A Summer in The Netherlands part 3


I loved all of Ava’s adorable outfits. Her mother had taken her shopping for our trip and bought her quite a few new outfits that we’re quite adorable. She had a blue sleeveless shirt that was a little too big for her. Whenever she bent over it was easy to see through the sleeves if you were standing at the right angle. One of Ava’s favorite shirts was a pink tank top with ruffles that accentuated her flat chest, but I can’t get enough of those tight pants that form to every curve of her body. Even still, my favorite outfit of hers is my cum. It doesn’t much matter where it lands. I just love seeing it on the eight-year-old’s body.

One afternoon, we had quite a time on the beach. Ava decided to ditch her bikini top like some of the other little girls were doing. I surely didn’t mind and I could tell a few of the other beach-goers didn’t either. Now I have always loved the beach, but playing in the waves with my topless princess was hands down the best beach visit I had ever had.

“I think it’s time we go back to the cottage,” I said once it had begun to get dark.

Ava sighed, “Alight, I guess I am a little hungry anyway.”

We picked up our stuff that we left in the sand and walked back to our beach-front cottage. Once we had made it back to the cottage, I made a quick dinner and we ate out on the patio, overlooking the ocean.

“Once you’re done eating, you need a bath. We both do.” I had just finished my dinner and knew we both needed a nice long bath after our day at the beach. Once Ava was finished, we both made our way to the bathroom. There was no question that we would be bathing together. Ever since our first morning in the Netherlands, we hadn’t bothered taking separate showers or anything. Sometimes it just seemed like a waste of time to bathe separately. Other times I intended to have my way with the eight year old. This was most definitely one of those times.

We both made short order of our swimming suits once I got our bath going. It was always my job to test the water before Ava got in. She didn’t like it if the bath was too hot. Once I deemed the temperature okay, we both got in.

We settled in and began to relax, our afternoon at the beach had certainly been exhausting. She leaned up against me, her back to my chest. My cock was hard. Surely she must have noticed it rubbing against her, but she didn’t say anything.

After a few minutes, I began soaping up her chest. With my free hand I rubbed her nipples and began to make my way down to her pussy. Talking with Ava, she had been telling me all of the things her father had done with her during his late night visits. She had never once mentioned her father ever making her cum. That was something I was about to remedy.

Ava gasped when I began to finger her girlish clit. As I continued, her eyes closed. Once she began to rub her hand up and down my leg, I knew she was close. Her movements became more and more intense as her climax was fast approaching. I didn’t let up, continuing to tease her clit until she cried out with her first cum. When it was over, I felt her body collapse, relaxing into mine.

“Did you enjoy your first cum, sweetie?” She gave me a rather confused look but nodded. Between that and our very full day at the beach, she was one tired little girl. Even still, I needed my release too.

After several minutes of caressing her and allowing her to relax, I re-situated myself and lifted the girl, sitting her down on the edge of the bathtub. It was obvious that she was accustomed to doing whatever her father told her. I expected her to complain when I lifted her out of the bath. But she stayed silent and gave only a slight indication that she was a little cold.

It’s not as if I gave her much of a chance to complain though. A soon as I had her where I wanted her, I began to rub my cock all over her. Her smooth wet skin teased my cock. When the tip of my cock met the lips of her flawless pussy, it was clear I wouldn’t last long. I bit of precum leaked onto the girl’s lips and continued flowing as my cock made its way back up her chest.

I pulled back and began to jerk off, but Ava stopped me. Without saying a word, she moved my hands out of the way and replaced them with her own. Feeling her hands rubbing against my cock quickly brought me over the edge. After only a few pumps of the girl’s hands, my cock exploded, sending semen shooting out onto her neck and chest. I brushed Ava’s hands away and directed my cock downward. The rest of the cum sprayed across her stomach and trickled down to her pussy.

Ava looked up at me asking, “Can I get back in the bath now?”

“Of course,” I answered before kissing her forehead. The girl was quite cute with cum dripping down her chest. Before she could slide back into the water however, I pulled her up.

“Actually, I have a better idea!”

“What?” Ava asked when we were both standing up in the bath tub.

“Let’s run out to the beach before we get back into the bath water.”

“Okay!” Ava agreed. “Let me wash off and then I’ll get my swim suit back on.”

“You don’t need your swim suit. And I don’t want you to wash off either. We’re going to run out just like this, get in the water real quick and run back to the cottage.”

“Won’t people see us?” Ava was shocked and looked a little scared.

“They might, but it is dark out. Come on it will be fun.” I stepped out of the bathtub and grabbed Ava’s hand. “People do that sort of thing here. It’s not like it is in the states.”

“Okay, I guess we can go.”

She allowed me to lead her out of the bathroom and to the back door of the cottage. I knew if someone saw us, it wouldn’t be a big deal. It was nighttime too and the beach was empty, so it wasn’t like anyone was going to get close enough to see the cum on Ava’s chest.

“Ready?” I looked down at Ava. She still looked a little nervous, but I could tell she had warmed up to the idea.

“Let’s go,” she responded.

“One. Two. Three.” We ran out of our cottage and once off the patio, our feet were in the sand. I felt the cool Dutch air brush against my body as we ran towards the water, both of us completely naked.

“We’re almost there!” Ava called out. A few more paces and we were in the water. I allowed myself to fall into the water and pulled Ava down with me. I took us a little deeper into the water and then began to wash my semen off of the girl’s body; running the salt water over her chest. When I was done, I kissed her on the cheek.

“Let’s go back to the cottage,” I said.

We turned around and headed back. She took my hand and began to run. Not being a little kid, I was a little winded, so I jogged after her, allowing the girl to pull me back towards the cottage. We could see a couple off in the distance, laughing at us. They had obviously seen the whole thing. Ava didn’t seem to mind. When we were made it back to the cottage, our bath was waiting for us... still warm.

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