her 10-year-old pussy. He was going deeper on every stroke and soon his balls were slapping against her bare little bottom. All of this had not gone unnoticed by little Timmy.

"Bill, Can I do that too? You know, put my wiener all the way in like that." asked Tim

"You might be able to get just the head in, but I wouldn't go any deeper, you might hurt her. She's probably still a virgin." said Bill.

Cindy spoke up." she's not a virgin, none of us are."

Bill exclaimed. "Jimmy broke every ones cherry? What a lucky little shit!"

"No he didn't put it in any of us. He just shot his cream in us. You're the first to put it in me and Patty. We broke our cherries using the handle of a small hair brush. That is everyone but Candy. I think Ruthie broke Candy's cherry with something smaller, Maybe the leg of a Barbie doll." answered Cindy.

"I'm glad you told me. That's why I only used the head on Patty, 'cause I was afraid of hurting her. I'm sure I would be too big for the younger girls, but now that I know, maybe I can do the oldest ones." remarked Bill.

Katy had continued rubbing Tim's cock in her little slit as they listened to the conversation between Cindy and Bill.

"What do you think Katy, Do you want me to put my wiener inside your pussy?" asked Tim

"Oh yes! I been wanting to do that ever since Uncle Bill did Patty and Cindy yesterday." answered Katy.

Having said that, she pushed his dick against her tiny hole and began hunching up at it. Tim started hunching back and he gave a moan. Just the feeling of his cock head squeezing against her tight little opening was giving both of them extreme pleasure. It was about the tenth or eleventh hunch and he was just getting ready to say how good it felt when suddenly The head popped in.

"Oh My Goodness!!!" moaned Tim. You could have knocked his eyes off with a stick when his cock popped in.

"Oh yes Timmy! Do it again! Pull it out and put it back in!" groaned Katy.

Tim didn't have to be asked twice and he pulled out and then squeezed it back in. He started fucking her with just the head and about the tenth time he shoved it in he started blowing his nuts.

"Oh Katy! Katy! Katy! Here it comes, my sweet Katy!! Auuuggghhh!!!!" yelled Tim. SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! He was shooting rope after rope into her tiny pussy and it felt like the hardest orgasm he had ever had. Each time the head would go in he would blast her with a shot of hot cum.

"Oh Timmmmmy it feels like you're squirting me with a water hose! I can feel it every time you cream!" moaned Katy as she too began her orgasm.

Tim continued fucking her with his cock head for about five minutes and Katy started pushing harder against him. Tim's dick began going deeper and soon his little balls were bumping her bare little bottom.

Meanwhile, Cindy and Bill had continued to fuck. This had all taken half an hour. That's when Bill felt Patty tapping him on the arm.

"Uncle Bill can we have a turn now?" asked Patty.

"You sure can sweetie, I was so interested in watching Tim get his first pussy that I lost track of time. Were going to have to move along if everyone gets a turn." answered Bill.

He pulled out of Cindy and his dick was as hard as it had ever been.

"It must be the pill I took." thought Bill. Bill realized he needed to speed things up and he was trying to figure out a way to do it. Then it dawned on him. He had watched the history channel a couple of nights ago and it was all about how they speeded up everything by making an assembly line.

"Listen up, everyone. I have an idea. Why don't we all go to the dining room and you girls can all lay on the table with your pussies close to edge and Tim and I can go from one girl to the next." said Bill. "Cindy, you and Katy have had a turn, so why don't you play with each others pussies and watch us give the rest of the girls a turn." said Bill.

Bill put 6-year-old Tina, 4-year-old Trixie, 5-year-old Melanie, 3-year-old Candy, and 7-year-old Cathy on one side of the table. Then on the other side, he put 8-year-old patty, 7-year-old Brenda, 8-year-old Becky, 9-year-old Susie, and 10-year-old Ruthie. It was a good thing that it was big and both leaves were in the table as Bill had to stagger the girls so that everyone fit. Then Bill stood there thinking.

"What's the matter, Uncle Bill?" asked Patty.

"I have to figure out a way for Tim to reach the table. It's perfect height for me, but I need some kind of shelf for him to stand on." answered Bill.

"How about using the one in my room? It's just a big board that Daddy set on some books so I could put my stuffed animals on." said little Katy.

Bill had Tim go with him to Katy's bedroom and what he saw was perfect. It was a 1" x 12" x 8'. It was plenty wide and longer than the table. They took it to the dining room and set it up on the side with the youngest girls. Tim stepped up on it and his dick lined up with the girls pussies.

"Can we start now?" asked Tim.

"Why don't we start at the same time? I'll start with Patty and you start with Tina. We'll rub our dicks on their pussies and when I move to the next girl you move also." said Bill.

"That sounds like fun." said Tim and the girls agreed also.

Bill stepped between Patty's legs and she pulled her panties to the side. At the same time Tim stepped between Tina's legs and she also pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. Bill moved forward and spanked his dick on the 8-year-old's mound. Then he moved the head up and down her crack until the tip slipped inside her tiny, wet slit. Tim followed Bill's lead and spanked his dick on Tina's 6-year-old mound (he decided that was fun) and then he rubbed his cock up and down her crack. It parted on the third time and the head was in her hot little slit.

Bill rubbed his dick in Patty's slit for two minutes. Tim rubbed his dick in Tina's slit. Then Bill moved over to 7-year-old Brenda and Tim moved to 4-year-old Trixie. Both girls pulled their little panties to the side. Bill spanked his cock 3 or 4 times on Brenda's mound, and then started rubbing the head in her wet little slit. Tim did the same thing to little Trixie, spanked her mound with his cock and then rubbed it up and down in her slit.

After a couple of minutes, Bill moved over to 8-year-old Becky and she pulled her panties off to the side. Tim moved to 5-year-old Melanie and she also pulled her panties to the side. Bill repeated everything. First he spanked his cock 3 or 4 times on Becky's mound, and then rubbed the head in her sweet little slit. Tim copied Bill, he spanked his four-inch dick on Melanie's little bald mound and then began rubbing it in her tiny slit.

Then Bill moved to 9-year-old Susie and Tim moved to 3-year-old Candy.

"How do you know when to move?" asked Tim.

"I glance at the clock on the wall, it has a second hand." said Bill.

Then bill spanked his cock on Susie's mound and rubbed the head in her slit. He noticed that her bald little mound was more protruding and all he could see was the back of his crown as it moved up and down her wet little slit. He also noticed she felt hotter than the first three. Tim spanked his cock on little Candy's mound and she had to giggle. Then he started rubbing his cock head in her miniature slit. It was so small that he didn't have much room to move, but she was nice and wet. Because Susie's slit was so hot and wet Bill took a little longer with her, it was only a minute and nobody seemed to notice.

He was still reluctant to move on. Her hot little pussy was really feeling good. After about three minutes, Bill moved to the last girl in line, 10-year-old Ruthie. She was small for her age. She looked more like eight, but she was very pretty. As Ruthie pulled her panties to the side she gave Bill a real pretty smile. Bill realized that she and her little sister Candy were two beautiful blond-haired dolls.

Tim moved between 7-year-old Cathy's legs. She was the oldest girl on his side of the table. Bill spanked his cock on Ruthie's sweet little mound. Then he did something a little different. He rubbed his cock all over her mound for about thirty seconds before he put it in her slit. Her pussy was about the size of the two 8-year-olds, Patty and Becky. He got his dick in Patty, so he figured he could fuck Ruthie also.

Tim spanked his dick on Cathy's little mound and then went right for her little slit. His little dick was in her slit and only the crown was showing. It also felt really hot to young Timmy. She wasn't really any bigger than a normal 7-year-old, but she was the oldest girl that Tim had played with. Bill rubbed his dick in Ruthie's little pussy for two minutes, and then moved back to the first girl, little 8-year-old Patty.

This time Tim was the one that was slow about moving. Bill had to tell him to come on. After Tim got in front of 6-year-old Tina, Bill told all the girls to pull their panties off.

"We can't take our panties off! What if someone comes and catches us?" said Cindy.

"Tim go in the kitchen and lock the back door. I already locked the front door and nobody can see in the dining room where we're at. If someone knocks, we will have plenty of time to get dressed." said Bill.

That seem to put everyone at ease and all the girls took their panties off. When Tim got back he got in front of Tina and waited for Bill to start.

"This time we'll rub our cocks in their slits for a minute or so and then move down to their hole and hunch their pussies, but try not to put it in just yet." said Bill.

"Oh boy! That sounds like fun!" exclaimed Tim.

Bill began rubbing his cock in Patty's slit and Tim started rubbing Tina's slit. After a minute or so, Bill moved the head down to Patty's tiny hole and began hunching her bald little pussy. Tim moved down to Tina's hole and did the same thing. Bill knew he could get it in Patty's hole because he had fucked her with head of his dick last night and now that he knew she wasn't a virgin, he figured if he was gentle he could get it in deeper. How deep he didn't know. But that would come later.

He was trying to be careful, even though Patty was trying to hunch back hard enough to get it in. Tim was hunching against little Tina's pussy and she was humping back really hard. Suddenly the head of Tim's cock popped inside her tight little hole. He quickly pulled back out, but then he pushed it back in. He was like a coke addict with several lines of snort on the table. He started Pumping his cock head in and out of Tina's tight Little Opening.

"I'm sorry, Bill, I didn't mean for it to go in, but once it did I couldn't stop." said Tim as he stroked the head in and out.

This had distracted Bill and he wasn't paying attention to his own hunching. Without warning The head squeezed inside Patty's little hole. He had the same reaction as little Tim. He started stroking the head in and out of her sweet bald pussy.

He fucked her with the head, being careful not to go deep just yet. He wanted that for the next round. After about three minutes He managed to pull out and move down to 7-year-old Brenda. Tim didn't move. He just couldn't seem to stop. Bill had to tell him to pull it out and move to the next girl. Tim finally used all the will power he could muster and moved down to 4-year-old Trixie. Bill Rubbed his dick in Brenda's slit for a minute and then put the head against her little hole and began hunching her sweet little bald pussy. Brenda Began humping back at him.

Tim did the same to Trixie. He rubbed his cock in her wet little slit for a minute and then moved his cock till it found her opening and began hunching. Trixie was really turned on for a 4-year-old and was really pushing back. After about the tenth hunch, Tim's cock squeezed past the ring to her pussy and again he tried to pull back and stay out but he just couldn't. His little ass had a mind of its own and it shoved the head of his cock back in. He started fucking her with just the head going in and out.

"I'm sorry Bill." said Tim

Tim no more than got that out of his mouth when Bill's cock popped inside Brenda's 7-year-old pussy.

"Ooooh! Ooooh!" they both moaned at the same time.

He held still for a moment, thinking he may have hurt her. Brenda pulled back, the head came out and then she pushed forward and it popped back in. She began moving up and down pulling the head of his cock in and out. Bill had never been in such a tight pussy and it felt so good he felt like he was losing control. He began fucking back at her.

After two or three minutes he realized he was getting close to losing it. He used all the will power he could and managed to pull out. Brenda gave a little whimper, she didn't want to stop either. Bill moved down to 8-year-old Becky and again Tim stayed where he was. Bill told him to come on, that he would be back to Trixie and he had some new stuff to try. That was enough to convince Tim and he fought the desire to stay where he was.

He finally pulled back and moved in front of 5-year-old Melanie. Bill rubbed his cock in Becky's little slit for a minute or so and he noticed she was really wet. He moved down to her hole and began hunching her and about the fifth time his cock squeezed inside. He didn't mean for it to happen, but it just did.

He started fucking her with just the head and she was so wet, tight and hot that he was fighting to keep from going deeper. Tim had rubbed Melanie and was just starting to hunch her hole when he seen Bill penetrate Becky. He threw all caution to the winds and popped his dick into Melanie's tight little hole.

They fucked both girls with just their cock heads for about three minutes and Bill said it was time to move to the next girl. Some how Tim managed to pull out after he saw the beautiful little blond candy was next. He moved in front of the little 3-year-old and started rubbing his cock in her miniature slit. By the time Bill had moved in front of 9-year-old Susie and began rubbing his cock in her hot little slit, Tim was already hunching the sweet little Candy.

Bill spoke up. "Tim, she's only 3½ years old. She's probably going to be to small to get your cock in.

"I know, but it feels really good when the head of my wiener pushes against her hole. It really squeezes the end and she is real pretty." answered Tim Bill began hunching against Susie's hot little pussy. Not only was her pussy hotter feeling than the other girls, but because of her protruding mound, each time Bill would hunch forward the back of his crown would almost disappear. He was watching this and at the same time he was watching little Timmy hunching away at beautiful little Candy. It was really turning him on.

He realized that he really liked watching Tim fuck the other girls. Not as much as fucking them himself, but it was an extra bonus. Watching the head of his dick almost go out of sight and little Candy starting to hunch back at Tim was more than he could stand. He lost control and pushed too hard and his dick popped inside Susie's hot, tight little opening.

"Auuuuggg!!" grunted Bill as the ring of her opening squeezed the head of his dick.

Tim saw Bill's dick pop into Susie's pussy and his little ass tightened up and he pushed forward just like it was him that was penetrating Susie. Only it was little Candy that his dick squeezed into.

"Wooofff!!" exclaimed Candy as it took her by surprise.

The head of Tim's dick was inside her tiny pussy and he just froze.

"I'm really sorry Candy, I didn't mean to hurt you!" said Tim.

"You didn't hurt me, Timmy. It just surprised me, that's all. It felt really good. Can you do it some more?" asked Candy

"I don't know, your pussy is squeezing me so tight, but I'll try." said Tim

Bill watched as Tim pulled back and it looked like her little pussy was trying to turn wrong side out. Then his cock popped out and he gave a low moan. He pushed hard and it squeezed back in. Then again he pulled back and it came out hard. Then Candy began to help him. She started Pulling back when he did and pushing when he did. After about the fifth or sixth time it was going in and out a little easier.

"Oh Bill, it's so tight and feels so good I can hardly stand it. Every time I push in I want to shoot my cream. I'm not going to be able to hold it much loooo! Oh Candy! Candy! here it comes!!! Auuuugggghhhh!!! SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! Oh shit! Shit! Shit!" yelled Tim.

Each time he pushed in his little ass cheeks would tighten and he would shoot a blast of hot cum. He was pumping his little cock in and out of her tight little opening and shooting large wads of cream on every stroke.

"Oh Bill I'm sorry! I just couldn't hold it. It felt too good!" groaned Tim as he continued to stroke his cock in and out and blast cum into little Candy's super-tight pussy. This went on for several minutes before he began to slow down.

"I didn't think I was ever going to stop shooting cream." said Tim.

"It was the best I ever felt." Tim began to slowly fuck her tight little pussy and little Candy wasn't ready to quit either. She began to push harder and Tim's dick began to go deeper.

About the tenth time, Tim's little balls were bumping against her tiny little ass. He had all of his four inches buried in her and was fucking away. The whole time that Tim was getting his nut, little Susie was pulling on and off Bill's cock head. Bill didn't realize it until Tim slowed down that he too was really close to climaxing. He began to fuck the head of his dick in and out of Susie's hot, tight little opening.

Each time the head squeezed in it would make Bill shudder and his nuts would draw up. About two minutes was all he could stand.

"Susie! Susie! Sweet baby girl I'm going to cum! Here it comes! Auuurrrggghhh!!!" Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" moaned Bill as he emptied his nuts into Susie's sweet, bald little pussy.

Bill shot about six or seven shots of cum before it let up. His dick remained hard so he fucked Susie for several more minutes. Susie had her climax at the same time as Bill and she was feeling weak and wasn't responding back. Having his dick stay hard and the fact that her pussy was still hot and tight caused Bill to start feeling really good again. He began pushing harder and his balls were slapping against Susie's little ass. He fucked her for another five minutes.

"It must be the pill I took." thought Bill as he pulled out and moved over to 10-year-old Ruthie. He rubbed his cock in her slit for a minute or two and then started hunching against her little opening. Because his cock was slick with cum it popped right in.

"Damn, that felt good!" thought Bill as his dick began to slowly piston in and out of her bald little pussy. Bill looked over at Tim and Candy. Tim was making three-inch strokes in her tiny little cunt and she loved every minute of it.

"Are you going to move down and give Cathy a turn?" asked Bill.

"I sure am. I'm going to shoot my cream in all the girls. I just want do it one more time in Candy." answered Tim.

"I'm almost there. I could have already done it but I been easing up to make it last longer."

"Damn, Tim! Your what's known as a little stud." said Bill.

Tim wasn't sure what that meant, but he knew Bill was bragging on him. He decided he would get busy and do the rest of the girls. This time when he got close to blowing his nuts he didn't ease off. He picked up speed and little Candy was trying to stay with him. He felt his little nuts draw up and knew he was really close. It was just too intense.

"Get ready, Candy. I'm going to fill you up again! Ooh Shit! Here it comes!" moaned Tim. "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" SPURT! SPURT! SPURT!

Bill could tell each time Tim would shoot a rope of cum. Not only would he jerk, but his little ass would clench tight. Bill lost count after about ten blasts and Tim kept pumping away. Watching Tim cream little Candy with another hot load put Bill over the edge.

"Get ready for some cream, sweet Ruthie! I'm almost there." said Bill.

This caused Ruthie to moan and also triggered her climax. Bill felt her tighten up and began to jerk as her pussy spasmed on his cock. It was too much for him.

"Here it comes! Oh my god!" Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! "So good! So fucking goooood!!!!" moaned Bill as he shot several ropes of hot cum deep inside her bald little pussy.

The cum was making her super-slick and Bill's dick began to go deeper. After four or five strokes he had all 5½ inches buried and he could feel his cock bumping bottom. He stayed hard so he continued to fuck little Ruthie.

"Havn't you finished with Candy yet?" asked Bill.

"Yes, but I'm using her to get me ready for Cathy." answered Tim Bill had to laugh at that.

"I hope I can fuck Candy some day" thought Bill.

His dick was starting to feel real good again so he pulled out and went back to the front of the line. Little Patty wanted to know what took so long this time.

Bill spoke loud enough that all the girls could hear. "Tim and I are giving our puppy dog cream to each one of you and it takes a little longer." said Bill.

"Oh goodie! That's OK, then." said Patty.

Bill began rubbing his cock in her slit and Patty asked him to go ahead and shoot his cream. Bill put his cock against her hole and again the slick cum let it squeeze in. He started fucking her with just the head. He knew she wasn't a virgin, but he was doing it because it felt so good having the tight little ring of her opening squeezing on his cock head. He did this for about five minutes and felt his nuts starting to draw up so he started going deeper. Since he hadn't shot any cum in her yet it took about ten strokes to reach the bottom.

When Patty felt his dick hit bottom, it triggered her climax. She started moaning and begging for him to shoot her full of cum. Bill felt the cheeks of his ass go tight and his balls drew up against his belly. He picked up speed.

"Here it comes, sweet Patty! Holy shit! Oooooohhhhh!!!" Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! "Ooh yes! Yes! Yeeeeees!" groaned Bill.

Again he blasted a little girl with hot cum as he pistoned in and out of her hot little hole.

"That pill is worth its weight in gold. I'm still hard and feel like I could almost cum again." thought Bill as he continued to fuck 8-year-old Patty.

Bill looked down to see what Tim was doing. He had finally left Candy and was slowly fucking the head of his dick in and out of 7-year-old Cathy. Tim looked down the table and saw Bill watching him and that's when he realized that Bill had creamed his third girl and he was still on his second. He began going deeper and started picking up speed. This caused Little Cathy to begin her climax and Timmy could feel her tight little pussy as it spasmed on his dick. Then he let it happen.

"Ooooohhh!!! My sweet little Cathy! Auuuuggghhh!!!" SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! Tim began blasting rope after rope of hot cum against the bottom of her young cunt. Again he shot several wads before he slowed down. He only fucked Cathy until she went limp. Then he pulled out and moved to the front of the line and got between 6-year-old Tina's legs.

Tina grabbed his cock and rubbed it in her slit four or five times then centered it over little opening. As Tim began to hunch her she responded by hunching back. Even though Tim's dick was slick with cum it was about the eighth or ninth time when his cock squeezed in. He began slow-fucking just the head of his cock in and out of Tina's 6-year-old pussy. Bill watched all this with interest as he fucked little Patty and felt the pleasure building in his young cock.

"I better move on to the next girl." thought Bill.

He pulled out of Patty and moved over to 7-year-old Brenda. He rubbed his cock in her slit six or seven times and then found her little hole. The fact that he had the head in her a short time before and that his dick was slick with cum caused him to squeeze in on the third or fourth hunch. Bill began pulling the head in and out in a slow and steady rhythm. It had the effect that he desired.

The crown squeezing in and out of her tight little ring caused his nuts to draw up and his ass to tighten. He could feel his climax getting close. He continued for another minute or so and the feelings were becoming really intense. He started pushing harder and not pulling out. He was gaining about half an inch on each stroke. It took about a dozen strokes for Bill to hit bottom, but when he did it caused Brenda to climax. He could feel her tight pussy spasming around his cock and she began bucking and jerking.

This was too much for Bill, he didn't want to take to long but he did want it to last a little longer than this. He couldn't help himself. Her being so tight and really milking his dick put him over the top. He started fucking faster and then he blew.

"Ooh my god!! Here it comes, sweet Brenda! UUUUUUUHHHHH!!!!" Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! "Sweet pussy! Sweet, sweet pussy!" moaned Bill as he shot five or six ropes of cum in the bottom of her little love tube. Bill continued fucking her bald little pussy. He remained hard and even though he just had a climax, he could feel the faint stirrings of another one starting to build.

"I usually jack off 6 or 7 times a day and this was just my fifth time today to shoot off. I can't believe I could do it this close together. I know it's got to be the pill." thought Bill.

As Tim was fucking 6-year-old Tina, he realized that Bill had just creamed another girl. He could have shot off in Tina any time he wanted, but he had been easing off to make it last longer. He was still fucking her with just the head, but he picked up speed. This caused little Tina to go into her orgasm. Tim's Nuts drew up and he started going deeper and faster. Then he let it happen.

"OOOOOOHHHH!!! H e e e r r r e i i i t t c o o m m e e s s!!!" yelled Tim. SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! "Oh Tina it's so hot! So tight! Sooo Gooood!" groaned Tim as he continued shooting a massive load of his little boy cum.

It seemed like it was five minutes before he slowed down and reluctantly pulled out and moved over to 4-year-old Trixie. Tim wasted no time. He rubbed her with his cock just three or four times and then went straight for her tiny hole. He pushed against her and hunched her about four times and his cock popped in. Then he began slow-fucking her with the head. He wasn't going to ease up this time, he was going to catch up with Bill.

As he slowly slid his dick in and out of her tight little opening, he began to feel the need to shoot off and it was steadily building. He continued to use just the head but he began picking up speed. This sent little Trixe into her orgasm. She began humping back at him really hard and moaning loudly. This caused Tim's dick to go deeper. He hit bottom in less than five strokes. He was really going fast and as he felt the need to cum getting intense he didn't try to ease up or hold back. He let it happen!

"Trixie baby hold on! Here it comes! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! EEEEEEEHHH!!!" SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! "I love your pussy Trixie! I love all you girls' pussies!" blubbered Tim.

Again he was able to shoot a large load of cream as he blasted hard, heavy ropes of cum into her tiny bald pussy. Again it was another five minutes before he slowed down. While Bill continued building towards another climax as he fucked little Brenda he had also been watching Tim fuck little Trixie and watched as he blew another large load of cum. This pushed him closer to another climax. He wanted to save it for the next girl.

Bill pulled out of Brenda and moved over to 8-year-old Becky. As he rubbed the cum-soaked head in her tiny slit she began to moan. "Damn, she's really hot!" thought Bill.

Becky grabbed his dick and moved it against her little opening. Then she pushed up hard. Needless to say the head popped right in. Before Bill could regain his composure she was moving her little ass up and down causing the head to squeeze in and out. He finally got himself together and managed to slow Becky down as she fucked his cock head in and out of her bald little pussy.

Tim saw that Bill was on the last girl on his side of the table and he wasn't trying to compete with him. He just wanted to finish the girls on his side in case Bill wanted to trade sides. He fucked Trixie about twenty more strokes and pulled out and moved in front of 5-year-old Melanie.

Even though Tim had shot his cream 6 times (two times in Candy), he was sure he could do the rest of the girls and the throbbing in his hard little dick only seemed to confirm this. He ran the tip of his dick up and down through her tiny slit and as he would hit the little nubbin at the top little Melanie would jerk, shiver and moan. He liked the idea that he had found the spot that she liked to have rubbed.

Instead of going on to her hole, he decided to tease her just a little. He would rub her nub three or four times and then pull back and spank his four-inch cock on her bald preteen mound. He went back and fourth like this nine or ten times and 5-year-old Melanie couldn't understand what was happening to her. When he would hit her nubbin, she would feel unbelievable pleasure and she would be really close to climaxing. Then he would pull back and spank her pussy. She liked the sensations from the spanking, but it couldn't come close to what she was feeling when he played on her little love button.

Tim didn't realize it but he was also teasing himself. He was getting real close to getting his nuts off. Rubbing the sensitive underside of his cock in her hot, wet little slit and then spanking the underside of the head on her bald mound was really making his dick throb. The next time he parted her slit and went across her clit she grabbed his cock and wouldn't let go. She smashed the head of his cock against her clit and started rocking up and down. She did this a dozen times and went over the top.

"Oh Timmy! Timmy! Timmy! Oooooohhhh!!" moaned Melanie.

She was jerking up and down and then the head of his dick caught in the mouth of her little hole and when she jerked up two inches of his dick popped inside. Then she went wild. She was humping up and down as hard and fast as she could and Tim's dick was hitting bottom and having the hell squeezed out of it at the same time. His 9-year-old mind couldn't handle it. It was just too exciting for him and there was no way he could control his body or even think about easing off.

"EEEEEEEHHHH!!!" yelled Tim. "It's too good! I can't stand it!" SPUURRT! SPUURRT! SPUURRT!

His little balls had completely disappeared into his belly, his ass cheeks were so tight they almost hurt, and the cum was shooting out so hard he felt like it was going blow the head of his dick off. To Bill, it looked like Tim shot ten or twelve heavy ropes of cum in her and he continued to jerk like he was having dry cums. Watching Tim was the most erotic thing he had ever seen and he didn't realize it but he was pulling the head of his cock in and out of Becky's little pussy very fast.

With her being so hot and going wild this caused her to explode with a mind-shattering climax. She hooked her heels on the side of his hips and began pulling him deeper. She was jerking, quivering, and moaning really loud. This started Bill's balls to churn, and when his dick hit bottom he exploded!

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Shit! Shit! Shit! AAAAAUUUGGGGHHH!!!" SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! "So good! So good! Sooo Fuuucking gooood!!" yelled Bill. He shot 8 or 9 wads of cum into her and his dick continued to dry fire. It was the most cum he had ever shot at one time in his life. He actually felt weak. His dick was still hard but his balls were aching.

Bill and Tim continued to slow-fuck the two girls for a few more minutes and then they pulled out about the same time.

"Gee Uncle Bill, that was really exciting!" exclaimed Cindy.

"It sure was!" said the rest of the girls in unison.

"Bill, do you want to trade sides now?" asked Tim.

"Jesus, Tim don't you need a little break?" asked Bill.

"Heck no, I only shot my cream 7 times. I can go lots more." said Tim

"There's always tomorrow. I'll still be here till late Sunday night." said Bill.

"I may not be able to come tomorrow. I may have to go to Grandma's." said Tim.

"You're right, Tim. Who do you want to do next?" asked Bill.

"Everyone I haven't creamed in yet." answered Tim.

All the girls had gotten up from the table and went to the bathroom to clean up their pussies. They were gone about ten minutes. When they came back, Cindy said that they had used toilet paper and then washcloths to clean up with. Then she said that she rinsed out the washcloths and put them in the wash machine. Bill told her she was very smart and also suggested they repeat it again at the end of the day, before everyone put their panties on.

"Girls, I realize I still have a hardon, but my balls kinda ache and I want to rest for a little while. Tim wants to shoot his cream in the girls he hasn't done yet. Is it ok with you?" asked Bill.

All six girls said they were willing and could hardly wait. Bill told the five girls that were on his side to lay down on Tim's side of the table and he also told Cindy to join them. There wasn't room on the side with the board, so Bill had Cindy lay down and then had the smallest girl, 7-year-old Brenda lay on top of her.

They were both facing up and their pussies were stacked about 3 inches apart.. Tim said how hot that made him and the other girls wanted to stack also. Bill was just trying to make enough room for the six girls and he too thought how sexy it looked. He put 9-year-old Susie on the table and stacked 8-year-old Patty on top. Then he put 10-year-old Ruthie on the table and stacked 8-year-old Becky on top. Ruthie was the oldest but she was the same size as Becky.

The whole time he was arranging the girls, little Tim was busy stroking his cock. "How should I do this?" asked Tim.

"Anyway you want." answered Bill. "Can you give me some Ideas?" asked Tim.

"Well since I've already creamed in them and they're all still hot and horny, you could stick it in each girl and fuck her a few strokes and then move to the next one. Whenever you shoot cream in one of them you can skip her until you have them all creamed." said Bill.

Tim stepped up on the board and saw that his cock still lined up with the stacked girls. He didn't waste any time He got between Cindy and Brenda's legs and put his dick against Brenda's 7-year-old pussy and started hunching. His dick squeezed in on the third push and he stroked in and out 5 or 6 times. Then he pulled out and moved down to Cindy. His dick went in on the second push, but she was still nice and tight. He pumped in and out 5 or 6 times and pulled out.

Then he stepped over between Susie and Patty. He put his dick against 8-year-old Patty and started hunching her. It took about 4 times and then he popped in. He fucked her about 6 strokes and pulled out and moved down to 9-year-old Susie. He hunched against her pussy and it went in on the third push. He noticed how hot her pussy was and it made his dick throb.

He stroked her about ten times. He couldn't help himself. Then he pulled out. He moved over to Ruthie and Becky. He began hunching 8-year-old Becky and on the fourth push he popped in. He stroked her about 6 times and moved down to Little Ruthie. He hunched her four or five times and the head squeezed in. She was just as tight as Becky.

He fucked her for 6 or 7 strokes, pulled out and moved back to the first two girls. Bill was watching this and noticed that his balls had quit aching and he was getting horny again. His dick had stayed hard and he was sure that the pill was keeping it that way. He just wasn't sure if his balls could make more cum. As he saw Tim push back into Cindy he reached for his cock and gave it a stroke.

"Damn, that felt good. Who cares if I can shoot more cum? I can still fuck and enjoy all this pussy." thought Bill. The dining room was next to the den, in fact it was one large room. Half was dining room and half was den. There was a small sofa just a few feet from the dining room table and Bill decided he could watch the action from there. He sat down on the sofa and had a perfect view of Tim and the girls.

Tim had increased the number of strokes to 10 for each girl. He could still make a complete round in two minutes. He was now starting his third turn. Bill sat on the sofa stroking his dick as he watched Tim and wondered if he would be able to climax six more times. The younger girls were standing around watching also. Everyone but Melanie. The little 5-year-old was standing in front of Bill. She was rubbing her pussy and staring at his cock as he stroked it. Bill was looking to the side at the action on the table and wouldn't have noticed her if she hadn't gave a little moan.

Bill turned his head saw the little naked 5-year-old looking at his cock. Bill shook his cock at her and grinned. Melanie grinned back and took it as an invitation. Before he knew what happened she had got on his lap. She was facing him and had her knees on the outside of his hips. Then she grabbed his cock and began rubbing it against her tiny bald pussy.

Since Bill's hands were free, he put them on her little ass and began rubbing and squeezing it. This was making Melanie even hotter. After Three or four minutes, the little 5-year-old raised up and placed the head of his dick against her tiny hole and started hunching down on it. Bill told her to ease up and not to push so hard so that she wouldn't hurt herself. Melanie didn't seem to hear him or just wasn't paying attention to anything he said. She still had a hold of his cock as she hunched down on it.

"She is really getting wet for such a young girl." thought Bill.

He didn't want her to hurt herself but he had to admit that each time she pushed down and her little opening squeezed the hell out of the tip of his dick. It felt wonderful! Bill continued rubbing her cute little ass and had his eyes glued to her tiny bald pussy as it pressed against the end of his dick. It was so erotic that he had forgotten about Tim. Melanie began pulling up on his cock each time she hunched down. Suddenly the head popped in and they both froze.

"I'm sorry, Mel, I didn't mean to hurt you. Maybe you better get off now." said Bill.

"It didn't hurt. It just scared me for a second. I was trying to get it in but I wasn't expecting it yet." said Melanie.

She still had her hand around his dick as she raised up and the head popped out. Then she pulled up on his cock and pushed her little pussy back down, the head popped back in. She repeated this 6 or 7 times and Bill was fighting to keep from blowing his nuts. She was so tight that it almost hurt. At the same time it felt fantastic. Then the little 5-year-old tried going deeper. This time when it popped in she tried dropping her weight on it. Bill's dick went another half inch. She pulled up just a little and again dropped her weight down. This time he was three quarters of an inch deeper.

Little Melanie raised up on her knees until his cock was almost ready to come out and then she would drop her weight down. She was gaining about a quarter of an inch each time she did this. It took about 15 times until his cock bottomed out. He had about four inches in her and her tiny hole looked like it was stretched to the tearing point.

Then she began moving up and down, making about two-inch strokes. She was moaning and quivering on every stroke. When she raised up, it looked like her little hole was trying to turn wrong side out. It looked so erotic and felt so good that Bill knew he would shoot off any minute. He was fighting to make it last.

That's when he heard Tim yell. Bill looked over and saw Tim's little ass cheeks clinch each time he blasted a rope of cum into Susie's hot little pussy. This was all it took to cause Bill to lose control.

"Holy shit! Here it comes! AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!" Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! "Ooh, you sweet little baby girl! So tight! So tight! So tight!" groaned Bill.

Melanie was pumping her little ass up and down as fast as she could go and Bill shot at least a dozen squirts of hot cream up her tiny hole. She continued pumping her super-tight little pussy on his cock for another 5 minutes and then she fell against him and moaned and shook all over.

Bill's dick was hard as a rock and Melanie had a hard time pulling off. The slick cum made it a little easier. As Melanie climbed off he noticed the other girls standing around him. As soon as she was out of the way, 6-year-old Tina crawled up on his lap. She faced him just like Melanie had done. She grabbed his dick and pumped it three or four times, then scooted forward until the head made contact with her tiny bald mound. Then she rubbed the tip up and down and on the fourth time the head parted her wet little slit.

"MMMMMMM" moaned Tina.

She continued to rub the end of his cock up and down through her tiny slit and Bill rubbed her little nipples and her sweet little ass. After three or four minutes, she raised up and placed his cock against her miniature hole and began hunching down on it. Bill held her tiny ass and began hunching up at her. Bill glanced over at Tim and the girls on the table Just as Tim pulled out of Becky and lowered his cock and pushed it in little Ruthie's pussy.

He stroked in and out about ten times, pulled out and moved back to the front of the line. He spanked his dick on 7-year-old Brenda's pussy three or four times and then lined up and pushed it in. Bill watched as the 9-year-old boy pumped in and out of little Brenda's tiny bald pussy. Just as he looked back at the sweet little 6-year-old on his own lap his cock popped inside.

"Ooooh!!" they both moaned at the same time.

Tina held on to Bill's dick and began pulling his cock head in and out of her tiny little peach. Bill continued to rub her sweet little ass and watch the head of his dick squeeze in and out of her vice-like pussy. The more he watched, the hotter he got. They had been fucking for about five minutes and both Bill and Tina were getting close to having their climaxes when they heard Tim yell and Cindy moan real loud.

Bill and Tina looked just in time to see Tim's 9-year-old ass tighten and watched as he jerked and blasted hot ropes of cum into Cindy's 10-year-old pussy. Every time he would shoot, his ass would squeeze tight and he would jerk forward. He must have done this a dozen times before he slowed down. This was just too hot for Bill and Tina and it put them both over the top.

"OOOOH Billy, here it comes!!!" moaned The 6-year-old.

"Holy shit! Sweet baby girl! AUUUGGGHHH!!!" yelled Bill. Spurt! Spurt!

He was blasting large ropes of cum deep in her pussy. He shot seven or eight times and each time his dick was going a little deeper. On the last spurt, he bottomed out. He had four of his five and a half inches buried. He began slow-fucking her. He did this for several minutes and realized little Tina was limp and not moving. She was just lying against his chest with a smile on her face.

"Can I have a turn now?" asked 7-year-old Cathy.

"What about me, can I have a turn too?" asked 4-year-old Katy.

"I can only do one at a time." laughed Bill.

"Why can't you do like Tim and put me on top of Cathy?" asked Katy.

"Katy you are a smart little girl." answered Bill. "Cathy get on the table and Katy you get on top."

The girls got situated and Bill stepped in front of them and stroked his cock three or four times. It was still hard and it still felt good. He just started to move forward when Tim moaned real loud. He watched as Tim filled little Ruthie's 10-year-old pussy full of hot cum. Again his ass would tighten and he would jerk forward as each rope of puppy-cream blasted deep inside her tiny pussy.

Bill never realized it, but he was stroking his cock as he was watching this and almost blew his nuts. He quickly looked away at the clock on the wall and watched the second hand until he got back under control. This took at least a full minute. He moved forward and spanked his dick on Katy's bald little mound and then rubbed it on her crack until her slit parted and he felt the heat on the tip of his dick. He rubbed it in her slit for a couple of minutes and then put it against her miniature hole. Then he began gently hunching against her.

He realized that he had got it into 5-year-old Melanie, but little 4-year-old Katy was way too small for penetration. He hunched her for a couple of minutes and then moved down to Cathy. Again he spanked her mound with his cock and proceeded to rub the head in her sweet little slit. He did this for a couple of minutes and then began hunching her tiny hole. Little Cathy was really turned on, and on about the fifth hunch Bill's dick popped in. The head was just inside and the little ring at her opening was squeezing behind the crown.

Both kids gave a loud moan. Bill pulled back and her pussy looked like it wanted to turn wrong side out before the head popped out. Then he pushed it back in. He did this several times before it got a little easier. It wasn't getting easier for Bill, It was taking every bit of will power he could muster to keep from blowing his nuts. He didn't want to shoot just yet, so he moved back up to 4-year-old Katy and began hunching her tiny, bald pussy. Bill was so close to blowing his nuts that his dick was pouring precum.

Little Katy's pussy was also pouring juices and after about a dozen hunches the unexpected happened. The head of Bill's dick popped inside the little 4-year-old's tiny pussy.

"UUUUMMMMPPP!!" they both groaned at the same time. Bill held perfectly still. He was afraid he had hurt her.

Then Katy spoke. "Do it some more, push it in and out. It feels real good!"

Bill couldn't believe his ears. Little Timmy must have loosened her up just enough. He decided that not only was it fun to watch Tim, but he was handy for breaking in the smaller girls. Bill began pulling in and out of her super-tight little pussy. He was fucking her with just the head. He would pull it completely out and then squeeze it back in. He was fighting like crazy to hold his climax. It just felt too fucking good!

Then he heard a moan from the other side of the table and looked over to see Tim Jerking his ass, pouring shot after shot of little-boy cum into Patty's 8-year-old pussy. Both kids were jerking and quivering all over as Tim's hot juice hit the bottom of her hot little tunnel. It was too much for Bill. As he looked down and watched his cock head squeezing in and out of Katy's little pussy, he lost it.

"OOOH MY GOD!! Here it comes, sweet Katy! AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!" yelled Bill. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

Every time the head squeezed in he would shot a blast of hot cum. About the sixth shot his dick started going deeper and about the tenth time he bottomed out. He had about four inches buried in her tiny, bald, baby pussy. After he came down he slow fucked her for several minutes. She was so tight that he could feel himself building towards another climax. He pulled out and moved down to Cathy. She had felt and heard the action above her and the little 7-year-old was so hot that she felt like she would explode.

Bill's dick was still dripping with cum, and when he started to hunch against her little hole, Cathy hunched back hard and his dick squeezed in. Both kids moaned loud. Bill began fucking her with just the head. He was only able to do this for a couple of minutes, as little the little 7-year-old was just to hot. She began hunching harder and bill's dick started going deeper. Bill bottomed out. She had about five inches buried and even thou he still had a half inch left his balls were slapping against her tiny ass.

Bill was close to another climax so he slow fucked her and enjoyed the squeezing sensation on his dick. Since he was taking his time to build up to a bigger climax he decided to check on Tim. He watched as Tim would fuck Becky ten or twelve strokes and then move all the way down to Brenda. He was skipping the other four girls.

"What are you doing Tim? Why are you skipping Cindy, Patty, Susie, and Ruthie?" asked Bill.

"I already gave them my puppy cream and I'm afraid if I do them some more I might shoot in them again and I won't have enough for Brenda and Becky." answered Tim.

"Damn, I think he may be wearing down." thought Bill with a silent chuckle. "Tim, that's a good idea. I know how much you wanted to do everyone. How about putting Brenda on top of Becky and you won't have so far to go." said Bill.

The six girls got up and 7-year-old Brenda got on top of 8-year-old Becky. The other four girls headed for the bathroom to clean up. During all this talking and moving Bill had continued to slow fuck his tight little 7-year-old. As he watched Tim step between Brenda and Becky's legs, he saw a big grin on Tim's face. Tim pushed his dick in Brenda and made one stroke, then he pushed it in Becky and made one stroke. He continued to give the girls one stroke each. Brenda one, Becky one, Brenda one, Becky one.

Bill was watching this and realized how erotic it was. He was going to have to try that! Watching Tim get fresh pussy with every stroke was too much for Bill. He started speeding up and little Cathy started moaning, jerking and calling Bill's name. That put him over the edge.

"OOH Cathy! My sweet little girl! Get ready here it comes!!! EEEEEGGGHHH!!!!" yelled Bill. Spurt! Spurt!

He was blasting her with rope after rope of hot cum as he bottomed out in her tiny preteen pussy. He must of shot a dozen spurts of his 13-year-old boy cum. Bill slow-fucked for another five minutes and even though he still had a hard on he realized his nuts hurt. He sent Cathy to the bathroom to clean up and Katy, Tina, and Melanie followed.

Bill walked over to the sofa and sat down to rest. He decided to watch Tim as he one-stroked Brenda and Becky. He just did get comfortable when he realized 4-year-old Trixie and 3½-year-old Candy were standing in front of him.

"Are you going to give us a turn?" asked both girls at the same time.

"I'll try, sweeties, but I need to rest a few minutes." said Bill.

He didn't want to mention that his balls ached, he didn't figure they would know what he was talking about anyway. Bill turned his head towards the table and saw that little Tim was still giving each girl one stroke at a time. He noticed that each time Tim would push his cock in, the girl that was getting the honors would moan and try to get a second stroke. Bill could tell the little girls were really turned on and they were really going to have a super climax.

Bill watched the action on the table for about five minutes and realized his nuts had quit hurting. It was then that he heard little Trixie moan. He looked at her and saw she was rubbing her pussy and licking her lips. Then it dawned on him. He needed just a little more rest to allow his nuts to fully recover and she was making herself hot. Why couldn't Trixie and Candy play with each other and be ready for him?

"Trixie, I want to show you and Candy something really fun while I rest for a few minutes." said Bill. He had the two girls sit on the edge of the sofa, spread their legs and lean back on their elbows. Then he got on his knees between 4-year-old Trixie's legs and began kissing her tiny bald mound. He did this for about a minute and then ran his tongue in her little slit. She clamped her legs on the sides of his head and moaned.

"Ooh Billy that feels so good!" moaned little Trixie.

Then Bill licked up the complete length of her slit and the tip of his tongue hit the little nubbin at the top. Trixie's little ass came off the sofa like it had a coil spring under it.

"EEEEEEEE!!!" moaned the little 4-year-old.

Bill realized that must be what the boys at school call the 'clit' and it really feels good to a girl. He decided to try his theory. He flicked his tongue on it again and she shot up against his face again and shuddered all over. He did this five or six times, and then moved over to 3½-year-old Candy. Bill felt his dick Jerk when he looked at the little blue-eyed blonde's pussy. It was beautiful!

He started kissing her mound and he did this for a good three minutes. Then he started licking her slit and little candy began rotating her hips and moaning. About two minutes of this and he hit her clit. She jerked up so fast that if he hadn't been ready for it she may have smashed his face. She shuddered all over. Bill licked her about a dozen times and then stood up.

"More! More!" cried both little girls at the same time.

"I was just showing you how it was done. Now I'm going to show you how to do each other." said Bill.

He had Trixie lay on the sofa and then put candy on top facing the other way. He told them he thought it was called 69. Then he had them lick each other's pussies. It didn't take them long to find each other's clits and they were moaning and shuddering through multiple orgasms. The other eight girls that were not busy with Bill and Tim saw what was going on and could tell how good it was feeling.

Within two minutes they had paired of in their own 69's and were getting their first taste of pussy. The whole room was full of low moaning sounds. Watching Tim one-stroke Brenda and Becky and the other ten girls eating each other out was too much for Bill. Not only had his nuts quit aching, but it actually felt like he could blow his nuts just watching. Trixie and Candy slowed down to small jerks and shudders and Bill wanted to play. He had Candy get up and had Trixie lay on her back with her legs hanging over the edge. Then he had Candy lay face down on top of her. They were so close in age that their heads and pussies lined up perfectly.

Then Bill spoke. "Trixie, I want you and Candy to rub your pussies together just like you had dicks. Pretend you're fucking."

Both little girls did what Bill said, and within a minute or two they were moaning and really getting with it. This did not go unnoticed by the other girls, and soon they were switching back and forth between rubbing pussies and eating each other out. Tim was watching this as he fucked Brenda and Becky and it was too much for his little mind. He had been trying to make the last two girls last a long time, but his little balls drew up in his belly and when he shoved his cock in Brenda he lost it.


There was no more one-stroking. His little ass was pumping hot ropes of cum in Brenda's pussy and she was so hot she went into a huge orgasm. Tim shot about ten spurts in her and yanked out and tried to make it to Becky's hole. A large glob hit her on the outside of her slit just as he pushed in. Then he blasted Becky with large ropes of cum. She too went into a massive orgasm.

Tim shot about ten squirts in her and moved back to Brenda. This time he pumped five in her and back to Becky and gave her his last five. His little dick was about half hard, but he continued to take turns between the two girls for another five minutes. Then he pulled off and walked over and sat down in a kitchen chair. Bill had watched all of this play out and he was as hot or hotter than when he first started.

Bill got on his knees between Candy and Trixie's legs. They were still rubbing their pussies together. He spread their legs as wide as he could and with his cock in his hand he eased forward until the head started going between the two miniature pussies. He pushed the head in till it was out of sight, then he pulled back and pushed forward again. He started a slow steady rhythm.

Each time he would push forward the head of his dick would rub both girls' clits and they would moan and jerk. Bill still had hold of his cock so he could control things. It wouldn't do any good to push forward more than a couple of inches, as the end of his dick would be past their pussies and on their bellies The two tiny girls were getting really turned on and started moving their asses up and down at a faster pace.

Bill was having trouble keeping his dick level, because of the frantic movements of the two little girls, so he pushed downward on the shaft just as he pushed back in. It was then that Trixie chose to hump up. Without warning, the head of Bill's dick got caught in the mouth of the 4-year-old's pussy and popped inside.

"UUUUMMMPPP!" moaned Trixie

Bill just froze, waiting for her to cry or something. Instead, she continued to wiggle around and hump up and down. Bill pulled out, held down on the shaft and pushed forward. Again the head popped in. It was so fucking tight that he almost blew his nuts. He did this five or six times. It felt so good that he didn't want to stop. Little Candy noticed her clit wasn't getting rubbed by Bill's dick.

She spoke. "Bill could you rub my bump some more? Please!"

Bill decided that he loved the feeling of both pussies sandwiching his cock but he also craved Trixie's super-tight little cunt. He decided that he would stick the head in Trixie's little opening every forth or fifth time. He pulled back and as he pushed forward he let up too much on his shaft. That's when Candy felt him coming forward so she pushed down hard to get the maximum feelings. It was a perfect aim. His dick popped inside the little 3½-year-old's pussy and she gave a moan. He held perfectly still and was getting ready to pull back. He knew it had to have hurt her, as it was the tightest pussy that he had been in.

"Do that some more! It feels reeaaally good, and so big! Please! please!" moaned Candy.

There was no way Bill could say no. It felt fantastic. He pulled back, pushed down on his shaft and went forward. It popped in Trixie's little hole. Then he pulled back, let up on his shaft and went forward. It squeezed into Candy's super-tight pussy. Again, down and into Trixie's pussy. Again, up and into Candy's pussy. Bill picked up a rhythm and was giving each girl a stroke.

Now he knew why Tim enjoyed it so much. Even though he was just fucking them with his cock head, it was like teasing himself and at the same time getting different pussy every stroke. Tight Pussy!! He was putting it in Trixie one stroke, then Candy one stroke. Over and over he pumped their little pussies. Then it was too much for him and the girls. Both Girls started jerking and moaning and it was all that Bill could stand.

"Ooh My God!! Here it comes!! AAAAAAUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!! SO GOOOOOD!! SO FUUUCCKKING GOOOOD!!!" Spurt!! Spurt!!

He blasted hot cum into Candy's little pussy. He pumped in and out of her 3-year-old pussy a dozen times and squirted her on every stroke. Then he pushed down and shot several ropes of sperm in Trixie's little 4-year-old tunnel. He had no more sperm but he went back and forth between the two little sweeties for another five minutes. Bill realized that the Viagra helped him fuck so many times and so he decided to take the bottle with him so that it would always be handy if he needed it. He was sure his brother wouldn't miss them, after all he hadn't used them in a good while.

He asked Cindy about it and she thought it was a good idea. She said she would tell him they accidentally got wet and she threw them out - if he even asked. Tim said that his balls hurt and he didn't know if he would be over on Sunday. Bill realized that his nuts were aching real bad also. He figured Tim and himself both had a real workout.

The kids all cleaned up and went home and said they would try to come over the next day. As you might expect all of the kids had to go some where with their folks and it was three weeks before they would all get together again.

Bill's balls were still tender Sunday, so he spent the day eating his four nieces' pussies and showing them how to pleasure themselves. He did manage to fuck them one time each, even if it was spread out over several hours.

When Bill's brother Charles got home Sunday evening and saw the house was in good shape and the kids were fed and sitting around quietly watching TV, he was really impressed. He asked if they gave him any trouble, and Bill said he had to get on them a few times but everything was cool. The girls all giggled. Charles offered Bill $25, but Bill would only take ten. He told his brother that it wasn't really work and he had really enjoyed himself. His real reason for not taking the money was he wanted very much to babysit again.

Charles used him many times after that and Patty was right, His brothers Steve, John, and mark got word from Charles and his wife that Not only was Bill available but he was good with the Kids and the best part, he was real cheap. In fact Tuesday, Steve called and asked Bill to watch his six kids Saturday and Saturday night. Of course Bill agreed. Cindy had already told Bill that all three of his brothers kids liked to play cats and dogs. Bill was looking forward to watching the six kids.